Aries March 21 – April 20 Ruling Planet: MARS

The bonk now/think later God of War, aggression and action! Sexually, Aries is an explosion waiting to happen! The excitement is often in the chase more than the real conquest though and while they may seem to want to dominate, they do not need a submissive partner.

Routine brings boredom to sex for Aries, so if you’re only comfortable with the missionary position, go for another sign, but if you like forceful personalities and enjoy pretending you’re a human Twistie, then you’ve found paradise with an Aries.

ARIES FAVE POSITION Always on top and always in charge

ARIES BEST SEX TOY Handcuffs! Like I said, Aries likes to take charge!

ARIES MALE IN BED The Aries male is loud, domineering and 100% stud! He’s from the bump and grind school of lovemaking so if you’re looking for romantic dinners by candlelight and long walks on the beach, keep looking! He’s the original 5-minute man so ! If you be turned on by ultra-macho grunt-and-groaning types, you’ve just found your ticket to paradise! He’s not prone to cheat unless you bore him in bed and he likes sex fast and furious baby!

ARIES FEMALE IN BED She views sex as more of a physical act than something from a sappy romance novel. If you’re a bored exec and want to hear what it’s like to be treated like a piece of meat, then go for a one night stand with an Aries chick. She’ll be gone before you wake up and may not remember your name the next time you play. She’s got a touch of KINK to her personality and then don’t get freaked out when she talks dirty or puts you over her knee for a spanking. She’s all woman, but are you man enough to handle her?

THE BEST WAY TO TURN ON ARIES If you want to seduce an Aries, running your fingers through their hair is an awesome starting point! And licking and nibbling around their face or neck will get them going too! Just be careful to keep your saliva at bay. Drool is not cool!

5 Responses to “Aries March 21 – April 20 Ruling Planet: MARS”

  1. I am wondered what exactly is going on with me!!..its amazing..

  2. I’m an aries, and I must say I don’t get funky with everyone I meet unless we have an emotional connection and I’m all fired up. If the sparks not there the fires not going to start if you catch my drift.

    I also enjoy having hands running through my hair it drives me absolutely wild but also whomever I’m with has to be romantic and it should not feel all wham bam thank you maim! Unless I’m drunk.

    The best intimacy is with someone you are totally commited too, anything less than that is second hand…

  3. i’m an Aries female and i agree that Aries female in bed are not such a romantic person, but but they’re more passionate, naughty with a hot of a seduction and sexy.but beneath all the sexiness Aries female has, she still look for a true love-believe me, Aries female always wanted to falling love with their best guy from her dream and have a long lasting relationship with him.and i think Aries female can be 100%loyal and honest if the guy can win her heart and not being fake or, if u want to take an Aries female seriously-please don’t talk shit and lying or being a pathological,because they will think u less smart than any bad guy she ever met before u and she will fade away before u realized it:)

  4. As a Scorpio Female, an Aries Man is the best next to a fellow Scorpio. Both supposed to be bad matches for us….nope! Aries can handle our intensity and strong personality. They don’t run away screaming & pulling their hair out.

  5. I am an Aries female and what I’ve read in the above is VERY true – especially about the “neck”.

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