Leo Women

She will stand out of the crowd on the street. Leo woman is normally tall or rather tall. You will hardly see a short thick woman. When she walks she walks like a queen, confident and does not look around, though as if there is no one around her. She will dress in her own style not according to fashion. She is confident of what she chooses to wear.

Do not buy cheap cloths where they sell in dozen for her as a gift, she will hate it. Also do not buy cloths that do not reflect her confident personality. She likes unique and strange cloths and accessories. Being different is what she loves. If you want to know her, take times and be patient because she is selective about people she mingles with.

She’s open minded, but yet she is not letting people get to close to her easily. She likes sweet words and compliments, but not too much. She smiles with anyone, but inside she thinks she is borne to be a leader. She likes to be in control because it is in her nature instinct. She is a graceful woman, and she has a magnetic charisma, so expect tough competition.

She is a very proud person, so do not do anything to challenge her confident. She can be mad and act like a hurricane, and later can be like an innocent kitten, but do not fall for her O.K. She remembers everything and likes to cherish her sweet memory, so if you find her old photo albums with her ex-boyfriend or love letters that will make you puke, take it easy.

She is keeping her sweet memory does not mean she still in love with the old fool, so you do not have to panic. She will have many guys run after her, so if you have advantage of a good background family, or a famous last name, a successful career then it’s a plus. She hates to be poor and she thinks love will not pay bills. She is a sport type and love sports.

If you want to date her, prepare to spend big bugs, for your first dinner with her can not be a hot dog stand, but better be the best place in town. She is a generous person, so do not be surprise if she gives you a gift more expensive than what you gave her. She likes extravaganza, no cheap gift, no cheap dinner please.

Being poor or broke make her depress. If you do not have lots of money, be creative and make your own gift for her. It’s unique quality and times spending making it for her is a big deal. You can think economical, but do not be cheap.

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  1. Leo woman (8.7 Holla at me) we are known to be full of life. We are ruled by the Sun and we see everything through the self, yet we are far from selfish. We have big ego’s because we truly care about others that have meaning in our lives. Their opinions are the only ones that matter. Leo woman does not care what others think as she only competes within herself be the best version of her ‘self’ she can possibly be. We love nice things because unique and beautiful things go with who we are as women. Leo women knows how to cater to a man like no other woman. Sometimes this is where she can get taken advantage of, is with her love that she gives once someone gets through her ladder of standards and values. Leo’s rule the fifth house of Family, Children, Creativity, Play, and Romance. This is why we like our lives to be what some may call dramatic. We love men who can show us how they feel through their actions not words. Words only have meaning to Leo women if the man proves them to be true with how he treats her. We are not materialistic but naturally have exquisite taste. We are very territorial when it comes to relationships so we need a partner that does not play around or needs to be validated with attention from other women. Flirty signs like Sag and Libra men will not cut it with their need for attention. This will annoy the heck out of a Leo woman as she feels her attention should be the only attention that matters ( here is the Pride/Ego part) so knowing that her partner needs any type of attention to feel good about themselves from other women is a big turnoff because as said before Leo women know how to cater to men and will be offended that their all is not enough. Libra men are known to be big flirts and they are also very bad in relationships with Leo women because they let the Leo walk over them and then get mad when issues occur since they do not like confrontation. Sag women, Cancer women, Scorpio women all can have great friendships with Leo women because they are relationship leaders and can have a Leo woman’s back emotionally. Gemini women tend to gravitate towards wanting to be friends with a Leo woman because they are in awe of the confidence a Leo woman has but Leo women will see right through her 7 personalities. Leo woman are very “real” with who they are and hate fake relationships. Worst romantic partners for Leo woman is: Scorpio Male (power struggle, great sexual chemistry), Libra Male ( not dominate enough, too bitchmade, plays mind games to manipulate and drain her vivacious life within her). Capricorn Men ( too anti-social) and Virgo (will kill her natural high off of life with their OCD and anxiety). Best sexually are probably Libra, Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio for all different reasons. Leo women are the knockouts of the zodiac and have high sexual power over both men and women. Essentially Leo’s, Cancers, and Scorpios, and Sag women are the women rulers of the zodiac in that order.

  2. I m a Leo, born on August 2 n m completely agree with all the things u have said… I like expensive things but this is not intentionally… I just like unique n different things. I always want to stand out of crowd I just don’t wanna b a part of the crowd. m very much confident … whatever I do. N m very attractive… People praise me always for my looks… sometimes m Ok with it but sometimes I get annoyed n I say ” I know I look good”…N m a very happy person…very loyal if m with someone…No matter what .
    I’ve dated few men…
    Virgos r too much romantic n always see the reality
    Libras r very faithful n very emotional
    Sagittarius … not even near by my taste

    Currently dating an Aries, He is handsome n caring.


    • We don’t do it intentionally, we just normally have suitors always waiting in line. It’s hard for us to be alone, for that reason (for me, anyways). There have been times when I ignore everyone around me to be able to breathe, but someone always ends up catching my eye. We do look for that deep connection, but we look for that in everyone we meet. We get such high hopes whenever we meet someone new and put them on a pedestal of “Okay, this is the one”. It normally doesn’t work out though. So then we repeat the process all over again. Beg for space, see someone we like, think that person is “the one”, get disappointed, and then beg for space. It’s really sad, so I try not to think about it.

  4. oh and I’m 5″8 135 pounds πŸ˜‰ tall for and woman

  5. Lioness Over Here !! I was born August 10, I do Not like poverty and being broke, I have and expensive taste and often spend beyond my means to enjoy designer clothes. I do have pride I don’t like people invading my territory or challenging my ego. like and lioness I want to attack I love standing out that’s my strength I love to hear how beautiful I look but too many compliments can be irritating. I’m sporty I love boxing, playing baseball, and college babasketball I’m confident it’s hard when I’m challenged but like a Leo I keep my head up.. Big Ups to my Leo Women Out Here πŸ’‹βœŒ

  6. ohhh my my hw cud u b soo sure .itxxx excellent m a leo n I bet u if she has sweet memories she isn;t still in love with dat old fool :p

  7. I was born August 14 and I find this to be extremely accurate except I’m not as confident as this article describes. In fact, I’m slightly introverted. But I am comfortable in my own skin and I’m 5″7′ so I’m quite tall (especially compared to my family). But there is another thing, though I am naturally drawn to more expensive designer names and brands, I don’t hate the cheap stuff. I don’t mind clothes shopping at Walmart when I have to. πŸ™‚

    • Woow I was born the same day and i totally agree on everything you say.But this year I started coming out of m’y shell and it feels really good πŸ™‚ shine bright baby lol jk

  8. WOW! I was born on August 3rd, and found this blog completely accurate, lol.I DO NOT like cheap men.However, every expensive thing (s) I want, I purchase myself.I like to give extravagant gifts without hesitation because giving is a blessing.I worked pretty hard to have a career that supports my extravagance:-) I am 5’7 and you better not dare try to be the best when im around..lol

  9. WOW! I was born om August 3rd, and found this blog completely accurate, lol.I DO NOT like cheap men.However, every expensive thing (s) I want, I purchase myself.I like to give extravagant gifts without hesitation because givinis a bedding.I worked pretty hard to have a career that supports my extravagance:-) I am 5’7 and you better not dare try to be the best when im around..lol

  10. IM 5_3 and im thick asf ..and I dont like sports at all …not all of this is true bol..I was born 8/7/1999

  11. I was wondering though if any other Scorpios have had any experience dating Leos? Personally I find Leo women the most fiery, passionate, and captivating of the signs. Truely regal they are.

    • Hi, I’m a Leo woman in luv with a scorpio (true scorpio-eagle). Things can get really complicated sometimes:(
      It’s jus so hard to understand a Scorp sometimes. But at the same time it’s so hard to leave them or forget them.

  12. I’m curious…can a person have two signs? I have traits of both leo and cancer. My cancerian traits are much stronger than leo however, I share many leo traits as well. I’ve been told my birthday lies within a “cusp”. 7/21 So can anyone help me understand this better?

    • Get your Natal chart done. You have a moon sign, a venus sign and a mercy sign that will help you. I am a leo, but I am a scorpio when it comes to emotion, a cancer when it comes to communication and a gemini when it comes to my love life. So, get your natal chart done and you might find that you are right!

  13. I sorta agree with this I have naturally expensive taste .. not on purpose of course I just pick it out cuase it looks appealing.. also im five foot even and 120 pounds I do walk around like I own the place though and my last ex was dirt poor. and I fall inlove whole heartedly.

  14. OH GOD!!thats so me!!!!!!!!
    ALSO ABOUT LEOS..the song “Daughtry – Losing My Mind” says it all.. πŸ˜‰

  15. almost of the things are correct …but i m not at all materialstic.
    and i dont want a partner who will give me expensive gifts. ….and i think single rehna is a better option ….i wanna live my life in my own way n i can get my dreams by myself so dont need a bf or anybody to help…..huhhhh πŸ˜‰

  16. i am Leo women (Aug 12) i love being a Leo. everything i have read is so me like right on spot!
    But let me clear this up..when they talk about money and being materialistic they typed it wrong. us Leos do love the finer things in life, i love to shower myself with all the pretty things! if i like it, im getting it. no jokes!
    so Leo women need a man who can support her queen like habits.
    now don’t think were selfish Leos are very generous. my gift will ALWAYS cost more than what you spent.

    i have dated Scorpios and have found them in the long run to be very negative people i don’t like Scorpios at all
    currently i am dating a cancer and he is just so sweet and caring the only problem is im too crazy wild for him so i do get bored..
    Virgos are complicated but fun
    im am waiting to meet an Aries Sagittarius or better yet another lion in this jungle!

    • Wait till you meet a Taurus, you will fall in love so deeply, nobody else will exist, i was also born on Aug 12, and i been with libra and pisces, but Taurus are the best.

    • Yesss this is all me …I was born august 7 and im a proud leo lmao

    • I find that Leo women, somehow, gets involved or should I say find themselves with Virgos and Scorpios but it will never work.
      I agree, Leo’s are a match with Saggs, Aries, other Leo’s and Libra. Just be careful with Aries. They are the first in Zodiac. They want to lead and want to be Kings! Well, that’s when challenge begins! lol!

  17. A lot of the stuff said about being a Leo woman is true! But I do not regard money being the most important thing but true I definately like to be financially secure. Also its true I stand out in a crowd not in a weird or strange way but in the way I am

  18. hahah very true!!

  19. Id have to agree with every thing. I have a very strong love for beauty in things. and Even though I don’t mind being with someone who doesn’t have money id prefer someone that could take care of me and my children. So that if anything were to happen to me they would always be protected.

  20. yes,iam a leo born aug 18.everything i just looked at is so true.leo men can be so mean towards me.

  21. my birth day is on 8\21\99 and im total like dat i realy love my fam and i realy like a boy at my school named steven mitchelle i dont like cheap thing and im complex i cant belive every thing on here iz true about me and my mom iz a leo to and we are the same and think alike wow this web site iz coool

  22. Well,in my case each word out here turns out 2 b TRUE!!!

  23. awesome…its true…
    m born on the 31st july… and the qualities written about a leo …are juz as perfect

  24. Yea, I don’t know if that whole idea about Leos needing expensive things is true… I think it got lost with the words of going all out. Because I am a Leo, but I don’t need anything expensive. I appreciate whatever is given to me:) When I’m doing something for someone or buying something for myself, that’s when I go all out. Never half ass. Everything else is true, and it’s kinda weird reading about myself in a matter of paragraphs.

  25. uppsss!!! :O
    everythng isnt ri8…………….;) πŸ˜›

  26. so true…i smile when i read this,,,make me feel good πŸ™‚ thanks

  27. I Think its totally true about Leo I ma leo girl born in 1st aug so i satisfied with it…:)

  28. i am leo woman. everything is explained to the core, so true. yep thats me the Queen of the jungle. I do hate cheap asses, cheap and stingy, if you know what i mean. Also, i like to be unique, so true, don’t u ever copy my style and steal my thunder. i don flirt, but i choose to who is deserving the attention and my time. selective is the tone.i love all people, different backgrounds, and i do have bad temper tentrums, very bad indeed.if you happen, you will cry.anyway, it only last for a bit.

  29. Everything was so right! Except the needing everything to be expensive. I hate corporate brand label crap, and I simply adore thrift stores. I will say though, that love does not make a living and therefore, I will find a good job that pays well, especially if it is to lavish my lover with gifts and affection~ This was awesome to read, I thank ye~

  30. Leo women, two words come to mind, complex headache. I date one and let me tell ever word written above is true thought they will not amint to it. True. First don’t for one second thing you have any control or can predict what there are thinking. There mind and attention spend is worsted then a kids. With this girl you better think on your feet. Forget planning never works, this the kind of girl spare of the moment stuff work best. These women will keep you on your toes, not the kind of women for the least steamily kind of guy.

    The most important thing to remember about Leo a woman never under any circumstance make them mad or betrays their trust. Ouch! is all I can say, will you feel there roar. Is some case it can make a Scorpio stinger look like and easy out in comparison. Leo women have one big thing in common with Scorpio they don’t forgive easy. But here the freighting thing I learn about them when they do final say they forgive you. The truth is there lying there teeth off. Fact is all there really saying is I am ready for you to began to make up for your mistake and consider some time in the next year of forgive you. Those if you ever try and confront Leo woman on this they total say I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Also be aware these women are master at childish mind games. They will amend at some point to try these on you. Don’t fall for it their way of seeing how easy they can control you. There also can be big friendly cats. Rather then comfort you on something that bugging them they hold it in and not say a thing then on day out of the blue you do some really stupit and all the stuff that been bugging them will come crush out at you along with your mistake. An if you try to ask what wrong you just made it worse . Cause your support to know. Like I guess they think us guy are mind reader or something get with the program women. Have you ever meet a mind reading man. Men are not and never will be mind readers. So stop thing this will ever change. And if there is a mind reading man out there. Please send him our way us normal guy have lot question for him.

    Scorpio men

    • Make sure to check your spelling and grammar before posting.
      You have no business being with a Leo woman, you are a Scorpio! lol!
      You are absolutely right! Never betray a Leo girl. It will take a decade to earn that trust again.
      It is easier to forgive friends and acquaintances, but extremely difficult to forgive and forget the betrayal and deceit done by the people we truly care about.
      We are not asking for psychic guys, simply asking for sensitive and caring gentlemen.

    • This is so true it’s unbelievable I date a Scorpio and he wants to always argue and be in control and everything is on his terms and then he asks me if I’m angry and I do tell him everything is ok as I am secretly plotting revenge. But I end up blowing him off and not talking to him for days. Leo’s are emotional liars we will keep a poker face in order to prevent giving people the satisfaction that they hurt us. We figure that never speaking to the person and acting as if they no longer exist will make the problem go away. We are not good communicators when it comes to our own feelings which results in us holding everything in and then erupting like the volcano about everything that ever pissed us off plus what that person does to us in the present. We are such good actors that people tend to underestimate us. You definitely know Leo’s lol. But Leo and Scorpios are sexually compatible outside of the bedroom there’s nothing since both are fixed signs and the compromise is no negotiation since Leo is boss and Scorpio is boss.

  31. I can’t agree with this profile. My birthday is August 15th and I’m not materialistic at all. For example for years I had a total of 5 shoes. I tend to buy things for others and forget to take care of myself. My one indulgence … books. Besides, I’m short and thick too.

    Not sure I can believe in astrology now

    • Short, thick, intelligent and confident and I attract attention in a good kind of way. I’m a fan of buying myself expensive things, but I don’t think I need anyone else to do that for me. In fact I prefer quietly confident, opinionated guys who have unique ideas who are kind of rebellious, independent-minded but loyal at the same time. Otherwise I believe I can take care of myself, I don’t need guys with heavy pockets or famous last names to do that for me. I guess this astrology thing is not to be taken too seriously.

  32. Hi. No matter how tall we actually are (I’m 5′ 4″), we always stand taller and seem larger than life. This description of Leo Women is missing a lot and does not apply to all. I’m a very spiritual and giving person. I love to help people so I do a lot of volunteer work. I’m told by everyone that I’m generous and helpful, which is another Leo trait. If we give to people that take advantage of us, YOU WILL GET CUT OFF because Leo Women are not users and abusers and you won’t treat us as such. I’m a lady who is hospitable and love to entertain! A fault of ours is we tend to offer advice without people asking for it, and I’m curbing that trait because folks look at us as “know it alls” when really we see you’re about to do some dumb sh*t and want to help and keep you in the know. I love passionately and I love the simple pleasures in life and beautiful things like nature walks, candlelit dinners, and love letters or cards with flowers. I am attracted to men with good conversation, a generous and caring heart, and I love to be pursued because it lets me know you’re interested in learning me which opens me up to giving to you with no limitations. I don’t want to have to chase a man and nowadays, I’m misjudged by men because they are used to not being a gentlemen and think that communication is a text message every now and then. I am not a frivolous spender and if I buy myself clothes and shoes, they are of great quality because cheap clothes don’t last as long and I hate wasting my money! I care for my things so don’t hate on me if I have nice stuff because I’ll share with you where I got it so you can get it too. I’m not stingy! lol I will always be honest with you so if you don’t like the truth, don’t ask me… Leos are very frank. I do agree that Leos can be very open minded in that we aren’t too quick to judge others, but I do agree it will take time for those to get to know me if we don’t have an instant connection. For example, I instantly connected with an Aries man recently and he’s like my best friend now and I totally support him in all that he does because he works in the community and helps others and we talk about anything and everything and we both agree that we feel as if we’ve known each other for years. However, I recently met a Cancer Man and I noticed right away that he’s cool but it’s gonna take a minute to “gel” with each other because of his view on life, and he’s so guarded and too mysterious for my taste. I appreciate the description of Leo Women, but just wanted to point out what was missing.

  33. hey girls i am a Capricorn man and i am crushing hard for this Leo women

    what would i have to do to attract her
    as a Capricorn i have no problem with changing my personality
    i do have a famous name and i am very creative and spend time making things (origami,wood carving)

    so like what guy would i have to become to attract her

  34. I’m a leo (aug 6) and I don’t think money is important, but cheap is annoying and all you people who think we are stuck up KNOCK IT OFF!!! We are so called hurricanes and we can take you down! So if I were you (thank God I’m not) I would watch my back.

  35. Being a Leo woman I think most of this is true but once again I disagree with the thought that Leo women are materialistic. I find Leo men to be very shallow and materialistic but not the Leo women I have met. I think that most Leo women really focus on the most important things in life and I consider my self to be an exceptionally deep person.

  36. Im a gemini sun with moon in taurus and a leo rising, i agree with everything! all aspects of a leo woman’s characteristics match me in many ways, im soo proud to be a leo =D

  37. I’m a 9 aug leo and I found the most of it true except for the materialistic and sports part.

  38. omg! this is exactly like me. I love cats , i also want the best of the best. I love fancy stuff too. When i go shopping , i act like no one is around. Fashion and luxury is about all i think about. I am 18 and i still dont care about punctuation. hahahaha. i really just want to live like a queen. also im dating a taurus man. im 18 and he’s 21. We have been dating about 2 years now. One problem though, He cheats alot! i never confront him about it and he thinks i dont no but i do. I just remian faithful and hope he will turn around and see how much i love him. i am very satisfied with him and i know hes the one. i dont get why he cheats. I get compliments from tons of people i dont no about how beautiful i am. I treat him so good too. I always bake him cookies lol. well anyways i loveee him and i know that one day he will realize i am all he will ever need. in the meantime ill continue to workout and by some expensive clothes to help my feelings. oh and maybe some hot colors to get his attention. nothing cheers up my day like a good expensive necklace. anyways maybe i am a bit materialistic but hey its my personality. Besides i am the nicest girl you will ever meet. i treat my friends and bf with respect and love. after all arent leos just big old cats? hehehe

  39. All of it is true, is not that we are materialistic, its just we don’t want to be broke.

    I feel that i am obessed with a scorpio, he has a girlfriend for about 2 years, but I can not stop thinking of him I truely think he was made for me or each other.

    I love that he is ambitous and likes to sing. He has a great smile, i just can not get over him. I have never dated the scorpio , or said anything. I just want him and drweam of him and hope that one day he becomes mine.

  40. I”m a pretty complex leo. I have a sun in leo, a scorpio moon, and a libra rising. I’m a very dark leo, I have a great six sense and sometimes I use it and other times I try to ignore it. I’ve always been fascinated by astrology and things mystical. I am crushing on a leo right now. He’s my neighbor, the brotha is fine as hell! We drank together the other day but I have my guard up after getting dissed by a Cancer male recently, (cancer men can have a leo woman checking into a mental ward). Anyway, he’ll say he’s gonna call and he won’t call. I’ll get a text message from him like 3 days later or sometimes a week later saying that he thinks I’m beautiful and he misses talking to me. What the hell is that crap!? Well I decided to seek revenge (my scorpio side) and not return his phone calls, I want to see him try to claw through the wall to get me and once he gets in I’ve already moved on to bigger and better things, while he sulks. I’m 36 years old and he’s 38 years old. When I get infatuated I get INFATUATED WITH SOMEONE. It’s never half ass I don’t fall in love but I get crushes alot, have any other leo’s notice that about themselves?

    • You wrote that awile ago but still That sounds exactly like my situation, you want him to make effort for you but thats just not what leo men do… and the text message thing is freakily similar happens just like that.. and you ignore it and get nowhere the hard to get thing or just trying to get back at him tactic doesn’t work and its pretty frustrating. and yeah true im always infatuated with someone bad.

  41. Wow this is so true! I have a colleague who is a female Leo and she is extremely materialistic (you hit the spot!) but will never admit she is materalistic because she is very proud and mindful of how ppl see her (another spot!!).

    She also cares alot about her face, to the extend that she will even steal others’ credit and lie to make herself appear like a good person (but we all know otherwise after some time)!

    Makes me wonder if this is part of her upbringing or part of the Leo characteristic.. hmmm…

  42. fyi we r kinda kinky so we like agressiveness sometimes but playfu kind not serious. like u can push us against a wall and start making out that will start something ; ]

  43. lol im a leo ~aug 10~ i say everything is true but the money as like everyone else said because i we really want is to be admired and thought of most of the time and have a gift from the heart it culd even be a cheap necklace as long as he says its from the heart…for example my bf gave me a necklace he made it was my 2 fav colors blended together and he said this necklace is the only key to my heart so dont lose it..if u do ill make u a new one and ull always have a spare one…even if we r not together one day ull always hold the key to my heart…yes it was cute and he still holds that promise..he is a taurus btw and we r now single…but still i love him

  44. Leo women, huh… A real headache! πŸ˜› Haha… At least for a leo guy, from my extensive experience πŸ˜‰

  45. Im also a leo ~AUG 4TH~ i also agree with some of the things that they were saying about leo…but not everything…. the part about being broke and poor is definately true!!!…i can be materialistic at times but thats normal cuz everybody wants nice things i dont see nothin wrong with that~….but yea im currently dating a libra and out of all the signs i have dated this one is way more fullfilling and full of love and everything that i have been looking for in a person…they say that aries is the best match for leo but i dont agree wit that at all honestly i just believe it depends on the person…….

  46. Im a Leo Woman(Aug 18), and we do love the finer things in life…this is a great how-to guide to a leo womans heart…2 things I dont aggree with…we’re all not tall im 5’1…. dont get me wrong I like money but hell what female doesnt..but im far from materialistic

  47. oh yeah, i know dis is soo insane..but then…cant help it..guess its part of being leo..oh n yeah, i love grand gestures, surprises, grand things n all! nevertheless wen im in love…im crazzzy…abt it!

  48. hey…well im a leo girl too…bday being on 23rd july..i used to think m a Cancerian…but turned out m a leo after all..all these things r TRUE..and well i hate to admit dis..but then its hard..n difficult for me to fall for and stay wid a guy who is not almost like a gentleman…doesnt have a good future..doesnt have polished manners..and yeah, most imp DOESNT speak proper english..widout d grammatical mistakes…and well, the generous lovin, stubborn yet carin nature of leos is also true to my nature!

    ADIOS to LEOS!

  49. Riiiiiiiight. Let me count the number of flies I have. Big bugs eh?


  50. i think this is all right except for the buy the best only… thats only for someone i dont really like… if they buy the best i will tolerate them.. however, if i really care then i am happy that they thought of me in the first place. unique gifts which are the most cherished….

  51. I’m a leo girl (Aug 15th) i agree with teh born leader part & attention… like to turn heads it’s fun & makes you feel good.. don’t agree with the money aspect gut does not have to have wads of cash to impress me.. love being wined & dined but you can be wined & dined at home by the fireside also! & then get jiggy pronto after:) ha ha….
    Leo’s are soooo generous to a fault i think… i will always give more than i recieve but i love seeing friends & familys faces light up when you spoil them it makes the gift worthwhile.. also love getting cards with words that disarm in them…. true feelings expressed in words are beautiful |& the way to my heart i think…

  52. My birthday is smack in the middle of this sign, a lot of the things said are true however, being materialistic is arguementative. I do like finer things but do not shy away from anything less in value, but I also agree with the post above, I too, cannot stand cheap, frugal men, or anyone who counts their pennies.. This can depend on your rising and your moon signs. Some are very intense and others can be the social butterfly. But it’s the natural way that we carry ourselves that attract others’ attention. Even if its the unwanted air signs πŸ™‚

    • libra male here nd thats messed up…”even is its the unwanted air signs” not kool besides a leo women came up to me nd she was attracted to me not the other way around lol

  53. its all true. i was born aug 1st and what you wrote scary and the funny thing is i loved reading it because it’s about me lol

  54. iam leo woman (aug 6)and i fing all things true…harricane and innocent kitten…the pepect example for that.

  55. Everything said here about Leo woman is true, true true. I love beautiful things, and I hate cheap men. I love to be loved, and love compliments, galore. I don’t feel that I am materialistic but I do love have my things. I just met a Scorpio man and he thinks he is going to wisk me off to live in some dingy cabin in the woods. Over my dead body, I want it all. I love my life, and having nice things. I also, am very leary of bringing people into my life that I do not click with. I am 5’11, tall very tall, and very sprirtual. I am a kitten and a lion.


  57. I have to agree with my fellow lioness’ I am not materialistic but I do like nice things and I hate a cheap, selfish man. I feel I deserve all that I ask for and then some because when I care for a man theres literally nothing I would not do for him. We are very loving women and I being a leo myself know that nothing moves a leo woman more than knowing that in spite of herself she is loved cared for and respected by the man she loves and she must always be number 1 when we know that – everything is all good. I think most men are intimidated by us because of our strength and the fact that we never lack for the admiration or attention of other men. A leo woman requires a strong, confident man who is comfortable in his own skin.Women are oftentimes very jealous of leo women.

  58. This is very true! If im in a relatinship and he doesnt have money to do something I would like to do, I get very depressed and most likey that’s the end of him πŸ™‚ Leo 7/28

  59. I notice that Leo girls need attention, and that’s so annoying. And what a surprise that they all won’t admit to being materialistic princesses (even though they really are) But will admit to everything else being accurate. How typical.

    • i kinda agreee with u there lol…some of them say that they dnt care about money but cant stand a cheap man…i think thats a bit ironic, nd yea they do need alot of attention which is a pain in the ass especially for a libra male like my self

  60. Im a Leo, 27th July. Early Leo maybe, but every detail that describes a Leo is exactly me. Im confident, materialistic, tall 5″8′. I expect my man to bow at my knees, it is a privilige for any man to date me. At the same time, im generous, humerous, and have plenty of fantastic friends. Im a bitch at times, but only to people who dont appreciate me ttfn x

  61. Wow, that is very accurate! Especially the part of having my own fashion and appeal, being different and confident in my apparrel! I do agree with all the leo woman here that we aren’t materialistic. I can not stand a cheap person because to me if you are being cheap, it means you do not value me enough to put everything you could into it. Yet, I do not go after men with tons of money, as long as you can treat me like I am your girlfriend with love, care and honor is what matters. It is definitely true with the sweet memory part, however I held onto a few things of my past with lovers, but have thrown them out. Basically leo’s motto is use your heart, eat, drink and be merry!

  62. My moon sign is leo, ofcourse i like luxury, but in relationship i crave for love for than money, man who can be strong and faithful to me.

  63. The beginning of what you wrote rings true for me. I do walk about as if there is no one else around. I don’t consider myself materialistic. I love chicken nuggets from McDonald’s as much as I enjoy filet mignon. We are not all money hungry self absorbed creatures.

  64. so true!I am a leo woman and i agree with everything except i am a little thick but not fat .I do walk as if im the only one on the sidewalk.Also i like nice things that are rare and different.

  65. I am a triple Leo and it sounds just like me. So I think you have nailed the Leo personality to a T. Could use some advice as am in the early stages of romance with a doube Scorpio and can already tell it’s going to be a “WOW” intense relationship. Any suggestions?


  67. im a leo girl (aug 4th) i think its very truye except for the height thing as i am 5’3.. ive noticed that every leo girl that ive met has a soft spot for cats, feminine things e.g beauty and likes to be noticed.

  68. A Leo Lady are people’s person. They r the true souls who show unlimited care to their loved ones. & thats y money comes to them naturally. But definitly seeks more attention than the Librans…

  69. This is so accurate it scares me. I do not see myself as materialistic, but God knows I CANNOT stand a cheap man! I spend lavishly on myself, and my family, I relly do feel I deservre it after years of feeling guilty about wanter finer things and my ability to have them. I do value true love above all else. You cannot put a monetary value on love and happiness.

  70. This is so accuratenit scares me. I do not see myself as materialistic, but God knows I CANNOT stand a cheap man! I spend lavishly on myself, and my family, I relly do feel I deservre it after years of feeling guilty about wanter finer things and my ability to have them. I do value true love above all else. You cannot put a monetary value on love and happiness.

  71. I’m having doubts right now if I’m really born under the sign of Leo…. Everything was completely opposite of my character and point of views in life.. However, for some who I know born under this sign everything was quite true but believe me or not just like what the rest said, not all Leo in general are materialistic… In fact every little thing is appreciated because for us, GIFTS SHOULD BE PRICELESS…

  72. I think that that is so true about an leo woman every bit of it.

  73. The statements are somewhat true, however I am short and thick and the thought really does count rather than the expense. I do love things but a love people more

  74. i agree with all of this except the whole “i’m a leo so i only like a guy for his money” crap…i like this guy who is a scorpio so i hope it all works out…and i hope all of that leo confidence kicks in soon.

  75. i agree with everything written caus ei am a leo woman but i do not agree about the whole everything has to be expensive part…im happy with what ever my partner is able to do for me as long as it comes from the heart…

  76. I’m a leo my birthday is on Aug 12, I found everything quiet like me except for saying Leos are totally materialistic. I do think money is important but not to that level, other than that everything is right on the dot, too true to be on here..

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