Aries Best and Worst Relationship Matches

Aries, as is well-known, is not the Tom-Jones-slick-satin-bathrobe-wearing-lounge-lizard of the world’s lovers. Instead, whether man or woman, Aries is a contradiction of competing energies, which can lead to great passions and enduring relationships, or it can stagnate and leave you home, making candy apples with your mom.

In many ways it is the visceral or physical way that Aries tend to enjoy the world that creates the serious deficits (or excesses) in your production of pimp juice. Arians approach love like they approach most things in their fiery lives, with passion and intensity, but since this strength of conviction and certainty of action is usual realized by doing as opposed to thinking, the more subtle parts of the your life can be underdeveloped.

This intensity is most readily seen in the initial stages of a relationship with an Arian. Since they are always ready to start a new adventure they are often some of the most romantic people on earth, as they jump head first into the fresh newness of an early romance. Watch out for big bouquets of flowers, and fancy bottles of wine served with delicious meals, and then a drive along the water, these are the trappings of an Aries fantasy at work. This can be a real blessing or it can also be the superficial heat of a jet’s after burner; the heat may be intense but it also may be short-lived.

***Caution to potential partners of Aries: Don’t let your own potentially playful attitude towards competition blur the fact that your Fiery lover is not one to take a challenge lightly and will constantly accept any gauntlet thrown at his/her feet. In fact the blind competitive nature of the Aries can mean a narcissistic streak that can prevent Aries from knowing when they are hurting people.

Another aspect of the Aries’ approach to relationships is their inherent desire for adventure. So when they catch their prey (you) they sometimes have no idea what to do with you. Like a cat who knows he is supposed to catch a mouse, but since he has never been shown how to eat one, the Aries can be confused by some of the more mundane parts of the day-to-day relationship struggles. This is where the competitive struggle can come in handy. The Aries is likely to sense that some hard work can make this work smoothly, and will dig in and rise to the challenge.

For the Aries out there embrace your fire, and good things will come, deny it and only the negative aspects of your sign will be allowed to rise to the surface. Many women Aries find themselves living in a world that does not allow, or at least does not respect the qualities that define their sign. Joan of Arc was an Aries and look what the men of the church did to her. Love yourself and embrace the things that make you independent and important.

***For those of you stuck with a love-on for an Aries or even just a crush, don’t play games, they will go over his/her head. If you want something, ask, they’ll appreciate it, and you will get what you want in the end.

Best Relationship Matches

Leo/Sagittarius Both the fire sign share a lot in common.

Libra An excellent match of opposites, however the marriage of too different planets, Mars and Venus, can sometimes be volatile.

Worst Relationship Matches

Pisces Too sentimental for you

Gemini Too much bickering

Virgo Too fussy for you

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  1. I am a aries woman who is dating a guy born January I am exhausted

  2. Aries and Capricorn is probably one of the worst matches. I’m an Aries man, and I felt like no matter what she wanted complete control. Even contrary to what she was saying. It was like the “control” she gave me and that’s literally what it was. “gave” or let me have. Was an illusion. It was really a mind game to see if I wanted or thought the same way she did. If I choose the wrong option she would give me a bunch of reasons why I should choose the other.

    This is a really bad thing for an Aries because we don’t like to change our minds. While it does happen and it is actually a really good thing for an Aries to be a little more accommodating. I would say this match pushes all the wrong buttons for an Aries. The Capricorn also really wants to be in control of every situation even situations that no human can control. The leader mentality in the Aries also pushes those buttons for the Capricorn. Both want control, and the Capricorn will never let up ever. Where the Aries just sees this as a challenge. At first it can actually be very appealing to an Aries in the early part of a relationship because of that challenge. This type of relationship is full of drama. Another thing Aries don’t really like very much as we tend to be a lot more laid back, and like things simple/carefree. That care-free attitude also pushes all the Capricorn buttons as they like to be extremely organized.

    It is also very easy to lose parts of your Aries quality’s in a realionship like this.

    So now I’m really going to be picky for my next relationship whenever that may be lol.

  3. I’m a Aries woman and I don’t agree with the best matches, and Libras are definitely out of the question. But, I love my Virgo man! it’s just something about him.

  4. I’m a Sagittarius woman and my lovely husband is an Aries. Sag’ and Aries is the perfect match. We share the same interests, the same temper, and we’re both freaks in the bedroom. I feel like my Aries man argues with me just for the makeup sex. He told me I send him to cloud 9 and let me tell you in the bedroom it is EXPLOSIVE!!! We compliment each other and he’s really courageous plus he sweeps me off of my feet. We’ve been together since middle school and with each others support we both graduated from med’ school. If you’re an Aries get you a Sag’ and vice versa. Trust me, you wont regret it. He’s my forever lasting soul mate 🙂

  5. My first husband was Sagittarius, he was extremely jealous and controlling. My 2nd husband is Gemini, he also is controlling. It makes life difficult when you constantly have to be on guard all the time. I’m currently getting to know a Scorpio and he is living up to the Scorpio reputation, he is challenging, passionate and fun. I try to keep him in the background of my life but he quickly takes a leading role and has my head spinning, and sometime shaking!

    • I was once in a relationship with a Sag and he was controlling as well, jealous and he cheated a lot. I don’t think that I will ever date another Sag again. Gemini’s are too clingy, jealous, overprotective and controlling.

  6. i am an arian male dating an aries lady, this is the most explosive of all my past dates, and totally worth it. the relationship is intense, the sex is heavenly, we keep fighting, quarrelling , but the make-ups is what I always look forward to. for us, the relationship works because we know our limits and respect our independence. we are totally good for each other. we encourage each other in life as we are both insanely ambitious and goal-getters, so we always try to be there for each other with the right advice, although we watchout for critism as we both don’t take criticism too well. I just feel that for two aries to work out, there must be sacrifices made from both parties involved.

  7. I’m an Aries woman and my ex-BF if a Libra. We dated for about a month but broke up because things just weren’t working out. We were complete opposites! Even my friends had told me recently that they would never have put us together.

    Now I have a crush on a Sagittarius and I have no clue if he likes me back (I really wish he does). He might know that I have feelings for him, I’m not sure but I hope things go well.

  8. I must agree, after a year of things going well with my scorpio he began deliberately saying things to make me jealous. Definitely a double standard exists which I found is simply motivated by his insecurity as a means to destroy my self esteem. It’s sad how he sabotages himself in a good relationship. Which leaves me no other choice but to end our relationship but then cries speaking truthfully how he feels about me and manages to win me back. It doesn’t seem long before he repeats saying things to make me jealous. I’ve never known any man that would say such things about other women in the presence of his girlfriend. Seems so purposed and not just a slip of the tung but is to test my feelings for him. Crazy since he consumes every bit if my time whether keeping me on the phone although I’m with him every day. I m starting to believe I would need to up and move out of town in order to end our relationship. I’ve also lost contact with friends and family as a result of our consuming relationship. I believe he does this so I would be emotional isolated giving him power to inflict hurt with no other viable relationships in which I could draw from emotionally. This is what they mean about scorpio’s need for power. He builds me up marvelously then destroys it! He stated every woman has a breaking point in which she cannot endure a relationship with him. It truly takes a strong woman that can hold her ground to deal with a scorpio man. Some say its worth it, but the real issue is whether her self esteem could endure through such severe emotional testing. If not, he will despise her lack of self confidence even though he chipped away at it. That’s because he wants a truly strong self reliant woman that can put him in his place. We aries also do not like weak men either and somehow manage to do the same to those who easily break under our confidence. Maybe strength is the reason for the mutual attraction between aries & scorpio. A challenge that’s not easily turned down by an aries. At the least, I must say I’ve explored great personal depths in which none have been able to take me there as with scorpio. Indeed it’s a scary unknown journey of oneself.

  9. Lol

  10. Aries and Capricorn is a scary match. My 10 year relationship with Capricorn man ended very badly. We have two children together. For 7 years all was quiet & well until we locked horns which came by natural course of life. The relationship eventually came to a point when neither would back down from our disagreements. Capricorn’s fight dirty which an aries by nature can easily overlook warnings of trouble. Capricorn brought out a stubbornness in me I didn’t know I had. He was never supportive towards my creative talents, and always behaved in total opposition. It’s my experienced opinion that the Capricorn goat is a buzz kill for high spirited aries ram. Both have horns but with very different motives.

  11. wat about aries woman. &a capricon man?

  12. i am an Aries woman, i had an Aquarius ex-bf. the relationship lasted for 6 years and 9 months. but then he cheated and replace me for another girl. and she’s an Aries too.. :,(

  13. I am a Aries woman,very strong and independent dating a Gemini’s this going to go? We have alot in common, want the same lifestyle. Ect

    • I am a strong Aries woman and my boyfriend’s a Cancer. It’s said that I’m too bold and self centered for a Cancer, but we’re very happy. I’d like to think that we bring out the best in each other.

    • Woah.. you know what.. me too o.o …im aries and dating a gemini man… we have same lifestyle.. he is very strong.. confident… witty.. n I love him 🙂 n don’t worry… dating a gemini man for arues is okay… but theres just on issue … except that everything is awesome :p

  14. Replying to the commented question “do you have to be angry to be serious” ?
    I myself being an aries woman find that anger sometimes is the only outlet to express my strong dislike for an offensive behavior. However anger is in direct conflict with my positive friendly nature. But when the flow of my joyfulness has been disturbed an eruption of anger is inevitable. It takes a serious issue to resort to anger. The causes for an anger explosion is a trait highly misunderstood about the aries sign. We are passionately joyful and passionately angry. Either way our energy is moved powerfully, although joy is always preferred.

  15. Cancer woman (July 2) dating an Aries man and all (its been 8 months) we started out real fast but as the new year came in we kinda gotten mature.. I am one year older than he is. True true true an aries man is what I call independent. Being patient wasnt my thing at first so I just used to ignore him a little… But he was and still is really sweet so I just play along and waited because what he was doing is sooo important to him. I kinda feel like the girl who says her cancerian husband sucked the life out of her at times because me and my man are so different… But it’s a good thing I have a sense of humor he makes me laugh. ( I can be talking about one thing but he’s on another)
    There are a lot of differences.. For one; I like to study now and talk later he’s the opposite. He doesnt seem real sure but he does talk without thinking and he makes me laugh. Sometimes he thinks I’m playing or not serious because I might laugh but I am serious. When he doesnt think so I get a little mad (I mean do you have to get mad in order to be serious ? Why cant I be happy?) well its a lot to say but I just will post this much !

  16. I’m an Aries man all to well with the anger, temper, boldness, and all of the above but one thing i lack in and that is finding the perfect someone or somebody yet i struggle in this i find no where to turn yet so many options to choose from for help. Though i never take this help i mine as well start somewhere right. So I’m asking will anybody help me on finding the right zodiac type for me whether Aries, Libra, Pisces, ect.

  17. Omg, Taeyang from Bigbang is a Taurus and I’m just checking since I’m an Aries. I hope it goes well!

  18. I am married to a cancerian for 8 years.though things weren’t good from day one . I Tried being dedicated to the relationship as much as I could. As some one said he totally “drained” the life and joy outta me. I sometimes even wonder if I really am an Arian anymore. One think is so true about the cancerians. They are sooo selfish and territorial he makes me feel alienated. In. Fact I feel more comfortable talking to mu MIL (a scorpion) than with my husband. I feel completely torn apart but don’t want to Call it quits for the sake of our children. I want to cope with this relationship. Any tips from any one is appreciated.

    • I am an aries man … and i just cant like being controlled…. although i have spent a lot of times in meditation and have finally learned to let go…. maybe you need to stop being concerned about this relationship and try to find ways what can make your life peaceful…. remember that some people just cant be reasoned with any arguments….. you just have to let them be…. so define your own space…..

  19. I am a Aries born on 21st March I was married 17 years to a Libra together 23 years . Libra men tend to lie from the smallest to the biggest things you can think of they are very childish when they don’t get 100 percent their way! Librians tend not to think abouit their mates feelings and look at the whole picture .They often make you feel that you are last on their list of Priorities, which made me feel like an unloved ,unworthy partner. As an Aries, I was very loyal and this is the reason I stuck around for so long , hoping somehow he would change ! Silly mistake, as now I’ve lost the spark to light my fire and the trust I natually had as well as my inner stirve to show anyone the real me ! I am soft centred but pack a bite a bit like exploding candy ..Oh I am still a wild, sexual being but it will take me a long time to get there!
    The ex was very controlling and very inconsistent and play mind games all the time. He was never there for me even when my father died , they tend to punish you when you can not give them 100 per cent ! I never knew where I was and the trust aspect came between us as well as this child like behaviour! This librian did not cheat but there are worse things then cheating and he did everything but that I think !
    I am now attacted to a Leo, but it scares the crap out of me the sparks fly between us but I want to back off , but yet can’t ! I feel a need to be loved, needed and a sence of me again – my soul dies without that. I often put others feelings before myself and at times this has hurt my best qualities . I need to listen to my compassionate self whom looks at my needs instead of always about others! No one would believe what put up with so I don’t believe we get bored . I tend to think we are too faithful for our own good

  20. Libra !!!……nemesis nemesis, nemesis. das it, I’ll change signs…I wanna be Leo or whatever

  21. Libra !!!!!!!! nemesis nemesis nemesis…….arghhhhhhhh; I’ll change my date of birth daz it…

  22. I’m an Aquarian woman, my boyfriend for over a year is an Aries.
    I dated another Aquarian before and a Sagittarius. However with the Aquarius, we were TOO alike and got on each other’s nerves. That relationship lasted for 8 years. We loved each other, but we’re better off as friends. The Sag was just too frigging clingy for my liking, too competitive, and got on my damn nerves too. I hated most, the complaining, about every frigging little thing. UGH! That relationship lasted for a 1 1/2years.
    However, I am so happy with my Aries. I am so, so, so, happy. He is the perfect balance. We complement each other perfectly. He makes me happy. Feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 😀
    Love him from the moment I laid eyes on him, but I never acted like I did. I was a complete tease. He kept chasing me and since I like fun, I kept giving him a very flirtatious-hard time. I put him through so many test and he kept coming back for more. That made my heart smile. He passed all my test. Everything I put out there, he passed. Finally I gave in, because he won me over. Later asked him why he stuck around, and he admitted that he actually liked the chase.
    Omg, this guy turns me on. Sex is friggin AMAZING! Out of this world. I finally found someone I can be free with. I can be dirty and nasty in the bedroom and he’s just the same. I love it. We are both adventurous, so the bedroom is full of kinks. Omg. I LOVE having sex with this man, he satisfies my imagination. We roll off each other and talk a bit, or not, then it’s right back at it again. Deep breath, take deep breath. He aim to please. And boy does he ever. I just love the way he feels. I love pleasing my man. I do anything to make him happy. I love turning him on. And vise versa. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Equally matched. At first I was afraid of showing him my naughty ways, but the more I became comfortable and the more things I tried, the more he enjoyed it. Slowly I unleashed my wild side. I am so happy that he enjoys me being freaky. He’s always up for whatever fantasy I have in mind. I was acting all innocent when we met, kept smiling, all sweet, but underneath it all I was saying, you don’t know what’s coming for you, just wait. I love the way his body reacts. Smile. Overall, each pleases the other. Aries —->> Aquarian is the way to go.
    I love this man. I hope we stay together forever. He’s the one. From the moment we met, we both agree that we just felt it. Love at first sight. Something was different. I love him and he loves me. Can’t wait to have his babies. I love him. Oh yeah, did I say I love him, I meant to say I love him.
    Advice: Aries & Aquarians are the BEST match. We both like our space and freedom, adventurous, both like to flirt, thinkers, I love analyzing with him, thrill seekers, we’re both into fashion, outdoors, optimistic, ambitious, goal oriented, laughing, teasing, freaks in bed. Seriously if you want a well match partner get an Aquarian. But give him or her their space, just as much as you love yours and it will be the best relationship ever. Happy findings all. Good Luck.

    Oh yeah, Aquarian, you see that thing where we become too in our heads, Aries helps turn those ideas into reality. And Aries, Aquarians will push you to be your best, they always have your best at heart. Good team work. Great partnership!

    • What are you talking about, I dated two aquarius girls, they are so quiet and calm… it feels like I am stuck in time nothing is moving no excitement no chemistry ugh! I rather pour a bucket full of cold water on my head and sit bored outside on the bench than date aquarius…. never ever I am going to date them in my life… the relationship is rather soooo peaceful man…. I think even though you are aquarius but you might have leo ascendancy…. or something else about you!! because I dont have any good history of dating aquarius… dated two of them and tired and bored to the bones please stop preaching that! I think for the best chemistry in an aries life Leos rock the best! I mean aries man and leo girl <3_<3 passion is so much it is unmatched 🙂

  23. I am an aries man and I have experience mostly with virgo women, aries women, leo women and gemini women.

    Virgo women – Nice to talk with, kind, sweet, intelligent, but not a great match as you will want someone who is more like yourself, bold, passionate and brave. Virgos like aries guys and I like them as well. But for marriage- nope. Aries needs more passion.

    Genimi women- You will have so much fun together, great conversations. They are sexually open and like to talk about sex. They don’t like the idea of marriage, have a split personality. What ever you do, do not fall in love with a gemini. Keep it platonic. Keep a gemini for fun sake, you will both have very fun together, always. You will experience a special bond between you.

    Leo women- Difficult personalities. Passionate, love Children, family oriented, stubborn and not so flexible. You have allot in common but you both have strong wills. You will experience a special bond between you. Great for marriage and have kids. Will it last? Hehhe….you’re in for a ride.

    Aries women- BINGO! Think Mariah Carey! Sweet like sugar and hot like chilly! A godess of sexuality! A universal female power force! You want her to rock your World! Bad side, moody (OBOY!) , but they are Moody in such a cute way that you can forgive them.
    Great for marriage and have kids.

    Advice to all guys: When a women sings for you, you know you got her! 🙂

    End note: If you are Aries. Go for fire signs as you have the same temper, mindset and wants. It can be a rocky road a head, but that’s because you both have strong personalities.Get to know eachother, be caring and listen to eachother and you will have a blast together! 🙂

    • Amen brother!

    • at this moment I am getting to know an aries man and im a virgo woman 😀 and i can say I like him, true.he is a real romantic.. fun and adventurous :Ocheer you up and comforts you when down XD aww.. though we are like total opposite on so many things but you know I still believe “opposites do attract.” o.o

  24. Aries! Man Emotions are held back at certain times because like they say were the fire sign! Would I rather clam down for a second and gather my thoughts so we can talk about this and do it the right way! Or say something I’m going to regret later as much as it hurt you! The silence shows how much he cares for you! Be patient and the story will unfold in the best way possible! Trust me your the first to be told! We scare are own self’s sometimes! Cuz we know we can push them away as fast as we can get them! (AKA): CRAZY! But in the best way!
    P.S. WE DO LOVE TO BE COMPLAMENTED BUT WE LOVE TO COMPLIMENT YOU! Were equal not first or last but more as one! Tru love we search! You get my first message of the day and my last Probably about how beautiful you are and have a great day or sweet dreams! And if any gets in the way of it like they say were determined and achieve what we set out for! Got your 6 (back) shouldn’t we want the same! O ya its in the wedding vowels till you catch 6/till death do us part! Were hilarious and funny and spontaneous so when it comes to games we have a great time! But Don’t play games not about that B.S. IM OUT THESE HOES only put time in ones who earn it! Don’t need NOOO 1 ARISE WERE AWESOME!

  25. As an Aries woman I agree that Leo is the best match for her. I have met some Leo men who were more cat like than lion like, but when you meet a Leo man who personifies everything about the sign: manly, strong, sexy, charismatic, etc.. It can make an Aries woman feel feminine and dainty, which she is not! But Leo brings that out in her. He brings out her nurturing side and unknowingly teaches her how to be gentle and sensual. The physical connection between an Aries and Leo is a transcendent experience. Very physical and intense. They take turns being dominant, both are confident lovers, nothing better. All the typical Aries games will not work with Leo. She can’t throw a tantrum to get her way or say something cutting and harsh out of impulse. These things will only end up hurting her in this match, because Leo doesn’t engage in the battle. Aries will have to change her approach and be a woman and not a girl. It’s one of the few relationships that will help her to mature.

    Now about Gemini’s. I have Gemini rising and that still wasn’t enough to deal with my ex-Gemini. Gemini men are very interesting and there was never a dull moment. It was mental gymnastics for me. There was a lot of laughter, cartoons, technical gadgets, obsessive interests and helping him to make a decision. It was very cerebral and talkative. After a while this got to be too taxing for me. I definitely learned from my Gemini. He taught me how to think things through from an objective standpoint and how to use intellectual finesse instead of being so hot tempered and impatient all time. I could never ever figure him out which was very challenging, and I don’t mind a challenge. It was entertaining while it lasted but the connection is more of a meeting of like minds than a knock out love connection. Aries deserves deep love and she should look elsewhere.

    • Yes. Dats true about gemini’s man. Im aries girl. My ex-gemini is totally fun together. I can share n talk wateva i want, include sex. I can feel happy with him. But then, it will not lasting. I feel insecure and end up crying moody. im tired with his split-personality. Not stable in desicions.
      For me, as friend myb its work. H
      e is fun to be with..BUT for relationship or marriage, he is not the one

  26. Observations of an Aries woman based on her rather topsy turvy love life. Leo men made me bloom from the inside out and the attraction of them to you are reckless and unrelenting. If they are married, that won’t stop them from pursuing after you. Single and they will want martiage and children pretty quickly into the relationship. ADVICE: give as much as they give, in both sex and fights. COWER before them and they will trample over you. Always remember that you are a queen in your own right.
    SAGITTARIUS will be fun, but you will sense a lack of will in them to be with you. Your pride will not abandon you, and you will grow cold towards them and see them as nothing serious. They want it that way.
    GEMINIS will make you laugh and will not be afraid to toy with your ego and vanity now and then, but it won’t be out of cruelty. This will be fun for you, you will feel like a child again.
    CAPRICORNS will hold back and seem very cold to you. However, the sex is very good if you can get him to let go. He will seek someone more serious than you, more materialistic, more focused on planning. Let them go, not worth the pursuit.
    TAURUS will be attractive to you, but you will always be stronger, smarter, greater than him. Never keep quiet just to let him have his way. You are meant to be with a greater man.
    AQUARIUS will give you a pleasant ride, but he lacks the meat to really hook you.
    PISCES will be charming, but you will
    see him as a fool eventually.
    SCORPIOS are too intense and you cannot deal with all their baggage. THEY WILL NOT MOVE and you travel light.
    CANCERS are not to be trusted, though you will be gentle with them They will drain you of your life force

    SEEK those that elevate you and feel that internal fire. DON’T be lulled into submission.

    • An aries woman, married a Leo, wow what a disaster! Leo men are definitely strong and proud. My ex was determined to get what he wanted and afterwards I was only a trophy prize. A real power struggle which I learned the greatest skill in power tactics from Leo. He could not handle any submissive behavior I demonstrated and only thrived on equally strong forces at battle. There was no peace, ever. A power struggle always existed between us which never found balance for a healthy relationship. Many years after our divorce he still attempted to exercise dominating me because he couldn’t handle the battle he lost with me. I suffered enough guilt by his games. Leo male was my very worse relationship.
      Relationships are not so easy being an Aries woman because we are too independent & strong for most men.
      Ironically, I found the scorpio male is the best match since he also is strong and truly appreciates a strong women. My scorpio is not threatened by me and actually embraces my very nature. I admire and respect his strengths like no other man I’ve ever known. He is not too weak nor too strong, he’s a well balanced man who knows who he is and not afraid to pursue his dreams. We’ve been together now for a year which only gets better with each day. Thick as thieves we are… the yin & yang to each other. I’ve read many things about scorpio and aries compatibility both good and bad. However, my scorpio experience has been wonderfully liberating. I can grow personally and be myself with him. We share the same core principles as well as a love for adventure. A true Bonnie & Clyde pairing. I’m so grateful for my brilliantly loving scorpio. He’s my greatest love and bf. Ladies if your an evolved aries find yourself a scorpio man who can appreciate your fire!

  27. I’m a Sag guy and my gf is an Aries. But holy shit everything is true lol. She is down to compete in anyway possible, we literally had a bet to see who can mop the floor better.. I lost haha. she is game for almost anything I think of which is amazing. Very quick temper, and can get a little jealous and protective at the bar lol. I don’t mind tho , makes me feel important haha. Sex is incredible, she’s very willing to try new things in new places. Love it!!! That makes a Sag man very VERY happy haha. but we’ve got plans to take over the world together, and with this beautiful fiery little aries woman by my side, I have no doubt that it’ll happen lol. 👍 ♐️❤️♈️

  28. I am an aries girl.. N m in a relationship with a taurus boy.. Will it work??

  29. I am an aries woman, I was married to a virgo man for 10 years and he was too slow and analytical for me and the relationship died. I met a leo man shortly after my divorce and cannot believe how much I could love someone! He makes me weak and there is always something to enjoy in our relationship, the bedroom department is unbelievable, I am holding on to my leo with both hands. Couldn’t be happier or agree more with the top compatibility choice.

  30. You never said anything about an aries and Scorpio..can I please know if they match of not

  31. I really don’t believe much of this is so as with all astrology since let’s face it, there are so many other life factors interplaying each and everyday farrrrr more influential than a zodiac sign … 1) how one is raised, 2) the era especially IF you were raised in the last traditional decade the 60s and have to contend with the change in gender roles of today which is so mind blowing it IS living on a different planet, 3) diet, 4) genes etc etc etc Sure one can sight examples where matches apply yet on the flip side one can find countless other examples where matches don’t apply. How, can the positions of planets when one is born determine anything about them, really! It is fun to read yet devoid of truly causal parameters of which I mentioned some above. I am a smack in the middle April 7th Aries yet have many characteristics that don’t define an Aries however, I have some that do. Sex is almost an addiction yet I don’t play it out with a partner, bossy women are a complete turn off to be around yet not necessarily sexually, Independence is crucial, comical expressive people are few and far between, serious mysterious ppl are a complete turn off and so on and so forth.

  32. Hi. I’m Kelly. I’m an Aries woman (born March 21st, 1st day of Aries, so my Aries qualities are very strong). I’ve always dated a Taurus man. I was married to one for 10 years and we had a son. Amazing sex. Now, I am seeing my ex bf from last year, and he is also a Taurus. It is very true that the sex between the two of our signs is absolutely amazingly passionate. This man is my ex and after the relationship ended, we. Have still conti used to have sex for almost a year after we broke up. Last time was yesterday, and let me tell you…every time is better and more passionate than the last. We can’t seem to stay away from each other. Just be artful with this connection of signs…it is very strong emotionally.

    • And my Taurus relationship was similar! Perfect in that arena really. Sadly, the idea of a fully committed relationship, when I was looking for adventure, pretty much messed that one up.

      The Scorpios though……………… My God!

  33. I’m replying to the woman who was curious to know if an Aries woman and a Virgo man work well together.
    I am an Aries woman and have always been attracted to Virgo men. They are goal orriented and get what they want most of the time. They are also generally good with money too. I think they can be a lot of fun. Virgos in general are always great in the details and always have a plan. I think that they can help we Aries who aren’t always great in completing things and need help with goal setting and acheiving. I can see where an Aries would get frustrated with a Virgo. My sister is a Virgo and I get frustrated with her all the time lol. I think Virgo men and women are different too. I think we Aries show those virgos how to loosen up and have some fun and that you don’t have to be wound so tight. I am currently seeing a Virgo so I’ll keep you posted!

    • Yes, I do agree with you. Im Aries woman too and my first ex was Virgo. I remember when I with him, my life change, n I got inspired by him, he well-courage me, rise my determination n confident. He is very intelligent, deep thinker, well-planning and future person. He guides me and we are happy. He drives me to be more calm and patient since im impatient person. When I with him, I feel secured and loved. Sometimes we can be fun, sometimes serious. We learn to be tolerable with each other.
      BUT, yeah he is too perfect n critic. Sometimes I feel very small in front of him. At the end, im the one who hurt the most since I cant handle myself to accept his too critic n perfectionist.
      Anyway, for now, I regret for losing him.
      For marriage, he is one of my-listed-ideal-man. If im with him, my future will shine like a diamond.

  34. I’m an Aries women married to a Leo man for 8 years. Once we got past the pride and learning to share dominating roles, it became a match made for the heavens. He gets me every emotion meets my needs and lives for my wants. There is never is a dull moment even during the hard get down times, we hate to see each other hurting because we know how important a good day means to one another and we’re constantly learning new ways to do that for each other. We’re constantly falling in love with each other. I absolutely love my Leo!!

  35. I’m an Aries woman and I personally think one of the best choices for Aries is Aquarius! I’ve had several relationships and two had the sign of Aquarius and they both definitely stand out from the others, one was a Pisces and he was really clingy and lovey dovey, far too slow for my tastes.

  36. I am an Aries!

    Leo/Sagittarius Both the fire sign share a lot in common. – Very true, its just so much fun with them!

    Libra An excellent match of opposites, however the marriage of too different planets, Mars and Venus, can sometimes be volatile. – True as well & I find Libras too sensitive…They make fun of people but cant take jokes about themselves!

    Pisces Too sentimental for you – That’s not all, they are too often dreamers living in an imaginary fake world…Also met many who lie just too much!

    Gemini Too much bickering – Two faced and nags…Act like they are perfectionist! Players who play their cards pretty well usually…

    Virgo Too fussy for you – Oh yes….! Quite a bore :p

    • ” True as well & I find Libras too sensitive…They make fun of people but cant take jokes about themselves!”

      Spot on analysis!

    • “Gemini Too much bickering – Two faced and nags…Act like they are perfectionist! Players who play their cards pretty well usually…”

      Im totally agree with you about this.

  37. Taurus boyfriend naAh for an aries women totally opposite!., taurus are like take for granted in all things

  38. My gemini gf….. she nags a lot…. stil i can’t think a minute without her….

  39. I disagree about the best matches. I have had nothing but disastrous relationships with Leos/ Sagittarius. I love Geminis and Aquarius males, But my ASC, Moon and Venus are in Aquarius.

  40. I’m an Aries & Taurus and it’s difficult for me to find matches. I’m single right meow and I choose carefully. I seem to attract Aries, Taurus, Capricorns, Geminis and Aquarius. My best relationship(and longest) was with a Scorpio! and it was so great but it ended badly! I’m attracted to Leos but it’s like they aren’t attracted to me back? I ask people I like their sign before we date so I can know how to please them and such but man is it hard for a woman like me lol

  41. I’m a Aries and my boyfriend is a Gemini and we are beyond great together…. I suffer with alot of health problems and he is beyond great taking care of me. I have no complaints. We have adventurous dates and always are planning something new and exciting

  42. i am an aries woman, nd i hav still not found my leo or saggi……i was involved wid a scorpio earlier, bt i dnt think its a very good match…….wat do u guys say??

  43. I’m a cancer girl and the guy I’m with is an Aries. He’s VERY sentimental and we get along perfectly. I’m much happier with him than any other guy I’ve ever been with.

  44. Why isn’t Scorpio in here as a bad match? I will never date a Scorpio man again. Too much competition.

  45. iam an arian woman what do u thnk of aries-libra match tl me better plzzzzzzzzzzz

  46. Aries women stay away from Scorpios!!!! RUN! NOW!

    • pls explain why?

    • You are absolutely right! i am an aries woman and was with one scorpion man for 4 years and what a nightmare it was!! he was extremely jealous of me and would try to make me jealous too, he was possessive, arrogant and dramatic, he alienated me from my friends and i didnt even realize it then.We had broken up many times but each time he would cry and beg me to take him back. Constant fights were a routine and i saw my last straw when the schmuck had the nerve to cheat on me so i dumped him for good and never looked back,it was such a relief like a weight has been lifted off my chest, though he is still not over me and i enjoy the fact that he wont ever get me again when he begs for me. Aries woman you should not walk away but run with your lives from a scorpion man, you will thank me later!!

  47. is areis man n aries woman could be the best match?

  48. I have a question from one aries women to another. Do you think it is possible to have a successful relationship with a virgo male?

    • Girl I just posted a reply to you but did it as a comment so you read that:)) I’m an Aries wombs dating a Virgo man 🙂 he inspires me:) they are slow moving in relationships because they are cautious,but we laugh a lot and have a great time together:)

  49. I am an Aries woman dating a Leo man and I have to say out of all the signs I have dated he is the best match. I have dated or married almost every sign but it seems a though my Leo gets me more than any one. I love to support his very big ego becasue he is my king of my Jungle and I am his Queen. The are very good lovers and very caring. I would not want to take the chance in dating any other sign again. I Love my Leo

  50. to missdurant: Being an Aries myself, Moon in Scorpio Venus in Aries, I am with an aqua man too and ITS GREAT! Like, best ever! Everyone says what they mean, we hardly ever hurt each other’s felings, we’re both come and go people who are very fprthcoming, and when he needs his aquariun time to think, I just go find my new adventure! If, however he ever rode my ass about something, I would respond in the following manner: Getting what better dear? Work harder at what dear? Well, I’ll do it for now, but only because you have asked and I love you and we’re doing this TOGETHER right?

    The thing about Aquariuns: They will never stop testing you. It’s those things they do to ascertain information from you. They’ll say or do it for the purposes of gathering information they may never tell you about. If you remember this trick when he is being haughty or pushy, you can always A. Play along and try to figurer out what’s going on in his head too (But don’t say much. Just reqact and watch the look on his face! It’s hilarious!). or
    B. Tell him, not right now honey, I don’t feel like it. 😉

  51. aye this really helps me understand who i should and should not be with chances is im with a leo now lol

  52. Hi, Im Aries male and I was married to a Libra for 12 years, out relationship was very good! we never broke up! no big fights but there was some.. I loved her to death! one day she comes home and ask me to leave, the next day she filed for divorce and never spoke to me! a year went by and she ignored me and made no contact at all! til this day I dont understand it? a word to the Aries men when Libra decides they are going to do something, right or wrong, they will do it! what was very hard in the relationship was balance… theres none and this is where Aries and Libra fail! it leads to unhappiness for one or the other… My advise is to stay far from Libra if you dont want ulcers and headaches! Libras are beautiful but for Aries its best not to even try.. a Libra will shut you off cold turkey! they will regret it and hide the pain as is all is fine, they will suffer and die on the inside but they will never let you see it. ARIES men BEWARE OF LIBRA women, your to cocky for there sentimental emotions. Im being real! good luck.

  53. I’m an Aries female and I used to be very open and energetic and in a way I still am. But I’m very introverted now and I dislike it but I can’t seem to snap out of it. =\

    I agree with most of this. =]

  54. I was wondering why my relationships don’t work out… in order, pisces, gemini, and virgo were my last 3 girlfriends…. I didn’t like them for exactly those reasons…

  55. as an aries guy I am wondered what exactly is going on with me!!..its amazing….

  56. I’m an aries, and I’ve dated a Libra and a Scorpio. I’ve dated a few more but I never really got interested in astrology till my break up and I was wondering why it went wrong, went onto an astrology site and hello, the whole relationship dynamic was there and all it took was matching up our compatability.

    I’m an independant woman with a fiery way about me, not your typical aries though as I have scorpio ascendant so I am quite powerful…

    My relationship with a Libra was sweet and cute at the start but then it turned into a power struggle with libra always wanting his way and all I wanted was to be fair like us aries are very fair well I am

    My relationship with the Scorpio man was exciting and sexually amorous we had alot of fun together, however he was a cheater and I’m too loyal for that. Also the Scorpio man wanted to dominate me and also physically tried too so be wary of these guys I’m not saying they all do but… keep your wits about you

    I’m currently seeing two aquarius’s and trying to weigh up with who would be better to hang with but I’ll get back to yall on that one

  57. im a virgo, i maybe picky but that dont mean it wou;dnx’t work alot aries men are attracted to virgo women

  58. Its like stepping from the outside into my own mind.

  59. Could it be that in the 1400’s the signs were a little different than they are today? For instance, astrologers are talking today of a change in the signs and a shift in the dates which represent them. 1412 was a long long time ago, things change. How else could someone come up with a quote such as that of Joan of Ark being an Aries? Just some food for thought. If any one has any proof confirming or denying such a change, please share what you know. I am an Aries man presently tracking a Leo, hope it goes well.

  60. I am an Aries woman and and I could not have it any other way. To be honest I have not find my match or my best match. my last partner was a Capricorn. I got mad at him more than I was happy with him. I think its because we both does not want to back down when it come to authority, cause I do not like to be bossed around. He like to think that some day he could become the boss of me, and I like to tell him that the only boss I have or will ever have would be me. I am the only one that can boss me around. I don’t mind letting a man be the man in the relationship cause I don’t want to be the man. but just don’t get over your head. Cause I always will let you know whats up.

  61. i always seem to get along best with scorpio males

  62. I am an Aries woman and I have to say this was quite accurate. I am currently in love with a Sag man and I think he is the sexiest creature alive! We get along great and there is a magnetic energy between us I think we both cannot explain. We have not hooked up because I was married 13 years to a Cancer….. ALERT Aries women, beware of Cancer men! While others may be able to put up with them, I find them too clingy, sensitive and they hide their feelings…. big no, no’s for Aries women! But the Sag guy keeps my interest because he knows who he is and does not always avail himself to me which drives me crazy!!!

  63. uhm, definatley Aries or libra.

  64. I love my Sagittarius! we actually fell in love so quickly and every1 compliments how great @ cute i look with him.

  65. im libra female and i date two libras male in the past worst experiance ever , altough their sweethearts and fall for them easily , they’re big womanizers , so women outhere becareful. the sex is great tough. n as for scorpion , unless ure strong minded so opt for scorpios theyre very well opinaited about everything , thery amazing ppl , but ull always argue with them for almost everything, and sexwise not bad at all.

  66. Let me correct my spelling: Capricorn that is…

  67. Correction: Joan of Arc was NOT an Aries, she was born January 6 1412 that would make her a Capicorn. Other than that little lie lol I would agree with the info about Arians.

  68. I am an Aries Woman. My best match is Aquarius Man. He is creative, positive, goal oriented, and he keeps me motivated. I like that. I can be a little dominate, but I do not want a push over boyfriend. The bad part (and we are working on this) is he rides my ass about getting better and working harder. Sometimes I get frustrated. I want to walk away. But I dont say that, or maybe I did.. But in the end, seeing what we are accomplishing together is rewarding and I am glad we are the energetic focused driven team that we are…

  69. I totally agree with => “Gemini Too much bickering.”
    For Pisces… I guess because my moon sign is Pisces, I’m a very emotional Aries.. lol.. but I dislike Pisces’ wishy washy attitude..

  70. Aries & Libra…”sometimes can be volatile”… TRUTH!

    I’ve been with my Aries man for 13 years and I can truly attest to this!

    When it’s good…it’s GREAT 😀 – but when it’s BAD…it’s TERRIBLE. 😦

  71. Im a young aries woman, and i must say that was pretty accurate..climbing to the top, working hard and i do find myself living in “a world that doesnt allow” i am always very opinioated…stranegly when i read the part about aries woman wanting security it hit me that i am actually engaged to a cancer man, (i kno not exactly the best match) but he is a very home loving, money saving man, and offers and shows me so much security and i love it its exactly the man ive always been looking all and all very good analasis of the aries female….

  72. hmmm…interesting! I’m an Aries 😛 I like it …It’s the truth …

  73. This is amazing. I read this, as I am a aries woman. I read my boyfirends who is a sagittarius so right on…Kudos

  74. i’m a pisces woman and my aries guy opens up to me with sensitive issues

  75. This is definetely me and I’m a proud ARIES woman and wouldn’t change it for any other sign.

  76. Aries women are not abrasive, we are strong, we are not loud our voices just carry. I have found that my best love match is ttaurus. they are patient, funny, very caring, focused people. I have met libra’s, gemini’s (they are too feminine) and I dont hit it off with these signs.Other Aries i have fun with and respect quite a lot. However at the end of the day I would love to come home to a Taurus man( he’s so passionate).

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