Leo Men

He likes to comb his hair backward, open his forehead showing dignify facial expression. His eyes are sparkle, but slightly showing laziness. He walks firmly and slowly like a lion, confident and ego proud. Outside, you may think he is kind and gentle person, but inside he is a strong and secure person. If he is frightened, he will re-act and respond right away.

His words always seem normal but mostly imply “order and demanding”. He will not talk fast, or can not talk fast, neither walk fast. In a crowd or at work he will act normally, but not for long you will see him standing out of the crowd and be a center of attention with his words, or his action. You might think he is a shy guy, but deep down inside he wants to power over his family and his friends. He just waits for that right moment.

Do not take what is his, and do not order him, or else you will see a fierce lion. He respects elderly and senior, but will never bow down and accept like a looser for he will rather die than loose his dignity. He talks bluntly even on an occasion that he should not say such thing. He is a compassionate guy and always looks at other people on a bright side. He likes people to listen to him.

Even he has such a blunt and bold personality; he could easily reach his goal without making any enemy. Once disagree with him on something, he can be very up set like a rainy storm on a summer day. It will only last a short time, and then he will be back a cheery merry person again. He is a bright and witty guy, and he will not put any efforts on something that he thinks it will not work and waste his energy.

He is a good planner and can well manage his job assigned. When he gives order, he expects them to be carrying out exactly. He is the leader type that the followers love. He can give other people advice and solve problems for other people well, except his own mess. He can be easily hurt by other people especially if you do not trust or respect his ability. You could compliment him sometimes and make this lion be your kitty with no difficulty.

He is not a good judge for he listens to many people and tends to belief all sides. You can hardly see a Leo man with no woman by his side. If you see him alone, he could already have a love one in his heart, or just broken up with one. Because he is very proud, he can change many girl friends. He will do many things for the woman he loves, but loosing his face is not one of them.

Leo man can not live without love, because for him Love is a ray of Light. He likes people to rely on him, its make him feels “in power”. He may complaint if he is asked for favor, but deep inside he is happy that you asked him. If you offer to help him, he will refuse you right away. When he is broke, he can find money still.

He is not careful with his way of spending for he has fun with spending money and happy to buy what he likes. He lets other people borrow money from him easily even if he has no money, he will run to his friend to borrow money for you. He likes first class, first quality of everything. He can work hard like a mad dog, and sometimes can be lazy like a lazy sleepy cat.

When he works, he is very serious. When he parties, he can be a party animal. If he asks you out, you will sure have a fun and jolly time. He will take chance with his love life, so if you know how to handle him, you will win. If he is your love one, it won’t be a romance novel. You have to be ready to calm him down when he over reacts to small matters because your cool stability will control and ease his mood.

If you can not handle or understand him, your relationship will be like a demolition zone, an on and off relationship till all your friends tired to hear about your breaking up and making up. Beauty is always in the eyes of the lion. You have to be dignified to walk with the lion king. Your looks are part of his image and ego and he is very proud about it too.

If you want his attention the first time you meet, you better be astounding attractive. If you have a first conversation with him, you have to show him how much you adore his thinking. He likes to talk and not knowing that he likes to talk about himself.

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  1. Gemini Female married to a Leo..he turns me down alot.

  2. hi,i m tarus and i have leo men.our 7 yrs relationship and we love each other very much.this 7 yrs he always dominated me any time any where..and over react to any small maters.his attitude was so expensive type that he was not.he was loyal.5 years later He made a distance with me unnecessarily.and i broke up this relation..leo’s have a big ego.it is a enemy of there, otherwise he is so natural,loyal,and reliable guy..tarus and Leo they are not compatible.

  3. Hi, I’m aires woman being with leo man now, i wonder if you could tell me if things will get better in the rest of year 2014, thank you!

    • I am an Aquarius female and presently dating a Leo man. )He is the second Leo man I have ever had a relationship with (even though I have Leo friends and family members). He is very different from my first Leo love. My Leo man is sweet, generous, loving, respectful, kind, soft spoken, gentle, an amazing lover (twice a day), and the most fun I have ever had with anyone. We laugh all the time. Most of all, he appreciates every aspect of me and tells me everyday how grateful he is to have me in his life.
      He is such a breath of fresh air after separating from my ungrateful Capricorn husband several months ago. I still think about my former Leo love with fond memories but, he is a negative Leo and would not be a good companion for me.

  4. I’m a virgo woman who dated an evil Leo for over 2 yrs.
    In the beginning he treated me like GOLD, was very upfront and honest.
    He was divorced and opened up to me which he never does.
    He is a very closed off individual and I respected that. I never pressed the issue. Over time he opened up to me. I saw him cry a couple times and for good reasons. I kissed his tears away and we fell for each other.

    NEITHER of us wanted to or expected to.
    We spend many days together, had great sex, woke up had coffee, read the paper, everything just flowed with us – it took no effort.

    Over time he started acting really shady lying to me and also causing fights – and we broke up multiple times. I have no idea what was really going on because he withdrew again.

    Me moved away then called me one day distraught – needed 2 borrow $
    I gave it to him then he went and got married. I sued him and won my $ back. He blames me for dragging him thru the mud.

    NEVER let a leo use or dominate u – becuz that is what they do to EVERYONE. A virgo woman is one that cannot be outsmarted or undone.

    • I assume that you’re story is true. And I believe you don’t deserve this kinda man(I ain’t sure he’s a man or evil man)..May be someone better is suited for you. And It’s really good to hear that you didn’t let him cheat on you ; you sued him. That’s the thing i like most in ur story, you showed him that you know how to fight back. #REALhonourTOyou.
      And listen Melinda, a leo sign has g8 & bad parts like other signs. The person you met might prioritize the bad parts of Leo 😦 I wish you’d find someone who prioritize the g8 parts of his sign!

    • A virgo woman is naggy, sex-obssessed and stupid. The end.

    • That is not true I AM A LEO WOMAN nd i dint use ppl i am a giver it dounds like da leo yu was with was very scorn by somebody else nd yu paid for the other nd leo men knows wat type of female a woman is wen they first meet if yu constantly giv to them they will use that to they advantage tjey love a challenge with women someone who oits their foot down nd they do always blame others for their mistake i know i have a leo male nd b4 me he told me plenty of stories of da women he played cuz they was gullable..so ALL LEOS ARE NOT USERS THE FEMALE IS A GIVER ND LOVES TO BE NUM.1 AND VALUED

    • I’m sorry you were treated so poorly. That man was a disgrace to his birthright, as a Leo must always be loyal. Loyal and truthful. I am a Leo male myself, and I could never, EVER, cheat or betray the woman I love. I would rather die first.

      In most cases, Leos will actually break off a relationship if they feel attraction for someone else. Because to cheat is disgraceful and a stain upon our hearts and souls. You must always keep in mind, dear heart, that childhood and past relationships can leave an impact on someone. People often end up repeating the past of their parents, or lashing out the same way they were hurt. Sometimes without even realizing it. Not that it excuses his despicable treatment of you.

      We all have two signs. I am a Leo Aries. A double fire and the two of my signs mix together into an interesting blend, which means I can be extremely hard headed. Please, do not hold hate or resentment for the rest of us. I personally can’t use anyone. If I am offered help or assistance, I usually decline the offer. I give far more than I take and it comes without thought. Which has been my downfall more times than I can count, as I have been hurt, used, cheated on, and betrayed.

      I do not let that cloud me though. Just because one person from a vast group hurt me, does not mean the rest will do the same.

      I hope you find the right man for you that treats you right, whatever sign he may be.

  5. all these comments are true….bcz m in love with a person having leo star… he’s very proud also having ego……I m Gemini girl and its my bad luck because he is not loving me………………and I realyy love him

  6. I’m a Virgo and I married a Leo man. I am so in love with him. And well Vice versa. We’ve been together for 3 years and omg he’s such an amazing person. He is sexy, confident, loving, caring and he always puts me first. It is true that Leo love having a sexy woman by his side. He tells me all the time that i’m beautiful and yes they can be very protective. He won’t let me go places on my own bc alot of men do look at me and so he always wants to be by my side. Which I don’t mind. But he will do anything to make me happy and he treats me like a queen. He showers me with gifts, roses out of the blue, and love notes are always given to me. Leos are hot tempered and when they are, you don’t want to make them mad but they do hate arguing and fighting. My husband will try his best to avoid a conflict with me. Oh and did i mention he is conceited. I mean he doesnt flaunt it out by saying it but you can tell he is a confident man. Its in their nature. They love attention. It can get annoying sometime. But i love his sense of humor and every day is never a dull day with him. My Leo is also very smart, passionate and most of the things that are said about Leos are true. But as long as you guys have a great relationship, Leos are faithful and won’t stray. Just make the best out of everyday and never stop looking good for your man. I guarentee he won’t go anywhere. So as for me, I love, love my Leo man and I will always somehow be attracted to Leos.

  7. hello yall i am a STRONG LEO women in a relationship for 5yrs with my LEO man . no one truly understands the connections between two LIONS . its a win or go home situation . we r both extremely alike , want n need the samething . we bump heads alot . we both share spotlight but ill let him take it on so he can feel that POWER more . LEO man will stand by u no matter what even if the world ends , they work hard n dont play when it comes down to getting PAPER . loyalty loyalty loyalty loyalty is what we is . Dont cross his path n stopp him from him . i understand my job by being his queen . the signs is there b smart , stay pretty n show no weakness .

  8. I am a Pisces woman, I am so in love to a Leo man. I’m doing the best I possibly could just to get his attention several days now. It’s hard because were miles apart and I’m only stalking him through the internet. Actually he’s socially famous. After reading some of the comments, I noticed there are many Pisces woman who got in loved with Leo man. Well I really hope that he will notice me coz I like him a lot. Actually I’ve been dreaming of him since I was 14 and I’m 18 now. Phew. I haven’t met him personally and I know when it’s love that I’m feeling. I know this is stupid but that’s the truth.

  9. I dated three Leos. In my experience, they were all cunning, beautiful liars. They expect service but not capable of giving it and they stay in a “relationship” as long as it benefits them. They fall in and out of love quickly. The last leo I was with for 2months was a 46 yr.old bachelor. I didn’t see him as a marriage material kind of guy. Leo men likes women who will make them look good in the public eye. They want an arm candy. They do have this charm that makes us women drawn to them. The leos I dated looks good on paper but other than that they don’t have anything to offer in a relationship. They truly are the men who’s good for one thing only.

  10. I am a Leo man and yes u have to be good looking and I am very kind but I get so wounded so easily it makes me mental and i say the wrong things iam trying to change I just want to find a true love to calm me.I feel like I may never find what I am looking for I have dated many good looking woman and as of late just when I think she could be the one they step back and leave I am diststot I don’t know I truly like who I am other than being wounded easily

    • Guess all of you out there reading this have been directed by my husband.
      What he hasn’t told you is he has known about the flirtation ever since it began. He accepted it and encouraged it. I believe it was his sick way to get off thinking about the possibility of his wife with another man. At the time in question (when I was travelling south) my husband suggested I stop to see my Leo man and spend the night. When I phoned him the next morning his first question to me was “did you feel any sparks?”. That is a very telling question. When his suspicions were confirmed he wanted every sexual detail. Needless to say, he wasn’t angry, upset or surprised as he would like all to believe. The saga continues.

  11. I have been in love (lust) with my single Leo man for over a year and he with me.
    We did not consumated the relationship because my husband and he are good friends. Well, circumstances made it possible for us to get together for one night. It was magical to say the least. He was as entranced as I was. He wanted me to stay another night but, I had to continue my journey back to my spouse. That is when he showed some jealous tendencys and promised he would be right behind me within a couple days. We all vacation in the same area. Two days later, no show. 4 days later no show and when he was talking with my husband on the phone he said he wouldn’t be down for a few weeks. Total change. Now I feel he doesn’t care and it was all a rouse to get me to bed. I feel hurt and insulted. Am I right? is something else going on inside his head. I miss him terribly.
    I am not sure if it matters that I am an Aquarius and this was the first time I have ever cheated on my husband in 17 years of marriage. My Leo man knows that he was special enough for this to happen.

    • I have a leo man also, we have this crazy and weird relationship that has lasted for 6 yrs. I dont know what keeps drawing me to him and what keeps him coming back to me, but it always happens. i love my leo man unconditionally, although i know he is not a good guy for me. Like you im in a relationship also and has been for the past 4 yrs. sometimes my leo man dissapears for sometime but he always make his way back to me. i do know one thing for sure, and that is he is mesmerized by me. at times i can get him to do whatever i want, and then there are those times when he may feel im too demanding and take flight. but through it all i know that he truly has love for even if he dont say it too often. my leo man and i are just alike our pride is so high, and our charm is so captivating that we sometimes tend to compete… yes its stupid really… but through it all he gives me something to look forward to

    • Ahh, I am a Leo who fell in love in august ’13 with an aquarius woman in a 4-year relationship. I could have kissed her, she had me visit her around christmas, but i didn’t. They were separate for a while but are now together again and all I can do is hope that we cross paths again. I would be so happy. I wish I could have slept with her and show her what i’m made of, but I want to be with her so I want do things right.

    • Yes!

  12. I am with a Pisces female right and its ok but she is kind of controlling . no one has commented on this wall sense 2009 lol

  13. ^_^ im a leo…. for me im not after for the looks……

    and i hate CANCER and GEMINI………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  14. there’s truth and lies in all philosophy (god included). Philosophy exists so we can better understand the patterns of the world around us and the people that live in it. Don’t take a word of someone else as truth because they think they understand (everyone has a different perception of the world around them). Understand the truth for yourself, break down the philosophy into the whys and how’s to find the truth and see if it applies to who you are.

  15. I had an experience with a Leo man. He was very controlling but being a Libra I was somewhat ok with it. The only thing I couldn’t get over was how he had no problem with insulting me but acted very hurt when I insulted him back. Of course I apologized but I was irritated because even though he had a very confident air to him he would get wound up over the stupidest things. Anyways he is a jerk and always ws but it just took me a while to understand nd realize that fact

  16. leo’s only love you for the looks, to make them look good in front of others. not good for virgo women who value intelligence and maturity. virgo woman stay clear!

  17. As much as astrology is a complex matter, there is certainly some truth to it in my opinion. No one can say its true, no one can say its not. From reading my own star sign, it hits the nail on the head to a new degree. Its actually unreal how accurate Sagittarius star sign is. Anyways, this page is talking about leo’s so I can really really relate to this also. its very accurate in accordance to own personal experience. I went out with a Leo man and I felt it was very difficult to understanding him even though we where mean’t to be compatible. They have a strong perception of what things should be like, this can be at times mistake for being stubborn.

  18. i would like to point out a match that no one has said anything about yet, i am a libra women and im with a leo man, we are very good together. we fight but most of the time are able to talk it out with out getting loud. we are both very social and flashy. and our love is still as passionate as when we frist started dating. i love him.

  19. I am a Virgo woman and I am interested in a Leo man. We are not together, but we play around together. Love life is steamy because Leos can be dominant, but Virgos don’t mind them taking the wheel. Virgos and Leos will have a great sexual relationship!:)

  20. (-.-) so I didnt understand him….If he only hadnt pissed me off by trying to force me to do what he thinks is right and trying to control my every move…..The only thing worse about a lion is his dominating nature.Being a libran,it was hard for he was suffocating me.Yeah,we still are in touch and I act to him like I got over him.I dont think if I can but maybe its just the attraction.I cant resist him.Even though still he tries to talk me outta things and I do understand that,I have a hard time keeping away from him

  21. 😀

  22. I am a Virgo woman and I am so in love with my Leo man. Initially, I gave him a hard time but his persistence paid off. He has proven to be gentle, kind, caring, passionate, and most devoted. I feel weak when we are apart. He adores and appreciates me. He makes me feel like a queen. I love his sense of humor. We are so flirtatious and playful with each other. He is always pretending to be upset about something to get affection. I hold out and he demands it. lol If he sees he is annoying me, he will immediately make it up to me and shower me with affection.

  23. I’m a Leo guy with a Gemini woman(20 and 24). We are both spiritually awakened and have an amazing relationship, but the two can clash.
    Gemini~Bipolarity and Leo~Ego
    In all reality to have a successful relationship has nothing to do with your sign. It’s being mature enough to not want the “perfect” relationship or respond with a completely close minded comment like Doysi.
    We do have free will yes, but the star placement, gravity from then, and the new vibrations completely effect us in our core.

    Littlenova Being a young Lion I was extremely egotistical and shallow I honestly thought I created this reality lol. But now that i’ve awakened I could care less if my girl gained 100 pounds so long as we have each other.

    DATING ADVICE LADIES!!…….. (Lions are very dominating/egotistical until we wake up)

    If you want to be with a young lion know there are some sacrifices to be made.
    We are very egotistical and it’s easy to fall into our energy and stay on that lower vibration with us. Don’t argue back were stubborn and we wont quit.
    Instead give him some space and point out his actions with the intent of actually making it better!!(EMPHASIS THERE) not to one up for your own Ego… we wont let it happen =(
    If you can learn to help a Leo with his ego and give him lots of love in times of need you will see the King of the Jungle melt into a cute little kitten ❤ and The Leo's deep connection with his core-self (since our ruling planet is the sun) and the true passion behind your lions eyes.

    • Jake, male Leo here also. Curious to learn more about your awakening etc. Am on a similar journey at moment. Thanks

  24. I am an Aries woman (March 24), who has started dating a Leo man( August 8) for almost a month. The above description fits him to a tee.
    I actually guessed that he was a Leo, because we get along so nicely..so I figured he is a Leo because that is one of my best signs. We have both been married twice ( his both short marriges , under 4 years, mine 10 and 26 years). So do we have some kind of future..long term dating, etc? and how is a Leo man in bed?

  25. I’m An Aries woman in love with a Leo Man..I sincere love him for the past 8 to 9 months..during the first time we together we were together after that 4th months we always fight..he use to blame me the things that i din’t do and he never appreciate the things that i have done to him..instead he have never done anything for me in return..all i got is pain and hurt..but no matter what i do still love him..he has an ego which can take from him away and its killing him slowly and becoming a typical 2 timer..he have 2 face where by on the other side he is a good boy to other people but to me he is being so cruel selfish and so on..if he wants something he talk sweet after what he gets he become a devil..i have been comprimising myself for this past 9 months..can anyone tell me how to handle this kinda attitude..!!! Last time he use to love the way I am..and he will go crazy on me..even me..he was a kind heart guy..but things change after people surrounding him. please do help me..!! I seriously love this guy alot…

    • you have to learn how to not give a fuck lol….. that ish will drive him crazy no lie… but then turn around and play him with sex… he cant resist the freakiness…. you may care but you have to act like you dont (including face exppressions) but still demad that respect because leo’s will go as far as you let them… its a power thing with them i have noticed… and as long as you have that mystery he is all yours… p.s dont ever lose his trust

  26. i think so yes, i think leos go for pretty girls. I know many leo men, but one stands out the most. ;). I met a leo named mike, so hes double trouble, lol. somethin bout the name mike, and being a lion. I dated a capricorn named mike for 6 years, now thats a hell of a match,, but we ruined it, for most part. I am trying to work this out with myself and the leo mike, but i am a pisces girl, and i am a story all in myself, think he just doesnt understand the way i think, but knows hed love to make it work. I find his strength sexy, and id let him rule all day, ;). But i do stray,, becouse i am so stuck on my ex, becouse when i love, i love forever. plus leo mike is in jail…. 😦 for now……So that will be a true challenge for me to be singly devoted. I seem to chase all the wrong ones, and the mike(leo), has so many red flags, i just dont know, but i always say, once i fall, i stay that way(in love i mean). He has an ex wife and 2 kids, and thats ok, just hope he can hold me higher than he holds her now. I am one hell of a ketch, no questions asked. Im not like all other pisces i realize, think im a on a slight cusp between pisces and aries, im way to strong and outspoken. But im de.f without a doubt a pisces too. I want us to work so bad it drives me crazy, just dont want to get hurt in the end.. and not gonna lie,, im feelin like i will. but right now, we are both trying our asses off. And yes our chymisty is amaizing ( cant spell ). and we are both very wise, and have been through alot. But our attraction for one another is amaizing, guess we will see how it goes… im seeing alot of pisces and leos on here, so must be a good thing right, ;).

  27. yea it is…I am a leo guy and will never settle for nething but the best,We are the kings afta all…Cheers to all you leo guys out there…dont worry what sum1 says..WE ARE THE BEST! 😀

  28. am a taurus lady and i have me a leo man .i luv him so much its like everytime me knock head and made up our love get stronger and he is so loyal ans sweet …but one thin me get it off with he love to throw his money all over the place while am the one who will save and thinks about tomarrow .and he love kids so thats super cool with me ……i luv my leo man to the bones , we goin all the way hunni 🙂

  29. Leo men are so desirable . . but they will burn you … when it comes down to it they will break a your heart .. i dont know what their match is but its def not a scorpio woman

  30. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  31. That all goes especially for Aquarius, but really it’s any sign that can’t handle boundaries. For instance Aquarius seem to just wonder off into their own world when they get tired of solving the worlds problems, and Leo’s can’t relate to this and take it as the Aquarius woman doesn’t care. From experience, Aries completely butt heads with Leos as they both think of each other as social competition. This goes for Sagittarius and pieces too. we are all too big of dreamers for a Leo relationship. At the same time, if you’re not looking to get serious, Leo’s are a blast to be around.

  32. I know this website says Aquarius and Leos are a good match, but I strongly disagree. Leo’s and Aquarius are easily attracted to each other and an Aquarius is just what a Leo needs, however it doesn’t go both ways. Leo’s will trap an Aquarius unknowingly. They are both loving but Leo’s require too much attention from an Aquarius who loves everyone as a whole and loves to divide his/her attention. Don’t get me wrong, Leo’s are adorable and are just flat out good lovers. But once in a serious relationship they can easily become controlling and inconsiderate, especially to an Aquarius who thinks of others before their selves. I’ve found that Leo’s are such “ladies men” that they are hard to be in a relationship with. When they love they really love, but at the same time they don’t hesitate to look at(and usually flirt with) every pretty woman who passes by. If you are a Leo, make an effort to think above yourself, be careful not to become inconsiderate.

  33. Leo is a leader type “My Way” and doesn’t follow any order, however Leo were just kitten if you know how to manipulate them. They are one of the most easy to manipulate in the Zodiac (Not including the Water Signs), manipulating them without knowing it is fun.

    Air Follows the fire, but can manipulates the Fire
    Earth Persuades the Fire.

  34. First of all, Daysi. Whats more crazy to believe in, whats writen in the satrs and the zodiac or the Bible. i mean come on thats your argument, that says everything. And second of all. WATCH OUT FOR PISCES WOMEN! They will try to over power any type of man, They can be eluring so much to the point where you can get lost in there deep dark mysterious ocean. They draw you in to their shapshifting ways. I was with one for over 3 years and looking back, wow. Being a sag I have found that I enjoy the company of more freedom loving and less sesitive signs like mostly fire and wind signs . In my opinion, the pisces is the weakest sign of the Zodiac.



    I’m a Pisces woman and its my first experience with a Leo man. WTF!!! What is it with Pisces and Leos on this page!?
    I can’t stop thinking about him. He has hit the spot in me, I can’t find the words to describe it!

    We’ve known each other for about a month and he said he is really into me and thinks I’m cool. He said it is very easy for him to take advantage of me but because he likes me he won’t, which I told him I’m very grateful because I’m in a vulnerable stage and would love to be friends and if it becomes more – bonus. He said he was fine with that.

    We just ”clicked”. And now he’s done a disappearing act on me. Before he would text, call and email me at least once a day.
    He is a current substance abuser and I think he is trying to sort himself out with help. I can only think it is because of that?

    Is this why he has done a disappearing act on me? He told me I have peculiar looks but he likes that. He has been with models and gorgeous women but he said they’re so boring, he likes it when there is mystery. He called me enigmatic. I wasn’t trying to be, I just don’t like to lay it all out there all at once.

    I have done the usual compliment and ego stroking without been over the top. I believe in being subtle!

    Maybe I should leave him alone for a while and not text or email?


  36. i dunno but i always knew i was “pretty” but my sexy leo guy makes me feel “super pretty” for sure! he is very sweet and honest we almost never have problems. im a capricorn girl and we are usually not “compatible” according to general horoscopes but it’s just not true. i really DO believe in many aspects of astrology but i DONT live my life by it. especially when it comes to relationships because everyone is their own individual, ya kno?

  37. I am currently dating a Leo man (I am a Taurus female) and it is very rocky. The difficult thing is seeing this man is truely incredible in so many different ways. However he is self centered and can come off as arrogant. He is the center of attention and loves to talk about himself. Everything is on his timeline. This sign is completely dominant. As you know so are Taurus’ so we have alot of conflicts and the relationship has proceeded very slowly because of this. If you are submissive date a Leo-if not better to pass before you very quickly fall in love with this man.

  38. Is it true that leo guys only go for the super pretty girls only?

    • Yes, for all Leo guys i know, and more prone to be seduced and manipulated by women. That’s why they were so dumb in the eyes of the Earth Signs.

      It’s good to be prudent, but it’s better to be Wise.

    • This may be true for younger leo men.only the best for us and ours and that not only applies to our women but with everything ….but as we mature ..if we mature ,we find that beauty is not only on the outside of a women but inside as well .dont beleive these blogs that say were shallow and only date pretty woman …I tend to be attracted to women who are just all around beautiful…we can apreciate it ..and if you let us do the dominating thing and not take it personal..we will open up a heart of gold for you….

  39. this is true about leo’s. im a pisces dating a leo. ive known em since the 6th grade. but we never talked like that. i finally decided to give him a chance. hes a really sweet guy. but it annoys me that he’s too good for anything. im not the kind of person that likes to make plans. i rather just go with the flow. pisces girls are indecisive and complex we never know what we want. im pretty sure it will drive the leo crazy.

  40. I am a Gemini woman and I have been with 4 Leos in my lifetime. The reason that we didn’t last is because Leo always wanted to rule. Leos like to cheat and they want their women to stay put and faithful.

    Being a Gemini woman I would propose instead of lying and cheating, let’s just have an open relationship. No I don’t want anyone else, but I won’t stay at home either while you romp aroung. Needless to say, I love all of my Leo partners dearly. The one I am with now is by far the best. He is much older and I am more mature now as well

    There is nothing better than an old lion. They have to learn how to smolder their fire, but once they do they are the best! We are extreamly happy and he knows that he must give me my freedom as a Gemini and I know I must give him his respect as a Leo. It Works!

  41. i had the most glorious and unforgettable 6 months in my life with a king… a LEO man. well, i just find out. HE actually loves to chase when he got curiosity and a knack of a girl he intend to. very like mars, and me a taurus woman, i felt like am a venus, his princess, found my knight with shining armor, blazing my cold bored life with his sunny passionate affection. It is right, that he is loud :), bright, playfull, funny, highly-innitiative,quick witt, very helpfull and very generous! but.. in the other side, he can be VERy moody, and shelfish… when it comes to his ego. No DRAMA, but him…he simply can’t tolerate that… bcoz he’s the only DRAMA alives! remember??:). …And when ‘this storm’ happens… we just can ‘confront’ him, we better away, dont be like drama queen, just put your ‘pride on’, stay cool and collective, show just ‘a very efective’ anger strike, not too much… and walk away, leave him alone…so ladies… dont ever ever show ‘your overdramatic weakness’, neither shown up too much GEALOUSSY ( he hard to tolerate that since he’s so popular and it means it’s a part of consequences we have to tolerate…)… he more appreciate that… becoz.. later on, ‘after his stormy weather’s over this actually’ sensitive big softy’ Leo man, will realize his ‘attitude problem’ and make peace to you… he will sincerely appology ( it takes all his pride also u know and if he do that it means he get into you so well).. and back to his repent, treat you as a Queen! worth for appology .. it does take a patient…another thing for LEO, he loves PASSIONATE woman but with a decent talk and good manner, but without ‘faking’ it, becoz he just know… and he is so ‘tricky’ to show his’pridefull’ gealousy…one example, when i was talking about one of my male best friend or could be my ex, or could be another powerful male u just adore ‘but him’, he will not listen to it ‘in focus’like the way if you share your personal problem :)), coz, he just cant take a competition .. yes indeed, he loves you more when you showers him with gentle affection, sincerity, and praise! and… it will cost you a great NOVELTY sex of a century!! ohh… i just cant explain it with words :)))… but that’s it, for him, sex is not a matter of ‘quantity’ but more like a one BIG time of sensuality, A one big BANG quality, he loves to do it with feeling… he would love to try and takes your order! so ladies, this is a PERFECT time to conquer a lion’s heart :)… do him an order! he will give you ‘generously’ and breathlessly sweet-obnoxious treat you ever imagine… but… after that you will find a ‘lazy lion’ crave for his private ‘do not disturb’ time… he will get offended if u demand more in a same time! ( i told u he’s sensitive… and he’s not a TAurus man who well known with his ‘endurance’, oh,pardon me :))… give him some time to gathered his ‘energy’, since he needs ‘ imagination and GOOD MOODS’ for love :)…be patient… now, what i miss now… when we get sperated in distance… is, this LEO man can be only you King when you around, and he is so REALISTIC and PHYSICAL that he has no extra patient to ‘wait’ for distance to commit :(… that’s his weakness, may be that could be a part of his ‘invisible possesivity’… he needs to love you when you are by his side!… sigh… i feel alittle bit dying here…but i believe, and once he admit that ‘he loved me’… that i definetally had a ’seat’ on his heart… another weakness point of Leo man, since he might be a generous person in ‘doing’, but not so ‘generous ‘in saying i love yous to his woman… he shows it by breakfast in bed, or simple helpful things like a soft kiss, and massage, he really has a magic finger… and when he said ‘i love you’.. that would be so honest.. and luxurious…. dear, God.. please help me… i miss him.. and dying to meet him again…

    U know what… i agree with Eva, the piscess girl.. Love do conquers any mis-matched signs on earth…

    • This reminds me of someone I knew & I love n hope to see again oneday soon
      Still not met a woman I could spend just about all my time right beside even tho she was Spicy ! Miss u so much NAN 😦 KK
      Leo man not sure because of distance time ect but think she was taurus or
      A Gemini but would marry her whatever she was n might do still ;-* RRROOOAAAHHHH 😻

  42. I am a Pisces woman who’s married to a Leo man. Our relationship has been generally good with lots of chemistry, but it is also true that our relationship is volatile and we can have the greatest fights ever.

    For the past year, we have taken time to understand each other better and to clarify what we say to avoid misunderstandings. So far, the marriage has been better than ever! So Pisces woman + leo man can DEFINITELY work with a lot of patience and effort. 🙂

  43. i am with a pisces man and they dont mix either… in fact i hate the relationship and i cant help but to try to make it betetr but it just gets worse..

  44. hi forest,
    let me tell you something funny
    i am a PISCES girl with a LEO man and although its been tough because each relationship has its ups and downs, IT’S WORKING!!! just like you i was like crap Pisces and Leo don’t mix, but then i realized life isn’t about meeting the perfect sign its about thinking outside the box…i am in love and he is too. good luck and remember, think outside the box or you might loose the most beautiful girl inside and out, no matter what sign she is.
    i wish you luck and love with your Pisces girl

  45. hi forest,
    let me tell you something funny
    i am a PISCES girl with a LEO man and although its been tough…IT’S WORKING!!! just like you i was like crap Pisces and Leo don’t mix, but then i realized life isn’t about meeting the perfect sign its about going and thinking outside the box…i am in love and he is too. good luck and remember, think outside the box or might loose the most beautiful girl inside or out, no matter what sign she is.

  46. Leo’s are fucken jerks. Bottom line. When they feel that they are defeated they will attack. All that noise they make is because they feel like they are going to loose at that moment.

    • Yes, they have to win! And my Leo is so immature he truly wants to be in control over my every aspect esp. because he is the bread winner at the moment. He has his good qualities like he can appear to be one of the “good” guys, but in reality what is “good” is defined and redefined according to his needs, purposes and whims of that time. My Leo is triple mined to say the least! And he is a master manipulator and a liar, he lies and exaggerates the truth so much that I never believe a word he says. I’m a Capricorn woman, and in a sense, having my Leo man violets the “honor code” that I carry deep within myself. All I can say is my finances will be up to par soon and I just may have to pack it up & leave on that “good ship lolly pop” , although I would like to work it out sense it’s been about 3 years, but I am not surprised why a woman would leave this man and not look back! lol Apparently, my Leo’s ex packed it up and left town with no forwarding address as well.

  47. hi very true well most especially last lines.My man is a leo.Our relationship is pretty rocky as i am taurus and he really makes me furious sometimes.But seems that we love each other and i am learning to make it work AS I LOVE THIS MAN AND I AM TRYING TO UNDERSTAND HIM.sO.gOOD LUCK

  48. she wants to be under the umbrella of your love and affection. she notes how you command those around you and desires to be commanded by your love. To her love, sex, and power are the trinity, there cannot be one without the other. Why don’t you just give in to the charm and sexual attraction that a pisces woman absolutely is clothed with?

  49. Leo and Pisces have to both be prepared to learn and undertsand eachothers ways or else it will be a disaster. Def. a relationship in which the both are mature and have some wisdom and patience behind them…
    The chemistry between these two is AMAZING though. I am involved with a Leo Man, I am a pisces! And we went through several on again off agains before we finally started to work on undertsanding eachtohers ways. Leo much be careful not to hurt his pisces girl with words , and pisces girl must learn that Leo men dont mean things quite the way she perceives it.

  50. All I have to say, is good luck, Forest! Leo can easily dominate and trample over Pisces feelings, and Pisces tends to have this passive, go with the flow nature, and basically lacks the decisiveness and aggression where the situation calls. I hope you enjoy the attraction while it lasts, and nobody gets their feelings hurt TOO badly in the end.

  51. the worst relationship ive had was with a Pisces woman. She happened to be my best friend too – and now we are complete enemies. Stay away from those Pisces women, theyre too selfish for a Leo man. No disrespect to the Pisces women out there 😉

  52. i have pisces girls that won’t leave me alone, but supposely leo and pisces doesn’t mix. also it is my first relationship. Leo man(I want it to be perfect)

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