Sagittarius November 23 – December 22 Ruling Planet: JUPITER

God of money, luck and good times between the sheets. Sagos are playful, laid back and oh-so fun to party with. They are wild, and may be the BADDEST party people you ever meet! One thing to be wary of is that Sagos like to talk ****! Don’t believe everything they tell you because they are kings at ‘talking it up’.

Sagos probably make better friends than lovers, but if you happen to score a one-nighters with them, be prepared to do stuff you’ve NEVER done before! Sagos are spontaneous and adventurous and most have probably been caught doing it somewhere public. When they find the right lover, they will give it 100% as long as the commitment is returned.

SAGITTARIUS FAVE POSITION: They are up for anything. Quality AND Quantity.

SAGITTARIUS BEST SEX TOY: Handwritten a sexual fantasy of yours and leave it on their pillow. You’ll be surprised at what happens next!

SAGITTARIUS MALE IN BED Even if he’s fat, balding and middle aged, he can still attract the chicks. It’s his passion and pursuit of happiness that draws the babes to him. Think “Austin Powers” baby, yeah! He is a wee bit selfish though, and then be prepared for an “all around me” attitude in the sack. He LOVES doing it, and if you start holding out on him, he’s likely to get it somewhere else. He will either amaze his partner with his sexual expertise or be absolute trash in bed!

SAGITTARIUS FEMALE IN BED The Sago woman is a handful! She changes her mind more often than she shaves her armpits, is blunt, oversensitive and takes offence at the strangest things. She’s adventurous in the bedroom and also has no problems cheating if her demands are not met. But can you handle her open-minded sexuality? She will hide her emotions from you, but don’t make the mistake of hiding yours from her. She’s looking for someone she can trust 100%, but is quite hypocritical since she can be very untrustworthy herself.

THE BEST WAY TO TURN ON SAGITTARIUS Hips and thighs are extremely sensual for a Sago, so concentrate on massaging and stroking that area and the space in between! Don’t be afraid to ask your Sago if you’re doing it right cause they would LOVE to tell you! The best way to get them going is to grope their inner thigh in a public place!

4 Responses to “Sagittarius November 23 – December 22 Ruling Planet: JUPITER”

  1. I’m a Sag and disagree about something’s written. I’m not a **** talker. If my needs aren’t met I’ll move on to the next one, cheating is a stressful hobbie and I am allergic to stress. In past relationships I was the one always trying to commit, so don’t know why they Sag’s are afriad of it. I believe there are different kinds of Sag’s. Me and my sister are both Sag’s and we are complete opposites we are always referred to by ” Night and Day” because thats how different we are.
    She’s very loud, I’m more conservative. She loves to make friends and socialize. Im sociable but to a certain extent. She’s a believer in everyone she meets is her friend. When I meet people male/ female I’m more of the observing type, you have to prove to me your are worthy of my friendship.
    I don’t trust as easly as she does. It’s funny because she acts more like a Pieces then a Sag, my mom is a Pieces and my sister acts just like her.
    My mom always said I was a loner. I love time to my self and I hate others invading my space unless they notify me. For example I hate people showing up at my house unannounced it drives me insane.
    What me and my sister do have in common is the bluntness and our tempers. We are bet quick to snap on someone if we have to , but it takes a lot for me to be pushed to that point. Which is weird, in one aspect I do have patience but on the same note I don’t.
    My personality is more like Ying and Yang. I believe I am a very weird Sag. I’m not materialistic, and from what I’ve read in many sights Sag can tend to be that way. But I’m not, if I have I have it and if I don’t I really don’t care.
    My attitude towards a lot of things is ” if it is , it is and if it’s not it’s not”
    So I don’t know what that means for me. Is there like a positive and negitive Sag. Almost all the time I’m happy, smiling just enjoying life. I just wonder if there are different types of Sag’s because from what I’ve read and from the Sag’s I’ve met , and family I know who are Sag’s I seem to be very opposite from them. I’m very adaptable , I have many shades of colors if that makes any sense.
    Anyway just wanted to share what king of Sag I am.

  2. ……………. Oh god… My girl actually is most sensitive there…. And she likes to top and try new things… And that’s just in the chat room. Oh this is gonna be fun~

    i’m FAITH…im 17/i’m a Libra…=]

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