Leo Best and Worst Relationship Matches


Ah, the king of the jungle, in this the human, city jungle! Leo prowls his/her turf with the certainty of a born leader. Since Leo’s sign falls in the middle of the zodiacal calendar and, in North America at least, the hottest time of the year, it is obvious that Leo is ruled by the sun. Sitting at the center of any social, romantic or work-related situation the sun-as-center-of-the-universe is certainly true in this lion’s case. Aside from being at the center of everything Leo’s lovers stretch across a vast divide since the point of the Leo strength is to bring happiness to all members of the zodiac’s path.

If you have every dated a Leo, or if you have even ever simply bedded down with one, you will know a few things for certain: 1) They are the life of the party, 2) they will buy a round of drinks and then regale you with colorful stories, and finally if haven’t already noticed, they are hunting you. They will take aim and take you down, which means that they are highly driven and sufficiently motivated, and if you get in their cross hairs there is little chance of escape. But the great thing is that you don’t mind, because they allow you to bask in the glow of their aura, which bespeaks of a greatness that even the most uninitiated of us can’t ignore.

Your Leo lover is frank, and the what-you-see-is-what-you-get edict is usually in place. This means that they expect to be followed, and that when it comes to relationships they like to be in the driver seat. In much the same way as in a social situation, in a relationship a Leo will fight for dominance and then if he/she can’t establish their desired power dynamic (power being very important to the Leo) they will simply bow out, rather than let themselves exist in what they feel is a lesser relationship.

Clearly this can cause some discontent in any situation, and certainly is one of the biggest drawbacks to dating a Leo, since no one wants to feel as if they are working for their boyfriend/girlfriend, and usually the beginning of a completely untenable situation.

This desire for control also means that unforeseen change can be something that sticks in your lion’s jaw and can make him/her very irritable. Make sure to cushion any bad news or difficult let downs, with a gentle forthrightness and then let the Leo slink away to lick his/her wounds in private. Do not under any circumstances make a Leo’s hurt or failure public since it will be an unforgivable offence in their eyes.

You Leo will always abide by the maxim “to thine own self be true!” The will usually take responsibility for their own actions and expect you to do the same. This can mean that even if you didn’t mean to do it, don’t say it.

***If you are dating a Leo, or interested in one, it is valuable to note that despite all the posturing and chest puffing, that when I Leo loves you, it is true. Leo’s can be very good-natured and if they take a liking to you they will put everything they have into it. It is at this point that they are most vulnerable and can be taken advantage of. So do use their love against them or you may find yourself on the sticky side of some very uncomfortable flypaper.

One of the largest romantic drawbacks of the obsession with position and power is that it often means that Leo’s are relegated to casual sexual relationships. They tend to be unwilling to settle down since the sun that burns so deeply in them, allows them to feel the great warmth of “spreading the love” so to speak. They can become wrapped up in the performance and find it hard to settle down. Relationships also require a “give and take” type relationship, which relies on a relinquishing of power, so that harmony can be achieved. This can go against the very core nature of the Leo’s personality.

Let Leo’s age and this tendency will become less and less prevalent, as they realize that getting what they want inevitably requires compromise. And seriously let’s be honest, we all love the sun, but if you have ever been to the desert you know how, without the protection of shade, sun can be a real scorcher.

Best Relationship Matches

Aquarius They are your zodiacal opposite, but they can be your truest companion and there are surprisingly few conflicts that arise from their opposing natures. You prize your humanity, believe in the same ideals, and admire creative pursuits in different and complementary ways.

Aries and Sagittarius Your fire-sign relatives, are also natural companions, but on a more casual level.

Worst Relationship Matches

Gemini They’re mostly mind-oriented, you are all heart.

Capricorn You’ll overpower them, and they’re not likely to forgive your mistakes.

Pisces You’ll hurt them before you even realize it, and they’ll harbor a long resentment.

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  1. i am a Capricorn gal..madly in love with ma Leo man..no matter what’s written over there about our compatibility..i cant take ma eyes off from his charming, adorable, natural, pure personality..Sometimes dominating sometimes warm but at the end if you love somebody so much, u don’t care about their negative things..there a lot of positive vibes in love already that will make you happier than ever..
    love you so much my Leo…
    Yes u scorch me sometimes with your heated brain and anger but its okay you are much more important than these things.
    Lucky to have you 🙂

  2. Leo married to a Capricorn for a quarter of a century and still wildly in love. He is strong enough to push back when I need it because I would have seriously devoured lesser men.

  3. I am a leo female in every sense of the word. I dated a gemini man for 5 years and the first 4 were amazing and hard at the same time (fun, but their sex is monotonous and lazy…convo turns them on). I loved his charm and magnetism. He was masculine and most important intelligent. The problem that ended it was that when life didnt go the way he wanted he would sulk for months and i felt like the negativity was draining the life from me. I couldn’t understand or be there the way he needed and he began to resent me and treat me badly. I also married a pisces man and it last 3 months. Worst mistake of my life! He was just plain needy and annoying. Now im dating another leo man (born on the same day no less) who for the first 6 months was amazing, turns out he is a pathological liar and created a new identity to get me to date him. As time went by the lies started unraveling and now the relationship. I think the only thing im holding on to is the fact that the sex is out of this world. When i say he does everything right, i mean EVERYTHING. Never dated a Sag. Looking to see if the stars hold true.

  4. I’m a Leo and I’m in love with an Aries! He’s my best match and this is the best relationship I have ever had. I don’t care for Leo men and advise most women to stay away from them. My Aries man gives me all the adoration, praise, and admiration that I crave. What I’m great as he helps me be even better at and always supports me and doesn’t judge me. And for him I just think he’s the best thing ever. I let him be him and he’s the only one I trust with my heart and giving me any type of boundaries. Did I say how great he is? It’s always a two-way street of praise and compromise. The sex is the best I have ever had too, because somehow he’s better than me.

  5. I am dating a Capricorn, and my best friend is one as well, yet we get along with each other. but then again, aren’t there two sides to every leo? Some can be very loud others quiet, or maybe it depends on their mood. Im still getting into all this. Does this mean, if I did something to hurt them, (not
    saying I am) or if im being to obnoxious, they’ll never forgive me? dang.

  6. VERY GOOD SITE, VERY TRUE. I love how it says that “to thine own self be true”. we always keep it real, i love that…….

  7. I am a Leo girl who is dating a Leo Man for almost 4months now. In the beginning everything was great he treated me like a queen ; he was everything I ever wanted in a man. That’s what made me fall in love with him. But now everything us terrible. He recently told me that he wanted time to his self and boy did that hurt ne. I thought we were compatible. I was/am doing everything thing in my power to show him that I love him and in love with him. I don’t think that love is based one a sign because they say two Leo’s aren’t ment for each other but that’s not true. If we were perfect for each other in the beginning we can still end up together after he figures out what ever it is that he wants. I believe that any sign is ment to be an can be compatible but you both have to want everything that comes with a relationship ; you both have to be willing to compromise. Everyone always wants to get up and walk away nit realizing that someone’s emotion and heart is at stake. I think that if someone signs fight for what they want an be willing to compromise everything will be all right. . .

    • Perfect in the beginning,means nothing. In the beginning, 99% of the time, everyone is on their best behaviour, not showing who they really are just yet. My experience is that it takes a lot of time for another to completely show their true soul. Once they do, if you’re still trying too hard to make it work and they’re not working on this goal with you, they’ve told you who they are with their actions, that you don’t really matter enough to them to make it work. If it’s not working now, then it’s time to GIVE IT UP! I (a Leo) was married to my soul mate (a Libra, of blessed memory) for 40 yrs! It was never perfect, because perfect doesn’t exist, but pretty darnn fabulous, because WE BOTH worked on our relationship together. If you do it TOGETHER, you’ll too have something very rich and fabulous. Your mate must want the same thing, though.

  8. This is so not helpful it just made me cry worst than before

  9. Wow….so many typos lol. Anyhow, you’re wrong. We geminis are a great match for Leo’s. We’re the brains of the relationship and that’s why it works, but we also have that extremely affectionate and nurturing side that leo can’t get enough of. Leo’s are moody, and we completely understand that since it happens to us too, so we act accordingly. Leo’s are also goofy and dramatic, which we love and also play along with. But the most amazing thing about them? They’re always so positive! Even when things go horribly wrong, they keep moving forward. That’s what I love about my lion. He’s cuddly, goofy and romantic and thoughtful and affectionate and child-like but at the same time he’s reliable, stable and a hard worker. I’m a sun gemini, taurus moon and he’s a sun leo, virgo moon. I’m a chinese snake and he’s a chinese dragon.

    He just makes me feel like the luckiest woman on earth. He still opens the car door for me, and we’re going for 2 years together already!

    The only thing I can say is that he is a show off and has an ego, but I just call him out when he’s being overly arrogant and he gets the point and returns to his goofy self 😉 he loves my bluntness most of the time. I’m very honest and upfront with him about everything and we have amazing communication. He’s the only one that I could ever see myself settling down with….and trust me, that’s a HUGE deal considering I never wanted to get married because I couldn’t wana give up my freedom!

  10. Im a leo man (bi). This is so true… Tells exactly what my personality is.. Tells how I really feel at times.
    A few months ago, I met this Libra guy and he is exactly what this post says about libras- sweet, sports fanatic, caring etc.. I reaally loved him with all my heart.. Obviously, leos always wanted to be followed because they are relationship drivers. It is in our nature.. but upon reading posts from this site. I found out that Libras dont want to be forced in anything they do.. May be the reason we’re not that comfortable with each other.. and didn;t end up together… 😦

  11. im a libra n dating a leo man for 1 yr . our relationship is full of ups n downs . we luv each other a lot but hes so demanding always i have to woo him like girls n treat him like prince . infact i too want to be treated as princess but his ego is so high

    • If you don’t start standing up for yourself now, later, you’ll feel walked on and most likely leave. It took awhile for my big ego Libra man to ‘get it’. It took a bit of work for him to get that I wouldn’t stick around if it was only about him. It must be equal in meeting each other’s needs. Leo’s who give deeply and generously from their hearts & souls, earn being treated like princess. Anything less, move on, he’s not worth it!

  12. I’m a leo woman who does not act like one. My last relationship I gave my all too and was absolutely selfless. (When I was younger I had one where I was selfish but I learned) My venus is I’m Virgo mars in Virgo moon scorpio and rising Aquarius. Things also depend on these signs. I was born beginning of August so I am also a decan 2. Most who meet me say I don’t act like a leo (unless I’m performing). Your Sun sign doesn’t actually show your true personality in fact in love it is your venus sign. (Hence why I love pleasing bc my venus is in Virgo and i act like one in relationships). I’m also very shy in love and it takes me a long long time to even tell someone I like them. Mind you bc of my Sun sign I am not a shy woman. I can hold a crowd walk with confidence and I know there’s a fun sunny regal side of me, however in love I’m a Virgo even in my dearest friendships.

    So to the man who got hurt. I’m so sorry that happened. No matter what sign someone is it is THEIR decision HOW THEY ACT. Judging from what she did she has her own personality flaws and insecurities that come from a long time ago. You just need to k ow you deserve to be loved and give and receive equally. If a leo woman demands attention put her in her place in a nice way. Give her the love she wants but do not overly spoil her just to please her. Leo woman we need to be put in our place sometimes. I’ve had my moments of that. I’m not saying not give us love or attention but remember that … Well tantrums never suited our fabolus smile anyways. At the end of the day don’t judge a book by it’s cover or sign. You haven’t interviewed every leo. I’ve been deeply hurt my Scorpios and I still love them. Most of them are my dearest friends. We all need to learn that we all react to things differently and we need to try to compromise as said earlier. Its not what you say or do it’s how its done. Also this woman that you dated … Has classic physiological signs (not making fun in the least) but that’s physiological not from a zodiac stand point.

    Hope you’re recovered and better
    Best regards
    A leo woman

  13. Im an Aries woman, I’ve dated a Capricorn, Libra, and a Sagittarius until I found my lovably, charming, confident, natural, intelligent, loyal, goofy, dominate LEO boyfriend. He’s all I ever wanted. Aries women are the closest to perfect a Leo man will get. If they are both fire signs. I didn’t really get into astrology until after we dated for two years. My mom is an Aries and my dad is a Leo also, it was kind of weird at first but now I see. Men and women of the same signs are different. My brother is an Aries and he’s with a Virgo women. It all the depends on what moon you were born under in astrologic terms.

  14. Quite an interesting read, although I can relate to some points I still seem to remain sceptical. I’m a female Leo and my Chinese year is the Dog which I’ve recently been following up on. I’m very observant and analytical and I’m trying to work out what it is I want out of relationships or if I want them at all. I went through a selfish phase and fooled around after a break up with a Capricorn (Still have feelings for him but I don’t dwell) But it’s right it was almost ‘hunting’ in one sense, although I played them out as if I didn’t have a clue and allowed them to take the lead when really I knew all along… I sometimes question the pro’s and con’s.
    Now I’ve met a Taurus, haven’t looked up the compatibility on this one.. He ticks all the boxes and yet some days it doesn’t phase me? I don’t know why, ah I don’t know I’m trying to understand myself and what I want. It’s funny really I wouldn’t say I strive to be center of attention at all but then when I think of it, all my friends are men (I find them easier to get along with) so maybe there’s the only correlation?
    I’ve ranted…

  15. I’m a Sagittarius, and there is this Leo girl i’m on to, i know that she are a social-magnet, should i be jealous to show that i care? or that would be too commitment and make her run away?

    • Wyll I don’t think you should show jealousy, it’s like with me all my close friends are men. I make this does not cause problems with any ‘romantic interests’ If they become jealous then it isn’t going to work. I think jealousy is negative in most situations. Just be laid-back about it yet still keep an eye out, maybe involve yourself but not so that you’re full on. As long as she still has the freedom.

    • As a leo man I would say to compliment but not flatter. We see right through that crap. And shower her with attention. We need it.

  16. Sagittarius match greatly with Leo, they both love competition, traveling, and the unexpected, and Sagittarius make the sort of friend the Leo wants, sociable, kind, cheerful, and companion.

  17. Im a Pisces and im with a Leo and so far i haven’t seen this to be true. Maybe not all Leo’s will possibly hurt us because she is attached to me more than anything. We are now engaged and soon to marry one day.

  18. I may be biased, but this is more or less a carbon copy of my ex when we were together, the love, the attention, the need, the want, all of which are written in the above article, are true and a truly glorious place to be when it happens to you (me) and you will! fall head over heels in love.

    Leo equates sex to love (in my experience) and is a very important part of the relationship, either receiving (centre of attention) or giving the (centre of attention). Truly beautiful when all falls into place.

    Deny a female Leo the love and attention she desperately needs and your relationship will be over. Deny a female Leo the admiration of your friends and family your relationship will be over, deny the female Leo the opportunity to expand her circle of admirers and your relationship will be over doomed, deny the female Leo the opportunity to be the centre of attention, be warned they will seek it somewhere else, with or without you.

    A Leo female will play the victim, convincing herself and others her very essence has been compromised, freedom, passion, expansion, a truly oscar winning performance. A Leo will play with you as a cat does with a mouse, there can only be one ending and that is up to the female Leo to decide.

    Having parted company with my ex Leo partner, within two weeks she had met someone new (Leo male), who within one week, on one knee offered his hand in marriage, to which she accepted (roll up roll up let the Leo show begin, they just can’t help it, bless) albeit the wedding will not be until next year, she immediately introduced her new bow to all, including her two teenage sons, who in her own words are enjoying him too. Which Leo will be the victor, there can only be one?

    All said and done, if I knew then what I know now, would I have jumped from the impending train crash, I doubt it, even more so having read this article. Give a female Leo what she wants and all will be bliss, be drawn into a power struggle and you will lose.

    Right where can I find another beautiful Leo, just like the one I used to have, or did she have me? xxx

    • Rhod, You sound like such a sweetheart! I’m curious what sign you are, that you had such an appreciation of your lioness. Usually Leos are very loyal and won’t give up on a love easily. I’m amazed that even after she left you, you still have a respect for Leo woman. Yes, I’m a Leo woman and we do love devotion, being understood and put on a pedestal! But, we will also give that back ten fold in return. I’m currently spoken for, but was so impressed with your intelligence I wanted to wish you luck with the next Leo love in your life!

    • I love this. I’m a leo and you pretty much described me exactly. Never really realized how much your sign affected your personality till now. Lol

    • Well I am a leo female and I do agree with what was said above to a degree. However not everything depends on the star sign. Yes I do get lots attention in every gathering and I am told that I stand out of the crowds. I am very loyal person though and I would never run to another guy, I try hard to make the relationship work however if not treated right I run and never turn my head back. I am very proud person, very romantic and passion when in love. My best match have been Capricorn but then I haven’t had lots of man either so can’t say match, my ex husband was Virgo and definitely not a good match for me as a leo, he was to slow in everything. Few dates with a Taurus and he showed lots of controlling and mean signs so never so him again. As for now single and happy 🙂 good luck everyone and yes I do believe that leo girls are good in lots of ways ;))

    • Hi there, I’m a lioness and I must say some of what you all are saying about Leo’s are true. I must say that I am truly a “social butterfly “. I am also very protective of family and love ones. When any sign has my heart I will love him with all of it until he breaks it. I would never allow someone that I’ve just met around my kids, that is totally unacceptable. If your ex girlfriend is bouncing around like that she probably has some other issues going on. Leo’s are fabulous and you just haven’t met the right one yet. She just wasn’t meant for you. We’re not all that selfish. Keep looking and keep your heart open and ready for someone who will cherish and appreciate it.😉

  19. Hi I’m a Leo woman I have been wit a Leo man and trust me it’s a no no haha we both want to be in control plus we jus the same it’s stinks. I also been wit a Virgo and it was nice at first but then he became really soft and I took control of him plus he was Lil boring.I and now I’m Gemini and trust there the best they so fun and funny to be around but watch out they got spit personality one time they lover and next u wonder what’s going on but that’s jus who they are…but never had a Taurus guys but I always wanna try it out

  20. Leo is the most loyal and trustworthy sign. He makes a good lawyer, doctor, or entertainer. They love the spotlight and fall in love easily. Leo’s best match in my opinion is Sagitarius, and Aquarius. Gemini can work but Gemini tend to be sneaky and not trustworthy enough. I am a leo man and most of my best friends are Geminis. Leo’s are not jealous people, and make great boyfriends and girlfriends. They are loyal, and yes they do show off because they like fashion and style.

  21. This is a great article. It comes up as one of the top links in a google search about Leo matches, however, there are a ton of typos.

  22. I dated three leo’s and it was all bad. Cunning, manipulative, cheapskate, play lots of mind games, cheaters. never had a good experience. Their charisma is what got my attention in the beginning. They woed persistently but a couple of months into knowing them I ran for the nearest exit.

    • you dated Leo’s who trusted and got played in their past relationship. I know cause I was the everything man Got played. and now I have no heart.
      Loyalty is # 1 for Leo, unless we never took you serious to begin with.
      Sorry you had a bad experience.

  23. I am a cappy girl who is seeing a Leo guy. After my first relationship which was with a cancerian I have to say that my Leo would shine bright like a diamond standing next to him but anyway I’m not here to compare, shit happens in life for reasons. So anyway I’m 29 born 24 dec 1984 and my Leo is 32 born 3rd August. I have to say when I first met him which was in a gay day club (we both like to party obviously) I sensed that he was a good person straight away and I was 100% correct! My man loves people and cares about everyone, he never talks badly about anyone and is a positive inspiration to me always. We are quite compatible and we became very close very quickly, but Iike every relationship no matter what zodiac sign it takes time to learn about one another and this is where respect and understanding and don’t forget patience is very important. Even if we go our Seperate ways I know we will be friends forever. He gets jealous and a little bit possessive sometimes but I snap him out of that very quickly otherwise he knows that there will be detrimental consequences lol I’m not going to lie I am quite authoritative but I never try to control! That is why he listens to me. I luv my Leo and I have to say that I am lucky to have my first Relationship with one as a good experience 🙂

    Yours sincerely very happy cappy girl

  24. I am a leo man, i had dated a leo and it was the worst time in my lyf, finally broke up. ever since i never thought haveing one more relation atleast with another leo. Phew… But i am not sure who would be better for me..Lets see where life takes me..waiting for my princess 😉

  25. I’m a Leo woman dating a Libra man and OMG life couldn’t be any more peaceful. He knows the right things to say to calm me down. He allows me to spew my confidence out and be myself, without going overboard of course (it can happen!) We complement each other so well because he cares about his outer appearance and presentation just as much as I do. The only times we fight is when I’m in a bad mood or feel like I’m not getting enough attention, which I should really tone down a bit because damn that’s annoying. Libra man WILL make you look and feel good. Totally in love with my intelligent, charming and sexy libran ❤

  26. i belong to libra scorpio cusp and had a leo man for lyk 2 years. Believe me they lunatic self obsessed people who only cares about themselve. they are emotional but you must you must know they are control freak and do whatever they want to do without any concerns bout other’s feeling. They are a biiig show offs and love to brag around. yes they fall for beauties, fashion and hot girls who have bright future. They will take it as granted that you will have to work for him and you will be the one who will take care for him. Whatever he does, even the minute thing for you will be thought by him as the bigggest help he had done for you. BEWARE!! they tend to keep blaming and in no way will you get any EMOTIONAL SUPPORT.

    • Bull shit. Some Leos can be like that i am a Leo myself. I don’t care for most other leos but i also know some amazing and caring leos. Don’t judge by one bad experience.

  27. I saw little aquarius once and it felt like love at first sight. Im a LEO man very stereotypical big headed etc..but I do lead with my heart. I feel like I get hurt way more than people think. I just wonder if I should pursue aquarius? And shes young!!!

  28. Leo and aries do play well together. But when comparing birthsigns you really need to check rising and moon signs and other planets too for more accuracy.

  29. This post is so true! I just realized that I always picked the worst sign matches!!! I never paid any attention to this Horoscope thins but now, especially after having the worst ever experience with Gemini I so believe in it.

  30. Leo women and Gemini men work out great … I love my Gemini! They are the sexiest!

  31. I am a Leo woman and I am married to a Taurus man for 6 years now. We love each other alot and yes I am the center of attention but I don’t mean to be that way and we are both stubborn but nothing in this world can tear us apart. We keep drawing each other back to the marriage over and over again. Yes the sex is great between us but we still but heads once in a while and then we make up back that’s how it goes.

  32. hi im a leo and ive mostly dated taurus’s and all its ever been is butting heads and i was with an aquarius she was far too how you say meek, but the saggitaurius i can completley agree with.

  33. I just started seeing a 38 year old “Leo woman”. I mean woman! I’m a Capricorn. A late one with a lot of Aquarius in me. The more I read on line about Leo’s the more I like. A year ago I would have bolted, but I have had a life transformation in the last 12 months. Now, reading about all the zodiac traits, tendencies, and habits, my interest is here with this Leo. Passionate, vibrant, talented , intelligent. Honest, giving, and yes, vain, proud, and fiery, but so am I. Either way, I’m gaga at the moment for this beautiful queen. I will tweak myself even further, to make myself a lion, and her my lioness. Oh, maybe ill be HER lion. After all, the female Leo won’t be “someone’s lioness”!

  34. I’m a LEO woman and I’ve dated a VIRGO, SCROPIO and a PISCES. the article is right for the most part.

    Virgos are way too picky and judgmental for a Leo. If you’re in love with a Virgo you’ll always have to contend with their perfectionism streak, and trust me nothing wounds you like constant criticism.

    The Pisces man is going to be the most romantic guy you’ll ever fall for. Possibly the one you’ll love real hard, (if your a woman) theyer so sensitive to your feelings, and their love making is out of this world… but Pisces are deceptive and changes their mind, mood, and thoughts easily. Just as fast as they fall In love they fall out of love.

    Scorpios are super jealous but if you can live with that, it’s probably the best relationship you’ll have. In my experience the SCROPIO is loyal, straight to the point, caring, and loves hard… That’s why they’re so jealous!

    In all things experience builds wisdom. Keep your eyes open and notice a willingness in your partner to make the relationship work. To be absolutely fare, if we were willing enough, anyone of my relationships (mentioned above) could have worked.

    ~ Collette ~

  35. I am a leo man this is so f—–‘ true about me but i disagree having worst partner gemini but it is somehow true they are worst physically i mean when it comes to sex. and when it comes to aquarius it is true….. i Love them I can never forget any aquarius in my life they are f——-‘ genius and everything they say sound GENIUS, they are like GIft of knowledge and they are most educated ones because my Family doctor is Aquarius . And a girl I used to have crush on was aquarius …for 2 years…and I knew she liked me but she never commit it. so do I. but still when i think of her there was something different in her than other zodiac girl. of course aquarius girl was attractive to me because we are opposite sign which now i know it means like south and north pole of magnets ..haha I learn this in physics i suck but i always got help from aquarius who are f——–‘ born to be scientist. I wish i was married to any aquarius because marryin’ Leo is like so boring……anyway I can never forget my Aquarius crush she was so original and beauty and i am a leo that have deep emotion for her.

  36. i would agree about the leo and a pisces cuz my son father is a leo, and i have resentment and ill feelings toward HIM. if something bad would happen to him i wouldnt give a rats ass. cuz when i needed him the most he wasn’t there for me he gave me his ass to kiss. so ill hold my resentment with him to the dat I DIE. BOUT HE IS A GREAT DAD TO OUR SON AND THATS ALL THAT MATTER.

  37. i really don’t like how they say aquarius is the best match for a leo, because they’re opposites and then when you go to the aqua page they don’t even mention leo. If they’re good for us cause we’re opposite then we should be good for them for the same reason. it just doesn’t make sense.

  38. I think it’s not it the zodiac signs. I believe it’s a human thing, if people would learn to give each individual their space, and respect ones decision they’ll do just great .Once freedom and respect unite only then you’ll be on the same page.

  39. i’m a leo and i have a gemini bf…no wonder we are always at odds:(

  40. I don’t know about Leos and Geminis in love, but Geminis and Leos are terrific friends. We both love humor and we can make eachother laugh. We can get into all kinds of mischief together. We’re partners in crime. Leos are egomaniacs and they are dramatic, and sometimes they don’t realize it, which is great fodder for comedy when you point it out to them. They’re not above laughing at themselves, though, as is commonly believed. They’re actually pretty self-deprecating. Which you may see as drawing attention to oneself, but then you don’t necessarily have to see it that way. You may see it as a degree of self-awareness. Leos are entertaining and they love to be in the spotlight, and Geminis love entertainment. We Geminis can entertain if need be, but we also appreciate people who can entertain others. Leos are great at that. Leos are also very loyal, as mentioned. If they are your friend, they will be protective of you and will defend you to the death. They will not let anybody say a bad word about you. That said, Leos do have a few minor flaws: 1) They only care about others when they can use them for their own benefit in some way (keep them company, ask a friend to do something for them, etc.). Otherwise, they couldn’t care less about you. But so? That can be said of most people. 2) They are materialists and they surround themselves with materialists. They can’t eat food from a grocery store, they will rather order in from a restaurant. They can’t buy cheaper clothes, they have to be designer clothes. If there’s anything that drives most Geminis crazy, it’s materialism. Then again, Leos are indeed very generous, so it cancels out. If they invite you to a party/their house, you will get nothing but the best of everything. Sure, they do it because they know that it reflects well on them, but still. You will get the royal treatment and they will make you feel welcome. 3) They are control freaks. Geminis are free birds, so this desire for control drives us crazy. We’re air, and you can’t trap air. It will slip out. But, like I said, those are minor flaws. Geminis love Leos.

    I’m a Gemini with air and fire in my chart (literally only air and fire and no water and earth. I have my sun and some other planets in Gemini; moon, rising and some other planets in Aries; and literally one Libra). ALL (no exaggerations) of my best friends are Leos.

  41. i was inlove just twice in my life and both of them are leo man and i’m virgo…when the relationship finished always sent me to the most brokenhearted girl drama. they’re very sweet and ideal but i just don’t know how to handle a leo. super sigh.

  42. this is immaculate, I couldn’t agree more with the text above. there was a Leo guy in my life a few months ago, he’d ran after me for, say, 1 and a half months and I was consistent in neglecting his charms. then, it happened, I was falling for him (well I thought I was) it fascinated me the way he was so determined to get what he wanted, it was like my hard-to-get attitude had become a type of foreplay in this case. but once he had ‘got’ me, and I actually started to acknowledge his efforts and take in account his gradually extending cycle of disregarding his reward of well, winning me, the negligence, the pride it all began. he never had time for me, his ‘future’ and ‘career’ was more important, and yes he was under a lot of pressure and in a critical period that EVERY ambitious individual undergoes, but that was merely a catalyst for him to disregard the significance of my presence in his life. then his best friend fell for me and he was absolutely fine with it – i wasn’t. it made me feel so worthless, so used, no guy had ever made me feel so belittled. in a relationship, care and loyalty are absolutely imperative for 2 individuals to be everlasting in sincere intimacy entwined with love, and that’s exactly what Leo men lack to include in their list of gratified traits

  43. I finally got to the bottom of where I belong: with AQUARIUS! Whewwwwwwwwwww; for Leo, life is either black or white.. no grays!

  44. hahahaha im a leo this is so my life most of the comments here are so true and i am dating an aquarius for about a week and i know ijust know im in love i have never felt this feeling befor it is so wonderful i want to marry her and have kids and grow old with her but how do i know if she feels the same
    omg i am so clingy

  45. Im a leo and im in a relationship with a pisces , yeah its rocky but we love it he has true and sensitive emotions for me and i love it . And when we get in our big fights and make up , its amazing and it makes us even closer than before . We seen the sites about the zodiac signs and how we dont get alnog and wont be the best match but we strive to prove everyone wrong .

  46. please help me….im a leo, my gf is lebra.
    we are a perfect match?
    but her parents not like me
    …..huhhuhuhuhuhuhuh……. please advice me what would i do……please

    • son, free and gud advice to you from another leo……….i have been in a relationship wid a libran girl for quite some time.. she was lyk my old woman, nd we were behaving lyk a married couple … bt all of a sudden she said that her parents wud’nt approve….. the laugh is that her parents did not even know abt us….. i was planning around to ask her parents one fine day……..
      i cried , yes i cried for her, bt she felt that her parents wud not approve……..stubborn girl, stupid bt i love her still……….

  47. As a Leo lady, I’m very attracted to people with Aquarius in their chart because they have a good sense of humor, know lots of interesting information, and are generally good people. The think about them that eventually disappoints me is that they are so private and won’t hand out as much flattery as I like.

  48. Dammm Im a Leo , and 100% of what they said , describes me and my life story, Im a Naturually Lover

  49. Leo is a Fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun. As the fifth sign in the zodiac, the Leo individual is ambitious, confident, independent, loyal and generous. These are magnetic and influential people who are especially in their element when they have an appreciative audience. Famous Leos include Mick Jagger (July 26), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (July 28) Martha Stewart (August 3), and Bill Clinton (August 19). Leo is thought of as a “royal” sign due to their symbol, the lion or king of the jungle, and is smart and refined, though this very feature of their personality may subject them to become somewhat vain and overbearing.

    As Leo is ruled by the Sun, the Leo personality at its best is that of a bright, shining light that easily holds all its subjects within a safe, secure orbit around itself. These are warm, caring, giving people who will make it their mission to make the lives of those around them very comfortable as long as they feel appreciation for their efforts. However, without enough appreciation, Leo can become domineering, bossy, and stubborn, believing they are right and everyone else is wrong. Leos are also extremely sensitive to criticism and will rarely forgive a perceived slight. The Leo personality is intelligent and motivated, and often seeks out situations that put them in the spotlight, where they can be very effective. Again, however, if the ego is left unchecked, some Leos may become quite arrogant, doing things that are not acceptable “because they can.”

    For those with a Leo child, you have a kid with a warm, happy disposition who often displays confidence beyond his years. The desire to be in the spotlight will surface early in your little Leo, so give him plenty of opportunities to shine in various situations, where he feels he is in his element. Despite their outwardly proud, confident personalities, Leo children very much appreciate safe, stable routine in their lives, so make it a point to try to keep everything on a predictable schedule in the household. Your little Leo will be outgoing and gregarious with other children, but could easily become bossy and overbearing, trying to control everything and everyone around him. Keeping this in check with gentle guidance will serve your little Leo well for years to come, as the urge to try to dominate will be with him for a lifetime. Be careful how you criticize your little Leo, however, lest he hold it against you for years to come. Casual criticism that other kids might shrug off is perceived by the Leo child as a blow to his very core.

    Adult Leos in the workplace might require a little extra maintenance, but this is generally worth doing, as they are strong, intelligent, ambitious leaders who will organize and motivate others. Leos are take-charge people who can make a real difference in the workplace, as long as their tendency to become overbearing is kept in check. Leos love prestige, and jobs with prestigious titles are very attractive to them. They make good doctors, lawyers, and teachers, and do well in any type of team leadership position that gives them some decision making leeway. Again, their proud facade may belie some inward insecurity, so criticism should be done gently and diplomatically.

    If you have found a romantic partner in a Leo, you have no doubt already noticed the super-ego qualities inherent in the Leo personality. If you can provide the right amount of attention and appreciation, your Leo will in return shower you with the same. Leo is going to want to be the dominant partner in the relationship, so you must be willing to take second seat if you want to make it with this sign. If you try to gain control, expect explosive arguments and a power struggle that you will probably eventually lose, unless of course you happen to be an Aries or another Leo.

    The best matches for Leo are Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius, but Cancer and Virgo might work for certain individuals. It will likely be tough going with Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

    Leo in any relationship is a charismatic leader that will take charge and draw followers. Leos will be the ones organizing the party and then greeting all the guests. A Leo will dress to make an impression, and this may be in expensive materials for the more refined, or in tasteless or gaudy materials to draw attention for the less refined. Your Leo friend has very fixed opinions and will resist attempts to change these opinions, a trait that others may find somewhat off-putting at times. However, if you give your Leo friend what they need, they will shower you with plenty of friendship, warmth, and loyalty in return.

  50. ok i am a leo women and i dont agree with some of this bc i hate being senter of attention or life of the party i rather sit aside and watch others and listen and i hate to spend money! i only spend on wht i absolutly need to live like food ect. and i have been dating a capricorn for 3 years and we work perfectly togther and have the same ideas wants and needs so i just wanted to say this really isnt accuret.

  51. i’m a leo woman and ive been dating a sagittarius man for about a year now… i def am not the type of person to exaggerate anything or fall in love quickly or be head over heels with anyone ive dated, but i can def say that my sag male has me head over heels. we have the funnest relationship of any other man ive been with. ive been with a libra, capricorn, and also a gemini. Gemini’s cheat. Leos wont stand for that. libras are kinda boring but their easy to get along with. capricorns are ignorant, rude, and obnoxious. not a fan. i think leos and sags get along great ❤ their is potential for a great relationship 🙂

  52. iam a leo/virgo cusp too august 18 punk7022

  53. iam a leo/virgo cusp august 18 too punk7022 and my moon sign is leo and rising sign is pisces

  54. I’m a le0 girl; && i dated a Virgo boy;; we clicked better than i have ever with any man in my life i thought me and him would make it last a lifetime…things turned bad & i broke up with him’ he begged for me back & i said no; next day i begged for him back & he said no, now he’s out n’ about having sex with a bunch of slutty girls & i’m still dreaming of him. I’m turning 18 August 16th & he’ll be 17 on September 15th` do yu think this is due to the age difference, or do yu think things will work out soon because of personalitites get along very well & were both understanding..?

  55. I am a female leo who has been married to a male pisces for 13 yrs. Most of those years have been happy but every couple has their problems. Speaking from experience (since I’m not a cub anymore lol) leo’s can have to much pride to a fault, (believe me I lived my share of it), and am still working with it occasonially. Had my husband been a lesser man he would have walked away years ago and I would have lost my soul mate. My point is maturity in your sign, and trying not to say something you’ll regret when your all swelled up with anger and pride will take you further than you ever thought you could go in a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying tuck tail and bow down to everything (cause I never would). I’m saying try to always think before you react and eat a slice of humble pie before you hurt someone that is truly worthy of the love and faithfulness you will give them.

  56. That description of a leo must have been written for me. WOW. Anyway, I have dated across the board and I can safely say (as a leo woman) that virgos are great as long as they communicate (which seems to be a real hardship for them) and although we leos really do like the “spotlight” we also LOVE someone who is a “worthy” sparring partner, my (soon to be ex) husband is a virgo as is my sister and getting them to talk is SOOO difficult (which is the reason for the impending divorce.) Geminis are also great to date but they (at least the one I dated) really are prone to flights of fancy. I am still looking for the right one, I have (diminishing) hopes that my husband will become the MAN I need but I doubt it. Leo men are okay for a short run but not for the long haul, they are TOO concieted, if there is such a thing 🙂

  57. i know leo’s.they have many friend.they always like to live in crowded place.we have to leave them alone in jungle where no animals will be there…now let see what they do,.o and i think saggies are best for them

  58. im a Leo and proud of it and i would have to asy this is very close to who i am but one thing im dating a Gemini and were doing more then great

  59. well I saw that Taurus was’nt up there. Are Tauruses and Leos good together?

    • I have dated two Taurus and I would say in the beginning it is really romantic and beautiful and seems promising. But I have found that as a Leo woman I had ended up hating the Taurus men to the point of disgust. I think if you know it is going to be a short-lived fling, by all means enjoy the 4-5 months of bliss and then let it go!

  60. I am a Leo woman and I have been in a long term relationship with a Sagittarius male for over 18 months. I have never been so happy or completed in my life. I would recommend that and female Leo choose a Sagittarius as their partner.
    As for Aries, I have had many friendships with Aries, but I do not think they are loyal enough for a Leo’s taste.
    I think that Geminis make great companions for Leos because they are fun loving and light hearted.
    I would never recommend dating an Aquarius because they are very disloyal, dishonest, and too reserved.
    Scorpios often lack the foresight and optimism that a Leo craves.
    I could never personally date a Leo man because their often undeserving arrogance disgusts me.
    I have never befriended a Taurus to my knowledge and I do not remember meeting one.
    Cancers are very intriguing to Leos but their is no chemistry for a relationship to bloom and cancers have the tendency to be rude.
    I think Pieces are overwhelming and Capricorns are boring.
    I have never met a Virgo that I could stand.
    Libras are great friends and they often can balance out a Leos overly adventurous attitude and bring them back down to earth when their head gets too big. I think every Leo should have a Libra as their friend

  61. I have to agree one hundred with this. Us leos are strong and love to take control of whats happening. Just got out of a one year relationship with a Gemini, and boy do they act like snobs. i swear they do. so when i seen this i was like yep. there my ex sits, right along with THE WORST MATCHES FOR ME. lol. but i cant ever seem to find a TRUE love. i kinds think the term “true love doesnt even exist. like wtf. every relationship has been a burning plane crazh right after i think things are getting good. Where’s the true ladies at. come on out and introduce urself cuz i cud sure us you guys. i need some help with my love problems. LOL ROFLOL

  62. Im a libra maler here and this leo girls attracted to me…i feel like shes just in it cus she thinks im hot…im pretty much in it cus i went with the flow…i was wondering should i go out of my way to make sure that i dnt develope feelings for her cus itll never work out between???

  63. I’m a Leo woman – with a Gemini man. We are very compatible because we both love our freedom and do not impose on each other’s “rambling ways”. Regardless of sign, you have to respect who each other are and understand what makes you tick. Yes, I am every bit a Leo down to the inth degree, and I do love with my heart. Gemini’s love with their heads. That’s not a bad combination once you understand it. Gemini’s are really sensitive people who often feel misunderstood and alone (though they’d never admit or show it). They’re high on life and can’t tolerate those who aren’t. Take a lesson from them and learn to “let go”. A Gemini will stop and smell the roses. It may make them late for a date, but you can bet they’ll pick that rose and deliver it to you. They are great teachers and love to share their knowledge. Want to turn on a Gemini? Listen to him. Add an intellectual reply or statement and you’re headed down the hallway. Whisper some pillow talk and they’ll take you to the moon. Hands down the best, most conscientious lovers. Lights on – you bet. They like to see your response to them as much as feel it. So they have some personality quirks – don’t we all?



    I’m a Pisces woman and its my first experience with a Leo man. WTF!!! What is it with Pisces and Leos on this page!?
    I can’t stop thinking about him. He has hit the spot in me, I can’t find the words to describe it!

    We’ve known each other for about a month and he said he is really into me and thinks I’m cool. He said it is very easy for him to take advantage of me but because he likes me he won’t, which I told him I’m very grateful because I’m in a vulnerable stage and would love to be friends and if it becomes more – bonus. He said he was fine with that.

    We just ”clicked”. And now he’s done a disappearing act on me. Before he would text, call and email me at least once a day.
    He is a current substance abuser and I think he is trying to sort himself out with help. I can only think it is because of that?

    Is this why he has done a disappearing act on me? He told me I have peculiar looks but he likes that. He has been with models and gorgeous women but he said they’re so boring, he likes it when there is mystery. He called me enigmatic. I wasn’t trying to be, I just don’t like to lay it all out there all at once.

    I have done the usual compliment and ego stroking without been over the top. I believe in being subtle!

    Maybe I should leave him alone for a while and not text or email?


  65. Ok my S.O is a Leo and i suggest that any female Geminis on here should read this. Honestly Leos are A$$ Holes but at the same time they love strong and but they are slefish and they care more about what makes them feel good rather it be right or not. I love my baby daddy but you have to have a really strong back bone to be with a leo cause my loe has cheated on me numerouis times, and you would think if a person loves how could they hurt you but by me being a gem i can understand both sides of the story and honestly those dang lions love the chase and the hunt.not the actual thing that they are chasing. And if your a gem and your ready to give a leo your all then i suggest you get ready for some hard times but stay strong cause if he loves he just does,Leos stay ture to that

  66. Maybe someone can help me out. I see it says capricorn is bad match, im dating this capricorn now and it seems ok, i make here laugh and vice verse but i think she may be on the cusp of aquarius. Her bday is jan. 17th and my bday is august 18, and i have leo/virgo things going on as she has lil bit of both goin on to. is this a good match?

  67. I really hate when people try to put the leo men and the leo women as the same thing, at times really the leo man is nothing like the leo woman, in nature of course, but really I see nothing in a leo man thats in a leo woman. THEY’RE NOT THE SAME PEOPLE

    • I’ve found that most Leo men and women ARE very much alike. I’m a Leo woman, and my experiences have been: Aquarius can’t keep our interest too long–though conversation is usually stimulating; Pisces can flatter the pants right off ya, but get too emotionally needy for long-term; Aries tend to irritate you with their insensitivity, but the attraction is HOT; Taurus is fun and hot, but can get too serious; Gemini is a scintillating attraction, but if the ride gets old quick; Cancer is way too boring to capture attention for long, but are so romantic; Leo is sexually SMOKING, but our egos try to out-do each other; Virgo is so sweet, but entirely too practical for long; Libra is an instant hit, but I agree with the previous poster, they don’t know what to do with you once they catch you, so it ends up boring; Scorpio is another flaming hot attraction, but their abrasive nature will hurt your feelings in the long run; Sag is perfect, if you can learn to understand their off-hand comments are really meant to be compliments; Capricorn is attentive, but ends up boring and bossy. My fave matches for long-term romance/friendship is: Sag, Gemini, & Virgo. For sexual attraction: Aries, Taurus & Scorpio. But that’s just my experiences! There are wonderful qualities about every sign of the zodiac.

  68. Leo and Gemini do great once freedom and respect unite!

  69. i had the most glorious and unforgettable 6 months in my life with a king… a LEO man. well, i just find out. HE actually loves to chase when he got curiosity and a knack of a girl he intend to. very like mars, and me a taurus woman, i felt like am a venus, his princess, found my knight with shining armor, blazing my cold bored life with his sunny passionate affection. It is right, that he is loud :), bright, playfull, funny, highly-innitiative,quick witt, very helpfull and very generous! but.. in the other side, he can be VERy moody, and shelfish… when it comes to his ego. No DRAMA, but him…he simply can’t tolerate that… bcoz he’s the only DRAMA alives! remember??:). …And when ‘this storm’ happens… we just can ‘confront’ him, we better away, dont be like drama queen, just put your ‘pride on’, stay cool and collective, show just ‘a very efective’ anger strike, not too much… and walk away, leave him alone…so ladies… dont ever ever show ‘your overdramatic weakness’, neither shown up too much GEALOUSSY ( he hard to tolerate that since he’s so popular and it means it’s a part of consequences we have to tolerate…)… he more appreciate that… becoz.. later on, ‘after his stormy weather’s over this actually’ sensitive big softy’ Leo man, will realize his ‘attitude problem’ and make peace to you… he will sincerely appology ( it takes all his pride also u know and if he do that it means he get into you so well).. and back to his repent, treat you as a Queen! worth for appology .. it does take a patient…another thing for LEO, he loves PASSIONATE woman but with a decent talk and good manner, but without ‘faking’ it, becoz he just know… and he is so ‘tricky’ to show his’pridefull’ gealousy…one example, when i was talking about one of my male best friend or could be my ex, or could be another powerful male u just adore ‘but him’, he will not listen to it ‘in focus’like the way if you share your personal problem :)), coz, he just cant take a competition .. yes indeed, he loves you more when you showers him with gentle affection, sincerity, and praise! and… it will cost you a great NOVELTY sex of a century!! ohh… i just cant explain it with words :)))… but that’s it, for him, sex is not a matter of ‘quantity’ but more like a one BIG time of sensuality, A one big BANG quality, he loves to do it with feeling… he would love to try and takes your order! so ladies, this is a PERFECT time to conquer a lion’s heart :)… do him an order! he will give you ‘generously’ and breathlessly sweet-obnoxious treat you ever imagine… but… after that you will find a ‘lazy lion’ crave for his private ‘do not disturb’ time… he will get offended if u demand more in a same time! ( i told u he’s sensitive… and he’s not a TAurus man who well known with his ‘endurance’, oh,pardon me :))… give him some time to gathered his ‘energy’, since he needs ‘ imagination and GOOD MOODS’ for love :)…be patient… now, what i miss now… when we get sperated in distance… is, this LEO man can be only you King when you around, and he is so REALISTIC and PHYSICAL that he has no extra patient to ‘wait’ for distance to commit :(… that’s his weakness, may be that could be a part of his ‘invisible possesivity’… he needs to love you when you are by his side!… sigh… i feel alittle bit dying here…but i believe, and once he admit that ‘he loved me’… that i definetally had a ’seat’ on his heart… another weakness point of Leo man, since he might be a generous person in ‘doing’, but not so ‘generous ‘in saying i love yous to his woman… he shows it by breakfast in bed, or simple helpful things like a soft kiss, and massage, he really has a magic finger… and when he said ‘i love you’.. that would be so honest.. and luxurious…. dear, God.. please help me… i miss him.. and dying to meet him again…right now, we have somewhat this ‘pause’ … bcoz, he needs time to re-think, becoz he’s been cheated by his previous relationship, bcoz of this ‘long distance issues’… and he kinda traumatic of that, and to our’ new long distance’ phase…he thinks, that he cannot feel responsible to me when im not around ( funny right?) … and he cannot have a promise to give everything i need if im not around, meanwhile i need time to preapare to spend my life time to him, coz my taurus pride cant take for clinginess… do you think he will come back with ‘extra’ patient for waiting? help.. what more should i do… i just realized that im in love with him so much… he could be a love of my life…

    • Sounds like you have a very good understanding of leo’s. . I will say this if a leo man ever says he needs time that means a few hours or a day. Two at the max. If he really has love for someone most of the time he is thinking more about you than you are of him even if he tries not to show it. Leo’s like the chase but they want it to be their idea. If they feel chased its to easy and lose interest. However: to much chase and the will soon retreat to a easier prey. As a leo man I have to say if a woman treats us good they will recieve it in turn and more. We love with a fiery passion, but when our hearts are broke thats pretty much a game ender. Not sure if this helped at all , but wish ya the best of luck.

    • Hi im a leo woman, and i dont believe in long distance relationships because you cant control what the other person is doing and he or she.might be cheating and i would hate to be played.life that, but i do believe that if something is for me it will come back if not i will remember but i will also move on. So i dont think he will ever be patient to wait for you because of he doest he will be insecure and will not trust you at all

  70. I have difficulty tolerating aries women… and my lovely sweetheart is a sagittarius, a truly majestic creature. Taurus girls are too down to earth, though, lovely, of course 🙂 Leo women are a headache! A migraine, if one after another 😛 Gemini girls can be sweet and incredibly intelligent but also incredibly superficial, lacking devotion… Aquarius are somewhat boring but definitely inspirational. Capricorns are boring, period… :p And don’t even get me started on scorpios… Hot, but so coarse. Libras are… well, libras. Cute, but no idea what they are thinking, so very confusing… Virgos are cute too, but there is no spark and pretty much nothing in common. Pieces keep avoiding me… ??? And I’ve never met a cancer girl! Or, at least, I don’t think I have.

    Embarrassing how many stereotypes I’ve acquired based on my limited experience. C’est la vie, I suppose 😉

  71. wat about the scoprio’s ?
    coz i love my gurl who is a leo
    am i ok for her
    coz i love her more then anything

  72. im a sagittarius female and i have alot of leo friends. my sister is a leo and we get along GREAT. we’re particulary friends. Sure, we’re not that close anymore.. but i can still tell her everything. she’s my best friend.

  73. what about a leo man and a libra woman couple? any fire there?

  74. Well I’ve been married to a Leo going on 2-1/2 yrs and true enough he is king but I am also queen..I’m a Virgo too,so we do bump heads ,but we always apologize.If having an argument with a Leo–don’t get loud or rowdy just be calm and if you can’t then just talk about it later ’cause Leos like to argue and are easily frustrated..After he/she is cool then just apologize and hug it out… =)

  75. WOW, I’m a leo and i can swear on my life you just wrote my life story. 95% of that is SO true and i wish i had this printed out and had given it to my last 10 girlfriends, some of those realtions would have lasted longer had they had a manual on how to deal with me! lol

  76. aries and leo dont play well together

  77. aries and dont play well together

  78. Aquarians aren’t loyal enough for the Leo. I’d say Sagittarius is the best match, although they’re a little too blunt and frivolous…

    • ive always found aquarians to have a fickle yet intriguing persona and though i get along well with sagittarius they have irritating habits

    • Not quite true, I am an Aquarius and I proudly say I have loved female Leo friend of mine with much dedication and determination. I have remained a faithful friend and lover with no complications or trouble. Although astrology tells of our free spirit, and is very correct, it is situational to the person. My good friend had been in a relationship while we knew we were developing a connection, single while we shared a close mutual relation just screaming passion as two individual people with strong romantic and personal interest, and now in a loving relationship. Through it all I did my best to respect her and her boy friend, mind my approach to her personal space, consider her feelings when I had chances to make my self present in her life, respect her best interest, and stay loyal and faithful as a friend and now as a boy friend.
      My free spirit shows more than my skin but to honor a bond or even respect a person enough to be mindful is a different story. I actually believe a free spirit and a Leo’s natural free and fun loving spirit can turn sparks to fireworks, friend or lover.
      Just had to boast of my true loyalty to my Leo and how I admire her spirit so, don’t take astrology guidance word for word or so set to detail, it can be very general and shows beauty in open minded views to all it’s aspects.

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