Cancer Best and Worst Relationship Matches

Since the moon, which shifts, creates and signifies emotion, rules Cancer, then you can always expect your dealings with Cancerians to be filled with a certain level of intense investment. This investment will always come from the qualities that are inherent to their nature, such as fertility, domesticity and that overarching maternal (even you boys) instinct. The emotionally that seems to rule over this aspect of the sun sign, manifests itself in the stomach, via stomach aches and indigestion (the emotional barometer for humans), and in their tenacity for seeing things through and making sure that good is done.

The Cancerian is likely to be saving you from something, and even though you may not feel as though you need to be saved, your Cancer lover has an uncanny ability to sniff out unhappiness or dissatisfaction. If you are the not the focus of their altruistic imperialism then some other ’cause’ will adorn their spirit, which so thoroughly inhabits them. From the neighborhood kids, to sick animals, your Cancer partner is a hallmark card for all things nurturing or protecting. Though this can be distracting and perhaps a bit of an annoyance when every time someone needs change or a cat looks hungry, or even a distressed phone call from a friend, can interrupt an entire evening’s plans, it is important to remember that this is how Cancer deals with their emotional depth. Helping people or causes can serve to assuage the level of emotional distress that a Cancer feels at other’s pain. By allowing them the space to do what feels natural will mean that they take it out on you less.

The thin shell that is supposed to protect Cancer from external stimulus doesn’t always do such a great job, and thus their softer interior is often disturbed. It is for this reason that in matters of the heart you may never even see the Cancer sneak up on you. Because they, more than anyone else, are well aware of their propensity for emotionally, your Cancer lover may come from all directions but straight ahead. This is a protective measure, since head on confrontation and/or rejection is something that they will not deal with easily. Expect this behavior and it is much less disconcerting. Make sure to be ready and willing to interpret requests or suggestions that will not be completely obvious. Challenge yourself to think outside your normal emotional or intuitive parameters.

This will also allow you to know and understand that the Cancer in your life has had a lot of stress and perhaps a few whiskey-cigarettes-tears nights. This has driven a large amount of the empathy development in their lives, and they usually feel (and are mostly right) that this troubled past has them to believe that they know what others are going through during times of trouble.

They can fix things though, oh how they can fix things. Cancer is a handyman and as a result a nice home usually follows a Cancer around, and provides great tools for good fathering or mothering. So if you are ready for a domestic life, keep that Crab in your life.

One of the drawbacks of having such a thin shell is that it can sometimes make you seem withdrawn and uncaring. This is especially true when it comes to those members of the Cancer crew that have been hurt particularly badly in the past. Their reluctance to express themselves with their feelings is simply a defense mechanism. An important thing to remember is that allowing your Crab lover to withdraw and not be their usual empathic self-will help them charge their batteries after too much stress.

Avoid early marriage with Cancers, since it usually is the result of their over active nesting impulse. This can often result in a dramatic realization that they are not equipped to deal with the harsh demands of married life, and leads to high divorce rates.

***Important hint: Cancers may keep nostalgic things around them, picture albums, letters etc. Many times this can contain records of old lovers. It is important to remember that Cancers can feel very unsure of the future, and can be more comfortable leaving a piece of themselves in the past, for security’s sake. It is a good thing to keep remembering that you are the one that they are with, and not vice-versa.

Because of this penchant for living in the past, the Cancer that you are in a relationship with may have a problem remembering all the unkind or thoughtless things that he/she has done, but trust me, they have no problem remembering all the uncaring things that you have done. This selectivity can be very hurtful, and many times untrue. Encourage your lover to live in the present and resist the urge to only focus on the past.

Best Relationship Matches

Capricorn Before they work though, you need a few failed relationships, because they’re just as shy and just as driven. Once you reach your thirties and settle a bit, you’re home free.

Scorpio Their dominant nature fits well with your caring side.

Pisces They understand your depth of feeling like no other.

Worst Relationship Matches

Gemini They are too flighty for you.

Aries They are too bold and self-centered.

Sagittarius Despite an initial attraction, the wandering, popular Sagittarius may be too much for you to handle, and jealousy and rage are right around the corner.

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  1. I’m a Cancerian Man i care about a lot of people, i empathize in such a way its crazy i’m very caring and sensitive. I put other people’s feeling above my own and sometimes get hurt.I’m in a relationships with a Virgo woman for 5 years she’s very understanding and acknowledge my feelings care and love me a lot she loves the clingy needs i feel towards her its the best bond I ever had in my entire life i’m extremely happy at the start it was great and some rough patches but we stuck it through it only made us closer together i’m no longer guarded by my shell to her i do everything i can possibly do to make her happy, secure, safe,appreciated and Loved as long as she’s happy it makes me happy(she does the same most of the times <3).I feel stronger being there and supporting in every way i can making good decisions come naturally i would admit i am sentimental and a little clingy but i feel immense love and cant help it… we all aren’t perfect I will help others and hate to see others sad and love to see other people in love makes my heart so happy its best for other Cancerians to not ignore who you are, I once did that and it drove me insane to stop caring and being you every minute…Feel….Care…Love if you feel this way don’t fight it enjoy who you are

  2. Geminis for me are a NO NO ,Taurus I haven’t tried .now my worries with Aquarius is they are blunt ,capricorns are too complex,Pisces are good friends ..I’m looking to date a Virgo

  3. I’m a cancerian July 19 now I don’t deal with geminis cause I grew up with them …they are too self centered too unreliable.aquarius are blunt ,capricorns are way too complex on their own ,Aries are great friends not lovers ,they treat people like door mats ,libras always seem unserious when commit is hoping to to find a Virgo

  4. Why is it so hard to find someone? I am a cancer woman and been with several Taurus men and they mess it up some way or another or take forever to figure it out, even though we have what it takes to make it work. Pisces for me are too flaky. Was married to a Capricorn (he died) and they are too stern and harsh and can hurt a Cancerian easily and not very sexual or sensual which lacked in sex department. Never tried a Virgo or a Scorpio? Maybe they are the key to love? I am Scorpio rising.

  5. i am a libra male and i have been trying to win a female cancer heart over 4 months now, can someone please advice me of what to do cause i am really interested in her.

  6. Capricorn DEFINITELY fits best. DEFINITELY. She is a Capricorn, I’m a Cancer. She’s always so blushy and happy around me, and I’m the same. We’re head over heels in love. It’s just amazing. I’ve had a Gemini (WORST DECISION EVER), Pisces (Eh, too much of aa ridiculously minded hypocrite), Libra (too slow moving), and an Aries (WAY too complaining and ridiculously depressed), and this Capricorn is THE BEST. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. These were just my experiences, its not set in stone that these signs are all bad.

  7. I am a cancerian lady born from 8th of July, tbh Of all my zodiac relationships, Leo men are the worst! Why? Because they’re cheaters… he want to have sex with me but I told him I don’t and we just start our relationship 3 days until I found out one of his classmates that he has a girlfriend already from his hometown! And another one he had relationship a girl from his workmates started from 5 days ago! Whewww! He is so disgusting person…Idk with the rest of the Leo men but oh boy… just be careful cancerians with these Leo men cheaters. hurt yourselves…

  8. I am a cancer woman married to an Aquarius. Before I met my husband I never settled for anyone I never got attached really and my husband and I are so similar and we work so well so I’m not sure why Aquarius/cancers are not good matches. I will tell you though I get along with cancer females but every single male I have met drives me insane. I had a long term relationship with one before my husband and he was way to flighty we broke up a lot and he was to emotional. Any other cancer male has been the same they are angry a lot and don’t stay committed and, I’m seriously my friends and I have dated cancer males and they have all been here’s it’s crazy…..any way love my Aquarius we’ve been married 6 years now and still doing great!

  9. Cancers – stay away from Taurus. They are self centred and ego driven. I’ve just kicked one to the curb after 15 years of exhaustion and for the fact that he says ‘I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore – I want to be alone’ but is screwing everything that moves. They lie to get their own way. Just watch out. Definitely NOT a good match for a sensitive, trusting Cancerian.

  10. I am Sag/Cap(cusp) an with a Cancer… just trying to enjoy an go day by day.


  12. I don’t know if I believe the cancer/Pisces connection. I am a cancer woman and have been dating a Pisces man for over a year(hanging out) I guess. Tbh I ended it because he annoyed the crap out of me. I didn’t feel like our personalities went together at all.. So I don’t really buy into this too much

  13. I think it’s all quite strange. I have never dated a Scorpio. I have always dated Capricorns, they seem to be the only ones I get along with. Other Cancerians seem to annoy me, I kind of like the dominance some Capricorns show. I’ve been dating a Capricorn for three years, and it seems like we are exactly the same.

  14. Libra male and female, I agree with you 2 because I have the same problem with a male cancer and I’m a female Virgo. We had been together for almost 2 years and we were very happy and then he started to act your cancer male and cancer female started to act. I have no idea what to do. I love him very much and want to be with him but I’m tired of these games.

  15. I don’t agree with Scorpio and my Cancer personality. I am a Scorpio rising myself and Scorpion guys drive me insane with frustration and anger. Taurus and Capricorn were my best luck. Although, I also find it depends on their rising signs and moon sign and whatever other sign dominates the planets. Say, for example they have several planets in Cancer then, that also dominates their personality traits. It is not just the sun sign to watch for traits in your own personality or in a potential partner.

  16. I’m a Pisces woman (15 March) and the Cancer man ( 8 June) that flipped my world around in less then 24 hours! He is soooooooo confusing! We met each other on a dating website, and hit it off like we have known each other for years! We had soooo much in common! The only problem was that I live 85km away from him! I visited him for two weekends in a row and out of the blue on a monday he said, it’s not going to work out because of the distance which I know is n crap excuse! The thing is he came out of a relastionship of 13 years with a Virgo woman! He broke of the engagement 3 years ago with her, because she cheated on him and the relastionship wasn’t going anywhere, but the problem is they bought a house together and even worse is they still live together, in separate rooms! I do think she had a influence on his choice about us! Why would he suddenly turn his back on me! He’s ignoring me completely! I don’t know what to do? Must I wait or what? He is so confusing! Please shed some light for me on this!

    • Just be direct with him,tell him what you feel and tell him what you want,you might be scare to lose him and you might even want to do some tactics to win his heart,This cancer doesn’t play games,don’t waste your life waiting for him,just do it.

    • its unfortunate but way too much baggage hon – time to move on and not dwell on this one. You deserve better and I would be suspicious as to what this man was looking for, either that or he is emotionally damaged from his last relationship and may need therapy. He is obviously not ready for anything – unfortunately you were the one hurt in all of it. Move on – again you deserve more.

    • He is not a cancer he is a Gemini

    • June 8 is a GEMINI not Cancer

    • I’m a cancer women… I’ll be honest If I was in his shoes and had a 13 year break up but I’m still living with the person and they would try to tell me to work it out I probably would. Maybe that’s what he is doing… just my thought on that.

      • just saw he’s a Gemini… they are worst I’ve been dating one for 3 years off and on… they never know what they want and want to try new things…. and mostly break up with you so that they won’t feel guilt to go out with someone else. They can’t be alone

  17. I am a Libra female and a male Cancer was persuing me and once I gave in and spent so time with him he was all I thought about. Then all of the sudden he said we were moving to fast. One day he was calling me babe and the next day he turned everything off. It has been about 4 days and I haven’t heard from him. It wasn’t like we were talking marriage or anything. Don’t Know what to do because my heart hurts. I miss him but im giving him his space but everytime I pick up the phone I want it to be him. Any suggestions ?

    • I have had similar happen to me and more than likely you will never get an answer. It’s unfortunate and there could be a number of reasons why he would do this, good and bad. The only thing i could advise is by his actions it’s obvious he doesn’t want anything and you were poorly treated. My suggestion, move on – it’s his loss but more than likely good for you – no telling what he was really like. You can never really know someone it that little amount of time. He was obviously not looking for anything serious –
      remember to respect yourself before they can respect you – he didn’t deserve you.

    • Dump him. I know it hurt’s right now. But with time this will pass. Your better then that get out there and find someone who will love and care for you the way you should be. He’s playing mind games with you.

    • Give him space. When a guy runs, he is afraid of his own feelings.

    • Hi, unhappylibra! I’m a Libra man from Brazil having the same issue as you, but with a Cancer woman. I’m was talking to her every single day, many times a day, and she was so happy, so amazed with what we were building together. We talked about everything. We met once, because we live in different cities, and our day was just amazing, she was thrilled and so did I. She thanked me a million times, saying that she never felt so free to be herself with a man before and that I’m the perfect match she was looking for her entire life. I was amazed with her, but then…

      Three days after that she said she needs to solve everything in her life to start fresh new with herself, and she traveled to stay with family for a few days. She said she needs her time and space, and I respected. It’s been 10 days, and all her caring, love and attention is just gone! Every time I send her a message, she just reply with an “Thanks” or “Ok”, nothing more. All her sweetness has gone away, and she just says she is well.

      She do respond my messages, she is not ignoring me, but her answer is always generic. As a good Libra man, I’m romantic and transparent with my feelings for others, and now I’m so lost! I’m trying not to talk about feelings anymore, and I’m sending only one message a day, but it hurts so much!

      I hope it’s just one of Cancer’s mood waves, and that it go away as soon as possible, because I can’t handle it for too long.

      If you want to share some feelings, I’m here to talk, wish you all the well.

      • There is something that u told her which has hurt her & u are completely unaware of! or she realized that she was being too emotional with you & should hold back. THat realization grew from influence of some practical sign positioned in the ascendant or moon sign. That is why human beings are so complex!

    • Hi, I am a Libra female (Oct. 2nd) and can’t stop thinking about my Cancer friend (July 3rd). We’ve know each other for over a year now and we’ve hung out a couple times as just friends. We talked about attraction to each other and he came to my house and we made out. We had a great intimate date and it ended well. He left and I haven’t heard from him since. I’m so hurt! I can’t believe he did a disappearing act on me like that. I know exactly what your going through. I miss my friend and now I can’t stop thinking about him. I want to move on, but I can’t get him off my mind. How do you understand these disappearing acts that Cancer does? It’s not cool and it’s very hurtful.

  18. I’ll put my input, how I perceive other signs as a Cancer woman.
    Aries: tend to be a little blunt and childlike, I usually feel motherly toward them.
    Taurus: never give you what they really think. Gets frustrating. Sensual.
    Gemini: too flighty and don’t stick with ideas for very long. Don’t commit, can get hurt. Great for quick meet ups.
    Cancer: tend to feel for each other. Can get wrapped up in sorrow. Can hurt each other easily.
    Leo: I find them inspiring and refreshingly friendly. They don’t focus on you though.
    Virgo: mutual respect, may feel competitive. Witty conversation. They always have thoughts they don’t feel the urge to explain.
    Libra: upbeat, idealistic and self-centered. Seem like unintentional fakes.
    Scorpio: sibling banter, they’re dominant but compassionate.
    Saggitarius: give me dreams of adventure, very friendly but not deep/intimate, can make me feel boring
    Capricorns: fascinating logic, always have perfect reasoning but come across as powerful instead of highbrow. Found my love here, I cater to his emotional needs and he makes me feel strong.
    Aquarius: will always be an individual. Have absolutely nothing in common, but can somehow ‘get’ one another. Conversation walks the line between heartfelt(cancer) and intellectual(aqua).
    Pisces: sweethearts. Will lend an ear if they think you need it. Can get stuck in memories and be very inactive (easy to push around, bottle up bad feelings).

  19. I am a Cancer female (June 27) and this has been my experience with relationships, by sign: Aries: Bold for sure, but can be hurtful without even meaning to. Taurus: You may never really know what they are thinking. Personally, I couldn’t handle that! Geminis can be unfaithful, which can also hurt. Another Cancer will understand you, but it can far too easy to hurt one another. Leos, well, it just depends on the Leo. A mature Leo is very good as a partner. One who’s still clinging to the notion of “eternal youth and free love”? Not so much. Virgos are tough to get along with, it’s almost like we see each other as rivals or something. Libras are charming, but I personally find it difficult to believe what they say. I adore Scorpios, but the one I was with for 6 years was a serial cheater who hurt me time and again. Sagittarians are fascinating, but I feel a bit boring by comparison, haha. Capricorns are great, if you can manage to balance your opposite natures. Aquarians are a little too free-spirited for security lovers such as ourselves, and Pisces are fantastic. My very best friends (male and female) are both Pisces. If my guy friend wasn’t a long-time friend of my family’s and wasn’t severely opposed to dating, I’d give things a shot with him. He’s great. He’s warm, understanding, protective, has a phenomenal work ethic, and I just really feel like he “gets” me.

  20. I’m a cancer female, Ive dated a Leo 3 yrs, he cheated, once you cheat there’s no coming back, he’s discusting. Was with a Taurus 3 yrs, the best magnetic sexual connection. Like two sex addicts. He became abusive. Now with a Sagittarius, had a kid, he is a good man, but there’s not as much sexual chemistry there. Great father to our child though. Even though things aren’t that great relationship wise I think we try to make it work so our child doesn’t grow up with a broken family. I think this relationship can work if we where more sexually active.

  21. I’m a Cancer woman dating a Pisces man. So far it is the best relationship I’ve ever been in. I love him to death! He knows exactly what I’m thinking. He fulfills every fantasy I have. He is the only person that can read my mind in every aspect and his intuition is crazy sexy. He is so passionate and and aggressive at the same time. Our love is so powerful and no other sign can fulfill my emotional needs but my Pisces. His only flaw is his past. He allows it take over emotionally and it drains us both. I get confused by how he would like to be treated sometimes and when he withdraws socially is what messes with my emotions in a negative way because I am so caring and nurturing it drives me crazy. I love him though and I wouldn’t be anyone else.

  22. cancers the type talking shit behind people back and jealous as fuck always trying to break people relationship these cancer we need to think twice before we talk to em #teamleo

    • Thats A Lie From the Pits of hell. Cancers Never Try To Break Up Anyones Relationship. Thats Leo And There Cheating Habits. Cancer Love To Make others Happy Even Though They Will Be unhappy. And Btw Look This Up But If Anything Cancers Are The Nicrst Of All signs. Leo However Are second To The 3rd If The worst Signs Ever. Do To Judgmentality. Ehich Is What You Did.

  23. Im a cancer ( June 25 ) I was in a relationship with a capricorn.. I mean i was in love with him, i couldnt get hm off my mind.. Just we kept on going out breaking up. Finally we spilt. Now hes going out with another capricorn. Now im going out with a Pisces ( March 16 ) and its like peace. I love him & hes in love with me we’ve been going out for a Two Years. Never Broke Up. Its Literally Perfect. I wanna Marry Him. I think all cancers should try and him themselves a pisces man. They really understand you. Theyre there for you at the end of the day. Theyll talk and make you tell your feelings and listen. Thats what cancers need a listener. Theyll make you feel love.. & The sex O.O Its amazing. Try Pisces. ❤

  24. I’m a cancer woman (July 18th) in love with an Aquarius man (Jan. 31st). He’s so far the BEST guy i’ve ever dated, he also happens to be sexy as hell 😉 I really hate to think we won’t work because of astrology but despite what I’ve read and our opposite natures, I truly believe we are a beautiful match. I do have a Gemini moon and Venus and he has a Virgo moon and Pisces Venus…so I’m thinking this makes us compatible? Anyways….are there any Aquarius out there in a successful relationship with a Cancer? Just curious.

  25. I’m a cancer woman (July 18th) completely in love with an Aquarius man (Jan. 31st). He’s so far the BEST guy i’ve ever dated, he also happens to be sexy as hell 😉 I really hate to think we won’t work because of astrology but despite what I’ve read and our opposite natures, I truly believe we are a beautiful match. I do have a Gemini moon and Venus and he has a Virgo moon and Pisces Venus…so I’m thinking this makes us compatible? Anyways….are there any Cancers out there in a successful relationship with an Aquarius? Just curious.

    • Hi im a aquarious woman. My hubby is cancer .. this feb 19 is our 15 marriage anniversary . At first we used to have many conflicts ..arguements . But after 10 years of marriage we are like falling in love once again. Yes our austrologer also said our horroscope doesnt match..but we liked eachother and we got married. Now i feel he is the most caring and loving husband for me.

  26. I’m a Cancer who was engaged to a Pisces man and he cheated so…

  27. This article is actually true for a Cancer woman like me. I’ve been in a lot of relationships (romantic, friends, dating, paternal, and brother-like) in the past and I could say being exposed to a lot of different zodiac signs can help you determine who’s the best for you. My first one one was Aries (being self-centered and all, we decided to stay as friends), Aquarius (we’ve grown apart during the process and ended it before I mess up his life), Gemini (too flighty which was surprisingly true, he left me with a lot of question marks), Pisces (though at first, it seem to look compatible, we never hit it off big time because he never connected with me emotionally), Scorpio (we were emotionally connected in a lot of ways and we were intense with each other in love and in fights) and last but not the least is a Capricorn (to whom I am engaged for three years now. He annoys me, yet he keeps me sane. He keeps me growing. He never left and for a husband, he will make a good partner.)

    My father, a Cancer man, works well with my mom who’s a Virgo, but my dad is a lot romantic and nurturing as compared to my mom.

    My other brother who’s also a Cancer was quite possessive and unbelievably romantic to his girlfriend. Our usual fights were about things that already happened in the past.

    Clearly, we were emotional human beings.

    And I had another brother who is a Leo, the kindest of all, and we get along pretty much because he’s funny and the joker of our family.

    Usually, Cancer is an empathic person, compassionate and always seeks to comfort others. As mysterious as they are, they were attracted to signs who were mysterious as well, someone who seems “in need”, but in the long run, I figured that a Cancer needs someone who keeps them grounded and focused as well.

    That’s why, I enjoyed the arguments i had with my Capricorn fiancé because there were times, I tend to brought up past issues before and he’ll make me realize that the issue had been resolved already. His logic keeps me sane. And my nurturing personality keeps him growing.

    Overall, zodiac signs were only a guide. It is far much important to know oneself in order for you to be able to find the right one for you.

  28. I’m a cancer woman with an Aquarius rising and a Gemini moon. I’m not a homebody, I keep an impeccably tidy home and office, I struggle in the kitchen and I’m not particularly emotional and have not yet experienced romantic heartbreak.

    I struggle to relate to the Cancer personality type but don’t relate to Aquarius or Gemini either.

    My man is a Libra. He is loving, funny, trustworthy but sometimes forgetful when it comes to cleaning up after himself. We have epic arguments that always ends within minutes with I’m sorry usually from me.

  29. Am a Capricorn woman. I once dated a Gemini man. I was crazy in love with him,which made me insecure. He was too flighty,never really had my time and he was also dependent. Meanwhile my present boyfriend which is a cancer had been trying to woo me,but I was still interested in my Gemini. Obviously we cldnt work, so we broke up. A Gemini is always good as a friend but relationship changes everything. I finally gave my cancer man a chance. And till today I think its one of the best choice I have made in my life. He cares for me,he respects me, he showers me with gifts. And he makes me feel so secure. And who am I not to love someone like that? As a Capricorn I believe all we need is someone who would make us feel secure. And truthies Capricorns are drawn to success. Not to spend the money. But to know the person is at least capable. As a man, I believe u have to be even more successful than your spouse. That way they would be respect and as a woman u have to strive to be successful too. I don’t know about others but so far my cancer is the best match for me as a Capricorn. He’s my prince charming

  30. I’m a cancer woman, and I fell in love with an Aquarius. I thought he was so beautiful and so calm and I was just drawn to it… but then he did the thing where he wouldn’t show up to school for a week or so. Talking to him as my friend was the best thing ever and now looking at the zodiac signs it makes sense because we are supposedly meant to be good friends. We had really deep conversations and he knew every inch of my soul and I thought I knew his, but then we started dating and it only lasted a week or so because he became so detached and he just about dropped me out of his life. Being a cancer, it hurt. a lot. and it took me nearly 3 months to get over it and I finally did. Also, I just began a relationship with a Taurus nearly a month ago and he is nice and funny and lighthearted but he is the complete opposite of me, and I can tell it won’t last for much longer because he just bores me. (I’m a Gemini-Cancer cusp so maybe that explains why I don’t necessarily like routine.) But yeah anyway, he just bores me to the core, like I don’t reply to his texts and his sense of humor is just bland and he hasn’t made any effort to be intimate in any way. I just met a Pisces (I think?) and he is so amazing. I’m afraid though because I have touched the extremes: Heartbreak and too comfortable. But wow he is great, he talks to me about things I totally relate to and he makes me laugh and aw he is adorable.

    • How much time have you spent being a single Cancer? How much time in-between each guy? I’m a Cancer woman also. I’ve grown mentally, emotionally, and spiritually over the last 4 years. I will always put me and my responsibilities first. A part of those responsibilities includes satisfying the special place I have in my heart for myself. Myself deserves best. Good luck w/’Mr. Taurus’ 🙂

  31. I also have the Zodiac sign of Cancer (female) and I was married to an Aries. He left me for another Cancer who happens to be my cousin. I gave him all he wanted and I believe I may have nurtured him too much and acted more maternal than a partner. I was very forgiving, patient and understanding. I was loyal and faithful to the end. I loved to stay home and take care of our children while the other woman is a party girl who loves to drink and has had many sexual partners. I worked hard to provide for us and did my best to make him happy but he told me he was not happy and stopped caring for me. We are divorced and I’m left to wonder if I’ll ever find someone who can care and love me for who I am. I have learned a lot by going through the divorce and I am much stronger.

    After the divorce, I met a Leo that I connected with really well but found out he lied about being single. He took me on a bad emotional roller coaster ride. Now, I’m alone. Oh well, “Que Sera, Que Sera”

    To all my fellow Cancers out there (except for that witch my ex is with): Much love and God Bless!

  32. I am a cancer woman I have always been loyal but I can never find the same loyalty I am dating a Leo man he was the perfect match but not anymore. I just feel it depends on the individual itself

  33. Some of you may say you one had a cancer man who flirted with other women,or either they where not very communicative with you.One comment I’ve read was that cancers are the worst they knew because they are one ect. Even though you may think that because we are cancers it also depends on the individual,yeah we are cancers but not all of us are like that. Me I am a cancer women and I don’t ever have to lie to anyone,or depend on in said it depends on the individual. I am married to a Taurus I love my husband he is great, see it depends on the person.

  34. Cancers are not relationship material. They are the most dependent sign it’s sort of ridiculous they act like they’re so nice and good but then they won’t ever let you succeed independently and if so, they feel entitled to be a part of it. The people would outright lie to keep you as a friend, only to lose them as a friend and throw the mega pity party for one extravanganza. It’s no wonder why your people are fat. Grow up

    • Continue to hate…if only you paid as much attention to your sign as you do ours. Cancers4Life! 🙂

    • Some of that is true. Sometimes, I feel that I am not married material. I have crabby ways. I almost 49 and never been married. Could of plenty of times. Men cling to us, due to our nurturing and caring ways. I change every season. I have a Virgo man. He is country and I am a city woman. It was challenging because of that, but he has been with me the good and bad and all my emotional break downs. One day I would proboably marry him. I like to have my men friends on the side, because Virgo men are sometimes boring.

    • Your whole paragraph was an utter disgrace to read, Tyrese. I am a Libra and from the first sentence I could tell you were lacking in basic competence, intelligence, and any form of actual understanding of this wonderful sign. 🙂 Cancers are relationship material, and the fact that you don’t think so shows your incompetence. If you are not capable of comprehending a Cancerian, that is your loss – but to comment a completely biased and ignorant opinion on this, was greatly immature of you. Cancer’s are who they are and your opinion is neither desired nor required. Knowing a thing or two about astrology might help you make actual educated statements in the future. What I mean by that is; you can always expect your dealings with Cancerians to be filled with an unlimited level of intense investment and nurturing. Cancers will understand your depth of feeling like no other and the love from a Cancer is so powerful, no other sign can fulfill our emotional needs as well as a Cancer does. They are in fact the most dependent sign, but in no way is that ridiculous because Cancer’s give their 110% and except little to nothing in return. It’s in their nature to please, soothe and nurture everyone they come across. – So friendly reminder that a Cancer will move mountains and swim across oceans for anyone that they care about. With that said, you should be more than happy to succeed and share your accomplishments with your Cancer. Unless of course, you are an incompetent, self-centered, insensitive, greedy kind of man. In which case, no Cancer deserves you and neither does the rest of the signs. If you aren’t willing to compromise and succeed with your partner then what is the point in having a relationship to begin with? People like you are the ones who aren’t relationship material. The fact that you tried to blame your lack of compassion and push your insecurities onto your past Cancerian is ridiculous. Any truly understanding, passionate man or woman would be beyond elated to succeed with their partner. You lack common decency and sense if you think other wise. And just so everyone is clear, Cancerians aren’t in the slightest bit fat nor are they known for being “fat”. Cancers are actually quite slender, feminine and thin with a bit of curves due to their sensitive and most important body part being their breast. They either have a warm motherly look to them or a soft young look to them. Motherly meaning a bit more weight on them but not more than 120 pounds, which is the average weight of an adult woman in the United States. Continuing, Cancers and Virgos are actually the Zodiac’s two most likely sign to have an eating disorder due to their thoughts of never being thin enough (though they are usually very thin to begin with) and never being perfect enough. In my long life of living, I have yet to meet an overweight Cancer. So you take your outright, wrong and despicable trash opinion somewhere else. You are the literal embodiment of ignorance at its finest and you should be ashamed that you wrote such nonsense. I think it’s pretty obvious that you,Tyrese, are the one who needs to grow up. Might I add that if you are a Virgo or Cancer or any sign and you weigh more than 120lbs, that is absolutely fine! 🙂 Everyone needs to work on loving their body no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you weigh a few extra pounds (as long as you’re healthy) because at the end of the day it’s still your body and it doesnt matter what it looks like, love you for you. You are are absolutely beautiful no matter what people might say. What matters most is that you are happy with yourself!

  35. I’m a cancer man . And my ex_wife was a Taurus . When she took herself away from everyone she was wonderful and commited . They can be fully commited than undecided .. As a cancer man I’m very patient . And I worked hard to keep her happy . And she loved it . But when it became routine she neglected me and appreciated me. I don’t know if that’s all Taurus . But seems you do soemthing amazing than after it’s done she’s looking for something again. It was never filling enough for her . We split . Now she looking for that’s love again . And it hurts me becuase I have her everything . She was my sons mom and we both agree to one thing and that our son. Taurus women are very nurturing and for a cancer men that I can relate too.. I may not speak for all cancer men but I have a huge heart and I want it to work but she burn so many bridges an I still try and give her that attention . And the thing is any other woman . ” if she wasn’t my sons mom” out of sight out of mind. And just as much as we give a person the attention I can stop and make it feel like you don’t exits . And that what I want to do with my ex . But it’s a little different . Anybody else gone through what I have gone through ?

    • Oh yeh. I am a female cancer and my ex husband is a Taurus. We were together 15 years then out of the blue he says, ‘I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore – I want to be alone’.
      First of all – he isn’t alone. He has about 3 different women on the go at the moment and we have only been separated for 2 months. Taurus have MASSIVE egos that rule everything they do. I have a few Taurus friends and they are the same. They also seem to have this fantasy ideal about love – that the relationship needs to stay in the honeymoon phase. As a cancer, I am practical and down to earth. I am realistic. I am romantic, in a way, but not Hollywood romantic, which he was. It’s what he is looking for. Every relationship gets old and it takes work to keep the spark alive but he was never prepared to put in the effort. Looking back now, with the upmost clarity, I stopped stroking his ego years ago because I didn’t have enough time. I was a full time working mother with other priorities. I paid attention to him but clearly not enough. So naturally he needs to get this elsewhere. He is very selfish and driven by his own desires. I do wish him well on his path but I kicked him off mine because he was toxic.

  36. I’m a cancer woman I’m currently in a relationship with a Pisces man. From the first day we hung out I felt like we couldn’t be separated. We love being with each other and close to each other for very long periods of time. At times I feel like we can read each others mind. I’m not kidding. Best part he keeps it 100 with me, no judging. I honestly think he understands me to the max, we are both middle children of 5. Pisces man is such a huge hunk!:)

  37. its hard being a cancer man. its very rare to find a woman to take the time to know us. i know i come off shy and weak, and it turns women off. i guess there loss.

    • Amen. I wasn’t a big Zodiac sign person.. never really cared to be honest.. Suddenly I just kept looking up the traits.. and started realizing that’s exactly me. I’m shy. Caring. Loving. Thoughtful. But being shy and a Male in our society makes it difficult too meet women or to even get them to notice us. Let alone as you said get to know us personally. Not The best strategies being shy and looking for that Girl we can give our all too. As you said, They’re loss.

  38. Wow. I do not know how to say thanks to you all. Now here is the gig. I am cancer man who was married to a Sagittarius(Dec 8th) and have also a sister(Dec 11). My gosh…they both can not work. Both are bland, tricky, not soul healing parents, external, unhealthy minded and use their own kids as pawns. Am I wrong?

  39. I’m a Cancer woman and just recently got out of an on and off again relationship with my Capricorn man. We are so attracted to them at first because of their drive, reserved nature, and work ethic, but that is as far as they will let you and themselves get to. They don’t have much emotional depth that they can comprehend to you. That is the only block between these two. It may seem minuscule, but it tore us apart. He had no idea what he felt and if he did something to hurt me he did not know how to explain himself or learn from it. He was also insecure. This came into play where he wanted constant affirmation, but not always from me; from everybody. No matter how much affirmation and love I gave him, it was never enough and he would search for it in others just because he was so insecure- not because he was “getting back at me.” If you can get past that emotional barrier he puts up then perhaps you have a chance at true harmony.

    I currently have my eyes set on a Taurus man. I am completely obsessed. They are so masculine and strong, physically and mentally. I have read about the moody Taurus, and I have experienced this with him pretty early. He disappears for a few days out of nowhere. He is hard to read. But I’ve never connected with a person this quickly before. The conversation is so sophisticated and I feel so alive and that I’m learning so much after every time we talk. Good luck fellow Cancer girls!

    • Be careful with a Taurus . They can be great . And seem like everything but you already know the fact he disappears leaves uneasiness . I don’t know about cancer woman but I love that assurance and trust . So how can you feel
      Secure about some
      One who disappears . And they can lie . With no remorse . Lie straight to your face as being a cancer man . I always find the truth sooner or later .. And for me honesty is easier to deal with .. Than a lie

    • Pack up your feelings towards him and head in the other direction. If he enjoys the conversation, it shouldn’t be that easy for him to leave

    • I 100% agree about the Capricorn man!..He end of with an Aquarius woman. Because those women are insecure as well and kisses but literally to make the relationship work. Mind, body and soul. I did it for 26year + and it was not good enough. Capricorn looks attention and they act like they don’t. Virgos are the best for use, we like the protection and security. Sometimes it over barren, however better than the Capricorn wanting it to be all about them.

  40. I am a cancer woman. Virgo and cancer are not a perfect match. they are parallel.. Taurus is one of the best partners of cancer,, scorpios are good and manageable… aries and cancer is fine.. gemini and cancer are instant friends…
    sagittarians and librans can hurt a cancer by their words…
    leo will be good for being friends with but not for being a life partner..
    no idea about cpricorns
    pisces are some times ok.
    aquarius .. please dont be close to them.
    be friends with virgo but dont marry one.
    best will be cancer taurus.. cancer scorpio..cancer aries.. cancer gemini cancer cancer or cancer and pisces

    • Im a cancer women and my ex is a Virgo, he’s a disgusting cheater lazy piece of sh*t! That’s all to it. I was blind with whole relationship.

  41. So I don’t know about my rising sign or sun sign, but I am a female Virgo. I feel as though I am a Leo-Virgo cusp at times, but that’s my thought I don’t exactly know for sure. Anyway, I have been in relationships with three guys: a cancer, scorpio, and libra. There is another guy that I am interested in who is a Cancer also. The relationship with the scorpio was great. He was very loving and caring, but I was not very interested for too long. The libra relationship was difficult. I truly loved him, but I felt like I was on a never ending emotional roller coaster! Seriously. Even though I am still in my early adulthood, I did not feel secure enough with him. I didn’t feel like he would protect me or know how to help and keep a financially stable future with me, etc. I need a man! That’s why I favor Cancer men. I find I attract them the most. It is very attractive, in my experiences, when a Cancer man can be very strong and intelligent, but at the same time need your attention and love. It shows they have a sweet side that you can fulfill. Back to what I was saying, my first love was a Cancer. He was very smart and taught me a lot of things, Virgos love learning things in a new perspective. The relationship ended because we were teenagers and blah blah blah. Surprisingly, compared to many young teen couples, we were a team. Moving on to this other cancer man, unlike my first love, they are different in some ways. My first Cancer love was more sensitive and more of a crying type. This Cancer guy is a more aggressive type and would beat something rather than crying. He is interesting and opened minded for the most part. I keep him on his toes, as Virgo usually does to make sure no games are being played. Even though I know he is very flirty and probably has a girlfriend, he calls me and tells me stories about our past memories and how he thinks he still loves me. I ignore him sometimes, because I don’t believe everything I hear and I don’t want to seem desperate.Which is something he wanted, for me to show him love. Even though I know more than he thinks I do about him, I still think about him and miss him. Well, all I’m wondering if he is thinking about me as much as I am about him. I do want a relationship with him, but I feel like it wouldn’t be what I expect..Sorry for the long story. I’d love to hear some feedback though. Thanks for your time!

  42. I am a Cancer male, and have had really good luck with Scorpios. There is a cosmic connection that is inexplicable. The other issues of personalities will always have its place, but I am in love with a Scorpio now, 4th Scorpio (all had strong sexual connections), but this one is going to be a keeper, we are soul mates.

  43. Cancer and virgo the worst match as far as my experience. Two Virgo men and they made me entirely put off and I got mad. We cancer woman need security which is not given by virgo men. May be in the beginning, they are so nice to us. Gemini and cancer women makes good match I guess. I have a friend who is a Gemini and he cares and loves me a lot but I consider him as my friend. Cancer women don’t be heartbroken by Virgo men. Stay away from them.

  44. I’m a cancer. But I seem to be drawn to libras. My only two serious relationships were with libras. Plus my best friend who I have known for all my life is a libra. I’m currently dating one and I love him more than anything . I love how they care so much about balance and how dedicated they are. He loves me and only me and It makes me feel so amazing. I would do anything for this man. And I feel like our personalizes match very well. We do disagree on some things. But libras like to talk and communicate about it Nd cancers understand where they are coming from feel good about talking the problem out, so fights for me and my boyfriend don’t last very long. We always say sorry and try and say something that we can both fix. I think this is my perfect match.

    • What this site does not tell you is your best partner is also based on your rising sign and your moon sign for best match you need to know these too.

  45. I am a cancer woman and from personal experience we [Cancerous woman] do not match well with Capricorns, Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, or Aries. I dated men who had these signs and the relationships were not successful. Capricorns take too long to figure out and they’re insecure, Taurus are too bold and can say they know what they want but bad at showing it…so with that being said a Taurus man may work but it depends on the people. Gemini are too flighty and dependent. Sagittarius and Libra are too crazy, last minute, can’t make up their mind and just enjoy getting they want. Aries are too self-centered so I do agree with the article on that one. I do have to say Cancer woman (because I cannot speak for men) are the best zodiac signs for building a relationship because we’re very nurturing, caring, smart, straightforward and know what we want out of life.

  46. I am a male cancer, and I found a lot of same traits that other cancers have. I have always wanted to be a father, a husband and of course a lovable one.
    I want a lot of attention in a relationship, I want to be feel loved. Because I always give my share of love to my companion, and it kind of gives me a bad feeling when I don’t get the same reaction back.
    I can’t figure out are we too simple or too hard to handle 😀

  47. I am a cancer woman.
    b proud of whom we are.we dont need 2 change bcoz the world is full of assholes.we r only the pure ones

  48. What about Taurus????? I’ve read that Taurus and Cancer are a great match, but nothing on this site about it…what gives? LOL…. If you have a comment for that match I’d love to hear it.. In addition, to add to this. You can’t go by just the Sun sign. The couple’s birth charts really have a play in the compatibility of their mates more than just saying Taurus and Cancer or Gemini and Cancer etc.

  49. I am a cancer woman who adores Virgo men. There is something about them that captures my admiration. I have fallen in love twice in my life with Virgo men but the relationship ended due to my insecurity. now I am older and a bit wiser I look forward to meet my next Virgo.

    • I’m currently dating a Virgo woman . She is amazing . Maybe due the fact she went through hard times that she opened up to me as I did myself . We at very open to each other . I’m very truthful to her . And I feel the same way with her. She is a very independent woman. And I feel like I’m independent myself . You would think how can that work . Well I feel like we have a connection where she understand the independent I have and her type of independence . I finally . My Virgo is very confident of herself . And sure of herself . You would think as a cancer I would be insecure . But I don’t . She makes me feel very secure . It was does who felt insecure about themselves that made me insecure . I feel if your secure and your other is secure there no reason to feel like she doesn’t know what she wants. She is goal driven . She goes for what she wants . I haven’t said I love you yet or anything becuase we both decided to take it slow but slow is understatement . We are just going with it . Being honest and open . If one doesn’t like what the other said we speak on it . Leave everything out .the Bedroom . No other way . I would want it .. There’s not a moment I don’t want to take her into the room . One thing I did learn about her ealry is she very bossy .. I can handle that . But I can be open and tell her she needs to take it down a notch. And also in her pass she dealt with jerks . And I’ve shown her a side of men she hasn’t seen. I brought flowers out of no where . She said she only got it on bdays or special occasion. But a cancer man . I love to make her feel wanted and loved and admired . I here a lot about other cancers being selfish . I can see that . But it’s when that cancer is secure of himself will that selfish go away . But in all I’m falling for my Virgo. She brings a family feel to my life . Someone who I can see myself with. .

  50. what happened with Cancer and Gemini?

  51. I agree with everyone, I’m a cancer male. Divorced a Virgo and just ended a relationship with a scorpio, I didn’t get enough attention and feel neglected and unappreciated constantly, lol. Scorpio was too controlling and would fight me when I want to donate or take care of things for my children from previous marriage.
    Oh well time to move on, Ill crawl out of my shell next year.

  52. I am a cancer woman who just ended a relationship with a miserable Capricorn he was soooo not my best match , more like WORSE EVER I make the best connections with Pisces women they truly understand my depth like no one else, haven’t found a Pisces man yet. I had the most beautiful relationship in my life with an Aries man, but he had grown in god and that made him the match that he was for me. Leo’s steal my heart and scorpions are crazy!!! I agree with all that was said about us. I have blessed life and very positive outlook, but locating this man that is the right balance and fit hasn’t been easy. R we as cancers too deep??? Love is love and cancers give the best love. IJS….

  53. I am a cancer woman who just ended a relationship with a miserable Capricorn he was soooo not my best match. I make the best connections with Pisces women they truly understand my depth like no one else, haven’t found a Pisces man yet. I agree with all that was said about us. I have a blessed life and very positive outlook, but locating this man that is the right balance and fit emotionally hasn’t been easy. R we as cancers too deep??? Still love myself tho 🙂 love is love and cancers give the best love. IJS….

  54. i am a cancer and when we love we love to the fullest but when we have been hurt or wronged by or loved ones we can cut them and never look back but we always try to be friends later and work things out but if we cut you from or lifes we will not look back

  55. I actually put others first so I am not bold and self centered.! 😦

  56. Scorpio men and Cancer women for sure. Cancer women love how passionate scorps are, and like the jealousy. At least I do. I don’t do it on purpose, but it makes me feel loved. I love Scorpio men, except they can be way too mysterious. As a cancer girl, I love feeling protected, and the scorpio men do not flatter you just for the hell of it, they actually mean it.

  57. should i really be worried? my babe is a sag… but i love him sooo much… i want to spend the rest of my life with him… we’ve waited 7 years to come back into each others lives… reading this… makes me want to accept this challenging relationship… ^_^

    • nah you should not be im a sag woman and im never leaving my cancer man ever ❤ its already been a year and sag would of already moved on with someone else if we could not handle a cancer ❤ i love his jellyness and range

  58. Seriously, where is Cancer + Taurus in this list?

    You cannot realistcallly put Cancer + Capricorn over Cancer + Taurus. I understand the reasoning behind it – Cancer and Capricorn are opposites – but that’s like saying Taurus + Scorpio is a better match simply because they are 180 degrees apart on the zodiac wheel. Uh, no. The initial attraction might be there but this isn’t a question of attraction – it’s about compatibility.

    I strongly recommend you revise this article.

    • Haha! I just posted similar. I am Taurus Woman, dating a Cancer Man right now… so far so good!! However, we shall see. I know that this whole don’t buy into an early marriage with a Cancer, he is deep and feelings are everywhere where I like them to be, but he was talking about marrying me one month after dating!! HAHAHAHA>… ❤ Love my cancer for now. I'm pretty sure it's a match made in heaven.

  59. we dont mean to be this way it is only how we live

  60. I’m a gemini [f] and my fiance is a cancer [m]. We fit perfectly like a glove on a hand~ I love his sentimentality and stability (I move and travel a lot and he’s the only thing besides my cat that stays constant). Although we’re opposites in so many fields, we’re just perfect for each other. Woo~


  62. I prefer Scorpio above all signs but have never been in anything other than a friendship situation. I really find Virgo’s much to much! I find both males and females to be very narcissistic and their lack of empathy is appalling. Taurus I respect for their strength and respect their being so bull headed about things. Pisces are delightfully fun! And their creative side enhances the connection. After 28 rs with a critical, self-centered, split personality behavior, etc. (I don’t infer these to be true Virgo traits), I find it hard to think about being in any relationship with anyone right now, though, but if I did feel ready to begin again, I’d probably seek out either a Pisces or a Scorpio. For now, I like being with just me!

  63. I am a cancerian girl(26th june) and I have wished many a times in my life that I weren’t one. All the traits mentioned above about a cancerian (atleast girls) are absolutely true….I wish I were not a cancerian. The worst part is that my husband is a sagittarius,, can u believe that..though I love him to the core, i always feel I am not good enough for him. I feel that wavelength or understanding is missing btwn us.Though I am trying ma best to change….So cancerians out there – since we cant change our zodiac sign 🙂 atleast stay away from sagittarius…they are fun to hang around, so fun loving, popular but when it comes to emotional quotient, he lacks that and i believe that is something very important for a marriage to sustain…

  64. this is reaally true about the cancerian guy. i understnd him a lot more. and honestly ive liked him since since the first day i saw him, i just have always thought its never gonna happen. its been about 3 yrs now and i feel like my feelings have grown a lot more since then. i am a 100% pisces woman. and i have to admit i was really happy to see we could make one of the best couples. i need a little help though i have fears of rejection because him and i come from different worlds in a way, yet we seem to have so much in common. i decided to forget about him and fell love hard for a taurus man and now its been a few months since we broke up and for some odd reason this cancer guy that i thought would be impossible to ever be with is in my life more than before. i have a strong relationship with his mother, heck she’s like my mother and because of her it is why me and him have gotten some what close.. atleast now he knows i exist. anywho.. he gives me mixed signals sometime and confuses me.. how do i know if he could see me as something else? i would love to be with him the rest of my life.

  65. I am a 42 yr old cancer woman. I thought libra’s were my sure match, turns out… they are not… although fantastic lovers…cancers just dont have the “romance” in them to keep a libra interested 😦 this makes me very sad, as i Love him like i’ve NEVER loved anyone ever. I’m convinced that I am to be alone.

  66. I an Aries was suddenly completely cut off from the cancer I was falling for no announcement just silence its been hell this doesnt really delve too much on their meanness and this cancer seems to not have a sympathic bone in his body, he made me cry. I’ll keep watch here to see if anyone else has had experience with being completey swept away by a cancer just to be axed as quickly. nauseating.

    • Same thing happened to me too!

    • Well, Aries, I can speak for myself as a Cancer woman, that once a Cancerian recognizes that security in her emotions cannot be obtained within pursuing that type of a character (which you being an Aries, could have scared her off with your boldness, without you even having known). Then like a crab, can retreat into the sands at the slightest fear of investing at all. Because investing at all, means investing all for a Cancer.

    • Lol listen I understand u 100 percent . Im a 48 yr old cancer male Taurus rising. Many posts about libras . Well That’s Libra. Alluring and beautiful attractive. Were drawn out of our shell by libra , but trust me its not U that’s not romantic enough. As cancer honestly when it comes to Romance we surpass most in romance and at least equal the rest .Thing is libra is unreliable and wondering. Although they have many good traits these are some or theyre worst. They are cheaters and its not U my true Lover its them . Theyre clueless to the depths of romance U exude, so much they become frustrated and look for balance again and sooo they look else where . That’s all of course as cancer unfortunately its not ur fault its theres . U have 5 u can have great realationships with . If they aren’t don’t expect true love from the rest. Sure if u know its about sex and can stay away from investing UR cancerian passion then go with anyone but here are ure 5 . Ill list in order I believe
      Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio , another cancer , Virgo. If ur pretty mature and what they call somewhat self actualized Capricorn will be the best I think. They are talkers so u can listen and show them u care and they cant lie lol. They’ll tell U as we Doo get what seems lazy when were in our shell to get up off ur ass and do this or that. they give great direction and are driven and yet somewhat simplistic. Scorpios Are somewhat baffling and u can feel like U don’t know whats going on but will get jealous and show u luv. Pisces is great will shower u with luv once they luv u but u sometimes have to carry them also . All these are good and bad that’s life , but if u can handle some criticism at times trust me get a Capricorn. They have what U don’t and respect U have what they don’t . Anyways good luck sweetheart don’t blame urself though honestly they lost out!!

  67. i so agree with everything

  68. i agree, cancers suck…i ought to know, im one of them. cant be trusted, lie alot, cant face change and better off dead

  69. I love me, I am a Cancer, love to much, forgive anything, can’t forget about a gemini guys that i know is bad for me but i feel like he is my other half, i am independent, bold, happy must of the time except when the kid drive me nuts…Love singing , dancing working out, my life is good becouse i made up my own security…but i am still hurting for and by love.

  70. Cancers are influenced by other signs because this does not sound too much like me. i almost fell asleep reading this the only thing that matched me was

    “One of the drawbacks of having such a thin shell is that it can sometimes make you seem withdrawn and uncaring. This is especially true when it comes to those members of the Cancer crew that have been hurt particularly badly in the past. Their reluctance to express themselves with their feelings is simply a defense mechanism. An important thing to remember is that allowing your Crab lover to withdraw and not be their usual empathic self will help them charge their batteries after too much stress.

    Avoid early marriage with Cancers, since it usually is the result of their over active nesting impulse. This can often result in a dramatic realization that they are not equipped to deal with the harsh demands of married life, and leads to high divorce rates.

    ***Important hint: Cancers may keep nostalgic things around them, picture albums, letters etc. Many times this can contain records of old lovers. It is important to remember that Cancers can feel very unsure of the future, and can be more comfortable leaving a piece of themselves in the past, for security’s sake. It is a good thing to keep remembering that you are the one that they are with, and not vice-versa.

    Because of this penchant for living in the past, the Cancer that you are in a relationship with may have a problem remembering all the unkind or thoughtless things that he/she has done, but trust me, they have no problem remembering all the uncaring things that you have done. This selectivity can be very hurtful, and many times untrue. Encourage your lover to live in the present and resist the urge to only focus on the past.”

    Everything else above i couldn’t even understand.

  71. i (aquarius woman) dated a cancer once and HE was the one that was going out and flirting with other girls. he wasn’t loyal at all! i felt like i was putting everything into our relationship and when he broke up with me he said i was too clingy.

    • Aquarius women sorry U read it wrong thing is were one of those signs that initially peole are attracted too . Ill tell u truthfully Im a 48 cancerian male and When Im in love or even in lust initially attracted to a women Shes the most beautiful thing in this world to me really. I wish u could be a cancer just for an hr to experience it .Noone else matters I cant stop thinking about her this is the truth . Were probably the most loyal and dedicated sign of all . If U cant deal with others being attracted to us that’s something u need to work on because me And CHIME in other cancers will not Cheat On our chosen

      • So I am an Aquarius Female, yes I did date a Cancer male at one time, so what I got was he was abusive to my son, who is also a cancer male, at first things were great…but he did try to control me, being that I am an Aquarius you have to realize we are free spirits who don’t want to be controlled we will love unconditionally but if you try to lock us up in a box were going to rebel, this is truth…and this is what I did, I told him where he could go and how to get there. as for my son…he is the most wonderful Cancer male I have met…he is very loving and nurturing and I look forward to seeing his future unfold and what great things he will offer to the one who wins his heart.

  72. Cancer and Leo people are the moon and sun nothing comes betwen them when they eclipse. They are the mother and father sign naturally and are neighbouring signs. It’s all in the stars. Leos and cancers are tight and respect each other. I love cancer people.strong and mechanical and durable fun and always can make you laugh it’s natural for them even when not trying and Leo loves a person that can make them laugh.

  73. Cancer + taurus usually pretty good match. TAurus sensuality compliments CAncers Affectionate nature..they are both romantic,silly, etc..

  74. i hate cancer people! my youngest sister is a cancer and WE DON’T GET ALONG. me and my sister (leo) used to be so close (a bond) until she came along.. she is so CLINGY and POSSESSIVE.. she doesn’t want my leo sister to talk to me.. and so on.. ARGH..

  75. thank you so much for the infor on cancers. i am a cancer, and their is a sagittarius that is madly in love with me but i dont feel the same with him. thank you for clearing my confusion up 🙂

  76. what hapepend whith cancer and taurus?

    • What happen with cancer and taurus?
      Well ..

      It’s like a spring.. ( water + earth )
      How you think? isn’t it good?
      Its can be alive for ever and together!

    • That’s an excellent question…How can they forget about taurus?

      • Taurus are amazingly awful for cancer. I just got out of a two year relationship with a Taurus and it was too intense. In good and bad. He loved and understood me the way no one else had. But he also lied and cheated a lot. He was a good liar even. He loved me so intensely I never wanted to believe he’d do me wrong. But he did. He did me more than wrong. Taurus are waaaaayyyy to much for an emotional cancer.

  77. That so true about a cancerian man they forget the thoughtless

  78. Best Relationship for a Cancer is also a Virgo…I am dating a Cancer and even though he is emotional…he bonded right away through the spirit.

  79. u guys are soooo rite

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