Scorpio Women

A simple woman who always shows what kind of moods she is in. You can tell right way if she up set, or if she is flirting with you. She displays herself with her act much more than trying to say it for it’s in her character. A Scorpio woman has her own mysterious personality. She is confident and deep down inside she is quite proud of herself. She hates to think she is borne a woman and so limiting her with a certain social acceptable rules.

She is a real woman and despite her innocent and childish looks, she has a spirit of free soul. Many men will make mistake if they think she is a good follower, they are wrong. She thinks being a plain simple housewife is boring. She likes to have power and control over other people, but this will be only her secret, so you will only see a cute woman.

Everything she does will look good, and she has all the women’s tricks you can think of. She can manipulate men without them knowing it. If you think her going to do everything you say because she loves you, then you will be disappointed. She could be a little tomboyish and she can understand you by just looking in your eyes.

You may say sweet words which could sweep any woman, but not with the Scorpio woman. She will use her X-ray eyes reading your thought of what you just said or what you are going to say. She always smiles and she can really hide her feeling. She will constantly show you that she loves freedom. If she has freedom, she will not leave you, but will even love you more.

If she wants something, she will do everything to get it. She has her own sixth sense of people and you can feel that energy feed back when you around her. She likes a man who can earn her respect, and she will also respect and feel proud of that man. A man with power over her should not threat or challenge her confident. She likes to have a good looking, strong and healthy man especially if she starts to compare with her friends’ boyfriends.

It is a plus if he hold a degree or a good career. She is a hot lady. She likes heavy music. She either loves or hates, there are no “fond of”, or “like” for her. Love has no “may be”, or “perhaps”. If she is real mad, she will trash and throw things. Her wind storm can sweep all her dishes and you could get accidentally hit on your head for this matter. Be calm, it is just your grand mother favorite china for she has good quality as much as her bad tempered.

Sometimes she shows her weakness, but it won’t be long. She will put herself together and back to be that hot chili again. If she loves you, it will be no matter what other people may say. Her relationship will be more important than what is right or wrong. Because of this reason, you may know some Scorpio woman become a second wife, a mistress. She is spoil, but she allows her love one to over power her.

Dating this woman, you should not keep old love letters in your pocket or in your house. It could be a love letter 2 years ago, but never mind she will argue about this since this is a big deal for a suspicious woman. Remember she has a temper of the shrew. If you play a cold war with her, she will treat you likewise and double it. If you stood her up once, she will stood you up 2-3 times. She is quite fair in justice, so she can accept your apologies as much as she can pretend to accept things for now and wait for a pay back revenge in the future.

If you are nice to hear, she wills double that to you as well. A real fair woman and she like to make and spent money. She likes to have fame and reputations, and never let she broke and has no name at the same time. She is too proud and will not accept status of being “Poor”. She loves to have faced, so if you are a manager with small salary, she will be proud more than more money being a truck driver.

She hates to think and she can not stand a feeling of being a “Nobody”. If you like her, play a little hard to get. This will excite her a bit. When you go out on a date, set your schedule, but do not let she knows that you have planned this for weeks. Always go to pick her up on time or better to go 5-10 minutes early.

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  1. Aquarius-( Jan .11-Feb ) you have inventive mind and you lean toward progressiveness ,you lie a great deal . on the other hand ,you are inclined to be careless and impractical , causing you to make same mistake repeatedly. everyone think you are a fucking jerk .

  2. Any life example of friendship between a scropio & cancer? Anyway to patch up after the cancer had made the scropio angry?

    • Hi, i am a femal scorpio and have been with a cancer male just over 2 years. Its the rockiest relationship and most loving at the same time. When the cancer maj makes his scorpio woman angry, he needs
      To apologise from the heart, look her deep in her eyes and tell her his truest feelings even if she is throwing things. Kiss her

  3. it good to be scorpio….Am a scorpio guy and i like to be…thanks to my Creator>>>

  4. Every word is just right 🙂

  5. I am a proud 19 year old Scorpio. I have read the meaning of a women Scorpio and i must say ALOT of what i have read has been nothin but true. I as a Scorpio have much very high trust issues not because ive been hurt cause i have. Its just because plp are so phony now days and you cant trust everybody espectly the outcome of the economy. Plp will do anything to get to the top even to hurt the plp they love. I also have a very high temper, im very sweet when i want to be im very very loyal to the ones i love i, am the definition of a ride or die chick. I have my falls but who dnt. Money definitely ant sht to me. But i must say whn i do have it its nice lol. Im shy i love to have a good time. I am the jealously type only to the one i love but i wont show it i smile to hide some pain but i also smile to brighten others. I care for others more than i care for myself but whn i do care for myself im doin something wrong. Thats whats messed up my life so far n believe me its hard to change especially when thats all you did was make plp happy and thats what makes me happy. Im very creative and outgoing i doubt myself 50% of the time not because im scared because i care to much and plus i dnt like being turned down whats so evr that brings my 50% – 30% 😒. Im very lovin in bed and i am aggressive but not in a bad way i guess i mean im very protective of the plp care for. I hear alot of bs but it dnt bother me nomo and that has made me a stronger individual i must say. I have fall inlove with a Libra(Barbara) and man i must say that was the most heart breaking sht ive ever went through with another person other than fam. I mean have you evr just fall inlove with someone just by the internet? Well i have and its the worst especially deep down inside you no fo sure thats your half and you would do anything to prove to thm your the one fo thm too. I mean i was at it fo two years straight with this girl told ha things i dnt tell noone say things ive never said befo. I mean a person who just changes you but dont do anything damn that was me. Like ive evn made a song fo this girl ive nevr met and thats how i new fo a fact that she was my angle sent from above. Lol and till this day i still try to tell ha how much ilove ha and ned ha and ino shes been hurt many of times but i just wanted to show ha all good lookin plp ant lookin fo sex some of us want something reall 1000 a life time real. I might be only 19 but i got very good intentions whn i want something im gonna try my hardest until i get evn if you break my heart 💔. If you think im dumb or w.e ill play that rule until otherwise and thn you gon be shocked on what i have under my selves and best believe it if i want to hurt you i WILL an thats a fact. I laugh not because its funny just cause you think you won or you right sorry fo ya you ant win no trophy. I got alot to say but thats enough fo now and im pretty sure plp write things about the signs because just maybe they went through it thereself have that evr come aross ya mine well it shld.

  6. This is Crazy this sounds like me full on description and im a libra.
    A libra Lady hopelessly in love with a scorpio man, ive loved him for many years. we have always found our way back to each other.
    ive been reading and trying to figure out if he loves me, though my gut feeling tells me he does.
    i see that is hard for Scorpio and Libra to have a relationship, and they are best compatible with scorpio woman. though now reading this description and others Im just like a Scorpio woman…
    so this is either very open description or im reading to much in to this.

  7. Man us scorpions may be quiet person to person but when we write we write a lot . So glad I am not alone . Everyone on Facebook gets my short stories . Lol 🙂 . We are awesome and great in bed , but we need someone equally as good in bed for the fire to follow . Give me a strong man and I will rock his world all night every night . :p

  8. im scorpio too and im proud of it! I thell you scorpio heterrs! im best mam im best friend im best wife im best woman to my man who deserves me! ¬ cause you sayng scorpio womans are trowing man in trash! I thell you me experience I been 11 days hungry and iwn no drinking wather but I never cheat! or disurb me family or make dhem sad cause of my deep LOVE! but no one adher sings can by srtoner dhan us if you don’t deserve her love of course she will trow you earlier! cause she love to respect!!! anyting in dhe world every rule every second every people every animal every list of emty peaper every step in her life so she asking back dhats why you people thinking she hater or bad no we have big heart we love all or nothing also we have many secret cause no one adher sings can by strong and prepare for all pains we handle in lifetime we have hight intuicion we feel before you whats gonna hapen! dhats why you all thinking wear manipulate or samting NO! weAR NOT! we hate layer fake thinkgs fake people
    in dhe world dhats why wear agresive sam times or wear also secretive cause of respect and loyalyti please understand to you cause u cant handle not us scorpios

  9. I have known a scorpio woman for years, She actually has been the kindest girl, i met, Seriously, she stays, only thinking bout me, And always wants to think of new ways to have fun! She’s great, she is so special, to me, And has a special part in my heart, She makes me feel wanted, and Desired, ! But she can have her moments of insecurity, and Unsureness, because not knowingly she doesn’t know how we really feel about her, And is only longing for love! So sometimes you have to help her with that insecurity, And encourage her that you love her, And that you actually really care about her! She’ll open up, And actually Show it !! ((X

  10. A lot of this post explaind a scorpip but it also leaves out a lot i feel. scorpios are VERY often misunderstood and that pains them..its important for them to be understood and heard. They can have a bad temper but only when they feel that they have been greatly betrayed or hurt.. their pain often comes out as anger. weakness is something they’ll never if rarely show you. its not pride its that they’d rather not have people around them be affected by it.. we can sense other peoples emotions and because of that a lot of what we feel is based on the environment/people around us. I’m a scorpio woman and one word id describe myself with is powerful. i have the power to change my outlook on life and my emotions. if something hurts me i cut it out of my life if that is what’s best for me. ill be over it in a week or so.. I’m a scorpio woman dating a gemini man and we’ve been going strong for 4 years +. Our relationshipis part of why i don’t believe in the zodiac compatability all the way. were complete oppostie & that’s why we mesh so well. don’t believe everything your zodiac says I’m not selfish, I’m not obsessive or cocky.. i am however careful of who i bring into my life and protective of what’s mine. if you betray me that’s your loss & you were never mine in the first place

  11. I have been with a scorpio women now for 29 yrs. married to her for 24 of those years. I am an Arian male. She is a lot of hard work. Cold, Impassionate, loveless, shallow, and has a high opinion of herself that is neither warranted or justified. I stay out of duty to my children. She seem to take great delight in finding new ways to injure me emotionally and destroy our marriage. People meet her and think ‘what a nice person’ how very wrong they are. To gain a sense of status, to feel good about herself, she will go out of her way to help others, she doesn’t care about the COST to her own family, so long as it makes her feel good. She is conniving, deceitful, secretive, full of veiled threats, has selective memory and likes to tell you that she remembers every bad thing you have ever done and holds it against you and will read off a litany of your sins to make you feel bad. I hate and despise this women with every fibre of my being. It has become painful to be with her. She has no flair, no creativity, and definitely no leadership skills. The one skill she does possess is deception. She thrives on status and will turn on you when it is no longer there. She is also a thankless soul, with no depth of conviction behind anything she says. She disgusts me.

    • Hi Gavin. I am a Scorpio woman, but a kind one. Kindness is a quality that some have and some do not. I was saddened to hear of your marriage, and the torment of it. I wish you all the best.. just remember, there will come a day when the kids are gone and independence and freedom will be yours again. When that time comes, if things are not better with your Scorpio woman, flip her the bird and walk out. 🙂 Dont even consider it revenge.. she sounds she is best forgotten. People who warp our lives with their negative traits need to be left in the dust.. you just walk on, and make the most of the life you have after her. Dont let her take and destroy another second of your life Gavin. Once again, all the best. Jo

    • Gavin, I can see that the hate or disgust you feel for this Scorpio woman (girl) from the sound of it. Has gotten worse over the years from dealing with the same bs. And I will say I’m truly sorry that you got ahold of a very selfish Scorpio. But you should ask yourself this, Why are you still with her? It doesn’t matter if y’all have kids or 25 years together. If things have gotten so bad that you hate this girl, it’s time to wash your hands with it and move on. You can make the choice to stay and continue to live the rest of your life in her shadow or you can get off you butt and be the man she’s never known before. Because right now you’re doing exactly what she expects of you, absolutely nothing besides getting online and venting your feelings. You’ve given her 25 freakin years, I SAID 25 YEAAAARS. yea she’s got you by the BLL alright. Now getting online isn’t doing anything to take your bll back. Well besides getting some dang good advice from some people. Like Me. So anyway, you gotta take control of this situation cause right now it’s (she’s) controlling you. She knows you’re not leaving, heck you been there 25 YEARS. She’s got the rest of your life planned out. And I’m gonna tell you this right now, if she’s that selfish, and wants it all. Ill bet you anything you’re not the only man she’s taking it from. Sry to be so blunt but someone gotta say it. So it might as well be me. And a lot of people talk bad about scorpios but it’s the ones like her that give the good ones a bad name. But not all scorpios and not all women are the same. Like I said in my post before some girls don’t know what it takes to keep a man or to keep him happy. And there’s a lot of women that I’ve seen treating their men like he’s nothing. I can’t Stand for a woman to treat a man that way. Gavin stand your ground. Get away from her. She’s just dragging you down. No one should have to live a life of being unhappy. She should always look out for you ,you’ve stood by her for 25 Freakin years wtf. Here’s what you do…If you want to that is… First off don’t talk to her the way you talked about her here. Cause regardless of how selfish,heartless, cold, or whatever she may seem, that’s her defense mechanism, there’s more going on inside than she’s letting you in on. So don’t break her down more than she’s already done to her self ok. She will think she’s on top. When really you will be about to take the upper hand. Set her down and tell her with no emotions that it’s over. If she ask why, simply say, you know why. She will be confused and dumb founded of corse cause in her eyes she doesn’t do anything wrong. You’re the only one that done wrong. And pointing out her wrongs will be a waist of time. Because she will then find a way to blame you for her acting the way she does. So nothing else needs to be said other than what I said. Then you get up pack your sh*t and gtfo, fast. 😉 don’t stop when she’s crying and putting on the little act that so many selfish women know so well. Don’t listen to “I’m sorry”. It’s a lie. When she sees you’re serious she will try anything to get you to stay,If she really loves you any at all. But be strong and keep walking fast. If you have to just for kicks, tell her the old line, “it’s not you baby it’s me. I need some time to think things through. (Tell her you love her ) and really mean that part. Cause 25 Freakin years yea u care go on and say it. So yea. Anyway. Really leave her. Don’t go back. Don’t answer the phone,text,email, anything at all. Don’t talk to her family. Dont talk to anyone that will mess this up for you. Only talk to those that you know loves to talk. When you’re around those type people ALWAYS LOOK HAPPY. Make up shit if u have to. A date you went on with an awsome chic. I really hate head games and there’s some that play to much. But in your situation. Use it. Use it. Just like she’s used you. And she will hate hearing just how wonderful you really are. She will wonder why she never seen this side of you, then with time it will hit her so hard in the face she will fall flat on her a**. She will know that she never gave you center stage. She was always taking and never giving. She will realize you should have been her everything. Instead she made you feel like nothing. And just when you think she’s changed. She won’t be. Stay strong and hold off. You’ll know when she’s truly inside and out different. You know some people has been pampered all their life. Always had everything handed to them, and they really get any and everything they want. And most will destroy others just to get everything they want. But they will always hit rock bottom. And they will have nothing and no one. Because they have used it all up. And that’s what she’s done to u. Used you all up. So please make yourself happy. If you can’t make yourself happy. There’s no way you can make anyone else happy. Find yourself again. And do what you gotta do. And don’t even think of giving up. Cause you are so much better than that. Remember try not to down her. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Hope this was helpful and wish you the very best. 🙂 good luck. And nothing changes over night. So take it slow and make it count.

    • you must have screwed that smart woman over, loser. one thing we are not is wrong. best check yourself. try being honest.

  12. Have a question for the Scorpio ladies… Has anyone found it particularly irresistible when a man (typically Virgos and Capricorns dominate in the area) can fix or build unique things? For example, my fiance is a Capricorn and he builds guns for a living. My ex before build/ fix computers. And before that the guy fixed cars, computers and programmed them. The attention to detail is cute.. I would love to watch, then seduce. And I still do. What’s up with that?! By the way. Not all Scorpios like to control people. I like power and wealth yes, but that’s because I want to be a corporate headhunter. Maybe when i was young and stupid i felt that way, but i
    Learned how to channel my negative traits through my career. I only feel like controlling someone I love when I know they try to cheat on me or hurt me because I’m trying too nurture and fix the situation… Create stability. Don’t assume all Scorpios are psychos, some of have noble intentions. Also, only the immature Scorpio with no class sleeps with men who are already committed. So if that’s what you like, stop it. Your destroying your emotional health and self esteem. You can do better. And you know you can because when in love you know what kind of lover you are. Your wifey material so quit pilling up your skeletons, because its going to be tough to be honest about that with the one you want to spend your life with. Guys don’t think that’s cute. Trust me on this, a CLASSY Scorpio turns heads and breaks necks in the positive manner. Not your mini skirt and your tits half way out. I’m my opinion are best matches are caps Virgos and Pisces. Caps and Virgos because they are stable people also serious and if your anything like me its like borderline a turn on Lol and usually the true alpha male we go crazy for. Also the best in bed when they find you irresistible- like work they do it and do it right the first time. Pisces well, we know Pisces we just click and come together like magnets. Always laughing and enjoying life. Sex is always creative fun and usually has no limits.
    Scorpio ascendant Pisces… Moon: Virgo. Mercury: Libra. Venus: scorpio. Mars: leo. Jupiter: Scorpio. Saturn: Pisces. Uranus and Neptune: Capricorn. Pluto: Scorpio…

  13. I would say most of this is true. I do value money power and success. But Its all about self fulfillment. Power as in a corperate headhunter, not a control freak with whips, leashes and a tracking device. I’m not a gold digger. Our ambition is through the roof when we are confident in our abilities. Scorpios need to learn how to harness their negative traits. Do not let doubt, fear, emotional trauma, and revenge schemes hinder your capabilities. Spit it back at the world and thrive. I never beg for my mans (hes a cap❤) money because I have too much pride. I also find the bit about my ideal guy to be true. Clean cut, equally as ambitious, and successful. But also fair, level headed, and above all a class A gentleman! Someone that can be a potential husband and father that can help create a harmonious environment for love, children and the finer things in life. Someone ill look and feel good standing next to in our family portait. Not because I want to blow his money. Besides who wants to bring home a looser to mom and dad? shopaholic, yes. but I support my own dang habit! Oddly as well, i find it a turn on when a guy can build/ fix things (capricorns and virgos usually win in the “fix it” areana), has anyone else experienced this type of thing? Oh and if you are the immature scorpio sleeping with a married man or any type or commitent, STOP. You are worth so much more, have some class. Cut out the mental tourcher “maybe someday we can run away” games with yourself. Reality check. In all Scorpio woman is indeed insightful, magnetic, and mysterious. Ambition is key, and you are the power house woman. Remember to get ahold of your negative behaviors and dark emotions so you can live a happy and emotionally healthy life! Be the boss you want to be in a strategic way, evolve your personality.

  14. Hi 🙂 I’m a Scorpio and I know a lot of the people who say “SCORPIOS ARE THE BEST!” are, in fact, Scorpios themselves but I know many, and I mean MANY people who think Scorpios are cool, pretty, intelligent, nice, generous and Ect. And they aren’t Scorpios. Most of them (More like all of them) are either my friends or family. They tell me that I’m really, REALLY jealous and crazy sometimes but if you’re a Scorpio sometimes you’re like “Yeah, I know, Thanks!”. We may be insane sometimes and maybe mean and harsh but we don’t act like that without a reason. And who doesn’t like revenge anyways? We just seek vengeance more than other people, we just love it, so, so much. We could, time-to-time be conceded and over confident but for me, that’s a compliment. I think the other signs are just as cool and amazing but as a Scorpio I must say… WE ARE AWESOME!

  15. Cheat*** not chest lol

  16. I’ve seen some rude comments left on here about Scorpio women, and I must say that it’s really sad that you could judge someone based on rather they are a Scorpio, Leo, or whatever it may be. I’m a Scorpio, however I don’t agree with everything said here from anyone. I don’t think any woman should be proud of having control over another person. If you really love someone control isn’t even involved in the relationship outside of the bedroom. Most of the woman here are like ohh yeaaaa that’s me woohoo. But come on ladies. Is that how you really want people to see you, as controlling, jealous, conniving, and as a woman I would have to say a lot of what was said about a Scorpio doesn’t apply to all scorpio women. Some of us , and it may be very few and far between, actually do have respect and act as a lady should act. I believe it’s ok to be sexy but being sexy with class is a lot better than looking like trash. And you can be a freak in the bed and never give your man a boring moment but I think whoever you have in the bedroom with you should be someone you love. Not someone to control just because he lets you. I’ve been in a relationship with my fiancé for 14 years. He’s a Taurus, yes like all relationships we have our hard times. But as my fiancé says the only true things they say about a Scorpio woman is that she’s never boring in bed and she is stubborn and has a hellava temper. That I am guilty of. But it takes a lot to make me mad. I don’t start crap but I don’t take crap either. And the other thing is its hard for Scorpio women to trust others, but you will find that most people are like that because of the way the world is. Or because they have been really hurt. I don’t hide my feelings it’s worse to hold your feeling in that it is to let them out for others to know. If you hurt me you’re gonna know it. If you make me happy you will know it. And about the money. Lol I hate money. I don’t touch my fiancés money ever. He gives me $20 a week and that what I spend. Money is the root to all evil. It will make a home and it will break a home. But if you feel right about taking your bf or husbands money that he worked all week for either in the heat or in an office that’s your thing. But in my opinion if your belief is that it’s ok to take and take then by all means take away but in the end there won’t be anything left to take, then what? I will say that what was said about Scorpio women is pretty dead on. But some of us have all the good things and very few of the bad things said. So if you wanna carry around all that extra weight of having a big head go on girl do your thing. But this Scorpio woman would rather stay with her fiancé and make him crazy in bed and happy everywhere else. And let him keep what he makes from working all week. And I would rather him be the man and wear the pants in the family not me. Women are suppose to take care of their men make them feel good about theirselves not used and abused. And thrown away. We should always keep them satisfied in bed and in the kitchen. Honestly most women don’t even know what it takes to keep a man that’s why most of the Scorpio women leave the man before he has a chance to leave her high and dry. She doesn’t want her ego bruised so she does the worst first. But I say if you are doing what you should be doing at home for just your man you wouldn’t have that to worry about. And yea some men still leave but so what it’s his loss. And yes I’m very loyal to those that I love. But I don’t have trust someone to be their friend. I would do anything I could to help anyone. I know what it’s like to have nothing and I know what it’s like to have a lot. And neither way will give you happiness unless your happy with yourself and your relationship. And for the love of God women don’t nag that’s the worse thing a woman can do to a man is keep on and on about the same thing or a hundred things. That will run him away and he will never look back. Trust me I know what I’m talking about. That’s exactly why I can’t have female friends because I can’t stand hearing them nag and start whining about everything. And most females will stab you in the back and even when you are looking at her. Either way a l selfish women don’t give a crap who they hurt to get to the top and get what want. So what I’m saying is don’t be so proud to be made look like a bad person. Yea we have a temper, we know what we want and we go for it, we hate being hurt, and find it hard to trust, we love sex, some get jealous, and some are obsessive. But if you really think about it we are all human and each and every one of us has some good and bad things about us. And not everyone will love us and not everyone will hate us. But no one is perfect no matter your sign. God said that not someone writing about what they think we do and don’t do. If you wanna think this whole thing fits you. In my opinion you need a wake up call to reality. Cause the sun the moon, Saturn, mars or whatever else doesn’t line up and tell you who you are and who you should love. That a load of crap. The heart loves who it’s gonna love no matter if the crap lines up or not. Maybe most of you can’t make a relationship work because you believe to much of what you read and hear. When you should be believing in what you feel and what you see in front of you. It’s called the real world not google and bing or whatever u use to find true love lol. Please ladies get this crap out of your heads. It’s fun to read and laugh at but be serious. All they did was wrote about the way most sneaky controlling freaks are. Why would anyone want to be so predictable? All because you’re a Scorpio. Lol. Ok I’m done. Rant over.

  17. Its unbelievable… I’m a scorpion lady and I can see almost everything stated above in me. Its an awesome report… keep posting these kind of prestigious reports so that spouses or fiancees can get better idea about the personality…Cheers…

  18. Sooooooooooooooooooo TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  19. Most things here I find accurate, poor grammar and spelling however, of the passage. I was wondering though if any other Scorpios have had any experience dating Leos? Personally I do not think all that high of myself as some others in this comment section, but I do find Leo women the most fiery, passionate, and captivating of the signs. Truely regal they are.

  20. I agree 100%
    First Im a Scorpio woman,im a real model and an artist
    Scorpio can be the angel or devil person you know,but it all depends on how you treat her
    The physical traits are all true
    But still scorpio is the mysterious sign coz of our ruling planet pluto and mars
    my hate sign i met (dont be angry ,i know not all)
    from my experienced
    i dont mention what they did but because of them im thankful now
    Because of them i become strong after all the things they done to me,and now im an evolved scorpio woman
    more mysterious,passionate in

  21. I found myself

  22. I am a Scorpio and I can say that all above is true ( just I dont throw the things 🙂 ), and about controling the face, well, personaly I do so because of not to show when I feel down, sad or disappointed…I always smile, cause I dont want the friends of mine to have any worries…I rather make people around me happy 🙂

  23. No hating here baby, just thought id let you knw my opinion.I agree scorpios are a little sexy, but its only because they naturally have tailz(bigbooty). But the sexiest sign is Libra women. no doubt. Wow talk about stunning and gorgeous. the difference between libra n scorpio. Libra are naturally gorgeous and respects herself like a lady(sooo true) while a scorpio has to dress up skanky to attract. mostly mini skirt or tight dress. That’s because ass is all they got. and in bed they are ok. (honest opinion)
    If u want to date a scorpio(black widow, snake,) be prepared to be poisoned,
    You will loose your soul and your heart will be filled with hate and anger. this is due to the fact that they will do things behind your back and if ur smart like me youll pick up on them. she will be a big flirt, she the forbidden fruit the garden of adam and eve. They aren’t all that smart only in some topics. they get pleasure from evilness and revenge. Which if you believe in god you should already know that only god can judge. when you feel you need to take the roll of god and karma. Then expect nothing good. these uninvolved scorpios are helping society and what we consider bad and sinful become more normal and normal. Sad but I guezz we cant have good without bad. ying-yang all im saying is if you are good and have values and morals don’t ever get with a scorpio they will destroy you and you will loose all your home values and morals. Of course not all of them are bad and evil, but don’t chance it they can put an act but their true colors come out sooner than later. And scorpios all have to say is if you feel proud of the above descripition you probably will never be satisfied or happy. wether its their love they ruined by their evil ways, or not being part of family, the man you love has already found someone else nicer and better thatn you, and you can mess around, fuck as many guys, have as many guys, go get drunk or wasted. but satisfaction and happiness will never be met. I ONLY GOT THESE WORDS TO THE WISE. SCORPIO find a virgo sign partner. BOTH SIGN TOGETHER CANCELS AUTOMATICALLY THE BADNESS AND EVILNESS AND MAYBE YOU CAN REACH THE HIGH FLYING EAGLE(DOVE) WISENESS LEVEL Cus 95% of these comments left by these scorpio females sound like you still have not evolved. but have this ego and cockiness like you have. Keep gods presence in your decisions.

    • I disagree with you, my fiancée is a scorpio woman and she is nothing like what you are saying. So I have no idea where you got your wrong information from.

      • just wait and you will see the other side.. i had the same what you had. i am a Pisces i gave her all my heart and my soul what i get afterword are wounds getting deeper and deeper in my soul.

    • are you a psycho/crazy? I just read this for entertainment, many of my family members are scorpios and they are great, caring, generous, and classy. What a hater! Please don’t forget to take your pill before posting something on the internet!

      • Bahaha… Guess you have been stung by a pretty viscous Scorpian? If you were as strong and wise as you like to portray, you would know you can not classify people solely based on a Zodiac sign. These are all fundamental characteristics that we as HUMANS posess. I think you need to seek “assistance” for your anger and unhealthy emotional state, seriously!

        on a

    • This was all about Scorpios why are u comparing us with libra

    • I am so sorry you were hurt so bad . But not all scorpions are vengeful . I spent ten years forgiving and not putting my foot down . And now I am cold to them . I hate it . And one day hope to find the person I was . But what said was mean . to group a zodiac sign together like that and just say all scorpions are just ugly and mean and bad in bed . Is mean .

  24. i’m a scorpion girl………………….nd yeah its all true abt meh…..!!

  25. this is truly unbelievable. i am a scorpio woman and i could figure out most of the things written in this article are actually true for me. hats off. Got to know myself better because of this write up!

  26. I’m a Scorpio and one of my worst enemies (people I hate, lol) are Saggitarius, my step mother but then again I have an aunt that I love dearly who is also a Sagittarius. And I have the bestest friend Ive ever had. She is a Taurus. But we get into many fights. About mostly, Math problems and boys.. Lol. And I also have a former Bestfriend who was a Scorpio. We also got into fights, because she was a very, very jealous Scorpio. But that was only because of the fear of loosing me. I was the only one she felt secure enough to trust with her deepest secrets. And still to this day, Ive kept her secrets.

  27. So true, but the hitting throwing things part I would never do around my friend, if someone picked a fight with me even if it was a guy, then by golly you would not want to be the person I’m fighting. Lol

  28. Scorpion woman are the sexiest, hottest ,beautiful, romantic, sexual, love making, real, sign out there..but I have to admit do not cross me becouse that tail comes out and when it does your paralized

  29. So true majority of the things!!!!! 🙂 can I get to know the true compatibilty between gemini and scorpio……please if you can 🙂 thanks

  30. it’s so weirdly true.. 😛 but nt al.. im quite tamed.. n dnt go ol throwin dishes..haha..

  31. Report is spot on!

  32. I’m just starting to read about zodiac characteristics, very interesting. It’s also amusing how u can tell a lot about any given signs personality by the content of the posts. I gotta say u Scorpio woman sound kinda rediculouse, “oh my god that’s so true us Scorpio woman are the best”. U all say the same damn thing, very conceeded and vain, shallow, I didn’t see 1 intelligent comment from a Scorpio woman. Scorpio woman have nothing on Gemenis as far as I’m concerned. And that chick talking crap about astrology while promoting religion calling everyone morons, you are the kinda person who is way too stupid to ever realize your stupid! Astrology is not definitive by any means but u really are a moron if u believe in religion! Did Moses part the red sea? Did Johna live in the belly of a fish, was there really a giant arch with all the animals on it, hahaha. Any human with the ability to reason can see religion is 100% bullshit. And learn how to fucking spell, I’m so sick of stupid people in this world. I am a male Pisces, 30 yo, only fair.

  33. yeah almost 95% the statement about scorpio woman is true as mentioned above ..well scorpio woman usually smart..think positive…aggresive … temper..when come to loves..she hold a genuine love..if she found someone is really loves and care for doubt scorpio woman look very attractive ..stylish..if u dun her..u might think she a n arrogant woman… she loves social life ..maybe u can lust her..but not easy to get close to her…tis is my perception towards scorpio woman cuz i m scorpio..born 18.11

  34. This Whole Thing Described Who I Am I Love Being A Scorpio

  35. this is so true about me being a scorpio “!

  36. Scorpios SUCK…. worst sign EVER!!!!!
    Controlling, suspicious, manipulative, REVENGEFUL, hateful, prideful, probing, sneaky, un-trusting, secretive, gossipers

  37. Scorpio women are control freaks. They HAVE to understand EVERYTHING. If they don’t understand every minor aspect of their so called ‘lover’. They drive themselves crazy with suspicious thoughts. They gossip about their friends, they gossip about their enemies, they gossip about their co-workers, they gossip about EVERYBODY… except themselves.
    Scorpio women are honest people… EXCEPT when it comes to exposing themselves. They have SO MANY secrets to hide, and so many skeletons in their closets. That they can’t afford to be honest about themselves. And this is why they try to destroy everyone around them with gossip, revenge, bad intentions.
    Scorpio women communicate with their eyes. They expect someone to read their mind as they make faces. They give people dirty looks, stare a people in order to dominate them. And enjoy making someone else’s life hell, that has not made them happy, or does not let them be in charge.
    They are sneaky, manipulators. Who expect everyone else to be honest and truthful, and transparent. Meanwhile they hide themselves behind a FAKE persona, because they can’t be honest with themselves about how WRONG they are to treat people like they do.
    Most annoying about them, is their false sense of “pride”. Who the hell could be proud of someone like this. Nobody!!! No one is proud of a Scorpio, EXCEPT themselves.
    Scorpio = Worst sign EVER

  38. Scorpio women are CRAZY!!! They are the MOST suspicious people EVER! They don’t trust anyone… why is this? Because when people REALLY get to know them for who they are. It’s obvious they are actually mean, hateful, and the only thing they really “love” is REVENGE! Just read all the replies on this page from Scorpio women, to see how “proud” they are of their HUGE EGO’s.
    After they’re done with a man, they fuck him up best they can, then throw him in the trash can. What kind of person is that?
    That’s a Scorpio woman for you

  39. Im a gemini woman going with a Pisces man whom I love very much and I dont want to loose him.. I wish i was a scorpion woman any advice ladies? How to make him happy

  40. Scorpio strength is also the biggest weakness. You can so easily magnetically emotionally touch someone and draw them in. Sexually connect and share one anothers energy. The problem with this talent is with all those intense emotions you also get confusion. Scorpios deal with extremely high levels of emotions. When working thru these feeling to find the truth you end up with duality. So lets think of the other person that is not a scorpio that does not usually deal with these type of emotions regularly. It can be overwelmingly positive until the scorpio denies this person. Well then things go bad and usually a scorpio will do this to a person just to make sure the intensity is there kinda like a crazy ivan test. The scorpio doesn’t give up too much so your up to wondering anyway. They never really end a relationship they leave that up to you. If you will put up with them they know you really “feel” the same way.

  41. OMG!!! Its freaking true! I am a Scorpion girl and seriously I hate to be all sweet and cute and all bubbly kind of girl…:) I may look cute but I really love to dominate and being all evil ..)) I love to be called Powerful coz I really think, I am! 🙂 And I may forgive but I never ever Forget! lol…This is purely truly at least for my sign and personality! 🙂

  42. Very interesting

  43. Out of all the zodiac signs I think we are the best! The rest sound boring and dull It goes to show we can’t be walked all over on plus all our traits are just decent see there I go boasting basically being proud. We surely are the best

  44. Read this before playing with me !!!

  45. Totally agree with what the author of this article had to say on SCORPION WOMEN – we are the best and being an ASCENDANT is even better as the qualities and characteristics are deep-seated – the depth of the SCORPIUS/ SCORPION personality emerging from the ascendant sign is much STRONGER – We ROCK the zodiac chart !!

    The SEX part of it – depends on the choices and SELF CONTROL of the individual . Agree that we have a STRONG sex drive, but then again, it depends on our INDIVIDUAL choices and how we choose to ENJOY it. We cannot simply GENERALIZE all SCORPIONS as NYMPHOS – We do exercise our limits and value MORALS and SPIRITUALITY.

    The Spirit needs to be CLEAN and we understand this bit, so, people should STOP associating SEX with the SCORPION.

    We are SPECIAL and truly the most POWERFUL of all the ZODIAC signs. We RULE !!!

  46. Totally agree with what the author of this article had to say on SCORPION WOMEN – we are the best and being an ASCENDANT is even better as the qualities and characteristics are deep-seated – the depth of the SCORPIUS/ SCORPION personality emerging from the ascendant sign is much STRONGER – We ROCK the zodiac chart !!

    The SEX part of it – depends on the choices and SELF CONTROL of the individual . Agree that we have a STRONG sex drive, but then again, it depends on our INDIVIDUAL choices and how we choose to ENJOY it. We cannot simply GENERALIZE all SCORPIONS as NYMPHOS – We do exercise our limits and value MORALS and SPIRITUALITY.

    The Spirit needs to be CLEAN and we understand this bit, so, people should STOP associating SEX with the SCORPION.

    We are SPECIAL and truly the most POWERFUL of all the ZODIAC signs. We RULE !!

  47. This is really interesting. I love being a scorpio, best sign ever imo.

  48. lol this is so true!!!!!!!!

  49. plz scorpio girls help me. if a scorpio girl says ” hey i hope you understand but now i can not remain in contact.. best wishes for your future take care good by”
    she really want to end relationship or not??

    • no.. she dsnt want to leave actually…. its an indication that you have to try harder…. Scorpions dont leave you like dat…. i dont think they ever have a final note to say if they are actually leaving….. they jst go…. (i know the reply is tooo.. late… bt might help other readers…. 🙂 )

    • Or she’s hiding something that would break your heart if you knew. I used to play games like that a lot. But she cares about you and your emotional well being so she’s pushing you away.

  50. I am quite astonished at how accurate this is. I’m a scorpion woman and I would say that most of this is true to my nature. I feel I can control my emotions I.e I would never throw dishes around as I’d just think that’s a bit childish and maybe a tad dramatic for me.I have always been aware of a sixth sense I have in intuition and awareness of other people, it’s a power and a strength that just comes naturally and that I love. My best friend for years was this scorpion male who was also an ex and I can read him so well that it unnerves him and unfortunately has caused some distance between us as I feel he feels threatened by my power over him, which is annoying as I would never do any harm to him but it’s one of those things I guess. Also when I look back a lot of my good friends over the years are also Scorpios. I very much feel a connection to my zodiac sign.
    I have decided form here on to purposely date only men who are compatible to my zodiac sign. I have nothing to lose so why not!

  51. omg,am a scorpio myself and i am just getting to know this guy he’s a virgo and i wanted him to get to know and understand me but am not sure if i should let him see this. can any one give a lil advice should i or shouldnt i

  52. When is a Scorpio woman really done.

  53. scorpio women!!!!huh!!!simply an emotional fool…private, possessive, jealous. they may be a very good audience but not meant for fun!!!!!

  54. I am a scorpion woman and yes i get really suspitous of guys if they talk to girls and have old love letters and i can be a spiteful bitch too. a lot of that is true about me but at the same time there are some things that are totally wrong. I am very good with my money and i don’t just spend it on everything.


  56. hi all scorpio women! I am too! Hahahah we are so proud of ourselves being a scorpio! I seriously love my horoscope and i will NEVER be ashame of it. cheers!

  57. Hmm. This explanation is short coming. Its anaylsis of a Scorpio woman does not go into the depth it should. Instead we get the stereotypical, generic explanation. Be aware that Scorpio women are powerful, deep, spiritual beings… Much deeper than any other sign could fathom.

  58. sado looser and were not the ones normaly doing the sucking lmao also read on about your selfs it says that all scorpian nomaly turn into prostitutes hahahahaha

  59. I’m a Scorpio Women, and The guy who has my heart is a Pices Man.
    Some how we were just naturally drawn into each other, we understood each other, and never judge one another, we could talk about any god given thing, and we’d always laugh, and we have a stong connection and we communicate so well.

    AH— i can go on and on. but you know in any love like situation that he or she has your heart when you feel a big Fog Lump like in your throath.

    more on this subject later…..

  60. ha ha, this is so funny. i never believed in astrology much but a lot of this stuff is true, the good and the bad. i think us scorpios know we get a little crazy but don’t care. there is something very empowering about being a scorpio. but yeah i agree with a lot of the personality stuff. do any other scorpios think the past year has been super intense? well, there is a great line from Anchorman with Will Ferrell, when he’s all “scorpio woman!” love em’ or leave em’. scorpios are the coolest bitches around. so whatever.

  61. Scorpio chick here. I love being a Scorpio we are the best and kick arse! And we are the more dominant one.

  62. omg this is so true!!! esp bout the throwing and tearing stuff up! how crazzy and the sex and music! WOW!!!! we scorpio women ROCK!!!!!!

  63. Hi, I’m a Scorpio Woman married over four years to my Pisces husband & we are a match made in Heaven. The writer is accurate about us Scorpio Women. And we can seem “crazy” but we’re not, crazy things just happen to us. We can be any of these three forms with our emotions. The Eagle/Phoenix that rises above the storm or engulfs in a flame only to be quickly reincarnated. We need help to control the Grey Lizard in us, which is, we can sometimes be our own worst enemy. And we need to control the Scorpion in us that sting other’s if they play us too close. If you can remember these three things about us then you’ll get to see the wonderful transformations up close and personal. You’ll be glad you did. Forget about Charles Manson, he is a Scorpio Male & definitely not the same as us Scorpio Women.

  64. oh my god, i cannot even believe how accurate astrology is! I am stubborn, i am jealous, i guess i can be kinda nosy…, i dont like to give info on myself to others, and all of the above. but i am also a proud scorpio, and i think we have the coolest sign!! the most powerful AND donimant!!

  65. A few of these things I agree with about myself except for the mistress and second wife. I want a man to be with me because he loves me and not because the woman he really wanted to pick didn’t want him. This makes Scorpio women seem like greedy gold digging hos and thats just not me, but then I have lived in poverty growing up so I guess I learned better than some. I’m just happy if the man is working at a job and taking care of his own at all. About the temper thing I have very good self control of that and if I feel so angry I can’t think I’ll leave the room a few seconds to cool off. However if you try and block my way when I’m that angry and keep me there and don’t let me cool off and yelling at me then you are in for it because that makes me feel trapped and feel the need to protect myself.

    • Omgosh i can relate to the temper part. One guy i dated would always block my way when i was upset and tried to go somewhere and cool down, i ended up throwing something hard at him. Oh yea, he felt the wrath of a scorpion. My new bf understands that and use to let me be by myself when i got angry but now he provokes it too. He’s a virgo and likes to instigate everything.

  66. The third type is the High Flying Eagle or the Dove, this is the one that all Scorpio’s say they are but are NOT, they are RARE to find– the true servant to the betterment of Mankind for they know the depth of the sea and the heights of the mountains. These extremely rare and beautiful beings have fully embraced their feminine nature, tempered their desire for power for the betterment of all, do not judge (unlike grey lizards and scorpions) and are wise. They KNOW that what they put out will come back to them. They have developed their intuition to such a high degree that they cannot be moved… Can you move the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic.. it is fluid, moves, carries necesary warmth but is fixed in its path? They will sacrifice what is necessary for only those are worthy of them. They know limits and boundaries and are truly validated and have reached the actuality of their potential. Do you see why this Eagle/Scorpio is so rare?

    • Hi I was reading your reply to the scorpion woman post and was wondering if you knew whether it was common to change the type of scorpion you are. I believe I used to be a type three but went through a deep betrayal which led to having inner conflict within myself. I’m wondering if it’s normal, do you have any sites or sources you could recommend to help me get a better insight into the Scorpio I’ve become. Thanks in advance.

  67. The second type … of which most Scorpios fall… is the grey lizard. They do not lower themselves to violence, but are often victimized. They go to the opposite extreme and are trampled upon. They have depth but do not have the courage to develop their depth for fear of someone taking advantage of it. Like the scorpions, they do not see the positive strength in their own feminine within. They still think it is weak. They have a faint understanding of it but see themselves as weak and therefore nueter themselves. They like power as well but are afraid it will come back to haunt them so they don’t do anything at all.

  68. Please do not be dismayed at the lack of information on the three type of Scorpios.. The reason for this is simple. Originally Scorp was a combination of 3 existing signs… Virgo, Libra and Scorp.. So the corresponding types of Scorps have remenants of these signs. The first and lowest is the scorpion. It is deadly, power hungry, disdainful, vengeful and spiteful. These are the showy ones who give Scorps a bad name. This type of Scorpion has a true diffidculty dealing with their feminine nature and so truly despises all things feminine including but not limited to women. They see women as weak because they have not embraced the inner strength of the feminine within — the creative, soft, nurturing and feeling of depth. These foul beings use sex as a weapon to control, manipulate and victimize their partners by teasing, taunting and denying until thier prey surrenders completely. The Scorpions often embrace violence and can be seen in the obituary pages as murdered and cruel people .. see the book Helter Skelter about Charles Manson who was born November 1, as he is the poster child for evil scorpions.

  69. I am a pisces man and I was in relationship with a scorpio woman for a year and recently we broke up. I have to say that she is very much precisely described above. I admire her and love her still and I think than scorpio women are trully remarkable, but unfortunately, they seek for something else than what can a man pisces offer. Living with her felt like a heaven and at the beggining she loved me a lot, but as the time passed, I knew that she isn’t sure that I am the right one for her. I am thinking what I could’ve done differently, but I just think that we just don’t expect the similar things from life.
    So, although I am very hurt now, I am glad that we spend a year together because she taught me and opened my perspective about a lot of things.
    Scorpio women are trully amazing!!!

  70. she loved me a lot, but as the time passed, I knew that she isn’t sure that I am the right one for her. I am thinking what I could’ve done differently, but I just think that we just don’t expect the similar things from life.
    So, although I am very hurt now, I am glad that we spend a year together because she taught me and opened my perspective about a lot of things.
    Scorpio women are trully amazing!!!

  71. WOW!!! We sound like Goddesses =D

  72. Scorpio women are the best! I can say this beacuse that is what I am…and true to the sign. Revenge is sweet……

  73. I am a SCORPIO male, married to Arian for 31 years. I am old fashioned and could not see myself leaving her when I knew I should have. I tried on numerous occasions but could never go through with it. More so out of fear that she would commit suicide than for any other reason. She has emotional instability issues form her past ( I discovered that she tried committing suicide when she broke up with a past BF before my time with her). She has been a very controlling person. I am not allowed to spend time alone. I have lived my life sewn at her shoulder. She really cares for me and I guess it never bothered me until she decided to take away reading books and research on the computer. I am a dead person with out intellectual stimulus. Then I strayed when I met a Scorpio Women. What a difference – it is wonderful except for certain tastes in music- Oh did I forget to mention she is 20 years younger with three kids. To love a scorpio woman is to loose your soul. I lover her more than I can describe. Unfortunately she used me to benefit her career and once done with me dumped me and even tried to get me fired ( we worked for same company but in different countries). She was poor with little to show for her life and she hungered for more. Like a lioness she hunted and found me – For the first time I let my guard down out of true love and fell victim to her treacheries. – I hate her – I love Her I want to rid her from my mind my life – I don’t want to spend a minute without her – I want to give her everything – I want revenge – But if together will she give me respect , my space and intellectual time. I guess I will never know. And I did not even get to sleep with her . Imagine what my life would be today if I had. Any way Scorpio Women Rock so long as men are of use to them. I think they are more like a black widow ( should have been a zodiac sign) They kill and eat their mates after the have sex. Yep Scorpio Women treat their men like used tools – they toss you back in their tool box or in the trash – depends if they see any future use in you or not. Keep rocking Scorpio Women – While men like me keep our distance from your stingers.

  74. Yes… me too a Scorpio woman..I love being one… this is all true… but u shudnt be putting it on net to be seen by all.. its supposed to be our secret – Savy

  75. we are (scorpio gals) the sexiest of all!!!!! so hey,…be proud of that!!!

  76. This report on Scorpio women is badly written. It has many typographical and grammatical errors as well as major problems with flow and clarity. Please edit your offerings before putting them up on the web. It is unprofessional and not likely to bring me back a second time. Yes, I am a scorpio woman, and from what WAS intelligible it seems to be accurate.

  77. “She hates to think”? First of all, your grammar is appalling. Your description, simplistic at best. As a Scorpio woman I am so sick of hearing the old misconception that we are regretful of being born a woman. This implies that we cannot embrace our power and femininity as one! What a load of crap, and talk about selling us short. Speaking for myself, I am a proud, powerful, intelligent, and passionate Scorpio woman. We are the best of what women are! So don’t kid yourself by thinking we would EVER need to be anything else. So why don’t we dispel with a stereotype that was most likely created by people that couldn’t associate or comprehend the connection between true strength and femininity. That is what a Scorpio woman embodies.

  78. Every thing is soo true, I cant believe how accurate this stuff can be. I love being a scorpio woman it ROCKS!

  79. Amazing…no one understands when I tell them that Scorpion women rule the zodiac. We rule the house of sex. We dominate it. Everything on here is true. I could die a thousand times and be sent back…but I will only come back if I look like me and I’m a scorpio. We Rock!!!! Proud to be a scorpio!!!!!

  80. I am a scorpian women involved with a Pisces man
    any advise
    We live in 2 different state but he has talked about me moving to his state.

    • scorpio and piseces is ment to be one of the best maches but you do need to understand and make alowances for each other

  81. This was so uncanny I am a scorpio women and yes this is all true but it never mentioned our sexual prowness cause I am constantly horny as if I never get enough…I guess that’s why my Libra boyfriend worships the ground I walk on – dont get it twisted – we worship the ground each other walks on.

  82. i’ a scorpio girl myself…and,man,this article is so true…absolutely great…


  84. Cheers to the sexy scorpion women!!

  85. yeah this is so true about us scorpio woman and i am pround to be one

  86. I am quite a scorpio =] ALL of this is true by th’ way… and dishes too lol

  87. OMG!!!As a fellow scorpio that is sooo true. Our sign Rocks!!. I glad i was born under this sign. All the other signs are just to boring…

  88. ya alot of it is pretty accurate. ecspecially showing up on time and giving me freedom. oh ya and dont leave the love notes around or talk to your ex-es

  89. HELLO!!!…. like totally true he. man i could not wish for more than this…being a scorpio is the best!!! And that about getting what they want there ain’t nothing more true than that!
    proud Scorpio Woman

  90. I’m scorpio too, I agree with this description of a scorpio woman, It is so true. I love being so attractive. Having guys line up for me is great, butknowing they can’t have me & I can get them anyn time I want is a cherry on top! not that I’m loose I just enjoy being chased rather than being captured. Throwing things when angry?? It’s part of life so don’t make me mad.

  91. hey itz really true n i love being a scorpio……….

    Scorpio’s rocks

  92. All true .. And love to be scorpio woman,

  93. this is a complete reflection, the description of me….u explained myself better than I could.


  95. Hell yeah!!I completely agree that we Scorpio women are simply the best women in the zodiac and sometimes,we can also be the most hated ones,but I don’t really care!Some women are just jealous because they don’t know how to take care of their men!!lol!Or they’re not as hot as we are!Think about Jenny McCarthy(a Playboy playmate),Vanessa Minillo(Nick Lachey’s girlfriend),Aria Giovanni(a porn star),Marie Antoinette(French queen),Rebecca Romijn(an actress),and all the other Scorpio women out there.We’re hot!!

  96. dude , what ever!!
    scorpio women are the craziest, most insencitive, bi-polar tactless, childish, and extemely paranoid women that have ever walked the earth..and as far as sexiness goes, every scorpio woman i have ever known ( and i have known a few) may be a good looker, but in the sex dapartment, they are super lacking. they just like to get down to business, no intamacy no foreplay, hell, not even so much as french kissing while the deed is being done, its just wam bam thanx dude, and that my scorpio friends and lovers, IS NOT SEXY,…and socially they are soo super paranoind of people and their intentions/words(always woundering what it is you REALLY meant when you said that) that they push people away and end up isolating them selves from the world, cause nobody wants to deal with their flippancy. its not that they like to be alone, its that they dont know how to deal with people on a mundane everyday human basis, they think they are so super intelligent and evolved, but they are really misguided and in my observations of and dealings with them, since they spend so much time alone and thinking waaaaay to much(over anylizing) and keeping stupid childish secrets, they are just 2 glasses of chardonnay away from driveing themselves to borderline schitzophrenia…scorpio women are CrAzY****


  98. Im a scorpio woman and proud to be. I think I speak on behalf of all the scorpio women when I say that we are the most freakiest, sexxiest, loving, competitve women. None of the other signs got nothing on us so scorpio women you better be proud to be a scorpio. Do you know that men loves scorpios more than any other sign. Yall better step up and represent scorpio like a true one.

  99. Oh! So great!!! I am not the “trashing and throwing” type, but maybe if prevoked. I love to think that I am born a woman. Ahhh! It gives me great satisfaction and lends itself to many strategies where a man can never go. Fair and just, beyond belief. Always fair. Never the first to draw the sword. Watch out if you have done so. Men will spoil us silly but we love the one who can command that power over us….intriguing. So sexy! Freedom…..must have it. Trust. You can trust us.

  100. Yes i am a scorpio too, we do what we do but most of all we do it well. =]


  102. Please, for the love of God, tell me that the author of this piece does not speak English as his first language. That would be the only way I would find this horribly-written piece acceptable.

  103. Right on the nose except for the “throwing things” I don’t have an answer as to why, but I’ve always naturally managed to control myself. If someone could fill me in, I’d appreciate the feed back. Thanks

  104. Graet! So so true actually. I would always be proud of being a scorpio woman.

  105. Ohhhhh man- EVERYTHING on this is so true- the only thing that annoys me is when people say we are the sign of ‘sex’- it makes us sound like whores. Really pisses me off lol
    but otherwise- it feels great to be born under this sign- damn were powerful lol 😉

  106. I’m a picses man. You right about that alluring Scorpio on the side of my marriage. She got me and a Porsche to go with it.

  107. i dont like scorpio women or men to jealous possesive spiteful and they suck in bed and trust me i have been with two scorpio male gem-scorpio dosent work at all

  108. this was on point! everything i do in the back of my mind im thinking “i cant let the other scorpions down”….lol

  109. Im a scorpio women dateing a gemini women and the part where you they say we’re to possesive so ultimately gemini and scorpio relationships wont work isent true i understand my gemini and love her completely i give her space and room to flirt-I know she needs it 🙂

  110. You need more about the eyes! A Scorpio’s number one weapon is her eyes!

  111. Yessssss Scorpio ladies!! Everyone knows we have the sexiest sign in the whole zodiac. We’re beautiful, smart and proud…no other woman will ever be quite like us. Let them try.

  112. yeah!proud 2 be scorpio!!!!!!


  114. wow, this is my personality right here, lol…a proud tru scorpio!

  115. I’m one short scorpio chick and damn proud of it too!!!I love sex and everything else that inspires me to the fullest!!!Love me or hate me and I’m totally fine with it!!!

  116. I agree. Scorpio women rule! Proud to be a part of the club!

  117. I am a scorpio woman And this is so true it’s scary!!! lol


  119. Very Very true being a Scorpio and im not just saying this.. This is all me and yes i am proud to be scorpio. Wtch out guys know what your getting yourself into.

  120. Yep proud to be a scorpion, and was over the moon when i had a duaghter who is also a scorpion, and playing a ‘cold war’ is so true, i love being a scorpion and we are the sexist sign….

  121. i absolutley love being a scorpio. there you go scropio pride.

  122. We are the best women in the zodiac sign..we were born ulitmate woman….so i am a scorpio woman and proud of it


  124. lol i am a scorpio this is sooo fun and cool i am proud to be a scorpio

  125. yea my girl is a Scorpio and i agree with most of wha is being said here her temper and throwin things lol wantin revenge for everything everyone has done to her

  126. scorpio women rock!!

  127. It’s so true am a scorpio woman, and I get very emotional at times…it’s so funny. Recently I just broke off a long distance relationship with a Sagittarius. What I want to know is how to control my emotional feelings and not over reacting…is it possible? 😉 Angela

  128. proud 2 b a scorpio well thts true about me

  129. Oh dear god.. it’s all true.. very spooky… especially the part about the throwing things and music.. wow.. I so agree with Angie about being a scorpio..

  130. haha i love being a scorpio i wouldn’t trade it for any other sign.

  131. I am a Scorpio Lady and yea well done on this report 😀 you better hide it lol

    omg I am so happy to have Libra as an aszendent so I get at least a changse to enjoy boring daily family life one day 😉

  132. lol As a Scorpio woamn myself, I find this interesting…

    • Scorpio women are mean as hell.. I won’t ever date a scorpio woman again.. Cause the one i date always hits me.. If i try to show love she hits me in my face and she even punches me in my face.. She calls me annoying when i try to hold her or show her love.. Hell i do everything for her when she asks me too.. I cook, i clean, i massage her feet.. I do everything she ask for just to keep her happy but i feel like the things i do never satisfies her..

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