Pisces Best and Worst Relationship Matches

You are the artist, the dreamer, the enigmatic lover of all things ethereal. It is why of all the signs you may be the hardest to pin down, but once love sinks its teeth into you, your heart turns to mush and the Pisces mind which floats around so airily, lights of fire with passion and romance.

The Pisces can’t help but be an empathetic creäture. They are always reaching out and if they touch you, their caring and sympathy can be infectious. It is why developing crushes on Pisces can be both rewarding and dangerous, and why being in relationships with them can be exactly the same. Their two sides can drive even the most accommodating lover insane but they can also find the right words to say when none seem to be proper.

Despite the Pisces ability to seem almost psychic they happen to be the only water sign that doesn’t have a shell (the others are Cancer and Scorpio). The fact that they live so much in their minds means that even the littlest comment, or offhand remark that seems to be directed at them, can completely unhinged them. This can make boy/girlfriend tiff even more difficult since the ramifications of the standard relationship insults can have much more disastrous effects than anticipated. It is also good to remember that when starting to date, or even flirt with a Pisces, to make sure that only your best intention find their way to the surface and that any nefarious plans stay buried so deep that you don’t even know them.

If your Pisces feels threatened they will disappear. They can blend into walls, or bars, and like a chameleon they will make themselves scarce. In addition to this great invisibility to trick they can also give off such a mask of approachability that no one even wants to talk to them. This can also ward off unwanted romantic attention, but it can also prevent Pisces from the romance they desperately need in their lives.

***Hint to those interested in a Pisces: Don’t be off put by their standoffs nature, and pursue them gently but persistently, chances are you have nothing to with their flaky mood.

Because of the volatility of the Pisces personality and the sensitivity of their more spiritual and emotional personality they need a strong balancing force. This means that they tend to have a deeply important friend or relative or even a therapist, in their life, and that means that being in a relationship with a Pisces means accepting the other close connections that they have in their lives. If you learn to use and understand these connections they can work to help you’re dating and loving a Pisces, if you don’t and are threatened or suspicious of these people in his/her life, it will wreck your chances.

When starting to woo a Pisces it is important to remember that even though you may find them at first to be difficult to make decisions with, and usually have no idea what they feel like eating, or which movie they want to see, they are incredibly adaptive. Instead of constantly looking for their response it is important to use suggestion to tease out their wants and desires. They usually will love what you want and can be convinced to try any new food and watch anything, as long as it is short on violence and long on fun, thoughtful entertainment.

Best Relationship Matches

Virgo That ideal mate is your zodiacal opposite, but it is important to find a Virgo who is attenuated to your more soulful presence, and then you have someone who will pay the bills, and clean the house etc.

Cancer You water sign relatives will understand your deep emotional nature, and support you with his or her strength.

Scorpio Same as above, except they may wander off sooner than later.

Worst Relationship Matches

Aries Too aggressive and harsh for your soft nature

Gemini Too easily distracted and not sympathetic to your needs

Leo Easily led by them, but easily cast aside

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  1. I’m a Pisces woman married to an Aries man for over 15 years and I have always been unhappy. He’s verbally abusive and way too aggressive for my sensitive nature. Very jealous and controlling. It’s just a matter of time before I’m able to get back to work in order to provide for my children on my own and just leave it all behind

    • God bless you ..stick in there you will not regret going I lasted all of three weeks with an Aries guy so rude insulting selfish …I thought no way and ditched him straight away …not these days I’m and YOU are worth more lots of love

  2. Yep its true I was with a aries but we broke this year for a long time, now Im taking my time but I dated a virgo he was a controller and I have dated a scorpio he was a tarus , The aries guy I was with was the only who had ever consider marrying me but life goes on.

  3. I’m a pisces woman. In love with a Aries Guy. He’s everything I would’ve so called ‘dreamed’ a man to be. And the first thing that attracted me to him was his mind. This is my belief… Your environment and choices have allot to do with who you are and who you can become. Eg, a person of the same star sign, maybe day etc. Can totally behave , think share the same belief of some one of another star sign that is totally not compatible. I would just say its plain simple choice not zodiac. I disagree somewhat. My boyfriend had his compatible partner but their not together now he or shee made a choice based on their individual feelings.That is what I know happens. I’m living and learning sometimes people who share common interests, maybe compatibility are still their own individuals. As for me pisces I love to ride the wave I truly do, I never asked to be a pisces but I am. I’m enjoying it. I put allot of very interesting thoughts to others of different signs. But I care less about compatibility at the end of the day who’s there with you always through everything. They may not cry with you when your crying but who’s to say they not love. And for me Thats whats counts. Be it bad or good. Opposite attracts and I love opposite to presumingly compatible. I’m sticking where I’m at becuz no matter what people say love compatibility is. whats for sure is everyone cannot and will never be the same no matter the similarities, or compatibility ratio. Wish all you folks well, who has love and who’s looking for it.

  4. Pisces woman and I was married to an Aries for almost ten years and would still be married as he was thw love of my life, however taken away to early. He passed in 08 suddenly. Met and was with a Sagittarius for 5 yrs and wrong on all fronts I was simply lonely and afraid to be alone so I stayed and put up with bs. Now I am dating again.

  5. You didn’t mention libras and Pisces… Could you please.
    Thank you

  6. March 03- I completely agree with so much of these comments. It’s so hard to even identify who I truly am and it’s so difficult to know when to trust someone not to hurt me. All these traits and yet it’s so difficult to be sure and have someone truly accept you for you. Relationships are difficult.

  7. I am a Virgo woman married to a Pisces man. We are getting a divorce cause his family controlled our relationship and he is selfish and stingy. Always caring bout himself. Too impulsive and childish. Left for no reason and had me and my kids put out into streets. Always blamed other people for his problems. He dating saggitertis now.

    • \\\٩(๑`^´๑)۶//// SAME. I was dating a a Pisces man and the same things happened here. He’s with a Capricorn now.

    • I guess not all Pisces men are the same.
      My parents barley have a say in anything I do and that’s beacause I’m 18. And I actually like to spend money on my friends they will tell you I’m not stingy at all. And I grew up with rich Mexican people who had to be suprroting their families when they were like 13 or 15 years old. Around here you better man up we don’t have time for childish games. But anyways I’m sorry you met the wrong Pisces

    • Funny because I’m a Pisces Woman married to a Virgo man and i’m a hair away from throwing 5 years in the garbage. I also have a 3 year old with him. He’s everything you describe on the Pisces man. Selfish, stingy, arrogant. His family always has a say in our relationship but, because he goes telling them our business like a little b**ch! He tals over me and that’s why we can’t ever communicate because he’s too explosive when I say something to him. He throws everything in my face and never gives me credit for anything I do for our family. He whines like his Scorpio sister who hates me for years without even knowing me. Great Dad though just sucks as a husband! He’s not passionate in bed and us Pisces love passion during sex. He’s too aggressive for my soft nature, I can’t deal! I’m just miserable and ready to file for divorce!

    • I too am a Virgo woman, married to a Pisces man. I agree with you, they are stingy and selfish. I have my eyes set on leaving, but my husband won’t let me go. He tells me He only wants me to be happy, yet he won’t let go. He is very controlling and has even threatened my life. What he doesn’t know is, I see right through him now and I will be leaving soon.

  8. I am a Pisces Man I was married to a most wonderful Scorpio,for almost 22 years, She died 5 years ago of a very aggressive cancer. Her death ripped a hole in my heart , and at the time, I thought my life was over as well. The only thing that stopped me from following her, were our children, I had to keep going for them. It took me years to get over my loss, but if the pain of losing her was the price I had to pay for being with her Then it was a price I paid gladly

  9. MY EX IS A SCORPIO SHE BROKE up with me AND JUsT STOP TALKING TO ME COMPLETELY gave me no explanation just nothin at all. i did everything a girrl could ever want to picnic/movies/clothes/sex/dinner/breakfast and yet nothing affected her til this day to even call me back still ………… i waited so long for her crying in agony and pain torturing myself for how much i love her so deeply and i tryed talking to her but she just would not listen

    • It doesn’t matter how much you give her or how much you do for her some people just don’t feel the same and that’s just the way it is you can’t change it you just have to find someone who will love you back. I have found out the reason for things like this most times it’s because of problems between zodiac signs, it makes a lot of sense to me. I am also a pisces and have dated a scorpio, they did something similar to me but we went to the same school and they even ignored me in person. It wasn’t anything I could change its just how it is he says he needed personal space so that’s what I did. Sometimes us pisces get too involved, a relationship needs room to grow and so do the people. Try giving her space sometimes that’s the best thing for pisces/scorpio relationships. You both just need time to realize how much you need each other, she will most likely come around if she does try giving her some space. Goodluck.

  10. this article is so accurate for me it hurts (march 6 female).

    “Their two sides can drive even the most accommodating lover insane but they can also find the right words to say when none seem to be proper.”
    …yep, i’m not needy or clingy, but i sure do want a lot of attention and reassurance. not sure how that makes sense, but somehow it does to me.

    “The fact that they live so much in their minds means that even the littlest comment, or offhand remark that seems to be directed at them, can completely unhinged them.”
    …mmhmm. if someone says something even slightly rude to me, i won’t be able to let it go all day. if i get into an argument with someone, it’s all i can think about for days, even if the other person has moved on with their life.

    “It is also good to remember that when starting to date, or even flirt with a Pisces, to make sure that only your best intention find their way to the surface and that any nefarious plans stay buried so deep that you don’t even know them.”
    …wow …yeah. everybody, take notes: if you like a pisces woman, don’t even flirt with other girls. if she finds out, instead of getting jealous and crazy, she’s probably just going to drop your ass. even if you’ve only been on one date with her. she wants a fantasy love, the type of love where you both knew you didn’t want anyone else once you met each other.

    “They can blend into walls, or bars, and like a chameleon they will make themselves scarce. In addition to this great invisibility to trick they can also give off such a mask of approachability that no one even wants to talk to them.”
    …i’m always told that i look friendly and approachable (i.e. resting nice face), yet strangers never seem to approach me.

    “If you learn to use and understand these connections they can work to help you’re dating and loving a Pisces, if you don’t and are threatened or suspicious of these people in his/her life, it will wreck your chances.”
    …i’ve never had any issues with anyone i’ve dated not trusting me with the people i’m closest with in my life, but i know deep down that if they did try to get me to stop talking to someone that made them feel threatened, we’d be in a world of problems because i’d never give my friends up.

    “When starting to woo a Pisces it is important to remember that even though you may find them at first to be difficult to make decisions with, and usually have no idea what they feel like eating, or which movie they want to see, they are incredibly adaptive. Instead of constantly looking for their response it is important to use suggestion to tease out their wants and desires.”
    …yes. yes yes yes. my reasoning for not being the one to want to make decisions is usually because i don’t want to make the person i’m with do something they don’t want to do. so i wait for them to suggest something because clearly they’re only going to suggest something that’s acceptable for them as well. if i’m in the mood for sushi and i don’t know if you like sushi yet, i’m definitely not going to say that’s what i want.

    i know everyone is different, but i truly believe in this stuff because it fits me to a T.

    • I’m March 6 female too. Everything you said is more than accurate.
      Thank you,


    • oh sweet my birthday is on the 6th of March, just be cool.

    • I’m a march 11 male, and its crazy how true this is. I have the same resting nice face, yet I never get approached. I am a little shy too, so I never approach a girl I find attractive unless we’re already friends, but I never get approached either and it sucks for me. I also don’t like to make suggestions because I know I am weird and people might not like what I suggest, and I don’t like indecisive people because it puts me in a difficult situation. I wish i had a little more confidence though, but my mind prevents me from making risky moves because i weigh my chances out in my head and the chance that if i don’t do anything i wont get hurt always wins. I love being a Pisces though, it’s one of the best traits i have, and i wouldn’t want to be anything else, but i wish i had someone to share my love with who isn’t childish and can truly wonder through my mind with me.

  11. I am a pisces woman. If there’s one ultimate thing I have learnt it is that we spend to much time being critical of others. We are naturally judgemental- Not in a mean way. We just can see through all the lies, all the hints that people portray on a daily basis and can immediately think of how other’s can improve their lives. We are amazing at advice. But when do we ever look at ourselves, because of all our unique qualities like knowing what people are thinking or feeling we forget to notice things we need to work on.
    I have had relationships with 4 males (that I count anyway).

    The Pisces Man- Beautiful person, very soulful, completely in love with me and I him. We were together for over 6 years and started dating at the age of only 15 (thats impressive huh!). I asked him out at school without even knowing hardly anything about him (we can see what people are like, to a degree by looking at them). He was always there to talk, emotional but not over-emotional. He didn’t try to bound me in, he let me fly. W

    • Sorry clicked enter….
      The Pisces Man…contin.
      We had a child together, and she is a Virgo. She is however, very emotional and caring (probably because of her parents). We will still love each other as soul mates for the rest of our lives. The way we look at each other to this day is so intense. He always loved me, but I needed change, I needed to experience life. I spent all my younger years with him and just needed to know what else there was. However, he never bought me one present. I lavished him with gifts and he never returned the favour not for christmas or birthdays. After it ended he bought me quite a bit.

      The Scorpion Man- Waaaaay to possessive and jealous, nothing even happened and he ran for the hills. However, while it lasted was lovely to talk to and cared deeply for me. We did love each other, and still talk sometimes.

      The Aries Man- A complete psycho. Asked me to be his girlfriend after only a few weeks and then expected me to be like his wife immediately. I broke up with him and he lost his shit tried to commit suicide and said he will never meet anyone else like me (probably true 😉 jk jk ) He was very romantic though and bought gifts etc

      The Virgo Man- This man, is my life. My soul. My whole being. He compliments me constantly. Not just boring shit, but looks at me naked and says I am the absolute most beautiful woman in the whole world. And his eyes gleam when he watches me, he portrays exactly how much he loves me, and its more than any of us can imagine. But I am a fish, we have had alot of problems. His whole person is invested in me, and when we argue I like to run off for a little bit, or just take time to think about it all properly. He see’s this as me running away and never coming back. He freaks out and makes some very bad decisions (he has been to jail due to our relationship). He’s super jealous (it can be nice, it shows he cares), and possessive. His ultimate amazing attribute is he is beyond exceptional in bed. Due to me being single for 6 months, I stupidly slept with a little more than alot of people and he is THE BEST. He is so so soooooo good. Just fucking perfect in bed. I can’t understand how I ever lived without him. I am trying again with him, we have talked about children and he proposed to me (we are going to work on me being less of a runner, and him being a little more romantic)- But its not needed, its the icing. I am grateful to have met this man, he has taught me who I am and I have taught him much too. We ARE perfect match. And if it ever ended, we would forever be in each other’s lives cause we can’t be apart. He is an amazing step-father too. Better than the actual Dad.

  12. Remember everyone is different in their own way. There are pros and con’s for every zodiac sign. Its all about understanding who your lover is and what makes them tick so to speak. Only then are you able to discover if they are good for you.

  13. The hardest part being a Pisces male: Finding a womn who will not try to dominate you. I was married to a Leo for 7 years… Yeah… I ended up swimming away.

  14. I’m a Pisces woman and I’ve been with a Aries man for 12 years now. I have to say it has been the best relationship I’ve EVER been in. I’ve been with a Virgo a Scorpio and a sagatarios in relationships. Virgo he was never faithful he lied a whole lot never kept a job and was messy. The Scorpio was a terrible person he was the BIGGEST liar I have ever met was manipulative unfaithful constantly. Never had a job was truly a ugly person on the inside the worst match for a Pisces. The Sagittarius was way to hateful would say things to intentionally hurt my feelings. My Aries husband is a wonderful man caring kind would do anything for me. He’s my protector hard working anything you could ever want in a man. We complement each other well he’s outspoken were I’m shy he says how he feels and shows me how to better express my self. I show him how to watch what he says better so he doesn’t hurt people’s feeling’s. Are sex life is excellent always has been the whole 12 years. So my advice is don’t always go on what sign they say works for you because I’m with one they say don’t work and it’s working better than perfect for me.

  15. Hi there,
    I’ve been through several relationships. I’m also certain on those guys I’ve dated on what their zodiac sign is. I really observe them based on their behavior and personalities. Most of the time the personalities described based on their Zodiac Signs is accurate. I’ve had a relationship,dated and make out with a Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo,Cancer, Aquarius.
    Scorpio: One of the signs I’m seem to be compatible with. I can talk anything under the sun to them. They will listen. We had fun. But unfortunately, after years of having a relationship with him, we finally decided put an end on our relationship. He is irresponsible. He had cheated and lied to me before. He is insensitive on my needs ( doesn’t date me most of the time since he is out of money, going back to the first description of irresponsible).

    Cancer: I had a fling under this sign. Same with Scorpio, I can talking anything to them and they will listen. I find him to be lame when it comes to talking about S**. I find him too clingy and kinda boring.

    Taurus: I had a short relationship way back in College with guy under this sign, I can’t remember what traits he had since its been a long time ago. But as far as I know, he is okay. It’s just that at that time I’m not ready to commit yet.

    Aquarius: My current boyfriend is under this sign. Our relationship is just new almost a month running. At first, we had arguments and small fights. He usually had bad tempers and mood swings. But now, we are doing pretty good, he said he will change his attitude. We are going smoothly. He is the opposite of my ex who is a Scorpio (as I described above). He always give things that I don’t ask for. I hope our relationship will last forever. But at the back of my mind, I cannot guarantee that he will be the last guy I’ll fall in love with. We can never tell.

    In conclusion, as they say zodiac signs or astrology is just a guide for our every day life. I admit that i rely most from this sh**. But when it comes to relationship it is really best that 2 people will work on it.

    • As an Aquarius i can tell you if you love him, forgive his temper tantrums. He will never leave you behind. He will not cheat. He will often talk about intellectual pursuits, religion, or politics. Just try to follow along and listen and you will be treated like a queen. I view women in my life as an extension of myself. I want to support, nurture, and spend time with. You are in good hands if you can overlook the personality quirks.

  16. zodiac signs…personality traits are good but u should keep in mind that we should not completely judge people completely on their zodiac signs…and there are 12 zodiac signs…that does not mean there are only 12 kind of people in the whole wide world….even the signs that mismatches u can be the best person u hav ever met…and do not underestimate u’r self just coz ur Zodiac sign says anything negative about u…maybe that thing isn’t in u…
    peace! 😉

  17. I’m a Pisces and for me a Scorpio was the best match for me. No other relationship lasted more than 3 months for me but I dated a scorpio for 2 1/2 years. So if your looking clot date a certain sign and you’re a Pisces please consider a scorpio. They are a little superficial but have a really nice soft side.

    • I’m a Pisces and never really last long in relationships I normally swim away.
      I’m dating a Scorpio right now and o really feel like things were workingout even after learning that he’s really superficial I was still willing to give him a chance because some how we do make a really good match. But now he started to talk to other girls and wanting to go on dates. He always says that he’s truthful with me but I can see righ through his lies. Even with that I’m still with him. I feel really stupid because even though I know he’s laying to me when he looks into my eyes I just belive everything he says and I can’t stay strong enough to confront him. He’s really manipulative and I’ve become addicted to him. I try to set myself up to not fall for his lies but I still do. Even though I know that he’s been flirting with one of my friends. Some how I have to find the strength to leave him but how can I do that if still bevieve that we can work things out.
      For me it sucks being a Pisces. I don’t have low self steam. Is just that fail too hard for this guy.

  18. I’m a Pisces recently out of a relationship with a Cancer. She had a lot of mood swings. Very jealous and indecisive. Broke my things. Slept around. Had new problems every week either with money or physically. Complained about her lips being numb, ear infection, “chipped” finger, every little thing you could think of.

    She was bad at communicating with me too. If I asked her a question she was uncomfortable about she just wouldn’t talk. The questions she felt comfortable with she would usually answer with another question. She never could just be honest and upfront with me. Had to hide so much from me.

    I spent all my money on her trying to keep her happy, did favors for her, took her out. Nothing ever seemed good enough because she complained about something almost everywhere we went. I got nothing in return, which is okay considering her and her family are dirt poor. She still could have made me happy without spending money on me, but she didn’t. I tried so hard to get her to show me some affection and I got nothing.

  19. I’m a Pisces(March 2) and I must say that in my case I’ve experienced my best relationships with other Pisces. My Cancers felt emotionally selfish to me. I was the one always bending and they were either too quiet, non responsive, or just didn’t care about much unless it was about them. Those mood swings depressed the heck out of me. One Virgo I dealt with was sweet and caring one instance and mean and verbally abusive the next. The other Virgo was very invasive….in everything. Lol Goodness, and that Scorpio wasn’t worth doo doo. NO intellect and NO conversation. He was so negative. I desire somebody I can converse with mutually and that understands where I’m coming from and it seems that a Pisces has been the best match for me. It felt darn near euphoric BOTH times. It still doesn’t stop me from meeting and spending time with others. I just wanted to share bc I keep reading the same compatibilities on all of these sights and those signs seem to have made me feel most miserable so far. I am grateful though that I have yet to let all that keep me from going forward.

    • I was also vienes on March 2 ^_^ and had the same experience the absolute best relationship I’ve ever had was with another Pisces for 2 years. Right now I’m with a Scorpio and barely feel like we can connect at all. And I’m starting to notice that he tries to put me down at times the problems is that putting me down isn’t an easy thing so has never affected me at all. As I like being mistreated I’m still with him. Every time I try to brake up with him he somehow manipulates me. I need to end this as soon as possible. I’m just finding it really hard to figure out how. Last time I tried he went crazy on me.

  20. I’m sure that I can’t speak for all pisceans, but I am a dreamer to a certain fault. I have the hardest time viewing my partner / other people and our relationships without convoluting them with my spaced-out, idealistic interpretations. Sometimes I feel trapped in a continual dream, like now, and I don’t know who is who and what I have with them.

    I suppose that everyone is their own island to a certain degree. We all have to interpret whatever we see and experience. How much do we really understand about the world around us, the people we interact with, ourselves? Most people take it for granted, I think, and it does them well. They learn to naturally fit into their lives. I can’t help but question my life, because a lot of it isn’t what it seems to be from my interpretation. Whether or not a pisces is aware of this, I figure that he seems two-sided and stand-offish because he’s used to not being able to exactly relate his dream to reality. Attempting to has hurt him and/or confused him sometimes in the past, so he hides a part of himself.

    …I must seem two-faced. I don’t feel like I can connect with most people and that isn’t due completely to the fact that I’m a pisces, I’m sure. But I feel that it’s related. I’ve learned that I must attempt to connect with people (or convince them that we connect) in order to get by. But, what really matters to me is deep within me somewhere. So unless you’re really close to me you’re not going to seem important enough to convince when I’m having a difficult time. If you’re really close to me, you’ll know it.

    Cancers are amazing. I’ve never felt so affirmed as when I was with one. I loved her so hard for it.

    I’d like to experience a relationship with another pisces. Every other source of astrology advice seems to think that it has the potential to be a match made in heaven.

    • i have to say that with reading what you have to say is a personal thing because i hide nothing about who i am and i dont care about what no one on this planet thinks of me and what i choose to do!! i live free! so maybe you should not speak for all!!!!

  21. I am a piscean female born 22 Feb 1978. I have dated almost every sign in the zodiac cycle and all of them ended with me being cheated on, used, emotionally and sometimes physically abused. I am now the piscean who has realised true love will never be mine. I feel and think way too much and at times I hate the fact that I was born into this sign.

    I can relate to the one who wants to run away or even ending their life because this harsh, cold and even evil world is just too much at times…but I pick myself up and try again for the family who loves me, I peddle on through praying for a sweet reprieve which may never come.

    • When you live halfway in a dream, it’s easy to feel that you’re the victim of a harsh, cold and evil world and that ever relationship you’ve had was abusive. I set my standards way too high for my dream love and I’ve realized this. And i’ve fought with my self-pity.

    • i have to say as me being a man that i have never ever thought about my sign and never cared! but after this page and reading what some of you say, i will always follow my sign! but in this world it is evil and you have to open your eyes and see the good things that come your way! i have a woman who i wish to death i would have stayed with and loved forever! she was everything i could have ever hoped for!! but on the other hand i had a baby by another woman…long story short, i went with the child thinking that was best!! and now in my life i never put a child before me and my souls happiness!! happiness,joy love,trust comes before all!!!!

    • Its amazing that our feelings and thoughts are universal

      • I also think and feel way too much. My feeling whether its happy feeling or sad feelings are way too deep. When I am happy I feel that I am king of the world 🙂

    • I truly understand but don’t give up on love it will come and when it do u will realize why it never worked out with the others

    • The exact same thing has happened to me. I feel as if I’ll never be able to be with anyone period. I’m too emotional and my mind will always wonder and change.

    • I can definitely relate to the part of being used. All my life I had the belief that there is that one true love for you but now I just don’t know anymore. What I had and experienced – I don’t know but where I am now being alone and unattached just feels right because I feel that anyone else would just be 2nd best

    • it starts with your pussy! if you have had a lot of men, the love you had in the first wont be the same with the last! what you dont know is the love of a woman and man is the most important thing on this planet! you ( woman ) are (to real men) the most important thing on this planet! its not the woman who is to blame! the men have been taught to use you and abuse you! i am from the streets and in the streets we are taught to pimp you!! i am 36 and i am so glad that i know now that the woman is my god! so if you want to save woman from this crazy life keep dicks out of the pussy until a man gives her a house, two benzes and money to learn what ever her heart desires!!!!!!

    • I don’t think your experiences have anything to do with your zodiac sign. There are many people who are being treated badly and who feel like victims. I am Pisces and I never had experiences like these

    • I’m a Pisces too and I got to feel this way at one point but you have to learn to put thing on your favor don’t care so much about what others think of you and if they want to hurt you cry away but always remember that only trying will you get to your destination. You’ll find love one day it’s just life is what is and you should’t be too harsh on yourself.

  22. I m a Pisces woman, most of guys liked me were Sagittarius men. I didnt want to get close to them again because they broke my heart everytime but this time I decided not to care about the man emotionally and just enjoy the sex which is amazing with an experienced older Sagittarius man.

    This time the relationship is great except for the time he disappears for few days every month with no reason, he doesnt reply text messages or shows up even though over the phone he said he would see me that day, after these I leave him alone and he suddenly comes back again with more energy! It makes me think what the problem was. Can anyone tell me why he does this?

    • a man who loves you will never sleep with you!!!!

    • I am a pisces woman as well and I attract more Sagittarius men than anything and I hate it. I think we are such total opposite but I get so emotionally attached.
      The last sag I dated I was soo in love with and he reminded me so much of my deceased father which didn’t help. The sex was great and I loved his intelligence but he brought so much chaos to my life and we really had nothing else in common. Besides having seven kids by 4 different women and none if those relationships working, He was unorganized, very blunt at times and very bad with money.He would disappear a few times a month, not respond to calls or text and I was far from smothering. When i would break it off and tell him we were just to different for the relationship to work, but he would continue to try to come back every few months. I found out he was with other women all those times he disappeared so I don’t understand why he always came back, a pisces and sag relationship to me just doesn’t work. I told him to stay out if my life for good.

    • Hey, thats the thing with a Sags man, they are free birds and for them is all about travelling the world, if you leave him to it, he will keep coming back to you… I am a pisces woman and i dated a Sags man for 15 months, while i loved his sense of humour and gentle ways, anything else was driving me crazy, specially when i couldn’t understand why a man has so much passion for travelling/gadgets/fashion but none in bed! Maybe that was only that one Sag… I think the main thing is knowing what you want and need in a relationships, what you can live with and what you can compromise on, this makes it easier to then find a more suitable candidate… I have been seeing a Taurus for a while and so far i appreciate their caring, protective, dependable, romantic nature so for me that is important but we are all different. The main thing is, if you are happy with where the relationship is and it doesnt bother you when he disappears, then wait and see but my guess feeling is, you are not so you need to sit down and really think, can you really see a future with someone like this? All the luck 🙂

    • wow …i just had a similar experience with a sagittarius guy. it seemed like we were both REALLY into each other, then he went out of town and was barely texting me at all and i found out he was on a dating app while ignoring my text one night. so, just as this article says (which is kind of funny, really), i walked away. he showed me some sense of indiscretion and i decided he wasn’t worth my time. after hearing about all these other experiences with sagittarius men though, i’m almost relieved it ended earlier than later.

  23. They key to a successful Pisces relationship is to take your time. I know it is a very hard thing to do as we live in our emotionals and feel that love completes us and we are our best in love. Experiernce has taught me to not ignore the signs and to take my time and get to know them. Once a friendship has been made between you and your partner. It will be easier for you guys to work through the differnces because you will handle them with respect and care. So keep your head up my fellow Pisceans your perfect love story is right around the corner. God bless!

  24. The bio about Pisces above is completely inaccurate. I think to some extent, astrology is an interesting tool to understand GENERAL transgressions that people tend to display accordingly to their sign. But it’s NOT an absolute accurate description about people. As a Pisces woman myself, I have to say that I am not any bit shy. In fact, I’m very much gregarious, sunny, and open with others. I do like helping others and humanitarian and social issues do appeal to me. However, contrary to what the article states, I’m very much a go-getter, assertive, driven, and decisive. I don’t think I would ever let another person walk over me or ‘lead me’ ever. I can be really straightforward and come off blunt or even insensitive at times, but I’m only honest with good intentions. I may sugar coat it at times depending on who I’m addressing the blunt truth with.
    In love, I am a hopeless romantic with high ideals, and I can fall extremely hard and deep as well. But the number of times I have felt that intense and deep connection with someone is pretty rare. What I personally find attractive in a mate is intellectual depth, wittiness, emotional connectivity, a sense of adventure and variety, and a driven and assertive personality, (but not to the point of chauvinistic dominance, domineering, or down right annoyingly bossy)

    My personal experiences with other sun signs:

    Aries: I love the assertiveness, and the energy. But they can be downright bossy, extremely selfish, and childish. Note: Assertiveness doesn’t mean you have to be bossy. We get it, you like things to be your way and under your control. However, that really just headbutts with other strong personalities.

    Taurus: I have never actually dated a Taurus man. But from knowing some Tauruses in my life, they are very practical minded, can be very stubborn. They like being at the center of attention. Sometimes controlling, but these are just based on stories from other people.

    Gemini: Intellectual and witty. It’s especially fun when it comes to a battle of the wits. They can be spontaneous as well and go with the flow easily since they are an air sign. Freedom is huge to Geminis, meaning that commitment is the least likely trait for this sign as well. However, this Gemini actually was fully committed to me. On the flip side: Geminis can be two-faced, flaky when it comes to last minute social calendar changes, and extremely gossipy. But they definitely love interacting with others and being on the “in.”

    Cancer: Tough on the outside, sensitive on the inside. Security-oriented. Cancerians, the ones that I’ve personally met are pretty driven and tenacious. However, they can be really moody and when they’re in that crabby state it’s best to either leave them be for a bit and then talk it out, or if they’re extremely moody about a particular issue, just address it immediately. They’re natural nurturers though, and many of my cancerian pals will gladly take you under their wing.

    Leo: Passionate, bold, and flamboyant. His pride and ego is pretty big. It’s no surprise that the “King” of the jungle has an appetite for the finer things in life. They treat their mate as a queen, and will gladly show you a good time by taking you on romantic getaways, scenic drives, fine dining, and usually the best just as an ostentatious way of showering you with love and appreciation. It’s a reflection of his self image and lifestyle. Leos can be sensitive on the inside to a small number of issues. However, they rarely show their vulnerabilities, but only to those they trust. Although people say don’t insult his pride or ego, I don’t believe it’s insulting if you voice your opinions truthfully. This particular Leo that I’m currently dating is kind, honest, and passionate. However communication isn’t his forte.

    Virgo: Earth sign, very grounded and practical minded. They can be very sweet listeners, supportive of their mates, but at the same time they are extremely picky. Perfectionalism is their idealism and they will nitpick at their mates when they genuinely care. May be a little critical and insensitive, but they will tell it like it is.

    Libras: Romantics at heart. Intellect and beauty go hand in hand and the two in tandem are highly esteemed. They have an appreciation for beauty, literature, music, and the finer things in life. Fairness and equality is definitely important to them. Social issues appeal to these folks as well. However they have a weakness for beautiful women and may have a roving eye. No Libra has personally cheated on me, but they do have a reputation in stories for that.

    Scorpio: Passionate, romantic, and intense beings. Secretive but loyal. Scorpios trust very few people and let in a very selective and limited amount to their inner most trusted circle. Once fully in love, they commit to you fully and boundlessly. They’ll give you the moon to it and back, and go to the ends of the seas for you. Remember Leonardo Di Caprio in Great Gatsby? That’s the intensity of the love and passion a Scorpio burns for you. On the flip side, they can become obsessive, as well as possessive, jealous easily, and controlling. And as tabloids and forums love to rave about, they rule the bedroom and can be addicted to having their needs fulfilled.

    Sagittarius: Outgoing, world- traveler, energetic, spontaneous, usually well-read and intellectual as well. They’re normally the life of the party, witty with a great sense of humor. They appreciate the finer things in life and definitely have an appreciation for the luxurious lifestyle, fast cars, fine dining, which means excessive spending. They love romance as well, but may have a number of romantic interests at heart. However, Sagittarius men fear being tied down to commitment and giving up their sense of freedom.

    Capricorn: An earth sign, stable, and practical minded. Reserved and cautious. Money is a huge motivating factor for this sign. They’re committed, loyal and prefer long term relationships. They prefer no BS, mind-games, and they’re usually pretty direct with you. I’ve never dated one, but I have many Capricorn friends.

    Aquarius: Perhaps the most free of the air signs. Extremely intellectual, big thinkers. These people are eccentric, with a unique perspective on the world. Sometimes a little avant-garde, forward thinkers. They enjoy having deep intellectual discussions, sometimes ones that entail philosophies. However, they don’t relate well emotionally at least not on the intimate level. They do care deeply for humanitarian social issues, and controversial subjects do appeal to them, but this applies massively to the population, as oppose to connecting more intimately and profoundly on a person to person level.

    Pisces: They’re definitely sweet and caring. Some that I’ve met are smart and intellectual as well, including the last Pisces guy I dated who is currently at John Hopkins right now. And of course, one must give credit to Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs who were both Pisces men and largely influential to our society) 🙂 However, no the flip side: The ones that I’ve personally come to know or dated can be a little too sensitive at times, to the point of mawkishness. And have difficulty expressing how they feel openly. Perhaps, this is just a defense wall barrier that they build, but one in particular just always had communicative issues in expressing exactly how He felt. They can be passive aggressive, and turn cold especially when they know the end is coming. However, they are definitely romantics at heart, some are dreamy, and once in love they are normally committed and seek long-term relationships.

    I’ve yet to meet a love that will sweep me off my feet in such a sense that will fulfill what I’m looking for (realistically, that is) but when I do, this ‘mermaid fish’ may very well stop swimming, and bask in the delight of sharing my world and unity with that special someone.

    What are your experiences and best matches? Share and follow up with comments below!

    • Thank you!!! I, too cannot relate to the article a lot really. I ‘m also very assertive and people sometimes call me dominant, although I don’t see myself like that. I am sensitive but not a victim type of person at all. I love to be on my own and love my independence. And Tauruses are great actually, very sensual and sexy. Very slow, too, which sometimes drvies me nuts, as I’m impatient myself, but also very stable emotionally (and financially)

    • At the age of 53 I met a man that swept me off my feet the moment I look into his eyes. That was a “What the heck is this all about???” moment !!! Never felt this connection with anyone before. 6 months later we began dating. I then found out his birthday is March 12, 2 days after mine !!!!!! We broke up and I moved 400 miles away. we continued to keep in touch and in June of this year (2014) he invited me up to see him. We had a great time. it was a though we never parted. when I went back home he pulled back again but we still kept in touch. He invited me up to visit again this month (November 2014). Again wonderful, loving, comfortable as always. Now I’m back home again and he has pulled back a little again !!!! I feel our connection is past life, but I defiantly see Pisces traits with him. So I will continue to pursue this relationship because I know in time and having patience this will be the love of my life…………….

  25. I often wonder why our sign is sooo hard to fit with others. I often feel like I’m the only in the world that can’t find the perfect uninhibited yielding whirl wind love affair…hmm our sign Pisces sooo typical

  26. Well To be honest i read all the stories here,
    I am Pisces Man, and my wife was Aquarius.
    our a marriage work a year.
    initially she was listing me alot but in cold whether she acted like very cold and we are separated almost from 4 months,
    but main thing about Pisces, they feel very happy if their partner listen them and follow them and relationships will work forever until and less any zodiac sign try to rule on Pisces this is my personally opinion may be people differ, Pisces people not make so much friends they love their family and siblings and they wants to spent all there time with them.
    Pisces are very much caring they took all the burden from their partner.
    Pisces physical love and emotion is almost unreadable.
    they are very moody. if they think not to do anything they will not touch anything.
    and if they wants to do they make every impossible thing into possible this is best quality of pisces.
    they are very soft and extremely sensitive if somebody taunts to someone in the gathering they felt that was for them this is where they so weak.
    they will never compromise for their family and they take any step at any cost either whatever opposition against them.
    They are very shy. not start any communication first until anything asked to them.
    they are very proud nature. they love there Ego in positive note but people thinks that they show off. they dress up good they maintain their physical appearance.
    Pisces usually are very beautiful in appearance.
    Pisces are extra ordinary genius.
    impossible to beat them through mind game. Either they quit or they give you a chance but impossible to beat them.

    Once anyone leave Pisces in relationship they feel sick and mentally disturb.

    Pisces never fight. they run away from those places.
    they are usually very cool and soft heart people who loves to help human beings.
    they usually support poor people.
    In relationship Pisces wants upper hand. they are very self made people and do not want any help from anybody if someone wants to help them they feel uncomfortable.

    that is all my opinions
    if anyone knows what zodiac sign is perfect for pisces do share please.

    • what you wrote is exactly what is happening to us thesedays Sometime I catch myself doing impossible things when others can’t do it. I am really really proud of myself 🙂 im not conceited btw

  27. Im a pisces man and I always felt alone and nobody liked me for who I be. But now that I understand life more and people, I turned that negativity into a positive thing and never give a damn for what people think of me. George washington, Albert Einstein, steve jobs. THose fellas are pisces and you still think of pisces in a bad way. These men are the purpose of how the world is shaped now. The father of the United States is a pisces. Dont give up on yourself, look for a scorpio or cancer friend or partner theyll help you find yourself more and be much of a stronger person. I was once with that self pity, awkward, shy, timid in school. But now I know the fact that Im differently wired’s awesome and wouldnt have been a millionaire if I always thought of people and their criticism. Pisces can accomplish much more if theyre on their own because theyre easily effected by others. Apply your imagination, creativity, skills and you’ll own the OCEAN. TRUST ME

  28. I am a pisces woman and I dated a Scorpio for 6 months, we had a pretty good relationship until the last month or so he just stopped talking to me and just avoided me altogether, we didn’t have a fight or a rough patch or anything like that he just stopped caring. It’s been 2 1/2 years since and we talk every now and then,but whenever he hears about my new boyfriends or if I bring up another guy in the conversation he gets very jealous…since then I’ve dated a libra this is before I looked into astrology…it was terrible he was extremely dependent and clingy I felt like his mother the whole time…I’m looking for a cancer now. But my bad experiences with relationships have caused me to want to wait a few more years. I’ve been single for 1 1/2 years and the lonely-ness is going to kill me but I know I have to be strong and wait for the right person…

    • Don’t try to look for a sign, if you meet a guy that you’re interested in, date him regardless of what his sign might be. The Scorpio guy probably lost interest or something. But I’m sure you’ll find Mr. Right.

    • do not look for a cancer it be a much less painful trip to actually look for the disease.he said exactly what i wanted to hear cause as a water sign he gets our emotional inner world but he loves his security and there is no cardboard box when it comes to actions.they lie and deceive even their own selves and will act like they never once promised the world to you. heartless do not fall for it like i did.i never want to hurt again

      • Do you think it’s a good idea to find/fall in love with/or date a Virgo

      • I clicked on your username and it brought me to your twitter and I can’t send messages on twitter for some reason is there another way we could talk? Not trying to be creepy or anything just thought we could share relationship experience with different signs

  29. This description certainly rings true for me. I’m a pisces guy, I’m only 20 years old but I’ve been in a few relationships with Taurus and Scorpio girls. Taurus is a very sensitive sign. Also very stubborn. Scorps are stubborn as well, get jealous and bored very quickly. From my experience, Scorpio relationships are short-lived, intense and tend to end badly but there are a lot of variables involved in relationships and infinite ways in which things can happen. I think what is said about Virgo-Pisces relationships can be true, but as with everything, it al depends on so many things. My dad is a Virgo. We get along really well and talk about pretty much everything. Virgos are VERY bit picky though! Virgo and Pisces can certainly compliment each other quite well being that they are polar opposites. My mom is a Cancer and likes a steady routine but doesn’t venture outside of the box too much. Most cancers I know are very understanding of Pisces needs and know how to cheer them up.

    I have only had a couple short term relationships but it seems like I am mostly a loan wolf by nature. I think a lot of other pisceans are, particularly those born in February like me. I’ve had a couple romantic mix-ups with Pisces girls born in March. Pisces females either become long term friends with whom I can communicate extremely well with or we just annoy the crap out of each other because we are similar in the wrong ways and disagree about the wrong things.

    From what I’ve seen, if you’re a pisces you need to avoid negativity and inconsistency. Also, you need to be realistic. Find people who lift you up, encourage and inspire you. And most importantly, all of us fish need to be cautious and calculated. It’s tough, but it helps in the long run.

  30. So, I’m a libra woman with pisces moon and I have a crushed on a pisces but his action is so confusing. One is a guy I have a crush on and the other one is a good friend who been acting weird.
    They are precious to me. They’re very sweet and kind. I would do anything to make them happy even if it’s just being their good friends. I am just curious at this point if they are very overly kind and I’m reading too much into it or if they’re giving me subtle flirty hint, which I should go in for?

    One is tall and very shy. He act very cold sometimes but if I ask him to do something he might act like he doesn’t care but would do them for me (even if it’s behind my back, and I find out later). He is a gentlemen and kind. For example, if I randomly go in and give him a hug, he would be like “eww, ew, nwah, wait I’m playing game right now, ahh, you ruining everything” and acted all disgusted. But afterward he seem very happy. So I’m very confused with these contradicting behavior. Should I disregard most of his verbal and focus more on his actions? But him being pisces also explain the generosity and kindness that he shows when I’m in trouble. He never initial anything first. When I text him he barely ever reply and when he does,it’s one or two words. While in person, he talks more if it’s just the two of us and act all distance and awkward in front of his friend. Then when I give up and back off, he would pull something very big like opening up certain aspect of his life which I didn’t know or that he didn’t tell anyone or offer me to stay at his house (which end up meeting his whole family) when I visit the state he was in and got no where to stay. (didn’t tell his friend about this either). He is laid back, go with the flow and sarcastic. He will do something very cold then when he realized that it hurt my feeling he won’t outwardly apologized but leave a candy (I’m obsessed with sweet) or a picture of himself doing a puppy face. Something subtle but is more meaningful than words.

    The second pisces is very open as he is cusp aries, we talked about his problem with me. He admit that he is shy and don’t initiate anything first. He is decent height, buff, and firm. He often look serious but then always act all sassy and childish when with his friend or me. In relationship view, he seems to be more mature than the first pisces guy. He is openly flirty and touchy but nothing to extreme. Know what he want to do with his life, workaholic and admit that he does not want to pursue any relationship that might not work or go against his career goal in life. We would discuss about the most random thing and laugh at stupid stuff. He talks to me more than the first pisces and open up more. We do flirt around jokingly. When he see me around he say hi or smile or something. He also show interested in a few other girls but never talk about them with me. ( a good friend and I don’t know how he feel about me)

    Both are very goofy/ silly, I often can make them laugh but culturally we are very different from each other. Both are very intellectual and thoughtful. Physically both are also very fit and healthy. Both seems to see and called me at some point, “weird girl” jokingly . *I don’t get that either. Both seems to pull me back everytime I start to pull away or just leave them alone for a few day. Yet, they would be so VAGUE like here is a childish example, the first pisces guy would mention he is hungry and did not have dinner yet. When we are walking together (alone), Then I would ask him if he is going to go get dinner, he replied, “yeah”, then I asked him if he is going with his friend, he paused, then said yeah, but mentioned after that he had mac and cheese in his room. I chuckled and said lets just go get food then but (his friend arrived) he then said in a quiet tone that he will get food with his friend instead. was he feeling guilty for misleading me to think that he want to go eat with me? or was he disappointed we didn’t go eat?
    I’m so confused. Someone please explain to me, I really care about these two and I don’t want to push them away which I will unconsciously if I don’t understand them :/
    Thank you.

    • I agree, they can be very vague. But if you are willing to tell them your feelings, and they tell you their feelings, then it would be good. To find out if you really like you or not, they would tell you pretty much everything about them!

  31. Intuition is a very strong trait of the Pisces zodiac so instead of hooking up with people that y’all see and feel aren’t good for you’s how’s about y’all use that intuition and let it guide you?? Don’t be so desperate for partners and maybe you will find someone who is right for you. Sorry don’t mean to be harsh but I’ve been reading most of your comments and it seems that most of you’s have a lot of disappointments. Love yourself first and all else shall fall into place. Xx

  32. Well.. Being a pisces woman isn’t easy.. I literally do not match with anybody, I don’t even have friends.. and yet you guys talk about relationships.. to be honest I have given up that matter completely, as I have over and over again been rejected for someone with better body shape.. I came to a conclusion that I will never ever for the rest of my life be able to marry or have friends. I am so alone it drives me crazy.. I am totally destroyed inside and it sometimes makes me want to commit suicide.. and I am not joking!

    • Don’t do that, life is to beautiful to commit suicide, I’m a Pisces male and just like you, I’ve find myself lonely too. But I’m not giving up on you, myself or anyone, I believe we’re on this earth for someone, and/or something. So don’t give up, and if you need a friend I’ll be here.

    • I agree, I too am very alone, and though it has never crossed my mind to commit suicide, I have wanted to run away to the woods and live alone, in a world all my own. the two things that have stopped me is that although I do not have any friends, I do have a little brother who needs me desperately, that and my work(writing and philosophy) it does get better though because as stated life is beautiful and a wonder to behold, you simply need to find a passion, something or someone to live for. it could even be the hope for a better world or life. something else I find helpful is that if you work to salve a problem you have no other time to think of other problems, it simply becomes a cycle, until you find a problem you can’t solve or run out of problems.

      with hope
      Pisces, march 8th

    • i will find you and kick ur butt, if u speak of suicide again in your lifetime! nothing is ever that bad to do that…trust me. if you’ve ever seen a heart monitor with a “flatline”. you know thats not good. so, with life, it’s the same. u gotta have ups and downs. pray.

    • Yes, shit happens… but don’t ever think of giving up, everyone finds love. If you give up on yourself, you’ll have nothing. Even when you’re feeling alone and sad, just remember, there’s someone that cares about you.

    • I know exactly how you feel, I’m a pisces woman too.

    • Yes being lonely sucks, but PLEASE don’t take your life. I will be your friend. Just write me. You can email me at fernswan@gmail.com
      I live in Tacoma Eashington (yuk) but its home. I plan on moving back to Oregon soon.
      Write me soon so that I know you are okay. I care!


    • Don’t do that!!! I am pretty sure you just haven’t found the right people to be around. As a fellow Pisces woman, its hard to find meaningful relations and friends you can trust. Dont give up you will find someone -Mar. 7th 88

    • I understand how you feel! Life gets lonely and you feel doomed but never give up! Love is a Pisces #1 desire, without it we feel lost, pointless, invisible but you HAVE to love yourself or you’ll always end up alone. Know yourself first!

    • Im a loner too. I don’t have much friends. I like being alone. Actually, I don’t want to commit to a relationship. But here I am enjoying my current relationship with an Aquarius. Hopefully it really works.

    • I am a pisces too. I too feel alone/hurt at times and think of suicide. But because of my mother i am alive. Be careful, keep someone with you. Move closer to your friends. Those are the things which will save you.

      The reason why i thought of suicide is not for relationship issues though. Mine is different. The thing which hurts me the most is debt.

  33. Well this is funny I am a Pisces Male cuspian Aries. I am very blunt and unsympathetic to idiocy. Sometimes my words hurt even though I am only trying to be honest and respectful. On the other hand I am a hopeless romantic and very deep loving person. I am also completely sexual and touchy feely. I am just as happy being softly caressed/tickled as I am having sex. Intimacy is a very big thing for me. I have major issues because of my back n forth between sweet man and dickhead in a moments notice. Some think I am Bi-Polar rofl!

    However I have been in relationships with every damn sign and have had problems with all of them other than Pisces and Capricorn. The problem I have is both signs scare the hell out of me because I fall too fast for them so I usually reject them as much as possible.

    Leo’s are just too damn bossy and controlling.
    Virgo’s are too damn flirty & jealous! (majority of the world’s cheaters)
    Aries are too damn selfish.
    Gemini are too damn sarcastic.
    Scorpio & Cancer are too damn uncompassionate.
    Sagittarius & Libra are too damn by the book.
    Aquarius are too damn unemotional.

    This is in my experiences though, maybe your experiences have been different!

    • I am 20 years old soon to be 21 aries/pisces cuspian male.

      At times it seems I’m quite bi polar and I found that most people couldn’t handle my intensity.

      I found my two best friends this year, and I know they are my bests because they represent the two versions of me inside of my head. It’s awesomely funny to see them argue about what is best for me, because they are the more advanced and fully animated materializations of my inner two selves. They love each other as much as they love me and we joke about how crazy it is that they can disagree so much, yet understand each other, and love each other. They are aquarius/pisces cusp and cancer.

      The Aquarius/pisces cuspian friend saved me from my negative depths. He helped me correct a lot of my mistaken beliefs about the world. He gave me hope to continue and gave me some practical tools to make me successful. He is gentle yet demanding in our friendship and I can always rely on this guy to support my growth. We can have fun hanging out, but we prefer to spend hours and hours talking. Time passes us by like crazy.

      The cancer friend made me incredibly cool, he taught me all the things in the world that were fun, because he is the most happiest, craziest guy I know. He is my number one lover and hater and looks out for my best interest. I seem to drive him crazy because I never listen to him, giving him a lot of crap to mess with him, yet I still pick up the good things that he tries to teach me. We have the craziest fun together.

      My first romantic interest was a Scorpio*/Saggitarius cuspian.
      I loved her because she was adventurous and we thought very similarly, but eventually I found her way too flaky and a little bit crazy. The split was mutually confusing and un-assertive. Lots of back and forth slipping into the relationship again.

      My second romantic interest was a Leo/Virgo* cuspian.
      I loved her because she was a romantic and we felt the same things about the world. We would send poetry back and forth to each other. We began very intimate but mid-relationship our interactions became confusing. We were both trying to sort out our insecurities while finding ourselves. We both ended things very maturely, peacefully, and with lots of love.

      My third romantic interest is a cancer and we became incredibly passionate fast. I’m still working on this one and we’ll see how it goes 🙂

    • Wow I am a female pisces march 15 and your first paragraph described me to a T. I can’t stand when people lack common sense. In usually straight forward at times can be extremely blunt depending on my mood and the situation. I am very compassionate and I hate when people are be wronged and I know it. I like keeping to myself, work alone but I also can be outgoing and a team player when I want to be, my mother has called me bipolar for years.
      I have been in a relationship with several different signs. At first like all relationship everything is great because it’s fresh and new. But what I have found is I am myself at all times (take me as I am) but all the men I have encounter put on a good face but people fail to realize you can’t pretend your something your not forever. I rather be by myself for awhile , I’ve spent to much time in my life being in relationships and still feeling alone. I’m happy being with my family and my children. I can wait until I find the One, whenever it happens. Right now I’m very with me and my loved ones.

  34. Well wish me luck.. I am a 44yr old cancer woman and have been seeing a 35 y/o Pisces man for only two weeks now and I am already crazy about him. He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh regularly. He seems to be affectionate and caring-two traits that are a must for me. Hopefully my clinginess and neediness won’t scare him away (as it has in the past w/ other signs). I am very comfortable with his dreamy nature bc I tend to be a daydreamer myself. I just hope this isn’t too good to be true. (two weeks from now I’ll post an update, stay tuned.)

  35. I have been married for 15 years with an Aries. I have had my good times and bad times but I agree with Aries are to harsh for a Pisces. ARIES are self fish beings not in financial way because he loves to spend money on himself and others but in the way that they like for his partner to put in all the work and he doesn’t. He also loves to pass judgement on others but he won’t listen to any thing you say. He doesn’t except feed back very well he knows it all. ARIES can be romantic and warm but he not nothing compare to Pisces who loves to be hug and kissed and notice all the time…So in a relationship with Aries my dear Pisces be prepare to be not fulfilled and to have lots of patience.

  36. I am most definitely a Pisces! And been with a Sagittarius man on and off for 8 years. Biggest problem in our relationship is trust. Hes cheated on me twice….
    I absolutely love him as crazy as it sounds. Hes a amazing father. And when hes actually trying, hes very loving. Amazing in bed 🙂 i love his talkive nature because im shy which he helps get me out of that and opens me up more. He has the same interests as i for the world. And i really do like how straight forward he is at times. I am sensitive but i sometimes need to hear it like it is to snap back to reality. I dont know for certain if were meant for one another… but with a bit of work with the trust i believe we could have something to build upon. The times i tried to disappear he seeked me or refused to let me go. So i know he too loves me. Be are both young And stubborn as hell. We together though are a great team.

  37. I’m a female Pisces.. been married to a Cancer for 26 years. If i am so compatible with this sign… why am i always looking for more..

    Had a 4 year relationship with a Sagittarius that was amazing sexually… but he also had 2 other women he was in a relationship at the same time. I loved his communication skills but he lacked loyalty. Where cancers have no communication skills… and are loyal to a fault..

    I seem to have not found the right connection yet.. still with the cancer but always left wanting more…

  38. Leo woman here…been in a relationship with Pisces man for almost 2 years. The profound love we have for each other & prayer is about the only thing that keeps us together. We should get along better since I am a cuspian cancer and pisces moon but we bicker every other day. It usually stems from our point of views. He and I both are entirely opinionated and don’t understand how the other thinks. For example, being a Leo — I am very territorial. I don’t understand why he needs to remain in contact with ex girlfriends or make friends with new women when he has wonderful, glorius, magnificent me. 🙂 After almost 2 years of bickering about it, I realize despite his promises to not reach out to these people anymore, it’s just not going to happen. Why? Because Pisces cannot be moved. They do what they want to do. Not because they are mean or selfish but in their minds any demand placed on them has to make sense. They are highly intellectual people and very intuitive. They understand human behavior better than any shrink. In his mind, his conversations with other women were entirely innocent and he had no attraction to them, so what was the harm? Pisces don’t realize that sometimes change within themselves must occur not because it necessarily makes logical sense but because it encourages peace and security in the partnership. Another example is that he is a workaholic and being a Pisces, he also needs his down time (space to just chill or be with his buddies). Well, Leo’s crave consistent quality attention and my friend, you are simply NOT going to get that from your Piscean. Not that they don’t want to give it to you — because they do. It’s just that they don’t need the same thing as much so therefore don’t understand the value in it. While they are with you, you will get all the affection and attention you need. The challenge is getting him to give you his uninterrupted time. Good luck with that!
    Now, something any zodiac sign dating a Pisces needs to know. HE’S A BIG FAT DREAMER! His dreams are so divine that you will easily fall victim to believing them if you are not careful. He will paint this fantastic picture of a life with you. He will give you precise detail about the kind of house he is going to build for you, the neighborhood you will live in, the name of your future children together — even the types of schools they will attend. With such detail, it makes every word sound believable. DON’T BELIEVE IT — dreaming is as natural as breathing is to a Pisces. Let them have their dreams — you just remain in the land of reality and you will never get disappointed about his promises to you. My Pisces talks about marriage one week and the next he’s giving me reasons why he doesn’t want to take the plunge — just yet! Then the next week he’s naming our future children and just when you call him from Baby’s ‘R Us to tell him about this adorable baby crib you just saw he will respond with surprising perplexity “why are you looking at cribs”? You will remind him of your talk about baby Bella last week, and he will kindly place YOU back in reality by bringing up all the bills he wants to catch up on, the investments he wants to make in this sports car he’s had his eye on for a while, and a trip he wants to take you on to Belize next summer. How can the two of you think about marriage and a baby what with all these other things that must be done first??? Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!
    If you like to dream — dream on with your Pisces lover. But if you are more inclined to a more realistic venture, then set your sites on another animal ‘cuz the fish swims all over the place.

  39. When i read i about pisces, I do feel im a true pisces man so i can sypmathise with fellow pisces man and women. I’m a pisces man dating a saggittarius women. We are both in early twenties. I’m not sure about our relationship together. I feel that their is not enough passion in my saggittarius women that makes me believe that she loves me. The saggittarius are so bad at showing any emotion and just appear so blunt and bold at times. I don’t even know If I love her now, she is such a nice and beautiful girl but it’s not enough for me to say she’s the one…..
    I have also had relationship with an Aries, Taurus, Pisces and Leo. Leo is definitely the worse match for a pisces man. They are far too controlling, don’t provide freedom and they go fiery and aggressive which pisces don’t understand. Pisces women I feel are far too manipulative for a pisces man but there is definitely connection with them. Aries are so unreliable and are bad liars. Taurus are far too stubborn for a pisces man which can drive them insane. one regret I have is when I turned down the chance to date a cancer and a Virgo women because I sense they would be the best matches….

  40. I am a pisces woman who was in a relationship with a virgo man for almost 3 years. We had a child together and things were either really really good or horribly bad. He doesn’t understand my constant change of emotions or my sympathy. We are now friends and it works sooo much better than being a couple but he still knows me more than anyone in the world and we will both be there for eachother no matter what. We have a wonderful bond no matter what we go through and I still feel like he is my soul mate.

  41. I am a Pisces woman I love having sex with geminis the best i ever had : the relationship NO!! Gemini as they are very indecisive and I get bored easily, exhaustin to much work im flexiable but how much do i have to bend

  42. I am a pisces woman I am naturally attracted to the taurus!! I was with a Sagittarius for 6years and had two kids it got boring not spontaneous enough for me and he just didn’t understand my needs no matter how much I spelt it out!! I spent 3 years with a Leo after and that was the biggest mistake of my life he was selfish, spiteful and controlling and violent when he didn’t get his way we were completely diff it was 3 years of hell. I’ve been with my taurus man now a year + 1/2 and I couldn’t be happier he gets distracted in stupid tasks sometimes but hey nobody is perfect. He is kind, loyal and loving + extremely understanding towards my sensitive nature. He keeps me grounded and isn’t afraid to correct me when I’m wrong!! There isn’t a bad thing I can say about him. He is Gorgeous + funny + I would
    Never try to change him

  43. As a pisces, i tend to be most attracted to Taurus. Both water signs are great but cancer never sticks around.I like Aries but the’re to tempermental, and selfish and I end up getting deeply hurt by them. The only problem with Taurus is that they don’t understand how sensitive we are. but hey, when your a Pisces(the most mis-understood sign in the zodiac) the only one who is going to understand you is another Pisces.

  44. Im not sure if this buck’s the trend but im a pisces male and have found my soul mate in a pisces female ….it so works …..

  45. I am a Picses married to Carpricorn man. He has controlling, harsh and picks on everything. He has something bad to say about everything. He cheated on me. I have filed for divorce. He was the worst choice in my life and I saw all the red flags, but kept trying to change myself to adjust to him. It doesn’t work, if someone really loves you, they accept you.

    • I am a Pisces and I lived with a Capricorn man. You are so right! Very Harsh, sarcastic and demeaning. I totally agree worst choice in my life also. I had 5 years of hell. I saw the red flags too and kept trying to change myself to his world. That ended in 2006 thank God! That is when I checked on astrology to see if we were compatible,found out that Cancer is for me.

  46. Scorpios in relations to Pisces… is intense but very short lived… trust me i know… its just a relationship that is most likly not to last.. i think its because scropios are super sexuall.. as are pisces… but scorpios need to to feel intimate.. were pisces would rather just cuddy.. plus… scorpios… simply get board..

    As for what is discribe above for a pisces… it pretty much dead on.. as if ur piercing in to my soul… i love it…

  47. im a pisces women & im way in love with an aries male. who for 5 months was my world then just like the wind was goin, no fight no explation no nothing just gonr. i want him back & no he feels the same but y did he run…

  48. Well i am a Pisces woman in a relationship with a Virgo man, we are good and we are really match. And yes i don’t know what exactly i want. Lol

  49. im a very emo pisces and i think u r on the dot with me!

  50. Wow, so on target! I am a female Pisces. I was married to an Aries man, didn’t work. Please take my advice: Pisces should not date Saggatarrius, but friendships are okay. My son is a Virgo and he is very helpful and intuned to me.

  51. am victor man i don’t know which women i suppose to merry because if i approach some body we are break after a moment,,am “LIBRA”

  52. As I have had several long term relations with scorpio woman they can love deeply but it always ends the same…they cheat and bail……

  53. believe me pisces womans whom i have seen go preety well with sagittarius male but the relation wont last for long distance i think pisces women will fell for capricorn man i have seen 2 cap man & they are best with pisces women in my opinion go for cap male

  54. Hello, I hope all is well, Sagittarian dating Pisces here. First off, the way you go about courting and marriage usually helps determine the outcome. Pisceans need time to be sure of the decisions they make because they are strong-fragile people. Trust is key for them. If he can trust you with the smaller things, they will trust you in larger arenas. However, the way many of us destroy ourselves is by pushing and placing everything in the relationship.

    We must first know who we are to God, and love ourselves and one another the way God does. Most times, that is a lot easier said than done. Nevertheless, all lessons learned do not get learned overnight. More back to the point, Pisces do learn to adapt and love you even, but it is better done when they can see your strength and love about yourself and others. They are driven by success and the feel of growing love over time.

    Pisces are great lovers and friends, just do not rush…………and things will go as they should, no pressure given none received.

    -One ❤

  55. I’m a pisces woman who was in a relationship with a scorpio. When it says they ‘just wander off’ it means they just lose interest and go away (or in my case, I sent him away). Scorpios are very protective of their pisces woman, but he was easily distracted, wanted more than I could give, so it was over.

  56. guys…i am a pisces woman…and i have been dating a Leo…its wierd..we love each other…i think its cuz theres alot of sex…but besides that..our relationship for the past year 1/2 has been a total F*cking nightmare!! we siriously do not understand each other at all! yet we can get along …but no more than an hour….we are just very very different..i feel like i give my all..and he doesnt even do anything..yet says he does everything? he just loves himself too much..its very annoying…soo i dont recommend this sign for pisces at all! …..umm besides him..had a very long relationship with a cancer…very romantic..and just cherished every minute being together…i was with a Virgo for 2 years also…but i felt like he was stupid..or just not manly enough for me? idk how to explain it….scorpios for some reason are always and have been always very mean to me? lol since like elementary school…i remember i used to talk to this guy for like 3 months online..we’d go to the same gym..and we got along soo well..and then one night we just got together to hang out..and that night was siriously a nightmare?!! haha after that we didnt even talk at all ever again! (no sex was involved..) just movie..and dinner…never dated anyone else…my best girlfriend of all time..was an aries..very dumb, stupid..but at the same time …down to earth..lol but i would never be able to date a guy aries for sure..! ooo and another thing!! my mom and stepdad have been together for 25 years!!! shes also a pisces and hes a sagittarius…they are soo close! and they get along sooo well!! i have never seen a relationship like that before ever in my life! wierd part is…my mom is a very very cranky person…always mad about something…or just never satisfied..and my dad is soo chill with her? he just doesnt mind..or doesnt take it close to heart…idk but i think i wanna try that sign as well sometime in my life! …after this whole Leo nightmare relationship is over!


    • Omg …the story of my life…mom and dad are the same way…but Geminis take care of the kids they have and are great mentors when they are around…the offspring can depend in Gemini.

    • I’m a Pisces dude, which is hard enough. And I’m completely surrounded by Gemini in my life. Even my mother! Most of them drive me nuts too.

    • pisces female here. my dad is a gemini …drives me crazy. my ex was a gemini …couldn’t get on the same page with what we wanted out of our lives. my best friend is a gemini …as opposite as we are, we just understand each other and it’s amazing. i think geminis and pisces can be great as friends.

  58. it distraught me to read that a Gemini is one of my worst matches. I am in love with a gemini but it is true he is not very sympathetic to my ever changing moods. he is stuck in his ways and has alot of female friends,which in turn has made my mind wonder if he is cheating. He at first swept me off my feet with his charming ways of having great amounts of conversation. I have read up on my loves sign it says he likes the chase but once the chase is over he is ready for the next adventure with really saddens me cuz i do love him. It does say that only a pisces can bring this sign to his knees,and commit. I jus dont feel i can withstand the storm before that happens. 😦

  59. Why is the recommendation that Virgo is the Best Match for a Pisces Man? I was under the impression that Virgo and Pisces were not good for each other because they are opposites and thus have little in common to relate with each other. I am a Pisces man and have dated a Virgo woman before and it wasn’t pretty. Although, I must admit, it was a karmic relationship, meaning that we had to come back together in this life to satisfy some touch actions in a past-life. So, all in all it did work for good. Although the depth of our connection felt really lacking to me. I always wanted more depth from her. And for her to trust just seemed like a really difficult thing. So, webmaster or astrology master, please explain your strong encouragement of a Pisces man-Virgo woman relationship. Thank you. PS I know a Virgo woman currently (just as a friend) and we are both very attracted to each other. But that only takes us so far.

  60. Iam a arian doctor married to a pisces woman we love each other very much but lot of difference in opinion n many times very argue and ends in a big fight.I think only god keeps both of us together.I never had belief in zodiac signs even now but it tells almost about how aries man have problems with pisces girl.I am enjoying the predictions of zodiac signs.

  61. Virgo here and I have a huge crush on a Pisces guy. He is artsy and romantic and basically, perfect. I’m one of those ‘messy’ Virgos and I tend to fall quick…. No Idea what to do >.< Is Pisces the BEST Virgo match too?

  62. i am a Pisces boy of 24 years age and in this young age i have been more than 12 relationships and the best one was with an Aquarius girl she was the only who accompanied me with my demands and love and was very easy going and the worst experience is my recent one which was with a Sagittarius girl who i love most in this world but she could never understand me and i lied to her that i am with another girl so i left her and its been 4 days we had no contact and i am dieng for her but didnt contact her because i was fed up with daily miss understandings…plZ pray for me that i forget her for ever…

  63. What they say is dead on!

  64. It is so interesting that in this blurb I have, as a pisces, found a near full description of myself. Just crazy 😉

  65. This is so true how do you know so much about this!?:)

  66. I am a pisces man. Love a aquarious woman. will it work in long run ??

  67. I’m a scorpio, into this pisces guy and vice versa..it’s really difficult at the moment because I’m more than ready to commit and he’s far from it. I’ve devised a plan (I’ll work on learning how to be just his friend if he’ll work on learning how to be in a relationship) and I hope it works, because I care very much about him.

    he’s a really sweet and gentle guy. personality-wise, I’m definitely the more aggressive one and I’ve never had to be so careful with a guy before!! but he’s absolutely worth it. I can be 100% myself around him and never worry about being judged. If there is a God, this waiting will pay off in one way or another.

  68. this sounds JUST LIKE ME

  69. when they say scorpio women dissapear i can see that happening, for some reason or another we get bored its hard to keep a scorpio no matter what ur sign is

  70. I’m a pisces woman and I have been with virgos and aquarius and an aries. I’ve always loved virgos. My first love was a virgo and I am afraid I’m never going to be able to find that again. The aquarius was just too impersonal. He always wanted space and I always wanted time. He is my best friend now, though. And the aries…ugh. Worst relationship I have EVER been in. Mean, heartless, and oblivious. Never again.

  71. Im just wonderin if anyone could give me advice.I met a pisces woman and fell in love.I felt she was THE ONE!!my soul mate,It was long distance and we had some obstacles to over come but i thought she was on board.I live in the U.S, and she canada.Im a cancer man btw.Then ut all fell aprt.She told me she could no longer wait she needed more.That i dragged my feet and she thought it was never going to happen.So she found someone else.Told me we coudlnt even be friends that she was moving on.After all we planned and talked about i cant believe this.I cant even get her to speak with me or talk about things and now she has another man.Im finding it very hard to walk away since i was completely honest with this woman and my feelings were true.

  72. Im a gemini woman and am very much inlove with my pisces man.
    We get on well and have alot in common.. Hes my man foreverx

  73. I cannot agree to this re: virgo and cancer. Virgo dries me nuts with their constant nitpicking-I can’t stand more than about an hour of it, can cancer guys are far too wet. Scorpio, I don’t think are interested in me, but I like the swift kick up the back-side, puts me straight and sorts me out.

  74. okay so im a libra and im not particularly interested in this Pisces for the reason alone that his nature is VERY standoffish and ..standoffish is sort of unattractive to me…..yet he stares and me as someone with a crush would. so i tried talking to hi ma few times he NEVER says hello first and when i do get the conversation flow it is soooo slow…and boring….i think maybe he is too introvert for me? or just..not interested in making a friend? but this says that if they are being standoffish is most likey as nothing to do with you, sooo confusing. i cant tell if i should stop saying hello.. or persist? because when i say hello he DOES respond?

  75. @valnmac that is sooo cute I hope tha dame happens for me because I’m a pisces women dating a Gemini man now and so far so good I just hope it all works out,,
    had a crush on a Virgo never dated one hmmm,, dated a saggittarius and it was a 2 1/2 year learning experience but tha biggest mistake of my life. waste of life ;So not trustworthy. And also a Scorpio he was great ! But more as a friend. He was trustworthy he was just tooooo secretive. So it didn’t work out we decided to b friends.

  76. I’m a confused pisces man dating an aquarius woman who does not have a romantic bone in her body, cold, emotionless. I love her very much and she tells me the same. However, I don’t understand her uncaring attitude, she sees nothing wrong if we don’t see each other for days at a time, she never thinks about surprising me with a visit in the middle of the nite or taking my hand for a walk, its always work, work, work. If you are an aquarius woman, I would appreciate your thoughts.

    • I could have written this myself as a Piscean man in exactly the same position. A lot of Aquarians have chaotic, obsessive minds and are commitment phobic. This is because they have no self-worth. They find it pretty impossible to love a partner in the true sense of the word, its more about a need to be loved. So they swoop in on their own terms, and then leave you wanting whilst you’re waiting for them to squeeze you in again. I just exited from mine after a year of hell, I suggest you do the same because she will never make you happy.

  77. Ha sorry aquaries but I think you guys tend to get on Pisces nerves in relationships with how much you complain and your attitude you also can make yourself seem a bit crazy.

    And idk what type of guy you got but I’m not the type of Pisces to argue and fuss. I have more of a playful personality though.

    When I dated a Virgo she was to scared to really open up. She was too critical on everyone and my dreamy personality often clashed with hers. I fell pretty hard for her though. The sex was pretty amazing I do have to say bur being a Pisces we do love sex but that’s not all we want. People usually aren’t able to understand us. My
    longest relationship was with a Scorpio. Everything went great but she was very emotional and I had to deal with her mood swings and I think I found out most cancers are crazy ahahahabaa but definantly not all 🙂 the last girl I was talking to that was aquaries was crazy and so is my dad. They can just be way to emotional for my liking. But hey I find the good and bad in people. A lot of my relationships don’t work because the girl can’t read my emotions and she thinks I don’t like her or I’m withdrawing but it’s not the case. I hate being Pisces for that reason sometimes. For being so hard to read it can often push other signs away. But when you get to know me you are able to understand me And where I’m coming from. My friend that is a Leo is one of the only people that can understand me.
    But I think that’s because the sun was in pisces when I was born.

  78. Well everything doesnt depend on just sun sign personality.. theres a lot more to a human than that. But I am a Pisces guy broke up recently with a Taurus girl and it was dreadful for me. Looking back, it seems we both fought for power…. and it just kept clashing. For one moment we got along like nothing else, the other we both demanded our power and our egos would clash…

  79. i am a pisces woman and i have say that i am in love with a leo(1 year strong) and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. i have dated mostly leos because thats all im attraced to. i cant stand virgo or saggs or capricorns. is anyone else feel the same when i say leo is the best match for a pisces??

    • Hey yeah I feel strongly to Leo’s my last relationship was with a Leo 4 years together and a child we had our ups and downs but I’ve never loved some one so much but it didn’t end well really

  80. Ok, Hi I’m a libra and I think I would like to jump off a bridge at this point with the pisces I met. I honestly feel my love life will never be the same if I ever decide to move on. I feel like I’m walking on egg shells all the time and omg why are they such contradictory people? They don’t like it when you DON’T give them attention and when you eventually do…they are still not happy!!!! (tear) seriously what do u want from me?????!!!!!! I feel like i’m the crazy one. Don’t get me wrong there is that beautiful side that just makes you want to stay because they don’t mean any harm and I know there is that potential deep down but its like just bring it out already!lol it’s been like 5 years of this on and off thing and I don’t even know what it is really because it feels like we’re living in some dream land. I really feel there is no hope…I feel drained and empty inside. I don’t understand why it has to be so hard to work out. There’s like this thick wall that I wanna break down but i can’t. Help:( maybe it’s just not meant to be but i’mhaving a hard tome to believe that

    • Libras are crazy. They are always very depressed and cannot be given the compliment of being a “strong person” it is either they are not interested in the fact that you are not solid enough for him, or they have another person and are just some type of whore.

    • As a pisces myself I think he likes you he is just quiet. To learn about pisces. Pisces is shy and reserved but u can look at there art, wheterit be that they sing, draw, paint, or dance and by watching them you can tell how they feel. You could try writing to them or texting him. He will feel more comfortable if you tell about yourself and open up to him. Then he will open up to you. You will have a lover, as pisces is a true and loyal romantic. Remember to be pacient with pisces because it is all about emotions so be gentle with him. Be persistant with your efforts to talk to him, he may just be trying to observe you before making a decision to be bold and say hello. As a side note don’t take him anywhere loud, like a nightclub, as he will get uncomfortable and not want to go there.

  81. Being a Pisces woman, I AM stand off-ish with an air of “get the hell away from me”. When I’m uncomfortable I run away. I’m terribly undecisive. Lol, it’s all true. It’s curious though, I’ve always gotten along the best with Scorpio even though I’ve fallen in love with Acquariaus, Libra, and Sagitarious at the drop of a hat (Never had Virgo, and I found Cancer kinda annoying).

    I knew they were a good match, but I didn’t want to be with a Scorpio cuz they’re controlling and manipulative. But the guy I’m dating now is a Scorpio, and he got me by being persistant, lol. Apparantly he found my sensitive and “misterious” side so fascinating. Now we’ve been seeing eachother for almost a year (the longest relationship I’ve had and not even being attracted to the guy at first sight like so many others). He’s definitely not the type I’ve always saught after, but I think I’m falling in love with him… I’m so screwed! Then again, he’s had to stand so much of my crazy and he’s still here, it’s gotta be for something, lol. (He leave me and I’ll hunt him down. I know where he lives…)

  82. i am a male pisces and have been in many relationships. my first and only real love was at first sight and with a scorpio. we dated for seven years and it was amazing. the sex was absolutely idescribable and to this day i have not met anyone to rival. we have been seperated for eight years now and not day or night goes by that i dont think or dream about her. this scorpio owns my heart and i will love her for the rest of my life…

  83. I hope if anyone reads this they’ll be able to answer my question.

    I’m a Virgo and last year I fell madly in love with a Pisces… and she also fell in love with me. Before I came along she had never experienced love. It was definitely the most powerful connection I’ve ever felt to another person. If I’d realized sooner that she is my ideal love sign, I would’ve been more careful with her. But we broke up after we’d only been dating for a short while, and even now, almost a year later, I still can’t stop thinking about her. I’ve even dated other girls in an attempt to forget her and I can’t.

    I know you said that once a Pisces feels threatened or hurt even, they disappear… Is it possible to win a Pisces over again if you’ve already hurt them once? Mine in particular is extremely stubborn, and although she will pop back up in my line of sight every now and again… if I try to get too close, she disappears again. I know she’s hurt and she’s scared to try and give me another chance, but I’m looking for hope… If I stick around long enough, will she return to me someday?

    • Stop farting around. Tell her straight up that you miss her. But you need to make sure that you two are at the same level of innocence. This goes for any sign. But especially pieces because of the crooked way we think. If you seem dirty to her she will hate you forever.

    • She needs time to heal. Be gentle with her but try and say hello and be friendly. It is hard for a pisces to forgive, but if she thinks your special she will let you in again

    • Hey there, try to be romantic as possible and attract her with your spiritual and emotional attributes. Be straight forward with her. Tell her that you know that you messed up in the past, but now you understand her worth and that you will spend every day catering, understand and cherishing her needs and wants. Tell her that you are not desperate for love and you could be with someone else but you want her.Tell her how she makes you feel inside and that she is needed. Say this in her face and not through text. As it will take away from it sincerity, maybe over a candle lit dinner. Be very thoughtful and romantic. Hope this helps. You’re a virgo guy and I hear that you guys are a good match for us but depending on how you hurt her if you were rude, inconsiderate, harsh, or emotionally unavailabe it may be a little hard for her to emotionally trust YOU again. Be Persistent! I know that’s what I would want from my Virgo man.

    • Nah, just go tell her I’m sorry, pisces women are very sweet, and will forgive you, but be honest, and you might even be surprised that she still has the same feelings for you 🙂

  84. I am a pisces woman married to a gemini man for 8 1/2 years. We get along great and are so happy together. So it can work. Everyone tells us they want a relationship like ours. Been together over 10 years, married 8 years and have 3 children together. He is the love of my life.

  85. I am a Gemini woman who just broke up with her Pisces man. He was fickle just like me and changed his mind too much. He loved me one minute, then wasn’t sure if I was “the one” the next. Then would mention marriage and children, then mention needing space and wanting to adopt instead the next moment…confusing as hell for both me and my twin! I wanted the relationship to work because he was fine as hell and the sex was incredible. But I seek the happy life and arguing and fussing about what he “thinks” he wants and needs isn’t my idea of a happy life. A Pisces man is the type that will leave you at the Alter because “he changed his mind”…not a good look.

  86. i am an aries… and i recently dated a pisces… he had me at hello… and then … he just messed it all up.. spoke himself into obscurity… but oh man was it nice looking at him… too soft for my aries nature

  87. haha thats crazy. this is me. its funny. :] about the best matches…ive never dated a virgo. ive known several and they are really entertaining and fun. cancers are amazing, i dont have to say anything and automatcally they will know something is wrong. scorpios are really quiet people. but when you talk to them its very alluring. they speak intellegently. geminis are lame i couldnt stand it. he played games. saggitarius was nice…its been a long time. and leo well, im a little confused and annoyed by this one that i am dating :p

    • I couldn’t agree more with Sandiecab! Cancers are the most amazing.. I’m a female Pisces, and I get the attraction to Scorpio (though their aloofness confuses me) and the perfect opposite connect with the virgos (my best friends a virgo) but I have never felt love like I do with Cancers, looking in their eyes, there is this unspoken, unexplainable connection.

  88. Yeah what about Aquarius because I want this Pisces but I’m trying to get through to her and I don’t know how

    • Im a Pisces and I was talking to an aquaries girl and I think she was trying to do the same but you need to give a Pisces some space to think for some reason she just bugged me and I don’t like how much aquaries whine sometimes

    • @jvmadass I am a pisces and may be able to give you some insight. let me know if you still are interested in help or if you just what to make sense of what happened if you aren’t with pisces anymore.

  89. I’m in a relationship with a LEO and yes, I’m a Pisces…i believe in god and so far my partner and i have been great!…don’t get me wrong, hard times have passed, but just like the storm comes, the sun rises again…be open minded because when you fall in love the sign means nothing.


  90. They mean “Bugger off”…. lol

  91. what about aquarius? are we too… detatched?

  92. “Scorpio Same as above, except they may wander off sooner rather than later”…yes, what do you mean by it?

  93. Yes, what do you mean by “wander off sooner rather than later”?

    • Michelle is right on! I just broke up with a Pisces man. I’m a Leo woman. Just like Michelle said, he was very moody, but sexy, drank regularly, had to have time to rest, which was ok, because I need a ‘time-out,’ from people too at times. Again, she was correct about Pisces man – he WAS a great lover, but he often would leave, just like she said – not fully telling you why he wants to break up. He did this with me about 4 times. I was stupid to stay. He was wishy-washy all the time about our relationship. THEN JUST LIKE SHE SAID AGAIN – HE WOULD COME BACK! I know one should not rule their life per se by a lot of things astrological, but I will never be with a Pisces man ever again in my life. I fell hard for him. Instead of my Leo fierceness burning him, he nearly destroyed me. He sucked all the love, fun, excitement out of me for nearly a year, then he wanted to move on. He cannot sustain a relationship with a woman for more than a year. I read that Pisces men really love women, many women, etc. It was so true with him! He liked them young, old, thin, fat. For a Leo woman who wants to be the only one he adores, this match was made in hell. It was poison. BEWARE!

      • im a pisces…well what i think is that a pisces is a shyman…..as u said that he often left u…the reason i think is that u were too much for him…like all the talking stuff(he may seem fine to u when u are talking to him, but sometimes he dosent feels comfortable) and he might have to push himself hard in the practical world…if u want to understand a pisces…u have to cut down on talking a little bit…secondly…dont be bossy all the time…dont blame it on him for the faults…when a pisces decides to leave someone..he just leaves her/him quietly….may be because it was too much… 🙂 i am not saying it was u’r fault…but i just described what they really are…and secondly i dont think about ur opinion that pisces do have many love at the same time…they are famous for their loyalty…anyway the pisces u met might be like that but it’s not true for pisces people! 🙂 and dont judge people according to their zodiac sign…like oh hey! he’s a pisces..he must be an A@#@#%@@ ………..i hope u find some one nice for u!

  94. Well this is pretty lame…

  95. i’m a pisces woman with an aries man and believe he can be harrsh but i know its in his nature so i can shrug it off…. plus i know how to touch that spot i did my reseach…….

  96. I’m a Pisces… My Lover is a gemini.. I want to make this work and i know it will. Help me, tell me what i have to do to get her back. PLEASE!!

    • Dude honestly when I dated a Gemini it didn’t work. But if you can make it work by all means go for it


  97. hi javi sweetie im glad that i got to see you 2day since im gonna not see you for like a whole year or sumthin like it! but neways im gonna miss you alot cuz we only spent a little bit of time together but i still think your a koo ass person ya dig? lol but i will miss you LOTS…call me whenever so we can talk…love ya!


    • This is very true. At least for me, I’m a pisces the article is true about me as well as what Michele said.

    • agreed with this ..this is me..thanksss

    • pisces leave as they expect you to see what is wrong its so clear to us and we think if you cared enough then you would see it too and it drives them nuts that you dont then they realise that they have been to critical and what does it matter or fool themselves to think they can live with it untill the next time they have too high standards at times believe me i know i am one we all have our faults all 12 signs all we can do is just try with each other try to except each other learn from each other i dont think there is a true match for pisces i found my soul mate in a capricon never felt like it about anyone i ever met even with an aquarian i was with for 17 years it was the worse relationship but i stayed loyal she cheated a lot we had kids together i wish i dint waste so much of my life with the wrong person perhaps she did to makes me scared to get involved with anyone else i couldnt go through that again im ten times stronger and always loved my independence and being on my own to have space but also like to love and be loved and be happy i can be so complex yet so simple i can be so emotional yet so uncaring a lot of what people say about us is true but were not giver uppers and me for one will die trying untill i succeed happy new year 2015

  99. I have been in more than 20 relationships in the past 40 years. I am a scorpio man and my first love was a Pisces woman. Was married to a Libra, had a long term relationship with a Capricorn and a Cancer. Never had a relationship with Saggitarius, Aires, or Aquarius. Gemini and Leo were short. The six Pisces women were the best and ones that I could have spent the rest of my life with. I am in love with a Pisces woman now. I think she is my true soul mate.

  100. What do you mean by “wander off”?

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