Sagittarius Best and Worst Relationship Matches


When the ruler of a particular sign is a big, imposing planet, as is the case with Sagittarius, it is obvious that they are positioned for big things. Since Jupiter, the largest of all the planets, is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius the most conspicuous quality that they will possess is “bigness”. It may sound silly but it truth this characteristic can be profoundly manifested in lots of aspects of your Sagittarian lover. Big Hearts, Big Heads, Big Games, Big Contradictions, these are all parts of the expansive nature of all the Sagittarians in our life. They dream in Technicolor and play on super sized jungle gym, and though they are sometimes unaware of the respect and loyalty that they command, we all know it and we can see it throughout our relationships with them.

You know why you feel for that Sagittarian in the first place. His/her head was being split open with new ideas and the size of their heart opened up wide and welcomed you into their world. There were no reservations about letting you in, and for the first time in a long time you felt like you belonged. There were no plastic coverings over the couches, so to speak, and nothing was hidden. That is one of the gifts of your Sagittarian lover, they are not secretive nor are they possessive. But they are extreme, so make sure that you take that into account when trying to handle them.

Sagittarius’ life lies between two primary bed rocks: Athleticism and intellectualism. The first means that rock climbing, going for hikes and generally engaging the more physical aspects of life may be the driving force behind your Sagittarius’ vision of the world, the second means that that long talks over wine, about philosophy and religion direct the interest of this more cerebral Sagittarius.

***Note: if you have a Sagittarius in your life it may be important to note which of the bed rocks your friend/lover stands more securely on. If they are of the intellectual persuasion their logical (Jupiter) nature will make them a formidable foe to argue against. Their arguments are usually well informed and beautifully constructed. Let them talk and if you disagree, wait till you see holes in their argument since a logical flaw will be most likely to induce reevaluation of their point of view. With the sportsman out there, just avoid physical competition. If they lose whatever game is being played they will hate it because they are perhaps a bit too competitive. They are usually the dirtiest, and most beat up at the end of whatever they are doing. Encourage, as their friend/lover, less result oriented physical endeavors.

Sagittarians are insecure and can be frustrated easily with details, social conventions and the general niceties of day-to-day existence. This means that your lover may tend to hide behind a penchant for debate, concealing their fears and lack of grace behind a fa ade of verbal warfare. This can be tempered by good life experience that teaches them to be proud of who they are, or the natural loudness and intensity of personality can ostracize them from more conventional social scenes.

Long lasting relationships can be difficult because it is hard for them to settle down and stay interested. Your Sagittarian lover may not return phone calls and often breaks dates. His/her impetuosity often leads to a inability to satisfy the more domestic needs of other people, and despite lots of opportunity for physical intimacy, relationships of a more permanent variety may have to wait until middle age, when the “great mellowing” occurs.

Best Relationship Matches

Gemini Since both of you are prone to “sample” partners in life the intensity may initially be there but it may not last.

Aries and Leo Both of these fire signs are compatible with you because of their innate understanding of your passions and interests.

Worst Relationship Matches

Taurus Too possessive, and who would want to limit your freedom

Cancer Too rooted in family stability for your tastes

Virgo Too critical of you, and your pride will not stand for that

Scorpio Although physically compatible, there is too much distrust and competition for dominance on both sides

Capricorn Too pessimistic for you

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  1. Sagitarians are such free spirited strong people. Why settle for one star sign if you can hunt the world?

  2. Dose any one have any advice on a sag/gem/lib love triang. I’m a gem that had fallen in love with the most amazing sag we were together for 4 years he was also. Good father to my child witch he raise as his own around last year we grew apart he became unhappy and I was just becoming as unhappy as him so he met some one new the love was there but the happiness was leaving he waited tell we over to be with her and forgave and told him I wanted him to be happy it hurt yes but want going to force him to stay . about two months he call me at work on Oct 31 I came out on break and this Libra girl he was with had left her kid with him while she wAS at a Halloween party with her ex since then and up in tell a bout week ago he couldn’t make up his mind who to be with even know she confess she was cheating on him I knew that I wanted him back and still wanted to give him time to heal but he back with her i don’t get this sag are one not to mess with yet he ran back now I’m here like I realize my love rekindled for him and my happiness return with him but why am I in the. Mud on this and he even ask for me to waited for him really con fused. ….? If any one can make heads of this help me out. Because not only i miss him but my little girl wants her daddy back.

  3. Honestly, I feel as though a lot of what is often written about Sagittarians isn’t true. I’m not saying I never get restless, but I’m fine with just hanging out at home and cuddling on the couch with a snack and a movie. And as far as relationships go, I’ve never had a fear of commitment. If anything, I often commit too soon and wind up heartbroken when the other person doesn’t want the same things as I do. Of course, people forget that there are two types of Sagi: the extrovert who loves to travel and socialize, and (the opposite side of the coin) the introvert who is something of a recluse and chooses to avoid interacting with others because they don’t feel understood. Emily Dickinson, the late American poet, is a perfect example of the second type. She was born Dec 10th, but she rarely spoke to anyone directly except for her sister-in-law. Oddly, I was more outgoing as a kid and much less so now.

    Anyway, I was born Dec 2nd. I am a Sagi, but I have Scorpio in Venus and Cancer as my Ascending sign, so I tend to love very intensely (often with possessiveness and jealously) and I tend to take things very personally. Your sun sign isn’t the only thing that affects you; you have to take your whole chart into consideration. I am a gay woman and before I knew I was a lesbian, I dated a male Scorpio/Sagi cusp for almost 5 yrs. He was great and if he’d been a woman, I wouldn’t stayed with him, but it wasn’t meant to be. I met an Aquarius woman online while I was with him, and we had an emotional affair that actually helped me conclude that I really was gay. Unfortunately, she had a partner whom she later married, so nothing ever came of it…except I hurt my male ex, which I deeply regret (I’ve never cheated since). I had a string of girlfriends after that, but my two most serious relationships with women were a Pisces and a Libra.

    The Pisces and I initially got along great. Since I have Scorpio in Venus, she seemed perfect for me in the beginning. But later I learned she lied…constantly, about everything. Even things you wouldn’t normally think a person would lie about. It was like I never knew her at all. I was engaged to the Pisces woman (I learned about the lying later), but she cheated and dumped me for a Capricorn guy (I thought this karmic repayment for me having the emotional affair and hurting my male ex, to whom I had been engaged).

    When I met the Libra…wow, she was so great; very thoughtful and romantic. Plus we loved hanging out and talking, having meaningful conversations. I felt like she was my best friend as well as my partner. She was the love of my life…and if i’m being honest with myself, I’m still not over her. I caused issues in the relationship too, but she pushed me away. She had feelings for an Aries woman before we met, but she assured me it was over. However, whenever we had an argument or ran into a rocky patch, she seemed content to gravitate toward this other woman. Not to mention, she could be very hot and cold. Eventually, after being on and off for almost 3 yrs, she broke it off and told me we couldn’t even remain friends because it was too stressful and tempting for her. It was the worst thing anyone has ever done to me, especially since she always told me she’d never stop being my friend. Now I’m just single…I’m not even sure I want to meet anyone anymore. I put so much of myself into relationships that I wind up nothing but empty in the end.

    • I completly agree with you on the introvert side of the sagittarius,i am a complete introvert,i never connect with how a sag. is described. What i just read on your comment,was like i was reading about myself. sometimes i can relate to the capricorns description more so than that of the sag.I was born a month premature,so technically,i should have been a capricorn. It was very nice to read your comment,its makes me feel like im not as alone in my thoughts as i feel,thanks

  4. yes it´s true i´m gemini and been with saggittarian two times, the relationship was great but not last long coz we both found it not working we don´t mix well. we´re not coffee and cream, rather we are water and oil hahaha.

  5. It’s funny today I’ve found out that I share a birthday with a lot of people, famous and ordinary… I’m a Sagittarius born Nov 30, 1985…. I was more athletic in my school days then I am now… For me it’s all about knowledge and piecing the world together through logic… Coincidence or destiny it’s all the same… An illusion that the universe/God has answered us at a specific place and time from a question/cry from the past…

  6. I am a Sag woman born November 30th and this couldn’t be more true. I am all about adventure, traveling the world, and feel there is a deep meaning to life. On the other side, I am very loving and have very close friendships. My fear of commitment does hurt relationships, but I try not to let it get in the way of being happy. That being said, I am in the middle of a divorce from a SCORPIO and NEVER AGAIN! Dating and marrying a Scorpio as a Sagittarius is not only TOXIC but harmful. They are very manipulative and this sign will not stand for that. They are jealous, FAKE, and all Scorpio’s seem to care about is money, power, and themselves. They are a very self-serving sign but draw you in physically in the beginning. They use sex as power to manipulate others and after a year of being married we truly were fighting over dominance. The more manipulative he became, the more I was honest and criticized him.

    I have dated a CANCER as well and they have problems too. This person was very romantic at first and loved his family. But, became very jealous and in the end cheated on me and then got mad because I wouldn’t talk to him anymore. I’ve never dated a Virgo but my grandmother is one and sometimes we do fight because she can be critical for no reason. She doesn’t understand why I like to travel, feels I should lose weight even though I am not overweight, and says I need to look prettier when I am very content on how I look. So I would never date a Virgo either!

    This list could not be more accurate. I honestly hope to find either a Leo, Libra, or Pisces. Aries would make a good relationship but my mom is an Aries and sometimes they are unpredictable when it comes to goals. They get bored easily and I feel as friends this is a good match but not on a romantic level. Aries can be boring sometimes too.

    • WOW Megan Charissa I wish I could meet you I was also born on November 30. When I sastartes reading this I was in amazement because I thought someone was writing about ME. I’m presently married to a SCORPIO & girl you touch every thing in the book about them. Getting ready to file for Divorce from him and it goes on & on. But before I married the Scorpio I was in a relationship with a CANCER & there ypu was right again he also had problems too, Last but not least my Mom is an Aries and we so etimes butt heads but she’s the greatest. Thanks for sharing causr I couldn’t believe that someone could relate to me, somewhere else in this world. Nothing but AMAZEMENT

    • I only seem to find women who are born on my birthday, November 30th. So far I have personally met 2 and now I read online of another 2…. I’m currently married to a Taurus and boy are the very hard headed people… I personally think we should learn from the signs in the sense that we get along with them… It’s worked out in My marriage so far… Prior to my I’ve been with 2 scorpios(nothing but sex, anyway, anywhere, any time, very sassy) 2 cancer(dramatic, emotional, conceited) 1 Capricorn(cold hearted bitch) 2 other Taurus(money, pretty, jealousy, hard headed, stubborn) and lastly Gemini(the twins,2 faced, easy yet difficult to talk to, and did I mention the twins…. Lol) I’ve been married 5 years now… But it feels like marriage has an expiration date… Idk… Freedom sometimes shines light Thru my window and it’s difficult not to think about it…

  7. Please understand that moon signs are just as important as the sun sign. It is explains how two of the same sign can be so different. Never only look at the sun sign.

  8. Look I am a Taurus and my husband of 15 yrs (been together 20yrs and still going strong as ever) is a Sagittarius. We have never split. We have never had any harsh words. Yes we have had small disagreement but have always sat down and worked them out as cool calm adults. A relationship that you truly want to be in and the love is there no astrological sign is going to make nor break that bond. I wish everyone love and happiness in your future, From The Loving Couple In The South. 🙂

  9. I am a sagittarius and I have had relationships with all signs, and the only one I really do well with is piscis. My boyfriend is a piscis and he and I get on very well, all the former relationships were hard since people dont seem to understand saggitarius freedom and fear it, or like to take advantage of that generosity and impulses.

  10. lol 51 yo sag n 53 yo cap 34 yrs in love! If l can see it. sort the permits n fund it, she’ll get it, understand the permits n budget n build it!! My optimism makes her shake her head; her pessimism makes me giggle.. Our full chart says she’s more sag than l am n l’m more cap than she is. True admiration for each other’s ‘stuff’ makes for a sweet love and it only took 33 yrs to fully understand each other !!! lol

  11. Forgot to mention: my sag says he wants us to live together, that he sees us taking over the world together and that he loves spending time with me (didn t get an i love u yet). Or at least he did…

  12. I’m an aries woman and i’ve been dating a sag for one and a half years (though the first year was long distance, him studying in a different country). We clicked instantly and i can say i’ve never been more natural and in sync with another man. I knew he had an unfinished love affair with a libra (she rejected him for another guy but they stayed on friendly terms) but iwaited for him to get over her and in the meanwhile gave him my love. I thought the danger was gone but half a year ago, when we were both in city x as part of a temporary thing, and her in city y, she tried to get back with him, told him she wants to have sex and fun etc and he evaded her, but without mentioning he’s in a relationship and sort of egging her on for future attempts. About 6 weeks ago he moved to city y, where i am supposed to move soon too. He got back in touch with her, inviting her at his place for dinner and such but so far i don’t think he actually cheated. How do i get rid of this libra? How do i win him back and make him stop straying, especially in her direction?

    • Id say he has to make the decision to let go. The more pressure you put on him the closer to her he may get. Just remember, don’t ever be someone #2. As a Sag, I was in a similar situation, it was with a Scorpio though.

  13. I was born on december 13th and have always excelled at both academics and athletic activities. I played football through junior high and high school. I do construction work finish carpentry and cabinetry with takes good physical condition and intelligence. I have dated girls from several different sign but my best relationship by far has been and still is to this day the one with my wonderful Libra girlfriend. We get along so well and rarely have any issues if a issue does arise we are able to settle it quickly and move on not worrying bout it any longer.

  14. I am a Dec 6 baby. A real Sag at heart- big heart, generous, sporty (runner), extreme at times especially with my exercise and athletic pursuits, intellectual (need that stimulus), and wait for it…drum roll….married a Libra (cue the Debbie Downer music)….I am TRAPPED. And he was my 1st real relationship at age 29- late bloomer Sag here. Libra lovers- why do we not really match and why did I marry one?? (this feels like a Dear Alex and Ani letter).

  15. I am a sagg woman and I have read in so many horoscope compatibility that another sagg is my perfect match we suppose to mirror one another hmmm, I met a sagg man and we went on a date there was the weirdest feeling of tension between us. i actually had to look at his driver’s license for his bday to make sure he really was a sagg!…I’m not sure about sagg and sagg compatibility 😦

  16. Why isn’t libra listed as a best match, they are most compatible with sag as well as Aquarius Gemini Leo & Aries maybe even sometimes a pisces

  17. Personally for me, i am a sag, and not knowing if im ready to be committed, i found that out later in my younger years, which surprised me because i always think i know it all, and i mean that for myself, i never ever speak for everyone because i want to leave room for other ppl and their opinions, which is why i like this post so much and its really enlightened me how different other signs/ppl can be, i for sure know and have distaste for a man who cant joke around and would get embarrassed of my clumsiness, but i feel my compatibility (or mostly what im interested in) is a Libra, i think i would enjoy their company all the time, also an aquarius id feel the same, i think they’d both be entertaining and silly in their own ways and often enjoyable to be around. I think i could get very bored with a Leo and Gemini, and i think id rather try out a Taurus than an Aries, but i think that could be the teacher in me, teaching ppl about myself and other things that excite me and i have knowledge of

    • Im a sagg woman and ive dated a Taurus man and although we got along very well until we didnt…i cant speak for every Taurian but this particular guy became very jealous and possessive and accusatory…wait a minute come to think about it dated 2 Taurian me!(not at the same of course lol)and they both behaved badly with me and eventually I had to walk away. But everyone is different and my experience may not be your experience sometimes environmental/family influences may have something to do with attitudes and behavior of people…good luck!

  18. I am a saggi girl and boyfriend was a saggi too, first two yrs seemed to be like no matter what conflict we have , we easily forget about and become good together again, brkup was like a play word for us, we brk we patch up the next day, were not serious about that..but from the end of 2013 we faced a serious problem when it came to decide abt marriage, he ran away…n we broke up…so does saggi n saggi makes a good life partner?

  19. so much negativety .. damn, sagiterusses are impulsive and impatient…. the is their main flaw in life. They are so energetic and so happy that they run with thier ideas we know this, November 25th, I was born on the first decan, wich by astrology grants me double of jupiters power and influence. 🙂 wich is why I am more intellectual with philosophy and understanding. I dont argue much, at all. However I will fight for what i believe in, and I am very loyal. My mother is a virgo, and an extreme virgo at that, but I have, so far bridged are gap. I am selfless… I give with out asking why, but I will not be used, been there done that, especially by cancer ((though more like a capricorn))… that is interesting lol, I have also been with another sageterius, she was lazy, and only cared about .. philosphy …. hello do something with your life 🙂 anyways, what I am saying, there is good and bad in all signs, it is being able to weed out the good ones, or the ones that are most compatible with you. IF you want to be my partner, you have to be as strong and as caring as I am with you, AND I CARE WITHOUT ANY REASON !!!

    • I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I’ve dated a Cancer and wow!!!!!!! That’s pretty much all I can say about that.

    • my birthday is 25th of November and i have a Leo boyfriend which is quite good because we really do Match together he knows the type of things I like he is always taking care of me and protective about things that happen to me which is a good thing lol & he is just like me wanting to travel places 😀

  20. Well, i’m sagg who dates cap girl. We love each other in both ways. but there’s always a conflict didn’t last long and we end it. btw, sag are not always restless. i was fully committed to her z whole time. any suggestions on Aquarius or Gemini ones. didn’t see aqua listed on our sagg’s list.

  21. I’m a pisces girl (15) towards an Aries cusp with an Aries Venus (and a lot of Aries) and I’ve had this really adorable sagittarius friend (17) Oh my dear god, he’s gorgeous. I have been lucky to discover that him being my longtime crush, likes me too! Well of course, he chased me, but now I’m chasing him an he’s backing off…how do I stop chasing and keep him interested? I’m in love with him and I won’t settle for anyone else in the world.

    • Ignore him.

      • Having lived nearly 40 years thus far through this incarnation as a very elusive Sagittarius man, I have to second the “ignore him” sentiment. No partners kept my attention aside from the ones who were wise enough to make me pine for them (in one case for over a year). Easy, non-committal, pickings are the default go-to. But a woman that gives me enough to know (without a doubt) that they’re interested without immediately giving up their company have always resulted in my longest relationships. So to paraphrase what Lauren said, be coy with him/her.

        Number one tactical error people make with Sagittarians is to surrender to easily/early. We’re the Hunter, without the chase we lose interest/move on to a new hunt. Once one of us is wrangled in successfully, we’re the most loyal and complicated option in the zodiac. And I make that statement not as a sag myself (which I am), but as someone who is experienced in dating Sags as well.

        It can take over a year of active “flirting” before a Sag either recognizes that it’s flirting or, if he or she realizes right off that it’s flirting, before he or she (the sag) let’s themselves try a commitment.

        Tough times for poor ol’ anti-tradition, commitment-o-phobic, Sags if they don’t seal up their romance early on.

        • Aaaw!Someone is hitting me right where it hurts…Lol..Aries lady….fools fall hard….and man….aren’t I smitten with this Sag…he knows…coz me being an Aries…I can’t hide that…the real problem is……I may be bored with the chase…before it even starts….Yeah….I can let him do the chase….but…..he can be in for a very long chase…(he has no clue it may be a long one…coz in his mind…he has this one in the bag….but I know myself…I can be a tough nut to crack) My question is…wouldn’t that put him off…..coz he already feels that am I teaser…which I am…lol. I lead a full on life,busy with my own life…so,the freedom bit is very important to me too…Would appreciate your input on this…@pastasurgeon

          • I know this wasn’t intended for me, but being a sag myself yes we love the chase but don’t let us wait too long or we will lose interest unless that is you are not serious about this relationship you may be pursuing. & only way he’ll come back is if he still has intense feelings for you that he may just be trying to hide.

        • So true

      • To add to that, because i know what its like to be after someone and not sure how to approach the situation perfectly, is be sensible about your timing with them. let things flow naturally, and when you know in your heart, your ready to express your feelings, sincerely and genuinely, then go, do it. when you feel you’ve got them, you can trap them and do what you have to do, as long as your love for them is TRUE and honest

    • You should show him signs but don’t chase him everybody wants what they can’t have


  23. hey aquariusboy im a nov23 sag dating an aquarian.. well dear its tricky she can hold a grudge for a loong time our inteligence allows that. but focus on your combined strenghts in understanding the need for space and intelect. it gets tough but dont le her rule you too much. how does a romantic suprise sound? i be you will blow her away when you learn to be more creative ( aquarians can be a bit conformed) but dud eif it does not improve move on.. chances are she allready started looking elsewhere then and your just the comfort zone.. sagians are very good at this we are charmers! yet we can love tremendously deep.. dunno try the romance or move on dude

  24. I meant Libra.

  25. Sagittarius should be in best matches too!

  26. yeah im into a scorp but it mostly sex and competition so yeah i can dig it the sex is great though there are freaks and are definately open for anything when the trust is there

  27. Currently studying astrology in the celebrity area. Brad Pitt is a Sagittarius and left Jennifer Aniston (An Aquarius) for Angelina a Gemini (His perfect match) was hoping to find more on the Sagittarius/ Aquarius bond but nothing is mentioned here about Aquarius. I remember on MTV they always talked about the pair. They sounded so BORED together.

  28. This doesn’t say anything about A Sag with an Aquarius…. I’m dating Sag man<3 (Aquarius Woman)

  29. im a sagittarius and its fun to think about, but to say that you will never date a sagittarius again or saying they are the best, or judging every man by an astrology reading isn’t a bright thing to do. there are simply good men and bad men and imo i don’t think its based off of a reading of what someone said a long time ago. all men have certain qualities that make us who we are and same for women. you could be looking at your perfect soul mate but bc he is a certain sign you pass him up and now you are foolish because you put all of your faith in what sign he is just bc some other bum hurt you.

  30. Im a sag and i believe most of what was said about sag and their compatibility is so true. I was recently dating a virgo but i knew it would never worked and she tried to convince me that it would but now we are just friends.

    and why is it that I always end up with Capricorn??? that’s what I’ve attracted in all my previous relationships…. im in my mid 30s now – enough playing around – I need a libra, Aries or Leo

    • Get a libra omgg 😍😍

    • Ikr!!..I am a sagg woman and I seem to attract Capricorn men…they are extremely pessimistic!…he totally annoys me!…i met a leo guy and we are really hot together he really understands me but the timing isnt right. I’ve met a libra guy and he makes me laugh til i cry. I dated and aries guy and we are still friends 20yrs later…not really sure if settling down will happen but when it does it should be with a Leo,libra,maybe an Aries,Gemini

  32. im dating a Romanian sag man, 37 bodybuilder. ima sag too. they say a sag cant be with another sag. i dont buy it but it seems like its true bec oftentimes he sends mix messages, sweet then when we talk about our past , he becomes accussive and doubtful.i think i cant be with a sag forever..

  33. this is what exactly happened to me. Capricorn, ah hated them. Too much pessimist for me too much. My each and every word was negative and wrong for her. I don’t believe this, the whole world appreciates me and think i am good enough whereas she thinks i am a negative and egoistic person. Fuck man..!! I left her

  34. I disagree with some things i read above, some of it I guess isn’t true anyway,
    I am a sagitarian woman,I am very secure with my self and an independent person..despite that I like to wear skirt and make up with my stiletto, I love to handle gun or happy with my martial art course.
    I am a giver but I am greedy when comes about my privacy..
    I like to wear jeans and laugh out loud and in the same time I can stay still and sit quietly to read.
    I can be very moody, lazy if I don’t find the thing interest me, or just plain ignorant and too private..get frustrated easily in some point, and can be extremely bore easily.
    I rarely jealous, I don’t sweat small stuff and it’s not easy to handle me cuz i am 100% a stubborn woman.
    I am married to my Libra man (in here it didnt say anything about libra as my partner),my bond with him is amazing he truly loves me,he is the best from anyone i ever been with, it’s great how he can put up with me …he is giving all his best to put us together, he making me love him more everyday.
    I used to be a big flirty,just since I got married I don’t do that stuff anymore,and yes I want to settle down and I am settled with my Libran man.

  35. wat abt sagittarius man n pisces girl??? m myslf a piscean n hav huge crush on sag. frnd n cllg senior!

  36. I have to say this doesn’t really explain my Sagittarius woman at all. She’s small, sweet, shy, easily frightened and very clingy, there is a bit of a prowling panther in there, but like most wild cats, isn’t very social. -Not that I mind.- I love some of these articles, but I think all sides should be explained.

  37. I’m married to a scorpio man who at first we were great as friends we became lovers and things just gt crazy. My husband has anger issues he strikes me when he’s really mad his excuse is well u know how mad u get me. If I’m tired and I fall asleep he will wake up the next morning like a devil and he’s even hit me because I did not have sex with him. He claims I’m always pushing him away when in reality yes I might push him awayc cause I hold a grudge against all the hitting he did. He was so mad one day he through a bracelet at me and gave me a gash in the back of my ear. He claimed he did not mean to throw at me… ladies believe me this is not worth it. I’m waiting to save money so I can leave his ass. I hate him and he can go back to jailfor all I care. Fyi he has 3 felonies oh and I’m the one who works he does not he can’t get a job cuase his ass is a jailberg! What a dum mistake I made. As a sagittarius I’m sick and tired I pay the rent the phone food he had little side jobs that are not enough mind u he aid he wants to work but gets discouraged because he has been turned own due to his felonies. I love but hate him and I eriously believe there’s someone else out there for me

    • miss, if you ever read this; I hope you already left him or you need to leave that bitch right now. use some hot grits like madea yo, you make oatmeal, be like hey babeeeee, breakfast and throw the whole liquidy ass grits on him burning that bitch and then using another pan to smack his ass while youre tryna run the shit outta there. THAnk the lord. MADEA MOVIES ARE The besssssssssssst. Then after you just be like fuck that bitch, forgive him and forgive you cos the truth is you always wanted good things but that gives his sick ass son of a bitch ass no right to treat another person wrong and then you just forgive and BUH BYEEEEEEE And go on looking hunnnnaaaaay for your true trueeeeee love, and happiness and desire and dont settle and be kind and all the other good beautiful things you issssss. much love

    • You need to get help. You need to make a dramatic change, accept it will be dramatic, and run from t he situation. Also, find a man stronger than him and get his ass beat.partner is aggressive with me, and i threatened to kill him and also have threatened to ruin his good name, and ive plotted it out and told him exactly what id do and told him to try me. He’s been good ever since, and it was his luck that we are making things work, mostly maybe because i pity him, and will teach him how to be a respectable warrior as myself

    • Oh my sagg friend dont blame yourself we can be a bit impetuous and then fall in love hard for the wrong one. There is one thing i am good at is leaving and leaving fast!….if you cant pack your stuff in fear he may find out then walk right out of the door without looking back…we sagg have a knack of turning an ugly situation into TRIUMPH!…God bless in your transition

    • Wow ! Girl sounds to familar my baby dad is a Scorpio and me (sag ) was attracted to him and then as the relationship went on he was jealous pissesie and always wanted to be in control of everything in my life !! We were both hot headed so if he would hit me I would strike back and we would be wild ! When we got along (which was hardly ever ) it was perfect … But then I started to hate him and feel trapped for life so I made the best decision I could possibly make and that was leaving ! I loved the freedom it was like I was born again !! I was back to my old self and not a depressed sag anymore !!!! Now I date a Capicorn man who loves me oh so dearly. He is the best boyfriend ever !!!!! He caters to me and helps me out when in need ! Never judges me and excepts every flaw I have …. Only problem is … I don’t know if this is truly my soul mate … We have been dating for almost a year and I still don’t love him… I get bored with him he just boring … And I’m always attracted to someone new !!!! Recently I met a Taurus girl!!!! Ive dated a girl or two in my life time

      • I never finished !! But I met a Taurus girl and the connection was to strong to where I can not stop thinking of this girl !!!!! I just know we have to be like soul mates or something !!!!!!! I am so interested in her and we conversate easily about anything . I laugh none stop and when I’m with her this connection is to strong but it says we are not compatible !!! When we are together she acts like she likes me …. But I think she has someone (so do I ) bc we don’t text as often as someone who is interested does ! Idk but we went on the best date I have ever experienced in life I’m only 23 and she is 30… And I just can’t stop thinking about this girl . I just wanna know why??????? I have not even known her that long ! I am freaking out and I kind of yearn to be with her ! Crazy

  38. Bitches and Hoes… I’m mad in love with a Sagittarius and I’m a Capricorn. He’s so random, intellectual, witty and asshole-like. I think he’s the most brilliant person I know. He lives so fluidly, without any plans or back up plans and it annoys the flying-fuck outta of me but everything he does I can never give him shit for it….. ‘Cause all he does is that stupid smirk on his face and gets away with murder. The only reason I never dated him is because he lives too far from me 😦 Phone sex does wonders…. I don’t think I can EVER delete him out of my life even when I’m in a relationship other people…. There’s no one I can like as much as this Sagittarius… but, long distance relationships is a big hell NO to me.

  39. This is dumb. I have been dating a Cancer for basically 4 years. We have broken up once or twice but we always return to each other. We are well… perfect for each other. We are yin and yang and it just works so well for us. ANY relationship can work if you try. Also, I have read up on Cancer and Sagg and it always says if the two are willing they could have a relationship full of balance and love since they are so opposite. 🙂

  40. haha.. my virgo is pretty critical too but honestly it doesnt bother me too much.. like it does but not enough for me to break it off we go really well with each other.. we just get along so well somehow shes just so different than anyone ive ever met sooo.. idk lol

  41. Sag’s beware. Libra’s are compatible with almost everyone for a reason, deep down they want to be with everyone. I have had the folly of dating five presumably different Libra’s (all from different backgrounds) and literally every one of them turned out to be lazy, deceitful cheaters. Libra’s may be pretty, but they are not passionate and typically have a love of giving what was supposed to be yours to new people, especially those they barely know. And sadly, they do it and feel not only okay about it, but justified; as if cheating and lying were things they are supposed to do. Just a warning. Maybe not all Libra’s are this way, but with the diplomatic tenancy to lie to anyone, you have no real way to tell sense a libra will say anything to get off the hot seat.

  42. Hi I am a 26 year old Gemini that have been in a 6 year relationship with a 36 year old Leo. The problem I’m having is that I’m not quite show I love him anymore. On the other hand I am intrigued by a Sag. that is showing interest in me. I don’t want to lose what I have and regret it later. But I don’t want to miss the opportunity I may have with the Sag. Confused, can someone give me advice?

  43. I don’t know. I kinda like all men. There isn’t one in particular that I would say is my “best match”, each one has something the other doesn’t, and each one has something I don’t. So, I kinda love them all.

  44. I am in love with a Sag and currently we are playing the cat mouse game! I am an Aries and I am a go getter! Once you have my attention, I work my magic until I get what I want. As a Sag, he likes to be the chaser! When we first met he was calling me all the time…. the more I did not answer the more he called. When I started calling and emailing him – he bagged off. I see how this works now! And I love a challenge! But once I get him will he keep me interested is the key???? HMMMMM

    • OMG! How’d you stop chasing, I’m still trying to figure it out!

    • Riding the same boat as you……and that is the same question…..I’ve turned the tables…he’s the one chasing…but hasn’t got a clue it may be a very long one….Wondering if he won’t get bored with the chase….

  45. lol, Idk about the “best matches” I’ve dated every zodiac sign and still havn’t had a good relationship with either of them. So i’m just single and planning a fun life for my future. lol. I’m a Sag/ 17/ and live in Texas, but of course I won’t want to be bothered that much, lol. i’ll probably be camping anyway.

  46. I am currently seeing a Sag man, and I have never felt so much passion and desire as I do when I am with him. He is incredible in bed, the best lover I have ever had by far! Explosive!!! He makes me feel SO alive and like a woman should feel. Totally unselfish too which is a rare quality in a sometimes selfish man. We started seeing each other around about this sort of time last year, it has ended on 2 occasions as I was a bit of a naughty girl with other men and he found out but he was with someone at the time and I just felt like it would never go anywhere with him so what was the point in being faithful? I may aswell see what else there was out there ! Sorry but life is too short for regrets. Anyway, he came back just before Xmas saying despite everything I had done, he still loved me so we gave it another go, but I had since moved to a different town so it was difficult for us to see each other, so I ended it this time. Anyway, he is back AGAIN for more, this time has left the girl he was with and is moving into a new flat today actually! So we shall see what happens this time around! Trust me though, you have to keep them on their toes in order for them to stay interested. He is 36 and I am a 35 Gemini woman. Who knows where it will go, but I am sure will have loads of fun finding out!!!!

  47. Help!!! My wife is a november 23rd Sag. and need I say more about that. She told me the other night that she was NOT sexually attractive to me, but physically attractive. I think she is still holding a grudge from four years ago when I went through a tired spelled and didn’t want to be bothered for about a week. Since that she has not made an attempt I always have to initiate. Can anybody offer some sexual advice OR should I start looking somewhere else? I am an Aquarius and I need it just about every other day.

    • I’m a sag woman… Learn some kama sutra, pick her up over your shoulder and carry her ass off to the bed room, throw her on the bed and show her some real attention. If your tired.. Get in shape coz she’s got and appetite.

    • Damn ur comment is of 2009 idk u r even reading this or not. This is the first comment I saw of a sag female n aqua man.. I m intrigued bcz m a sag woman n I m dating an aqua man. I knw a sag woman cn hold a grudge for years for ur inability or something u did that hurt her. But believe me a sag woman will always love to sex with the man whom she loves truely. May be she doesn’t initiate bcz she is too scared/ confused that one day u’ll again drift to ur tired spelled or oblivion state. She is just trying to protect herself from getting hurt from u. To hold on to her u have to love her deeply and have to prove ur love to her and guaranteed she is going to get head over heels over u. Sag women are very simple they just want love, care and deep understanding and support n don’t ever try to be false or try to cheat her she’ll smell it n give u the worst treatment u cn ever think of also…! Be careful , be true to her n u’ll have her in ur arms forever n have a plenty of sex. Sag woman are adventurous n they love sex n specially with an aquarian… 😍 just don’t b boring try new sex styles n kiss her alot shez all urs then… 😉😉

  48. “I was in love with a Sagittarius…” like Beyonce said on B-Day. But I’m a Gemini woman and he hurt me so bad. I was open and honest with him about everything and he lied from day one. He told me he wouldn’t lie because he valued honesty and cherished beauty (referring to me), but he still lied and hurt me anyway. He got caught and felt bad about it but I don’t forgive easily. I had never dated a Sag before and never will again. The sex was GREAT but I’m not desperate. He asked if we could continue sex but after the lies and pain of heartbreak, I said, “Na…I’ll pass”. I know there is a Libra out there waiting for me to knock his socks off…I’ll save it for him instead!

    • I can understand the broken heart my dear. But remember, not all Sagittarius are the same. It also depends on the moon sign. Sometimes people lean more towards their moon sign. Just a suggestion. I hope you find the one for you weather your signs match or not.

  49. I am a gemini and have been with my sagittarian man for a long long time. We do not have to work very hard at our relationship. So it is cool how it says that we are good for each other. On the other hand….on the Gemini love matches it has Aquarius and Libra listed as my best matches. I happen to be completely intrigued with an Aquarius male at the moment and have been for the passed few years.

  50. I have a question, when with a Libra, how do sagittarius’ match up.I amcurrently ina a relationship with one and am curious as to how we’ll fair

  51. btw, im a sagittarius

  52. ..i have a boyfriend who is a taurus and it says up there that i cant get along with one =/ me and my taurus get along just FINE. sure.. he is a bit possessive, but i don’t mind that.

  53. i love my sag, but unfortunatly, he hasnt had his great mellowing period yet so, out relationship just consists of great sex, but no real commitments…he;s not ma man, we just “own” each other (as he says) now i know why…hes just a pussy wen it comes to commitments…thanx for clearing dat up 4 me

  54. HEY iF UR A SAG MAN N WANNA TALK…IM ME @ vfaith5
    i’m FAITH…im 17/i’m a Libra…=]
    good idea right??/??//?

    haha. Jim Morrison is the sexiest Sagittarius!

  56. i never dated a sag nor was i ever attracted to any of them

  57. would other signs not listed in either of the two lists above be compatible with this sign as well?

  58. Uhh, so true. I was with a Scorpio and that’s exactly why we worked for a little while, but didn’t work in the long run. Also exactly what’s wrong with most of them Capricorns, too! Okay that’s not what’s “wrong” with them per say, but why WE aren’t compatible. 😉

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