Taurus Men

A quiet simple man, who can do something unexpected to shock you. Taurus man mostly medium tall, strong with good health, good strong body. When he talks, he likes to turn his head to one side on one direction. His body will be quite straight, facial structure tends to be square shape more than other shape. His eyes sparkle with liveliness. Even when he is in love, he is still a free wild bird.

He is sand in your palm, the more you want to hold it, it will slip out. If you stand and hold it still, it will stay that way. Don’t set the rules and draw a line for him, he will not stay. When you are with him, he will think only of you. But an hour later he could change his mind. He is very patient with other people, but very impatient with himself. His world always turning and it will not stop just because he loves you. If he up sets, he will show it right away.

If something has gone wrong, he will blame his own carelessness instead of blaming other people. He sincere to his friends even to some friends he does not like. He likes to do odd things and surprise other people. He could be fully dress in a nice suit and jump in the pool. He could slap your back so hard just to make you turn around to see he has flowers in his hand. He never wants to get too close with anyone for he thinks living in reality is living by yourself.

He does not care what people think when he behaves weird. He could be walking bare feet and laughing at people who laugh at him and think they are so narrow-minded. He does not likes to follow conformity, but always want to search for new ventures, new mystery. He will interest in a life of a millionaire as much as a life of an old man selling newspaper on a sidewalk vendor. He like to search and analyze people and things.

He will analyze his friends or his girl friend, and once the mystery is gone, he will search for new puzzle to solve. He can not easily understand thing, so he will gradually learning about you till he fills up all his questions. He knows so many people, but he has a few friends. He looks for quality friends than quantity friends. He will be close with some friends shortly and move on. He always feel lonely even surround by many people.

He could create his own little world, and sometimes no one would understand him. He looks only for future and he thinks he lives for the future. He may wonder how many people think like he does, but he does not want to be like the others. He is a man with a conflict personality. He is a cool, understanding, and able to work well, and very artistic. Taurus man could be an artist. He could shock you as much as he is able to clam you down when you up set.

He is a free spirit who likes venture, but when he wants to be alone, do not touch him but to let him be. He won’t disappear from the crowds too long, he will be back. He will give you straight forward opinion or comments, but will never advice what he thinks you should do. He does not like people to tell him what he should do too. He thinks each individual dreams and thoughts should be very private.

He will use his brain not his body strength, so he will let other guys compete. He has a certain satisfactory in life and hate to force him in competition. He may seem careless, but actually he is a thinker and a stubborn one. He sees anything in details and not easily trusted people till he thinks he knows them well. You can just smile and he will think why and what are you smiling about, and if you are pretending. Once he trust you and accept you as a friend, no one can says other wise to change that for he will not listen to gossip.

He will be honest and sincere to his friends. He hates lies, so he will not tell you lie. If he finds it is necessary to lie, he will find other ways not to tell you or avoid telling you anything. If he really has to lie, you will never be able to tell that he is lying. He can really keep secrets, so you will hardly know that he is a lonely soul. If you want this kind of guy, you have to be an interesting person. He has to be curious about you. Hell for him is “No Freedom”, so if he marries you then you should know it is the biggest decision in his life. Always be interesting, and then you could have him beside you.

51 Responses to “Taurus Men”

  1. This article is particular accurate for a Taurus man with a strong air sign influence such as a Libra moon or Aquarius moon added to his sign. Not necessarily as accurate for a typical Taurus man with strong earth sign in his character.

  2. Before he even told me he had feelings for me he would drop off these hint sayings like “you seem like the type of girl guys would like”, “your texting bae but not me!??? Your cheating on me”, “you don’t like your eye color? Well I think brown eyes are beautiful”. he would even show me pictures of his family and tell me his plans for the future and what he does. but I’ve talked to a few people about the situation and my friends think he’s a fuckboy /’: despite the fact that he knows I like him and I kissed his cheek not long ago, he said “awwww” and patted/rubbed my back and said that my kiss made his day. like I just need a Taurus to tell me if played with me just for nudes. I’m really confused and I like this guy a lot πŸ˜”

  3. Theres this Taurus man that Ive known for a very long time and I liked him since the day we met, but later on we started talking as friends we would talk a lot and not do our work in art so last month since we weren t gonna have art together anymore and I got sad about it and he asked me what was wrong and I didn t want to tell him but he kept bugging me to tell him and he seemed so curious about it and so then later on I told him in text that I like him and he said “couldnt you have told me in personπŸ˜‚?” And I said “I m sorry.. I just got scared” and he said “I admire girls with confidence” but he didnt tell me that he liked me or not so from that I assumed he didnt have any feelings for me and sobbed at home.. Then later on after that one day I told him I was cold and he insisted that he can let me use his jacket and I ended up wearing it and so then that whole week we talked a lot and my birthday was coming up so I decided to invite him and he said he would ask his parents and then later on the day of my birthday he said he couldn t make it but we were texting on my birthday and he said some pretty unusual things.. I sent him pictures of me in my birthday and he replied with complmenting my eyes. and he said since he couldn t come to my bday that he would do anything to make it up like a hug or anything else so my friends said I should go for the kiss and he said “sure of course lol” and i freaked out and my friends told me I should tell him something dirty like. So I told him I have “nudes” and he said “you do? I ll be very happy to get them” and so I sent him a default picture of the nudes eyeshadow and he said “haha i knew you didn t have nudes you seem too much of a good girl πŸ˜‚” then later on a few days later he texted me and we were talking and he would say “just laying in bed horny” then say it was auto correct and he meant ***hungry then a few min later he was being sexual towards me and he ended up sexting me and told me that he likes me but wants to take things slow before becoming more. I told him about some guy that likes me and he replied with “your talking to him too? πŸ€”πŸ˜’ go ahead and talk to him lol idc just don t you know expect too much” then when we saw each other at school we would hug Everytime we saw each other but then lately he has been ignoring me now.. Like he never bothers to talk to me and I just don t know I m scared that he just used me or doesn t like me that and whenever I ask to hang out he says “of course just text me when, where what time” then it doesn t happen hes always busy and he told me “I m sorry Ive had these plans for awhile now” and when I do get a chance to see him in lunch he talks to other people and I see him hug other girls who are his friends but he doesn t talk to me I usually get a bad feeling about it and I get bad thoughts sadly – Capricorn

  4. Im very confused then i was talking to a guy on pof for about 2 weeks or so we are both taurus we talked & got on so great he agreed & said how he had been looking for me for yrs, i said the same to him he said you make me feel special (which i what i do i like to make someone feel good & wanted) i have tried to sort this out but i think he has blocked me on kik, basically i went to a friends house left my bag with my phone in, her kitchen a girl know was there & so was a guy id had a date with im not friends with either of them, now problem is my pof account password was changed & i think a message was sent to him on there or on kik or even both, ive had to set up a new pof account & i messaged him to explain situation it was a real honest heartfelt message & i said i was genuinely sorry but hes now blocked me on pof, will he unblock me? does he just need time to calm down? i cant do anything else, i could kill the bastards for ruining my chance with him, im so gutted it was going so well 😦

  5. ^^^^bloody taurean! haha…. i might also add taureans are always on screening mode when meeting women.

  6. I’m a Scorpio female dating a Taurus male for about a month. He’s charming, affectionate, future minded and sensual. All the attributes I like. We quickly became friends and our relationship seems serious in such a short time. We have not had any intimate contact(not even kissing) even though we have talked about having such contact all the time. He has so far introduced me to his best friend and we’ve joked about having a future together on few occasions. He told me he loved me but I don’t know if I should take him serious because it was on one of those occasions where we were talking about getting intimate. He always expresses how he adores me, miss me and said he sees me as the type a man could settle down with. Is all that’s happening for real? Or should I wait some more to find out? I want to love and trust him but I’m unsure of what I’m really getting. We’re both in college and don’t get to see each other a lot because we’re in different faculties. However we are making arrangements to spend more time together.

  7. I am an asexual celibate virgin Libra Sun, Virgo Moon, Scorpio rising, wondering if a taurus anything would be right for me. tried gemini sun- he still doesn’t know what he did. tried scorpio sun- he was in another country hung up on his ex-wife, and… he hurt me so i canned him- he was more like my brother anyway, not interested in me like that. Tried a cancer- no idea what that was. my aries sun uncle was wonderufl, but stubborn, and exhausting, and infuriating, despite my best efforts. I loved him dearly, but could only take him in small doses. never got to spend enough time with himbefore he um… went cocoa puffs. I loved them all so HARD. But… ow. and no stability. so… Taurus sun? I have venus in leo, and lots of virgo and sagittarius… Plus I’m either asperger’s or bipolar. or something. sigh. i want stability, but not conformity or boringness. unfortunately i consider myself so boring I bore myself to death out of pure nerves. I can’t even work I get such bad nerves! ;( Life would be so much better if I was. just. not. ME.
    i scare other scorpios, which in turn scares me. coz I love em.
    so TAURUS SUN, or Valium, or what? although my brain tends to get ignore medication after a while, so… maybe not the valium. they say people with life path 8 like me should marry later in life. I’m not surprised.

    • I don’t know u but the Virgo in you will make think you have bi polar. My husband is a Virgo Leo and he and his family all said he was bi polar..turns out he’s not..he’s just a worrier and doesn’t share his feelings and because of that he would have days he seemed like he was in a good mood then out of no where in a bad and also said he used to go threw depression phases And all that was, was him thinking of things in the past mainly negative things. So basically it’s good to open up to some one you trust about how you feel and not think so negativly. Try to see the good things in life and about yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself..trust me I have days I’m too hard on myself too. I’m a Taurus girl cancer moon. Just thought I’d try and help.

  8. Taurus Women section is down 😦

  9. Even with all the grammar errors I read that is I have to say that this hit me so on par that it wasn’t even funny, For those who play golf you’ll understand what I mean when I say that for me this post was a hole in one. I have to say that the fact that I can read something and see my life story in it is shocking but at the same time entertaining.

  10. I am a girl taurean, and I have to say, the taurus woman section did not apply to me, but the taurus man section did… why is that?

  11. Older men dating or marrying younger women is common. However, not all women are the same you know? Some women are cold but some are hot. That’s right. Most of these old men who are with young women, are rich. So, these women are not supportive to men which they usually depend on their men. In other words, young women who like older men are those who like either matured men or materials. At internet dating sites, some older men who travel to Asia to marry young Asian girls too.Β 

  12. I’m a scorpion bi, I just talked to a Taurus guy who said he got a habit of kissing people who he doesn’t not know and he seems to like the subject on sex and he admitted to cheat but I like him more than more I think we Scorpio are the best match in a relationship ship at least they truthly admitted what they do.

  13. My man is a Taurus and im a Capricorn love him to pieces πŸ˜€

    • I am also a Capricorn and I am interested in a Taurus man who goes to the same camp as me, its a 8 week long camp, and I am 17 and he’s soon to be 18 (april 30th), do you have any advice or things that you could tell me about capricorns and taurus men?? I think I really like him, but as you read often on zodiac sites, us capricorn people take a while to warm up, but when we do we are loyal, I love the cuddliness and warmth of the taurus man, and he is indeed very sensual, and he’s very outdoorsy. But he got out of a relationship with my gemini friend (end of last summer) and I don’t know where he may be.

      • Don’t play games, be genuine. If you go after him it must be all in. I am speaking from a Taurus point of view. We don’t trust easily it takes time to build that report, trust. But don’t come overbearing, dominant, it must be a gradual woo. We are very observant, don’t flirt with him than try to make him jealous by flirting with someone else, We Don’t Compete. We move on! But once we gross that trust line we are all in, It could forever unless that trust is broken again.

    • @Love Shira Wall: I realize u posted this forever ago but I recently found the site.
      Thank you for your simple yet as if posted directly to me words. Met a male Taurean a few months ago; I am female Capricorn. I think there could be something great for us….such a short period of time. I have NEVER been as comfortable with anyone as I have been with him from literally the moment of meeting. Not my ex-husband nor my one other long term/serious relationship. Male nor female; just immediate ‘something’ that made me feel at ease.
      Hope that things have continued to prosper, grow and intensify for you; perhaps I could mirror what you have experienced.

  14. This is dead on, wow, never knew people knew who I am. Blood Taurus May 6

  15. i love my boyfriend…

  16. oh my word, just the perfect me

  17. This is me not the Taurus female. I am Taurus male and even my name means “My style.” I have 5 friend but I can count on them all the time. I love freedom etc. Who wrote this should get some world known prize.

  18. taurus nd scorpion match is bad , my exp, coz scorpion girls are stubborn nd has this bossy nature , bulls dont like to be bullied , bulls show patience ,nd are slow to anger , trust me , if he is sayin u being bossy , den back out , love him more, nd tell him u wont b , coz he mst b hurt to say nethn such dat, if u dont stop nd continue , u will face d worst anger found wit any sun sign , tho he may forgive n forget later , but u will loose his love nd trust ….

  19. hi ! i am a taurus man and was recently with a gemini girl . i broke up with her and read this artical. It really shows me the mirror image of my inner self !

  20. This sounds more like a pisces to be honest. D: Taureans male or female are very stable and like structure and very loyal. This makes it sound like they do very unexpected things have to have freedom above all, and are wishy washy like a pisces. Definitely not what I had heard before. Think there are some things mixed up here.

  21. And i know very well how much u love me and u cant forget me in ur whole life and same here lol once i were told you i will never gave ur space to another men you know why bcz u r my everything , marriage is a public issue nd culture for showbees, but all is important a relation with heart and soul that is our relation lol how could we forget each other ha ?? do your responsibility for family but never forget me,bcz i need u in my next life as my husband,my love and everything! love u bahman really love you , still iam crying to think about you nd our city forest love story he he he he really miss you , really i prefer to see u once in my life want to give u a tight hugg 😦 i cant write here any more its really hurt me …but alwayz i love you forever and ever and ever !

  22. Yes, Its all wrote here absolutely right ! my forever lover Mr bahman he is same character like this , he is really honest and sincere in love and any kind of relationship…. but what to do now he left me since 1 and a half years ago nw he iz married too , i wish always he must live happy with his family bcz all i need is his happiness , bcz i love him truly morethan my family and my life nd i will alwayz love you honey.. but what to do i dont want to show you how much i love u now nd forever , I really dont want u should come back to me bcz iam a girl nd dont want to hurt ur wife as well,,, all i need to see u happy thats the only wish of mine…. but i know still u didnt forget me nd u will neva forget me ,, As a lover iam the one in your heart forever and it will never changed till the end of your life and mine too love you my monkey bahman ji muwahhhh …..!!!

  23. most of this is true about me but i do at sometime care about what people think of me :/ even though i should not

  24. im a taurus too..wrst thing i can neba tolerate..liers..if u got smthn dnt hide speak it out i will understand..but u lie think u r done ..cuz i dnt lie n i hate liers…

  25. I have never met a guy sexier than this Taurus guy. His touch is so pure and warm, don’t need a fireplace, just his hands on my waist. If they made him as a backpack, I’d have him strapped to me 24/7.

  26. well, my girlfriend and I, were online when we decided to check our horror scopes just for fun. she stumbled opun this while i went to the bathroom real quick, and yelled for me to come read this. she says it discribes me perfectly. i know myself better than anyone of course. i didnt “learn” anything about myself, just read things i already knew but hadnt really thought of. how i like to be alone, how i have very few friends but know a lot of people, how when im mad you will know it, how i like to ask question about one subject till i know it all, how i dont like to lie but am a very good liar :D, how i dont give a rats ass about others opinions, and all that other stuff. my girl is a taurus too, bot from virginia, does that matter :/

    never believed in this stuff until how on the mark it hit. and know, im not convincing myself that im like this, its just the truth. im going to read up on taurus women. my girlfriend is kinda crazy, but i like it. is that a trait of a taurus woman?

  27. hi can you tell me if a Taurus guy is capable of cheating and lying and how would you know if he is?

  28. Taurus men are the sexiest πŸ™‚

  29. Hey Taurarian, how do you behave when in love???
    I’m a scorpio woman, who has just met a taurarian. I’m not sure if he is good enough for me? I’ve heard they are not very trustworthy, they cheat and so on…
    What kind of women they’re attracted to?


    • I would like to know myself too. I love taurean men and find them very sexy and dominant.

    • I have never been with a Scorpio. As a Taurean, I am very passionate, intimate, and treat sex as a sacred and holy time. I often get offended when sex is used as a function, a simple animal instinct. I am emotionally immature, easy for a woman to pick on me, but when she protects my vulnerability instead of humiliating me for it, I will never, ever stray. I have never cheated on my woman, not out of a sense of loyalty but because I could never do a one night stand, again referring back to the sacredness of sex.

    • Taurus is the opposite, he holds love highest and is faithful. They only cheat if they feel unappreciated or under-loved. Scorpio puts devotion high on the list. They are kind of opposites but sometimes work out.

    • hmm im a taurus and to be onest im atracted to crazy girls like some1 that never gets me bored and i dont cheat im atracted to other girls yeah but i dont go more then friends with them and the description dammit could never find a better one :p hehe
      anw dw it wil take some time til he decides that he ca trust you and that you realy care about him. Never shows his true feelings
      and the knowing lots of ppl and few friends part dam right is true i know lots and i mean lots of pl but from all only 4 of them are best best and i mean best friends like brothers to meh hehe awsome description πŸ˜› and dw i have scorpio friend shes nice and from my opinion were the most trusthwordy kind of ppl well i alwaise keep things for myself dono about rest well gl on you relationship πŸ˜› and dont give him reasons to be jealous trust me
      hehe that’s all i can say for now

  30. omg this is totally how my ex was….but he tends to be patient with his ex…so im giving him time im a leo btw.

  31. im a leo and my boyfriend is a taurus. one morning when he woke up for work, he showered gave me a kiss goodbye and left for the day. i went back to sleep and woke up to take a shower. after i got out, the mirror was fogged and i seen he had written in the mirror,” i love u.” it was so sweet and i was shocked by what he did, i then texted him to let him know how sweet it was and how i will always be his. then he texted me back and said “thats nice, talk to u later.” and i was was like huh? if you are married or are in a relationship with a taurus man,i would like some more insight on beening with a taurus man.

    • haha…..the trick is to let him do all the hardwork like trying to act sweet and doing all that cute stuff. And, you, dont ever get overexcited like that txt him or do anything stupid like that. And, forget about “how i will always be his” bla bla kind of stuff. Don’t say. do it. You want to let him know that you are his forever. show him by doing it. Just let him feel secure. And, another powerful hint. I think Taurus men are the easiest men to be with. Just feed him good in kitchen and in bed..hehe.. that’s it. One formula. You don’t need any other insights. Good food. Good sex…haha…..seriously..I am Aries-taurus cusp

    • Wish I could give advice as I am also a Taurean. I can only say that my father is a Leo and he is so confused about me, and I am so scared of hurting his feelings that we rarely visit eachother. I would say that he admires your drive and ambition, your ability to walk into any situation and dominate all the competition. Your confidence is inspiring. I bet he thought it was out of character for you to respond the way you did. Good luck, we are the most inconsistent people.

    • Leo with a Taurus? It sounds like an unusual pairing, but it could be fun. This pairing is all about mutual respect and appreciation. SO if you have that going for you guys then all is well.

  32. I love you

  33. so what are his best matches?

  34. I Luvem!!

  35. I learn more about myself, i guess. =)

  36. Wow! This is my man, dead on…Very intense and intellectual, and a protector of whom and what he cherishes. And when a Taurus man gives you his heart, you know it’s yours forever. I’m a Virgo, by the way…

    • I am a taurean too. I recently began to study my characteristics in the light of the zodiac and could not agree more with it, especially the negative traits. To know the negative traits is the most helpful things I could ever know about myself. I have seen that I am possessive of my relationships which is a burden to my friends and family, but they have put up with it because I also offer loyalty, protection and security. I have no care for money, a good thing if I am rich, a bad thing when I am struggling. I am incapable of hurting someones feelings intentionally, and when I do I cannot sleep at night. I have no fear of anyone or anything, I will always stand up to a bully, but when it comes to the realm of emotions, I am an infant-totally vulnerable, immature, like a blind man in a maze. I need a woman to protect my heart as I will protect her in this world.

      • so sweet reviews thank you for all info my boyfriend is a tuarus ,He is cute..adorable,straightforward and loyal..i love him so much..He is more practical than i am..by the way i am a pisces female..i live in my own dream world where he lives in real mundane world….He always protects me…cares for me and he is possessive about me but does not show it directly to hide his vulnerability..He always tackles situations strongly and by his own….can give me best of advices….he loves to get lost in dreamworld sometimes with me….He keeps his promises…and adores me…treats me like his equal half and loves me anyways but sometimes afraid to show too much of it ….as to protect his own heart..He is strong ,feelings are intense and very sensual………….i keep falling in love with him over and over again….

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