Cancer June 22 – July 23 Ruling Planet: MOON

Which isn’t a planet at all but the satellite responsible for this water sign’s many mood swings! Love and sex go together for Cancer. They need to feel secure in love before they can loosen up during sex and Cancer often feels a bit guilty after doing the deed because they usually associate sex with children, especially the women, who either become pregnant at the drop of a hat or take longer than usual.

All Cancers WANT to be parents! Cancers become sexually excited when they feel safe. They are turned on by home cooked meals and partners who love kids. In so many ways, Cancer is the dream partner!

CANCER FAVE POSITION Any place that’s comfortable and involves Cancer lying flat on their back with all their sensitive areas exposed!

CANCER BEST SEX TOYA drink or joint that will slow down the overly cautious crab!

CANCER MALE IN BED He is a sensitive lover and will put his partner’s needs before his own. He has a tenderness about him that drives women wild! If the Cancer guy decides he’s in it for the long haul, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his lover happy in and out of the bedroom. Oh, and he’s a BREAST man!!

CANCER FEMALE IN BED She oozes sexiest and is born to mate!! Compliments and kissing will win her over, so as you’re nibbling on her ear, whisper “you’re so beautiful” to get her quivering. Perhaps the Vincent (Big Brother) growl would work with a Cancer woman?

THE BEST WAY TO TURN ON CANCER Concentrate on the breasts and pecs of Cancer to really get them going. Start by kissing and brushing up against them. Licking the Cancer female nipple through her top will excite her, but don’t ‘dive right in’ cause you’re likely to scare her. It’s the complete opposite of the Cancer male who will LOVE it if you get straight to the point. Squeeze his pieces and bite his body and you’ll have him bouncing off the walls in no time!

4 Responses to “Cancer June 22 – July 23 Ruling Planet: MOON”

  1. This is so true its freaky. They hit the nail on the head about the drink and joint part that is so true, and the part when they say whisper in there ear “your so beatuiful” omg I love it!!!
    For me every single part of this was true, im a cancer woman

  2. i know this is kind of old. but im a virgo lady and im in this complicated relationship with this cancer guy. we’ve been together on and off for the past 4 almost 5 years and we have a 10 month old son. like our relationship was good in the beginning BUT no we barely talk and when we do it leads to arguments. any help trying to make it better with him cause ive tried everything and looking for new advice.

  3. I’m a cancerian female and my fave position is not on my back. Otherwise, everything else is true and accurate.

  4. Romantic men cancerians are

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