Virgo Women

She will be similar to Leo woman in appearance. She is slim woman, who walks with confident and proud. She has an egg shape facial structure, high and round forehead. She likes to look straight as if she is searching. She is not a pretentious type and will always say what she thinks. You will see Virgo woman walks fast. She will try her best to be perfect, to look perfect and to feel perfect even though there is no such perfection.

She is very delicate of what and how she dress. She is bright and easily despairs with obstacles. She likes smart guy who will be compatible with her, so if you are a rich dumb guy, you can forget about her right now. She is not a very possessive or jealous person for she expects respect from her love one. She does not like a part time lover, or a temporary mate.

If she finds her dream man, she will not go away. If she does not like you, she will always keep a certain distant. Act proper and appropriate is her discipline. She does not like and can not stand bad languages, cursing words or phrase. She likes a gentleman who opens the doors for her. She wants to feel protected and when a man taking care of her, she will feel like a complete woman.

She memorizes everything about other people and about herself very well. She can really keep secret; you can trust her on this. She likes a refreshing and a mild scent. She is very delicate in maintaining her beauty, so you could see she is seriously picking soap which match and most suit her skin. Do not comment her on this very picky habits, it is her happiness in working full times as a self beautifier.

She is not an innocent angle for sometimes she can be as tough as steel. Even she easily despair, she is not the type to cry over it. She is a shy type, so making speech in front of the room can make her nervous even she walks and talks confidently. She only searches for true love, not just any love. Her love is an ideal one.

She likes to think no one is neater than and as effective as her, which can irritate you sometimes for there is no such thing. She likes sweet talk, but she can slip and say something unpredictable and unbearable to you too. When she stops getting mad, she will totally forget what she just said and be an angle again. If you have a date with her, you’d better be there on time. Flowers and sweet word can calm her down.

If you want to say sorry, make it brief and straight forward. Do not drag your apologetic words into a long making it up event; it could lead you to another world war. She likes her man to dress nice and clean. She is good in details especially with money. Do not make she thinks that she is a clown or funny. In the beginning of knowing her, please try not to glance at other pretty woman so much.

Early period of dating her, try not to hold her so much in public, it would not be a proper thing to do. She loves books, stage play and music and likes to criticize about them too. Criticism woman is her icon including big and small things in life starting from your hair, your dress, and the way you talk. If you are in love with her, be as almost perfect as your can.

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  1. hmmmm none of this matches me lol. I love smart men though!!. I like to have lots of fun and joke around quite a bit. I like harsh language, crude behavior & don’t feel the need to act proper AT ALL lol. I also hate routine! I do love books, stage plays, and music though!! Maybe my Gemini rising or Aquarius moon?

  2. This is me 100%!!

  3. Just went out with my best friend, a virgo chick, of two years. We went out once, like a week ago, after the date I slept with her, we did not have sex but she kinda gave me the right-a-way to “second base”. Throughout our date she constantly filled my head with the image that she never would ever cheat on me, like EVER. All week we’ve been going out just never called these other days official dates. This morning however I brought her flowers, the whole nine yards, then she gets some random guy over her house, and she then slept with him. Call me crazy but I would not peg a perfectionist a cheater. I’m a taurus dude, if that makes a difference.

    • I am a Virgo woman. September 20th so I bearly make the cut but Virgo I am. Always remember this, not all virgo’s or any sign for that matter is exactly the same. I am a perfectionist in my own way. There are all types of perfectionist virgos. Cheating and being a perfectionist has nothing to do with the other. As a virgo I can tell you if we fall in love we love hard and are very devoted to our man. However, if we don’t feel chemistry we will pull away. We hate to hurt anyone’s feelings so it is hard for us to tell someone that we are not exactly attracted to them whether it be looks, sex, or whatever. You can be the finest man around but if there is no chemistry we can’t force it. However we may try at first in hopes of chemistry developing but then it only gets harder for us to hurt your feelings. I am not saying that she should not have just been honest with you becaue of course it’s the right thing to do but we are far from perfect. I was married 20 years to a taurus. These two signs are compatible but anybody can grow apart. Taurus, oh you guys are so stubborn. LOL Anyways just remember a Virgo’s perfection is not always about her being perfect because nobody is. In most cases it is like OCD or maybe a clean freak, or the way we direct or view our life… like our idea of what life is suppose to like like to us. I tend to be more of a perfectionist in the way I picture my “happily ever after” and values, integrity, and morals. However like every human-being I am not perfect.

  4. I’m a Virgo girl and I think the article was right in some aspects – I like neatness, I like intelligent and ambitious men, I criticise but I’m not the type to use bad language, and yes, I walk fast! lol
    Some parts of the article were funny to read, like the one saying flowers and sweet words calm her down, as if a virgo woman was an angry dog; or she likes a smart guy, so forget it if you are rich and dumb lol. It might as well say: She enjoys beauty so if you are ugly as hell don’t bother trying.

  5. Advise from a Virgo Sun please?:

    A few of my best friends and lovers (at different times) and best teachers have been Virgos. I adore them. Im a leo womam with a Virgo Venus maybe that’s why. My ex now who I lived with is a Virgo. Once we fought and I felt so bad the leo in me came back with my tail between my legs. However she hated that I pleaded for her forgiveness she actually got more mad at me and slept in another bedroom. Then She tells me that every time we fight I say sorry and it angers her bc sometimes she’s partly at fault too. (but if I admited that you know she’d be mad)…when I tried to give her love she declined and was annoyed. I always wear my heart of my sleeve and stand close to my loved ones. Even when my Virgos are in a serious mood or cranky from over thinking over thinking or seem reserved I’ll still grab them hug them (if that level of trust has happened I’m not a creep) so when I backed off (bc it’s what she wanted) was respectful and spoke with proper diction and gave her space she then made fun of me in a silly way grabbed me hugged me kissed me and said she missed me and was mushy with me and dropped it. And this has happened with every Virgo I know the moment we slightly argue or fight or they get mad at me I’ll come back saying sorry or trying to fix it with love they get annoyed I back off and am proper and they’re all mushy again. She and I are not on speaking terms right now…doubt well get back together this time it was both our faults … But I don’t wish her bad…the thing is why do all Virgos I know do this…we argue or fight or they get mad at me … I beg for forgiveness they get annoyed…then I back off and proper and reserved and they want my attention and love…can someone explain it please…bc it’s happened to me so many times…I love Virgos seriously I do just…maybe anyone have an answer?

    • When I get the same response/reaction from different people, I tend to look inward. If you are being treated the same way by several different individuals, you might want to change your actions to see if they yield a different response.

  6. Virgo women are beautiful, They stay sweet and nice, and constantly show us what we think. And Im a picies woman !! ((X They are confiedent creatures, and also can feel insecure. They love with everything they got, And still can give love. They love affection, and someone to care for them! They are strong independent! And love to show how they can do all things, powerfully and the best to their ability !! !! ((X

  7. I am an Aquarius male. Yes Aquarius needs S P A C E. I am interested in science, technology, languages, art, philosophy and ancient history. I rather stay at home and work on my projects than to go with my girlfriend to her friend/neighbor/coworker’s birthday party, picnic, potluck, gathering etc…

    The best relationship has been with a Sagittarius female. Very thoughtful and great in bed.

    Taurus females are too stubborn, but they are very caring and loyal.

    I lived with a Gemini, but it didn’t work out. We are still good friends. Great intelligent conversations.

    What’s with the perfectionist Virgo females? They are always asking for my help.

    Cancer are so jealous, melodramatic and supersensitive. I was so thankful that she broke up with me so I didn’t have to do it and listen to her drama.

    Don’t really care for Libra females the ones that I dated were kind of users and thought they were God’s gift to men.

    The worst relationships have been with Pisces girls – too sensitive with drama. I avoid them like the plague.

  8. I agree as a September 10th Virgo. I am also VERY intuitive and cannot stand liars, bullies and haughty people. I always root for the underdog and can be very compassionate to the innocent. I can also read a person psychologically and know when they are trying to manipulate me. I am not a pushover.

    I can love honestly and can be loyal to friends or lovers. I keep my insecurities hidden (I have a lot), because I want to be perfect on the outside. I can be the life of the party and have lots of friends, but I can also be a loner and this has to do with the fact that I can be brooding from thinking and over analyzing people, situations or circumstances.

    I am the hardest on myself, if things go wrong and I’m at fault, I will admit it and try to fix the mistake. At the same token, I expect the same in return. I have no patience for dumb people or those that can’t keep up mentally.

    I also make up my mind quickly who will be my lover, friend or has potential to be a lover. Physical chemistry is very important to me. Sex is my way of demonstrating i love you and it is also a way of making me feel important to you. Sometimes things are black and white, other times I will see the gray, but only if you explain it to me and it makes sense. Logic and rational are very important to me. If you don’t have those qualities, forget it. Respect is also important, once I don’t respect you or you disrespect me, forget it.

    I ask a lot of questions, because I’m always seeking the truth or wondering how things work.

    When I have had enough, whether with friends or lovers, I don’t look back, I can easily walk away.

    • I totally agree!! I, too am a september 10th virgo! And I always over-analyze and analyze people and situations and east people say…. It’s just what I’ve always done. Probably why I’m studying psych now, haha.

    • wow I love everything you just wrote. I agreed with it all. It was like reading something I would write myself, amazing. Im a virgo September 1st.

    • I literally had to create an account just to tell you how FREAKING accurate your comment is! I’m a Sept. 11 Virgo ❤️ Can be brutally honest and honestly cold-blooded once our mind is made up about something, but deep down we really are sweethearts. We just don’t take ANY bs!

    • I am also a Sep 10th Virgo! You are spot-on with your description… I have always been intrigued by human nature, and constantly find myself analyzing people to figure them out. (I’m also a psych major lol) People often mistake my efforts at being polite, considerate and unassuming for being a pushover or naive. They are always shocked to see my angry side (which frieghtens most – including myself 😉 – but this “angel” has no tolerence for rude, pushy or mean people!

  9. As a sept. 22nd virgo, I’m naturally a perfectionist when it comes to things I care about but I must a weird virgo because perfection gets old fast. I’m more comfortable not being perfect and accepting that fact. I’m not sure I would want a perfect partner–more like easygoing, patient, generous, and a little adventurous. I want someone who will help me get over my tendencies to be perfect and I am so shy sometimes its annoying but I like to have fun too. Im also really sensitive but don’t show my emotions since I want people to think I’m somewhat confident. The description was pretty accurate but I am not a perfectionist in every aspect of my life. I am honest and accept my flaws as well as try to work through them.

  10. Virgo woment are the best!!

  11. Watever is written is true for me…. I am a virgo female n proud ov it…

  12. I am a virgo female…I want to know virgo bbad because they with thier mind only or that isa a good thing? What the thing that the virgo female good about and its not in the other horoscopes? and Thanks 🙂

  13. This is very accurate. I don’t like the fact that we seen as critical even when really am trying to be opened minded. I do try to only speak up when it’s of utter importance or if it will directly effect me negatively. I try to choose my words respectively and am aware that I am not always right ( I usually am though, but I think about it) I will acknowledge my wrong. At times, I wish to be proven wrong. But it’s not about me being right or wrong, it’s about what is best for the situation and everyone involved and Virgo’s are good at assessment and planning. At least I am. I find it to be a strength. Only one of the many strengths that there are to posses . I admire others strengths that I don’t have. So why do people get so bent out of shape when you point out, what to me, is an obvious flaw and can be easily rectified if acknowledged. When someone points out a mistake I’m about ready to make, I’m thankful. I see this as caring gesture( if it is not taken advantage of or exploited). I just wish I could get my point across in a effective manner without hurting their ego, before it’s to late. I won’t even go into those people that hate your foresight and try to go out of their way to prove you wrong, meanwhile fouling up, in which you probably are left to deal with the mess you did not create and tried your best to avoid (so unfair) . Being critical( I like to think we are more analytical, however) is one of our best attributes and one of our biggest burdens.

    • Thank you! We Virgo women do consider others too. Actually we are great problem solvers to try and think of the best solution that suits everyone fairly! I don’t know how why other signs get so mean about Virgos.

  14. I’m seeing a lot of comments about certain things not being correct. In my opinion this is the closest to accurate I’ve seen in a long time. Lets keep in mind some things don’t apply to virgos born at the end of the month. They have a duel sign. I’m in no way an astrology expert but I am a virgo born in the middle of the month and I do agree that we tend to be a little frigid at times. Virgo does not open up easily and if you cross the line often times you will be met with quiet discontent. We like our significant other to prove himself or herself and they have to work at it in order for us to give ourselves to him or her completely, but once they gain our trust and love there is no one else that matters more.

  15. wel to sme xtnt im lik dat bt wna add smfng ”virgo r intelligent as well wen they r betrayed,by hook or crook they teach dat persn a gud lesson..wid betrayal virgo learn to hav patience which is an advantage.And they lik dreaming.

  16. Its Almost me (Only I pursue perfection in my inner-self not my face/beauty/dress/perfumery) 🙂

  17. Well 2b honest, we tend to have two dif sides,.,and if u can figure out which person we r dat day, will better help u be apart of our life, but if u can’t, u wuld surly be pushed away,.,.the part of being able to understand us we like, and that will surly draw u in,.,.but we want u to knw da dif, without us tellin u,.,.and that let us knw u can get on our level.Sometime it’s like livin with two dif ppl. But if u reach that level, We r the best ppl u wuld ever want to meet!!!!

  18. You should learn how to:
    1. proofread
    2. how to spell
    3. actual meet a virgo woman b/c they are nothing like this

  19. i am a virgo woman i agree with all comments except frigid. If i like the guy I will let myself go. I am very critical he has to be clean no vulgar words treat me like a lady. The saying a lady does it but dosent talk about it, thats us.

  20. This is extremely funny. There r times I feel that I need to be ‘e best at what I’m doing but if it was a failure, I accept it just as immediately. I mean I accept my imperfections perfectly to ‘e extent of encouraging myself to make mistakes for ‘e purpose of learning journey. That’s how I also treat my loved ones too, I won’t be shocked at all if things go wrong & if they were to share with me stuffs not many people would want to hear. Cuz u know what, @ ‘e end of ‘e day, I’m aware that NO ONE IS PERFECT EXCEPT FOR GOD! Haha! Well, I’m a very adventurous & also an open-minded Virgo woman. 😉

  21. All the people who say some things arent true when they read ANY profile or analysis of their sign, need to consider their exact birthday. Astrology isnt divided by 12. Its not all black and white. Think about it. The planets dont stay in Virgo from Aug. 23 to Sep. 23 then just “hop” into Libra place. They’re constantly moving. Every single birthday and time of day has its own personality. And if you were born on a cusp, you are gonna have traits from two different signs. Think of a year as a scale instead of months. Each sign is split up into three sectors and then there is a time period in between each sign that’s called a cusp. For example, Virgo starts on Aug. 23 and Leo ends on Aug. 22. The Leo-Virgo cusp is born between Aug. 19 and Aug. 24. Then with each sign, there are segments. In Virgo, Virgo I is Aug. 25 – Sep. 2. Virgo II (me!) is Sep. 3 – 10. And Virgo III is Sep. 11-18. Then the Virgo-Libra cusp is Sep. 19 – 24. And of course like I said, each birthday is a little different in those segments. So imagine the closer you are to the middle, like Sep. 9-11, is probably the most typical Virgo. Then the closer you get to the end of the sign, the more characteristics you start having for the next sign. So if your birthday is Aug. 23, sure, google will tell you you’re a Virgo. But you are very likely to have a lot of Leo traits as well. So a Virgo analysis probably wont be a good profile for your particular birthday. This goes for ALL signs. Once you get down to Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, it starts at Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. NOT aquarius. Astrology isnt based on the world’s calendar. It doesnt start in January. It starts on March 21. My brother’s birthday is March 23 so he’s actually a Pisces-Aries cusp.

    • Great Virgo explanation, lol. My birthday is August 30. I feel like I am a Leo-Virgo cusp at times, even though I am in the Virgo I group. Just thought I’d say that because I never knew about the different segments.

  22. This article makes Virgo woman sound stuck up and mean. I’m a Virgo, hence my username, and I’m not shy. I love to be in the spotlight. I love people to be different, although I pay attention to the way guys approach me, I’m not picky as to how they do it. I am really a perfectionist when it comes to appearance b.c I love to be beautiful! Who doesn’t? I do use my charm as an advantage to lure in my guys and I do it quite fast. I love to be held and loved at all times. I compare myself to a teddy bear. Because of how I get along with others. Other Virgos that I’ve met is also this way too. So this article is not entirely true, but some points can be dead on.
    Hope that helped you Virgo lovers:)

  23. My cousin who is a female was somewhat opposite from him, in fact they couldn’t stand each other because he lied so much.
    Now my cousin, we grew up together , very close like sisters. But she’s very jealous, with whom ever she loves whether it’s family or partner she does not like others to over take what she feels belongs to her. She’s is very dramatic and causes drama and she will do it if she has to manipulate a situation. She is a big lier if it will get her , her way she will lie like its no ones business. Very in to money and materialistic things , she’s also very generous with her money, if she has and you don’t she doesn’t mind sharing it. She is known for cheating on her Scorpio in fact they are always clashing bumping heads all the time. She admits she stays cuz he is well off financially, but she’s also very independent as well as dependent.
    She is possessive and very envious of others if they have better anything she becomes envious, even of relationships of others to the point were she will literally sabotage someone else’s relationship.
    Because of all this me and her no longer are on speaking terms because she is too drama oriented and I hate it big time. My husband who is a Cap can’t stand the sight of her because she tried her hardest out of jealousy to break us apart. When she saw it get seriouse between be and him she became paranoid. So that is my experience with Virgos.
    I do believe that is every sign you have different personalities, not all Virgos are the same. And not all comparability work out even the good ones. I’m a Sag my husband is a Cappy and we get a long great.
    So you might come across a negetive sign but the from that very sign you will encounter someone completely different. So it all depends on upbringing, social upbringing, ect.

  24. I agree with the 1 in 3 people are true to there sign. I am a virgo women & I agree with it all. I have been told from time to time I can be as cold as ice & I know it. Virgo’s are good at criticizing, especially oneself.

  25. hey hey hey,i might like to walk fast but i sure as hell swear ALOT!
    not only that but a guy that’s late doesn’t phase me over that much either!
    and i don’t mind when a guy holds my hand in public…HELL I LIKE IT.
    gosh,this little essay,has made me seem like a girl whos all bark and no bite,and high maintenance! ugh.
    and i’m NOT SHY AT ALL! so wtf?

    • Yeah, I swear a lot too. But my boyfriend recorded me and it disgusted me. I sounded so ugly. I had no idea. I hate it when a guy is late, and my boyfriend at this time is notoriously late. I have learned to accept and expect this from him. I think shy was the wrong word. More like reserved.

    • I agree, I swear too but on some people it just sounds bad, I don’t really walk fast but I am always worrying about the time which is what I think they meant. We use time usefully and don’t like wasting it. We aren’t high maintenance, we are just old fashioned (which this world needs more of) and I admit I can be shy when people first meet me but when I am friends with someone I’m weird and crazy and I suck at being in big crowds, I’m just awkward 😛

  26. virgo women playing with my heart.she tell a lie with me i love her so much i cant leave her plz someone tell me what i do plz plz plz i request U all!! im 2 much upset………..plz reply me WHAT I DO????

    • How did this relationship work out? Two years later. Some people are just liars, it has nothing to do with their sign. I hope you told her to f**k off and if you did….I bet she came running and begging back to you. If she saw the errors of her ways, she probably made you a very happy man. I hope this is what happened.

  27. Chaz,
    I was reading your post and I found it to be very interesting. First off, I am sorry to hear that you have not had good experiences with Virgos. I can relate because i have felt the same thing with every aquarius I came in contact with, til about a few months ago, and realized maybe i shouldn’t rule out the sign all together. And does it mean because I am a virgo, I am doomed? I really dont like the bad wrap we virgos get these days, when we have hearts of gold. There must be a reason why you have been with her for twelve years?
    Yes, we can be stubborn, and it is very hard sometimes to admit our wrongs, but the reason is only because we are very critical of our own selves. We are perfectionists because we feel like we should do our absolute best and we expect the same from others. When, we don’t get or see that, we feel disrespected.
    And again, the frigid thing is not true. We are very sexual beings, passionate, and when we love someone, we love them with all our hearts. We seem distant, but mostly because we are thinking or observing.
    We try to be respectful and mature for the most part, but I for one, am not afraid to be sarcastic, crazy, and fun! someone who can make me laugh is golden!(if i think your funny :)) I will ALWAYS be there for my friends and let them know that if no one else in the world cares, I do. Tho I don’t always get the same in return:(

  28. This made me laugh and I am a Virgo, but have been mistaken as a Scorpio or Leo lmao

  29. I’m a Virgo well my sun sign is, but I like swearing…I’m not big clean freak like things need to be put in pins and zip lock bags. Annnd I don’t want soap that matches my skin. I don’t want my partner to be perfect, cause I feel like they are trying to hard and not being themselves…I don’t expect anything and I hate being critzied so I don’t like doing it…so am I even a virgo or like a jack virgo XD.

  30. i am the Moon in Virgo, i do dress well… im not very neat as far as house work goes.. well when im single… I am kind of frigged toward strangers and even my lover at times.. but im also sympathetic to others problems, and usually get stuck helping out were i don’t really want to . i used to love working for the fact of money and seeing and helping other people… I think to much and cant stand it! I feel like no one can live up to my standards or something because, after years im still dedicated but start separating my life more from his… anyone else like this? I also have all the facial features mentioned in the first post… im a big girl though… i guess not all of us can be skinny.. id love to be though bc the perfect thing is in me to look my best, and sometimes if i dont like how i look that day it takes me a long long time to get ready and then im never satisfied with what i picked… just on those days lol… otherwise i maintain my hair nails face clothes and shoes 🙂 i looovvveee shoes.. high heels are sexy and bold, and they really use there imaginations making them up for us to pick!

  31. this is sooo true, it describes me perfectly

  32. The things that describe Virgo women are, BRains and BEAUTY, and we value honesty in our relationships. We criticize ourselves so much sometimes to the point to where we have to calm down be aware of whats good in our life. But we are the immaculate conception of the MESSIAH, so it is easy for us to indure pains that others would never come close to handling..

  33. I am a virgo female, and this blog does not describe us accurately. Yes, I am very well aware of my appreance, and self proud, but I love helping others, and I have found that to be my weakness. Virgo women, with morals, and good natured, are next to perfection.

  34. I currently date a Virgo women. SOme of what is in there is true. Such as if she doesnt really like she puts up a “wall”. She is a little rigid and almost emotionless. Then again I’m a Pisces so I maybe a little over emotional at times. The perfection thing is not entirely true when it comes to looks or thing of that sort. Of course she always looks perfect to me but most the time she wears sweet pants and old tee shirt, but when we go out she does look very well put together and sexy! One thing that really makes us work is when she gets alittle OCD (not perfection) I can always tell her that the caos can’t always be mastered and to just stand back and take a breath, things usually fall in place if you let them. But for me she always remembers things I over look. There right about the educated, well put together guy, who thinks things through. She really does like that. As for as my artistic side. She doesn’t really care etheir way which is cool cause I don’t really pay much attention to that side on me. With these type sites though not everything will be correct. Thanks for reading -JL

  35. To add, i loveee AQUARIUS and ARIES men. they are shocking and unpredictable and amazing and passionate ;D! i suppose maybe because i’m earth&water&air, i’m attracted to what completes me: fire. (i know aqua. is air…aries is on my mind cuz i’m on my 3rd in a row right now)

  36. Yoh…yoh…I have a rising of Scorprio and moon of Libra and i’ve been raised by wolves so maybe this explains me….Hell I like it rough!! shiet nikka! I curse more than most girls I know, I’m shockingly open, sometimes say things purely to get reactions. I’ve dated thugs haha don’t ask, they don’t dress prim and proper and they ain’t charming me, but I still love them for who they are. Yes most of the time I am very quiet and I don’t like public displays and I will always love a smart guy who’s into music and romance, I always keep myself in proper form and dignity; but I’ll also settle with a guy who’s rough and ‘bad-ass’.It pisses me off how virgo’s are labeled so Conservative and boring and Sexless; give me passion babe!! One thing i will agree, I do value longterm relationships 100%.

  37. Virgos are always watching you. you may not notice. So if you make a mistake, they suddenly cut you off. If this happens, do not expect you will get her/him back easily. you probably never will.

    They are smart, practical and have beautiful heart, but they make sure the one they choose is not to date, neither for some years, but for rest of the life.

    you must be an intellect who have money and who is passionate to get these people.

  38. Thanks to the Aquarian men who have posted on here. I was wondering how you got along with us(I’m virgo). Looks like good new from where I’m sitting. 🙂 I’ve never dated an Aquarian. I would imagine an Aquarian would be irritated by us but seems like I’m wrong!

  39. i can be very up tight and stuff like it says but once i open up im extremely different and people come up to me all the time : )

  40. Likes your posting! It is me in a nutshell because I have Virgo in sun, moon, mercury and mars..thank goodness for being a scorpio rising and venus in leo to balance it out. I do feel a sense of meanness when I turn guys down. Guys, don’t take it the wrong way, when virgos are not interested they are usually just being straightforward and do not like to play games when it comes to romance.

  41. I guess perhaps I’m relating to the female virgo in my life (my mother) and perhaps one sees very different qualities when they are the romantic partner to a virgo woman…I can’t help but to attest,at least in my relationship with my mother,she is indeed giving to a fault,and will never allow someone to go without,i was always bringing stray animals home,friends who were having issues at their home and she could always be counted on for helping without any doubts of its necessity..that being said within the context of our personal relationship,(mother-daughter) Maybe I should add I’m a pisces,she simply does not know me at all,she has never accepted anything about me as being of her favorite quotes ..I recall throughtout my who life is…what kind of person…to just about anything i did/do that she doesn’t agree with..she tries to change me to her view of “normal” or change my opinion or method to her standard of the “right” way,this tends to be her way of relating to all her children,if you go along with her then she is happy and friendly towards you,however when I have appealed to her as one grown woman to another of certain mistakes she has made ..often as a defensive mechanism to her berating of me as a parent,person..the flash of sheer rage and hostile exchanges soon follow,she thinks her way is the best/right way.i try to explain to her what is right for one isn’t always right for another..more than one way to skin a cat sound familiar? She shuts me down and has said she does not pay attention to anything I say,is this something typical of virgo women? its as if she seeks one out to talk at,but has no real desire to engage in any real 2 way conversation,she tries to bully people,emotionally when they disagree with her opinions and will even punish those who do not agree with her..I should youngest date..all 4 of her serious dating relationships have all been to virgo men..I ttthink its due to my mother… else could someone continually choose the same sign in a mate as one of her parents,,,and they have all brought her despair and none have lasted..she is a taurus…and once again…sorry sooo loong and my apology if one takes this to be a virgo truly isn’t like I said there is no one on the earth my mother wouldn’t help even if it meant she was without..and she always tries to help/understand a person..just not any of her kids..i would love to hear from the virgo women..I have just never had the ability to inquire of other s mom is the only virgo female i know…and while past relationship with a virgo male at times produced some emotional aloofness..I simply adored him and he stimulated me on every level..especially intellectually..I would still be ardently pursuing him had he not moved cross country ,which was something I was unwilling to do at the time 😦

  42. Chaz Merida u poor thing. I totally agree with your comment! I have Moon in Virgo and I absolutely hate it. I keep away from virgo’s male or female I just don’t like them. A zodiac racist lol oh dear.

  43. I’m a Virgo woman and I have a bit of a dilemma. I’m born right on the cusp of Virgo beginning, August 23rd. And so I have Leo traits and Virgo traits, so not everything about my sign is exactly true for me, but most of it is. I am not, however, frigid or prude-like at all. I happen to be a Scorpio rising, so I have several traits of pretty passionate, outgoing, and outspoken signs. I am very outspoken and outgoing myself and love to meet new people. I love to be around all types of people. I am very overly critical of everyone but mostly myself.

  44. I am a virgo woman and yes I like style. I love to look good, walk with ease, have good conversation and enjoy life. However the words on Virgo;some correct and some very false. If anyone asked my Friends about me; they would say they could not find a better Friend no matter how hard they try. I feel I am devoted to my Family and Friends and look out for them before myself. We are looked at like we think we are perfect which is totally incorrect. We love nice things and work very hard in life to attain them. I personally am easy going and love life, travel and contentment. I do not like confrontation and try to avoid it at all costs. This however has lead me to many unhappy times. I guess I have just picked people I am not compatiable with. I am working on the issue and I will solve it. I am trying to get out of a relationship that has been over for many months; he is an Aries. It is not the sign that is the problem believe me. I have met a Gemini whom I really like and respect. I am hoping to get to know him without the past screwing everything up. The person I am with now and had been for five years just does not want to give up. I have told him it is over; he calls me nasty names and is jelous of all my Friends; including girlfriends. I don’t think this is a Virgo issue; it is his own issue. I can tell you first of I am not perfect and don’t want to be. I would just like to be happy in life and surrounded by Family & Friends which I care deeply about. I am very friendly and like most people. If there is someone I truly do not like I just don’t associate myself with them. I wish more people could be that straitforward and honest.Anyone who is out there and have doubts about Virgo’s; first give them a chance to be themselves and I’m sure you will like them and possible have a Friend for life. You can tell us anything and never have to worry about it being repeated. Most of us are very good listeners and love to help people in any way we can.
    Have a great day…….

  45. Does describe the virgo woman

  46. … The fuck? This isn’t me at all! I’m a girl who’s a Virgo, and NOTHiNG here describes me! Okay maybe the part about liking gentlemanly guys, being shy (<<< MOST DEFiNATELY THiS), and finding true love but other than that, I'm NOTHiNG like this! I'm not neat or orderly, and I'm not as conceited and 'perfect' as this article makes Virgos seem. On the contrary, if you walk into my room, it's like a bomb went off, and personally I love it that way. It adds character.
    And that part about guys not showing affection on the first date? PUH-LEASE. That stuff turns me on! I love it when guys are spontaneous.

    This article is bull shit.

  47. i am scorpio and have been married to a virgo woman for a while now, everything you said is exactly what i get, she is good with handling the house and our finance, close to her families but like when i am at home. from my side, i need more,,,when i tell her she always replied that we will work out this… making love is like two bodies in fire but i still want more and she always said that there is more than sex… lately she promised to do an effort but she is still focuses on dealing with family affairs, children education and we have had little time together,,, i am thinking to make a move although she always think that we can manage together…

  48. you forgot to put virgo are so loyal and sincere. they cannot tolerate any type of dishonesty.

  49. wtf? how do you know her facial structure?

  50. Max – I beg your pardon, but Virgo women are hardly frigid. I should know, because I am one. Clearly you have a chip on your shoulder because no Virgo ever fancied you. Given that kind of comment, I’m not surprised.

  51. It’s hilarioussss abou how many of you Virgo’s are correcting the person who wrote this. Put those Virgo pitchforks away your only proving thier point lOL!!!!!

  52. Hmm…sounds like my dream woman probably because of my Taurus ascendant and/or Venus in Virgo. I’ll inform people that don’t know astrology that this doesn’t necessarily have to apply to a person born under Virgo (late Aug.- mid. Sept.). A person with Virgo rising can exhibit these qualities too. Thus, if you are born under Virgo you might find that it’s partially true. =)

    • I am also a Taurean. I recently reviewed my most intimate, lasting relationships and found that all of my true loves were Virgos. I love everything about virgos, even their cute little idiosyncrasies. I wish I had known my own zodiac characteristics and theirs before I knew them, because I gave them alot of crap for it for which I am now embarrassed. The next virgo I meet will get the respect she deserves from her bull.

    • I am a virgo female and CHAZ MERIDA Woooooowwwwww Hahaha you must hate your life and not have any friends!! Never in my life have i registered for anything to be able to reply to a blog but what i read from you mr mr chaz was very disturbing and im disgusted by it to be honest! You could not be more far from the truth and reality of a virgo. I am very picky and careful with who i let in close to me but once they are in, i give my friendship/relationship my all and everything!! I am so loyal and probably the most honest, devoted, trusting, reliable people you will ever meet!! Butttt if you do me wrong when i let you in my heart which is ‘Almost impossible trust and believe payback will be hardcore and quick, and ruthless:) and i will feel NO REMORSE or regret! Im very giving kind and generous which many take it as weakness so im working on being more careful to whom i am so generous but its hard because im a “YES” person i guess you could say. I will write more later

    • @ lilba Hi Hello! Im in the beginning stages of dating a Taurus, and I’m a Virgo Woman! I want to know what makes the connection with each other? And should I be worried if he hasn’t called after our first date, would he like for me to approach him? This is my first Taurus I’ve come acrossed…I need some insight, I just don’t want to make it seem like I’m rushing, but no phone calls? What does that mean? especially when he was seeking me, but how we meet has a deeper meaning to it!

      We both caught the same bus in the morning, he gets on before me, so one day I got on the bus and he was there Dark Chocolate, the kind that melts in ya mouth…yes ! That was him..smelled good and everything! I said Good Morning and sat down. This went on every morning, never spoke to him, he never approached me. Cause I was letting him know that if he wanted to approach me he better come with Respect, I stuck to my guns about not saying anything to him, but man O man what a struggle that was. Then I noticed he stopped taking the bus, I was a little disappointed. So about a week and a half later, Out of all of the strangest places, I see him again @ a family gathering{no relation}!!! He was working, he didn’t notice me at first, so throughout that whole time I’m asking around who he is, no one seems to know. So after the party some friends and I go to my cousins house, lo an

  53. I am in big trouble and need helpppppppppp…..met this wonderful
    virgo woman, young attractive a bit serious.I am quite a bit older
    but it never seemed to be a problem.We went out for 3 or four days and then she invited me over.After some wine i explained some of the disasters with women in the past and that i really thought i could care about her.To cut it short i stayed the night made a few advances but without anything serious happening.We were supposed to go out the next night she canceled,said she didnt feel well….other overtures have also gone unanswered.A complete 360 degree turnaround in 1 day..dont know what i did, dont know what i said.Dont know what to do to get her back.She said some wonderful things to me and now silence i am completely lost…………..some kinf virgo lady please tell me what to do.back off and wait or gently persue i am lost and i really care about this woman. thank you

    • Be Noble. Don’t talk about yourself, if she seems to be intelligent then open an intellectual conversation (must be her interest). As i notice, Most of Virgo is a rescuer type, so acting like a damsel in distress won’t make you a loser in her eyes, helping can make boost their ego and make them feel better.

      Watch yourself carefully

      Don’t go to far and fast, be patient.
      Watch your gesture, you manners.
      Be Frank, give them a chase what they want.

    • From experience with Virgos of all kinds, woman and man as I have both sexes as friends and family members. From what I know and noticed the Virgos I know, mostly the woman hate hearing stories of exes. My cousin , well when we use to talk. Two guys that she dated talked a lot of their exes and bad experiences and she would call me all the time and tell me how much she hated that. She also hated being compared to other exes . And when asked about her exes , she didn’t like taking about them either.
      I guess is cuz she didn’t like someone to expect high expectations from her. I guess she hated to have to compete with someone her partner dated in the past. Maybe she felt limited or felt like she was under a microscope , but even my female friends are the same. They like a fresh start with out the” My ex cheated on me” or ” My ex was very uncaring , selfish” they don’t find that at all attractive. Another thing if you talk bad about friends or gossip a lot about others that too is a turn off because they figure if you talk bout them, what will you say about them when they aren’t around. However some can be judgemental, not all are the same though. But as far as gossip I believe they are. You see it as” I’m trying to talk about my past or experience” or even to compliment. She might see it as ” Gossip”.

  54. WELL I happen to had an virgo friends. One was okay But the friendship didn’t last long, because as an Leo I always love to dress my own unique way, and she always put that down, My MOTHER is a Leo, and she ALWAYS, puts me down about everything I do, I mean of course some parents put down their teen about the way they dress, but this is with every virgo I knew!! Except for one, Which is a recent friend of mine now and she’s awesome, nothing like the other virgo’s i’ve met.
    I think there’s different types of VIRGO’s out there
    Oh and, about the SHY thing…DONT THINK SO.
    There is NOTHING shy about a Virgo XDD in my opinion. :]

    • Your right there are different personalities in all zodiac signs. I’ve encountered both good and bad Virgos. In my family we have both male and female Virgos and all are completely different. My cousin is a Virgo. She is shy at first glance, or when you met her. That is because she is testing you, feeling you out she’s big on that. But once she gets familiar with you she is out spoken to the Max, has lost a lot of friends because of it.
      My problem with her is , lieing , jealousy and envy she is a lover of drama and causing chaos amongst others. She feels like everyone has a hidden agenda and he mission is to catch you slipping that way she can expose you to the world. That is her biggest problem. One that damages a lot of her positive relationships. It’s made many family members avoid her.

  55. hi mike

    i think she likes u..but we look before we leap.its not easy to win us.we need to trust u first before letting u in….why? we are afraid of getting hurt..we are deeply sensitive. but it’ll take time…

    if u want to get near her,i think u need to have patience and time. cos we tend to take things very slowly……its a slow process.

    we analyze all the time, from how u treat us and ur behaviour. thats why she pushes & pulls u….we tend to take a step back to analyze or are not sure of ur feelings…but when we feel safe, we will get near u

    my advice is if u like her, give her the right signals….but with respect.make the first move and don’t give mixed signals, she’ll get the hint if she likes u and will open up slowly.. don’t try to push her or she’ll panic and shut u off. a step at a time 🙂

  56. what thr Virgo Women from wants to find on her man

  57. i love Virgo Women what can i do with her

  58. i am a virgo gurl!! and i truly believe that we are intriguing creatures. Some may seem dull,critical and boring. While others are intellectual,silly,sweet,weird at times,down to earth, loyal and will do almost anything for those that they care about. To love..ooh that is an interesting one!! they will analyze it all,the entire possiblitly of the relationship,they will remember almost everything their loved one said and then they will think about it in bed and try to inderstand its message. To love for a virgo is to dream,because virgos hope to find love that will last and love that is real!.We are extremely PASSIONATE but only to those that know how to unlock our passion and set it free like wild fire. Yes that is what we can be fiery and hot,yet subtle and mesmerising! critical we can be coz we question a lot,we have expectations but i think they are expectations for reality. Sometimes we get way ahead of ourselves on these topics and this gives people the impression that we are hard to deal and crazy! yes we are crazy but at this moment of our craziness,let us be and then come back and give us a hug coz inside a virgo is soft and seeks your approval of you loving her and accepting her love…i dunno this is my idea of a virgo…what u ppl think???

  59. I am a Virgo Woman. Yes I care about what I look like, how I smell, and how I come across to other people. It has nothing to do with being perfect, but it has everything to do with respect.

    No I am not in any way frigid. As, a matter of fact, I am very sexual and fun. A lot of people do not take into account that there a three main signs in every person. There is a sun sign, which is the one we know, a rising sign, which governs appearance, and a moon sign, which governs emotion. This is what makes it difficult to place any certain traits on any one sign because there is a mix of signs in all of us. There are definitely some things that stick out in certain signs, but no one person is the exact desciption of a paragraph…

    By the way, I love being a Virgo with Aries rising and Taurus Moon. No combo I’d rather be… 🙂

  60. i need feedback.
    im a virgo man, im attracted to a virgo woman but im so confused. we hung out a few times, i meet her daugher, there are days she is very touchy with me and days she is not. i find the more attention i give her the more she backs off. the less i give her the more she comes to me but i can tell she is very shy and is not the type to make the moves. people are telling me to be patient because with virgo women it takes them a while to open up and warm up to a person. the other night we were at a company even together, not on a date but together and the night was good then one of my friend comes over and she asked him to dane knowing he does not dance, he said no, so she ask him to have a drink knowing he does not drink. he said no. i really dont know she was joking with him or not but i dont think that was right. at the end of the night she gave him a hug good night which is ok because they are friends too. i dropped her home and she did not even hug me, she said thank you and good night. i am really confused and would love to have the feedback of some fellow viros.

  61. virgo women has lovly nature, helpful, independent.They are very perfectionist, trustworthy, emotionalnal, problem solving women.

  62. Kristina this is to you – my best friend is a Virgo and you sound as though one in the same. I love her dearly and feel that many times she’s misunderstoon and ends up taking a “back-seat” to certain things in life. I am and Aries female and she has been my BFF since we were in 6th grade. I just wish sometimes she thought she was “worthy” of having certain things in her life.

  63. Virgo women take your everyday look and make it hypnotic. They are not shy to hold there spirit in there look and eyes. Personally, I have never see such amazing contact through just looking into there eyes. I can’t get enough of them, one goes and another shows. For you Aquarius out there try out a Virgo they clean you up and make you stronger. Just smoke pot when they get super picky in your car, or bolt to 711 for bubble gum. She gets over it and I suggest you not even make a joke of that slogan in front of them. Amazing sex, this is what you wait for like a big waves you better be able to surf whats coming up.

  64. Well, this is all intriguing. I am a Scorpion and just recently I have gotten to know this Virgo woman. She ticks all my boxes from intellect to style and more so to her softly spoken voice, music to my ears.

    I have been reading about her star sign as I was thinking that will help me to get to know her better. Although star signs are a generalisation there may be some truth in it, but I aint no expert.

    I just know that star signs like colours for example has many shades. Try painting a wall with different shades of blue and you will see that all the blue (even though it is blue) are different.

    So, even though I am trying to get to know this woman, reading her star sign is just one shade of Virgo. I now see that in order to get to know this shade, I need to spend more time, more listening, more understanding in order to truly see this person for who she is.

    I see this with all the star signs, that is why from reading so many sites, I have read so many different outputs. I even searched and read Scorpio and Virgo match to which many good things and the odd negative ones.

    This has left me with a conclusion to, if you wonna really know and learn somebody spend your time, energy and effects in reading them – not their star sign, cos as for me – I am a man of many colours. A rainbow of a person and can make anything work with anyone, if I really and truly want to. That is commitment.

  65. I AM A VIRGO WOMAN, AND I THINK THAT I DO TRY TO BE PERFECT, but i know im nowhere near it. i love nice things, and i love to go nice places. to know me is to love me.

  66. yo it sme inge the virgo is the fukkin shit man,but i know more than you guys.we

  67. lol all you women that are attacking max just proved his point… virgos are critical, not passionate at all….frigid and for the most part boreing, and greedy with money ! thats the negative there are so many wonderful things about your sign instead of focusing on the possitive things about your sign you guys picked the bad and focused on it and ganged up on his bad relationship with a virgo…im an aries woman so im judging from what i have seen with virgo friends and family..being critical isnt attractive and you guys are proving him right.
    i know im gonna be attacked for what i wrote and i really could give a shit less lol.

  68. virgos are definitely passionately when it comes to people they love! im a virgo and i treat ppl i love with tons of love but to ppl im not close with i dont care so i appear loof, which is true to the zodiac [= but unfortunately i dun have an oval shape face!! having that would be so much better!! =D

  69. im a virgo woman if ever there was one and i must say that at the end of the day, the bottom line really is about respect. i know myself if i dont feel respected its definatly game over. dont ever assume you are smarter than me or intuitively ahead of me b/c i assure you you are NOT.if ppl act with dignity & commonsense when it comes to manners i doubt any nagging would happen at all. and after all, shouldnt ppl be acting this way most of the time anyway??? i dont think its naggin, more like expecting what we should expect from a human being .

  70. Much of what was written about the virgo is to the point. However, I must agree with the above writer who stated that virgo’s have an innate desire to look and be their best while realizing that perfection will never be achieved. Void of passion–not in the least–Virgo’s are more passionate than most other women while frigidity eerves only as a foreign word in the virgo language. Virgos love passionate romance with the men we choose to love and will leave no zone untouched by their gentle lips. Her goal is to satisfy his every desire. Yes, Steven, I’m patiently waiting….KALIZA

  71. Wow!!!! I agree with alot that was written here. I am a virgo woman and can honestly say that reading this was like looking in the mirror. I did not agree with the frigid part but, everything else was right on time. I also agreed with Kristina’s response.

  72. I found the Virgo description to be rather interesting and almost correct. I am a Virgo female and I do carry myself with dignity and confidence. I do like nice things and will dress appropriately at any time even if I am just stepping out to check the mailbox. My partner must be clean and neat in every aspect of the word from his clothes to his car to his residence- everything must be in order. I am a true Virgo. I am not frigid or cold, but Virgo’s are usually labeled this way because we say what we mean and mean what we say and most of us always have a serious look on our face. We are good conversationalists and can be the life of the party too if we are in a small group of people. I think in my relationships with men, the one I have mostly adored have been a Pisces male. They are emotionally open and giving and will say how they feel about you especially if its sweet instead of holding all that sweetness inside and letting you assume there feelings.

  73. WEll i am a Aquarius male and my wife is a virgo and she is my perfect match we tried to live apart 3 different times and love brought us back together, and now 2 sons later weve traveled, and did about everything, oh and we bang bang almost everynight 15 yrs later, bestfriend, lover, companion, shes addictinly crazy, my babie.

  74. Having known several Virgos over the years, to include my ex wife of 12 years… they are not cold or frigid in any way. When they are in a good mood, they can actually show a little affection from time to time.

    Virgos by nature tend to be quite selfish with some of the most irrational situations that you can dream up. Most are not real situations, but for some reason they do at the time and can become completely obssessed with that selfishness to even become evil enough to destroy anything and anyone they need to get through to get what they want.

    The whacked out thing is when they get it, they realize they don’t want it. They look back at the destruction they did, and immediately leave no matter what they did. They cannot accept or just aren’t willing to acknowledge their mistakes concerning Family, Romance, or their Children.

    They excel with a scheduled life and with no surprises. They can also be beyond devoted in their career yet they do tend to complain about it alot when they get home and feel comfortable enough to scream at you about what they went through during the day.

    I have know Virgos all my life, and there is one life lesson that I have learned about them that is profound and really needs to be public is that they cannot be trusted in terms of a Friendship or Romantic Relationship. They cannot be trusted with open communication, because they always freak out when you share your thoughts or a historical event that is dark or perhaps very sensitive… they cannot be trusted in terms of a very influential family either… No matter if the Right path is before her… if her family says do the wrong thing… she will… and often with catastrophic results that she will find herself having resentments and regrets within her own heart.

    And all a Virgo Woman ever really needs is to read up on her sign, moon sign, rising sign, and Chinese Zodiac… and really listen to the information being sent.

    So many marriages would still be active if they did that… and maybe life wouldn’t be so damn cruel at times.

    But that’s my opinion based soley on experience of over 40 Virgos, and of course reading and research. By and far, the Virgo Woman can’t help but be a Virgo. For us, we just need to understand that we cannot have a Fairy Tale Life with a Virgo.

    • I CANNOT believe im reading this, it is SO…true, it’s pathetic, i made the mistake of marrying a virgo every bit of this i experianced only you left out they truely and i mean truely will take advantage and will do ANYTHING to justify everthing and they will hold onto you as long as they can , the one i had she was and is a nightmare and horror were talkin 2 yrs ago but what she pulled will be with me forever

  75. hahaha! im not fridig, actually the opposite! virgos are originally classed as a virgin but obvsly thats not true…maybe beacause im a dragon in the chinese horoscope, it makes me wild ;’p although i can be reserved when i need to be, and im choosy with friends, im neat with the way i dress, and I am distant with a lot of poeple, but i hav moon in gemini, air signs are uusually distant, espcially aquarius and librans! hehe okay i go now.bye ;’p;’p;’p

  76. Max……she obviously didn’t like you, cause when we do you sure know about it and you would never forget it:)

  77. Hmm … as a virgo woman, there are quite a few things that don’t really apply. We don’t think we’re as “perfect” as most think we do … we’re very critical of ourselves, but realistic enough to know that perfection does not exist in a any one person. We’ll try to come as close to that perfection as possible, but because our intentions are good and our self-respect is high! Some try to exemplify that we are on a search to become “superhuman” when in actuality, we are people very down to earth and enjoy just being comfortable. We aren’t very flashy people but we like nice things, although, not at the expense of priority. Truth is, we’re not as afraid of being imperfect as others often try to imply.

  78. Virgo women are NOT frigid, in the least! They are very experimental and very passionate…if her lover is less into himself and more into his Virgo, he will be pleasantly surprised!

  79. well i always say: One out of every three people are true to their Zodiac sign.

  80. This is so true but trust me a Virgo woman is worth it we can be very loving just get to know us well

  81. I am a virgo woman and some things made sense while others made no sense. The way I walk and talk, dragging out apologies ect… but the way I dress and act in public completly off. some mornings I go to the gas stations in house shoes and pj’s

    • It is a general description of a virgo women, meaning if you are a virgo women you shall be more or less like the description…not exactly. 🙂

  82. fix the spelling mistakes and syntax.
    otherwise brilliant
    2 Max
    virgo women are not fridgid, you just have to know how to approach them because they are such perfectionists. So maybe your Game is not that hot.

  83. Gee, thanks folks….Are we really that bad? Or did you just find someone that wasn’t your type? Things happen for a reason.

  84. this women is like a beautiful flower with no scent !!

    • I myself am a virgo and I am just about everything that is described. Virgo enjoy the simplest things things in life yet complicated but only becaause others make it so. We get right to the point and many seem to overlook that. Once you have gained our trust we fully bloom with a sent that is simply uresistable. When it comes to sex we are very passionate and a bit hard to keep up with us because we do become easily bored..So once you get our our attention try to keep it because we will easily move on. But we will try our very best to do for you. Be patient and you will reep the rewards

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