Aries Women

She thinks the world is watching her through the eye glasses of rose petal frame. She thinks people think and talk about her only about good things and often disappoint to know that they are not true and not even real, so she will feel hurt. She thinks her path has to be a beautiful one. She thinks only good things so she prepares and always makes an arrangement for her to be in the right path always, systematic indeed. If there is no guy in her life, she will be busy with herself.This seemingly ordinary woman will push herself to meet her goal.

Her face mostly will be slim and long, high cheek bone, Eye brow slightly curve up, slight tall more than short, thin lips and she will have a confusing or mixture of character. A Sometimes, she will be very careful about guy she will mingle with. She thinks as if she has a main CPU in her head and she could memorize everything from her childhood.When she faces with problems, she will handle them and solving them very well, and at the same time showing other people that she has that ability.

She can put her mind in solving problems in crisis better than many other zodiac. Once she determines to do thing, nothing will stop her. Woman in this Zodiac could be totally different from one woman to another woman. You could see her in the party dancing like flash dance or dirty dancing; as well you could also see her as an old fashion woman or a geek.

She could be someone flashy and wanted by many men, or she could be a cold and non-social person. She will have her own way to win you over. Once she chooses you, she will need to be proud of you. “Love” is not as important to her as “Marriage”. Her real goal in life is “Safety” and her place in other people sight need to be “Secure”. She plans her life, and socially life easily and very carefully.She is also very artistic and realistic, so if you are nobody or nothing, no chance because she loves ambition and a good life. She need lots of love, but do not want and do not belief in an occasional or unconventional love.

She is a proud in nature type, so if you see a woman in this Zodiac comes from a poor family, she will act like a woman from a noble family by birth anyway (certainly there are always exception). She always looks cool even when she is not.She likes to make people see her as “secure and confident” even she is a mixed emotion and mixed character type. If she is mad, you can tell right away and she can stay moody for quite a long time. You never have all her times, for she likes to work hard and spent some spare times working for charity. You will see woman in this zodiac a “Volunteer” for camp, and if she is in a high society, she will most likely be a president or a V.P. of a “Club”.

She is a romantic and artistic, but being poor and unstable is certainly not in her dreams. Her beautiful imaginations need to be realistic, for failure is not in her plan.A Goat always climb high, so either she start from a low point or a high point, she will make sure at the end she will have the best spot.She will not show her ambition, but she will show that she satisfied with herself now. Once you look back she already moved up again, quietly but sure. If she is your love one, be supportive and understand her. She is stubborn, but she will listen. She will act like a gentle fragile person, but in fact she can stick you down like super glue without you knowing it.

58 Responses to “Aries Women”

  1. Aries is the ram..not the goat (that would be Capricorn). Js. (The last paragraph says goat)

  2. A virgo male dating an aries female , need to know if anyone here can give me pros n cons of good n bad things .

  3. well, they are right, many different types of aries.. I’m very meticulous and I usually try to find everyone’s angles at work, at home, when out and about.. i have love for most people in my life, I enjoy being honest and up front gracefully (being honest and graceful at the same time is hard but a nice line to walk) like to think I’m fair and even handed.. I have an honor system that I stick to and my loved ones trust me with being a godmother, the keys to their kingdoms and their legal matters (i’m not a lawyer but don’t mind being an executrix on their wills).. like to think I’m doing good in an old and evil world lol.. people say aries are selfish but nobody says that about me, but when I do chose to go after a goal, I usually get it no matter how hard or long it took.. only reason is because my whole paradigm shifts to make it possible.. because of this trait I am able to take care of everyone that loves me and needs it. I am not cheap with people I love.

  4. omg… this article is so me… i am an Aries girl. I climb up high in life and secretly hoping for security. When I have no man in life, i kept myself busy and climb towards my goal, secretly.

  5. It looks like an article about “ME”. I like Taurus men since they are protective and generous but I don’t know anything about Libra! And I am just satisfied with Taurus Men.

  6. Aries are ignorant, and they are stubborn which lead to argument, and not understanding people, they can not like you for no reason, and at the same time argue with you for no reason, and what’s sad is they do think they are in the best light always, always positive !! !! well aries women at that, Aries woman are just like that !! !!

  7. When I stumbled onto this Blog, I thought for sure someone was writing about me…it was “me” exactly!

  8. Last sentence so true.

  9. I am a cancer and i think Aries and Leos are paranoids..!. They are Arrogant, selfish animals with no feelings and emotions.

  10. This is soooo true!!!!!!!!!!! So accurate (ignoring the typos/erros)

  11. It’s mostly true but i have pisces and sag in me so Im more of a lover lol. Though Security is important to me and not being poor either.

  12. Not even remotely close…

  13. am shocked thats totally me !!!!! ,, am a stubborn too ,, but i love being an aires ,,,, am i compatible with libra guys ???

  14. i love this, Im an Aries woman an im all the above im Natural, confident, caring, alil lost at times when it comes to men and i have alot of fire in me i love being an Aries i dont think your sign makes you it jst compliments your character

  15. I can relate to this article, being an aries myself. I am very confident, ambitious, loyal, and I sometimes wear my heart on my sleeve… If it’s the correct situation I will if not then no, we’re calculated like that. We are pretty adaptable, like we can really be anything we really want to potray (smart, sociable, deep, musical etc…), but more than anything we aim for success and we always get it. Outspoken too .. us aries are a force to be reckoned with so be aware ;).

  16. Libra men are very confusing & make me wanna scream ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. I am an Aries woman, in my later years, and I can tell you it has not been easy. The intrinsic drive to be the best and on top has led me to many crashes. The good news is, that the crashes make me strive harder to succeed. I would not trade my sign for any other. I love who I am, although I had some difficulty as a young woman attempting to find a good partner. I went through, probably, too many, but the experiences did me well. I love to experience, to try new things, to explore new horizons (often without thinking about consequences or whose toes I might step on in the process). I am creative, imaginative, love big pictures and am frustrated by detail. I would make a terrible bookkeeper/accountant. I have a entrepreneur mind with thousands of brilliant ideas for success. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. No worries, always another idea! Romantically, I am as loyal as they come, however, my outgoing, flirtatious nature can upset my partner. I choose a mate for life. But mess with me, and I drop you like a ‘hot potato’ (only after staying too long in the relationship). I make very decided and quick decisions about love. I’m either in or not. No gray areas. This quality permeates my whole life.
    My soul-mate is a Cancer. It has never worked for us, although we still remain good friends and cannot seem to rid ourselves of each other. She is family and home. I am out and about. But this does not stop the deep love I have for her, nor her for me. My life goes on (not a day goes by that I do not think of her warmly) and I would marry her in a heartbeat if she would have me.
    My best matches are Leos and Taurians. But I have never married them, yet.
    I love animals, particularly dogs and horses. I love sailing, skiing and climbing mountains. I love to challenge the elements, but with undying respect for nature. Nature has taught me many lessons.
    I have done everything I have wanted to do (except finish my book – lol…probably too much detail).

  18. Geez, my face is long and slim!!! How accurate it is lol…Actually,99.009% describes absolutely ME!! Moreover it is really true about “being very careful while mingling with guys”. I have been dating this very cute Virgo guy for over a decades now and I have been so faithful and loyal just because I know he is the one for me! I am so proud being one of the ARIES—I am 24yrs old Aries girl…Bold, Risk-Taker, Ambitious, very Artistic, Loyal, Straight forward, and of course very aggressive LOL.

  19. I am an Aries and I totally agree with the postings regarding Aries with our personality. I’ve been in some crazy relationships over the years and wanted to understand myself and also other zodiac signs. I appreciate this site and others because it has allowed me to have peace of mind, plus I know there are other Aries woman out there that can truly undertand ourselves and how we think.

  20. WOW

  21. Very true! We Aries woman are quite sassy and full of fire!!I love the comment Fire made…. I am often called a snob and I find myself very self confident! However when people get to know me they quickly change their opinion and all of my friends believe that I am the most loyal and giving friend they ever had!

  22. what the hell are u talkin abt. i think ur on the wrong page here. get lost!

  23. nn i m v. ambitious in life..n my career is anyday imp to me than my luv-life……..

  24. all this’s soo true…m also an aries girl n i truly agree to whatever’s written here…but i fail to understand why ppl around me tend to think of me as snobbish n proudy whereas m jst sumtimes reserved…i m v. straight-forward which maks ppl thnk m blunt…bt i jst luvv myself…thre r many scorpion boys who show interst in me but i find them kinda boring…i’d lik to knw what r d signs with whom i m most compatible..

  25. In the first place if an aries man or woman has lost her love for you in my opinion its because they either felt unloved, unappreciated or got betrayed which will hurt them in a deep way.

    It will take alot too win back an aries trust once u hurt them badly even if they are one too forgive and forget. If an aries is deeply hurt they will become cold so warm them up. Send them music, or flowers Aries are romantic people and who love the attention. Text them, show them how much they mean too u, hit them in the heart by doing something sentimental or romantic. Make them laugh and smile at them be affectionate towards them that will warm them up. Then is the time too work on building back their trust as without them trusting you they will not respect you the way they use too.

    Aries also love the chase but won’t chase unless they are fully sure of the relationship in hand, but don’t take that for granted either because if they feel they are not appreciated they will walk away from the chase and the relationship just as quick. Once an aries becomes distant its hard for them to come back to you because we see you as an experience that failed. U were the one that we thought would be their other half(our soulmate)….after that they will just go with the search of another mate and soon time we forget about u….

    Go too their places, bump into them if possible and show affection, make them laugh, tell them u miss them, u trust them, be open with them they appreciate it more than you think.

    Aries are free spirit people if you have their hearts you have it for a reason, always remember with aries “actions speak lower than words”. A shy aries will act dumb sumtimes so the conversation doesn’t feel ackward or to question if you are sincere and loyal twards them. These are very causious because of the fact when an aries falls in love they really fall hard. Aries wether its the shy type or not will be blunt too a point sometimes it may seem humorous but also tend too be secretive too, which explains why Aries are hard too figure out at times. Be tender, patient with an Aries and gratitude will soon follow.

  26. i can’t play that i am weak.and when i am what i am… men are affraid of me, exactly my potentials to fight. and they strugle, yell fight with themselves till they jump on me and then you know what’s going on. i am so tired of protecting myself. most of people just want to concer me.other are running away ust like that out of blue.. why>
    and than when they are in trouble, even if they hate me, they come to me to ask for help. they hate me but they trust me.
    i am tired to be rock . rock to lean on and rock to kick it with hammer just to show how brave they are.
    i am tired of beeing aries woman.
    men are always arround me. but i can easy say what’s going on. they just want to show of with my presence. they don’t dere to try more.
    so i have sexual relationship with man weker than i am cause he accepts me as a boss and he will not run away. but i’m woman i need strong man. where is he. are the all gonne with the war wint in bosnia?


  28. you short thinking man, she loves you more than life. she was about having your child! are you blind or what. she just was not sure that you want her. words are not enough. you need to find her squeeze her kiss her and tell her that you are taking her with you. are you mad? woman never want to leave nest in time when she is pregnant. she was just worried about your true wishes. she thougt that you want her to stay becayse of obligations. never let her go. you didn’t stop her. you let her go.
    and if she had hard time growing up, … man you really need to surre her that you want her.
    when you are aries woman, girl, even your mother envy her. try to survive that way if you there.
    yhat ‘s one of the reasons aries neeed to be indipendent and secure. cause fon’t want to experience that shit from people over and over again. it’s all abobut securiti. and all these women here writing just don’t want to say that they were abonded over and over again because of their beautif fast mind, their beauty stranght, force, brave and so on and so on. we were born different. people seeing us as different and the3y try to destroy everithing that is strange. for god’s sake aries women tell this. i’msick of beeing vcaracterised as snob. i’m just apearing that way caus i don’t want to be abendod again. again and again. after all i really need to be 150 % sure that man want me.
    go after her and take her home. it’s very very hard to have child if you are alone. go man if you still want her. take charge in this case.
    good luck.
    sorry about my english

  29. I agree with all that was said… I am an Aries sun Libra moon.. which has me at odds with myself a lot.. but my best relationship match was a Libra. I am still in love with him, but you won’t see me calling his ass anytime soon! His Loss!!!! Anyway Aquarius for me are too secretive for my nature but its true they love how wild we are in bed and our complexity of our emotions… i have been with all the signs and i can not stand Pisces… to iffy and weird.. i know I’m unique but they are just odd… I LOVE LOVE LOVE being an Aries woman just adore it.. and the feeling “secure” is of utmost importance i feel if my back is covered i can do anything … i can do anything anyway but it definitely helps to feel secure with someone you love.

  30. hi i’m a sag. I’ve never met an aries woman before before, but this sounds so interesting.

  31. Scary! This is like 99.5% true about me including the physical features as well… Wahhh~!

  32. Im a young aries woman, and i must say that was pretty accurate..climbing to the top, working hard and i do find myself living in “a world that doesnt allow” i am always very opinioated…stranegly when i read the part about aries woman wanting security it hit me that i am actually engaged to a cancer man, (i kno not exactly the best match) but he is a very home loving, money saving man, and offers and shows me so much security and i love it its exactly the man ive always been looking all and all very good analasis of the aries female….

  33. Aries Women….

  34. This is so true, I cant deny it good or bad….

  35. I found a lot of truth to this article but some things were way off. As a single aries 24 yr old woman I am very non-traditional and unconventional when it comes to marriage/family. In relationships so far I often meet aquarius men. (This is a good and bad match for us I think) They are very independant like us Aries but don’t let us be as involved in their lives as we’d like to be. Communication is hard but aquarius guys appreciate our deep side, zest for life and especially our roaring sex drives! The Leo men I’ve dated were too selfish for me, needed there ego stroked so much I could vomit but I’ll always hope to end up with an Aries man. Some of my best male friends are Aries and they understand me on a completely different and calming level. I may not always know what I want in the future or where I’m going but I’ll tell you what.. I want a strong, confident ambitious man to have his goals in place…. with a bit of a mysterious bad boy image as well 😉

  36. Very Very True.

  37. I love being an aries woman…yes people think we are sooo cocky but i think we’re just confident and know what we want and are prepared to fight whoever wants to stand in our way…

    • yes but admit that you became that way after all strugling with people , after all trying to be friend wit them. they envy envy envy like hall. and they don’tlike us, and we rarely admit that we have soul , that we are not machines, yes now i am a combat machine if need to be. but i dream about woerld in shich i wouldn’t have to be that way. i am beatuful my child is beatiful fast anmd smart. almost everybody hates me bacause of our caracteristics. husbond left me because he was alweays afraid that i deserve someone better. and it ‘ always the same with man. yes,m i can have sex with whoever i want. i have that aura too. but that is shit. noone has force to stay with me cause they always hthink i’m better. and i am so alone.

  38. Aries is just too hot and sexy! It makes some of us write drunk emails. Aries has a glow around them, its kind of like looking into a room of hot women and only seeing on of them.

  39. I love love love this post, it is so true!!! It’s you were in my head. i am inlove with a taurus man and I’m majoring in political science.I demand success and refuse failure. Thank you for this enlightenment!

  40. This is very true.I am Aries and everything written here matches my characters and me.About the secure and safety, that is very important in my life. And I always think of having the best things in my life.

  41. Me likie.

  42. Most of that is true and I love being a Aries women.

  43. I am an Aries Woman. I am bold, sweet, inoccently naive and very charming. I can also be a raging bull if you bother my money or my children–those are no no’s. I love bieng an Aries, and I deeply admire Leo women and men. They are class acts to me. thanks for the write– Awesome Aries!!


  45. This is so true..I believe in this with all my heart I too i’m an aries woman and I am everything that is being said in this theory. I do expect to be loved and taken seriously by my loved ones. Thank you whoever wrote this, You hit the hammer right on the nail with this one.

  46. I know some Aries females and that seems to be right on the money. They always seem so sure of themselves, but I must say that to some, Aries women may not realize that they come off kind of snobby. The “you wish you were me” attitude along with the “I don’t need you” looks > right through you!

  47. This is very true. I know this being an Aries and all the things stated were good to read, but what stood out the most is the fact that I do expect my love ones to understand me–that is very important. I also seek to understand those in my life especially my loved one and I do analyze everything. Sometimes a little too much. It’s always good to read about yourself because I am so analytical that I often step outside of myself and analyze my own actions—more than I do others.

  48. This is so true and beautifully written!

  49. It is true. Most of the things absolutely matches with me. I think we all Aries are same kind in acumen, Because Im a working Woman and Im very busy all the time. Taking my personal experience, I can say, Im so independent and I have all the support from my Husband. Really like lucky, better I can say most worthy and lovable. My Husband is from SAGITTARIUS category. He is so lovable, honest, adventurous, funny, excited and specially understanding at all times to me. I suggest having Saggi as a Husband would be the best option. Our tastes matches most and generally saggi’s are best at keeping Arie’s happy !.

  50. this is very true, I am an aries and everything it said was true. Though i am the type of person who likes deep thinks and analyse the world to the fullest.I expect my love to tell me everything he is thinking and i wanna be part of his life. I am very ambitous and i want nothing but the best in my life and regret is something i fear deeply.

  51. Well , this is true ! I’m a Aries Women and Power and Money and Respect reaching the top is the key to my life ! I love to have the best of everything ! I have the best Husband , The best Children , the best Family … That is just why I married a Taurus Man ( They will make sure you have it all !!! ) Aries women I suggest you find this sign and get him in your life you will be happy believe me !!!! ( Or a Leo they are good for us too !) One thing about being an Aries , most people will envy you … Male and Female ! “Its hard being an Aries 🙂 ” BUT I WOULDNT TRADE IT FOR ANYTHING !

    • i starting to question my relationship with my boyfriend, was your husband the stubborn type, that always had to be right? i cant stand it but i want to be with him.

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