Pisces Women

She likes to be in a dream world than to be in reality. She is weak and sensitive when it’s come to “Love”. She can cry if her best friend is breaking up, and she can be over excited when her friend gets a new boy friend that is a good-looking and rich even it is nothing concerned her at all.

You might be surprise to see that she is shy just because she is in love. More or less it will be in Pisces woman. She loves small animal and gifted in training animals. She has sixth senses and she can guess what will happen next, it’s her nature. Even she has a good sixth senses, she can not pick or foreseen her own choice of lover.

She can not tell if she meet a sincere guy or a one-night stand guy. She likes to buy and pick her own cloths. She likes to dress cute and be cute. Pisces woman tend to be a good-looking woman and she has a nice skin.Her hands and feet are small and soft. Pisces woman loves to shop for shoes as if she collects them. She is a hot woman that everyone wants her.

Whether she has a man in her life or not, she will never try to over-power any man. It’s not even in her thought. She thinks man can handle things better, and she will make her man feel that way. She is an easy going person, so being with her is easy. She is a confident woman and likes to make people who stay with her happy.

She knows how to please and how to comfort a man. If something is wrong, she will try to make other people belief that it’s must be because of someone else, not because of her love one. She will not push her man to be ambition but to make him feel like he should be happy with the way he is now.

She is happy with you for what you are now.A Pisces woman, if she has a bad childhood, she will always remember it and it will make her a very unhappy person. She will pity herself and feel sorry for herself. She tends to hurt herself without knowing it and so vulnerable to drugs (real drugs or just sleeping pills).

She has many choices and you can never tell which path she going to take. If you love her, then hold her tight because she never knows why she did what she did or what she will do next.A very complex character she is. You may think she is a shy innocent type and can not hurt anyone, and then you are wrong. You might think she is a fragile person who needs protection, wrong again.

She has been through a lot, a tough cookie. She is a dreamer and love. The word “Love”, so she is the type who will buy a gift for anyone for any occasion, especially if it is a gift for wedding or an anniversary even for someone who she does not know so well. Be very careful if fall in love with Pisces woman. She can be a total different person before and after.

She can be an angle before and later a witch, but everyone is not perfect, right? She will be soft and gentle most of the time, so not to worry. She is emotional and extremely sensitive when she often got hurt. She is the type who can cry her heart out. She can have a secret fear inside, when she says she does not need anyone.

She badly needs someone to protect her, but sometimes she can hide that feeling by being stubborn. She likes to hide her shyness and her weakness from her enemy. She does not like to follow any fixed rules. She can be a good housewife if you know how to handle her. Many men will ask to marry her because she is a 100% woman. If she wants to be sweet, she is a real angel.

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  1. I was born in March 14 same birth date when Albert Einstien was born. Hahaha And this article is “so me!”. I’m just amazed!

  2. I am a Pisces woman, March 09th (29 years old). This article was right on the money and I think I am not that easily understood, but I always have all the best intentions with everyone that I love or am close to. I read somewhere that Pisces is the last (12th) sign of the zodiac and we also possess attributes from all of the other eleven signs. That statement could not be truer and that’s why I can adapt to any relationship/friendship very easily, because my intuitive nature always kicks into high gear when I meet someone new and I always look for the good in any situation.

    I have been in a few serious relationships but the best by far indeed was my Scorpio ex-boyfriend. I have known him since high school but we never spoke until 2007, when he sent me a friend request on Facebook. It was amazing for the first year we became official in 2012 and then it turned into an emotional roller coaster from 2013. He broke up with me for 9 months in 2014 and we got back together in December of that year because we realized that we couldn’t live without each other, but in February of 2015, I broke up with him. I guess I was more hurt than I initially thought, about how he left me hanging for such a long time 😦 I couldn’t deal with the hole he left in my heart and I couldn’t bare being in a relationship with him anymore. Besides all of that, he didn’t come back with the best intentions and I knew it too. He already had another female waiting on the side just in case we didn’t work out and as soon as I ended things with him, he begun a relationship with her. He got mad because I ended it and stung me (in true Scorpio fashion), but nothing he did from that point forward could have hurt as much as it did when he left me. So I made up my mind to move on and forget about him. It has been tough but it gets easier by the day and I know my true love is out there somewhere. it just wasn’t him.

    My word of advice to anyone who wants to love/get to know/be with a Pisces woman: Just be yourself (never be fake) we can see through that stuff like if you were made of glass. Don’t lie to us, always be true to yourself and we will be true to you. Be sneaky or try to undermine us and we will swim/wiggle away from you like we never existed in your life and we would just remain a thought/memory and you may never see or hear from us again.
    Give us our space to think; we are very emotional, sensitive beings and deep thinkers. We bear a lot of burdens sometimes and just need to give ourselves a break from the world.

    If you ask me there are many facets to us and just like everyone else we have our days, but one thing I have come to realize is that Pisces women are some of the most genuine loving people this world may ever possess.

    • My birthday is also March 9th!!! Also, everything you have said is spot on with what I feel!!!

    • Hello. So I have a question to ask.
      To start, I am a Sagittarius man, that is deeply inlove with a Pisces woman… she knows that my love is there, and she says on the daily that she loves and cares for me too…. I have been her “best friend” for years, and when I’ve asked her, she avoids the topic like the plague! I don’t ever want to put her in an uncomfortable position, but I want to be with her, so I can make her heart stop breaking, and give her everything she deserves and more, with a cherry on top…….. so my question is: Would you, as a Pisces woman, consider dating your best friend? And if yes, how should I show her that it’s there, we just need to bring it together??? Please help, thank you.

  3. Hey 🙂 I’m a Pisces 08/03 my moon is in cancer, my rising is scorpio and most of my planets are either in Aries or Aquarius e.g. My Venus is in Aquarius. I can relate to most of these traits but normally I am not in a dream world when I’m awake haha but I am lazy at times. I am emotional and sensitive but I fall in love too quickly and I find myself falling out of love too quickly too! 😦 I don’t like to be in relationships because I don’t want to be pinned down or get my freedom taken away. Most people I’ve been with recently I come across as detached but highly sensitive! Every time I get upset of anything I quickly get over it and become careless and people think I pretend to do such a thing! My childhood is always the biggest part of me even though I am only seventeen! I know I am too young but the only type of relationship I am interested in is a relationship that contains deep commitment and being bestfriends which I am currently in a relationship like so but we haven’t labelled our relationship cause we both aren’t ready for a relationship. Can anybody relate to what I just said? 🙂 thanks for reading!

  4. I am a Pisces woman with moon in Gemini and Cancer rising; and I believe for the most part this article is true. I don’t really agree with the small feet+hands bit ( I am a size 8.5, but my hands aren’t large either). I do care a lot about my skin and I have been told that it is very soft + supple! I spend a fortune on skin care for my face (Sephora is heaven to me)! Anyways, for as long as I have been into Astrology I have always known my Sun sign describes me well. From a very young age I would have these amazing/terrifying dreams that would come to play out in real life (somewhat like premonitions). I am a very sensitive women (tone means everything to me)! But I am also a very strong/opinionated woman (Mercury in Aries). I love to cook, keep things tidy, exercise and play dress up on the weekends. With that being said, I seem to attract more Gemini men then water/earth signs. I am currently with a taurus man (moon in Aries) and we are to be married. Our sun, moon are compatible and his Venus is in Pisces as well! The only trouble is that both of our mercurys are in Aries and we can both be prone to fight and be stubborn. Sometimes I think he is too “manly” for me. He likes to be the initiator/dictator of the relationship but so do I (besides the bedroom, I am very submissive). I am afraid that at times he is too consumed with worries of work and money that he we dont have enough time to go on dates and really love one another. He is also VERY touchy and I am the opposite (my venus+mars is in Aquarius, let ME come to YOU. What are your experiences with Taurus men? Do you think it can be long term? Sometimes I believe he is too arrogant for me. Also we have a son who is a Leo and he has def brightened up our life and has brought us more happiness.

  5. Also the comment on if a pisces woman wants to be sweet. lol. Like I said I am a pisces and nothing should ever be forced. You either feel the person you are communicating with is worthy of sweetness for one reason or another or not. It comes natural for a pisces in middle ages to notice if someone is not being honest. The only thing that triggers a pisces to becoming a witch is a unfaithful, lying, man. To which any sign in the zodic would react thus in the same way, man or woman. (Your word “witch” )

  6. Size 8 shoe here. I am pleased with one pair of boots, runners, high heels, low heels. I don’t need more then one pair of each. I am a strong believer in waste not , want not. I am not a believer in prescription drugs, or none prescription drugs at all. I didn’t have what society calls the normal upbringing, though I am a very positive person and don’t dwell in the past. I am a pisces though I am who I am before & after meeting or settling down with someone, or if just dating. I believe also that half of what is stated above might be for the women under 30 years old, and generalized. One that has not lived and learned life’s lessons. I too married a Gemini, I found out a few years after marriage he was not for me.. even though we were commonlaw for a year first. Gemini men tend to be unfaithful until they mature, to which is well into their retirement years.

  7. The description was on point. My pisces female point of view people could say we are a bit bipolar. We can be shy, a loner, and friendless or we can choose to be outspoken and involved. For me it depends on the people I’m associate with and of course feelings and emotions cause that’s what pisces live by. I think we are the perfect sign because we have some characteristics of all the other zodiac signs. I love being compassionate, sympathetic and caring, as longs as my feelings don’t get hurt I can be a wonderful person, but do wrong by me and all hell will break loose.

  8. Yess that describes us really, like we are sweet, and nice, and like to communicate well, but we also do like to take stuff that is bad to us, or mad to us, we like love and affection, and we like to show it, we love animals, and pets, and creatures, !! !! **:, we are the best like yay !! !! ((X !! !!


  10. my jaw is still open wide! screw the grammar mistakes.. but hell ! this thing completely defines the Pisces Woman!!! it’s as if i’m looking at myself in a mirror. 1.i’ve tiny feet , 2. am nuts over shoes , 3. i cry at every emotional story , 4. i love pets! , 5. i’m waiting for true love to come(though i’ve deep wounds and hurtful memories from my past) , 6. i love all my friends and family and always need them.. 7. I’m such a cry baby but ain’t ashamed of it! OH BOY! this list is neva ending. But hey guys… if ever you’ve fallen for a Pisces woman… just be a big pampering teddy bear who will always protect and never leave her… that’s all she needs! But if you’re a Gemini…forget about it.. koz you will always end up hurting her feelings and leaving her… kisses you all!

    • Very interesting that I myself as a Pisces Woman have attracted several Gemini Men and same story each time. They love you right away and then leave, off fluttering away like a butterfly to the next venture. Definitely NOT serious relationship material but GREAT for a few fucks/affair. However, despite being attracted to this, I eventually tire of casual sex and desire something more meaningful. And my feelings are always hurt in the end, fully expressing myself, only to have Gemini become cold, distant, analytical, thinking I’m crazy for having such deep feelings. Gemini is afraid of emotions and flees at the sight of them.
      I have learned my lessons and am NEVER dating another again. Much better as friends/acquaintances. More fun, less drama and heartbreak.
      My heart was deeply shattered by an older Gemini man who was close to engaging me and then fleed back to his gemini ex. I’ve healed from that but it took a lot of time and self-work to heal. Him? He’s probably screwed every floozy in town by now, HA! Good for him…

      Also, I have met other Pisces Women who have dated Gemini men as well and same experiences with them. Fascinating!

      Gemini men are naturally attracted to Water Women due to their maternal energy which Gemini loves, even though they fucking break their hearts.

      Thanks for the fun, heartbreak, and lessons…but NEVER again!

      • I have

      • I have been with a Gemini man for the last 3 years and engaged the last year and a half…..It was horrible. They are the most selfish, self-centered men ever. Always my fault for everything and definitely not emotional at all. They come across and cold. So, if you need to feel loved stay away from a Gemini man. It will be a total disaster. I don’t care who he is or what he looks like, stay away. Not worth it in the end. My ex broke off our engagement and was on the dating sites the next day. Or should I say probably the whole time. Stay away danger danger…

    • That’s exactly what we need a big trey bear who is sensitive to her needs, lives, protects, and adores her. Why is it so hard for a pisces woman to find that?

  11. Amazed. I am amazed. This described me on so many levels I lost count. It knew me better than I knew myself in some ways.

  12. Big feet and hands. No Shoe nut. Anyone date a Capricorn?3 dates and Im done. Their way to moody.

  13. I am WOMAN .. bravo .. And I shall remain and retain .. But are men turning into women nowadays? What do you think..

  14. I totally disagree with the small and soft thing…nothing on me is small.. big hands big feet #Pisces BBW

  15. Soo… As a Pisces I try to get along with everybody I meet, but I absolutely hate ignorant selfish people. I’ve had a crush on this Aquarius guy for almost 3 years now. He’s a big player, and I tell my friends that I’m over him, but I don’t think I am completely. He made me cry and broke me down to bits. I also really like Scorpios, I have mixed feelings about Virgos though, they piss me off sometimes but Its 50/50. I get along with Libras, they’re pretty cool. 🙂 My friends include 2 Virgos, a Taurus, a Scorpio, and a Libra. I have not dated anybody yet though… I would love to try with a Scorpio, theres just something about them that intrigues me. But I know I cannot date anyone at the moment if I am not happy with myself. I am extremely sensitive to other peoples emotions, and sometimes I care about other people more than I care about myself. I tend to be secretive, and don’t talk much. But my birthday is on March 18th and I can be tough if I wanted to. I have very strong opinions. I don’t mesh well with Sags, Aries, and Leos. Dunno… Geminis are fun to be around though 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love ALL of the signs! They all have something special about them, embrace your sign!

  16. So I am a libra man and this girl I like is a pisces.. everything I have read says they are perfect. what do you guys thing, will it work out or not.

    • I think it should work as long as you make her feel loved and she is truly in love with you. Did you chase her or did she chase you?

    • It might, just remember, pisces are pretty sensitive. So think about her before you act, or get angry. It might take a while for the relationship to work, but in the end, you will be happy. 🙂 Trust me.

    • Just enjoy your Pisces for what it is. Be patient and caring, romantic, honest, expressive and understanding. Things are bound to go well, if the vibe continue to be smooth. When things aren’t going right, do not lash out, remain rational and calm.

  17. I am a taurus woman in love with a pisces woman. I think taurus and pisces are a perfect match as the pisces needs a partner who is confident, strong and protective. For first time in my life I am in love because it is the first time I felt genuine love back from a woman. She knows how to make you feel loved, showing it, letting you know it, and passionate in all ways possible. We have an honest and communicative relationship and I feel blessed she is in my life

  18. yeyyyyyyyy his is absolutly me ^^

  19. well well well, this totallly describes me to the t. im just a loving individual who seeks love one moment then the next i hate men (no homo). i dont know but for some reason i know that pisces are always getting hurt and getting involved in violent situations and fights, emotionally hurt and just plain targets for people and i think it’s because we are truly ANGELS! people dont understand us because we are just like Christ. We are Jesus. And one of the main reasons why we are here is to help those who need to be saved. we are very spiritual! i havent met one pisces who isnt spiritaul and have loads of dreams. Why?? Because we are the chosen people!!!! believe it or not. a lot of pisces often drift into the dark side bc it’s actually hard to be the “good samaritan” all the time. especially when people are always coming against you and always acting brand new when people come around and then they are not your friend anymore. but just two seconds ago they couldnt get enough of you. but yeah i wish i could type longer but i cant bc i gotta go but this is a very wise ridicule and safe protection for the pisces people. we all appreciate it. it’s the truth and we all know it. stop running pisces!!!!

  20. my wife is a pisces & this is her all the way damn near perfect description

  21. you are exactly right about pisces my two female friends are same as you mentioned above

  22. Angle?Don’t you mean Angel?

  23. Pisces are sucks…She can be an angle before and later a witch,.. its fucking true… I am leo and i loved a pisces girl… after 4 years she fall for another guy… wtf? they are just fucking two faced people…

    • I loved a Leo man , n he loved me too (m a Pisces). Leo’s have a golden heart , but too full of themselves. N his priorities did not include me. Maybe u treated ur gal like shit n she cudnt take it anymore.

  24. Sorry something I forgot to add I’m a Gemini everywhere I looked it said Gemini and Picses are not compatible do you guys think I should date her? Reply with yes or no. 🙂

    • im married ti a gemini man for 8 yrs and im a picses woman….its hard a bit to stand a gemini because he tends to change like the wind…and we picses are too sensitive but if there is love it can work of course the more sacrifices has to come from the picses but if gemini give a bit too,they can live together in love 🙂

  25. Hey I’m new um there is this one Pisces girl I like in my school and I have been tring to work up the courage to ask her out and this really helped thank you! There is still one more question where do I take her I live in a small town near a lake so should I take her for a walk around the lake please reply with your ideas 🙂

  26. do pisces woman comeback ,,,,,if she knows that the guy loves her sincerely 😦 and takes care of her like a child

    • No , if we loose interest we just swim away. There is nothing that can be done about it. Sorry. 😦


  27. This is nothing of resemblance to me I’m like the complete opposite of this description.

  28. im a pisces born march 3, and reading some of this actually kind of urks me. i would NEVER let a man over power me. im not as sensitive as alot of people think. i think some of this is bs. and for people to actually believe it, its kinda sad. i may be a pisces but i dont like to consider myself a puny lil vulnerable fish. im more of a shark type of pisces, what i see, i get. when it comes to someone trying to take advantage of my vulnerability or tries to hurt me, i stand up for myself no matter what, i am a dreamer nd i dont give on my dreams so easily because i stay true to myself, and my childhood waz hell but im not having a miserable life, im very blessed to still be standin’ strong. i dont dwell on tha past i learn from it. i swear with some people.

    • You’re a pisces with strong influences from the Aries as your birth date leans towards March. Pisces/Aries. Tend to be agressive & opinionated.

    • I am in total agreeance with you…I was born the 7th of March…I can be observant quiet and shy but they will be hell to pay if you think you can just run over me. I am a strong minded person who doesnt really need anyone’s approval

    • hi im also pisces born march 3 ^_^ and you’re right that we are shark like fish hahaha

  29. There you are again you very very ignorant and confused daisey. Listen to your self, so what u come to these forums to “enlighten” us misguided folks and spread the word of god? I never understood people who insult others based on literally 0 facts. As a matter of fact it is plain to see that religion spawns ignorant fucking people. Sitting there lecturing people based on fairytells, the fact that a completely different religion spawned from different parts of the world should tell u that none can be right, it was made up by that specific culture, and guess what, religion really came from astrology. Do u realize the story of Jesus(virgin birth, son of god, betrayed by Judah/judas, died on cross, dead for 3 days then resurrected) Was a common theme in several different religious beliefs long before chist supposedly walked the earth, before the catholic church. The symbol for Christianity is the 2 fish, coincidentally we are in the age of the Pisces(2 fish), in the bible “god” says in the new age u will be greeted with a man with s pitcher of water, aqauries, which is the next age. It all came from astrology, so if u want to be a small minded person and beleive all that horse shit fine, but quit insulting intelligent people u dumb broad!

    • Why cant you realize that it is all true and coinciding, just varied from culture to culture? And “you dumb broad”?? Your sexism and anger make you seem uneducated. Go read.

  30. If u don’t believe in it what are u doing here at all? U r simPly leaving in self denial. True there is God who defines us and her didn’t say shun zodiac signs. I am sure if u read your sign it will state this attribute of u…… Cheers

  31. yes true about me

  32. omg this is so true about me

  33. Eh, not true on my part.I was born on Feb.23 I’m more of a rational thinker. I hate lies. It’s quite easy for me to know when a guy lies to me. I absolutely HATE drama. I don’t cry unless there’s a good reason to be crying. It’s true that I won’t try to over-power a guy but when I have to, I do it. It’s quite scary when I’m overly honest because the other party would take it to heart. I’m just saying what I see and hope for them to fix their problem pronto. When I think, it’s in categories and subcategories and it could look messy for other people but in the end I know what I’m doing because it’s all summarized in my head in a neat pile. Helping people is the best way for me to get peace of mind or just being alone. With me, I like to see but not touch. The whole being patient with a guy hah it’s true especially if you love him and you try to make the relationship better. But unfortunately (based on my experience) I had to break it off. The guy I was dating, a cancer, was a jerk…basically lying to my face so I kicked him out of my life after forgiving him 3 times. I’m loyal and stick to one person. I don’t really like flirting. And the whole thinking about myself does and doesn’t apply. I can be selfish or overly giving when I feel like it. For the most part I’m humble though. When a person yells at me I just take it as educational criticism. If they’re yelling then I must be doing something wrong no? I like to learn and absorb knowledge from other people and apply it to myself. Not only to become a better person, but to become a good mother and wife for my future mate and my family. lmao for the hand and feet thing I’m size 9.5 USA XD not so small lol and my hands are quite large, good for piano though :3

  34. Omg that is so me its scary!!

  35. I’m one as well born 2 22 88 i love it ! just got out a relationship n hate that i love that person who didn’t love me! tears can’t stop crying

  36. well said…its jus so welly written…thumbs up.

  37. The only thing different is that I don’t have soft feet or hand and they are both big 😦 but other than that COMPLETELY right. 😀

  38. Um, Just wondering, but if someone is born off schedule, Do you go by actual birthdate, or planned birth date? Or is it a mix of both?

  39. well, I was born march 13th. I am sensitive to everyone’s feelings because they matter to me as much as my own. I love to dream I do like nice things. I would cry over my favorite thing being broken or stolen. However, I do use logic- I just chose to give people the benefit of the doubt even though I know (some how) what they will do -and exactly how I will feel after. The biggest issue I have with the typical Pisces definition is that we are basically man serving door mats! I try to overpower men any chance i get. I love being a woman i love make-up and pretty clothes and SHOES! but I will stick my foot up your booty (if you are a man) if you disrespect me. or if I am drunk ..LOL. I will defend women even if I do not know them, and if people would listen to what a PISCES says we would not be so moody(since how we really do k now what we are talking about).

  40. Pisces always attracts me in first sight.

    They’re like toys, i mean… Being a child in-front of them is fun.
    They have the most motherly traits compared to other Zodiac Signs.

    Anyway I never saw a Pisces woman got angry, how does it look like?

    How would they react if you criticize the Pisces, or criticizing others in-front of them. Can’t criticize anyone or anything if i am with them. Their Presence always put me into silence.

    • They tend to blame themselves & are used to keeping their feelings to themselves just by keeping to themselves by avoiding that person who made them angry. It doesn’t last very long if the other person is convincing however.

    • Tears would well up almost immediately , but then…all hell breaks loose. I am a piscean , n i have a sharp tongue when I’am mad , i stop thinking what I am say , n say whatever would hurt somebody the most . Very vile , but tears will be streaming down my cheek.

    • I am a Pisces woman and I would say that I mainly internalize my anger. I agree with stephrosado in that I usually turn blame for conflict on myself before directing it at others. I try not to let whoever I feel angry towards know about it, hoping to avoid stirring up more issues, instead allowing the unresolved feelings to fester and boil up over time.

      I tend to avoid being around whoever made me angry so I can avoid saying anything I might regret later, however if I am forced to be around them, I will put on a mask of indifference. I pretend everything is fine and put on a convincing smile. There is a point however where if I am pushed too far I reach the stone silence stage of my anger where I lock the angry words or feelings from slipping out with blank silence. When I get to this point, people will start asking me if I am alright or if something is wrong since I don’t have a bubbly smile on my face or whatever and since I am usually the one filling silence and trying to make everyone feel comfortable. When I am like that I almost don’t care, but I still try to say that I am fine and will smile a little to ease the tension falsely.

      There is a line at this point not to cross with me where if someone messes with me when I am in that mind frame, I will break. The built up anger at this point will explode and I end up spewing out any and all negative, accusatory, and/or vengeful words and thoughts that have been swirling through my mind without abandon. I will often say true statements although sometimes they become skewed with the anger into things that I can’t control. If you manage to get me to that point then you really must have done something over the top, even so, once I snap I generally feel guilty and end up apologizing because I don’t want to leave it like that, even if I was not the one in the wrong.

      I haven’t actually reached that point very many times (maybe 4 times in recent years, probably more when I was younger), but the silence is usually the most active part of my anger personally. I don’t know if it is the same for all Pisces but that is how I am. I hope that helped.

  41. I can’t believe how close this came to describing me. Everything was exactly right on!

  42. this is exactly me 😀

  43. this does not describe me at all.As someone born on the 20th february and in the wee small hours, Aquarius woman matches me down to a t-maybe it has something to do with my Venus sign in Aquarius and the planet Uranus being the most dominant in my birth chart for starters? answers on a postcard p-l-e-a-s-e!!!!

  44. I was born on the 14 of March but more than half of this isnt true for me.Actually by pesonality I match the Aquarius woman, could this be? Because 14.03 is just in the middle of Pisces…
    I have red many Pisces horoscopes and the only things right about me are that Im a little bit more sensitive than others and Im interested in arts.

  45. I am Pisces and I think i am always worrying more for my friends then myself. Think of the negative and always keep the important secrets to myself. And not telling others. I used to like a Sagittarius guy. And made me heartbroken over and over again. He’s a straightforward type of guy, talkative and sensitive too. I cried for him a lot of time. Which I seriously thinks that we aren’t compatible. He always thinks that I don’t understand his feeling or whatever. But he flirts with another girl. Which i know from one of my friend. I was so so sad to the max but still I pretend like nothing happened. Closed one eye. You know how that feels? 😦 Oh man that’s like quite long ago.

    And now I just know this Cancer guy, His moods do changed sometimes. He can be joking and entertaining you at the first place. And suddenly he can change to another person, quiet type of person. Sometimes, I usually can read people’s mind. But whenever i ask or tell whatever his mind is thinking? He always denying, saying ” No I’m alright, no problem.” But somethings he do tell me, some of his problems. I am kind of attracted to him.

    Oh man what should I do? Tell me please! 😦

    • I’m a Gemini (sometimes I feel like a Pisces) when he jokes around to yelling does anything happen in the time between the swiches like a phone call or a text? if so he just may have gotten some bad news happens to me all the time. I kind of need help with a problem I like this Pisces but every website I go to says we are not compatible do you think I should date her?

    • We’re going through the same experience /.\ I’ve never cried for any guy until I got attached to a Sag guy. Even after he kept flirting with another girl, I just felt like there was a chance. But to be honest, I think the Cancer guy would be a nice guy for you 🙂 You should give him a chance. They’re more loving & he’ll open up to you once you get to know him.

  46. this is tottaly me. how funny. love it…….represeant to all my pisces…the best of the best…bitches…we even love our haters, who would we be without haters….much love….

  47. Oh, NEVER EVER TRUST PISCES!!! (both male and female pisces)

  48. picses are not selfish they only think of others constently forgetting about there own well being

  49. Damn cool, I’m a pisces and its damn accurate. 🙂

  50. All yall are lying, All pisces do is think of themselves 24/7

  51. Im a libra wm whos been dating a Pisces wm for 3yrs (on and off). We started dating when she was just coming out of her relationship with her ex, but it was just hanging out most of the time having great time. That same yr shes leaves me for her ex Gemini (wm). She broke my heart but this is the same wm who cheated and hit her in here 5 yrs of their relationship. Ive been good to her i never cheated her because all i can do is think about her. When she had a falling out with her ex, i was there for her as friend. Then we ended up getting together then she leaves me again for the ex. On and off over n over she tells me she wants to be with me how i treat her so good. Finally this time i said enoughs enough she begs me not to go. Its now 2 days before my bday shes with her now, after i was just hanging out with her the day before. Five days before this we were great but she cheats on me with her ex again.How could she do this. Im heart broken its been 3yrs since i been by her side i never cheated on her.I cant understand why she keep bring me back telling me lies to cheat on me. Pisces are liars and cheaters they r wishy washy. I cant believe that i am someone she cares about so much to cheat on me over and over.She says she loves her. All this time what i offered her was not strong enough to stick by me. She just leaves me…She says she still wounders what it would be like to be with her.

    • this is long tym ago but it does reflect on ma life now 2010, im a pisces woman in love wit a libra guy, but our relationship is ur opposite, he is doing something to me, i dont like to believe he is cheating but i dont see him as much as we should see each other, he tells me stories, theres always excuses wen he calls, just to keep the argument far away i agree wit him woteva it is, i have neva cheated or lied to him, i love him so much, i treat him like a man, exactly how he should be, but wot do i get? lies, n silence,.i believe realtionships work woteva the sign u r, u just have to be happy n communicate alot, which i luck wit ma shy libra man! i just hope u r happy now! x

  52. wow am 15 its true march6

  53. you are spot on. esp with the physical traits and the shoe addiction

  54. yep that me and proud of it. a real angel

  55. I was born on march 7 and thats so true about me

  56. this is just so me…..
    my guy was shocked too after reading this….
    I would call it a complete n correct discription of a piscean lady…
    Cheers to all u piscean girls out there 🙂

  57. I was born on the 7th of March and the description above calm and freak me both at the same time. Fantasy world it is. Boy, I wish if only my Scorpio guy will notice me and stay and loving me till happily ever after and after the happily ever after.

  58. Wow I was very impressed. I am A pisces woman, and that whole part about the sleeping pills was very right (it scared me) I am currantly seeing a Scorpio Man. We’re Perfect together

  59. born on March 18th, this describes me to a t!!!!!! My baby tells me all the time that i am very affectionate and that a man would never leave me!! lol funny huh. i love it 2000000000% pisces all the way

  60. holy crap. that is definately me.
    except for the part about the good housewife. that was kind of insulting.

  61. that is a lie mane they are horrible they have and come with too many problems they want to fight the world then they wanna cry to the world afta they fought it mane they are wierd

    • Everyone has problems…I’m sure that you are no exception. Picking on Pisces for being who they are–weird and emotional is not fair. And if you don’t like them, be my guest…go find someone who is ‘normal’…because Pisces definitely breaks the mold. And for your information–crying helps people to deal with their struggles. It’s much better than sucking it up and trying to be like the emotionless ‘normal’ people of this world. Have you ever thought about how those ‘normal’ people end up? They become twisted and completely screwed up because they never deal with how they truly feel. Are there any other Pisces out there with me on this? That’s right, I’m Pisces and I don’t have a problem defending myself. (Gotta lotta Aries in my chart, but I’m pround that I’m a Sun sign Pisces)

    • We see so much of shit mean people around , we get hurt trying to make this world a better place , and end up hurting ourselves BIG TIME. Where & How is that weird ?? !!

  62. VERY TRUE!!!!!lol…I had a date with a scorpion on saturday and it was so fun!!lol

  63. hi am a pisces lady and am still in love with my ex-aries boyfriend, i just broke up with him yesterday, i broke it off i guess he will never come back… What do you think? Need help, i miss him already!

  64. well i think the part about us being sensitive is inaccurate and i find it offensive

  65. Oh goodness! This was right on the dot! Scary!! I loved it, though!

  66. Tis me it gives me chills as i read on.
    I am with a virgo man, i know my 180.
    How is this union?

  67. wow.
    this is me.
    word per word.
    this is kind of scary.
    do i go well with a virgo man?

  68. i’d like to *think* i ‘d never try to overpower a man! (LOL)… need protection? sensitive? definitely both (to a fault) 6th sense? uhm, i don’t quite trust mine (though i hear i have it).

  69. Quite’Bang-on’ actually! Well, except for the part about becoming a witch after marriage. Not bad at all.

  70. Thanks, I hope this helps me get into a relationship with this pisces I like in my school. I’m a sidereal Scorpio, so we’re a great match. I just wanna know if going right to bf/gf is better than being friends and taking time…

  71. This is definitely about me. Quite scary actually!!! I am very impressed 🙂 I’m born on 15 March.

  72. you just disribed me to the T. Good job I am 100% woman

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