Scorpio Men

A man with a foggy clouds over him. He is sensitive and easily hurt and always feels lonely. He does not trust anyone but himself. Sounding so negative, but he has an amazingly charisma. He is a compassionate man. He absorbs other people sentimental feeling and pain. He is a good psychiatrist and he could understand complex and confused feeling.

He has a hidden power that he could use it to make things happen and do things well. He does not like people who never try to help themselves before asking other people for favors. He is the type of guy who mostly achieved his goal in life. Once he sets his mind for something, he will put all his energy and efforts in it, whether or not it is a small matter or a big project.

One of the most successful men in the entire Zodiac he is. He is a very patient man and can waits for years to reach his goal. He hates thin feeling and weak determinations. He can not retreat or rest for long, for he thinks life has more questions and more answer to be searched. If he is in love, you will get plenty of love from him, sometimes may be too much than you have asked for.

He is serious about love and relationship and will not waste time with someone he does not love whether how pretty she is. He hardly makes mistake. He could tell if you have any bad thought, and will not hesitate to tell you so. If you do not like straight forward sincere man, then pack your bag now. If you are an over sensitive person, try not to ask for his comments.

He will tell you the truth; even you might not be able to take it. Example, if you ask him if you are fat (and you are fat), he will say “yes, as big as a balloon”. He makes such comments because he cares for you, so do something about your weight and do not get up set with him. If he says “you look pretty today”, you can be proud because he will not say such think just to please you if he does not really mean it.

There will be both kind of people, those who like him and those who hate him. If you are in love this guy, be strong and belief in your decision, do not be vulnerable. He remembers all his anger and will wait or his pay back time. He is very serious about your promise; do not promise something you could not keep. He loves his friends and will do anything for his close friends. He likes you to take care of him, but not in front of his friend.

He is a complex man and you will never understand what he means if you do not really know him. He is happy to know he is a complex figure. When he is thinking or when he needs his privacy, you should give him some space. He memorize everything well. You may say something that you already forgotten, but he will remember every words. He wants to be respected and admired and at the same time he does not like people to have power over him.

When he falls in love, he really falls deep. A man in this Zodiac once in love, he will be sweeter than sugar. He does not like a plain and simple woman. A complex woman’s mind is his venture. Always be interesting and able to talk to him about everything in any subjects. He does not like a woman who sits around waiting for his call.

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  1. I am a pisces woman and never be in love with someone, until this scorpio man saw me few years ago at the first day he talked about marriage to me and asked my opinion about it I was 21 years old that day and I never used to think about marriage and I didnt want to get married ever, but he convienced me to get married he talked to me hours and spent his time with me although he was very busy and worked for 14 hours aday.

    He and I argued bad one time and I got so up set with him and never talked to him because he said a bad word about me. After 3 years he called me one day and he talked about his love to me and that he never forgot me. This time he said a lot about his feelings to me and his love very much that much I think never in my life I will ever see someone say love to me. He and I live farapart and I will go near him after marriage if that ever happen. But this time I wanted and said him come see me but he didnt and he said a time to me that he will but he didnt and I didnt
    told him again.

    After sometime he told me that I talk to other men, I told him he s not right but he said something I didnt understand he said he called me sometimes at midnight and my phone were busy! Something I never did god knows. I got upset and told him he should apologise but he never did he just keeps calling me and pm me alot although after sometime I told him I thought wrong about him and I made a mistake and cut with him. Now I wonder what to do about him I cant forgive him and cant trust him again but still love him. Sometimes I cry when I think about him and he call me again like he feels me. I seriously lost my trust about him and dont know what to do sometimes I think he s not what I think about him and I will not have a good life with him. Please tell me what to do?

  2. Hello, I’m a cancer woman. And I have a friend scorpio. Before we are okay of sharing things, like talking every night. But suddenly in a one click I don’t have any idea why he’s acting weird like he is mad at me and he wants us to stop our communication. And in that time he keeps telling me I don’t love you and that’s very impossible to happen to fall in love with you. Until now we don’t have communication yet. Just wondering why he do that, that in fact we’re in good terms that time. I didn’t do anything to hurt him. I just told him that I keep thinking about him with smile. Can you tell me please why he act like that. And why he say those words to me.?

    • I think you dissapoint him he feels that you dont care about him enough, he gave you love and you dont respond him that he expect from you. And one thing about scorpio man he likes to somehow manipulate but you should show him he needs strong reasons to convience you he likes to try to get you but sometimes prise him without him trying it will make him sure that you love him back these are the ways attract them to a woman I think. I m picses myself I knew scorpio man this way and my lover was a scorpio and still is. Is there a scorpio man here tell me these opionion I said about them are true or not?

  3. Hello i am Ras (27 year old ) and my zodiac sign is Scorpio. I have boyfriend who is also Scorpio. When i was new to our relationship we were so crazy about each other and mad with an alien feeling forming inside us for each other. As time passed on i came to know about him more n found almost same traits in good and bad like mine. It became very difficult for me to continue relationship with him still then i couldn’t leave him. Coz i m deeply mad n crazy about him and him too. How long or badly we fight, but after short duration we are again together. I always thought of leaving him due to my bad behaviour or his toward me but couldn’t. I don’t know what attraction we still have or zing ( lust, passionate, love, care, wildness) from past 10 years. We cannot detach from each other. But he satisfies me n i him.We are looking forward to take our relation to next level and we both know there will lot of challenges to face. But i do know one thing we can get through any bad situation if it comes, by being together and caring each other patiently.

  4. I’m an aquarius woman who asks just one question??? What’s the big damn deal about the Scorpio man??? I see his absence as a vacation for my own down time away from him……..the Scorpio man can be selfish and more of a taker if a woman alllows him the opportunity…….Scorpio can be figured out, it takes patience and observation in his mannerisms….there are certain behaviors that a Scorpio man does without even realizing that he does these types of behaviors……being in a relationship with a Scorpio man requires a woman to accept the challenge, toughen up and study her Scorpio man’s ways….she’ll eventually see that he will do certain things over and over again…….Scorpio man isn’t all that~either!!!

    • yeah, Good Luck with that Debbie Little … there ar reasons why astrologers say that only Pisces and Cancer understands a Scorpio …. lol … if you are not one of that , then try whole life to know your Scorpio …. Water sign significance —>> depth , out of reach of other people and shape changing whenever it’s needed …. trying to know him completely is only possible for you if he himself discloses about him in front of you , otherwise you are like a maze runner 😀 …. it doesn’t matter a Scorpio is male or female — both are like that 😀 …. be happy what you thought you know about him … lol … I just hope your heart will not break break after many years when you will come to know that your Scorpio just manipulated you this whole time to make you think that way about him and all of a sudden he’s completely like a stranger in your life …. fun begins then …. lol … my advice dear friend —>> find a lover of your own zodiac compatibility …. Scorpio isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

      • How dare you tell someone to “find a lover of your own sign”. You are stupid!!Astrology isn’t what makes an individual. It’s suppose to be fun but not serious. You maybe need to stop commenting on everyone’s post with your stupidity idiot!

        • @loverunsdeeply … I can see a perfect example of an Idiot in front of me …. who doesn’t believe in astrology but came to this astrological website to enjoy ‘Fun’ … If you don’t believe in astrology then what are you doing here ??? … Secondly , I’m a ‘Double Scorpio’ ( Moon sign and Sun sign … both Scorpio) … So, I know a Scorpio far better than idiot like you …

    • yeah Good luck with that Debbie Little …. there are reasons why astrologers say that only Pisces and Cancer understands a Scorpio …. If you are not one of those , then try whole life understanding him … lol …. Water sign significance —>> Depth, out of reach of other people and shape changing at any moment if needed …. You can understand a Scorpio only when he/she himself/herself discloses himself/herself in front of you 😀 … otherwise you are just banging your head on wall again and again … both Male and female Scorpios are like that …. I just hope your heart will not break after long time when you will find out that your Scorpio just manipulated you this whole time to think that way about him … lol … fun begins then 😀 … my advice dear friend —>> find love of your own zodiac compatibility and have a happy life 😉

  5. Hi everyone… I am a Taurus woman dating and seeing a Scorpio man in the past 5 months… i am 27 year old and he’s 26 year old… right now i feel so confused, sad and broken… having him in my life brings me to lots of emotional roller coaster, he referred himself as a lost soul and tries not to be too clingy or attached.. I’ve tried to stay away from him, he also but there’s a force that brings us back together! he acts hot and cold, this behavior makes me more crazy, he referred to me as paranoid coz I always suspects that he mess around with other girls :((

    What I noticed whenever we spend a night together he needs to have his alone time for a day or two then back to as if all is fine… I care for him so much, I crave for him and I am so addicted to this guy but its not good anymore as I feel so much pain, worries and hurt and I hate ambiguity.

    He knows how much he means to me, that I love him and the best I know is that he cares for me and trying his best to cope up with my shits and stuffs…

    Before he said he knows sometimes he is being asshole and he felt bad, that he’ll gonna try to be more cool with whatever small portion of heart he has, blah blah, then he is acting really sweet on some occasion, even updating me with whats happening to him, saying about haircuts and stuffs and giving me simple things… and some small things that i really do appreciate.

    Right now he is on a business trip, he is not messaging me for almost a week (this is the longest time he went mia), the first days was so agonizing until i clam down lately making myself busy with books and yoga).

    I am kinda decided, teaching my self to distance and ignore him when he try to reach once he is back (end of this week(… though i know its hard!!

    Can some please share any experiences, thoughts, insights, feedback or anything valuable that can help me think and figure out what to do:
    – should i give up now, completely stop giving a damn
    – should i stay cool and be the understanding, supportive girl he knows

    I want him, I really do and I never felt this to anyone but its not healthy anymore :(((

    • Hi,

      I am a Taurus woman too. Been with this guy for almost 2 and half years. My husband. I love him and he loves me too. I realized this only after getting married to him. The biggest thing they can do for you if they truely love you is ” change for you.. For the good. To keep the relationship happy”. If he is not changing for you then he is still a jerk. I can see how much my husband has changed for me. Ufcourse there are these times he goes back to his old days of stinging me, puts me down sometimes but he apologizes immediately and is the first to ask me a sorry. It all depends on how much they value the relationship and their up bringing. I never allow him to use me as a door mat and tell my concerns. I say just test him for the last time. If he is not going to change then tell him ” I am quitting from this stuff and not up for these bullshit emotional drama” . I am sure he will change eventually. Woman are much more matured than men. You both will grow. Don’t worry . just tame him by being genuine.

      • Dear aruch2015,

        Thank you! I just read your insight today. Its been more than a year, many things had happened, from wonderful to devastating…
        Like you, I dont allow him to treat me like doormat, I express every concern I have. While he’s away he said something to intentionally hurt me so me being so sensitive reacted saying things like goodbye blah blah, around Feb 2015 he told me its not about sex for him coz he is hurt… things got cool, we always spent time together, like really got addicted to each other … he had family issues, I always support him. Things looks better until July, he was more open, comfy to me and look forward to the next times and even planned a vacation together. Shit happens something showed up and we got no choice. I met him twice on Nov, the 1st meeting i took it as a closer, like the last time to hold and kiss his face. It was very painful, he kept on saying I will not come back again, though I already know he wont… not sure why keep on saying it, is it to convince me or himself? I dont know what to think anymore I am so lost. So later on he came back, told me its not easy for him too but the situation is like this and that.. that he likes me blah blah… I know its really good bye…
        I know its over…. but i still cant accept it! Though we can be together now its him distancing himself, he said he doesnt want to hurt me. He’s torturing me (mentally & emotionally). He knows I need him now, he is not like before that he is always lenient, now hes so harsh… told me he will be hard to me until I hate him and forget him. I keep on asking why… but he dont want to say the reason. I didnt do anything wrong… so now I am so tired. I dont care… but I still want him back.. i feel like i am nuts. I dont want to hope he’ll be back coz he decided that all the things we did before will never happen again.. :((

      • Hello aruch2015, thanks for your insight. I posted a reply a day ago but its not showing. Anyway, its been more than a year… many things happened from wonderful to devastating. like you I dont let him treat me like a doormat i always tell my concerns, early last yr he said something intentionally to hurt me, me being sensitive said goodbye and blah blah… later he told me its now not about sex for him coz he got hurt..i know he’s odds and life…the next months had been cool.. with some downs which is normal. He became more comfy, open and cool. He is trying his best to understand me and spend time with me. When everything seems going fine something terrible happened (i cannot tell it on here its kinda sensitive), so i know right then and then its done… ive seen him around end of last year i thought its for closure. next months had been hard until i recently dreamed about him and later on found out that there is a chance for us again, but he pushed me so hard saying he will be hard to me until i hate and forget him, he also said he doesnt want to hurt me and what happened between us before will never happen again. I didnt do anything bad to him, i just want to be there for him specially now that i know what he’s going through. so i asked him why is that can he tell and explain but he doesnt want to say his reasons. overall i am tired, i just want him back but he is now back to being a total jerk… i know i have to accept this and just move on. I just hate myself that I still hope even though i know its really the end.

    • Dear Carleen …. I myself is a Scorpio …. as far I know Taurus+Scorpio is not very compatible match … but you both need to give effort to make this relationship successful …. and one thing be always sure that almost all Scorpios — once they fall in love and give their heart , they are completely faithful to their love until you take him for granted … so, if you are sure he loves you, don’t doubt him — he is all yours ….. talk to him …. and few things more —>>> Many Taureans have been madly attracted to their opposite sign, Scorpio. The powerful drive and magnetic appeal of the Mars and Pluto-driven Scorpio is irresistible for you. Opposites do attract. Scorpio will feel the same way about you; there’s an undeniable connection between Mars and Venus. Scorpio is a fixed water (ice) sign. The action of water on earth in this case will not be entirely fluid. The cold inflexibility of Scorpio will conflict with your earthy stick-to-your-guns approach. You will agree on some things, but endlessly debate others, and you’ll go head to head quite often. If your partnership is to work long term, both of you will need to learn to accept the other’s viewpoint, even when you disagree with it.

      Scorpio needs to express love through sex ( not harsh but lovingly ) , and though this may flatter you at first, you’ll soon need something more affectionate and sensitive. If it’s not there, you may not be able to stay in the relationship — it’s too intense. You are ‘touchy-feely’ too, but Taurus generally doesn’t want just sex! …… The pluses here are that Scorpio will help you explore the part of you where love and sensuality can reach their peak, and you can help Scorpio get in touch with their softer side and learn to let go.

      Oddly, this combination ( Taurus + Scorpio) brings challenges in the area of money and its control. Though you’ll nurture and love each other, these issues will become a major testing ground for you both. You will both need to make an effort here………. now ask yourself , if you are prepared …. then go ahead …. Best of Luck !!!! 🙂

      • Hey, how abt a scorpio with a leo woman? Any scorpio man here who has had a relationship with a Leo?
        We both have been in love with each other for the past 7yrs, but there’s just no commitment cuz our families don’t agree.
        But even though he does dissapear on me a few times, I understand that’s when he needs his privacy. And I do give him that personal space which is a must for a scorp. I know he hates being asked questions, so i never ask him such questions, he always shares all that he wants to only with me so there’s no need to ask him.
        When he says he loves me and always will I belive it cuz he shows it in so many ways. I belive scorpio men are just misunderstood most of the time and that’s why they have such a bad reputation. But they are the most loyal n loving partner one can have. We just have to handle them with some patience, and give them our loyalty, love and respect which is all they want. They can be a lil possessive n will ask us questions n don’t want to share us with anyone, that’s because they love us very much and that they don’t admit that always (very secretive). So their possessiveness n jealousy is just a way of showing their love. Me on the other hand, being a Leo, always expressing my love for him in so many ways but don’t get that in return but I know he does too, and since he’s s Scrop I know he has a very hard time admitting it.
        If you are in love with a Scorp just give him time:)
        I believe our relationship would have worked out long time ago, but jus coz of our families we both are left with no choice. Still crazy about each other 😦

    • use the text romance back program… or language of desire programs it work well ..

  6. I am an aries woman been dating scorpio man for about 3 years now! I feel like our relationship is sometimes funny because the wars we have sometimes be so over dramatic and stupid lol I don’t get it cuz when I love him I love him hard but when I hate him he is the worst enemy EVER in life! For the most part I feel his loyalty and compassion for me he can sometimes be irony but most the time he would give me the best of his world! We can talk about mostly anything, I love the way I get off work and jus bitch bitch bitch and hes all ears! He is my heart and soul! I sometimes question his faithfulness, like a slutty bitch approaches him while im at work and hes drunk hed might smash lol but after 3 years of finally getting to a eye to eye relationship with him, I knd of put in my mind itll have to be a strong woman to take him from home! I know his heart is with me but sometimes feel like we are opposites who just so happen to fall in love! I get confused sometimes! But Aries we don’t have the time to sit and think about much other than money and work so Advice would make me feel better! Scorpio men do I have him or nahh????????

  7. Most of what I’ve read is so true. I’m a pisces woman and been dating a scorpio man for 3 months , we always have good conversation and he showed caring for me. He respects my opinion and always willing to listen to me. He do remembers all the things I said, but lately he never messaged on fb or textd me, i never messaged him either thinking he was taking his time figuring out true his feelings for me. All I have to do is wait because i am the woman. I cannot say i’m already in love with him but I will be sorry if he will walk out of my life because he has shown me a lot of care and respect.

    • don’t make him walk away from your life.. feel him more attractive towards you.. use sensual , passissonate.. text everyday.. to make him feel happy 🙂 all the best

  8. I’m a virgo woman, cancer rising, mars in scorpio, venus in cancer, taurus moon. i’m in love with a scorpio man, who has a venus in virgo, and a moon in leo. He seems to bring out the best and the worst in me. He used to be an actor in los angeles and while I still perform, i left los angeles for grad school. something he seemed very proud of me for.

    While I feel that I didnt even notice him for two years…meaning that we have the same drug dealer friend and would both randomly be there, flirting with the underbelly of life, we didnt know each other. I vaguely recall him approaching me, introducing himself, and I walked away, had to run home…this happened the same way twice over the course of two years.

    The drug dealers good friend commit suicide. we’re both at the wake in december. finally he says something to me, and peers straight into my eyes…time stops, i felt something and walked off, without saying another word, to essentially see if he would chase me. Im talking to some girl now, and i see him, out of the corner of my eyes, standing off watching me…i glance away as though i didnt see him. When i look up again, he’s gone. I look around for him, he’s gone. I can’t fucking believe that after our conversation, he left without saying goodbye. I wonder if i’ll ever see him again. When i finally leave the wake, Im elated to find a note left on the windshield of my car….a sweet note, he says that im amazing and that he liked talking to me…he leaves his number.

    Im happy and pissed by his tactic. I dont call for 3 months. When i do, it’s from a blocked number. i leave sexy messages….i never leave my name. One day he answers the phone, eager to find out who it is..i tell him we can exchange pics over email…we do.

    im going through a break up so i can never talk on the phone for too long. but when i can, we speak for hours. we laugh, it’s sweet. but im starting to feel like im always doing the calling. yes, once he called…he overheard an argument i was having with my ex who i still lived with…he apologized for calling at the wrong time, i said it was okay, that i could talk…he said he’d call me back, he never did.

    all this time, he hasn’t asked to see me. I make plans to move out of the state for grad school. I check out a school in June. When I return to LA a week later, he picks me up at the airport. That’s the first time i saw him since meeting him anew for the third time or so in December!! 6 months later, really? i thought scorpios moved faster than that when it came to intrigue.

    i’ll attempt to wrap this up because im devastated that ive totally lost him by acting crazy. he drives me crazy by saying he’ll call me right back, in 5 minutes…he rarely does and he keeps me waiting by the phone. once i called him back, and he said, “finally.” what the fuck does that mean?!

    the more he did that, the more i could feel my power slipping away…before i moved, i became unhinged with lust and desire. i left him multiple messages on his landline…playing with myself…masturbating…again and again…he finally answered and said he liked that i was waiting for him. I asked him why he was being so cruel to me, he said because it’s good for me.

    I should add that he’s a drug addict a young 48, but he’s been using for like 16 years. He has a 22 year old son in college, who has never suspected his father’s double life. The mother is off somewhere. He’s very guarded and protective of his son almost like a mother hen. I already feel jealous of that relationship. im 32.

    When we were face 2 face, i gave him hints that i was ready to sleep with him…he said, “its not all about sex is it?” i felt ashamed. then i thought he must really like me, then i thought maybe his dick doesnt work properly because of all the drugs…(meth) im no angel…but that’s never been my thing.

    in fact, the 2nd time i saw him after june was when i introduced him to a famous actor friend of mine who wanted me for himself. i wanted to impress him, and get him a little jealous at the same time. this actor does drugs. and now my scorpio is texting me about when we can all hang out again. I playfully responded…”so you’re using me to get to him.” i never put them together again and never will.

    so after i moved, he texted me, “i will call you my dearest”…he never did unless i texted him and said, call me now. but more and more, im yearning for him to pursue me. that’s what im used to. im the hot girl that’s wondering why she’s still alone. wheres the one?! all the men that call me “gorgeous” i dont want them. im a good person, im passionate, im strong, im a baby…im rash, i might leave teary messages on your phone, i wear my heart on a sleeve. i thought scorpios liked that.

    last night, at a bar, i spat in a guy’s face, he hit me and i punched him…i called my scorpio and told him about it…he told me to call him when i got home…i called and called and left pathetic message after pathetic message, i texted him….this…after just telling him that when i call and he doesn’t answer, it hurts me sooo much. he told me i was silly.

    he never answered.

    At this point, i know he’s jerked off to my sexy messages. i asked him bluntly and he said yes, shyly. but last night, i felt so weak and i feel like im dealing with a sadist.

    i never would have become so pathetic if he didnt create one unfulfilled expectation after the next…he even offered to drive my car for me from LA to east coast. i said no, just come visit. earlier this month, he promised that he would visit this month….and then acted as though he never said that…im sure he knows that i love him. i know he enjoys having all the power.

    it’s not fair because id give him all the power without him having to be like this.

    im so ashamed of my behavior. i feel like ive been taking out frustrations about him on other people.

    i feel pathetic. i just wanna crawl under a rock and those belongings of mine that he promised to hold for me for two years….(as i planned to return as though we made plans for the future…he even spoke of us starting a business together as we share similar passions for fighting injustice)…

    last week, i texted him “talk is cheap”

    maybe he never got over that.

    At this point, i just want some encouragement to block his number and to move on towards someone that knows how to nurture the fragile woman behind the tough, cold exterior “sexy” exterior.

    I read somewhere that a drug addict cant take care of themselves, so you cant expect them to take care of you. No matter how well he mother-hens his only son.

    That was my last text to him last night….(not the mother hen part of course)

    im done.

    moral: never try to figure out a man, fuck him if he cant keep his word the first time.

    • Oh my goodness.!! I feel exactly how you feel when you wrote this, so pathetic but I can not get myself to just stay away… So confused with him… I don’t know if you figured out your problem.. We should totally talk.!! 🙂 best wishes!

      • Riyli here….most people only value what they cant have. We finally had sex in dec but im done…He thought he had me eating out of his hand…I made the choice to overcompensate bc I remember how intimidated he looked when he first aporoached. I was willing to do that bc I knew deep down that my 180 would be sudden and stark. During texts I told him to stay away…I could feel him lying about having just had empty I was like hey..I had a date too blah blah friends dont need to lie…he threw a little fit saying “fine ill stay away fuck it” as though I was gonna beg him to forgive my foolish words. I never responded. Its been almost three months and he texts me….baiting me…shocked that im not biting….im still crazy about him but he can suffer now until he proves he’s worthy of me. Men love us more in our absence.

  9. I’m a scorpio! and I have to tell you, this is incredibly accurate!! 99.99% of this is true!

  10. I am currently seeing a scorpio man (nov 4). I’m a gemini ( May 27). We met at work. It’s been about 3 months almost of us secretly dating in the workplace. He’s also in a relationship with a another woman who’s a cancer. Which they’ve been together for a while but the relationship is doomed and has been way before I came in the picture. He claims to not be in love with her but he sticks around only for his child. Anyway, I AM SO DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH HIM!!! I have told him I’m going to leave him alone due to him being in a relationship with another women but he then comes right back and pulls me in. With his love, passion & deep communication. I haven’t felt so deep for anyone in a long time. I have dated a lot of different signs but scorpio’s weren’t on my list due to my only experience with my child’s father who a scorpio (oct 24) and I can’t stand him…
    He spends a lot most of his time with me then he does with her which is always his choices. He’s very possessive of me and extremely jealous but I love his ways and I love how crazy he is about me. I want him so bad! I want him to leave her but he won’t because he rather she leave him. Overall, this kills me inside that I can’t have him in that way. I find myself going crazy over him. If he doesn’t call me, I’m very jealous in which I automatically start thinking he’s fu*king her which he isn’t but I can’t help to think other stuff and I begin texting him like a crazy person but he claims down minutes later of where his heart belongs. He confessed to her recently that he’s in love with him and she demanded that he stops talking to me and he told her no he can’t. One thing I love about him that he soooo honest. Maybe to honest but again I love his ways. He constantly tells me, he’s never going to let go and I’m his. There’s days I want to move on but I can’t because my feelings are so deep that I everyday they are getting deeper and stronger. My soul craves him. I cry to him because I need him in so many ways but he can’t give me the one thing that I ask for. This effects me so much because I refuse to open up yo him. He feels I’m very private about a lot of things. I hurt so bad when he comes over for a few hours and leaves to go home to her. It’s like he’s ripping pieces of skins from my body. At work I try to keep it work mode but that can only go so far because he’s always watching me, especially when it comes to the other guys at the job. He hates when I talk to them and I try not to but it’s hard because most of them are nice to me but he thinks that they want me and they possibly might steal me away from him. He’s the man I’ve want in so many ways but I don’t know what to do. We got into a heated argument yesterday because I didn’t want him to leave me. I became extremely mad and told him I’m leaving him and I’m going to find myself a man and from there words went flying and he said f-me and I said f- you too and I drove off in rage. He called me 2 mins later and ignored the call. He called me early to ask me what I did that night and I refuse to tell him anything and I ended the convo and I haven’t talked to him since early today. Today is the first time that we’ve haven’t so many hours. Everyday we talk for HOURS!!! Im dying to call him to tell him how much I miss him and love him so much, but I’m not. I know I need to let go of this man to avoid getting my heart torn even more but he keeps coming back and I can’t say no. The most interesting thing about are relationship is that we both come from different cultures. He’s Hispanic and I’m African American. He’s never been with another woman outside his race and neither have I. It’s pretty interesting when we fight. Sex isn’t very important for us. We sometimes fall asleep without having sex. The sex isn’t so great as of yet. It’s pretty quite and too serious on his end and I’m the opposite but he recently started loosing up and it will get better with time..

    From a scorpio man I need your advise please. What’s going on here? What should I do with this man?

    • Please excuse missing words & poor grammar 🙈

    • plz my situation is the same just yet andhave been since 3years now.. but only thing is he proposed me even before his marriage … and than everything else is stated .. he even told me he pregnated the other women because he thought it was me … and than even promised me that he would divorce his wife and come to me as well … well i took a step yelled at him and left the work place and worked else were that pissed him off like crazy he called me names nd said i betrayed him … i have grown and missed him .. and yet when every i approsed him professionally he ignored me to a limit not to contact him .. i left it to be and had to even take conselling setions to improve myself .. its been an year now for all this… and now since i wanted to settle in life by marrying another guys .. hes behind me life crazy and even fell for him just last night …. yet i know deep down he will never be with me again … so this time around am leaving him again.. am tired of his plays .. .. trust me just leave and move on nothing good is going to come around with such guys … i know exatly how crazy it is nd has been and how hard it is to let go .. just let him go.. u will have a great future ahead

      • he is just using you for his physical needs tat’s all .. ultimately ur his mistress and that’s how he is treating you … all the preventing from other man .. he just making sure no one else touches you other than him .. and the crazy thing he is just manipulating you into thinking being his and not go to other person… that’s his defence

      • Moving on has been the hardest. I have good days and bad days. I feel him sometimes and it’s the weirdest thing ever. I just don’t get how he could ruin such a wonderful thing. From time to time he has been calling and texting me. He’d last asked me if I loved him and I told him “yes” and he said me too. That day when he asked me that question, he told me that he can’t get me out his mind. He explained to me that, I have no clue about what he’s feeling ( I guess that fact that he can’t have me) he wants to do something stupid to show me how much he loves me. I explained to him, ” you betrayed me, you made a decision when you cheated on me.” He was silent. I told him, I want nothing to do with him and to move on with his life because there will never be me & him. I have taken the next step by blocking him from being able to call me or text me ever again. I love him still & always will because throw the ups & downs he was the only man that never walked away from me, literally. I have a lot of past issue of rape, abuse & abandonment. He never judge me & always took care of me..My car got taken from me and came to my rescue to by me another car, so I can’t say it was bad but once you cheat on me, it’s over. It’s been 6 months now & I still feel like it was yesterday. I’m trying to date other guys but I don’t feel it emotionally & mentally.. I guess I still love him..

    • LEAVE HIM. I was in the exact same position with a Scorpio. he was seeing a Cancer. I am Virgo. he spent more time with me too, but cancer will always have a hold on Scorpio. ALWAYS.
      She eventually left him but he still misses her I can tell.

      • Well things are much different now. For starters I’m tired of him. The sex is whack, he’s moody & he doesn’t expect responsibility for his actions and I’ve become sick of saying sorry to him when things go wrong. Recently, I’ve stayed far away from him in which he didn’t even notice I was pushing myself away from him. About a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to totally disappear from his life & the bs. Oh boy, he basically called over thousands times & showing up to my house unexpected. Eventually on Wednesday of this week he caught me while I was going inside my house. I gently told him it’s over. All he cared about was why I didn’t pick up the phone. I told him numerous times my reason but he didn’t seem to comprehend what I was saying. He came inside and gave me all the reasons why he loves me & reminded me,he made a promise to never leave me & he wants me to have his child. I again, reminded him it’s over & I’m done, but gently. I also told him that I need to get my life together which is part of why I need to end this. I also explain to him that the way things has changed with us has also required me to move-on. He then began to start talking his bs about he’s going to kill himself because he’s knows he’s hurt me etc. I was highly unfazed by his remark because he always says that when he’s fucked up. Meanwhile, he starts crying to me. Telling me, I’m the only person who can control this devil. I then encourage him to go be happy with his family because this isn’t working out. They aren’t married just girlfriend & boyfriend. I reminded him of all the times he talks about her & her family which is told him I’m sick of it. She comes from a great family while I don’t he often talks about the family a lot. But He refuses. Anyway, about an hour later things seem relaxed due to me because normally I’m screaming, yelling & crying but I’ve toned down so much that I don’t care for him the same way as I did and once a gemini shuts down & disappears it’s over. Anyway, he began trying to touch me because I can tell he’s was turned on by the brief argument but I turn him down several times because I’m not into him sexually anymore, but he seems unfazed by my response he became more aggressive. I decided to nicely tell him, “go in the room and lay down you seem tired & I’ll be there soon” in which he goes in my bed to lay down. I decided to jump in the shower so I can gather my thoughts because I know he’s not going to leave unless I give him some and I truly hate having sex him it’s all about pleasing him. I honestly can’t even recall the last orgasm I had with him which is so sad. Anyway, he realizes I was taking long so he decides to come in and wash me up ( I was surprised because he’s never done that) but I take over and do it myself because he needed to know I’m not joking. He then finds the other soap then starts doing it again so I’m washing myself & so is he. I get & out go lay down and we have sex and I’m again just like blah, it’s over. He falls asleep but mins later I wake him up & tell him he has to go. He gets up and and goes in the living room to get his stuff and I’m grabbing my clothes and as I walk out to the living I see him with my keys so I asked him, what are you doing. He said I’m taking your house key. I reply, oh noooo your not give me my key. He refuses to give it and runs out the door. I couldn’t chase him because I had no shoe on and I have nosey neighbors so I let it be for now. I think he thinks this is all a joke & he’s back to where he was but truthfully I have a surprise for him. For starters I’m so unhappy with him, he’s draining to me. In the beginning it was great but he’s got so comfortable that he doesn’t care as much only because I allowed that (but research states this happens with scorpio’s) I’m bored with him & the sex is a completely bad and I’m highly sexually frustrated. I know he’s does care about me and may even love me as he claimed but I’ve tired to fix it with him but it’s not worth it. I’ve also, secretly been seeing someone else. Nothing sexually yet but more of friendly but wants to be with each other kind of thing but I have to get the scorpio away and he’s not going away. I was thinking to maybe telling him that I found someone new?

      • Yup, That’s why I let him go be with her but he continued to come back to me & give me reasons of why he’s sorry. Once a cheater, always a cheater…she can have him..

  11. I’m a pisces woman, madly in love with a scorpio man. We have been dating for only 2 months and I find it very discouraging to read that he will eventually get bored and leave me. The relationship is so passionate, the communication is so on, sex is amazing, we’re on the same wavelength, and we both feel like we’ve found our soulmate. He always tells me that if this relationship ultimately doesn’t work out, then he has failed. He’s very picky and told his friends that he wouldn’t date anyone just to be in a relationship, and that if he ever had a girlfriend, he’d marry her. Maybe since a scorp man is so passionate and falls so deeply in love, maybe he won’t just leave? I really hope so.

    • The Bad
      Leo: Overall magnetic attraction
      Aries: Persuasive interest to capture
      The Good
      Taurus: Nurturing trait
      Capricorn: Controlled ear to hear

  12. scorpio men, who are your favorite signs….in order.

  13. i’ve looked quite a bit on the web for scorpio mans feedback on taurus women, and i can’t seem to find that much.

    can some scorpio men here share their experience or views on taurus women.

    i wanna hear the good, the bad, the ugly. seriously don’t hold any of the bad stuff back. i wanna know the truth.

    • We like tauras.. Their determination and love to nature.Sometimes they can be bullies,but that we are all the time trying to superimpose on everything and have control on everyone.i like taurians coz they say what they feel and that makes things easy for us.As otherwise,we have to investigate how you think about us or what you’ll say when we are not around.
      And you definetly don’t wanna do anything stupid coz we can’t forget,if we can’t forget we can’t forgive..

  14. Let me just say.. 50% of Scorpio men are terrible, and creeps. But the other 50% are sexgods. It just depends on your luck I guess. 😛

  15. my crush is scorpio and reading this makes me feel that he will not like me.. 😦 im pisces

    • My dear..
      If a Scorpio wants anyone its a Pisces!
      You have everything he can expect from a relationship.
      You are sensitive, understanding, engaging and a great listener.
      You have a very loving heart. (remember, Scorpios love the idea of unconditional love) You love a man who can support you and a scorpio can definitely be one. He can be intense and very direct.. but that doesn’t scare you, does it?

      So just be around him and be Yourself!! I mean it “be yourself!!

      Let him see your greatest qualities and he will come to you!
      Good luck.

      Scorpio myself

  16. I’m a cancer woman, married to a scorpian man for the last 11 yrs. We have five kids together and he has an older daughter.
    I’ve been reading the posts and some are informative and some funny and some not worth reading.
    Anyways, I too have had my share of ups and downs with my Scorpian Hubby. He’s cheated on me throughout the entire marriage and lived under a state of denial on his part. I recently attained proof and acted on it. I moved out with the children into my own place. I discovered he wanted me more by living in my own place just like when we first met. He use to stalk me in the beginning. I can tell he’s trying to keep a hood on his emotions. Because, throughout all of this we have never stopped touching each other. Along the way of this separation, he tried to replace me. He found someone else around my age. I’m sorry I’m 37 and he’s 47. She’s 38 and a Virgo. Well, after seeing him with this woman in our truck and busting him red handed, that showed me how much I love him and it’s time I fight for my man and our marriage. He just kept saying over and over, “But you left, so that makes us separated”. He took that woman home and came back by himself. I now am in the apartment with my husband and our kids as if nothing ever happened. We continue being sexual because it’s our Cancer/Scorpio thing. Yet I know he’s still keeping in touch with his other side women. It’s not ok with me, so I’ve contacted them all after doing some investigation of my own and so far it’s a Capricorn woman that’s plagued our marriage right from the beginning. She’s 42. She’s known him for 20 years. Yet she has no respect for him and only tolerates sexual meet ups with him according to her just because he begs and pays her as he’s been doing for years she claims.
    Wow, that was hurtful to learn. Not sure what to do with that info. All I know is as a Cancer woman and his wife, I just want this cheating crap to finally stop. I’m not sure what he wants even though when I ask him if he loves me he says yes, if I should leave he says your fine, do you want to divorce he says no where did you get that from, and can you stop cheating and he only said mmmmah. Not a real no. Maybe I shouldn’t have left due to his sextape and years of cheating but what was i to do. I had to stand for something. I’m scared to just let go and or leave him again. I’m not into games and I mean what i say emotionally. He knows that about me. Cancers wear they hearts on they sleeves. However we are not stupid or gone with the wind. I think if I leave it will not help one bit. I think he wants me to stay and stop giving up. He told me it’s not about me, whatever that means!!!
    If any Scorpio guy can point out some things to me I’d graciously appreciate it. So would any other Cancer sign that is in love with a Scorpio.

    • I’m a Scorpio man currently dating a Cancer woman. I don’t know completely what would make a Scorpio cheat on a Cancer woman because I feel we’re completely satisfied with their openness. A Capricorn woman is one of a Scorpio’s other favorable signs but in terms of sex, Cancer should win. If I had to guess, I would say it might be his desires not being fulfilled. He may love you with all his heart but a Scorpio’s desires can get the better of him. My girlfriend and I currently live in different states due to work but we do enough things over the phone that was enough for me to reject Capricorns, Cancer’s, etc woman. In terms of pleasing a Scorpio, I would say toys and a room away from the kids and such. I don’t know what kind of Scorpio he is cusp-wise but I love hearing her be satisfied when we are together more than I like myself being satisfied. I love feeling like I’m in control. I don’t know if you’re into kinky, foreplay and other things but that type of stuff keeps me completely loyal. We had our ups and downs and we broke up once. We told each other we’ll never talk to each other again and that lasted thirty minutes but getting sexual needs satisfied was never the issue. She’s just open to a Scorpios secret desire to dominate. If you’re open to taking the relationship to a whole other level, he needs to know that because he might think what he’s doing with you now is enough.

    • Yeah… I’m a Pisces, and I agree Scorpios are really hard to understand. Tell him that he’s hurting you by cheating on you, and tell him that you want a divorce ( if you really do. )

    • Scorpios are major cheaters, even if they do love you they just cant help themselves.. the longer you stay the longer you will have to put up with that heart crushing hurt feeling x

    • hi shayuureborn… its your fault… you not at all craving your man… your not satisfies giving sexual desire to him which he want from you if so.. why he will go for other women by living you… so do one thing which helps you , if you trust me go and buy “language of desire ” by Felicity Keith.. its really worthy…it will give you amazing result… i have seen so many womans having same prob.. so my advise is to buy the book and use it trust me its works 🙂 all the best for your future 🙂

  17. true

  18. I am a Pisces and I have been dating a scorpio guy since past 6 months and he has all the characteristics of what has been said about scorpion men…but there’s this one doubt that I get after every time I ask him if he is really serious for me….he simply replies that im serious but not that serious…and I dont really understand what he means by that….and secondly, I know he’s a very practical guy…and I’ve always taken all his actions in a very optimistic way ..I’ve learnt to deal with every aspect of his nature…,and depending on d situation I mold myself into what he really needs at that point of tym a friend, a councellor but what I dont really understand is if he really is serious for me…and what should I do about it? Lastly, I know for a scorpio guy his dreams and ambitions are very important, but at times I guess he feels that I might cme between his ambition. ..which is not actually gonna happen because if for instance I’m coming between his ambition n goals I on my own will walk off…but the thing is he is not understanding that part. And he is being cautious about letting me close to him…I dont understand what to do!? If any suggestions please help.

    • I am pisces and I have the same bloody problem with my scorp.. :/

    • hey, if he likes he you he will never say that he is not that serious. Scorpio men jump the gun the moment they feel you are their soulmate. You are probably coming across as too easy for him. If he is a typical Scorpio, he will admire power in a girl. If you give in too easily, he will lose respect for you. Scorpios keep their career and love separate and equal importance to both so if he thinks that you are threatening his career then you better be cautious!!

    • Give him a bit of know what most of the times we are confused in our own feelings,thats why cant share our feelings very well.And are always intimidated with the notion,what if the other person takes it the other way.
      give him some time i know he’s willing to give you the best..and by saying he’s not too serious for u is because that he doesnt want u to have a lot of expectations from him..coz he’s always afraid what if it doesnt go his way.

      I am scorpio myself,never been able to share my feelings,this is the first time i’ve actually done something like this.

      • You say give him time – how much time. My Scorpio man of 6 months says he is confused and has a lot of family issues giving him stress. So I backed right off to give him the space I know he needs to deal with whatever he needs to deal with, but we see each other in passing during the day a few times each week – just a few minutes – he is warm and friendly. Synchronicity keeps putting us in each others paths! I have texted a few times to remind him I love him and I’m there for him. He has responded once – but fairly unemotional. How long should I wait for him to come back, will he come back. If its over for him, will he say so, or will he just hope I fade away?

    • love yourself .. get shape your body.. carve him.. show your love in actions.. kiss him.. make him feel want you .. dnt go easy for him.. wen ppl know scorpions are sexgods dey really dont know … how to make him desire you … so go and buy language of desire program.. which work for your men 🙂 all d best 🙂

  19. Ok this is interesting, I am a Taurus Solar Sign and a Scorpio Lunar Sign and yest some how when I read both of this I fit both of them exactly even down to the points where the contradict themselves. I don’t get how that works but I guess I am just unique like that.

  20. Im a libra and I had dated a scorpio for about 2 1/2 years. That was, by far, the worst 2 1/2 years of my life! It went far beyond him just being controlling. He was very manipulative, a habitual liar, and very abusive! I mean, literally, if you take every possible bad trait that a scorpio can have and cram it into a person then amplify it by 10, thats my ex. He was so bad i finally left him when i was 3 months pregnant with his child because the abuse was so bad i felt it was either leave him or he’d beat me to the point of losing my baby. I will NEVER again date a scorpio! There is no gray area with them, its all about extteme! Its been 3 years since i left him, my daughter is 2 1/2 and very happy and totally healthy!

  21. i am a Scorpio and i am all that to the last sentence

  22. to become a great full blooded scorpio men just challenge and kill the emotional hatred tempered manipulating dragon and if you beat them completely you can control the world man, that dragon is found in your self!

  23. I’m a libra woman and i’ve been with my scorpio man for 4.5 years now. he’s the love of my life. was very difficult in the beginning he was like a brick wall but after quite a long time he started to open up and i saw a different side of him but it took long. you have to be patient and not rush him or ask him questions. he doesn’t like to be controlled. let him do that. all in all when you understand how his nature is he’s the sweetest, sexiest man, loyal and most sexual you can ever get. he will stick around if he wants to be with you and if you’re worth his time. you will know ….

  24. wow! he is scary :$

  25. ^^ I believe this is true, I’m dating a Scorpio man and lemme tell ya *-* …. he’s so amazing<3!!!

  26. I am a cancer female and my very first real love was a Scorpio. We were young but the love between us was very beautiful and natural. At the time I couldn’t explain why I felt so swept away by him. I now realize we had a serious soul connection. Many years later I found myself involved with a Scorpio man again. He flirted and pursued me like no other…I know he likes me but I think it’s because he likes me and he wants to protect or hide his feelings, that he is now acting distant and aloof. I am too old to play games with him or any other man for that matter. I am going to have to let him go. it’s a shame because we get along very well and we seem to understand one another very well. He is honest, intimate and very passionate. These are just a few of things I desire in a relationship which will make it that much harder to move on. If he decides to wake up and leave his fears alone (which he is masking, so he thinks from me) and realizes that I am better than good for him because I will love him wholeheartedly, passionately and faithfully all will be well. If not, I still have no regrets. Every moment I spent with him has been beautiful.

  27. Im a Scorpio and just got out of a relationship with a gemini and i loved her to death. IF only i could convince her to just look at this. she would understand me better. probably never hurt me again either.

    • Same happened with me,2 weeks back..never understood me.She was the love of my life,I was not that expressive never been able to share the deep ocean of my feelings.For most of them we are too complex to figure out..

  28. I remember my Scorpio guy. He didn’t play around from the get-go. We were supposed to be a one night stand, and he came looking for me. He waited 7 years (till the time was right) and then when he got me he didn’t beat around the bush – he was talking marriage. That scared the crap out of me (I’m a Taurus, we like committment but we want strong foundations to get there). At first, I didn’t trust him, and there were some serious issues that I was concerned about as I had children (turns out that I was correct in worrying about these issues). But, he suffocated me, to the point that intuitively I wanted space, and knew that the only way to get it was to break up. He was constantly starting arguments with me on our 2nd/3rd month together on an issue that I felt was resolved but he couldn’t accept my perspective on it. I was afraid to break up with him because I felt that if I did it he would suffocate me more. So, the next time he started a fight with me, I reacted, full blown explosion Taurus reaction. At first, I didn’t think it was working and was almost in tears because I felt stuck. But then, it worked. I picked at him until he broke up with me, and I was relieved. Even though he broke up with me, he called me for 2 weeks straight, multiple times a day to tell me why he broke up with me. At first, he didn’t want me back. I started avoiding his calls, and finally went to stay at my parents place to get my space. About a month later, I got a call from him telling me he had gotten another girl pregnant within 2 weeks of my avoiding his calls. He told me he didn’t want to be with her, that he wanted to be with me, but he didn’t know what to do. I told him that it was his decision, I couldn’t make it for him, but that if we were to get back together – that we had ALOT of talking to do. He never called back. Two months later I found out he had plans to marry her. They married. But for about 2 years after that, we would run into each other randomly, and I felt that same energy between us when he chased me for those 7 years – I didn’t feel he was over me, and I saw it in his eyes. He died last year, and I realized, I had never gotten over him.

  29. I’m a scorpio that is trying to make it to the dove stage.. I am most comfortable at home with select friends.. But when i do go out as soon as i walk in the door ALL EYES ON ME.. I had a 8 year relationship with the mother of my children she is a Virgo. I totally take over people ,situations etc.. I started off my life with a need for revenge… on anyone that has done me wrong.Now i am seeking kindness & mercy and it is a long road to do so. My kids mom left me in 2008 and kept my children from me for 2 years.This has caused me so much pain. Sometimes i would break down ,other times i wanted to leave this hell,and yet other times i wanted to take her with me.. Well as of this year 2012 i have filed for joint custody of my kids. I used the system that she used against me (child support) to make it work in my favor.. My point is As a scorpio the old me would be in jail right now if i would have reacted to that woman’s foolishness.

    Nobel Bin wali

  30. Wow!!!
    I am a scorpio woman with a Scorpio boyfriend. I have had 2 years of it, see’s me, disappears, comes back, goes again – then in October we found eachother by accident, he said he loved me and had missed me so much, we decided we should be in a relationship. Everything has been fine, he has not let me down like he used to (saying he was ill and couldn’t keep our arrangements etc) However I know he still keeps in contact with ex’s via text and FB, these ex’s live in other countries by the way – I have been so happy the last few motnhs but I still feel so apprehensive about it all, when will he up and go again blah blah

  31. my scorpio was with me for a while, then abruptly stopped calling me. I called him after about 60 days he told me he was moving and was in a new relationship and he was happy. Did he ever really care for me no sex just good friends or so i thought. Did I do something wrong in being his friend?

  32. Every bit of this is true and dead on. I am a Capricorn and have been dating a Scorpio for 3 yrs. At first it was slow but now anything say or ask for he makes sure is done never forgets and always knows what I’m thinking and understands even if I think I’m crazy. Best man ever!!!

  33. I am dating a Scorpio man and its complicated lol….14 years and this will be our 3rd go around..I can tell you this..He does remember every word said, every detail of our past..Hes kind, loving, hard worker and sometimes I feel like I have taken a back seat to work (which is ok with me)..Part of me being an Aquarius woman wants to protect him, love him and take care of him, not like a mother figure but more like a best friend, lover , mate..I have copmpletely fallen for him all over again and Im not sure what to do about it now..I did tell him I loved him and that this is not our first rodeo..I just wish he would or had more time to spend with me..He will text sweet things to me and I oh so love it when he calls me “Hey Babe” and kisses me on my forehead! Simply things hes does for me are the best..I just pray this time we Both are going to make it work.. First time my fault, second his so third times a charm.. Its tuff but if you really love your Scorpio Man with all you heart, then it is worth the wait..He will come around

  34. This does describe my ex husband very closely. I am a Pisces and he is Scorpio. We married and we were great lovers, excellent, in fact. He is amazing. But he is very frank, tells it like it is, whether you like it or not. He does get his feelings hurt, but can hurt yours just as easily. Personally, I think these 2 signs are not compatible. He was too jealous, not trusting, possessive and obsessive. We make better friends with benefits than spouses. We were married for 21 yrs. and hope to never have a marriage like that again. We have 4 kids. He is a good man, don’t get me wrong, but not a good husband.

  35. I’m a Taurus female and I have a HUGE crush on a Scorpio guy. I’m just too afraid of being rejected by him.

    I think Scorpios are really sexy and hot and passionate and all that but … They’ll drive you insane!

    • I’m a Leo girl and I’m dating a Scorpio and then its been about 5mos now and they are incredibly wonderful in the bedroom from what I’ve experienced well I’m kinda starting to fall for him I talk to him like everyday but to be honest idk if I fully trust yet but I really want to. You see I have a girl that’s my friend and she’s a Virgo and she has 5 kids with a Scorpio and he treats her like shit but he always comes back he even proposed to her and she’s always getting tired of him but she won’t let him go. He beats the shit out of her and she always lies and says he has to go and that she’s gonna call the police but he always sucks her back in idk if its his tongue game or dick game but if it was me I would have sense to either beat the shit out of him or kick his ass out. But love is blind. But idk if I should keeping it going because I know we are not a match but it seems to be going very great but I’m scared to get my heart involved with this type of guy its like I can feel something might go wrong but idk I’m just gonna study him a Lil more and c and if it works out I guess I can give him my heart. Another thing is he is the jealous possessive type and he seems crazy about me we even sleep on the phone together. But well c how it goes. My first Scorpio.

  36. I’m a scorpio man and damn that’s on point about me %100 lol…. What can I say.

  37. This Is So True Becuase Am One But Wtf Why Didnt This Explain Our Sexually For Scorpios Are The Most Intense Extreme Sexually Zodiac They Needa Add That .

  38. very True


  40. Taurus here.. My husband is a scorpio. we’ve been together for 6 years now.. EASY? Hell No! We’ve had several rough times, i cant even remember how many times i left him. Yet it was all worth it! Once they Love you THEY LOVE YOU! Sweetest person ever, damn near a different person. Some people need to just realize that you were just something for them to do at the moment. They aren’t terrible people. But if they dont really want you, they’ll treat you like youre nothing. Is it right? No! But it’s life!

  41. I had dated a scorpio man. We broke up, he said some harsh words and I thought, I won’t hear from him again.

    I was wrong.

    He kept on coming back. At one time we tried to get back together but then he realized he cannot get over the hurt that I put him through and don’t want to give it a try.

    I was upset and thought he cheated me of my feelings.

    But years went by. He always somehow appears in my life when I least expect it and we will talk abit and then argue again and stop talking which went on for many years and it was HELL! Now, I have stopped arguing with him. It is always better to not expect anything from a Scorpio and in return, he will surprise you.

    We have started to go out again and I must say, it has been rather amazing. But until he tells me ‘i love you’ I have learnt not to expect anything from him BUT to go with the flow.

    I had loved him then and I still do love him now.

    From 1998 til present. It was a long journey of ups and downs for the both of us. It’s crazy but I love it.

    -The gemini woman.

  42. Scorpio men can be really selfish

  43. ps. i’m taurus. i think the two signs would be the most passionate(maybe even powerful) if only he let us inside every now and then. All the bad qualities within the taurus would diappear if he could offer her this….this and security (but real security not a fake, manipulitive kind)

  44. what are the chances a scorpio man will cheat.
    the sense i’m getting about him is he expects complete loyalty and can be hurt really bad (which i fine, i understand that and would never cause him problems within these areas) however the thing that i find so unfair is that HE’S able to lose interest out of nowhere and leave u with nothing (and think he’s done nothing wrong, maybe even get pleasure out of it)…
    why do they have to be so evil and heartless? It’s just not just!

  45. Scorpios are very deep, intense people, there is always more then meets the eye. They present a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive. Scorpios have a very penetrative mind, do not be surprised if they ask questions, they are trying to delve deeper and figure things out and survey the situationScorpio’s are very weary of the games that other people try to play and they are very aware of it. Scorpios tend to dominate and control anyone that lets them, or anyone that they find weak. The person that a Scorpio respects and holds close to them is treated with amazing kindness, loyalty and generosity.

    The best advice is to be honest with a Scorpio friend and in return, you will gain an amazing friend you will never forget and who will be loyal to you and never make false promises. Their truthful and shocking sense of humor is different than that of any other zodiac sign and the Scorpio makes an amazing, powerful interesting friend that can be trusted.

    Sex with Scorpio is a total emotional and physical experience with passion and intensity. They have amazing stamina and can last all night long, round after round. Scorpio is the zodiac sign that is the most likely to act out a sexual fantasy. Most people will talk about it but the Scorpio will do it, they will fully throw themselves into the role. Do not suggest a fantasy to a Scorpio unless you plan to do it! Most Scorpios are direct and forceful and they seem to be an expert at what they do. They continue to seduce you even as the act continues. A thrilling experience not for the faint of heart.!!

    proud to be a scorpio.

  46. im an aries and i just a scorpio man to fuck off. i dont know what the hell he thinks he s doing. and i really don t care if ive hurt his feelings. i told him what a looser he is.
    well, im a typical aries.i dnt have patience.i dont stand for any shit from anyone..

  47. im tired of ppl keep saying that scorpio will tell you the truth. scorpios are liars. n they are evil. they will only tell u the truth wen they wanna hurt u. n they will only lie to you when they wanna sweet-talk you into something to also hurt u. they are the biggest liars!

  48. some is true about my guy but he also rests in sagitarrius too nov.22 is his b-day..

  49. I am a Scorpio Male!!! And our emotions truly do rule us. I haven’t been able to control mine well. I finally opened up to a woman. Totally and completely. I loved her and love her still. Even though she left me. Now I am alone. I have that fog over my head. If I were to meet a woman now I was interested in I would seem cold and distance. I am scared to trust again. I want to love someone but there is no way in the world I could go through this pain again. I was so very close to ending things. Just a fingers squeeze away. Sorry i’m sure you all don’t want to hear my dark morbid thoughts. And YES scorpio men are amazing in bed!!!! At least I know I am.

  50. I am a 43 married virgo woman in like/love with a 45 year old married scorpio man. We met 3 years ago in my son’s school parking lot. Our eyes locked and that was it. I have been in contact by phone and email on occassion and have even had the guts to ask this guy out for coffee a few months back, this is how attracted i am to him. He agreed, we had coffee, and i spilled the beans, i told him how i really felt for him, that i was physically and mentally attracted to him. At first he smiled and asked what i wanted out of the relationship. I told him i would like to see him but did not come right out and say affair. I am unhappily married of 12 years, and i feel he is unhappily married as well. After the conversation over coffee, he said he had to leave and felt overwhelmed. From that point on, he has been hot and cold with me when he sees me at the school where are children go to. I can’t read him. One minute he is telling me by email he never want’s to go down that road, then the next minute he is sweetly staring at me for a long time in his truck while we are both picking up our kids after school.
    I am highly attracted to this man, and i believe he is attracted to me, but why the hot and cold. he is married to a overweight not very atractive woman. I consider myself to me attractive and very intelligent. Is there a chance for us down the road, I could really see myself with him in the future, but i don’t want to be too pushy or make him feel uncomfortable. How should i handle this man without scaring him.

  51. hi i’m an extreemee libra girl

    i was in love wit a Gemini Boy but very unfortunately he left the country and also i found out he cheated on both me and his gf.

    Anyways, at the moment i’m interested in a guy and when i found out he was a scorpion, I was very upset as I’ve heard a lot that libra + Scorpio do not get along. Also, I have another guy-Scorpio friend who is showing interest in me, but he’s been showing his jealous streak already when we’re not even together!! + our takes on life are often very different. + my ex was extremely controlling and had a jealous streak although he was an Aquarius, and thinking about those days still haunt me >< wwhattt to dooooo??!

  52. Someone needs to f*****g fix the grammer… Seriously.

    I’ve read some of the replies. If you don’t understand Scorpio now, trust me you never will. I even don’t understand myself sometimes. Signs such as Gemini and Libra should probably as well just give up trying to get into the Scorpio’s inner psyche. I am a scorpio woman.
    Everyone says that if you put two Scorpios together in an relationship…will eventually reek chaos. In my experience two scorpio’s together = fire, burning passion and the most intimate deep conversations you would ever discuss. Not to mention as well the spiritual connection.
    Scorpio’s perfect match is a scorpio. We look in life for a partner who is our equal on every level. Together scorpio’s will learn and live life to the fullest.

  53. i have always fallen for cancer men, iam a cancer female,but or than cancer, i tend to fall for aquarius men,they suck!they rip your heart out and show it to you before you die emotionally inside.Now i have the fortune of meeting up with this fabulous scorpio,he has my full attention,is smart,funny,handsome with piercingly poetic eyes.Im trying my best to navigate the waters,thank you for the help.this sounds dead on like my guy.

  54. indeed we are possessive, affectionate, reliable goals oriented and i am thinking to cheat on my wife who is a virgo giving more importance to family and financial issues

    our sexual interest tend to be on our high priority list… but a virgo woman will never understand that and i have been sending signals for a while and every time the reply i got, we can work out this….but i am still on the waiting chamber

  55. Scorpio men are Possessive, Affectionate, Reliable, Amazing in bed, Cheaters, Good LIARS ect. Basically, a Scorpio man is the perfect package for a crazy, passionate heartbreaking relationship. This is fun, and an experience I think every woman should have. It hurts while you’re in the middle of your heartbreak, but when you look back at the time spent with this one of a kind lover, you realize how exciting the whole thing was. I’m a Gemini btw and would do the whole thing again in a minute.

  56. Is there someone out there who can help me understand the scorpio man I´m seeing? I´ve known him for 4 months now and during the first 3 months he really swept me off my feet.. He has (already!) told me he loves me several times and he has introduced me to his family…everything has been so perfect but this last month he has more or less “disappeared”… I´ve tried to call him a couple of times but he doesn´t answer. It´s been almost 3 weeks now since i last tried to contact him and I´m not that kind of woman who likes “chasing” men, it´s not in my nature. My question is now how shall I take this?

    • well the same problem girl . look at first he gaves me everything all the sudden he disappier and lost his interest in me . but i just cant let him go oow my god is hard men. i havent talk to him for over a month he dont call me . last time i called him he said i have bussy . he does that all the time im bussy im bussy . i dont know why he do that to me it hurt me allot he hurt me very much

    • i am a scorpion unmarried guy who is dating a libra married lady . we both are 26 years old . we met each other 3 months ago i say her many times that i love her . but she dont but i know she likes to have love experience with me that is why i am prefering patience . i want to say here that my love for her is not very strong because of her carelessness about me may be due to her shy nature to say me she loves me too but she wants me to be with her . she dont like if i go away from her . she says she dont stop me to go . but i know her inner feelings she want me to be with her .. on other hand i am very possesive for her . if she accept me as her lover than i will not want to cheat her or break her heart . …. About your case . i think he is now bored meeting with you or he have found another girl who understand him better than you understand him . and if you both have done sex . than it may be the reason that he was just seeking his sex need from u . and after satisfying his sex needs he moved away from u . generally scorpion guys are very honest and faithfull . you just need to give him feeling that u care about him . otherwise if scorpio man once decided to move on other way . they dont want come back till other person call him to come back . i think u just shown him some times that u really dont need his company with you . you can live happy without him .. a scorpio guy never want to listen this … u said that scorpios guy swept ur feets .. a scorpion guy can do this only in one situtaion if he was seeking sexual pleasures from any lady . otherwise their self respect never allow them to do so … scorpio guys r little psycho too … some times they do such mistakes that they realise it lately like as u said swept ur feets .. may be lately he felt ashamed on himself and moved on . normally according to my thinking scorpion person cannot go into the feets of any person .. now i want to tell u that according to my thinking he did not love u … just wanted your company for some time or he realised that u r not the woman he deserves to care of him . why he is not answering your phone calls this is weird because scorpion guy never want to give mental pressure to anyone or to hurt anyone . you just need to call him few more times . if still he not answer ur calls . stop calling him because he have found some one else or dont want you … by the way scorpio is not an ideal match for a libra lady . thinking of both are different . you try to find a man for you with the sun sign Aquarius ^ Gemini ^ Tauras ^ Sagittarius man … ideal match

  57. Yeah, this is accurate, though it seems like more could be said. And someone really should fix the grammar in the article. I’m sorry, but it’s terrible. If you’re going to write in English, then it should read/sound like proper English. I had to stop and start reading again several times, just to get the gist of what was said.

    I’m a Scorpio man, with a Gemini wife. We’ve been together over 20 years, and let me tell you, it’s been hell, overall. Many times I’ve wanted to move on, but we love each other, and something keeps us together. Lately I feel like I’m falling in love with her all over again… which leads to the typical excesses of love Scorpio characteristically propounds – and you can guess where that leads, for a sign (Gemini) repulsed by such excesses. She’s indeed flirty, devoting more of her time & charms to our male friends, which pisses me off to no end. Oh yeah, I’m jealous, alright. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have a better-suited mate. (Cancer or Pisces are supposed to be Scorpio’s ideal matches.) But, after giving the best years of my life to this woman, I’m not prepared to throw it away, and I won’t let her throw it away either. Scorps are also stubborn.

  58. im currently involved with a Scorpio and this describes him down to his every nitch….

  59. i’m in love with a scorpio man and i’m a cancer with horospe aquarius…pliz can you tell me what the hell i have to do to make him mine because hi did not give any attention…i’m in high school and he is a year older than me but we do english lessons together and i don’t know what to do..thank u …

  60. To AspiringEagle: What you’ve written is amazing. I think only the Scorpions will understand what you mean and the nuances will just elude the rest. I am a Scorpio girl and I see myself in every single word you’ve spelled out. Yes, there is an untameable beast residing within us and it seems to be the only challenge we never really learn to conquer. All the rest is easily ours.

  61. I am a scorpio male and what the women above have said about us is true. And yes I have had a relationship with a couple of scorpio women and the chemistry is amazing. Especially the sexual attraction. For all of you women who are trying to understand us forget it – it’s a lost cause. Ask any scorpio men if they truly know themselves and they will say they don’t. We scorpios are always looking for the deeper meaning of life so if you don’t like serious intense conversations forget it. Here are some hints to keeping a scorpio man interested:

    1. We like women who are elusive – if you give in too easily we will soon bore of you.
    2. You better be intelligent. There is nothing that upsets a scorpio man more than a woman who isn’t informed or is just plain ignorant.
    3. Be creative and outgoing. Even though a scorpio man loves routine and home life he needs to be motivated once in a while to do things. If you can convince him of this you won’t be sorry.
    4. If you get sincere advice from a scorpio take it. Scorpio men do not usually talk about anything unless they know something about it.
    5. If a scorpio man gets angry at something do not get angry yourself. Either sympathize, laugh at him or better still leave him be. If he can’t control his anger what makes you think you can help him do it?
    6. If a scorpio man gets personal with you back off. You’ve obviously done something to hurt him. If you lash back you both will lose. If you back off he surely apologize and go to the ends of the earth to make it up to you.
    7. Lastly, if you have something to say negative to your scorpio man – temper your comments and choose your words wisely. He will remember every word you say and every inflection in the tone. If you respect his feelings he will respect yours more and defend you to anyone.

    I hope this helps.

    • well jes hes complexxxxx . but can you tell me maybe . why all the sudden ge lost hes interest in me and dont wanted to talk to me evry day why is that . at first get all the attention an love from him an dall the sudden this. why why whyyand hes a cheater but just to make me jealous i knmow it

    • Well where were you when I needed you pal? 😦

    • I give u props bro

    • WOW! @Humbleknight you should write a book! That comment you posted was eerily accurate, so much so, I had to copy and paste it so I can just send it to any woman who thinks she can figure me out on her own.(They always fail epically!) You know how when you know its true and you wanna deny it… but you CAN’T!!? LOL~ I appreciate the self-reflective look you’ve caused me, as a Scorpion-Eagle, to do.

  62. Im a scorpio man looking for someone, and this is a pretty accurate description.

  63. Scorpio people are quite complicated cause they are vert aware of the dark sides of people, there is a way to understand a scorpio male. Is that you need to show you full package to them, only then they can work through your feelings, as know where they are at. people that has dubble standards are wasting time with this kind of males, then you should search for a save and solid guy, but not with this guy. If you want to challange them, you would loose it, cause they have sensitive emotions, which a person who know they nature, or like the same sign could fully understand. so, its for the folks that are in a afair, a challange to them selves not to the scorpio, cause most of them know where the end is at by the first impression. but most negetive scorpios, are hardly true to others, cause the lost hope. They don’t think that its possible to have some one completely at their side….

  64. I made the huge mistake of letin a scorpio man in my life, he is beautiful. I cannot get past his eyes. They seem to pierce right through the tough skin right to my heart. He drives me crazy. His mnd is so complex something like Rain Man. He thinks outside of the box totally, but when you listen to him he makes so much sense. Just listen to him. He might laugh and joke but he don’t plan no games. I want a relationship with him, but I am unsure what he wants. I am a Libra so I am emotional and loves companmanship. He is at my house everyday for dinner, stays for hours and hours at a time, leaves personal things of his at my house, comes and goes as he pleases. He never called before he comes,,,,he just showes up walks in and makes himself comfoprtable. I don’t know if we are in a relationship or not. I dare not ask. I know he would be so hurt if he came to my house one day and found a nother man there,,,,I was thinking about doing that becouse he would solidify, clarify this realationship. HELP!!!!!!! I know with him being as possessive and jealous as he is he might just loose it,,,, not to mention he just did 10 years in jail,,,7 of whick was in segeration. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

  65. I am a scorpio woman dating a scorpio man – he lives in new york and I live in virginia we met on the internet and when we decided to meet it was an instant chemistry and sex OMG – non stop we were like animals and each time we see each other sex is what I call fantabulous…whew I get chills just thinking of him – he is generous, caring, compassionate and I think I am falling in love with him and the best part is our birhtdays on on the same day. We have been dating now for 8 months and things could not be better – the long distance thing is working for us – one month he will come to see me and the next month i will go and see him – we spend a majority of that time in the sack..LOL. If we go out we start kissing and rubbing on each other to a point where we will end up going right back to the house for some hair pulling, furniture moving, head board breaking sex. I am totally capitivated with this man – when we dont see each other in person we talk on the phone or text each other daily we always have some type of communication going on between us….

  66. My boyfriend is a scorpio and he is lovely. Its still early days to find out if what is written is true!! Im just a bit worried though cause im a Libra and they are not suppose to match are they??

  67. I dont know what it is about scorpio men. I usually use men as my little toys but when i met my scorpio man i got a taste of my own medicine…

  68. Im a cancerian and hes a scorpio! We can’t get our hands off from each other..!haha. I had trust issues before but he always made me open my eyes and see that his feelings was truly genuine. Sometimes i felt ashame when i realise he IS crazy in luv wt me.. bt in control lol. We always had depth talk about our feelings..and he doesnt seem to get tired of it.. we been dating for a year now and everyday just feels as if we just met…its all sweet romance; all dat tingling feelings under the skin.~. the only thing time has changed is the depth understanding dat grows everyday! the only time we argued when i refused to do something i thought was silly and he pushed me.LOL. And yeah! He’s real sexy.. he got this move and looks dat makes me melt.. i just felt like im under his spell 😛

  69. yea scorpio men is well illustrated above…..

  70. Scorpio men attract me but they are way too serious and complex and can be very mean. I’m aquarius

  71. lol I’m a scorpio guy, this makes me sound so kickass

  72. I’m a Scorpio girl falling for a Scorpio guy. Unfortunately, I’ve already insulted him and mocked him a few times. This was before I became crazy attracted to him and got to know him better. Will he be able to forgive and forget?

    More importantly, can Scorpio man and Scorpio woman ever work?

  73. Oh my god I’m a pisces girl talking to this Scorpio guy and I can’t understand him! All his feelings are bottled up but this is him!



    • ıf you consider yourself a week person ..don’t even try to understand him ..+ the second time will be harder then the first you better just run away

  76. ive dated a scorpio and this is soo true, ive given him his space when hes needed it because he gets so grumpy and annoyed when i dont…if you just be very patient with him he will treat u like a queen and he has. He wanted to give me the world. But because I’m a Sagittarius it made me feel weak that he always knew what he was doing and made many decisions for me, so i broke up with him.

  77. Wow…ive only dated this guy for 2 months, but i must say this is so on track with his persona. He is so freakin sexy, his touch melts me from the inside out, his always upfront and honest and doesnt apologize for his frankness (which i now, am starting to really apreciate). Im a pisces and we are naturally sensitive but with him…i take it and stride and do something about it, i dont dwell on it, since he means well..His conversation is always uplifting, even when were talking about the sadest things…His all this blog has said and i love it.woohoo for me..

  78. Im in love with a scorpio man. Im a lesbian 2 we been smooching since 2005 im with my gurl but he make me feel good than he could make me feel unwanted as well. I love him soooo much . Im a pisces women i knw were ment 2b . He s strange plus i knw he in a relationship 2 but i think he comfuse just like me

  79. i was all along really clueless on hOw great and fab a scorpio man is until my soUl bUmped into his. =)

  80. Speldid report.

  81. I am a gemini woman desparately trying to understand my scorpio man. He is so painfully honest and simply brass at times. This is not always negative. I just have to be prepared for the answers to my questions. All I reading is saying sex is the two of us will have in common. But I am hooked.

  82. Very insightful. I’m an Aries woman in love with a Scorpio man. We are both married and live apart, but we realized after 9 years apart that we were miserable without each other. Miserable with our spouses. So we are going to have an affair with each other. We hadn’t spoken in 9 years..and once we did the spaeks flew like never before. He finally admitted I was the one he loved and wanted to be with. He has never met anyone like me and we are so hot together. That is so true….I feel the same way. It is good to finally hear him express his feelings. During the time of our first affair he acted like he didn’t care about me. So I moved away. I was miserable and suicidal. Now I have a second hance and I feel so alive with him and hearing him say he loves me is the most awesome feeling! It is complicated, but whatever time we have is going to be enough. Life is too short to be without him even if it is just for a weekend a few times a year. Who knows what’ll happen in the future…

  83. Tip from Scorpio Male: Remember the sensitivity. We feel so deeply and intensely the entire range of the emotional spectrum–from good to bad. So much so, that our emotions have the ability to overpower us and drive us to do something in the heat of the moment that we later deeply regret. We know this about ourselves and therefore learn to be distant and aloof as a safety measure. We don’t like our emotions getting the better of us and we would like to think that we are always in control. But in every scorpio male there is an inner sense of something, some unbridled power, existing within us that we cannot control… And we fear it. In the description above it is stated that a scorpio male doesn’t TRUST anyone but himself…true. But, I’d also like to add that a scorpio male doesn’t FEAR anyone but himself (only a true scorpio male can understand this, as the rest will simply write us off as crazy–hence the bad reputation).

    Our strength lies within our emotion. But, so does our weakness. And again, we know this about ourselves. And in today’s relationship world where there are so many games of emotional manipulation, is it any wonder why we proceed with such wary caution? We want to love so deeply and so passionately. We want to be able to lose ourselves within our woman and the emotional world she helps us create. But, each of us bare far too many scars from previous “losses” to be able to trust anyone without use of extreme caution. But, we do not want your pity. we do not want anyone’s pity–it repulses us. All we really want is an understanding that we only wish to master that which is within us–and that it takes time, a long time, a lifetime, to do so.

  84. to nedjue if ever come back, r u single? and plz tell me all about scorpio males, i mean r u guys really that good in bed?

  85. I dated a Scorpion guy for three months. He said he loved me, we had amazing sex. But then one day he said he is still in love with his ex. It shattered my world. I didnt get any answers, any explanations, nothing. He just packed his bags and left. Apologised, asked me not to call or see him. I am shattered now. I even thought of giving up my life. Its strange now, when I read all this. Its so true. Scorpios are the most hurtful of all the signs. Extremely attractive but dangerous at the same time. I can’t get him out of my head. But I wont NEVER EVER date a Scorpio again! I am a Gemini.

  86. i am dating a scorpio and i am an aquarius…. he wants to possess me i want to be free.. he is wild and complex and dark ….. but at the same time, he makes my blood run faster!!! it’s worth it!

  87. I’m a Libra, my Scorpio and I have been together for a year
    and YES, it was diffcut to say the least, but he is worth it.
    He electrifies me, yes he is very detailed and sensitive, but he is also very determined, forceful, and his ambition is 2nd to none. all and all – I’m sticking with cause he is the Love of My Life. He really Loves me too- One thing about he doesn.t need to say what he feels – I feel within, and his eyes are always talking. I can honestly say we a Soulmates. I think a perfect compliment. So Ladies if you Love hand on to him. Just
    be a matter of fact in your resolve, to be with him *****

  88. libra woman here with a scorpio man, they’re hard to deal with especially when they become jealous and possessive and ask questions about guys you talk to, but they have deep minds, which is a plus for me and they know how to give a girl what she wants 😉

  89. Yes !!!!! OMIG i wish i knew this earlier. i am pisces woman, i LOVE my scorpio but iam not sure he fells the same iam scared i have lost him forever !!! 😦

  90. I am a taurus woman and recently met a Scoprio man. He has ignited some type of hot passion in me that is driving me crazy sexually. But I cant read him or understand him and it is frustrating. One day he is one way and thenthe next day he is so different. But my desire for him is sooooooo strong. I want him to love me.

    Do you think it is possible for a taurus woman and a scorpio man to make it? I will give him everything he wants (sexually and emotionally) if he will open up to me.

  91. I am a Gemini dating a scorpio for 2 1/2 years. His silence drives me nuts but I love challenges sometimes. What confuses me the most is when we are out in public with me he gives way to much distance, but when he is with his friends he such seems to have much more fun. Our main argument is that i ask to many questions. But how can you not when he never F! talks?? I want this to work but not if he doesn’t show it like i deserve.

  92. Omqqqq that isz soo truee ii amm goin out with a scorpio man and imma scorpio girll …were coonnnect soo welll ..itsz not even funnnyyyy…iimm startin to love himm!!!! he`sz everythinqq ii ever wannted!! he hasz mu carozon

  93. I am a pisces woman and scorpio men are so sexy and intriguing. I once dated this Scorpio man and we could not stay away from each other, when ever we were around each other, we were attached. OMG, they are too sexy, but mysterious, very hard to figure out and they never express their feelings. Very hard to understand.

  94. hi,
    i’m piscean girl in love with a scorpio man. he is sweet & very sexy but dont know for what reason, he suddenly stops talking to me. after a weeks time he comes back & says he was trying to convince his parents to get married to me but all in vain. i dont understand why he suddenly stops talking to me. but when he is in mood……….he is sooooooo hot !!! can anyone plz help me understand why he does like this???

  95. TO; scorpionglam

    to keep a true scorp bloke is somthing that eiter happens or does’nt happen.

    to be honest its up to him if he wants you he will stick if he don’t he wont.

    if you try to change in a attempt to keep him he will see it isn’t realy you and lose respect or trust.

    my advise is to be yourself be honest and hope he likes who you realy are its all you can do against such an insightful beast like a scorp male

    good luck

    TO; TESA

    firstly its a bad idea to fish or try to manipulate answers from a male scorp he will see it coming before you even start and may react badly or at least have you chasing your own tail for attempting a deception in a relationship he’s in.

    honestly it could be either he likes you loads and is getting you to open up so he can see if your up for the long haul or perhaps the fact your prying a bit to soon in the relationship male scorps can be uber secrective about themselves.

    on the other hand he maybe just there for the sex fun.

    my advise is find the right time ie; when hes in a uber blunt (or as he would put it HONEST) mode and ask him directly whitch it is also put in that your ok with either(if you can handle and can live with the latter responce).

    it may sound a bit direct but if he’s a true blue scorp male he will answer it

  96. I have known my scorpio guy for 8 years. Both of us dated each others friends 8 years ago. Since then, both friends have married other people. I ran into my scorpio 4 maybe 5 years ago and exchanged phone numbers. We have stayed in touch with each other since. December of last year we started seeing each other. I have fallen for him. I told him that I loved him and wanted a commitment. He said he couldn’t commit right now. Not to give up, he just couldn’t right now. He was married about 20 years ago and has never remarried. He has no children. I have two daughters. I just keep wandering if this is ever gonna work the way I want it too. I’m a virgo. Any advise as to how to approach my scorpio would be nice.

  97. Looking for advice here. I am a triple Leo, so am Leo to the max. I am in an early stage relationship with my first ever Scorpio man. And he is a double Scorpio…so is Scorpio to the hilt. “WOW” intense for both. Power/control issues on both sides. Heavy magnetism. How is the best way to deal with this man? Willing to let him win sometimes…but used to getting my way. any suggestion would be appreciated.

  98. I am LMAO reading these!!!! I met my scorpio man a month ago and he was full on texting, calling me baby etc… right from the get go. We made plans to go out and then he cancelled very last min. It was not his fault, he was working late. But I got kind of upset…I switched my work schedule and made arranmgements for my kids, etc… Truly though…I was upset because I was soooooo looking forward to seeing him. I think he is an unbelievable guy!!! The chemistry between us takes my breath away. The problem is I think I scared him away by my stupid behaviour that night when I got upset (even though I apoloized and he said things were cool). But things def changed after that night! It’s just really weird cuz when I see him at his work he is all over me…he says he still wants to see me and that he misses me, etc… But then he won’t reply to my texts (all week) and he has not called again to go out. He says he is really busy and I need to be patient. Then I see him yeterday and he kisses me!!!! AAAGGGHHHH! What do I do? It almost seems like a game or like he is just trying to feel me out cuz of that night I got upset at him for something he had no control over. Is there something I can do to make him trust me…or do I just give him time??? I REALLY LIKE THIS SCORPIO!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Jill are we seeing the same man???omg what i read about scorpio man..but then when i read your blog on sounded more like him than anything to a T!!!iam a cancer woman and he is a scorpio man…do you by chance reside in nevada?no chit..that is how you mirror my life that close with my hottie…same EXACT SCENARIO!!! he was hot and heavy and really attentive till we hookedup passionate as it was and all,then he drops off the map, with minimal textings,reassuarnces that we are “Fine”,and then broken dates.I cant decipher it at all.. dont want for him to think im needy..Iam not.but want to understand this enigma of a man that has captured my attention in the craziest way.If i havent already lost him to the winds of indifference?

  99. omg! ive been with my scorpio man since july. i don’t know how because sometimes he plays the hard to get. he confuses me to death. back in nov he told me he didn’t have a gf. and i was thinking to myself will what are we just ****ing. but then he does the sweatest bf things. somebody tell me what is up with him. i’m so in love with him…. is he in love with me and are we just to strong willed people. from aquarius girl

  100. omg! i have been in love with scorpio man since we met in july. still dating don’g know how. he is sooo confusing. sometimes he will say mean things like i don’t have a gf. and i think to myself really. are we just ****ing! but then he’ll do the sweetest thing. his he in love with me too and just won’t tell me b/c we are both strong people from aquarius woman
    someone please help me understand
    ps: true great lovers

  101. I am a scorpio woman dating a scorpio man. I hav both heard and seen people making cynical comments about scorpio and scorpio and that the union should be avoided if possible, but I have had two scorpio relationships, at two different stages in my life and I think with more years added to my maturity or vice versa, I feel I understand the scorpio psyche a lot better now than I did before. I am so much in love with this man, his mysterious side being the most appealing and most sexy side of him. There’s always plenty of fun, laughter and good conversations on a range of topics. We challenge each other, but with affection and the chemistry is fired with a passion that’s indescribable. Everything said above about a scorpio man is absolutely true. I feel sexy, envied and loved, when I’m in the arms of my scorpio man and I can tell he feels the same way too. It’s magical!!!!

  102. i have a Boyfriend and lost with him, and it helps so much to understand whats going on. Thank you


  104. I’m a capricorn women. I’m trying to get to know this scropio man, but he seems so distant. Does this means he’s not interested? HELP ME UNDERSTAND PLEASE…

    • Well im a scorpio man to a tee! And i know for a fact we dont like to be pried into we only give up wht were comfortable with. So my advice is back off with questions and keep him interested he will share when hes ready!

  105. I am currently dating a scorpio right now gosh he so sexy and every blog i have read thus far is so true about them damn hot sizzling scorps!!, i must say this is the third time i have dated a scorpio and i hope to make this my last and is lookin forward toward marriage..i am so in love with this man and he shakes me down to my knees both in bed and out..ALL HAIL ALL YE SCORPS!

  106. so you’re saying you want to go out with a scorpio male when you’re a female one? and are you friends with him? give me your IM or email or something and i think i might just be able to help out…

    • yes im with a scoprio male ooow my gooooooodddddd by the way im capricorn but its really hard for me to love him like now . look at first he gaves me all attention and love . and all the sudden he had no more that interest in me and didnt gave me the attention and love like at first . now i havent called him for a month cuz i swore that i waont do that till he call me. but didnt just waiting. he is 25 and im 18 years old. and i just dont know what to do its like im trapped and cant get out and forget him besides all the tings he done to me . pleasssssss helppp meeeee if you can. and he trieds to make me jealous like say to ugly girls whaha you are the pretties. i know for sure he donnt mean it. but what he wants form me i dont know helppppp

    • i know this reply is like over 3yrs old, are you still around to give advise lol 🙂

  107. Omfg dude, amazing. I had a smile on my face the whole time, even chuckles in between some. Everything you ****ing said was so god damned true!

    I might not fit in with the other comments, but I’m a Scorpio male that just wanted to see if this zodiac stuff is all real/true, and boy it sure as hell is.

    • I have a guy who I want to be with but we are having trouble braking the ice between us. Ever time I think I”m getting a little close someone or something comes in between us. I know he care for me ,I can see it in his eyes when he looks at me ,witch he tryes not to do.I want him to be my life line foever, but he seam to get tinsed up when i come around. I tryed to get him to talk. But its like he afraid to be around me.what can I do ?

  108. i can understand scorpio
    completly .
    i am a cancer

  109. i love the scorpio man
    im a cancer i can
    understand the scorpio

  110. This description is so true. I’m a Scorpio woman completely head over heals for a Scorpio man. The desire and passion for him is driving me wild. We both have an animalistic attraction for each other! He is very complex, but very wishy-washy. He will communicate something to me one day and the next day it will be a different story. We are currently fighting now because of this behavior. I adore him and would love to continue our friendship. Would someone give me advice on dealing with him or winning this man’s heart? I’m having alot of sleepless nights, which is not the norm for me (the Scorpion female).

  111. wat u jus read is totally true of a scorpio,no denying e facts yeaa..other stars jus get mesmerised by us..its even better when u have a scorpio lover..its equal firepower n great collaboration..hail e scorpz!

  112. ok, what ever. i just want a scorpio man because they are good in bed

  113. Every bit of this is true, I mean true down to the last sentence. The guy I am dating is this to the fullest.

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