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Time is precious for Virgo man and if you make him wait, he will consider that as an insult. He hates to hear criticism and hates to be criticized. If he is criticizing other people, then he must be influenced by other Zodiac. He is and he likes to be a perfectionist. He always thinks he is doing the right and appropriate thing, and often he thinks he makes no mistake.

He is a bright guy and could accept comments if he thinks it can improve him. He is the type who well adjusted to make changes. He will spent money carefully and spent it worthwhile. He will only extravagant for his personnel pleasure only. He is quite romantic; a type of guy who can drive 100 miles just to tell you how much he misses you. If he does not care about you, he will not even spend a dime to call you locally.

Long distant special low rate call is also out of the question. He hates rough and crude people. His woman has to be clean and dress well. He inspects any thing in details besides being a perfectionist, so you could be lying in your bikini with a perfect figure and he can suddenly comments you about your big feet. If you gain 2 pounds, he may comments you are getting too fat.

Before going out with this kind of guy, look at yourself head to toe in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really and entirely ready. Unless he dates a model, then he will have less comment. He is neat and tidy, so his life always in a schedule, a fix time to lunch, the same time to go home. He is well knowledge about food and conscious about nutrition, so you won’t see this guy eating a junk food, or strange and exotic food for sure.

You will see him in social events or party if only necessary. He is gifted with acting, so if he says he can not go out with you because he is sick, then you will belief him. He is a hard to please when it comes to what to eat, how to work, what kind of a woman to date. He always neat and tidy all the times, even if he is in the army, he will be the cleanest soldier in the camp.

He likes to speak properly with no slang. He hates laziness and lazy people. He always acts like a boring mature adult, but getting to know him, you will know he has his own charm. He always sees things clearly, so he is not the type to be blinded by love. He is a kind and cool guy, but if constantly irritate with rudeness, ignorant, or stupidity then he will show you that he is annoyed.

You may see a guy in this Zodiac dress up in an old shirt and old Jean, but if you look carefully, you will see that his hair is neat and unconsciously he will touch his hair a lot. His desk is always neat and if he sees small scrap paper on the floor, he will pick it up or put it in the basket. People may think he is selfish, because when he says “No”, he really means it.

Any favor asked, he will help but always in his own limit. The more he sees faults in others, the less he wants people to see his. If you want him to change his faults, try to tell him gently or he could take it as an insult. He wants love that comes with quality, so he only has a few loves in his life. Woman’s trick will not work with him.

If he breaks up with a woman, he will also try to avoid all her friends and her environments too. He is very picky and every breaking up, he will be double careful next time. He can sweep woman with his charm, but he likes to keep his relationship like a friend. He likes a sincere self confident woman, neat and clean, perfect and tidy. A two “P”s, picky and perfectionist make a meaning for this Zodiac.

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  1. I am a Virgo and I used to ignore all zodiac signs but suddenly I just saw myself in the article and That’s exactly me. I even thought that somebody was spying on me lately

  2. This has to be the dumbest post about a Virgo man. I am a virgo man, and in no way shape or form and I even remotely close to that much of a perfectionist about myself, or overly critical of others. I in fact, accept people’s differences and accept others flaws and imperfections cause I myself know I’m not perfect. I’m in love with a Gemini woman, most amazing woman I’ve ever met…she’s broken, flawed, had her heart stepped on 30 times too many..dorky, quirky, down on herself, low self esteem and low confidence from past relationships probably from various zodiac signs…but I absolutely love and adore every bit of this woman to pieces. Every little detail, whether flawed or flawless…she lights my world up and I light up hers and I’d go to the end of the earth and back for her. The biggest issue between us, which is why she won’t give me the time of day, is simply because she’s stuck on a mans height. Wont give a guy the time of day unless he’s 6′, regardless of his personality characteristics. Many have told me I’m the most amazing person they could ask for or have as a part of their life, but often times, I’m simply passed up because of my height?

    I’m not boring or too serious like this article states, nor am I THAT tidy and nit picky about small things. I am actually often times the life of the party and can open up and let loose and make friends with literally anyone! Everyone, everywhere I go, remembers me and loves me and is always happy and excited to see me because they know what kind of person I am. Respectful, fun, always complimenting others and showing my appreciation for being who they are or things they do for me, no matter how small.

    This is very unfair for someone to write about “Virgo Men”. People in general are just different, some may carry similar traits associated with their Zodiac signs, but in no shape or form should people really rely on zodiac “articles” to gain opinions and information on whether a certain sign is right for them or not. Love is love…if someone makes you happy and you understand each other…then this crap is out the window.

  3. this is me 🙂

  4. I touch my hair all the time, and I’m a Virgo. I didn’t realize that that’s what we did.

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! Dayum, I wish I could have run across this article prior to wasting a year of my life with a stubborn & abrasive virgo man!!! Ladies, stay away from a Virgo man! Im tryin to warn you.!!!! This 1 didn’t even drink and acted just like a mean drunk-all day/everyday. Oh yeah, the only time he didnt was when he was eating “exactly what he wanted & it better be to HIS liking!” He sweats e-v-e-r-y itsy bitsy small thing & its his way or the highway! Ive never been so disappointed in a relationship in my life! 52 y.o. virgo male who is so set in his ways & struggles to even attepmt to comprmise! Wow! Where they do that at? His whole life revolves around food! Before you plan to cook anything you better check w/him & get it down to a science. Do NOT Deviate! Based on all of this, i just broke up w/him & he didn’t see it coming….LOL! He can’t handle it & it walking on egg shells & seething, but yet begging to get back in….NOT!!!! Too Loco (cray cray) for this Sagittarius!

    • I m sure , you are a looser . You will never know what Virgo really is. What they are capable. If a Virgo is too much picky , criticizing or stubborn then you already have made him annoyed. If he is trying to come back means he loves you still honestly and criticizing means to make you more perfect Which you couldn’t take . Virgoes are maniac if you do not give what they want make them feel unwanted. Unimportant .You are looser I m sorry btw that Virgo man got his lessons and next time he will be tripple careful dating woman like you ..pity you lost a true lover and a man who could do everything for you .You will learn in life too .

    • I’m a Sag woman as well … my picky, perfectionist Virgo broke up with me a month ago. I loved him to pieces, but he said he felt like he didn’t make me happy. We were arguing more often, but about nothing that wasn’t fixable, or so I thought. In my opinion, the good far outweighed the bad. However, I got the feeling that he needs PERFECTION, which is unattainable given that I’m human; also, it was hard for me to take the frequent criticisms. Do you think a relationship between a Virgo man and Sagittarius woman can actually work, and work well?

  6. Hello guys! I have been dating a Virgo for a month and a half (being in contact for 2 and a half months). In the beginning it was him initiating contact and showing interest…At some point we had sex and came really close to each other. After this, he stood me up one day and I was really upset because I felt I had started falling for him and told him I will not allow anyone play with my heart…Since then, we supposedly resolved the misunderstanding…but he is not pursuing the same way as before…We live in different cities and last time we met he said that he really likes me but he is at the same time afraid of not being good in handling a relationship as well as he is afraid that he will not be loyal because of the distance (also mentioned that he is difficult to take decisions and it is not my fault)…I told him I fancy him and that am into him…etc. and we left it with him saying we will meet up in my city…We have not spoken since (7 days)…what should I do? Should I contact him or leave him to see what he thinks/feels? Is it a polite way of him dumping me? Should I just forget about him?

  7. hi i am virgo and 28 year old ,i just want to know about virgo luck. Actually in my all life, i could not date to any girl. yes i am stupid but have confidence and good charm personality and most important is i hate my life thank you

  8. hi virgo male here… pretty perfect i must say. …. the best trait i feel is… i we are ever improving and we reach our goals eventually…. it may take more time than others bcz of our perfectionism…. which normally leads to prolong things… but we definitly get there… and yes we are like wine…. which just gets better with time..

  9. i am a virgombut it looks to me u have described someone else. i am not that acive, perfacionist and smart spender… and i am a huge flirt .. m relationship status chages ever monh

  10. i am not married to him till now will marry soon In Shaa Allah,, but i still call myself his wife and have replaced my last name with his name..because i trust him more than myself and he trust me more than himself ❤ need your best wishes 🙂

  11. sorry for the spelling mistakes in my first comment…other then this i will recommend a lady who is in love with a virgo man..never insult him..dont just say show him that you love him and you really care for him..he will never get open until he is satisfied with the relationship and after he is satisfied you will be the luckiest woman on this earth because his love is just like i dont have words to explain but its like thing they will never give you a wrong comment if they say you are looking cute they mean it and if they dont like it they are straight forward..they will immediately say that you are not looking good i dont like this etc but in a relation with a virgo guy look doesn’t matter, honesty does heart does inner beauty does matter..and keep this in your mind before getting into a relation with a virgo man that it is going to be a long term relationship and if you will love him with true heart..congratulations! You are his future wife 🙂

  12. yes you sould believe your virgo partner, i am in love with my virgo man and i am virgo too we met on a music website and he was the first one who never talked rubbish, he showed care respect but never said anything by which i can guess that he love me, he went slow as i went slow too he followed my foot steps,i gave him respect shared my pwrsonal stuff with him and one day he gave me a complete shock by sending me a gif image saying i love you,he said i wanted to say something but i dont have enough guts then he said ok just leave it i guess its not the right time but then i just said that the time will not come back just say it and he said i love u through that gif image 2 years had been passed and we are very happy even its shocking but let me tell you i have never met him he is in other city but still we are together and we will marry soon as till now we are just studing and in theae 2 years he never used bad language never insulted me care about me he is so damn cute when ever i send him my pix he dont know how to comment he is a shy one 🙂 i just love him more than anything ❤

  13. So I’m a cancerian woman and I’m in love with a virgo man. I’ve been through a lot, yet he managed to get my trust very easily and basically told me he wanted a relationship and we were already best friends to begin with. Then a couple nights ago, he told me he realized that he wasn’t sure if he wanted it. It broke my heart and now, for his sake, I’m acting like everything is okay and we can be friends for the time being while he’s figuring things out. I let him start the conversations and invite me to things so that he is in control and he has done it frequently. What do I do? I love him and I care about him so much. All I want is him and I can’t get him out of my head. I can control myself very well, but what should I do? How do I get him to realize that I can be the one for him? Please help..

    • Hi, I’m a cancer also, falling for a Virgo man. And its been hard, but easy. Lol

    • Don’t freak out on him , don’t criticize him , don’t bash him with mean words . Let him know that you care for him , do not run after him , let him think , give him something that he will think about you , give him self respect and appreciate what he has done to you in the past . Make him know that he is wanted not directly but I’m an indirect way . Make him feel that you are his best friend when you were not even expected to .He will return .

  14. Hahah the above is a load of horse shit! I have dated a virgo sun pisces ascendant for over 14 yrs and the only thing thats right about the article is the fact that they look for the ” perfect ” woman! He is the worst slob ever,lazy, cheater, selfish, money hungry asshole user to walk on the face of this planet! He has been portraying himself as Mr Perfect but he is total opposite of the word ” perfect”… He has been living under my roof, never payed the bills or brought food on the table unless i did! I am the perfect woman for any man because i do everything a man and a woman should do in one…. When i kicked him out the fucking loser went back to his parent and be a fucking leech untill the pass away… These men are not dating material, all the are looking for is a sugar momma! Never go anywhere near them they are a nightmare !

  15. I am a Virgo male and this stuff about being neat and tidy is complete hogwash. Also we supposedly don’t like junk food? Whatever. Although some of this article is true; we usually won’t be fooled by women’s treachery, we are perfectionists at the best of times and we can be bluntly honest to the point of being brutal, I think most of this is well off. On a final note, I don’t know about Scorpio women, but Scorpio men simply cannot be trusted.

  16. Honestly, i think virgo man’s are very easy to deal with, and they are actually sweet and kind. I’m a capricorn and dated a virgo man (reason we seperated was i dont like long distance relationships and i would never ask him to stay). we dated for 6 months, he never told me he was in love with me and neither did i, and i could say we were in love with each other and everyone saw that. they are more the kind of people that show instead of saying, which i think actions worth more than words, we never had a fight and he actually was a relax and with sense of humor ( and no jeolous)… Secret for virgo man’s in my experience,dont tell them what to do, tell them in a “sharing opinion’s conversation” what you like and not like, they will actually listen and try to please you. but if you tell them “i dont want you to go to that football game”, he will be mad and trust me he will go, but if u tell him “i would prefer you would stay with me but if you want to go, go”… say this with honestly you will see a virgo man will choose you, over anything else 🙂 it’s actually pretty easy lolol at least for me cause i dont like people to tell me what i should or should not do

  17. They sure love to play mind games and get in Ur head. They enjoy making u mad just tosee the look on Ur face.

    • As a Virgo woman this something I’ll do lol for someone reason I thrive to see a person become angry just to see how they’ll react smh

  18. I think a virgo man is critical and if it doesn’t follow with what they feel, they don’t want to be bothered with it. I think it’s difficult dating a Virgo man because I am a Virgo woman. We have too many things, good and bad, in common. I like to take things slow by becoming friends first, I like my space and if I don’t feel like being bothered, you will not hear from me. I can get upset quickly if things are not in order according to my standards. I know this Virgo man and he is selfish. That is not me. I like to make sure you are taken care of but only if you are willing to do the same for me. I don’t like using slang or Ebonics either, this is a complete turn off for me. I do enjoy conversing on a certain level. I don’t expect you to be Einstein, but at least know some of the events going on in the world. I do agree about we should get marry young because the older we get, the more critical we become. Any little flaw that doesn’t agree with our way of living will not get you close to us at all. To me Capricorns are the most compatible. Every single Capricorn I have encountered, we hit it off instantly.

  19. This report is completely accurate! I am a Virgo male and I hate the usage of Ebonics and slang. I am extremely tidy, beyond over analytically a criticizer and mostly use critique towards myself. Nothing is ever good enough with my perfectionist nature and I get extremely wrapped up in small details. Truth be told I want so badly to break these habits as my complex nature is hard for others to comprehend or relate to. Love has been a difficult attainment as I have a fear or appearing less than perfect and exposing vulnerability to the woman of my dreams is my biggest nightmare. There is nothing that would be more gratifying than obtaining love but with the guard I have up as a Virgo male, the insecurities I want to hide would never be possible especially if a relationship is about accepting someone flaws and all. Believe me us Virgo males try so hard to appear perfect because deep inside or minds are wandering to places that no one can understand, were compulsive thinkers and being alone is our greatest fear. I can go on and on. Ask any Virgo male during a heart to heart and they’ll tell you that our minds never rest and our biggest fear is to end up alone or die without leaving behind our progeny.

  20. Some what right, some what not. Don’t know about the criticizing part, or obsessed with perfection and pickiness. The healthy part spot on, however as a child I encouraged him to be that way because he was very in to sweets and junk, always was good with eating veggies , salad , but also good at consuming junk. My Virgo son, is very energetic to the point where you just don’t understand where it comes from. He’s not at all boring, he’s a big dare devil like his father who is a Cap, I’m a Sag.
    As a boy I had to introduce activities that kept his brain busy, but I also have him the freedom to Rick climb, do martial arts, play instruments and explore his acting, dancing and singing talents. I was this way with my other two boys who is an Aires and Aqua. Very strong Alfa male personalities all three of them, very high energy as well, so I had to keep a balance of both. All three very combative as kids, however they grow out of it, also encouraged to talk if they are able to before resulting in to extremes.
    All three are very respectful, loyal, supportive, express emotions, lovable to be around and avoid offending others, especially woman.
    If taught how to be well rounded and how to use their negatives for positive these three signs become amazing people. I never told then they had to change or made them feel less of who they where because they had faults , we all do, but I taught them how to use each quality positively, and encouraged others as they have them but can be hidden at times.
    Zodia sites need to explore all types of personalities and qualities in each sign because certain people take these sites verbatim a lot.

  21. Virgo men are so confusing. I like a Virgo man at my working place a lot and I want to know him better. I’m going to leave the company soon and I have been trying very hard to show him that I will miss him and I somehow want to keep in touch with him. I recently gave him a CD with love music and a small Xmas card in which I wrote that I wrote that ‘m going to miss him. However, when I met him the same day at the company Xmas party, he did not say any one word about this, not even thank you, nothing, as if nothing had happened. Why are Virgo men like this?
    I know, I should have let him know about my feelings for him long time ago, but I just did my work and now I find it so hard to leave him behind.
    My heart aches whenever I think about him. I can also assume that he is not interested in me anymore… he also kept distance from me during the whole time until before leaving when he shook my hand. I then told him in a joke that he can kiss me as well as we have known each other for some time, which he finally did. Then somebody said something to him and that was all…
    Why wouldn’t he say anything to me about my little present?

    I felt he liked me from the first moment he met him, but I was too busy with my work to pay attention to this. I remember that he always kept staring at me and he always turned to face me whenever he heard my footsteps. Worse, whenever I bumped into him, his look would burn me like a fire, he kept staring me so much. His eyes were so…. amazing.. I have never ever exprienced such a look from a man.

    I know it sounds funny, but I really do not know what to think about him. He used to approach me and say hello to me before. Or sometimes he would get into my way by pretending to do something else. But that was before these changes started to happen in the company.Whenever he passed through the room where my office is, he would throw a glance at me and smile at me very quickly. Whenever I’m upset for any reason, I catch him looking at me for a moment very seriously while I’m passing by his office athough he does not say to me any one word to me!!¨That drives me crazy. As I said there are some serious management changes in my company and he is one of the persons in charge here. I am in a relationship and as far as I know, he is also in a relationship.
    Do virgo men wait for the woman to make the first move? Should I tell him directly that I like him and invite him to a coffee in the city? I am a very classical woman, I generally dress classically and I’m also prone to a bit of sentimentalism as I’m a Cancer.
    I wrote him in my Greeting card that I will miss him when I will not be here anymore.. but I got absolutely no reaction from him.. not even thank you.. though I don’t really care about this. I feel that there is a lot of sexual attraction between me and him and I really want him as I never wanted any man before. Thank you so much for any reply..

    • Being a Virgo Male , I can say this … We are shy , we are not mind readers although we are very intuitive , we confuse our conclusions in our minds that we assume too much … I myself agree that the men/women push/pull date games and tricks do not work on me or us … we prefer the straight forward ” I love you , need you and want you ! ” … and when the confusion is cleared up , I can say its easier to make an informed decision . If this person has got from you all the signs of your interest , he is either 1) clueless still … 2) not assuming it’s a romantic gesture somehow … 3) simply not interested and avoiding the issue … Virgo men are picky about their loves and also casual dates … dating and sex just to have them is not something we do … we are usually wait for the right one for everything and then we go in full force … That is why we are very easily burned and seem too shy , un engaging or simply not interesting , when in fact We are the most passionate of the signs in my opinion when you have our complete attention … If you have a Virgo’s attention , you have all of them completely . Not easy to do , but if you can do it … be ready for one hell of a ride …

      • I’m a virgo female and I agree with this. I’ve had a flirty friendship with a virgo male for some time and while I do believe I’ve received mixed signals from him, I think your explanation near the end sums it all up. After knowing this guy for about two and a half years now, I just recently confessed (straight up) that I had a “thing” for him, and I feel that it brought us to a common level (if you want to call it that). But I think the part where you mention that once you have a virgo’s complete attention, you have all of them completely is very, very true. That’s how I am, anyway.

    • Where did u guys work, ? Just curious

  22. “He hates to hear criticism and hates to be criticized. If he is criticizing other people, then he must be influenced by other Zodiac.”
    No, it means he’s a hypocrite.

    “He is and he likes to be a perfectionist. He always thinks he is doing the right and appropriate thing, and often he thinks he makes no mistake.”
    Get. Over. Yourself.

    “He is a bright guy and could accept comments if he thinks it can improve him.”
    If a guy believes he is a ‘perfectionist’ then in what reality does he strive for perfection? In what reality is there ‘improvement’?

    ” If you gain 2 pounds, he may comments you are getting too fat.”
    100% truth. As he checks out his own flabby stomach.

    “He is a hard to please when it comes to what to eat, how to work, what kind of a woman to date.”

    “He always neat and tidy all the times,”
    Lies. All lies.

    “He likes to speak properly with no slang.”
    Lies. All lies.

    He hates laziness and lazy people.
    Will never bring his dishes to the sink. Will always ask you to bring his food for him. I call that being lazy.

    How do I know all this? I’ve been related to one for 25 years.

    • This is true I’m in a 5 yr relationship with a Virgo and he is lazy as hell or should I say ratchet quiet sneaky and the more u find out about them the more they show their true colors like they just don’t care but they always come back like a Lil puppy and that part where they hate slang that’s a lie Cuz he talks slang if anything I hate his slang and I’m a Leo but we’ve been through a lot and I’m just not the type to give up easy unless its out of hand but I forgive quick I guess that’s y were still together but sometimes I want him to see that he is not irreplaceable Cuz he is very jealous and very picky and insecure to the core and he doesn’t want anybody to tell him nothing and he doesn’t like to communicate with nobody but friends and family he’s a total liar and I always know when he’s lying. He doesn’t want nobody to try to get him to change his trifling habits But I don’t know he’s a hand full but well c how long this journey goes

  23. I am a pisces female, and i am with a virgo male…most of what is said above is true, but i would have to disagree with some of it. Though it is true, they do love cleanliness. Everytime i see my boyfriend, he always smells and looks fresh. Virgos can be very nit picky, and really do hate criticism. If you ever try to confront them about their own flaws, they will admit to very little, if any. They may also have a sharp tounge at times and say things that they dont realize would hurt someone, especially me being a pisces, i am very emotional. But it seems that every time he says something hurtful to me he notices it right away and apologizes. I have read alot of information about virgos, and alot of the websites say they can be very harsh and their sharp tounge is too much for the pisces to handle. But i find that very wrong in my relationship. He barely ever says anything hurtful, and when he does, its not anything that tears me apart to the point where it’s too much. I can handle it. I also know for a fact that virgos are extremely honest and loyal. They will give you all of their attention, and never make you feel unloved. They try their best to treat you how you should be treated. They also take things slow, which i like. I dont like things to be forced upon me, and virgos definitely arent the type to make you feel uncomfortable and push you into something. I have also read that they have a hard time expressing their feelings. This is also not true in my opinion. The virgo i am with expresses his feelings all the time, no hesitation. Hes alwasy telling me what is on his mind, and constantly tells me how much he cares about me, how cute i am, and so on…i also find it very easy to open up to him. He is a good listener and advice giver. But i will admit, though most of the time he tells me how he feels on his own, i have to ask him sometimes because i sense that something is wrong, and i am usually right. But all in all, we have great conversations everyday. Never gets boring. When we argue, its never over anything big, and we both cant stay mad at eachother for long at all. This is the best relationship i have ever been in. We had an instant attraction for eachother from the moment we saw eachother. I knew he was different even from the first time i ever talked to him. We are alike, but in different ways. I honestly feel like he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am totally and completely in love. I believe this is a match made in heaven. Sure, we have ups and downs, but what relationship doesnt? And yes, virgos can be stubborn and annoying at times, but you gotta love them. Aside from the normal problems a couple would have, this is a perfect match. Pisces girls: i would highly suggest a virgo partner.

  24. my friends is a virgo moon and he drive me nuts.He always think he is “perfect” and everyone around him is lousy.He always comment about my dress,my looks,my style,my voice if i’m singing with him at karaoke and he always think he perfect.I wonder how such people could exist in this world.He always complain about other people too,not as great as him.But he never critic another virgo,maybe because their sense of style is like him but still he is driving me crazy………

  25. The virgo i’m with is VERY hypocritical of others but hates being criticized. I am a scorpio but i feel everyone is different and cannot be the same. When he talks about others, especially from his job, he starts mentioning he does not do certain things etc. I tell him that not everyone is him and he needs to understand that. If someone does something different then that is their life not yours to judge. He is also not the clean freak virgo, although he is neat (sometimes) he is very lazy, he does not follow a schedule and eats junk food. I do have to agree that he is hard to please foodwise. I like to cook alot of exotic foods such as Greek, Italian, etc and the only time he will eat what i cook is if its Mexican and soulfood i guess which he expects me to cook since he dates mostly black women (Yes, i am black). But i do not cook soulfood much. Also, when we get into arguments he makes it seem like i’m telling him he can’t do this or that, its like virgos like to put words in other’s mouths. I love i really do but to me virgos are very insecure and that is a big turn off, also they seem to always want to be friends even after you break up with them, making it hard to get rid of them or kicking them out of your life. And me being a scorpio we do not befriend our exs. Virgos are also bossy.

  26. hey i am a scorpio girl and im talkin to a virgo go. i really care for him a lot and he says he loves me how am i supposed to know if its true. He lives in maysville ga and i live in iva sc but he dont go out of his way to come see me. granted his only way is his grandmother right now so what should i do

  27. I’m a virgo male and I agree that I hold many of these qualites..just not to this level of extremity. Many of these are a “10” on an intensity level, I’m more of a 5 on many of them. Some of them were so right on that I even laughed a bit when I read them.

  28. I have known a Virgo man. We met from a dating site. He was very charming. He was orderly and sincere. I fell sick for 2 weeks from a terrible flu before our first date and during the time he was calling me, talking with me on the phone even I was coughing on When I got better he drove one hour from his place to meet me and we went on a second date and I fell sick on him again ( lol ) I got a terrible stomachache. After that second date, he said I was alergic to him and he stopped calling and never heard from him again (lol)
    After one year, all of sudden I got some mails from him, which he sent to other people and I even saw him on the instant messenger a few times. I still think he is a good man and will make a dedicate husband to his wife and children. Virgo men like to be assistant to people. Madona was married to Guy Richie who is a Virgo. Jennifer Lopez is also married to a Virgo, Marc Anthony. So I think Virgo men like powerful and industrious women who love working and making money like they way they do.

  29. I completely disagree. My boyfriend is a virgo and he’s not this vain at all. This totally describes a scorpio male, not a virgo.

  30. i agree with the above,the virgo man is also self praised n egotistic.
    as a scorpio woman its been hell,literarily,with him (my boyfriend)always suspecting lies,deceit,unfaithfulness.he reads my texy messages,watches my moves….he’s so harsh and disrespectful,all in the name of anger.
    as a scopio we cherish,love,trust,respect,patience,complement and mutual understanding.
    am taking a rain check…

  31. also if virgo is criticized,it is over with,sombody has to go down,they are so judgemental about themselves,they cannot take rejection,also say things they dont mean afterwords like the above comment

    • Well there are some narrow-minded Virgo. In my observation upon Virgo people. If Criticized they were tend to analyze it first, if you were right, you win, but if not, then you must convinced him or else you are nothing but an idiot in his eyes.

  32. we also hate abbreviations for words like lol,and gurl,,its half assed

  33. geminigurl88 ,i hate yo guts too,and the air you breathe

  34. hello im a virgo male 35..alot of things are true here,,also for me,i like to give credit where credit is due in the things i enjoy..but cant stand to be insulted by lesser filth..but yes alot is true

  35. i’m a libra, they don’t care much about their partners feeling. very selfish. they would rather play it safe then sorry. never up for something involving taking risks….

  36. i HATE virgo men 😡

  37. wow this is weird.. the virgo i like told me he really liked me after we went out for one day but now i dont get this vibe from him at all! after two weeks ive seen him twice (although he is always busy becuase of footy training 4 times a week and work) and everytime we are together he tells me how gorgeous i am. but he says he wants to take things slow but this is giong too slow for me! (im a gemini) but i really really like him. when im with him i feel he really likes me but then when im not i dont hear boo from him im so confused! and i know playing hard to get with him will only backfire in my face

    • You sound like me lol my Virgo man spends lots of time with me,but says he wants to take everything slow and. It’s driving me crazy!! He tells me I’m beautiful. We are great together,he’s just really slow and non touchy:(

    Bigger is better and this is what Virgo men have. Also they are modest, and look for quality, and very careful with their money. Undemonstrative, kind and artistic, when they welcome you as a friend, you are their friend for life. It’s not easy to know a Virgo Man, they keep to themselves alot. But you have to give them their freedom to be whom they are. They will call you when they want to. And if he really likes you, you will know by his visits.

  39. Daffy Duck…………. Grammer vs Grammar……… Check your spelling………..

    This perfectionism stereotype is really unfair and makes this typology just look bland while I do not believe in the zodiac I think for credibility’s sake you should work on this. Also I know this sounds really ‘Virgo’ but you seriously need to work on grammer and typos on this site I mean look at the title, “A Virgo Men”?

    Daffy Duck said this on March 9, 2007 at 5:52 am

  40. I think it is a lot of rubbish! Virgos are more complex…

  41. I’m a “Virgo” male a very sloppy “Virgo” male. Yeah I like it clean but I can’t keep my house or car clean.

  42. I’m dating a virgo, and he recently said he wanted to take a break. I don’t understand, because just a short week ago he wanted to spend every second with me, and now he is telling me that he isn’t sure if he has time to have a girlfriend and he needs a break to figure that out. How do I make him see that he doesn’t have to spend every second with me and that I want to be with him. He is being so stuborn out it. When I try to talk to him about it he says ” you expect me to spend every second with you, and I cannot do that.” ” you don’t want me to have friends” I never said that to him, I just wanted him to spend time with me on a day that we both had off work and he chose to be with his friend Robby. How can I make him realize that just because we are dissagreeing on this doesn’t mean that we have to take a break. Please help! I’m so lonely without him….

    • Most virgos in general thrive or find their energy from being alone we love our space or alone time I swear it’s nothing personal. I guess this is why others see us as selfish.

  43. they are like a mestry, the man who has a virgo sign
    just dose’nt express his feeling i konw he loves me,i can see it clearly in his eyes, but i need to see an action from him, to hear the word from him(like am not going to make the first move,he is the man)..he’s away slower than me (Capricorn women)

  44. Virgo men are nice and will do anything for you, but they are very unpredictable and I just don’t understand them. Love you today and hate you tomorrow.

    • LOL that sounds more like an aquarius. I have never known virgos to be like that, unless there is aquarius in their charts.

  45. this isnt really true 4 my man. he is the lazy type and loves junk food…and he has never sayed any thing about my extra 2 pounds.

    • I am also with a virgo and some of the above are not true about him. He is also the lazy type, eats junk food and doesn’t care for the size of a woman, he’s happy with my weight.

  46. hi, im a virgo man, and i would like to ask something, does being a left-handed virgo affect anything? because seriously, i have less than 20% of the traits mentioned above…although in my opinion, actually it all comes down to the individual…

    • it’s 3 years since you left this statement but in case you are still out there… I am a left handed female Virgo and I often feel like I don’t fit the “typical” Virgo description. When people say “’re a Virgo?” …. my response is “yeah, but I’m a left-handed Virgo and that makes a difference.”… I’m a proud Lefty and Proud Virgo…. Even more proud to be a Left Handed Virgo… less than 1% of the world’s population are Left handed Virgos!!

    • It might also help to look at your moon sign. Yet I agree it also depends on the individual.

  47. well idk but well my boyfriend is a mess. the relationship thing is so far true and the eating habits too.

  48. My new boyfriend is a virgo and I feel that certain parts of this passage are true, he notices EVERYTHING – down to the tinyiest chip in my nail polish.. and he will comment on it.
    He can also be quite harsh with his commenta and not very understanding. However, I am an aries and apparently cannot accept criticism well!
    I do love him though and I hope that we can work through these personality differences as I don’t want to break uo with him.

  49. thats flippin scary…….maybe i’ll take a rain check on my virgo man!

  50. Hands down I can agree on the when he says “No” and being in a relationship where he sees his partner as a friend. I’ve been engaged to a Virgo man for almost 3 yrs…..I’m a Virgo woman. Now I understand why he gets upset when I say something to him and he believes I’m knocking him down….. he’s still my heart though.

  51. Hi I dated this man. I truly found a connection with him. I am a Taurus and his is a virgo. I belived we has a lot in common? For some reason, he got scared and told me he was going back his Wx Finance? I see him n the internet stating he hates being alone. Should I forget about him?

  52. well, i m a virgo guy of age 20, i really like the above comment about my sun sign , almost each n every word said in above stanza was correct. n i myself suits into this cateogary.

  53. Hi. Greetings. That is absolutely accurate I can say. I am a virgo myself, and these are the things my friends complained to me about!

  54. This perfectionism stereotype is really unfair and makes this typology just look bland while I do not believe in the zodiac I think for credibility’s sake you should work on this. Also I know this sounds really ‘Virgo’ but you seriously need to work on grammer and typos on this site I mean look at the title, “A Virgo Men”?

  55. Nice, my friends a virgo and i read this to understand him more. I hope it helps, hes really annoyinh sometimes and i wonder if its just me or him…me being a scorpio

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