Gemini Women

A good-looking woman with brains, a very interesting person. She has a fast movement and she could not sit still or stand still long. She is able to do many things at the same time and do it fast. If you date her, you will feel like dating many women at the same time. You can not tie her down with the word “Love” because she cares about love but is it not a major reason of her life.

You have to be able to adjust yourself to get along with her many characters. She is a dreamer and has many dreams. She is eager to learn something new all the time. Even she is the 2 in 1 mixed character type, she is quite lucky in love. You have to put all your efforts to win her affection.

Even when she likes you and wonder about your wit, she will also see and inspect your bad side at the same time, because it is in her nature. She able to keep all kinds of mixed emotions without annoying you or letting you know at all. She can cheer you up by acting like a free little bird. Her conversation will not bore you. She is able to talk to you in any subjects. She can make you feel like you are the luckiest man alive.

She can make you feel like she needs all your care, but once she needs to stand alone, she can stand alone firmly and comfortably. She can be your best buddy and talk to you about anything. She can join all your activities with the same energy that you have. She is a quick a wit person and learn new things very fast. She can see your projects and she can give you good advice. If she thinks you are not sure that you want her for yourself, she will act like your best friend only, a cool woman.

She can easily make a guy fall in love with her. Her multiple changes and many moods is a “Charm” for many men. She can be laughing for 2 minutes and later suddenly quiet. She wants to find only 1 true love and she wants to meet her dream guy. She expects a lot and nearly too much. She is constantly waiting for her knight shinning armor even she is with a steady boyfriend. She can fall in love or fond of someone else while she is with you.

If you break up with her, she will forget you quite fast, because change is in her nature. The Gemini woman breaks more heart than woman in other Zodiac. Because she is a dreamer and always waiting for her knight shinning armor, so her love life can be complex or a mess. She hates to write a long letter, so if you write her a letter and expect a prompt reply, forget it.

Because she has a multiple personality and multiple ideas, so she hates to put them down in written proof. Because she knows what she belief today can be different tomorrow. She could communication with more than 1 language, a real gifted linguistic. If she wants to tell you any bad comments, she won’t say it straight away, but she will talk to you about many other things and accidentally come to that subject without offending you.

Normally she will not lie. She will work hard and once a while take a long rest. She can get bored and tired with her own surrounding more than at work. She never feels content with her present work, money, or reputations; she will drive to have more. Don’t ask her what is her final contentment for she will not have an answer. Once you get to know her, she will be a supportive person and always be beside you. She has a beautiful dream and she loves to have someone walk side by side with her, together and equally.

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  1. Taurus here , ye
    Bull’s n the building… Lol
    Fo~real though…. no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to understand you guys, or maybe the one’s that I want to understand i guess…. idk . Maybe it’s me huh ???

  2. What is written about us gems is very true. I wish some will take heat to this…As a Gemini, I normally don’t like to follow the rules of only dating those that I am astrology “compatible” with. Many years ago(5 years) I use to talk to an Aquarius guy, but he used me, lied and more then anything broke my trust. He tried numerous times to get my friendship back but there was no going back for me so he eventually got the picture and moved on to girl he was seeing behind my back. That experience, really forced me to never come in contact with an Aquarius men again. I eventually moved to other signs, Leo, Scorpio, Aries, Virgo, libra, cap, sag & Taurus (none of the signs really do it for me, except the Scorpio love you guys!). After many years of steering away from Aquauris men, one eventually falls in my lap. I was very cautious with him but I still decide to go with it. He was different. Aqua sun with lots of Scorpio placements. He was nice, very relaxing to speak with and pretty convincing in many ways. His Venus is (sag) so which means he likes to keep it light & pretty opened to non-committed relationships. I reassured him, I only wanted to seek friendship from him, nothing more. He would pressure me to open up and talk about my feelings. I couldn’t most of the time, because I truly didn’t trust him, but I told him what I felt he needed to know. Long story short, I decided to ends with him. I felt a lot of untruthfulness from him. I felt with us just being friends and him lying about petty things really made me not want to further things. I caught him a few lies and I couldn’t understand why is he lying when I seen it with my own eyes. In many ways, he sees me as passive & naive which is true. Probably due to my cancers placements but I am stronger than he thinks. He avoided a lot of one on one with me. He was so emotionally unavailable to even express is love interests in a general question. It made me begin to feel insecure about myself or worrying if he’s even interested and I didn’t want to worry myself anymore. I love people and I care about everyone, even those I haven’t met yet but I love myself more. I try hard to love me even when it’s impossible. I have been treated awfully by men over the years due to there past issues and I suffer the most. I get walked all over, used and abused and I never walk away because of my loyalty to them. I don’t know if I made the right decision but I’m proud to finally speak up for myself..

  3. Yeah we like different people when we changed moods..n TRUE I dont lie but others always think I am,don’t know y!! I like ice cream,n soft food!! I’m not perfect but trying to be,im very clumsy and bad time management,but i dont get bored on something easily if its non human,i tend to feel very insecure abt how i look and insecure with heart to so if u like me u need to convince me like really good!! And i bad at decision making,lazy,if a guy wants me he needs to face many time of rejection before he gets me(but dont give up its just i like to play and i hv insecure heart remember?) im harsh n rude cuz I express every of my feelings..not shy just sometimes,like to explore new things,if u like me dont play games cuz I get sick if it pretty quick,I like to sulking so just buy me gift and coax me back but not right away maybe after few minutes/hours to get my temper cool down,sensitive just sometimes,serious at work,teach me something new tht idk,if I feel someone is being judgmental I can be very reserved n then u will know nothing abt me at all..n yes I am a dreamer! I expect more from myself morethan I expect people around me to be it cuz I wanna be good at most of everything,being with me u need to be more patience cuz I probably hurt n criticize people more than I realize I’ve hurt them,I dont like peopleto push me cuz I will rebel, I like to hang out with friends more than with bf,im flirty but once I’ve fall in love with someone I will try to change frm harness to very understanding for my partner,dont play with my heart cuz once I hurt so bad my heart will get cold n show 0 emotions for u(I will be like its okay its alright I understand I forgive u but actually im just tired or gave up).i like my guy to lead not me lead him.thts just me im a Gemini..

  4. I’m a Gemini woman and I can say everything about this is so true expect the part about us not liking to write long papers I disagree I write long pages of love notes to my bestfriend who is also a Gemini he recently told me he was in love with me and have always been in love with me since 10th grade we have the same birthday June 12th but like I was saying I actually like writing to him tho that’s about it

  5. who is the best for Gemini woman is the Leo or Sagittarius man and why whether the reason is bad or good?

  6. I was dating the most amazing Gemini in the world, 9 months.. recently we realized we had be aruging more and more (me aries), most of the arguments started as i was jealous that she wanted to go out without me, and it seems with this i tried harder and harder. She told me we should take a break, as it would be best. i refused the idea and proceeded to text and call her for about a week with no response from her. then we finally spoke and she told me its over as she asked me for space and i didnt provide that. i have some insecurity due to a prior relationship of the girl cheatings on me. And this gemini is out of my league, so i basically spend way too much time doing everything i could to not lose her…… i havent physically seen her in 13 days, except for the 2 phone calls, and those texts. I have realized my actions and am working on what i need to improve, as its best for me and if we can fix this. I have respected her wishes and have NO Contact for the last 4/5 days.. anyone have any advise on how to show her that i realize and understand she needs her freedom and win her back as she is truly amazing to be with…… thanks!

  7. It’s almost scary how much I can relate to this. Are we that predictable? I’m not liking this sudden sheep feeling haha.

  8. “She expects a lot and nearly too much.” and “She is never content, and always wants more.” Yes! This whole article is completely true when it comes to me. I hate lying, and will tell you the truth, and expect the same in return.:)

  9. “She expects a lot and nearly too much.” and “She is never content, and always wants more.” Yes! This whole article is completely true when it comes to me. I hate lying, and will tell you the truth, and expect the same in return. 🙂

  10. I am exactly the way mentioned here…lot of ideas in mind.. no constant love relation,,unpredictable many times for myself also, moody..dreamer but achiever, many things to do in life but don’t have a final conclusion about freedom..get bored with same environment, same people. big ambitions, great life but mess in love life..always confused within 2 choices but choose as per my mood.. but i love myself

  11. ok, im a gemini girl, but i honestly feel like this is true, i could be wrong but i doubt it. And gemini’s are quick to licking someone else because, if we get board by the person were with then we’ll start to lick someone else, and YESSSSSS gemini’s talk ALL THE TIME/ ALOT……. I will talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk. and most of the time im honest, but i have lied before….. im so glad im a gemini, because gemini’s are awsome. My birthday is may 31 and my dad’s birthday is may 29 so we are both gemini’s and get along sooooo well… ❤ 😀

  12. This information is true. I love to talk a lot when comfortable, especially talk about things most wouldn’t, I’m adventurous, fun, smart, but I’m extremely private when it comes to revealing information about myself. I rather know everything about you then disclosing anything about me. I’m very moody, very independent & I stand alone about 99% of the time. I don’t have friends due lack of trust of those that were my friend, I don’t going out nor do I socialize nor do I ever ever gossip. I enjoy being home where I can be myself & comfortable.

    It’s true where it states we are a dreamers I believe that’s 89% accurate but most of what I dream about comes true. When it comes to love no one can tie me down with the love word but once they do it’s forever. My love is forever and I remain loyal no matter what. As a full gemini (sun, mercy & moon) I’m highly detached when someone breaks my heart because I don’t love but when I do I give my all( I guess that’s where my cancer mars comes into play). As of right now I’m going through an awful break up with my scorpio (34 yrs old) me (27). He’s torn my heart into little pieces. I forgive him for breaking up with me but I’ll never forget. He’s done some awful things to me (physically abused me, verbal abuse, damaged my belongings in my house & my car) but I still remain loyal to him because he’s such a great man besides all the bad stuff. I saw a side of him that no one has ever seen, he’s opened a new life to eyes in which I’m very grateful for but in the mix he was so moody and always accused me of cheating with other guys where most of my days were either working or with him or on the phone with him but he’s jealous and I get that and understood why but I couldn’t change his way of thinking. We would argue a lot but mins later were laughing again but yesterday we argued about something and there was no return for me. He couldn’t take the arguing anymore and said it’s over. He said he will always love me but he won’t call me anymore etc. Normally I would just tell him your not leaving me and I’m not going anywhere and we were laughing again but this time, for some reason didn’t say that I told him okay. I exchanged words with him that weren’t so nice and I haven’t called since. He recently this morning he left me a message saying he’s hopes I’m okay, he hopes I can forgive him, what is there to do, he still loves me and I’m his babe. I’m hurting so bad that my heart is beginning to hurt. I have never endured such pain before. I know he probably wasn’t serious about the breakup but I am! I decided for the first time to respect his wishes. Please help me with some advice. As gemini I am a strong individual but this is breaking me down. I don’t know what to do, getting back together, saying I love you & I’m sorry isn’t going to fix things this time. I do love him so much but I know walking away is best. Anyone with similar experience????

    • Seems like you read my letters and read each one out loud. Love my sexy intense lovely Scorpio man but had to put my angry moody violent spoiled brat Scorpio man on time out. I want my enchanted dream, and will work to make it happen. He wants it too but didn’t realize we have to make it happen. No one will just hand it over. So very disappointed, he’s the god sent original man of my dreams. Hate to lose him, he’s so funny and god like sexy gorgeous. But damn bad temper. I mean stupid angry. I just don’t get it. You’ve got to work hard and make your dreams come true. He gets mad at everyone at work all the time so no one wants to work him. Its a damn shame too. Maybe he will come through.

      • Well I hope he overcomes that stupid temper. These men are wonderful “when they want to be.” Discuss his behavior and if you see absolutely no change then, let him go. Life is too short to waste it on those that can’t get it together..

  13. I am a Gimini and yes i am a great lover and to talk on any purpose,but i am not quick in leaving any relation,i wait and if still its not going the way it should be then no reason to stay, Must be a strong reason to move on for Gimini

  14. This is so true! I am a Gemini woman and I agree with this. I know that there are a lot of cons of being a Gemini like how change is in our nature and that we “move on too fast” but I think people should understand that we can’t really help it. If there are two words to describe us gemini woman, it would be communication and change. We don’t like going over the same things everyday or following the same schedule. We want fun in our lives & a lot of change in our life. That’s why we can adapt to new places and things so easily. We are so used to it. I also think it’s true that we have two different personalities. When my boyfriend (who is an Aquarius) & I argue, he can get all stubborn and WILL NOT say a word to me because he’d rather keep his feelings to himself. But after awhile no matter how upset I am deep inside, I start thinking about the situation and just start to try and make things better OUT OF THE BLUE. I can be mad on second then get happy after a couple of minutes it’s crazy! I think that we can “make people fall inlove with us easily” because we like to observe other people and the way that they are in order to learn from them. We end up learning all the ways to please a man no matter how different they may be from each other. (men) & Lastly, I don’t think Gemini woman are unfaithful or anything. The reason why we don’t last too long in a relationship is because change is in our nature. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 years now but we were on and off a lot. I never really dated other guys but I’ve thought about it. We really do and can commit to one guy if he can actually be worthy of us. If you can make us laugh, make us happy and fit our standards then I’m positive that you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. Sure we might fantasize about some celebrity guy that we’re in love with but at the end of the day it’s always going to be you(guy). We’re not unfaithful and cheaters. We’re just misunderstood people. Give us your all and we will in return.

  15. I’m an Aries (with Gemini ascendant) so I totally get the independence and lots of space thing. I can see a lot of what is said in this article is actually quite true. I currently have an on-off thing with a Gemini woman and despite my understanding her wants and needs, she constantly still pushes me to be honest and upfront straight away. Although yes as an Aries I have the tendency to be reckless and impulsive, but from experience I have learned to think things through before saying anything. To me, total honesty comes from looking at things from different perspectives first before saying anything. Am I doing anything wrong?

  16. Reading the post and it made some good and bad points of a Gemini. I am a Gemini woman and with my personality I am very aggressive and dominate when I need to be. Also, finding a Libra man is something I have NEVER experienced. Most of the men that I tend to meet are Geminis, Leo’s, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces. And when I tell you their personalities do not agree with Gemini’s. From my experience most of these men that I meet are in leadership positions and when two dominate people meet it really doesn’t go well. The ego’s for one and then most of them are very controlling. To control a Gemini is the worst thing you could possibly do. Secondly, lying to a Gemini could be worst than stealing. Third, be up front and honest we have tough skin and I don’t think we would possibly get mad at you from telling the truth. To me that make me look at you in a whole different perspective if you can be honest!!!! Not sure about any of the other Gemini’s but I need mental stimulation on a constant basis. When we love we love hard, but you have to be that person that we fall for. We are very supportive of the people that we truly love and trust. But if you cross us then its hell to pay!!!! Yes, and I love learning new and interesting things on a daily basis. You have to keep me challenged and on my toes as well. If I feel that you are weak and not a strong person I will run all over you!!! Communication is the key when dealing with a Gemini and if we have to constantly pull information out of you to talk then our interest will start to fade. Space is important as well. If you text me to tell me you love me or send me flowers its those little things that keep me wanting to be around. Very important key, if you start off with doing things to get a Gemini’s attention keep it up because if you don’t we will cut you off very quickly!!!! So hopefully I will be able to experience a love connection with a Libra man.

    • i do agree with you here,same goes with me.i am not aggressive but mostly guys i met were into leadership way,and yes i don’t like these type of guys.the stars you mention are not the compatibility of gimini so i will advise to go for Libra Aquarius or leo,you will feel a lot of difference 🙂

  17. I would never try and justify my personality or my zodiac to anyone, it’s easy to dismiss people as suppose to understanding them and because of this, I try and not persuade people to like me, either you do or you don’t. But one thing I can say you will never find anyone as loyal as a Gemini.

  18. Hello, I am a Scorpio man. I have been in a (very) long distant relationship with a Gemini woman for 6 years. It has been very hard and we love each other. But sadly, about a month ago, she broke up with me because, well, a few reasons, mainly she wasn’t happy anymore and she needs to figure out who she is without me. The last year of our relationship was the hardest, we grew kind of distant and had less to say to each other and we fought a lot mainly because neither of us didn’t go out much in our own worlds. I kept telling her she can do all the things she wants to do regardless of where she stands with me, to let her be the Gemini she is, but she didn’t want to take it in. The break-up is eating at me, I can’t think straight without trying to figure out a way to win her heart again. She wants to come and see me in a few months if there is “anything left” in our relationship. I have never been impatient about anything except this, trying to win her heart again. I love her completely and I know we can make it work but she feels like she doesn’t have energy left to fight for us. I feel defeated and I know I should probably just move on. I have been working very hard to go live in her country and I will continue doing so. But for you Scorpios out there, you should know what I mean when I say that I love her and to you Geminis; What the f%^# can I do? :/

    • Just give her some time but reassure her your love will never fade. We Gemini’s do fall in love fast & fall out of love just as fast but constant reassuring her that you’ll never give the love that you gave her to someone else, in which it will hopefully allow her to know how meaningful the relationship is.

      As a gemini myself I’m currently seeing a scorpio who just broke up with me due to my crazy behavior, my moodiness & challenging ways. If I tired I know I can get him back but I’m willing to respect how he feels. He tried so hard to make me happy but my ways overpowered my true feelings for him. My heart is truly broken and I don’t think will ever be restored again I love him so much that the pain he endure from me I’m beginning to feel it in my heart. I will never love anyone as much as I loved him again. I will always think of him.

      We Gemini’s love scorpio’s and no matter what may happen she will always think of you and still have some love for you but in her own way.

      Good luck

  19. Yes, I’m a Gemini women too. I’m in love with my Libra men. We are both have very good understanding and attach deeply in one another. No matter what, I will never leave my Libra men. I always love him so much. He is my only 1 Gift of my life.

  20. Most of this article describes me pretty well, but I’m not a very good conversationalist or any good with romance in general

  21. I a gemini women and my boyfriend is 5 month younger than me..he’s libra… and there one thing that is not the same with me..i don’t move one quickly..yes i am popular at school and i maybe charm to all the boys in my class but i don’t move on quickly one 1 boy..hes mine only 1 and will always be 🙂 and this is the first time i have accepted a boy in my life while a lot of people confuses to me..he is special to me and i had a crush on him for like 2 years and he had a crush on me since he met me so its about 3 year

  22. I am Gemini in love with a Libra. He is years younger, so no chance, but the way I feel about him is different than I’ve ever felt with any other man. Why did I have to meet a Libra now? It makes me think there really is something to this astrology stuff.

  23. To the men out there who wants to date or be with a Gemini. Warning! Trying to tame a Gemini woman, expecting her heart and soul too soon is a huge mistake. Give her what she needs. That is space. Gemini women fall in love slowly.

    • I’m a gemini and I fall in love very quickly and to be honest if I’m with that person they’re all I can think about and I want to be with them nearly all the time but then sometimes I just can’t stand that person so it’s always a little 50/50

      • You are probably a young Gemini who has not realize your full potential as a Gemini. I would have to say that your response applies to everyone regardless of their sign. You stated you fall in love quickly? Why? What could you possibly know about a person that is worth loving in such a short period of time? It’s called infatuation. True love is something that is develop over time. Falling in love quickly and thinking about someone all the time is where women and men make a mistake. Most often than not, making a person your whole world instead of a part of it invite mistreatment. Balance is the key.

    • @Emy Mar, you are very right. If I had known that the girl I was hitting was a Gemini I wouldn’t have lost her.

  24. Gemini women can be either really fussy and uptight, or will be overly casual all the time. They all try to be the best of both worlds, but they’re one or the other. I’m a Sagittarius and am opposite to Gemini, and I love them all and we have lots in common, as well as a deep magnetic attraction. Sagittarius and other Geminis are the best match for them, because no one else is as intellectual and ADD..and weird (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). The downside is that Geminis can be too dry for us, and we can be too heavy for them. They will not find a better partner than a Sagittarius, and it sucks that they are so flaky because they frustrate us and end up miserable, buying random crap every week to keep their self-esteem.

    • I am a Gemini woman. Gemini’s are represented by the twin. Fussy and uptight? Just like any other sign the zodiac, we all have things we fuss about don’t we? Uptight? Aren’t we all in certain things? As a Gemini I always try to see both sides of any situation. In response to your comment as Gemini’s being too dry, that is not the case at all. I can tell you that Gemini’s are very low maintenance emotionally. Personally, It’s ok if I don’t hear from my man in a day or two (call or text). I don’t need my man to tell me that he loves me every hour or everyday. Sweet words or sweet nothings does nothing for me. I do however pay attention to a man’s non verbal behavior. I believe talk is cheap so instead of saying nonsense stuff, I try to give lots of affection (hugs & kisses) to my man when were together. As a Gemini, I need a lot of space. I hate feeling suffocated. I find that I miss my man if I don’t hear from him in a couple of days. Gemini’s need that space to miss their significant other. Would you not get bored if your girlfriend is constantly in your face? Time apart between lovers is good for any relationship. It may sound like a game but I can tell you it is not. It is our nature to need space. I am pretty straight forward. If I like a man, I don’t play hard to get. If I don’t like a man, he will definitely know. I don’t string any man along. I can’t speak for everybody but I do not play mind games. I can easily see though if a man is playing mind games with me.

      As far as buying random crap every week to keep the self esteem, don’t all women regardless of their sign love to shop? Gemini’s are one of the sign of the zodiac who doesn’t need to buy stuff to have or keep self-esteem. We have lots of it.

      Here is a tip to date a Gemini woman. Give her the appearance that she can come and go as she please, she will always come back to you as long as she knows you “understand” her and as long as she knows you will have her back. Give her chance to miss you. She will love you for it. Text or call her every couple of days. She need that reassurance that you’re still there. If she doesn’t hear from you, she would think you’re gone for good. Keep in mind that Gemini’s are intellectual people, can see through all the BS that a man is trying to play. Remember, sweet talk doesn’t work with her. Pay attention to what she does because that’s what she’s doing with a potential mate.

      In the beginning of a relationship (first date to a couple of months) Gemini’s try to draw a man out to see if a man’s she’s with is a good guy and a good match. That’s why you probably notice she doesn’t talk much. She guards her heart because she wants to make sure that she can trust a man with her heart before opening up. Once she fall in love, she falls deep.

    • Gemini’s and Sags are a terrible match, I think Leo’s and Aquarius are best match for us, Sags along with Virgos are just terrible people.

      • Geminis and Sags should never date! The difference between the 2 is just insane. It will be fun at first, but due to the lack of understanding one another…it will not work out. Two completely different mind sets. Geminis and Sags make good friends, but definitely NOT lovers.

    • You heart broken bastard. Don’t talk like you know what you’re saying. I myself am a gemini and I’m genuinely repulsed by your ignorance. I promise loving your vapid ass would literally never happen.

  25. I am a capricorn man currently dating a gemini woman. We have been dating for just over 3 years now and it has been the most amazing relationship of my life. I am planning to propose to her, I want to spend my whole life with her. I don’t see how we’re not compatible according to astrology. I believe more in the person them self.

    • I am a Gemini and married to a Capricorn man, being a Gemini it is not easy to agree with a Capricorn man, since gemini’s are always free of mind they need space and if the man being a little possessive does not give her space then it can create a problem, and a gemini’s mood swings not easy to handle, she will get bored soon so the partner needs to always draw her attention towards him in creative ways. But personally i feel every relation is formed on the foundation of love and trust. So if that is there then these zodiac signs don’t play any importance in life. I am happily married for 2 yrs now, although we have many differences between us but deep down we love each other very deeply, so all these signs dont matter. All best to you … go ahead and listen to your heart.

  26. YESSS! This is so us Gemini Ladies! Life is too beautiful and exciting to dwell on a breakup, we move on rather quickly. As a Gemini, i do get bored fast and enjoy my freedom too. When i fall for someone though ill give them all of me until they get boring then i might wonder. We are so exciting, can chat for days and enjoy constant change. I was married to a Virgo for 9 years and it was hell! I am a social butterfly and he was opposite, all about business and his money! HE never talked to me, and when we were intimate it was all about him. Its like i was a bird in a cage and was finally set free when we separated. Shortly thereafter dated a Taurus man, and that didnt work as he tried to tame me in the 2 weeks that we knew eachother. I am now looking for that exciting sign, who shall it be?!



  28. Im a Gemini woman and I love it. I been in plenty of relationships and my worst one was with a Scorpio(sneaky) Right next to that was a Capricorn( dictator) like stfu. But im currently dating a Libra man and never have I wanted to be settled down with ANYONE as much as I do with him. Were both the life of the party and we both like when people flirt with us. Communication is awesome. Sex is breath taking. Fights turn into laughter. ADVICE FOR YOU GEMS OUT THERE..GET A LIBRA(drops mic)

    • amen to that……am currently with a Virgo love him deeply but feel like I am always having to drag any response, emotion, reaction, out of him. Usually by pissing him off. Not what I am trying to do, but at least it’s something. F**k a Capricorn!!!! Never make that mistake again, no matter how great he tells me he is at EVERYTHING….YES STFU!!!! PERFECT!!!

      • Don’t do it !!! Not the Virgo man, he won’t get any better, they’re heartless bastards. DO NOT EVEN GO THEIR !!
        and don’t say you haven’t been warned.

  29. I’m a gemini and sadly all of this is true. All accept the fact that I’ll move on pretty quickly, I have a heart just like everyone else-but that doesn’t mean I haven’t broken a few hearts in my past. I don’t mean to, I really don’t but commitment, love, and passion is terrifying to me. That doesn’t mean I’ve cheated on anyone though-I’ve NEVER cheated, I loathe people like that. I’ve just never let things get serious enough to hurt a guy…it’s better to not get attached and break two hearts in the end. Oh and if you want to win a gemini, it’ll be a conquest. We want a man that’ll fight for us in the beginning till the end-that’s what they mean by knight. We want someone that really wants us and basically won’t give up on us, someone who’ll keep us wooed yet not step on our freedom when we desire it. Basically, it seems like our ‘knight’ will never come and we’ll be left alone on this earth…I hope my knight comes soon, I’m getting tired of this loneliness.

  30. Hey.. that’s all true.. nice one.. it perfectly describes me.. i’m lucky i’m a gemini.. i’m sooooo proud.. XD

  31. This makes it sound like there’s only one kind of Gemini. Which is bunk.
    Yes Some of us Are flighty little scatterwits. Some of us shouldn’t be trusted with your house plants much less your heart.
    But then there are Some of us that are truer than the day is long, honest and stable minded. Some of us Do care about more than half an inch down into something.
    We aren’t All those social butterflies that couldn’t be bothered to avoid hurting others in the interest of the latest new thing.
    Me for example. I may not be the most mentally sound person around but it’s not for lack of trying or caring. I find all the usual hubbub rather frightening actually. And when I’m with somebody, I’m.With.That.Person. until they don’t want me any more. I couldn’t flirt if my life depended on it. And you always know the score with me because I tell you up front where I stand and where I’m headed and if I include you in those plans.
    Yes, I tend to not sit still all that much if I can help it but I’m not some fidgety young miss with little or no control over the position of my person. And I find rapid behavior to be taxing and unnerving. It doesn’t mean I Can’t truck it when it’s necessary, but it Does mean I won’t be dragging you along Or Allowing you to drag Me along.
    I was born May 29th. I am a Gemini woman. What you see is what you get. You either like it or don’t. But if you want me to take you seriously, then you damned well better accept me for Me and not some half moon tales spun. Otherwise, you’re wasting Both of our times and that’s One Gemini trait I have in spades… I do Not waste time on pointless endeavors when it comes to the important things. Life is just too damned short for such nonsense!

  32. I’m a gemini, and I hate falling for people so easily… Then breaking there hearts. I confuse myself a lot. And I have so many people I like… I just really want to find that one person…….

  33. well, i,m gemini and all of it ain,t true.

  34. Yes dats true im a Gemini girl and dont care about anyone. Im doing everything for my advantage and Gemini women want everything for there owself. I think these r bad habbies but im proud of myself


  36. Wow cool

  37. I am a gemini and most of that stuff is not true but the part that gets me when you say we can break up with somebody and forget about them thats not true.

  38. All above is correct for myself as a gemini woman.

  39. this describes me perfectly!! its like i was reading about myself =)

  40. i’m a gemini girl… Can gemini and virgo be in a relationship??

    • I am with a virgo…. major plus is that he doesn’t try to control me or change me. major con is that if I disappeared into thin air it might take a week before he notices I am gone….unless he wants to talk about something he thinks is intresting.

      • Will be the most difficult relationship of all,from my own experience,gemini and virgo are compatible only in business.I am a Gemini female too and I notice too many egocentric Gemini persons in here.gemini are inloved by themselfes which is a defect ,not a quality .This is the point from where all the major problems of their social life will start.

    • Is not a good idea, virgos tend to criticize a lot, and like routine, i am gemini and was the worst thing dating a virgo man, i wouldnt do it again

  41. I definitely agree with this…I am a gemini woman and i definitely have a charm and just the type of personality that make it easy for ppl to approach me.My smile is usually a big thing for guys…and it draws them to me.But alot of times…I think the being wanted is exciting for me.But when it gets too heavy ,it kinda bores me…and i realize this isn’t the one for me.I felt like this was someone observing me and writing down everything they saw me doing …lol!! I definitely can relate to being able to adapt pretty well to change and just new things.If i get out of a relationship,it might hurt a lil the first couple of days…but i get over it rather quickly.Maybe because it wasn’t the right one.My imagination and witt is very appealing to others also.We are just fun…big kids alot of times…we are not afraid to be silly and dream…nothing wrong with that.But honestly …I can also say that i love to learn new and different things,but get bored when it drags on and i do miss out on learning the full extent.Its like in my mind…I’m like oooooh…look at this…but then something even more interesting comes along and I’m like but wait…ooooo…this over here is even better and soo different…new…lol!!Some ppl that I see are saying this is soo not me…I believe it depends on the actual dates you might have been born too…but be honest…alot of this is on point about geminis.

  42. Im a Gemini and this describes me perfectly!!! WOW i do get over people pretty fast. This is so true .

  43. I’ve been dating a gemini female for about five months. We can’t stand being away from each other. We talk for hours in person, on the phone and via text. She is amazing and i’m just so lucky to have her in my life. Im 50 and she’s 49 dispite all that is written about her sign i believe that our destiny is ours to choose and is not predetermined by astrology sighs. We all have the abilty to be better people. We just have to choose to be. And you by the way i’m a scoripo.

  44. I must say that I am a %100 true GEMINI WOMAN…to know one is to love one. We are very often indecisive or better yet, confused and we simply hate making decisions. It’s the hardest thing for us to do. The mature gemini woman loves love and loves being in love, we really do hate the whole breaking up stage of any relationship..we never enjoy hurting peoples feelings, even if they’ve hurt us. Its true, we are known for breaking many hearts, but when we love we love hard and we are faithful to that one man who has excepted our many personalities and who is a constant challenge and who knows how to love and spoil us and treat us like the QUEENS we are…we are “every woman”…so versatile and fun-loving, so down-to-earth and genuine, so warm-hearted and caring…I would say that men or women should be extremely happy and honored to capture the heart and mind of a gemini woman…you truely get the best of both worlds!!! No other woman in the zodiac can deliver the way we do…we’re charming, sexy, funny, talented…prety much the ‘jack of all trades’..its so much of us to love….what more could u ask for????

  45. Oh my God. Has this person…HACKED my life?? This is EXACTLY who I am!!! O_O

  46. how do you regain a gemini womans sexual intrest… a libra

    • Is she mad? Or bored? Tell her you want her badly….You need her…bring her something that is unique to her personality. roses won’t work as well as a flower that is her favorite color or has special meaning….Use your imagination and keep trying without getting pissy… if she loves you she will respond in a great way

    • Take charge, give her something that she genuinely loves, a handwritten letter, something unique to her likes. Be stern yet sensitive and she will respond!

  47. I’m a Gemini lass. I read all of your own talking about Gemini and posters’ comments both, are these very true, and it is very exactly like me. I dumped lots of guys for no reason that because I have always no feeling for them instead I feel I like them as a mates more than lovers… I don’t understand why I care and like to have a friendship more than have a seriuos relationship. And I spend my mates more than a random lover. Sometimes I can be really flirtatious with people for fun.

  48. As a Gemini woman, I can personally verify this. xD However, being that I have Capricorn rising in my chart, I can say that I’m more grounded and focused than most Geminis, which can be a plus for my love life. I date Capricorns. One of them (being Gemini rising herself) was definitely not the right match, as we were complete polar opposites, but now I’m with my best friend of three years and I couldn’t be happier. Anyway, point of all this is that while, yes indeed, most of this is more than true, you’ve also gotta take into account that the overall sun sign isn’t the only factor working here. So before all you more down-to-earth people are totally turned off by us, remember that there’s a lot more to our many personalities that you can tap into. ^^ You’ll never be bored, and if you find something you like, we’d be more than happy to display that for you.

  49. why my Gemini girl leave me,,,, i think her every minute,, but i am still alone,, be happy my Gemini,,, but i am remains sad,, because i am Pisces

  50. Wow this really describes me to a tee!!!

  51. I am a gemini woman and this is exactly how i am.

  52. lol im a gemini and its ture oh nd u forgot one thing i like it when a guy doesnt blurt out everything about himself and has that aloofness but is smart yeah hehe 😀 oh and talking about emotions make me depressed

  53. Hahaha! You’re so silly! I mean, who are you to say what is and isn’t real? I am an Atheist yet it is stated in your bible that your God felt appalled by religion. Do you know the difference between God and religion? You preach about God with religion. Religion confines you while your God is supposed to define you. Who are you to make judgments upon other people? Your ignorance concerns me. Haha

  54. my ex boyfriend wag saggitarius i left him for no reasons he still feels a lot for me he told me so he felt very attractive by me he sad thad im the sexiest woman he ever met in his life and he liked me for not being interested in nothin just having fun i can forget too easily an ex boyfriend and break his heart and they still want badly to be with me now im datina leo man i dont he he is pretty sexy and atractive we are good cuple but now i diccovered that i feel something so strong about my sagggitarius ex boy… a very deep cenection that we can understand just if we wach each other in eyes without talking at all but i cant let go my leo man the gemmini love life is a mess but to interesting for other people too i dont know but many people gossip about me especially women in my city they are so jealos for me because all they boyfriend are interested in me even that thay are in releationship with them hahahah is fo funny and my fist love was cancer i felt so deep for him but the day i dicovered that he get married i forget about him for 2 weeks and i dident think for him anymore even that i saw him i dident felt nothing at all . i have many many friends my phone never stops they said that im a funny person and i make them laugh even if they are to upset for something and i am im best friend thay can ever have.

  55. I’m Asian also Gemini girl.This is totally my characterize. I feel bad about the guy that broke-up with me also want me back.But I’m moving on.Started from that I don’t date any guys anymore.

  56. People have it all wrong at times. Sure sometimes a Gemini woman is outgoing, positive and a little sunshine, but just like the rich and poor in life, or the yin and yang, you get good and evil and two sides of the coin. Gemini’s by nature are not two-faced, but to get on their bad side is inviting a whole world of trouble that no one will foresee. There are Gemini’s who fall into the typical stereotype of what a gemini is and then there are those that surpass those that are still struggling to find their way. I call it evolution… we evolve over time and take our best aspects of good and bad and cultivate it carefully to display what we want people to see. Often it is hard as people don’t understand us, and then even the typical Gemini’s seem to embarrass the rest of us. Sometimes I have hope for the human race… Ultimately a true Gemini will strive for something beyond normal fickle relationships and people who serve as a mere annoyance.

  57. This is my Short Modified Version: I’m a Gemini Lady, Since this is a forum about us, this needs to be posted. Are all Gemini Women Cold, Manipulative, Insincere, Insecure and Disloyal. No! I appologize for the bad examples of my sign. However Guys if you run for the hills evry time you find your date is a Gemini, you might miss out on getting to know the better examples of Gemini Women and possibly miss the love of your life .Quite contrary, Gemini is an ever evolving changeing sign. A Healthy Gemini is very self aware of her nature and is ever improving. She has learned hard lessons concering the consequences of her nature, and has learned much wisdom. Yes tere are exteeemly loyal Gemini Ladys out there who would be your best friend as well as sole mate. I personaly know a few very decent Loyal Gemini Ladys and I am one my self. Get to know who your dateing as an indvidual. This goes for any women of any sign.

  58. I’m a Gemini Women, However If your a Guy and your hear your date is born late May to the End of June, You don’t have to run for the hills. If this potential relationship will be postive experience well that depends, on the type of Gemini women she is, that depends on what life has taught her, what life has permitted her to be, if she had develop wisdom to change her negative tendencies or if she never had any of those negative streo type tendencies to begin with. If you beleive in Astrology her chart comes into play too. In short she may not be disloyal, immature, or manipulative.

    A Gemini Women Can either brake a man or she can complete him and be the best stand by his side sole mate he could ever find. Depending on if she’s an evolved Gemini. An evolved Gemini Woman can be very loyal, wise, generious and love sacraficly.

    The Best Public Example of an Evolved Gemini Woman is My Favorite TV Evagelist Joyce Meyer, who makes no bones about her life, how she chaned and what she usto be like. Look her up on line her Birth day is June 7. Joyce’s like never allowed her to be disloyal, in fact she had encountered much disloyalty from others, in which she had proved to be stead fast and loyal though her trails. Joyce went from insecure to highly secure. She went from manipulative, to peace loveing and fair. She went from having to have things her way to being sacrifical. She became very wise. She may not agree with Astrology, however being a Gemini woman my self, and of course a Christian, I have gained a great deal of wisdom and strength form her progrms and I indentify with her.

    I have a freind who was also a Gemini Lady who stayed by her husband side in prison for years, backed him when people didn’t beleive her husband had changed, and stood by his side no matter what.

    About your article being true about my self, may be in the past I had some of those tendencies but life made me change. My Moon Sign is Tarus and I’m not on the cusp, but I’m much more like a Taurean than a Gemini. I’m quiet, I don’t like risk, I like security, I’m a home body, I’m slow in makeing up my mind but once I do, I don’t change my mind. I’m extreemly loyal. So before you go running fr or the hills when you find she’s a Gemini, get to now her not her zodiac sign stero type, and make your decison to go or stay in accordance of who she is not what a Gemini woman is suposed to be like.

  59. I’m a Gemini Women, You know Poeple should though Astrology out the window and get to know people as individuals. I’m Nothing at all, as described. I also can recall seveal very decent Gemini Ladys like my self. Guys out in the dateing world should be cautious of getting serious with any woman, who may have bad traits in every sign. The same goes for women in the dateing world too. However not every gal born the end of May to the end of June is Manipulative, Disloyal, and Immature. If fact I know a dear Gemini Lady who stood faithfully beside her husband in Jail for a terrible crime for years, she has always looked for the the good in him, never was disloyal, had a wise good attitude about her situation, and enouraged her husband, even when he was hard for her to get along with. Her faith in him has helped her husband reabilitate. I know of another wonderful Gemini Lady who stood faithfuly by a cheeting husband. She never was unfaithful and she did not deserve the unfairness she she got, shes down to earth warm genuine, and very wise, and is also a good Mother. I also knew another Gemini Lady who was abandoned by her Mother and stil choses to turn the other cheek and forgive. If any women of any sign, contiues to be immature manipulative and disloyal, she’l have to pay bitter consequences, which may force her to change, if their is any truth at all in Astrology. Or your lady that you may consider a relationship with, born the end of May to the end of June many never have had any of these negative traits to begin with, being catious applies to any one your dateing, but get to know the person not the zodiac sign steo type. Even if Astrology has any grain of salt. I was born on the last week of May past the cusp. The sign Tarus my moon sign describes me way more than Gemini, I’m quiet, I plan things out slowly instead of acting rashly. I’m a home body and very stubrun, but I’m more loyal than any dog. Not all Gemini Ladys fit the bad stero type, and Yes there are some out there that are genuine Ladys.

  60. She should get with a Leo 😉

  61. This is soooo me. The only thing i could do is laugh because its the truth lol wow. I Love being a Gemini. We are sexy women 🙂

  62. GEMINI GIRL HERE! everything above is sooo true about me, except that i enjoy writing long letters. ^_^’ At any rate all above has to be correct on my book. and to all those ppl who say astrology i crap ummmm SCReW YOU!?! If you hate astrology why in the hell did you take the time to search such up and get on such a web page?! STOP BEING IDIOTS FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE AND LOOK AT ALL SIDES OF THE PICTURE! I PERSONALLY DON”T HAVE TIME FOR SUCH IGNORANCE AND I”M SURE OTHERS COULD AGREE! LOVE< PEACE< WIND< GEMINI!

  63. i.m a gemini man and i’m married to a cancer its a callange thats for sure geminis rule till the end of time

  64. ME! gemini

  65. Wow! It is so true. I’m a Gemini female and the whole thing sounds something like me! Cool!!! Well… Geminis are unique so get use to it. Sometimes some of my friends cannot even catch up with me or understand me at all, but it is normal to me since a Gemini’s mind is difficult to understand. I think that is what makes us different from other people!!! One last thing… Gemini ROCKS!!!

  66. ohh the gemini’s….BEWARE…they will make u fall in love like hell and then switch to someone else…had a real bad experience and 2 yrs over she is still not gone completely….she had a BF before me ( lied to me about it) …then she had love with one more when she was with me…then yet again back to me….n finally one more fling after me….dont know how long the list goes after that….m a capri to mention….But surely beware if u have a relationship with a gemini women…a word of advice

  67. Well I am a Capricorn man . I have been wit a Gemini woman for 14 years and I love her . I have 2 kids by her a boy and little girl but the last 2 years of the 14 years the Gemini woman took me threw hell one min. she love me and the next min she hate me I Just don’nt understand the other side of this sign because a Gemini woman is all good till the other side comes to play but if I would have knew astrology like I know now I would ‘nt have never been wit a Gemini woman because trust me they will run u crazy 4 real and my name is DeErick Calvin from Greenville, MS 38701

  68. I’M A GEMINI WOMAN AND THIS DESCRIBES ME PERFECTLY… WOW… We crave attention, love talking and love mystery, its fun to us. Currently semi-seeing a Virgo man, I believe he has read up on my star sign and is trying his very best not to get confused by my twins :s … I hate to say but i’m on to a new challenge now since this Virgos becoming ever so predicatble.. Yawn! Yawn!..

    Search for a Mentally and Physically stimulating hunk …

  69. awsome exactly like me

  70. I LOVE ME! GEMINI are the goddess of love into bed and leaving all the bad ppl heartbroken..We don’t give a fuck about love but we got love with us so that’s why everyone be chasing us=D I don’t act like a free bird when other ppl get sad, I’ll just smack them in the head to give them a wake up call;D..PPL think they know us but then they seriously don’t, That’s what makes us so great..

  71. I am a Gemini myself. While going through your post, I felt as if I was going through my biography. All that you have written is so true and worth its weight in gold.

  72. Haha , im a Gemini female .
    Steal your heart in a minute .

  73. well im a gemini and i have a few things i must say:
    i do NOT fall out of love quickly. It takes me a long, long, long time and i love more deeply than any other person i know. Sure, we’re a handful but its worth it.

    im dating an aquaruis male and its a very interesting relationship

  74. clearly you are a moron believing in something that you havent even see with your own eyes or heard or touched you are basing your whole life off of a book “BIBLE?” so who says thats true? god didnt make us we evolved. im not saying i dont beleive in god because if he is there i would like him to help me have you looked at your own self? from a our perspective, i could bash your religion and pick apart why you’re a moron too, i suggest you keep your thoughts to yo9urself if you believe in god so much you should know god dont like ugly

  75. before I knew about astrology I couldn’t understand why I did the things I did, I was basically trying to find myself and one day my mom gave me a book Love Signs, that book changed my whole life and this is so amazingly true it’s insane

  76. Im gemini and not everything ive read is true..

  77. imma gemini woman N i dated a gemini man…i knoe….crazie rite….our relationship wuz off tha chain…sex wuz crazie…conversations were intense….overall….we eitha had a great tyme togetha….or it wuz chaotic..both unpredictable…we loved challengin eachtotha….n had millions of frands(both of tha opposite sex…then tha break up…whea do i begin….lets jux say we missed eachotha foe a while…then payback wuz a bitch…so yep…geminis r crazie…but no one can stay away too long…cuz every one loves a mystery…lol

  78. I honestly don’t believe gemini is all that terrible. I love them and they love me. I am a cancer and this has so much in common with me its weird. I guess its true that your moon sign has an effect on you as well. Its clear as day, i don’t understand how this is a sin that confuses me. I am just now learning this =/

  79. Hi. I’m a Pisces and I have a Gemini friend. Our relationship is getting closer so I wanna ask her on a date. Which places Gemini girls like to go on a date? Night bar? Restaurant? Movies?
    Thanks for your help friends.


  81. Hey guys, I’m a 21 year old Gemini girl and I’ve been dating my intense scorpio boyfriend for a little over 7 months now. Our relationship is so complicated but easy and we fell in love very quickly. I gave up the whole dating game for him and made him my only one. A very very big deal for me. I love him because he treats me like a princess but he has this dark side that knocks the fun right out of me. It leaves me feeling like “is this all”
    We just got so darn serious and I like to keep things fun and light. I just kinda feel like he is MAKING me grow up and well… I just don’t wanna grow up just yet. Sometimes I wish I would’ve met him a couple of years in the future because he’s perfect husband material. Very stable and dependable unlike me I guess.

    Well the thing is, i’ve been feeling so unhappy and just not like my Gemini self which leaves us snapping at eachother and getting into fights. This morning I felt his house and said (after a fight) “I just don’t like to be here anymore, don’t call me, I’ll call you” Pretty mean… I still haven’t called him. A part of me loves him, but another part is screaming for a new adventure. Being a gemini means constant conflict with the Self and just… drama basically. I wouldn’t wanna be any other side though! Love it.

  82. it certainty agree with this its totally me(: but sometimes i don’t like the i like you and then i don’t like you thing. i have broken so many hearts, and i do feel bad. but its just funny how one day i like one guy and the next day another one. the guys easily fall for me, and i always wonder why? if all i did was be myself, be friendly, nice, and not showed any interest:D but now i know =P its just how i am(:

  83. i have to agree on some of this is indeed true. But i love writing long letters. & i am 100% faithful. Never cheated not once. I;m constantly looking for my knight in shinning armor. I admit I’ve broken some hearts. But more of the time i get mines broken if i am in love with them. But i have indeed found my knight in shinning armor. ❤ Though he is a virgo, i have to be so patient. But i don't mind. If my mind & heart is set on one person,it's set. & he gives me that feeling no guy ever gave me before! 🙂 Thank heavens i don't have to look anymore for my knight in shinning armor. I am satisfied…yay!

  84. hey I’m a gemini woman i have been i love with a libra guy;
    i guess i love him but in other moments i feel i don’t love him.
    but the problem that i am with him now and i feel that he doesn’t love me but he says he want me with him.
    Guys i really want some one 2 tell me want 2 do i live him or go 4 it?
    i really don’t know how 2 act?

  85. I am a Scorpio woman dating a Gemini woman. Can’t trust her. Tells too many lies and she thinks that I don’t know that she is not speaking the truth. Too evasive. Tries to be complex but is actually immature. Talks too much and is too loud. Not focused. Easily distracted. Has secretive relationships with other women. Not sexual but very flirtatious. I love her but sometimes I feel like I could leave her because of mistrust. Claims to be faithful but tries to keep too many secrets and y’all know how we Scorps can probe and dig until we find all the secrets. Want it to last but don’t know if it will.

  86. wow to the last three comments. I am a Gemini/Cancer. But just found out that under Indian (Vedic) astrology I am a Gemini, Which makes WAY more sense.

    I agree We love HARD and only appear to be “over” relationships quickly. I think I always feel connected to that person.

    I certainly do agree that I am looking for a man who is everything and more and we do continue to hope ppl can evolve into this as we, ourselves, continue to grow and evolve greatly

  87. i’ve always have a hard time getting over past relationships thats becuz i have a cancer moon.. but resently i’ve found someone i love being with hes a scorpio/sagitarrius we’ve been together 4 a year an we have a 3 month old son an this really has changed my life alot before i didn’t care if i hurt anyone all i wanted too do is have fun.. i still love too have a good time… an this really explains alot about me i just need too learn how to express my feelings to my man still.. it says geminis r good at communacating but why do i have such a hard time doing it then?

  88. in my experience, Gemini women will eat you alive.
    Pisces women will bore you to death (no offense, I’m totally a Pisces) Sagittarius women will leave you in the dust, cancer women will turn you away with insane amounts of speculation and paranoia..
    maybe i just date crazy chicks.

  89. most of the things said are true…..

    but the “truest” of all is the thing said about our enthusiasm for better careers……totally agree with it

    and as for matters of heart…well…i can honestly say that we are loyal to the man we are seeing/being in love..its just that we are nice to the other men (may be harbouring a soft corner for them sometimes^_-).

    but trust me ..we gemini take love seriously….very much indeed!!!!


  90. Well this blog has been very VERY informative for me, a Saggitarius male, who has dated 2 gemini women in the past. Yes, the sex was awesome and I felt free when I was with them. But (you guessed it) as soon as I’d though I’d found a comfortable vibe with them, we broke up. Both instances I was left for another, more ‘interesting'(my guess is interesting at the time I was boring them)dudes.

    Now, I find my heart and loins in the clutches of yet another gemini. Let’s face it. The sexual chemistry between the 2 signs is really hot!I just don’t want to make the same misatkes that I made with the other two.

    Anyway, after reading this blog, I figure that the best way to win the heart (and not just the G-strings) of a Gemini woman would be to keep her VERY interested in you, stay flexible about everything & most importantly…don’t let her get used to your routine or habits. this way only leads to boredom.

    I think Saggitarius and Gemini can be a really good match if Saggitarius doesn’t take everything so seriously when dealing with a Gemini. I mean, keep it real. But don’t get your feelings hurt if she does the same to you.

  91. I am a Gemini woman and i can tell you that most things apply to me. However gemini women are not as cold as they seem. They are very much affected deeply and emotionally when they get hurt. When they are committed, they are committed! They may flirt yes, but trust me the man she is committed to will have her loyalty 100%!!! I am currently heart broken over a virgo there’s another’s virgos who are the heart breakers! he sure broke my heart! i mean ever heard of that : gemini heart being broken! beleieve me i feel it intensely!

  92. Gemini Women are amazing!! I am a Libra and recently, I met an amazing gemini women. She is the most enchanting and alluring woman I have every met!! The first time I saw her, I found myself so attracted to her. And the first time I spoken to her, I was really nervous, but we had a really fun conversation. I found myself flirting with her, without even realizing it. It was amazing!!! Since our first meeting, we both smile at each other when see each other!!
    I just cannot get enough of this women, everytime I see her, she just brighten my day!!! I hope, I do the same for her!!!
    Recently, I found out she has a boyfriend, and she is very loyal to him. I think gemini women can be very loyal in a relationship.
    So to all the Gemini women out there, please stay the way you are, you are all amazing!!!

  93. Ok ladies and gents I am a Gem myself and I have a prob I have been with a Leo for 3 years and we have a child together. But sometimes i feel like his sign out shines mine and i mean he would cause his the King (LEO) I mean i know he loves me but even tough all that stuff about leaving folks behind is ture about myself and other Gems I know i just cant seem to shake him and he hurts me so bad. Its like Both of my faces be fighting. Cuase part of me is like he my baby daddy but the other part is like he got me fucced ^. I dont know what to do. Got so much to say no one to say it to. But sh*t fa real I could us a new man if there are any takers 🙂 dang there goes that dang Gem in me. cause i mean i dont like going elsswhere for love but with leos cheating butt I aint got no choice otherwise i would let my Gem take over and leave his Butt and take my daughter and never let him see her or me againand my probs would be over. But since i know i aint gone do that aomebody hit me up and lets talk

  94. I’m a Gemini woman. This describes me pretty well, except for the getting over relationships quickly. I should say I can “appear” to be over relationships. Friends always tell me how strong I am after a breakup. It’s just a facade! I am broken up after every relationship because I do love very hard, but i am funny, cheerful and appear to be ok in public. Why bore people with my drama! What is with people saying Gems are two faced!? I am the most trustworthy person you can ever meet, and so are my Gem friends. That stereotype is soo not true, just not right!

    • i agree! i take break ups very hard. i get depressed alot. & is very hard to get over something unless,i didn’t want them. & we aren’t two faced,just have multiple characters,but we can’t help it that we are twins.

    • agreed 100% with bylynn

  95. Ill have to agree with the above comment. Im a 100% total Gemini. I will agree that we do love hard. We are very generous people and give and give. We also extend our stay into relationships way too long. Hoping that people are better than they actually are or will make a change since we are always and ever changing. I can also definitely be interested in more than one person at time. This is only when the person I am dating has not lead me to feel secure or has not been pleasing all of my Gemini twins. Unforunately we do expect a man who is everything and more. Its a tough job for you guys but once you get in with the twins we are more than worth it.


  96. Gemini women love hard. If we find who it is we are looking for we are devoted to that individual 100% and we are very generous which is why some of us get burnt so much. But don’t annoy or piss us off! We will ignore you until we feel ready to curse you out hitting very low on the belt or until we have brought you to our level of piss-tivity! But will walk away with our heads high afterwards as we will feel we’ve accomplished our goal. We find humor in some of the wildest things.

  97. Gemini woman here, very much in love with a Leo man. Forever! Very difficult for Gemini women to be understood. Instead of trying to be understood just look for those who will accept you.

  98. “She can fall in love or fond of someone else while she is with you.” It’s all very fitting but I found this part pretty funny. I am a Gemini woman and have been with a Sagittarius man for a very long time. What we have works great but for some resaon it’s like I am looking for the next best thing. I am quite smitten with a married Aquarius man and have been for a few years now as I am sure he is smitten with me. You cannot deny the obvious and obvious it is. I don’t want to leave my Sagittirus man for the Aquarius man but I would like for the Aquarius man to admit that he has the same feelings for me. Then again if he did actually admit he felt more than just “he likes me ALOT”, it might take all the fun out of the whole thing lol.

    Oh and to daysi with your god thing…I am not religious at all although I did grow up in a very religious family. And you calling us morons for paying attention to astrology…are you kidding me? Not for a minute do I believe that there is an invisible man in the sky that pointed his finger at a virgin and got her pregnant. It is scientifically impossible.
    We have our astrology that we obviously enjoy reading for our own personal reasons or we wouldn’t be here. Others have their bibles. Maybe the bible is BULLSHIT. Who’s to say really. To each his own. And either way….if this is such crap to you why are you even on here reading it?

  99. Hi everyone,
    Right now I am seeing a gemini woman for about an year and am a scorpio man. Can anyone please tell me what future does this relationship holds.
    Recently, we had been through a bad patch as I made her cry for her past relation with another guy. She sms’ed me saying she’s really feeling bad about it and want to end our relationship. Now that hurt me a lot as I dont know how strong our bonding is or was that her immatureness. For now all dirt is settled and we are again united as she cried a lot after sending that sms to me. I really care for her but dont want to let her in any dilemma about our relation.
    Looking for reactions from all of u…..thanks in advance..

    • Get the f*&(k out of it. I have dated 3 of these girls and it has been the worst thing I have ever been through. I am Scorpio and will never do this again. For me it did not work.

      They will use you.

      You will always be waiting on her.

      At a party she gets ADD and forgets she is with you.

      They take forever to answer a question.

      Very little creativity in bed, even after training.

      Can apologize the best I have ever seen, but turn around in 24 hours and do the exact same thing.

      You can warn her that a guy is about to start flirting with her (because a Scorpio man watches everyone) and she will still let him flirt with her.

      They get lost in other guys eyes and conversations really easy even when your with them.

      The list goes on and on for me..

    • First off Gemini’s and Scorpio’s were NEVER a match. Deadly combo. Second, never bring up the past with a Gemini, we are futuristic people. And when our past gets brought up, especially by someone who doesn’t know exactly what we have been through, we get hurt and angry. Which makes it bad for that other person. When we (gemini’s) love, we love deeply. But with us, it can take something so simple to end it. But its not simple to us. Good luck, I hope the best for you.

  100. im a gemini and i definitely agree wit this….and i think i do get over people easily…especially if they are not a challange…i used to feel kinda bad about it but i guess its just in my nature….

  101. Im a pisces and my girl is gemini. going on 5 years strong… geminis ROCK!!! Who says geminis and pisces dont work out???


  103. Well ive had every guy in the zodiac have a crush on me, and those whoe were secure and loved a challenge we were together for a while, but those that were insecure and feared getting hurt were gone with the wind.Right now im working on a scorpio. ITS EXOTIC! The most challenging yet. He can’t figure me out and I cant figure him out.

  104. woo go gemini the best one!! this is all soo true! i broke up with my bf a few weeks back and i totally forogt about him like an hour later haha 😛 he had a sad though (hes a cancer) ugh!

  105. my birthday is june 5th and my best friend’s is june 3rd. she is my soul mate, we are gemini twins. i absolutely love being a gemini and i think were def. one of the most interesting signs of the zodiac. advice to gemini women, stay far away from scorpio men.

  106. hey im a gemini gurl, and i can tell u a bad side of a GEMINI which is:
    * they do sweet talk but onli for their own advantage
    * if they are bored they plot to leave asap before the other person relizes!
    * if they know tnat ders a guy dat luvs her she will lead him on and provoke him to tell her or else she’ll flirt with other men lol
    *she cannot concentrate on 1 task!
    *the bright side is once she is commited to a relationship she is loyal!( she may luk at other guys BUT she wont do anything!) u can trust her!
    *she hates dishonesty and people who waste time!
    *MOST gemninis are actually vain lolz

    ….well that what geminis are all about! hehe

    Lucky (Birmingham)

  107. i read this and wow.. it really does explain alot about me. i dont like to be alone but if i am i know that ill be ok. i love the fact that we, as gemini, have some power to confuse others. at least i know that im not the only one confused.

  108. woooo go geminis! we are the best!! 😛

  109. LOL rhis is so true! im a gemini too.. i had this relationship with a guy only lasted 8 months.. i got so bored! and he was a cancer (explains it all) and i still had feelings for this other guy. but when i broke up with my ex bf, i completely forgot about it and got over it quickly! and that really broke his heart lol

  110. everything this says is me i feel like i am readin about my self big ups to GEMINI’S THE BEST SIGN EVA

  111. I’m a gEmInI!!!-and proud of it 2,very!,most of what ya’ll said was very true cuz they match me,but i do not get over my lovers like dat! we geminis are not that flighty and cold hearted….

  112. watsup girl

  113. I’m in love with a Gemini woman…we dated for 2 years and it ended not dramatically…she made her mind up quite fast…we still talk…and recently i’ve been digging deep to discover the Gemini woman…i think i love them to death…its a constant challenge…exciting!!

  114. what was said in here is true, I know it is because i am a true blooded Gemini! I am dating a Libra man right now and its amazing we get along together.

  115. i’m a gemini and I can honestly say that this is 100% true!! my best friends are always saying how theyre jealous that “i make every guy fall in love with me” lol and then the next day don’t care about them any more!! .. now I don’t feel so bad, no wonder my nick name is heart breaker! hahah u gemini girls can all agree, im sure.

  116. i think most of this is true but i’m a gemini who likes to write long letters. heh. gemini- communication?

  117. yea i wnt wit a gemini for a while i lovem’d huh to death buh she cheated on me with a whole lot uf people im a libra also and a female i love her till this day thow she movin on poison i tell u

  118. Fickle, and superficial (essentially), they are intimidated when confronted with depth of passion or intellect. they know a small amount of a vast number of subjects. they can spew a million words out in eloquent conversation but prepare to laugh when they try to spell it out. I had been seeing a gemini women for a few months recently. Their attractiveness/ charm does not out weigh their dispassionate nature.

    but yeah..they’re friendly and optomistic.

    I’m a scorpio male btw..

    • Geminis are not intiimidated either by passion or intellect.Never.whoever, she was, you were dating, was only pretending.and if a gemnini decides, they can turn any subject inside out.

    • I am a Gemini woman. I agree with you on a few things. I agree that we are fickle and superficial, and also friendly and optimistic. But I disagree on a few as well. Gemini women are not intimidated at all by anything. We are some of the strongest in the zodiacs, like yourself, being a Scorpio. We fear no passion nor intellectual converstion and topic. We actually thrive on intellect and passion. Its just if we get bored, we move on. We are not dispassionate in the least. We care greatly, its just our actions are louder. We are very smart, some Geminis more than others. We know how to spell and we know a lot about many of things, because it is in our nature to always be in the know. We are what you would call nosy because we love mystery. By the sounds of it, you dated a young Gemini or at least one with mind frame of a child. Besides, Geninis and Scorpios are not a match at all. We butt heads too much. You might want to stick with Pices, Virgo and Cancer. Stay away from Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius. Just some advice.

    • Wow. What a low blow. I never ever leave comments on nothing but this made me laugh… Sweetie, your only here, reading about Gemini woman because one of them broke your heart. But you cant generalise like that, and anyway- who has in-depth knowledge about everything anyway. The point is that we are great conversationalists, social people, not that we know it all.., as for the sex- “training”?!?!?! Are you serious? Who do you think you are? So selfish. Training a woman how to please you? You gotta be kidding me! 😂


  120. and yes, how about a Gemini matching with a Sagittarius?

  121. I’m also a Gemini, but NOT most of the things mentioned are alike my very own character.

  122. true. o__o

    quite true.

    very true o______o

  123. im a SCORPIO, and my best friends sister, is a gemini. Its hard to figure her out some times. but i can, act my self around her and speak my mind. She’s one of the few Ladies. that doesnt get pissed when i Speak my mind about what she’s wearing.One thing i like about her is she not an indoor person…

  124. gemini women are a handful but I keep getting attached to them probably cause I’m a libra

  125. i hate gemini women, maybe because i dated one and then we split up. Maybe the fact im a scorpio didnt help things out either, but yea…… Im done with Geminis. NO more twin face shit.

  126. i am totally a gemini!!!! 100% and i love it we are the best people to be around by far. totally life of the party hell ya!!

  127. we are confusing as hell i even confuse myself

  128. This is completely me. Pretty encompassing, specific, and accurate…wow.


  130. They flert. They are fun. Gifted with intelligence, are likeable, spontaneous and interesting. A smart partner would never let too much emotion show, play aloof, somewhat distant, very positive and a little mysterious. Let them get too close and they could be a heart-breaker. Keep thm at bay with their own game. Keep a back-up plan. The intrigue and uncertainty should keep them veryn interested.

    • That is not the best advice to give to a partner. First, I am a Gemini women through and through. Sometimes proud of it, and sometimes it is a ball and chain if you will. Us Gemini women can sense bullshit 300 miles away. We are gifted in intelligence and every possible way of communication. We can tell when someone is playing games because we masters

      • We master in the art. We sense that you are playing with us, we will toy with you even more. Also, if you don’t show us emotion, we will still lose the attraction. We are very fickle. With us, its like gambling. So if you’ve never good with gambling, you might not want to try with us. And we need a lot of mystery, its our curious nature that demands it. We are not always heart breakers, if we lose interest, why stay? That is something from every zodiac can agree on.

  131. It’s funny how I’ve noticed that gemini girls will be in a relationship and still get crushes on other guys, and flirt, etc. Not only that, but they actually feel really bad about it. Some people just don’t understand how they can have little control over these impulses. Gemini should come with a warning label.

    • We need to read our own warning labels sometimes, for safety.

    • Geminis loves everyone flirt with everyone …. they need a strong person to be a best match,, no warning label, just understanding,, maybe you weren’t geminis match…. I think Geminis Are the Best of both worlds ,,, sometime i think one twin gets neglceted ,,, the wild one usually…while in a relationship, the domestic one while single.. so if a true match Geminis partner will Love both twins , not to cause one to go and hide, if this happens for to long beware, that twin will come out and do what they want, but if Geminis partner is not threatened by either twin, Geminis kind heart that seems as a flirt , will only be a smile or touch on the arm, if both twins Love the the partner , Gemini is very complete and needs noughting from anyone ,,Faithful, but has alot of Happiness and Love to offer the world.. never ending supply… It takes A perfect match to make two Happy . just remember theres three in A relationship with A Gemini and sometime three can be a crowd… So be kind to both 😀 😀

  132. im a gemini gurl too, i think this totally matches my personality, just yesterday, i was happy to have a new crush altough im in luv with another guy and he luvs me back…:( thats just sad…:'(

  133. im a GEMINI woo, try to figure me out and u will forget why.. haha!!

  134. im a gemini and not everything they wrote is true, we are also very optimistic and postive people dont ever forget that.

  135. I’m a libra and i had a crush on this gemini woman but she kind of used me but , as a libra i know exactly what to do and after almost a year she totaly fell for me , unfortunatly one’s i had her , i didn’t want her anymore

  136. they are the sexiest ever…..point made~~m still not sure what i am..a cancer or a gemini…but then m a mixture i guess…coz ive 85%traits of being a gemini

  137. Im a gemini girl!!

  138. yeah man, i been killed by a gemini but i was eventually revived by a cancer woman.

  139. They are quite extreme. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell though. Wow.

  140. I have a crush on one of my best friends (this completely describes her, BTW)….I am also a girl (libra), and I think she leads me on a little since I told her how I felt. It hurts a hell of a lot, but I guess that is what I get for falling for a gemini, huh?

    • kayla ur just like me in so many ways i too am a girl who like a female gemini (but im a pisces) and shes been doing the same thing too me but im telling you right now its gonna be really hard it is for me….but dont worry it will get a little or alot better 🙂

  141. Yeah gemini Women can kill you.

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