Aries Men

He always let other people walk in front of him, but he will get there first. He is a very careful guy and small obstacles won’t make him fall easily even he thinks life is a very serious matter. He is as romantic as any other Zodiac. He could look gentle, but inside he is as strong as steel.Once he determines to do something, he is serious about doing it well. He will keep any pressure or insult deep down inside without showing emotion. You will never see his emotion of burden or disappointment and always wonder what he thinks or feels. He will be well-kept his feeling.

You will never see a guy in this Zodiac involving in other people business. He always concern with his own business. Sometimes he can be talkative, but he will never give anyone advice if he has not been asked. If you ask for advice, he will certainly give you one. He respects elderly and senior, so you will see he is the type who visits his parents steadily or often.

He is a slightly shy but also a stubborn person. He will find many ways to make you happy when you are with him, till you realize he is the important person for you. Once he is in the “Power Position”, he will use his power gently. He is a good leader and “Gentleness” is one of his effective methods for exploiting his power. It is although he is borne to be a leader.

He never hides his ambition, and he is a workaholic. He will not take any place that he has no control. He will work very hard to reach his goal and satisfaction.

Compliment from his boss or superior are never enough for him, he wants his reserved reward. His deep insecurity makes him reach and collecting valuable things and this you may think he is stingy. Actually he could easily spending money to buy things, traveling or pay for things that makes him happy and he think necessary for his need. He care what other people think of him and want to get good comments or compliments.

Outside he looks like stone and steel, but inside he is a fragile person. He will hide and cover up weak emotion and his sadness to support and keep up his “Image”. One method of cover up you could easily notice is suddenly if he is quiet, cold, or act very strong or very secure. Often, he feels insecure, even he is serious about his life and his own surrounding.

This is the man who never hurries to get marry, so hardly sit back and regret about his marriage later. If he gets marry, he need to be very certain and very sure. It will take a long time for such decision, so if you tell him that you are “breaking up” , you better forget him for good because he will never coming back. He always keeps his promise. If he said he will meet you in your place in 2 hours then he will be there, unless there is a serious accident or unavoidable things happen.He hates people who are late for date or any appointment. He likes to think woman should be a follower and take care of family and working is a man duty. He does not like to compete with his girlfriend or his wife at work because competition already exists with himself and other people. He will be very proud if he can afford and care for his family. Do not try to overpower him or insult him, he cannot stand it.

He likes to be in control of every things, every situations. He like a “Classy Woman”, if she also comes from a good family then it is Plus. It will make him feel proud and very ego about her status. Flashy type of woman, forget it. He likes a perfect or a perfect housewife. He tends to be possessive. He will not tell you if he is mad at you, but will act very moody to show you instead. He likes to hear sweet word and compliment so you can get his interest that way. If he approaches you to ask you out, do not act too stubborn or fooling around too much.

He will get tired and just disappear. He has to feel confident when he is around you, so knowing this fact you should know what to do, right! If you want him, you have to make him feel like he is the most important person for you. He likes a kind-hearted woman, polite and can get along with his family. When he feels sad, do not leave him alone, but be very supportive. Kind words and your smile will win him over, so this strong man will be like a chicken in your palm.

55 Responses to “Aries Men”

  1. Aries male who is dating a Gemini male and we seem like a perfect match. he loves trying to figure me out and i like watching the gears always turning in his head. he lets me be the protector and is so sweet.

  2. Aries man here, I think the article is pretty accurate. From my personal experience, Gemini is a very bad match for Aries man! Aries man is very honest, sincere, blunt; and Gemini waay too fickle, insincere, etc.. Aries & Gemini are possibly worst zodiac match.

  3. i am sag, he’s a aries..i know him for like 3 years as a common frend at skool,he used 2 tease me a lot ……i thought it was just for frends thing after we finished skool…..he went as the same college as me….and i had 2 play cupid for my fren…having a crush on him…..wen i told tat my frend liked him……he tld me..tat he had a crush on me since 1 year… i was too busy 2 notice because i loved a scorpio then……i dont know wt 2 do….bcoz…he acts like nothing happend in clas………shuld i play hard 2 get ??or commit wid him bcoz i do like him….but not much as i loved the scorpio??

  4. This reading is very accurate pertaining to my boyfriend who is a Aries with Pisces moon. But not so accurate for my uncle who is an Aries with Capricorn moon. You must consider moon signs and Ascendant/Rising signs before considering a person you are with.

  5. I am a leo girl, i always find myself with aquarius men but i will say i never felt this much love and attraction towards a man until i met this aries guy omg its crazy ive been Pretending not to be interested when he tries to talk to me or text me but really i am in love we spent a lil time together weve only ever kissed(great kisser) cant stop thinking of him maybe my neglecting attitude chased him away idk he smiled at me in public and i walked right pass him becase i was a lil shy he havent called or messaged me in days and im going crazy, need advise….wa goin on wid him? wa can i do?….i love him…

    • I am an Aries man. We like it when we are motivated. Alot of what you read is true. Aries men like to be complimented. Not to where you think your kissing up. We want someone to tell us great job, and you can make things better. We are helpers by nature. Ask him for help and he will gladly accept. Sexy is great but be mysterious
      Show interest but push away a bit. We love a challenge. We especially love to feel like we are in control. Ask him to teach you something. Just dont be clingy and controlling. If so he will walk away faster then you can blink. We are hyper and spontaneous. I hope that helps. Good luck. Ciao!

  6. Yes, Aries, men are amazing, and they do great, they do great things, and get along well !! they are firey because they love, and live with a passion, they breifly tell you what they like, and like to live with you, and involve you in things they do !! !! they love with a passion !! !! ** :


    only select parts of the aries description above is true for me, wish there was a check list to cross things out. i have no problem opening up and saying how i feel and what is on my mind i can’t stand feeling like nobody knows “the real me” so i try my best to let it be know. i can say that Im not like many “aries” if your family or friend you have a pass to get into my what this web site is making it sound like a “castle”. well it kind of is like a castle but a very laid back one when your in,your in i have no problem letting you go anywhere within the “castle” if your in there i will protect you. If i want to i can make people feel very comfortable or not so comfortable but all in all I’m a light shining in the dark. I’m 26 and the older i get the more i feel the need to lead and thats confusing to me because i always go with the flow. all in all I’ve always been kind, respected, have many close friends, fun, laid-back hard to get me boiling pretty damn hard but if i go off its controlled the thing that sucks is that ill pull the anger back on myself and beat myself up and spew self loathing crap on those that told me that i could tell them anything, i don’t like any animals in my house, the only way is if it is my kids and they better take care of penetrable and transparent i don’t have anything to hide, lying feels completely foreign to me it gets you no where, if i have something to say i will say it no doubt about that, ahhh i got it the only reason i am penetrable and transparent is because of god you know christianity. as i get older i am really trying to dig and figure myself out and leave the pieces behind that make my personality grid lock. TO ALL THE LADYS OUT THERE MY ADVICE WOULD BE if your going to get serious with an aries wait until he knows who he really is at the core and what he’s all about i mentioned the rock that i would suggest he puts his house on a couple of sentences back. and i highly doubt that he will lose his bad ass spirit he just need something to dull the fire down to the perfect glow

    i don’t know if this matters to anyone but this was written by a end of march aries

  8. Aries! Man Emotions are held back at certain times because like they say were the fire sign! Would I rather clam down for a second and gather my thoughts so we can talk about this and do it the right way! Or say something I’m going to regret later as much as it hurt you! The silence shows how much he cares for you! Be patient and the story will unfold in the best way possible! Trust me your the first to be told! We scare are own self’s sometimes! Cuz we know we can push them away as fast as we can get them! (AKA): CRAZY! But in the best way!
    P.S. WE DO LOVE TO BE COMPLAMENTED BUT WE LOVE TO COMPLIMENT YOU! Were equal not first or last but more as one! Tru love we search! You get my first message of the day and my last Probably about how beautiful you are and have a great day or sweet dreams! And if any gets in the way of it like they say were determined and achieve what we set out for! Got your 6 (back) shouldn’t we want the same! O ya its in the wedding vowels till you catch 6/till death do us part! Were hilarious and funny and spontaneous so when it comes to games we have a great time! But Don’t play games not about that B.S. IM OUT THESE HOES only put time in ones who earn it! ARISE WERE AWESOME!

  9. I am an aquarius woman dating and aries man.. he is the most amazing man I have ever met. he does get jealous sometimes but I find it sexy. we talk about everything and we never fight. sex will never be the same for me he has completely blown me away. the love we share has been one I have never encountered.. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

  10. I must say that a lot of these comments are true in pertaining to an Aries man. I am a Libra woman currently “talking” to an Aries man, and let me tell you…. it is definitely interesting. I haven’t really figured him out, but we will be going on a date soon and I will find out what he’s like. Like a post I read in here, Aries men put their work above all else. I find that to be true. This Aries man I’m talking to, will work long hours and for days straight without talking to me..because he is that busy. It is crazy! That is a part of them that other signs will either accept or just leave, that doesn’t change for Aries. Also, they like a challenge so don’t be too annoying (texts, calls,etc). Play the “game” with them!

  11. I’ m Scorpio , dated an aires for 4 years .He never introduced his family and friends . He was lovely , good sex …never helped me in anything , cheated on me all the time, full of liars…selfish , sex come first….I think he just used me …Saimir L is the worst…..demon…play games …..cheater and liar…I hate him.

    • This is the problem of Scorpian’s girls always crying no matter how much your Bf loves you… thats why u deserving this.. Get a life Stop Complaining Complaint is not in a fashion Aries are the Real Hero’s of Zodiacs.

      • I was in the same kind of aries relationship, well 2, butt that hate is only hurting you so move oon with love. I only wish the best for “mine” I hope his new love can give him what he needs-peace. it’s no use staying angry because he stopped loving you.

  12. well i am a aries man the above detail are so true mostly this the way aries are normally.

  13. just be ready when he is, not when you are. Have your own life, and be ready to stop it if he calls, otherwise he will whine,

  14. So true!

  15. I am not quite certain about all of this.
    A aries man love is women to be very attractive .
    He love a woman that he can control but also independent.
    A aries man like to surprise visit.
    A aries man likes to be first but can be at the back for a while and decide to go for it.
    A aries man dont have lots of patience they like things done fast.
    A.aries man can be late and not show up at all.
    But if its work he can be way a head of time work is very important to him.
    He is not the type to demonstrate affection even if he love very much. He will give lots of thing he is very generous but affection is giving by others first.
    A aries mam dont shoe much

  16. aye nothing can explain me better

  17. Did they mix this sign’s description with a different sign?

    – never shows emotions? (opposite is true)
    – never involves himself in others’ business (opposite is true)
    – always concerned with his own business (mostly opposite is true)
    – always keeps his promise (mostly opposite is true)
    …almost everything else in this article is correct.
    (I should know because I was born on April Wise Person’s Day;))

  18. Most of the comments I read here were aries and libra matches, I find this interesting. I’m an aquarius and I recently started dating an aries guy. Aries is considered Auarius’ perfect match, but Ive never dated an Aries before. I feel like he is my equal and like I’ve never felt like I understood another person so perfectly and had a mutual feeling of being understood. Being with this aries feels so uncomplicated and also free. I have known other aries, and I can best describe them from my point of view as really good people. Not fake. 100%, deep-down good people. It’s almost like an innocense.

  19. Aries men need a mother, sex goddess, friend, and sparring partner all rolled into one! Problem is, they don’t have the patience to wait for this, so they mindlessly drift from one potential partner to the next.

  20. Hi This is Manikandan,

    The article about Aries men is very true and real.
    Please post which zodiac woman can marry aries man.

    • I can tell you that. Aries are a fire sign so they are compatible with other fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius. They are also compatible with Air signs Aquarius and Gemini and Libra is actually Aries opposite so they could possible be conflict but not too much. πŸ™‚

  21. interesting article

  22. I’m a Cancer and my man’s an Aries, and we’ve been dating for a while now which is crazy because I had already had my share of men and I was done with that whole scene. But he changed my view on men and we love each other. Sometimes however, I feel like he can be a little possessive like he don’t even want to hear my view on things which I hate. I feel at times like he want me to just sit there and agree with everything he say and just obey he, but then he get mad when I do or I completely rebel…it’s whatever though. Sometimes I just want things to be all about me, like I want him to wine, dine, make love to me, and love me, but then here he goes with “his needs”. As I said I love him, he love me but I don’t about the insecure part because my man’s not insecure whatsoever, nope not a insecure part in his body, but there are pretty of cocky parts lol. I love my babe though V. Carr 6/13/11

  23. hehe..its to hear this..

  24. Word by word my hubby is like this…. every bit of this article is the complete character of my hubby. I wonder that how would i bring back him and make him to trust me… coz lot of chaos have happened and becoz of which he have stopped every contact with me from last 4 months….

  25. I’m a Gemini woman dating an Aries man for 3 years now and it has been a tug-a-war challenge. This article I find to be true and at first he drove me crazy because I couldn’t understand what was really going on with him, he would not let me in if he was over loaded,and then backed off even to the point of being cold and distant, now I know the routine but I love him and I don’t know if this relationship is worth going the distance. I know he loves me and he keeps telling me be patient because I got him and he’s not going no where,but I need him to be more verbal and stop hiding like a turtle in a shell when he’s stressed out.

  26. i am aries in both sun and moon…i agree wid every bit written above…even i m madly fond of a libran girl who i started lovin 6 yrs bac wen i met her for d first time…initially, i thought it was only a crush (n may be it still is) , but there is something about her dat doesn’t permit me to forget her and move on…but she luks at me as only a friend…i respect her opinion to d fullest n only wish my best for her…i think aries men like libran women owing to their sweet nature…she is somebody i am going to remember for the rest of my life…

  27. Im a Aries-Taurus (April 20), I have to say that I like maybe love an Aries man, though he doiesnt really know this. I was reading his and it sounds very much like him. I recently started getting into zodiacs and such, and I read that Taurus and Aries will mostly likely be fighting a lot, which of course sucks! But this isnt going to stop me, I dont want to live my life wondering “waht if”.. The good thing is that im a very patient girl. Lets just see how things turn out.

  28. What I admire about Arian men is that theyre not afraid to work hard. They just dive right in and do whatever needs to be done and they are good at it. I dated one and he did gently lead me. He wasn’t arrogant about it and that was also admirable. I respect people who know where they’re going and what they’re doing in life without stepping on people to get ahead. This is Aries.

    So I’m a Virgo and this is my story.

  29. well i’am a SAG and my boyfriend is an ARIES. Both of us have so much in common and he doesnt like for me to be in control its very true, he is very caring and we barely get into arguments, we understand each other alot.

  30. i think aries are very careful with money. they either are protective or flirtatious therefore its hard for them to commit. they’re always aware of how their partners present themselves in appearances while they are themselves are pretty laid back. they’re also very contradicting and a little revengeful. they can be very good buddies but not boyfriends. they enjoy freedom so not compatible for cancers and scorpios in general.

  31. I am a cancer with an aries man. They said were not a good match. But we have been together a year and have not had any problems. I am also submissive,believe in taking care of my man. I am very feminine too. I Cook,clean and do it all while he relaxes. I think people should realise cancers can be a good match for an aries too!

  32. I see so many comments on here that make me laugh.

    I am an Aquarius and I dated an Aries years ago. We worked we really well together…great sexual energy and lots of fun… but the Aries has a tendency to be a work-aholic which can hinder a relationship. Every Aries I have ever know puts WORK above anything. And you can either admire that or be disgusted.

    • I’m a sag lady and been seeing an aries guy for almost a year… In the beginning he flirted with me and I played hard to get… It was like toying with a baby. Aries love to chase so I held out for nearly a month before actually going out with him. I have to still make him chase me, after a year … He seems to love it… I don’t try to tie him down cause I’m not into commitments and we both love independence… I think a sag best suits aries… Do others agree/disagree?????


  34. I’m a libra woman and I have been with my Aries man for 13 years now. 7 of which we have been married.

    I admit, Aries men are really a challenge they are not tidy people, they like to fight (mainly pick fights), they aren’t really trendy and HE DRIVES ME NUTS!!

    But on the lighter side I have found Aries men to be soooo passionate, so loving, will help an old lady across the street with her bags, the BESTEST daddy for our daughter, self sacrificing, and best fit for me.

    Even though we are POLAR OPPOSITES – we mesh well. I love Aries men… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  35. Being a Scorpio Female…Aries Male can easily handle us while the others are running away pulling their hair out! Only thing about the Aries Male is they are very selective in choosing a partner. And as it says above…very slow to commit, if at all. They’d rather be alone than make a mistake in choosing a mate.

    Aries and Scorpio aren’t supposed to be a good match, but either are Scorpio/Scorpio….wrong! Two of my best matches so far, one resulting in a 14 year marriage!

  36. Aries men are so confusing… Because the aries men i know are quite OPPOSITE from what the description says
    But what IS true is the ambition bit and the fact that they hate waiting
    One ram i know shuts his computer down if the internet takes even a second too long to load lol
    They can say things without thinking twice (which at first i thought was a sign of BLOODY IGNORANCE rather than honesty..) but then after all i guess they don’t lie though
    and the thing about aries liking women that are like PRINCESS XENA is totally wrong (of course it differs from person to person)
    aries men really like feminine women (why do u think there are so many of them hooked up with either LIBRANS or PISCEANS??)

  37. i think the essay tells the truth but it is too soft on aries .an aries is aggressive, dominating, fearless, least bothered about security, spender of money, impatient, relegious, a born leader, a competitor. Aries does not stand domination unless it comes from a very powerful source.
    as far as an aries man is concerned, he likes women who are strong and ambitious. he likes the challenge from females. the comely and shy women are not in his list. she has to keep up with him, match his aggression. herad of princess xena? these are the women who matches up wid aries men.
    however an aries woman wants to be with the men whom they can dominate. so, an aries – aries match is a complete failure in most of the cases. it is tougher and more unstable than an aries- pisces one.

  38. I am an Aries man with a Libra wife. I too, love my wife madly. However, as of late I am getting tired of her lazy, but sexy ways in the bed. She is beautiful, wow, but more show than go. But what a pretty face. She can make you melt at 100 meters away.

    Libras what can you do? Sexy but lazy.

  39. Why the hell don’t Aries and Libras get along??? they’re so cute. i think the libra trys but once aries comes and trys to be leader..she gets a little upset…cause Libra woman is def leader too.

  40. I am libra and this guy I am dating with is Aries. We love each other very much..He always put smiles on my face and love to make me laugh everyday. We both have balances and help each other with flaws. We have a really good communications which its the most important key in the relationship and can compromise with each other easily. I can sense that we will stay together for a very long time. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him, I truly love him!! Aries is the best ideal guy for Libras, you libra girls….go for aries dudes!!! and you wont regret it!

  41. i have a male friend who is an aries, i’m a libra female with an aries moon (more attraction), the other day i introduced my boyfriend to him and i was introduced to his girlfriend, we like each other alot, but we have drawn the line between how close we are to each other, i still am attracted to him and i know he’s crazy about me, i figure its an opposite attract situation that might never end. But whatever that strong attraction between aries and libra is, i love it, keepin in mind that you must never try to trap an aries man (or woman) or stiffle their freedom, the more they have, with respect to you as their significant other, the more they will appreciate you. When my aries friend and i met each other, after a few conversations, he told me ‘YOU ARE LIKE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR’ lol, what did he expect, i’m a libra (wink) WELL SAID BY A LIBRA LADY πŸ˜‰

  42. My boyfriend is an aries, im a sag, he is nothing like this description… :-S

  43. I am a leo and worked for an aries man who was very much attracted to me. However, at that time I was not interested and left the company. I work near him and occassionally run into him. But he his always at lunch with his group, so I just wave and keep walking. I truly am attracted to this man, and don’t know what to do.

  44. my partners an aries and im a leo woman we get on so well its like we were meant to be we are true soul mates, the only problem he has with me is that my sex drive is too much for him and he thought his sex drive was high!

    • my boyfriend is a aries and i am a leo- we have a fantastic relationship- we were meant for eachother- but just like you and your partner our only problem is my sex drive! it drives him crazy! and like your mate he thought his was high!

  45. Aires men are psychotic jealous and possessive. complete narsicist! Don’t get too attached, becuase the minute you do – hes on to the next conquest!

  46. I am a libra gal and my boyfriend is an aries I know he loves me very much-we do indeed compliment each other I calm him down and he helps me with my indecisiveness

  47. very true… but how about my love life .. will i get the one i am loving for many years…. she is a libra..i know we are of opposite signs… but still i love her madly…i forgive all the pain she has given and still love her

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