Aquarius Best and Worst Relationship Matches

If the roots of most relationship problems are derived from irreconcilable arguments and petty disagreements, then dating an Aquarian lover maybe a sweet relief. Represented by water and having a planetary ruler which combines Saturn’s levelheadedness with Uranus’ unconventional modernity, Aquarius is a sign that is willing to compromise their logic but not their uniqueness. This means that Aquarius has the important distinction of being a person that can back down in an argument if they feel that they are wrong. Lover’s can rejoice in the easygoing nature that their Aquarian lovers own.

Despite of the most cool and logical world that the Aquarian inhabits, they are ready to kick up their heels and get down for an evening on the town. Uncomfortable in more one on one situations where their emotional side maybe left exposed and sensitive, your water lover may shy away from that type of internal exposure and trade it for a fun and “life of the party” personality. They are dynamic and interesting, and it is more useful to avoid pushing them to cry on your shoulder when hard things happen, or sit quietly discussing their emotions, but engage them on an active level. This will give them a chance to connect with you on a less risky level.

In light of this primarily lived in the exterior life, the fear of rejection can be an overwhelming concern for some Aquarius. This can mean that those under the affectionate glare of an Aquarius, will probably be completely unaware of the attention. Your Aquarian is a bit deficient in the expression department, and can sometimes be tempted to EWD (email while drunk), against the advice of their friends, or use other alternate forms of communication to convey their feelings, while avoiding face to face dialogue at all cost. This may seem charming at first but can lead to disaster, since all the cute and charming advances using beanie babies, or elaborate floral arrangements can only bring you so close to the door, in the end you have to step through it.

**A hint to those interested in Aquarian men or women: Reach out and touch someone. Seriously, don’t wait for them to make the first move, you won’t be disappointed but you will be waiting a long time if you choose to force them to make the first move.

Despite their incommunicado behavior, the Aquarian is ready to kick ass and take names. Born with the fighting instinct as a natural part of their character, they need to take on causes and to lead the charge toward change, can many times translate into a fierce want to see their lover succeed. They can be like a cheerleader, pom-pom in hand, secretly directing the movement of all those around their loved one, to make sure success. But beware of the Aquarius’ inner leader, since organizing lovers and friends can lead to relationships feeling out of balance and may cause people to draw away from you.

One of the really important things to avoid allowing the Aquarius sign to do is become overly cold and removed. The inner life and intellectual pursuits that follow Aquarius can be an isolating reason and not a liberating influence. Make sure that you realize your partner do things that engage and involve them in the real world. If they have been hurt before, show them that they can trust you, and if they are afraid of being hurt, assure them that it is just part of life.

Best Relationship Matches

Gemini Has a deep love for unpredictable adventure, and can understand the conflict and the heart of your character.

Libra Will love your beauty and sensuality as much as you love theirs. Libra will also understand your want to be alone.

Worst Relationship Matches

Taurus Need more stability and less intensity

Cancer More home-bound and less prone for your adventures

Virgo They need too much order for your lifestyle

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  1. Absolute balls. I’ve never had any “compatiability” with Gemini or Libra and 9 times out of 10, I find the opposite sex of either sign to be incredibly arrogant or off putting.

    I’ve dated a fellow Aquarius and she was the most boring woman, I’ve ever met. I’ve dated two Virgos and I can agree with that assumption. They’re hard to get along with.

    I dated a Sagitarrius and a Aries and the Sagitarrius at a push would have been fine, she called time on us. The Aries? Alright as a mate but not as a partner but had potential.

    The woman I’m dating is a Pisces and I’ve never been more compatible with anyone in my life. Most of my best friends have been Piscean or water signs and as an Aquarius I’m not meant to get on with them at all? It’s rubbish. The signs I’m supposed to be compatible with are the people I often detest or have arguments with.

  2. Okay so I am a Capricorn woman in love with an aquariun man and I’ve noticed how jealous and insecure he can be. Although, I understand his protectiveness and love and accept him for who he is. We respect each other’s space but I think he’s a little suspicious of me entertaining other guys which is NOT the case! Being a Capricorn woman I take trust and loyalty VERY seriously and we are already together so he WON I just don’t think he fully understands that and sometimes it’s frustrating. In all we are very good in looking forward to the future and seeing how things turn out. What do you guys think?

  3. ♒ here…. My experience
    Aquarius males – I married him after being together for 4 years… MISTAKE!!!! we are both very head strong and too much a like…We are divorcing and have never been better friends…(he is a cheater & this is very strange to me since as an Aquarius I don’t cheat… I will leave you in a heartbeat when I get bored but I don’t cheat) This has also been the case with others I have encountered …better friends

    Pisces ♓ – too sensitive
    Gemini ♊ – ok sex life as long as you can handle their selfishness but a relationship is not too probable to last… Not saying that it can’t but Gemini men that I have encountered tend to wander and are a bit jealous if you seem too interested in other men even if it is platonic

    Leo ♌ – great sex!!! But Aquarius or at least I have a hard time dealing with their ego!! They love attention but they have a hard time giving attention

    Virgo ♍ – working on this lol… I am currently talking to a virgo and things seem to be going ok right now but very true that the virgo male does not seem to place you as a priority (so far anyway) however we do both seem to have the same views as to what a relationship should be and how to handle different situations of a relationship… So I am hoping that sex is great and that he will be able to handle my wild bedroom ideas lol but intellectually we click
    Libra ♎ – out of this world sex!!! We could go for hours as long as I didn’t ask him to do anything to risque!! I have a tendency to think outside of the bedroom or house for that matter… He was sweet and caring and affectionate but my aquarian instinct knew I was not his only one but I looked past it for bout a year because as rare as it is for me… I was head over heels for him… And I have not found anyone I wouldn’t leave to go back to him YET… We had fun and we have seen many places together and at this point I wouldn’t hesitate to continue our journey if the time came.. Very beautiful man inside and out….
    Sagittarius ♐ – we could have charged admission lol sexually this was amazing… Anything I asked he obliged… We were physically and mentally in tune with each other… He was a little possessive but it wasn’t out of control … We complimented each other in many ways… Still friends to this day!!
    Capricorn ♑ /♒ cusp – Sex was average …He ggave me the world but was very possessive and jealous… Mentally we didn’t have it… A bit too simple for me… I like a challenge and someone that is going to be able to handle my day dreaming… And he couldn’t do it… How ever financially he was a frivolous spender and that got on my nerves along with not giving me some space…

    As an ♒ woman I can say that we are very creative and we do tend to dream Big… If you are a male that wants a woman to depend on you… Forget it.. We do it the way we want and we are not afraid of the hard work it takes to make it!! If you piss us off… Just give us a little time and then talk to us… We will forgive you but if it is something that will kill our trust in you… You can apologize till you are blue in the face but we will probably never trust you again… And once our trust is broken things will eventually fall apart… If you can get an aquarian to open up to you then you must be very special to us and we must think that there is something there so don’t blow it… We are loyal to a fault… I have been cheated on and forgave him but I don’t forget and if you screw up a second time… Game Over!!! Tread lightly as some how our intuition is rarely and I mean rarely ever wrong!!!

  4. I’m an gemini man and i talk with an original aquarius woman since 2 weeks, an average of 5 hours a day, we are so in sync with each other, love is out of this world, deep connection, i’ll definitely marry her one of these days :)))

  5. I need some help here, I’ve done charts for myself and I dont know if its accurate or not. I put down my birtday, month and place of birth but I dont know time I was born on. My mother said I could be born around 4pm 4:30 or 4:45 or a whole another hour, so I tryed different times and I get different results an sometimes the same ones. I’m feb 17 born at Palo Alto, Califorina, I’m a Aquarius male an at alot of times I act like a Pisces and share my feelings alot easyier then most Aquarius men. I wanted to find out whats the orginal date for a Aquarius/Pisces cusp is? People say its 18th an 19th an sites an books say its 16,17th. Most of the charts say I my moon is Cancer or leo, an Im guessing its on a cusp? My mother found out the date I was conceiv, an its on a cusp of a Libra an Scorpio, My pluto keep saying Scorpio an my node is Pisces and my chart is mix up with Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus, my sun is Aquarius. So I dont really know the time I was born so Im going around 4:30 or 4:45pm, so the big question is what zodiac am I best for? I get along very with water, earth, air an fire. I know I dont like bossy women or very too clinging women an I do like my space but not all time beenin alone and the best trait that I have is that I can empathy and sympathy with people very well and trutly understand and listen too them an respect them for it and I love understanding mentally an emotionally with someone that Im in love with. Can anyone help me? I do love my air signs, an fire signs alot an also water signs cuz of my Piscesness an I do find myself like the earth signs too.

  6. SAGAQUARIOUS continued…. anyway, I’ve had 3 ling term relationships with Aquarius. One unfortunately is my ex husband who I’m still very much in love with. The other my daughter’s father. Together over 6 years, the last my college fling. My high school sweetie is a libra, and my current, yet soon to be favorite mistake ex, a CAPRICORN!
    It’s like this.. fire can’t live without air, and fire burns earth. Hope I’m making sense here!
    Sag and Aquai get along famously! And the sex is out of this world! Hint…. I’m in a desperate drought!! So stick with the badic rules. Water loves the earth, air and fire cause spontaneous combustion in a great way, with no hard feelings when their time together has expired. And too much of anything is never successful! I love love love Aquarius as friends and lovers! I can’t get enough! So good luck, and single Aquarius men, Dont be shy! I’m almost done burning down this house! 🙂

  7. Hi there fellow seekers of truth! I’m a 33 year old, female poster child sag! I’ve been studying astrology since before high school. I don’t revolve my life around what I’ve learned as much as I use it for a tool to navigate through life’s endless confusion, as it helps to exercise the process of elimination in all categories of human relations! Honestly to me, it makes more sense than anything I’ve learned in church.

    I’m a sag, with a Pisces rising. If you are learning the basics, I recommend looking at the elements first. So I’m fire, with rising in water, Capricorn Venus, and Aquarius moon. Everything in the middle is a mix of fire. So there’s very little balance! If you know anything about us Sagittarius firecrackers, you know we have no boundaries, NO FILTER, and we are the most fun, and adventurous people on earth!

  8. I find it quite strange as an Aquarius woman myself that I’ve only been serious with two Aquarian men. The first I married after 6 years of dating, but soon realized he was he had no intentions of ever getting a real job. He focused on two things in life: his hardcore metal music (which I couldn’t stand) and trying to make a business in the medical marijuana industry. He never gave me enough attention, unless it was for sex. I was very bored with that relationship and began an emotional affair with another Aquarian man. Of course I left my husband before I began a true relationship with the second man. The second seemed very different… first. He was more outgoing, laid-back, and funny. He didn’t take himself too seriously. We quickly became best friends. It wasn’t until he lost his job that I could see he was similar to my ex in that he was lazy about finding a new job. Of course he blamed me for his getting bored, but for me, honestly, the honeymoon phase never faded the whole 2.5 years we were together. I don’t see him being very successful in life without more than his high school diploma and he tends to be very flighty, jumping from job to job, state to state. He’s currently out in Alaska and told me he is training for the search and rescue team at a coal mine. I have almost no doubt that he will end up back home here in California within a few years.

  9. I am an aquarius man. I feel gemini and libra are liars which aquarius does not like. For me aries, another aquarius are best match for them.

    • As Aqua woman, I completely agree about Geminis. Fortunately I’ve not been lied to by a Libra but Gemini (love/friendship) rarely works long-term.

  10. I am an Aquarius woman and want to give a little insight on what I’ve noticed dating other signs.

    I was 18 and my Aries boyfriend was 28. He was stable, nice, caring, we had a lot of fun and the sex was amazing! About 2 weeks into dating, he told me he loved me. I didn’t tell him back but liked him a lot. About 3 weeks later, he said he wanted me to move in. He couldn’t get enough of me and I thought it was strange and sweet. About 2 months into our relationship, he popped the question. It scared the heck out of me and I ran away….fast. It was an amazing relationship with the Aries but he scared me off. Maybe it was the age?

    Dated a Taurus for about 8 months while in High School. He was nice, sweet, similar interests, and caring. A little boring but was able to bring me down from the clouds. Ended up leaving him.

    Left my boyfriend at the time for a Gemini. He was very attentive, immature, loved to have sex, cared about me a lot, and made me want to cuddle. Was never a cuddler but he changed that. Left him due to him being too immature and not having a decent job or caring about his future.

    Have never been with a Cancer or Leo. Have been with 3 Libras. One was my first. It was the worst experience ever and I couldn’t talk to him after that. One was my on again off again boyfriend. He was a little older, played the guitar in a band, and was the one who taught me what being an Aquarius is all about. Was spiritually in tune and we had a great connection. Still talk to this day. They are amazing people and have great charm and know how to draw people in, but are possessive and need 24/7 attention which I was not ready to give. They need a Cancer for that.

    Was with a Virgo for 2 months. We had this amazing chemistry and felt my body buss when he was around or near. It was strange. We hung out and sex was ok. He never wanted to bring me around his friends and seemed distracted constantly. I found out he has been dating a girl for 5 years. Never talked to him again.

    Have had Scorpio friends but that is all they ever were. We got along. We are both scientists who view the world differently and like to analyze people.

    Current boyfriend of 8 years and 2 kids is a Sagi/Capi cusp. We have been through a lot. We both used to be jealous (although I’m not the type to be) but after years of being with him, he turned into my rock. No matter what emotion I go through, he is always there. He doesn’t hold grudges, is patient with me. I love how he has the Sagittarius side of him where he is fun, playful, and wants to show me a good time. Then he has the Capricorn side where he is serious about money, family life, and work. It is the perfect balance. I get into moods sometimes and he is not afraid to dish it out but at the same time leave me alone to vent. Then we go back to normal.

    Was almost with a Pisces. He was a family friend and I had a crush on him for years. He was about to go out of state and asked me to hang out. Went to his hotel (hotel!! WTF) and he laid on the bed and we started talking (me uncomfortable on the edge of course) and said he likes me and if we sleep together, i’ll be his 100th. I just got up and walked away.

    So, I have a great connection with Aries and love the push but they seem to fall too easily. Taurus is great but boring. Gemini was fun but immature. Libra cares about Libra. Virgos are dicks. Scorpios are needy. Sagi/Capi is the best mix for me. Fun and stable.

  11. I am an Aquarius woman who has dated mostly Sags. They all ended abruptly and terribly. I had an affair w/ a Gemini, but immediately was turned off when I found out he was still seeing another woman ( a Libra) on the side. I couldn’t figure out why the 2 signs I was suppose to be the most compatible w/ turned out to be the worst matches for me. I discovered I have a Pisces Moon, Venus and Mars w/Scorpio rising. I am more water than Air apparently. That is why I have such a hard time w/ Fire and Air signs. I love Pisces men. I think they are so beautiful. However, It’s a struggle w/ the Pisces man because he can be prone to drug, alcohol and mental abuse. I’ve been w/ my Pisces for 10 years and we just click. Fights were bad , but we would work them out quickly. Knowing all your other planets aspects will make it easier to find your match.

  12. I’m an Aquarian woman, my boyfriend for over a year is an Aries.
    I dated another Aquarian before and a Sagittarius. However with the Aquarius, we were TOO alike and got on each other’s nerves. That relationship lasted for 8 years. We loved each other, but we’re better off as friends. The Sag was just too frigging clingy for my liking, too competitive, and got on my damn nerves too. I hated most, the complaining, about every frigging little thing. UGH! That relationship lasted for a 1 1/2years.
    However, I am so happy with my Aries. I am so, so, so, happy. He is the perfect balance. We complement each other perfectly. He makes me happy. Feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 😀
    Love him from the moment I laid eyes on him, but I never acted like I did. I was a complete tease. He kept chasing me and since I like fun, I kept giving him a very flirtatious-hard time. I put him through so many test and he kept coming back for more. That made my heart smile. He passed all my test. Everything I put out there, he passed. Finally I gave in, because he won me over. Later asked him why he stuck around, and he admitted that he actually liked the chase.
    Omg, this guy turns me on. Sex is friggin AMAZING! Out of this world. I finally found someone I can be free with. I can be dirty and nasty in the bedroom and he’s just the same. I love it. We are both adventurous, so the bedroom is full of kinks. Omg. I LOVE having sex with this man, he satisfies my imagination. We roll off each other and talk a bit, or not, then it’s right back at it again. Deep breath, take deep breath. He aim to please. And boy does he ever. I just love the way he feels. I love pleasing my man. I do anything to make him happy. I love turning him on. And vise versa. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Equally matched. At first I was afraid of showing him my naughty ways, but the more I became comfortable and the more things I tried, the more he enjoyed it. Slowly I unleashed my wild side. I am so happy that he enjoys me being freaky. He’s always up for whatever fantasy I have in mind. I was acting all innocent when we met, kept smiling, all sweet, but underneath it all I was saying, you don’t know what’s coming for you, just wait. I love the way his body reacts. Smile. Overall, each pleases the other. Aries —->> Aquarian is the way to go.
    I love this man. I hope we stay together forever. He’s the one. From the moment we met, we both agree that we just felt it. Love at first sight. Something was different. I love him and he loves me. Can’t wait to have his babies. I love him. Oh yeah, did I say I love him, I meant to say I love him.
    Advice: Aries & Aquarians are the BEST match. We both like our space and freedom, adventurous, both like to flirt, thinkers, I love analyzing with him, thrill seekers, we’re both into fashion, outdoors, optimistic, ambitious, goal oriented, laughing, teasing, freaks in bed. Seriously if you want a well match partner get an Aquarian. But give him or her their space, just as much as you love yours and it will be the best relationship ever. Happy findings all. Good Luck.

    Oh yeah, Aquarian, you see that thing where we become too in our heads, Aries helps turn those ideas into reality. And Aries, Aquarians will push you to be your best, they always have your best at heart. Good team work. Great partnership!

    • I agree with you on the Aries. Couldn’t believe they were left off of this list. Libra is amazing also ❤

    • I had to laugh about your explaining about the saggy lollzzz i saw myself complaining about every little thing hahahaha , well as somebody complains what does it say about you ??? well i am never clingy and I dont care and Aries and Aquarius arent the best partners … you wear a pink glass , Aries are shit, dull and boring in bed , bet he never made you gush
      multiple times or squirt :)))) ,
      Well Aquarius are well known lazy bums and look fat on every aspect , might that is why you found the dull and boring Aries exciting 😛

  13. I’m an Aquarius guy and I’m in a great relationship with a Gemini girl. We really are wonderful together and love each other deeply.

  14. I met a gorgeous Aquarian man; we hit it off instantly and got on so well. We liked the same things, enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed many a debate!
    I met him online and he lived about an hour from me – he would come see me in the week even though he had work the next day and it would tire him out, we would spend every weekend together and we got to go away a few times too. We met each other’s children and would stay over when kids were around.
    He would act so selflessly towards me at times and yet, i felt always a distance. I found out that he met his ex girlfriend for dinner and he would not accept me as a friend on face book! When i questioned about his ex, he said he wouldn’t see her again as he was romantically committed to me.. i accepted this as i trusted him wholeheartedly.. He would go AWOL now and again but would always text me eventually, i recognised he was busy and gave him his space.
    We developed nicely and we declared our love for one another and he met my parents.
    After nine blissful months, he became distant once again and when i asked him what was wrong he would just say everything was ok between us.
    I felt he was hiding something from me and it bugged me why he wouldn’t add me on face book then, one day i saw on his phone that he had indeed continued to communicate with his ex girlfriend and arranged to meet her.
    The issue here is not the fact that he is still friends with her, as being a Gemini I understand this and would never impinge on his space, but more the fact that he lied to me. Over the rest of the day he became very distant and wouldn’t talk to me about it although we remained loving towards each other. i left him the following morning and I was not to hear from him again. After four days of hell, I texted him but no reply. I then found him back on the website where we first met.
    My heart sank and i felt enraged! I phoned him only to get voice mail; i left him a message telling him what i had just seen and how hurt i was. I felt totally confused by his actions and wondered how he could turn 180 degrees on me, when i thought we were so close.
    I did not receive any message, explanation, or apology and I am left to feel very hurt and confused.
    He has removed his profile picture from face book and is no longer on any online dating site ( or so it seems). The silence however is killing me, for being a Gemini i demand communication, but it seems he has completely detached himself from the situation.

    I am now lost, empty, confused, angry and deeply hurt. Deep down i believe he did love me and didn’t do anything to intentionally ruin the relationship, but the evidence i see makes me feel that he was just out for a good time. I also think we did get serious and this scared him, especially as i became emotional towards him, telling him how i feel.
    I am unsure of the reason as he wont talk to me, but i hope that he is hurting as much as me.

    I hope he comes back to me as this will reassure me that what we had was real, however, i need to face the fact that he has simply gone forever, for if he really loved me, he would at least try.

    The good thing about being me, is that i can be logical and detach myself too, so i will put this amazing relationship down to experience and go and live my life without him.

    Gemini – Aquarian relationships are hard work but i think it has the potential to be truly magical if they spend the time to get to know each other once the initial passion has worn off.

    • Just give him some more time for he is an aquarian and will be back when his problem is resolved!! This might take some long time indeed! But Be hopeful Stella! By the time you shall concentrate on your life!

    • Sorry Stella, this is how we can become when we don’t want to deal with breakups. You deserved closure in this situation and it sounds like he couldn’t give you that. This is one of our really bad sides if we’re not careful about it.

    • This doesn’t really aply to relationships but……. im an aquarius female and i dunno why but i always find it easier to get along and joke around with guys rather than other girls/women……. does this have anything to do with being aquarius or no? And no, im not a lesbian…..

      • It depends on what signs you’re dealing with. I bet you’d make great friends with a fellow Aquarius gal pal, a sag, libra, or leo! Do your homework. I bet you’ll see a pattern. Taurus women are the absolute hardest women to get along with! Unless you enjoy being all about them, and your life is hidden behind their ginormous egos! Beware of earth sign women, water sign women are all about their men, but fire sign women will give you their everything! Gal pals are important! Good luck! 🙂

  15. I’m an Aquarius who is absolutly head over heels in love with a leo\virgo cusp! Everyday is an adventure.In our relationship there is never a dull moment! We love to argue but love what comes after. In the bedroom is incredible! But when we take a break it truly hurts like you wouldn’t believe! This is by far the most crazy and interesting relationship i’ve ever been in and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  16. I am an Aquarius woman and I’ve dated Pisces, Libra, Cancer/Leo cusp, Aries, Saggitarius.

    The Pisces: his head was so in the clouds, he was so in la-la land our whole relationship and never mentally stimulating. He was way too sensitive and I always felt like I was walking on eggshells. Aquarians ARE communicative and we don’t like feeling like we have to hold back our true feelings to spare someone else’s. He and I had a child together and it continues to be a constant EFFORT on both sides to stay civil for our daughter’s sake.

    The Libra: he was really detached. Aqua women are happy with platonic relationships but also need attention to balance it out once in a while. Libra always felt like his feelings were more important than my own, and he was always jealous and suspicious that I was up to something. Oh, and the temper on these guys when you bruise their ego..WATCH OUT. Like someone mentioned here, Libra’s seem to be more in love with the IDEA of a relationship than actually having one. Next…..

    Cancer/Leo: BLISSFUL. We rushed into a relationship and ended up crashing and burning, possibly due to age/maturity (I was only 20) but we got along great and I loved how he adored all the little things about me. He wasnt hesistent to put a ring on it and commit to me fully, however, like mentioned above, Cancers are homebodies and it was very difficult to get him out and socialize. He too, was quite sensitive and wasn’t able to handle the forwardness of Aquarians and my “dreamer” personality. I love Leo’s as people and I always get along with them great.

    Aries: He was my best friend. Simple as that. We got along great as friends, but as soon as serious situations came our way, we faltered. He was sensitive as well (maybe Im just too direct lol) and his feelings seemed to get hurt easily, he was also EXTREMELY jealous. He was super aggressive and when he got a little butt-hurt, he would run off and seek revenge by ignoring me, partying, and seeing other women. Today, we are still friends. And he is the only ex I’ve remained friends with.

    The Sagg: We had alot of FUN together and I feel like we just got each other’s random goofy, playful tendencies. He had the patience to deal with my ever changing moods, and would try to understand the reason for them. He never judged me or made me feel like I wasn’t all that and a bag of chips, however this sign was extremely unstable. Job to job to job, never knew if he was coming or going. He had a hard time with honesty, I never knew whether to believe him or not, which caused major trust issues. As soon as an Aquarius feels they cant trust you, it’s game over. We NEED stability in our lives, often as an anchor to hold us down when we are floating away day dreaming. I need someone to balance me out and I felt that he made things even more difficult. He liked going out even more than me and I often felt the need to pull the other way to keep some kind of balance. Therefore, I didnt feel like I could be my true self. I would definitely date another Saggitarius as this might have been due to upbringing more than the sign itself.

    • Yes you are right about each one, I think other signs in their chart play a factor. I had tons of fun with my Sagittarius, but they are never stable. Aries are followers rather than leaders, so they are easily persuaded. Cancer, drama is all I can say about this. Leo, too emotional for me. Gemini no guarantee if they will be there today or tomorrow. Libras, have many lovers, and a lot of secrets. Taurus, never. Virgo, choke me now. Capricorn, very deceptive and has mental issues, he was delusional. Pisces, baby by him as well, they are immature, poor with money and have angry fits like a kid. Scorpios, sleep with everyone, and aren’t too bright. An another Aquarius, I’m still working on it, but the last three, were psycho.

      • I’ve had one libra lady who wasn’t being satisfied by her other man, but instead of breaking up with him, she decided to become a two timer, she really appreciated the big dreams I’ve got for my life and really encouraged me to go for the gold. After breaking up with her without telling her, I started dating a Leo with 2 kids who turned into a flake, she ended up getting mugged, which sent her to the hospital, than she went back again after she said she started feeling sick and they sent her home after telling her she had a tumor in the same spot where she was hit, ironically, her attackers took everything but her phone.

        Now I’m stuck choosing between another Libra who’s currently homeless and really wants to be with me who still has feelings for her ex who’s beat on her and has cheated on her who’s also going to prison for domestic violence and a Virgo who absolutely does not want to leave her friends and relatives by relocating for a relationship, she’d rather me move to Arizona to live with her than to do the opposite, although she does love to travel and would be open to living in what would be for me, a vacation property in her hometown in Arizona.

        She’s employed, but lives with her parents at the age of 24 5/6 and even though we started off “just friends” (in spite of meeting on a dating site), I have a feeling that if I decide to follow her to Arizona, even if it’s just for vacations cause I feel the same way about my hometown, I had to come back after 6 1/2 years of missing LA. Having said that, she has also mentioned that her father grew up in Santa Anna, so after awhile, she might get to the point of deciding it’s worth leaving her friends, especially if they start moving out of Arizona and a few of them come out to the LA area.

        The Libra, on the other hand, will definately be ready to meet me in person sooner, especially if the Virgo and I miss our chance encounter that could be coming up soon since she and her family will be driving through LA to get to their vacation in San Fransisco, so I guess my decision will be made once I’ve paid cash for my first house since I’m currently living in a boarding home, which means I don’t have a place for either lady at this time.

        I have a feeling the homeless Libra will still be homeless by the time I become a homeowner and will be so glad to finally get off the streets and to be living with her future hubby at the same time, how long she’ll be willing to wait for me to pull through, though, is another matter, given that she’s homeless and the abusive relationship she’s trying to hold onto, though, it doesn’t seem likely she’ll jump for anyone other than me or her ex once he’s released, which if she jumps in that direction, I have a feeling she’ll pay with her life for making that mistake and that her ex will be doing 25 to life for murder if the two get back together.

      • Hahaha you are totally right! I couldn’t agree more! Especially the part about the nut case caps! Scary!

  17. .i have been in relationship with two taurus girls , first was six years ago wasn’t much of relationship ,but one things there despite all uniqueness and shortcomings aquarians are honest well most off and straightforward and they follow Quakers exhortation they stick to one point but will change their stand but you have to show the logic , they are open book and you open up honestly and tell them what you want they wont haunt you , its the indifference , mystery and unfaithfulness that angers . They are mostly lost in imbroglio and soul searching themselves which makes them lonely .
    Taurus as you rightfully defend yourself without revealing your guard .lemme tell you first girl i had relationship or it wasn’t much of relationship was mess , she lived in her own fantasy world ,lived in books which makes you yearn for someone imaginery , and started lying lies that can be caught easily . a total drama queen whose adrenaline was so high ,forgot to take life as it came or things slowly wanted everything all answers without giving time so quickly as if she had a target of ten relationships to complete . When you have something on Mind you have to be honest something a taurean can’t.
    Second Girl the same after 6 Years exactly same things happened Came running after me when i pushed her cried , fickle minded went after another guy again came back like a bitch with a tongue out .
    I’ve got another taurean is after me simply , same drama, this girl went a bit ahead messaging everyday like crazy for sex and everything .
    So taureans for me are emotional wreck , Like monkeys they are wont let go of one branch till they get hold of another and also never stay on one branch the moment they are in sight of better prospect would leave , Like flowing water .they’ll make guys fucking emotional fool and leave indiferently .From ” i wont tolerate a scratch on your face to who are you ”. Better they stay single having occasional sex when they want to rather than wrecking a guys emotional and mental peace .
    i Would say aquarians and taureans can never go together , aquarians need for independence and lonelyness can never be respected by taurean .

  18. I am a virgo and I am dating a aquarius guy… we have been together for quite some time now and we understand each other’s needs well…. both physical and emotional…. he does like his lone time as I do like mine… we give each other our space… n in retrn we givr each other all the love we can muster… hes possessive and caring bt knows when 2 stop.. best thng bout him is he is loyal n never cheats… I trust hm n he trusts me bck… I love everythn bout hm… n so nt necessarily all virgos n aquarians dont gel. ..

  19. I am a virgo and I am with an aquarius guy… we have been 2gthr 4 quite some time now… we understnd each other’s needs well.. be it physical and emotional.. yes he does lyk hs lone tym n dt I give to him and yes I hve to mke d 1st move if I want smthn 4m hm but in return he gives me all the love he can muster… I like the way he’s possessive and caring towards me.. both ov us like adventures so we keep tryin smthn new…. best thng bout him he is loyal n never cheats…I luv hs fun loving attitude and everythng bout him.. so nt necessarily all virgos n aquarians dont gel well…

  20. I am dating a aquarius guy n I am a virgo…. we have been together 4 quite some time now and we understand each other’s needs well… be it emotional or physical… yes many times he prefers to stay alone but thats his time for himself and I don’t bug him about it… and in return he gives me all the love he can muster… we have always got along well… I love adventures and he does too.. trying something new always… best part about him he never cheats on anyone… and I also love the way he’s possessive and caring towards me… so its not necessary that all virgos n aquarians don’t gel…

  21. I’m an Aquarius woman who is in love with a Leo man AND a Virgo man. Leo is loving and attentive, but sometimes it seems we have little in common. Virgo and I share the same brain, but I come 4th, 6th, 20th in his line of importance. PLEASE help…

  22. Aquarius girl currently dating a Sagittarius guy….times can be very trying between us but all said and done nobody’s perfect and every relationship takes work and dedication…

  23. I’m a Scorpio women falling head over heels for a Aquarius man… Any stories of this mix?? Should I go for it?

    • what does your gut tell you? proceed with caution. LOL

      yes they are the awesomest in my opinion.. aqua guys can jive with you intellectually and can handle your sarcasm. but what made me fall for that aqua the most is, when it starts to get snappy and heated he pours cold water on me and just laugh it off. bottomline it didnt work out, when he asked that I show him how intense a scorpio can get, i warned him and yet he persisted and I obliged. And yeah he run off, got scared.

    • That would be a very big mistake. Coming from an Aquarius man who was with a Scorpio woman for 5 miserable yrs. Don’t do it

  24. I have to say – I AM A TAURUS FEMALE who has crossed paths with AQUARIUS MALES whom have mostly deemed to be pitiful suitors.

    HOWEVER, I think I may have finally met ONE AQUARIUS MALE, who seems to be perfect, so successful, perfect kisser, sex is soooo amorous, romantic, yet dominating and leaves me wanting more and more. Quite the cuddler… I cannot believe I am not repulsed by him in any way?! I have only encountered little boy aquarians (26-28 yr olds) who have had no experience, but only their obsession.

    Is it a possible that there may actually be a chance for a Taurus Female and Aquarius Male to be great lovers? Life long relationship type?? Thoughts? Experiences Anyone??? … Or, sadly, No??

    I have had quite ‘repulsive’ experiences with two anxious Aquarius guys. We’re talking serious anxiety, family problems, deep insecurities (suicidal, for one) and complete obsession over me and no hiding it, either one.. My thoughts: #boyneedstogrowup #growapair … did them both a favor by saying #itsmenotyou , or to one (who deserved it) “i have no interest in seeing you at all”, only to leave me alone. All said in a kind and respectful way, but somewhat a tough love manner. Both were horrible kissers. Sex was horrible.

    Doesn’t matter the sign, I girl can always tell by the kiss.


    • You could be describing my ex, controlling, anger, jealous… and then there’s the charming side, great sex, brill kisser, attentive… if he’s a 13th Feb, please don’t go there. Any other dated but 13/2!! Good luck for the future

    • well i agree with you , but beg to differ .i have been in relationship with two taurus girls , first was six years ago wasn’t much of relationship ,but one things there despite all uniqueness and shortcomings aquarians are honest well most off and straightforward and they follow Quakers exhortation they stick to one point but will change their stand but you have to show the logic , they are open book and you open up honestly and tell them what you want they wont haunt you , its the indifference , mystery and unfaithfulness that angers . They are mostly lost in imbroglio and soul searching themselves which makes them lonely .
      Taurus as you rightfully defend yourself without revealing your guard .lemme tell you first girl i had relationship or it wasn’t much of relationship was mess , she lived in her own fantasy world ,lived in books which makes you yearn for someone imaginery , and started lying lies that can be caught easily . a total drama queen whose adrenaline was so high ,forgot to take life as it came or things slowly wanted everything all answers without giving time so quickly as if she had a target of ten relationships to complete . When you have something on Mind you have to be honest something a taurean can’t.
      Second Girl the same after 6 Years exactly same things happened Came running after me when i pushed her cried , fickle minded went after another guy again came back like a bitch with a tongue out .
      I’ve got another taurean is after me simply , same drama, this girl went a bit ahead messaging everyday like crazy for sex and everything .
      So taureans for me are emotional wreck , Like monkeys they are wont let go of one branch till they get hold of another and also never stay on one branch the moment they are in sight of better prospect would leave , Like flowing water .they’ll make guys fucking emotional fool and leave indiferently .From ” i wont tolerate a scratch on your face to who are you ”. Better they stay single having occasional sex when they want to rather than wrecking a guys emotional and mental peace .
      i Would say aquarians and taureans can never go together , aquarians need for independence and lonelyness can never be respected by taurean .

      • @callousattitude – i am a Taurus female and am quite comfortable with solidarity and independence. … Appreciate your two cents on Taurus/Aquarius compatibility. Thanks!!!:)

    • Let me expand on this – Same Taurus Female here:

      I have 2 best friends in my life, women, both who are Aquarius Sun, both born January 21, 1987 (same month, date and year). I met them at different, individual, points in my life – one during childhood/high school, the other during adult/post-college time. Both friends deal with extreme anxiety. The friend from childhood was diagnosed as “bi-polar” and moved across the country after her IVY League graduation, as well grew up under great pressure from her parents. My other Aquarius friend, currently deals with daily levels – high and low – of anxiety. She has no personality disorder (Although i’m sure ppl who don’t know her well enough would say she is overtly opinionated and might, lol, but she definitely does not and it is all smart/wise advice). She as well deals with great pressures from her parents.

      Anyways, one of the Aquarius men I mentioned before this post – an old college friend that dated briefly last year (note: he is not the suicidal-lying Aquarius, nor the “ONE AQUARIUS MALE, who seems to be perfect” for me as referenced above), he was always just “a friend” to me (TAURUS female) and never let his intimate feelings/intentions be known to me until he suddenly came into my life after 3 years later. He told me that most of his friends are Taurus’s. I related as my two best/life-long friends are Aquarius’s. As well, he suffers from daily anxiety.

      I don’t know, it’s strange to me … from the friend stand point, I can handle the Aquarius anxious personality. As with my best friends (female Aquarians). And I support them through it, motivate them to maintain strong positive mind-set. But after reflecting on dating 3 different Aquarius men, I have experienced great levels of their “anxiety”, or personalities, or pure insecurities while dating Me may it be. When dating them, I saw the Aquarius male’s anxiety – if it was that – as a weakness.

      Maybe it is my Taurus perspective, what i seek in a partner – that he has to be strong. I do not mean physically strong, but he has to be mentally strong and positive. There is a difference in what one perceives as “weak”.

      I think it’s so strange how Taurus and Aquarius can maintain life-long friendships, but not an intimate soul-mate level relationship, be it at the least a compatible zodiac match for dating.

  25. I am an aquarius man who is dating an aquarius woman, I have said some things the other night that hurt her…. but at the same time I hurt myself cause now she si thinking of leaving me…. I tried to apologize for what I said because i realized the things that were said were hurtful and they were said out of anger, I am grasping for any help as to what to do, I don’t wnat us to end I want us to be together till the end of time I love this girl with all my heart…. but idk if she can ever forgive me…. basically I’m looking for any advice? What should I do?

    • I hope it worked out OK but if you told her what you wrote here it would have worked for me. That’s all you would have needed to say – even if you just let her read what you wrote because it is too hard to say.

  26. I am an aquarian boy…..I am too much aloof and dont want too many people around me…I am so independent type. This is true that aquarius are sensitive and logical.I am really good with computers and develop softwares too easily. Most of people do mistakes about judging me….I am so unpredictable. As for compatibility I like to be with a Libra girl….they are great….and most of girls I know they are libra….I like gemini too because they are witty…..saggittarious are my best friends….they think in the same way I think…..cancer looks so emotional to me and they look so insecure with their life…taurus I dont want to be with them….they are so grounded and like to be my friend but dont understand me completely.
    I am so much workholic…..and what ever I do sooner or later I rock the world of that field.
    Libra is my best choice as a girlfriend….they are graceful and balance my life…..and most of the time they dont talk to me but when they talk its a huge conversation with them….and also they like my unpredictibility and sensitivity….capricon I dont understand them…most of them blame others for their own mistakes and look so selfish to me.
    virgo like order but they are good friends.

  27. I am an Aquarius Man, and honestly we are all about Love and how to see it in different ways, and i only heard but amazing in bed… just saying. anyways yes were are very emotional and very protective, but we are easy to love. Just Love us the way you want to Love us for who we are and i will guarantee you that we (aquarians) will only do what is in our nature to love you back with much love. Just love us and we will forever Love you.

    • Very True! I am an aquarian women who would do anything for my mate, except sacrifice myself/belifs. We love fiercly, but it is hard to find someone who can appreciate that, worthy of that full emotion, or is not scared away from that.

    • Yes, you are right!! I have fallen in love with my long time friend! We both are aquarians and I know the relationship is really getting close than ever! But still I just love him keeping him at a distance – where the friendship zone demarcates! we both know each other very well and he is my buddy! For us friendship is more valuable than just romance but interestingly the spark come so intense that I feel so comfortable to enjoy it! This is painful to not tell what is in my heart but it is our friendship that I value more!! u know all the silly talk and the way we accept us!!

  28. I’m dating an Aqua-man and he brings the best out In me, we both have our moments but what relationship doesn’t we get along great, our friendship is so deep we relate in so many ways. Every time we get to talk on a different level we laugh and laugh and keep each other happy. I love my honey Aquarius is the way to go!

  29. Is a girl Pisces a perfect match for a Aquarian boy?

  30. I am Aquarius Sun, a Pisces Moon and a Capricorn Venus. The moon affects your emotions. Venus affects your approach to love. My best matches are Capricorn (very sensual and keeps me grounded), Libra (they sometimes cheat, but damn their hot) & Scorpio (they are kinky but possessive which is ok unless it turns into jealousy). Bad signs for me: Gemini lie and cheat and I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. Cancer & Pisces are just big babies and divas. Leo and Aries are fun but in love with themselves which leaves no room for me. Virgo and Taurus want to rule my life and that ain’t happening. Sagittarius and Aquarius are too much like me…we either hate each other or can’t keep our hands off each other but eventually grow emotionally distant.

    The moral to this story is that you need to know your Sun, Moon and Venus to know who you mutually attract. The year and place of birth also matter.

  31. I’m a taurus woman and although I like the stability I am also free spirited and like living on the edge! My Aquarian man compliments me just fine! I give him his space as he gives me mines!!! I’m gonna take my chances

  32. i am an aquarius girl and i am in true love with a Cancer. i hurt him long ago and i regret every damn second of what i said. i love him deeply and there are most definetly feelings between us though im not sure what exactly. aquarius is an AIR sign not water, and no matter what i love a cancer so LOVELY91 above me; FUCK YOU I LOVE A CANCER AND I DONT GIVE A SHIT WHAT ANYONE THINKS!

  33. I see why Taureans and Aquarians don’t work I dated an Aquarian for 10 months, and he was overly possesive and very about himself . He would always victimize himself and never give me the stability I needed . Eventually we broke up and he was a no show in our sons life . Go figure .

  34. I am an Aquarian man. I was married to a Scorpio for over 30 yrs. We got up one morning, looked at each other and said, Who R U?? Was over 8 yrs ago and I feel like someone unlocked my shackles and let me soar….. (but the sex was good) but lotz of bitchin.. lol

  35. P.S I am a Libra, the best starsign of course = ]

  36. Men aquari…an advice for all aquaris.. if an aquarious learn how make firsy move they will have a happy life..

  37. what might happen, i’m married to a taurus man??!!!

  38. i am libra man and its hard to find a aquarius women.i really love aquarius because my mom is a aquarius…very kind to others..

  39. im an aquarian man and my advice is that we can basically get along with any sign except for Taurus, I fuckin hates Tauruses myself, dated one for a while, big mistake, we are just not compatible

  40. I’m an Aquarian and I loathe Gemini and Libra men. Fickle, shallow, vain, slutty, passive-aggressive and dishonest–I’ve yet to deal with one that didn’t have me reaching for a gun.

    Virgos, and all the water signs, aren’t much better, although Pisces men usually make excellent friends. As long as they’re the more stable types, not the loser Pisces types, like my scumbag father.

    Aquarius, Leo and Sagittarius are on my definitely maybe list. Taurus and Capricorn are on the “don’t balk, give him a try!” list. Some of my closest male friends have been Taurus men. They’re awesome!

    The guarantee of a great relationship for me is Aries. The men. Not the women. My mother is an Aries, and I spend all my time teaching her where boundaries are. That’s been the story of my life with all Aries women. Now the men–they’re incredible. Love is as easy as playing like a kid with them. They’re usually great in bed, too!

  41. Thank you for this. I have just come out of a relationship with an Aries woman and I am an Aquarian male. I agree with “woolness,” we need the other to make the first move then we’re off. Plus again as “woolness,” said all we need is total trust then we will empower the world.

  42. Aquarius is NOT A WATER..If Aquarius was a Water we would just be a puddle of water not moving, not doing anything, AQUARIUS=THE AIR THAT MOVES THE WAVES OF LIFE,PROSPERITY,INTELLECT.

  43. Hi All..I am an aquarian woman and I must say that we are very sensual beings…very stylish..intelligent and our passion runs deep…although we are easily turned off by ignorance,coldheartedness..and clinging to name a few..we pretty much get along with everyone as long as we are respected.I also find that I hate to me misunderstood..and strive for peace on all levels.In a relationship we are loyal and considerate..we like to be stimulated mentally, physically, and a different article it was written that Aquarians have low sex drive..That is completely fact Sex with Aquarius is on a different level, we experience and enjoy sex with all of our is otherworldy..we savor every bit of the act.Although we do have dominating characteristics we don’t mind being dominated in the bedroom,yet either way is we like to please..once u spark our interest and can keep us entertained,the emotions will flow,thus the symbol of the water bearer..although we ARE air signs..HINT: mental stimulation is the best aphrodisiac to an Aquarian..and whoever reported that aquarians lack communicative skills r wrong..we are great communicators and we tend to verbalize our feelings and emotions as we are logical and rational thinkers,with a tendecy to be hopeless romantics..and dreamers.We like the easy going personality types..down to earth..good sense of humor..and rational.we can also love a challenge..and have no problem with playing the role of the hunter..its only when we get bored that we withdraw.We must feel appreciated and free to roam..but with our loyal nature we will always return from our mental explorations.In aquarius you have a loyal companion,true friend,understanding,compasssion,and forgiveness.Only when we feel betrayed,used,r belittled and irritated beyond end that the temperament changes u can drown in the water bearers we r always ready to reconcile differences.

    • I agree with you from the very beginning to the very end, you did not skip a beat. I thank God I’m an aquarian we aren’t selfish nor materialistic but have no problem achieving anything we want and we are good at anything we try blessed aren’t we. I disagree with all the horoscopes that say we have very low sex drive they are DEAD WRONG-as well as them saying we’re the wonderer not so we’re over thinkers that’s the creative nature and people don’t get it—like my partner I want to discuss money makng she wants to talk about her dog or cat…argh! Wilkena I love your post you are so right on it.

  44. Can a Aquarian men & a piscescan woman be together ..? Because , my boyfriend is a Aquarian theses days .. he keep being very cold but i confirm he is not a two-timer. Everytime , he just text me with one sentence ‘ okay , nvm , sorry , bye , nights , hahah’ Does this shows that he shows no feelings to pisces ? Or he is just busy ?

  45. I’m a Aries and with an Aquarius man. We both love each other very much and our styles works together. However, with me, my Aquarian man spends too much time in being aloof and having private times away from me. He’s around only on his terms. Money, fun and friends are very important. Not in that order. He’s fun and energetic very spontaneous. We talk well with one another but as suggested above they are very sensitive to some topics and will get very defensive not just with you but for you also. Can be pushy and demanding if you let them. I suggest making plenty of things for you both to do together for they love new and exciting things, places and people.

  46. this really hits the nail on the head. i love being an aquarian woman 🙂
    ps- my mom is a libra and we truly get along great

  47. wasss up with leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I am of the sign Aquarius, I agree.

  49. Hm. Well, I’m a leo and ever since I found out that aquarius’ were my opposite sign I was highly intrigued by them. I would always happen to meet one and we’d find each other somewhat fascinating and over time we’d end up developing a very close friendship. I’ve dated 3 aquarius men (leo female) and they all were completely different from one another. the only thing they all had in common was the intellectual and logical air about them. Which I enjoyed immensely. All of them were writers and somewhat conflicted but very easy going, witty and humorous. I’m not a fan for heavy emotional attachment. I’m very independent and goal oriented and I like having a partner who’s the same. The guy I’m dating right now is an aquarius and he’s absolutely wonderful. We started off as friends and friendship became a relationship and its been terrific ever since.

  50. Despite their incommunicado behavior, the Aquarian is ready to kick ass and take names. Born with the fighting instinct as a natural part of their character, the need to take on causes and to lead the charge toward change, can many times translate into a fierce desire to see their lover succeed. They can be like a cheerleader, pom-poms in hand, secretly directing the movement of all those around their loved one, so as to ensure success. But beware of the Aquarius’ inner leader, since organizing lovers and friends can lead to relationships feeling out of balance and may cause people to draw away from you.

  51. I’m a libra (girl) and i just cant get Over my Aqua man/Boy..
    We have alot of Complications in understanding One another ,its like we’re from two different worlds except We’re not ! ..he’s very sweet and charming ..soo Unpredictable..
    And i try to support him a much as i can ….Just hope its worth it..And not a waste of time 🙂

  52. I am a aquarius women. I’ve dated a taurus over 3 years and it took me a while to realiize we were both different but he was very attach. Then I’ve dated an aries I have to say wow everything seemed perfect but since I let my best friend who’s a leo she was involved and had her two sense in our biz all the time, it ended in a month. Then dated an aquarian man big mistake he was to immature for me acted like a kid. I’ve dated a capricorn :/ I have to say I agree with “mila82” its true. I’ve put everything in that relationship but its a no. But now I’m dating a libra man and I have to say its really good so far but just on my toes

  53. i am a taurus, and i was with an aquarious man for a little over 3 years. it was like love at first sight, and our realtionship was amazing. we fought ALOT and when is was bad it was terrible, but when things were going good, they were great. we ended about 7 months ago, and there are still mutual feelings. towards the end of our relationship he became very closed off and wouldn’t let me into his emotions. i still love him and always will, i have this weird feelin that we are meant to be.

  54. I am in love with an aquarius woman, they are a lot of work, and although she tells me she loves me (very difficult for an aquarius), she doesn’t show it. It doesn’t phase her if we don’t talk for days and when I mention it to her, she doesn’t seem surprised. She never thinks about coming over in the middle of the nite like I would expect a lover of 3 years to do. Too practical and not a romantic bone in her body. I don’t think aquarians know what love is, they think they do but they are wrong!

  55. gorgeous, loved it , feels like somebody understands me!

  56. well i am an aquarius woman been married to a scorp fight thats all our relationship was, and then i married a leo worse. he was such a control freak but was very affectionate but cheap. then i meet an aries its okay but he is not into talking. i miss that with the leo we always talked. but i never fight with the aries man. and when we do its over in minutes and quiet. this is the best relationiship i have had. an my aries man knows i would never cheat or leave him as i am not into cheating and looking else where.

  57. Well said, Libra men are aswesome while the relationship match with Virgo’s ix a disaster waiting to happen. I did not see you mention Aries as a good relationship match, but based on my readings Aries seem to come up a lot as a good match for Aquarius women. Aries men are similar to Libra men, very easy going and peaceful, understands and can tolerate the unpredictability of the Aquarius woman!

  58. AQUARIUS IS NOT A WATER SIGN IT IS AN AIR SIGN. True, common mistake.
    To K.M.M: I completely understand why you’d work with a Gemini/Cancer. Gemini is obviously a perfect match from Aquarius. But as an Aquarius I can honestly say that the one thing that has always bothered me about Gemini is that they could be just a little most sensitive towards my feelings. And Cancers are all about being sensitive and being a good listener. So I can see how that would be a wonderful mix!!

    There is also a lot of talk about Sagttaruis on here. I would say this is a good combo, IF you can find some stability. Sagittarius and Aquarius are both airy people who love peace and just to relax. Therefore their flaw would be found in the lack of order. I’m sure it would be an enjoyable relationship while it lasts (great conversation!)

    Virgos and Aquarians, I’m sorry I would say don’t even go there. I tried and it was a mess, it was so difficult to avoid argument and I honestly just confused him to no end with my every move.

    I love Capricorns! It is true we are a horrible mix, but they are soo sweet and do try so hard! It just can’t work. It’s not easy to understand Aquarians.

    Lovely91, that is an odd comment. True, cancers aren’t a good mix. But I don’t think I’d agree that Aquarians are self centered at all. Like I’ve said before, just misunderstood.

    I’ve also had bad experience with Libra. I see why they would work though. It was only one so maybe that was a more personal situation. Is it just me or do Libra’s seem not loyal?

    I’ve never had a full on relationship with a Gemini, and I’m curious. We meet at a good intellectual level but I don’t know what the love life would be like. Anyone?

  59. im an aquarian male and i tell you what, i love my adventures and logic and tinkering, but girls of any other sign this should not make them scared to love and aquarius male cause if you can get his attention then his attention stays on you…as distant as we may seem aquarians are very loyal =P as for all the coming and going and adventures shit, tag along it makes life so much more interesting

  60. best matches definatley aries or libra (:and thats a fact

  61. I am an Aquarius and I have been in a relationship with a virgo for almost 5 years. I know crazy right? our relationship is always unpredictable, its either Really Good or Really Bad. I definitely find that his criticism gets to me and he tells me that he never knows what I’m thinking, but I feel like most of the time we bring out the very best in each other. however there are times when we bring out the worst too. We have so much fun together though and we both have the weirdest senses of humor! At any rate i think he is definitely a catch. We have gone through a lot together-the thing I love his stability and I can always rely on him to do what needs to be done whereas I am more prone to procrastination.

  62. I, Aquarius girl, had a nearly 6 yr relationship with Libra man and it wasn’t worth it. they are more in love with idea of love than knowing how to love a person. too cold for my taste, even tho we can be cold also, at least we are humanitarians. I also don’t like cunning ways of Geminis. too many white lies, so i’d rather keep it casual friendship level. Definitely not much connection with Earth and Water signs. Cancer is freak’n completely irrational and clingy, Taurus too materialistic, and Virgo, way too boring and ancient. Better off just sticking with another Aquarian in long run or maybe tolerate vain Leo.

  63. I don’t like Aquarian men. They are too self center, very nosey and too much of a debater to me. They are always on the go and doesn’t have any laid back style about them. I am a Cancer woman. Cancer and Aquarius relationship is a big ‘NO-NO’!

  64. Poopy, I’m saddened that capricorn wasn’t mentioned but I know why.. The aquairian (me) is too free spirited for the capricorn. Though our relationship is passionate its either “tra la la” amazing or “r we kidding ourselves. me must end it!!!!”. Poor capricorn is always trying to tame me and I really do try.. but the only thing that is going to tame this dame is myself. aaah.. poopy.

  65. Aquarius men…*sigh* lol

    They are a lot of work I tell ya. They dont show their emotions, they love to play “chase”, they are not afraid to ask you for $! LOL Very clever beings though…lovers of art & music like myself…always offers a VERY different point of view….the BEST (and I do mean BEST) sex I have ever had….and always seem to keep my guessing.

    I’m a libra woman by the way… but Aquarius men make me scared! LOL They are so unpredictable…and I’m not sure if giving them my heart will mean I will get it back in pieces. 😦

  66. omg im interested in an aquarian atm, and im a gemini. this sounds exactly like him! good to know we will suite eachother 😛 ahah

  67. I’m in love with an Aquarian man, and I made the first move. He wants to take things slow. Sometimes he does show his affection towards mem but at times seems really cold with all his “realistic” logics. It’s frustrating, but I’m willing to give him enough time, as the above article totally supports what I’ve come to know about him so far. By the way, I’m a Libra woman. 🙂

  68. Thank you–this is awesome!

  69. my dad’s an aquarius and we’re like best friends. we have alot in common example: (looks.. lol) and.. personality PLUS he understands me.. unlike my mom who’s a virgo.

  70. I am an Aquarius and every man I’ve ever had a connection with was Libra. The attraction is exciting. Just recently I met a guy and was hesitant on giving him a chance.So we’re texting each other back and forth. I ask him what his sign was and in the time of me waiting for a response I’m saying to myself: “Please be a Libra”. He was! Thank goodness. Althoug I cant say the same about Geminis.

  71. Good article.

    I’m an aquarian and my boyfriend is a piscean. Although i love him, i find that it is very hard for me to get along with him. I love to be intellectually/creatively simulated and have a mad drive to fulfill all my ambitions in life. He however is only focus on our love and that is all. I am annoyed as i find feel that he is lazy. I also feel that love is time consuming. Are we going to last?

    • hi do your self and him a favor dont go on with it a total waste of time for you both

    • you’re prob not with him anymore…but if you feel like that tell him…instead of just complaining on here…im guessing you’re not communicating with him if you’re on here…from a pisces.

  72. I feel that an Aries is also compatiable with an Aqurius.I am an Aries female and my man is an aqurius and we get along just fine.

  73. We like tools but hate beanie babies, so while drunk we use email and text to tell people whats up…We do not grow up until we fall in love/marriage, then all of our short comings come to a halt and our power is released. Its the trust factor, once that is on par then we help man kind to evolve.

  74. If you are interested in an Aquarius man, then just kiss him on the lips, we like the confidence in our women..don’t even ask……Then we will express how we feel pretty quickly. We are inner energizers of the earth the symbol of power but like Kaiser Soeze, you will never know where we will be next! So open our power.

  75. aquarius men are hard tolive with iam a virgo women and it has been hell for thirteen years i am ready to give up

  76. I am a Sagttaruis women and I go with a aquaruis man. We do get along tother. But We don;t spend to much time tother because we both work two jobs. We need that time togther and I do miss him He calls me But I would rather see him at least two times in a week.

  77. Thank you for this insight. As much as I would love to agree with every word of the matches section, I must say that I am involved in an intimate relationship with a man who is on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer…and I have never been so happy in my life. I have also had lovely relationships with Libra and Scorpio men…but thus far, Cancer/Gemini seems the best fit for me. Thank you.


  79. im cancerian, and sure we fite a lot but i love her and she loves me wer fine

  80. Agreed. I love me an aquarius man

  81. how can a aqua girl last with sagg guy?

    • most sag has reputation of screwing over aquarius. celebrity examples: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. they are not as much dreamers as aquarius and can be hypocrites.

  82. wassup with aquarius female and saggitarius male?

  83. So true!

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