Libra Men

A man who has no balance like his Zodiac symbol as he is. He is not the gentle, cool, calm and charming guy like what you see. He has another dark side of aggression, stubborn and he likes to start an argument the most. Sometime she can be so depress and unstable. Up and down like he is trying to balance himself most of the time.

To many people, he is a friendly guy and always smiles even when he is mad or up set. His voice is always gentle and calm. He always set and combs his hair as if he comes out from a shampoo advertisement. Mostly Libra men are good looking, even the ugly one is charming. When he smiles, it is so bright that the whole world is smiling with him too.

When he is in a balance mood, he is the type of person you want to be with. In other unbalancing mood, he likes to make people argue about something and watching it with fascination and fun. He will wait to be the one who compromise and clear thing up. He likes to be in a conflicting conversation.

Libra man is lazy by nature. After his tired day at work, he likes to sit still and just look out of the window or read quietly. He likes to be in his own world. After recharging his battery, he will be very energetic again and may even take you out that night.

Libra man normally will not do any shocking or abnormal things to be noticed. He likes to be conformed to his crowd, but if you watch him carefully, you will see the different. If he wears a shirt, it will have to be a zipper front instead of buttons, or a special tie bar. There is always something in him that he will not allow totally conformity to take him over.

A straight forward, He is careful and delicate in details. He will spent extra time to doing it right, than comes back to correct them later. He hates people who boost, or exaggerate. He does not like over dressed woman or make herself a center of an attention.

He loves to read. He loves poems and loves art. When he works he can work like crazy, but after work he can turn on romantic jazzy music and treat you so gently. He loves to give people advice and normally give a good advice. If you fall for him, you will stay like being trapped in a spider web. If you want to break up with him, he will persuade you a zillion ways to stay and you can not stop him anyway. After he persuades you to stay, or after a big fight, he will be so sweet to you as if he has never hurt your feeling before ever.

He will have his own way to win a girl love and affection. Once she says yes, he will lay back and wonder if he should go on or if he should back out. In his teen, he changed many girl friends because he can not clearly separate loving a friend and loving a girl friend. He will check and re-cheek if his match is suitable and compatible with him.

Even he is a romantic man; he can hardly understand the emotion of the one he loves. He is a generous guy even he sets his life so systematically. He never knows when he makes you unhappy. He never knows how he up set you. He will never know what he said wrong. If he is your lover, be prepared for this.

A not so pretty girl as well as without brain is not his type of woman. If you are not pretty enough, he will not mind talking to you but he does not care to get to know you. Any girls, pretty or ugly can ask for his help, he will be happy to help. He hates to argue by yelling at each other, so you tend to see he argue with his girl friend seriously but try at best to be very quiet.

He likes to have a girl friend by getting to know each other like a friend first. If you want him, you have to like the same thing he does. He prefers a pretty and gentle woman than a smart and ugly woman. You have to understand his mood especially he can has many different moods. He is a private person, so when he needs to be alone better let him be.

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  1. Ok, so my ex recently broke up with me (and it was just as well because he was abusive and it was only a matter of time before I broke up with him). The point I wanted to make though, is that although he is a Virgo (Sept. 20th), he also possesses very strong characteristics of a Libra (Sep. 23…).He’s very charming (which is what drew me to him in the first place)! He’s handsome, intelligent, intuitive, very skilled in many areas, a “Jack of all trades”, if you will, and funny! He has a remarkable memory and a keen sense of humor. He’s analytical, hard working, a great cook. He’s a perfectionist to a fault. (Made my perfectionism look like a sloppy mess in comparison). He’s romantic…dinner by candle light, fireside evenings, jazz, poetry, chocolates, wine, bubblebaths, and GREAT love making! BUT he has a dark side to him that will come out of nowhere! I’m a Gemini and it didn’t take me long to see how controling and angry he can become over petty little things I did. He also was the “King” of munipulation. But being that I loved the romantic side of him, I stuck it out for seven long years. I was also drawn to his confidence and independence. But once he had me hook, line and sinker, I couldn’t get away no matter how hard I tried. (And believe me, I tried). I left him at least four different times and even got a restraining order on him at one point. When he was mad, he’d tell me, “there’s the front door, no one’s stopping you!” And I’d leave…but then we would miss each other and he had a way of whooing me back with all the right words…It’s been nearly a month and a half now since we broke up and sadly, we have a 3 year old together who is heartbroken over all this. I know I’m a complicated person being a Gemini and seriously just recently began studying the Zodiac signs to even begin understanding who I am. I don’t think he understood me…just like I didn’t even understand me. I feel like he has a “split personality” being that he possesses nearly 50/50 traits or more like almost 100% for both Virgo and Libra. I’d say if he didn’t have that “dark side” to him, we would have been sooo compatable! There were so many things we had in common and so many similar interests. Even the same taste in furniture, art, spirituality, and recreational hobbies. I really love him and it’s so hard moving on. I know Gemini’s are supposed to be able to move on to the next different, interesting or exciting thing or “man” but I’m having a difficult time. I have a hard time not dwelling on all the wonderful romantic times we had instead of the negative crap that tore us apart. I’m a people pleaser…and he said he thought he knew me…until my “true colors” came out…and I saw the “red flag” in him all along…I just didn’t want to believe it. I think it’s interesting that Gemini’s are told that we are most compatible with a Libra…when, although my husband is a Virgo, he is also a Libra through and through. I would love some feed back from who may be able to relate. Thanks! P.S. I think I’ll stay single for awhile and wait for an Aquarius…although, I have a friend who happens to be a guy…and he’s a Capricorn…and we are VERY attracted to each other. Not sure what to make of that. I know one thing…I’m NOT going to jump from the frying pan into the fire!

    • Hi Rebecca. I guess he didn’t love you enough. Don’t try to focus on zodiac compatibility too much though, the energy of the stars goes beyond that. Just listen to your heart without letting your emotions fool you and you will never regret the choices you have made.

  2. Wow i guess this is true about me i can be aggressive and when i lose the person i love i try and persuade them but i know it hurts them i don’t mean that but everything this said about me is true

  3. Dawgs, charming DAWGS.

  4. Virgo woman… I’m blown away my partner (libra) is exactly what has been said about librans…. I thank you all god sent that I found this blog it has confirmed everything I knew I feel so much better almost like my heart is not hurting as much and my tears have dried I give my all and was set on growing old with this man as im dedicated and loyal to the extreme when I love but im stoked that I was right hes a fucking scum bag that I only wish nothing but the bad karma he deserves and I can move on eiyh my children and be happy again xxxxxx

  5. Wow! Some are true about me lol.. its true that I am lazy before(I am a libra man) when I was in college and highschool, but not now though I graduated and have my work so lazy don’t apply to me anymore..
    back when I was 1st yr college on the very 1st day, my new classmate snatched my bag and she maked me chase her, damn! And then when I caught her, she asked for my number before giving my bag back.. yeah.. she like me, she’s beautiful and have big boobs so its a win win, also very rich, oh and the university is exclusively for girls but became for boys too in my time.. so haha.. nice plan of mine to go there. I ask her what she likes bout me, she said my company, sense of humor, smile, but the best is my eyes, she said cause when I smile my eyes smiles too.. damn! I was really moved by what she says and end up kissing her. But I only had 2 gf’s in my whole life. 1 at highschool and 1 at college.. were not cheaters, im going to ask her to marry me, soon, after I have save enough for us.. were both 23 and both of our parents are itching to have grandchildren lol” our sex life is great too so we’re gonna make many minime… she’s also a libra, born before me..
    Also there are 3 types of libran, depending on the day you were born.
    1. Gentleman type
    2. Wacky type
    3. Reading type
    I am at wacky class lol.. and she’s at the gentle class. Im at wacky so maybe that’s why I’m good at jokes, like in the past, I bought her 4 roses on Valentine’s, then she give meaning to every stems,(I/love/you/very) then she looked at me, suggesting we should just throw 1 to make it I love you. No! I said, then she started crying..
    She thought that im angry, well yeah, a little bit, roses at Valentine’s costs more than normal.. but after I hand her something she started laughing and began punching me at my back and kissing me too.
    If u are wondering what I give her. Its not really some pricey necklace or bracelet. I just give her a cheap match.
    while she was crying she asked me what is the match for?
    Then I told her so “I/love/you/very/match” then she forced herself not to laugh but couldn’t help it started laughing and started punching me too then kissed me and said “I love you very match” lol

  6. When I was reading this I had a mental check list drift into my mind. And without any real notice I found myself ticking it off in my head hahaha.

  7. I am a leo woman who happens to be attracted to libra men. I have recently started “talking” to a libra man. He has chased me for the past few months but I never showed him any interest until recently. Our Chemistry is crazy! We are highly compatible. I’m a leo/rabbit and he is libra/pig. We gravitate towards one another. We can talk about anything, we never get bored, our sense of humor and personalities are similar. It’s like looking in a mirror. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical to date libra men as I have dated them before and found them to already be involved. Which is probably why i want to really take my time with this one. I hope this one is a winner.

  8. Okay I was going through site because I am super attracted towards this libran guy and i see whole bunch of thread. He is annoying as hell. I am a scorpio and know this guy for over a month. I met him online and soon we were talking till 4 in the morning. We planned to meet and two days before the decided day of meeting he is nowhere to be seen. I have asked him out to meet so many times but he always avoids. We have been only talking over texts. Sometimes he responded in such a charming way that no matter how irritated i am, i get completely swayed over. Sometimes, he would just not bother to respond. Times when I have asked him to give me a clear position of whether he wants to go out or not he just cant give me a simple answer!!! I am okay if he is not interested but its extremely important for me to know what’s on his mind. But, its true Libran men simply cant make their mind!!!! I am stuck in between because I really like him and have stopped looking other people but at the same time I am so hurt with his annoying behaviour. I just dont know what to do!!!

    • The libran guy u are talking about is too judgemental not about you but himself. He sure about you but he is weighing his pros & cons & afraid whether he would be rejected. If not for looks then for speaking ability or something else. He is not giving a simple answer becoz he is judging the consequences of it. And the influence of ascendant and moon sign is also there on an individual to great extent. May be he has a secretive ascendant or and introvert moon sign!

  9. I’ve been in an on off relationship with a libra man for over 20 years, I love him I want to be his wife, I know he loves me but will he ever marry me?

  10. Exactly mE:-)

  11. Sorry this Libra man cheats allot is a bit wrong, every man can cheat, I think you just unlucky you found a wrong man who can cheat. A real true libra will never cheat on his women, he will stay loyal more than any man in the world and never do anything to hurt you. A libra’s love is one in a kind, it is so strong, he will treat you like a princeess and the most special person in the world , he won’t do anything to betray that love to you unless you do something that really hurts him, then he may turn only because you hurt him, when he is hurt he takes it very personally and hard.

  12. I am Cancer Leo Cusp. I met a Libra guy in an online game. And whatever it is stated above, it is true.

    We were really close to each other. Always chat every single day right after we woken up till night when one of us want to sleep since it was a long distance friendship.

    Unfortunately, an incident happened which he was being scam so I asked if I could help him out. He said no, he can handle the situation himself. But I was quite unsatisfied, not because he doesn’t want my help. But because of my obsession, I have feelings for him which he doesn’t know yet. And that make us apart. It has been nearly 2 years we have not chat.

    I tried to chat with him last year, to me, it was really awkward since it’s my mistake but not him, he’s still the same. I don’t mind if I were to start the conversation first again but the problem is how to keep the conversation going.

    I know that I have to move on and forget about my stupidest mistake. Thought I just want to start all over but not sure, if it’s worth or not. ‘Cause people might change.

  13. i’m curious, i’m a capricorn girl (ascendent in scorpion) and i’m interested in a libra man, cause he was actually the one who worked to get my attention, we never had a properly conversation but you may say we flirt in a relaxed, sweet kind of mood, he likes to do like “buh” to scare me and i laugh and he smiles… so all those kind of sweet “child” flirtation, but i have no idea how to know if he’s instered or not… how do we know if a libra man is interested or not? cause the one’s i know usually have lack of confidence to step in lolol….

    • aww and lately he tries to know words in my mother language, he asked me how to say see you tomorrow and such and then tells me in my language lolol he’s sweet

    • Lol I think once he knows you like him, its all gonna fall into places! Us libra men we sadly don’t normally talk or show everything untill then its all grows by flirting… we do love the flirts that’s for sure. Do tell him how you feel bae!

      • lolol do you know capricorn woman? we usually dont “talk” about how we feel lolol but thank you for your reply 🙂 I’ll keep an eye on that hottie for a while longer

  14. Most of my ex were Libras! And I didn’t realize that until I’ve connected with them again thru Facebook! And am still with a Libra right now. Lol – Gemini girl 🙂

  15. Oh well, I’m ugly and smart.. So I’m buggered.. As this is meant to be my ideal match being an Aquarius. Plus the Gemini man sounds boring..

  16. I am a sagittarius, dating a libra man for almost 6 months now. We have known each other for about 30 years–we met while I was a cocktail waitress at a bar, and he was in a band. He was, and still is extremely good looking, and so he always had girls hanging all over him–even me–and we were even sexual a few times back then. We kind of lost touch with each other over the years, and he got married, and was married for ten years, and then his wife died of cancer. A couple of years later, he moved into the house across the street from me with a couple of his friends. About a month went by and then he started to ask me to dinner, and ask me to go here, and there, but I had a 5 year old son back then, and my libra didn’t seem to have much patience with him, so that was a turn-off for me. About a year later, he moved away, my son grew up, and then one day I’m on facebook, and I get a friend request from him, which I accepted. We have been dating ever since, but we have a long-distance relationship (he lives an hour and a half away). Sometimes 2 or 3 or 4 days will go by, without hearing a word from him, then he’ll call me and ask me to come over and spend a few days (lots of times I’ll just stay all week). This has been going on for about 5 months. He’s a really good lover, he’s always taking me out to eat, paying to fix my car, etc…etc… , but he is very moody, and I can almost see a black cloud over his head sometimes. Anyway! I think I’m falling in love with him–kind of like I should have gotten together with him all of those years ago–but guess what? I was at his house last weekend–I came home on Monday–it is now Sunday, and I haven’t heard a word from him. No messages–NOTHING! It’s been 6 days, and I’ll be damned if I’ll call him. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s games! The next time I talk to him, I’m going to ask him flat-out if he’s seeing someone else…I just have a gut feeling…

    • I’m a libra, oh strike me down. This is true 80%. I am not lazy, and I don’t play games or manipulate. But we are on a ride with our balance it can be off. Were smart, funny, forgiving and understanding of everything. We have our faults as all men. With libra men we love beauty and are stuck with a constant eye for perfection which is why we seem to be looking for the perfect woman. We will be loyal if we are truly in love. Well give you our all.
      I myself am very into my work and talents and libras are very turned off by people who aren’t ambitious or goal oriented. We need mental stimulation. But were all different.

      Libra sun libra moon Taurus acending.

      All depends how you were raised as well.

      • You aren’t lazy or lie because you have a libra moon. The other personality placements can accentuate or diminish the description above. I’m an Aquarius sun and moon with a sag rising…you and I would get along famously!

        I’m into progressions and people need to realize that all libra suns and risings eventually become more scorpion in their thoughts and approach to life. all libra men end up developing a ton more skepticism, secretiveness, and they become extremely sexual (great in bed). Your sun and rising sign moves up 1 degree every year you are alive. So for 30 years you will become more and more scorpion and then eventually Sagittarian!

  17. Looool joke!

  18. I don’t think all libra men are as bad as y’all keep thinking! But sure as hell we like to flirt! Tbh am no the kind to chase women round but I do like me tall women! Just coz am tall too… no into short 5’6 is well short in my view! We talking 5’7 up to at least 6’1… I heard gemini women r good to go with libras… so where r u at G’s!!

  19. i am with a libra man been with him for 7 months, have had some issues with my twin girls all of a sudden after all the good love and all, he cuts me off, i kept trying and trying to figure out what was wrong, finally he told me about our issues, and i admit when we first got together my twins we not very disaplined but they have come so far and he worries about his kids picking up things. but i keep telling him kics will be kids so we are taking it day by day and seeing where we go. and no hes not cheating, he loves me and i love him, but he also has never had to deal with 4 kids at once. so its frustrating and i can understand. but he needs to give it a break we both want things to work but he said if things don’t change with all thats happened with girls we will go our separte ways. but as of today we have only had sex 4 times in a month. so i have expressed this issue. but now i know what s going on, and seriouly i love him, and he even came in the bathroom this morning and wrote on the mirror it says beautiful i love you xoxo we are awesome together, so if anyone has any advice i would appreciate it.

  20. I’ve Been Reading Most Of These Comments! I’m A Leo-Virgo Cusp Female And I’m Dating A Libra Guy. We Started Off As Friends And Worked Our Way Up. I Read Compatibility, So I Didn’t Think We Would Work, But He Is Very Charming. Before We Got Anywhere, I Read About Libra Men, So I Knew What To Do. I Let Him Know The Type Of Person I Was And That If We Were Interested In Developing A Relationship, We Would Have To Be Faithful And 100% Honest And Open With One Another. We Went On Our First Date, And It Felt As If We Were Already A Couple.(There Definitely Was A Lot Of Sexual Attraction Between Us). We Talked Everyday And By The Time He Asked Me To Be His Girlfriend, He Was Taking Me To Meet His Family And His Closest Friends. He Took The Lock Off His Phone, Gave me The Password To His Social Media, And Deleted Female Contacts Right In Front Of Me, Without Me Asking Or Demanding. We Talk About Everything And Are Best friends At The Same Time. We Do Have Arguments, But We Get Over Them Quickly. The Most We Fight About Is That We Don’t Have The Time Like We Used To. But It Never Gets Boring And I Make Sure He Never Has A Reason To Cheat Or Feel Lonely. We Talk About Our Future, And I Tease Him Enough To Be Intrigued And Too Preoccupied To Want Anyone Else. Once I Accused Him Of Cheating And He Blew Up My Phone Until I Answered And He Poured Out His Heart, Because Of How Honest They Are, He Really Wasn’t Cheating. In Our Relationship, We Recognize And Take Responsibilities For Our Faults And Aren’t Ashamed To Apologize To One Another. Just Keep The Relationship Fresh And Fun!

  21. We really aren’t as bad as u would make us to be. Though we can be real duffers.

  22. Well apparently this person is suppose to be my perfect mach, but sucks to be me I have to be unattractive as a frosty in the north pole. T^T

  23. Finally able to get rid of my Libra boyfriend after 3 years… or so I thought. I am a Gemini and me and this Libra had a psychic connection, which was good and bad. Good because we were connected and instinctively knew how to please each other, but bad because I always knew when he was cheating on me; which he denied of course and told me I was crazy. And in the beginning, I actually started to think I was crazy.

    I had had several dreams about him, many of which came true. He loved me like crazy, but drove me crazy at the same time. He loved me, then hated me, then loved me again… up/down… CRAZY! His tantrums (yes a grown man throwing tantrums) were the worst and one day made me fall completely out of love with him. Being the Libra he is, he was able to talk me into staying with him, but now I know, he was recruiting back up the entire time.

    So when I finally called it quits with him he still would never leave me alone. Emails, texts, phone calls… to my cell and work were constant, until I was contacted by his new GF. Then all hell broke loose and she’s left him I guess because now he’s coming on stronger than ever… but I am not having it. I’ve been ignoring him for over a month now and he still calls/texts me everyday.

    Every single thing posted about Libras (males anyway) is true.

  24. i am also a Libra guy (06th oct), i have mere characteristics of these….It is right that i like to help and be friend of my Girlfriends first 😉

  25. i have myself a libra man, its not all 100% there but alot of it, i dont think my man would EVER cheat he the most loyal person ive ever met, as a gemini we are good signs together, he does love to be in his own world but im okay with that because i can be much the same inb the way that i have alot of different “me’s” as described in the gemini sign

  26. I have to admit I too had the feelings that my Libra guy may be cheating and not that into me one min and the next lovy dovy. However; I am a Libra woman and game recognizes game. I notice that the libra man and libra women approach to relationships are different. The men are game players the women are more direct. But we both love being in love and both love to conquer be it in the bedroom , getting you to fall in love first before we admit we love you as well whatever it is we need to feel in control. So when he feels he doesnt want to call for a spell thats cool I will hang with someone else and when he’s ready to hand or if I am ready to I will or maybe I wont. I sweats no one because I dont have to. The biggest thing with us is confidence. You have to have it and you cant let us know we have you wrapped around our finger or we will loose interest because it was too easy. We are long term lovers and if we feel we have won you too easiy we will question it wondering if it is sincere. So with him I give a little and take a little back but I am in his face with my feelings and how I feel. For example I told him that I go on other dates with men but he is the only one I am intimate with and believe it or not it is the Gods given truth. To some it may seem crazy but to him all he can do is respect my honesty. He may not even fully belive it but as long as I show it he’s good with it. I broke up with him at ome point too because I told him I didnt have time for the mind games especially when I know his every move (Hello Libra I see you) I think that made him even more attacted to me. Just be strong ladies and if you love them let them go. If they come back then it was ment to be.

  27. I agree with much of what was said however I tend to believe that some of what has been said here In the above paragraph Is at best a generalization of libra’s. Furthermore, Generalizations are dangerous And judge mental; And that is not healthy for anyone.. For example, I have dated three different Aries in my life And where they were similar In Some, each one was completely different; And In many ways. Generalizations don’t work out well. I Believe a person’s upbringing and what they go through in their life, the decisions they make, and how they deal with Things that have come about in their life and what they’ve encountered Has more to do at their personality than anything else. I’ve never cheated on a woman in my life nor would I. My libra balance along with how I was brought up tells me To treat others how I want to be treated. thus, my treating the women in my life with love and respect. I am a one woman man always will be. Libra’s will give more than anyone else, And the other signs have a problem keeping up with the giving level of a libra Which may be what makes a Libra feel the unbalance you speak of . almost like he or she is not getting back with they are putting in. Maybe that’s a cause of the straying your talking about? I dont know Just a thought. Everyone’s different, give every individual person a chance. If you generalize right away you who may miss out and end up unhappy.

  28. Like everyone else I too fell under the power of Libra charm. I am an aquarious and when we met I fell hard! He was lying from the beginning, then came clean about being married ( separated ) yeah right! But it was too late, I really loved him. I waited for him/ was the other woman for 8 years!!!!! Finally he left his wife AND ME!! But he always comes back to make sure I haven’t moved on. He said one he was pleased with himself because all those years I was his only mistress!!!!! Now 2 years post our break up the ink on his divorce isn’t dry and he is engaged!!!! I feel so sorry for her as he still looks for me everyonce in awhile, and although it won’t be with me, I know he will cheat again. The worst part: I still love him. Completely forgive him, but have trust issues with all other men because of it!!!!

  29. Wow well just meet a Libra man. After reading all of this I should run for the hills. LOL He is charming,sexy kind. There is a instant chemistry between us. My mind tells me to keep it friendly. I want him. I do feel he can’t be trusted. Yet I am drawn to him. Yet still want to give him a shot to see if he is the exception to the rule. I am aqurius woman I will know quicky if he falls in with the normal Libra male. I sure hope not.

  30. I’m a Libra man and some of the stuff listed are pretty spot on. Though, I’m not very outgoing like the normal Libra person. I don’t know why but I was born shy. I always weigh things out(as in almost all possible what ifs)and seriously it’s driving me crazy! I think about everything. People, how they feel, how they may feel if I do this or that. I try to not hurt anyone because I will feel guilty and that will eat me up inside. I try to avoid conflict as much as possible too because the stress and negativity of it all just makes me physically ill so I have to take some time away from them and regenerate. That doesn’t mean though that I’m flighty all the time. If I do feel genuinely threatened and horribly insulted, I will retaliate with all I’ve got. I get extreme mood swings too. I also have never been in a relationship. I just can’t imagine myself being in one either. I worry about what if I like her now but what if I fall out of love in the future? I can’t just break it up with her and hurt her feelings so should I stay for the sake of keeping her happy? So, yeah. I think I’m gonna be single for life.

    Sun – Libra; Moon – Aries; Rising – Leo (You may think I am very confident but NO I am very shy…)

  31. I am a Libra male (°1985) with a touch of Sagittarius (ascendant) and Aries (moon sign).

    It almost freaks me out to be confronted with this creepily accurately written description of myself on screen. However, I do have to disagree on the point of being a cheating hazard. It is true that we do love beautiful women and we do love sex (we like loving:)), but I must say that I have never cheated on my gfs, and I’ve had a few long standing relationships. Actually, one of my gfs cheated on me. I don’t even understand why to cheat, it’s not fair towards the other person and hurts him/her. If you’re not ready to settle, have the discipline to be fair to yourself and friend and do not engage in a relationship. Of course, never say never and I have to admit some situations lend themselves to cheating more than others.

    A Libra man is a complex person, hell, he wish he wasn’t! He wants to seek and find justice everywhere he can, thinking and rethinking things over and over again. This takes time. It’s the process of getting wiser, trying to understand life a bit more and approaching perfection. Most of the time this pays off when it comes to making the right decision, but again, this can take a while and in some situations you’re quite limited in time.

    At the end of the day, he will know the answer though. He will even ask questions to others to which he already knows the answer. Not to test those persons, more to find unnecessary confirmation. Libra males do like ego boosts. We have a vast but not always thorough interest in and knowledge of all worldly and spiritual things. This way, we can start discussions, but we do not always like to force ourselves into one as we do not really like to be in the center of attention. Neither do we like having loud arguments, however, we do find communication to sort out problems a very important means.

    The complexity issue reflects in a lot of contradictions. Only to find ‘le juste milieu’, hence also the mood swings and the COD-like behavior of Libra males. We can love and give like no other, have a relatively high EQ (dunno about IQ :)), but we might not always understand the emotions of the female other, no pun intended. Actually, this is quite weird since Librans are from Venus and stand close to women.

    Libra males are open to try new things, not always as regards gfs. He can be very dedicated and faithful and he is definitely the type of a caring husband and father. However, sometimes he can be disappointed in people or in life and tends to be opportunistic or out of spirits.

    A tip for the women who can’t figure out if potential Libra boyfriends have interest in them or not: don’t instantly think they have no interest in you when they don’t call or text you back. It’s a Libramixture of laziness and thinking things through without result. Hell, it takes decades for themselves to find out who they are, let alone who you are. You have to take the step yourself and conquer the guy. Remember he doesn’t need a weak girl. On this point, he’s the most workable guy, because if you have to wait for him, you’ll never even know anything. Eventually, he will give in and give you the love and tenderness you deserve. About his feelings for you, you won’t hear him say much, but you just have to look into his eyes. They can’t conceal a thing. On the other end, he will know when you are not the one for him. That being said, Librans are worth the step and I doubt you will regret it.

    From my personal experience I confirm that Virgo female – Libra male is not a good match (this wasn’t the cheating gf btw).

  32. WOW, you guys are totally freaking me out!!! I have just recently went official with a Libra, I’m a “Leo.” He has def tamed me, cause I have many guys that want me all the time and I want him. Normally I wait for the one that works the hardest and he’s my pick not this time. hehe This libra though, is always up then down, One min he’s telling me that he wants me to move in with him. The next min his telling me his not ready for a relationship.= / Every time he does this…”of course he doesn’t know this” but he pushes me further away. I just don’t want to wast his or my time. Big part of me wants to run from him and the other “adventures” part of me loves the head games.” just cause its different from what im used to.” I haven’t let any of my love fans go, cause I want to keep my options open. Is that wrong? idk? how can I trust someone that cant even trust his own feelings? Yes I would have to agree that this page def has Libra died on, In all the good and bad ways……
    Just not sure if my “Libra” wroth the head ace. Guess time well tell
    Good luck to all and all your luv. Maaaauh

  33. I remenber once reading that libras are turncoats. I don´t know why, but it´s true, from my personal experience. Maybe that´s why libras are cheaters, since the concept extends to other areas. It´s like, the sign that should be about balance is apparently the opposite. But as La Rochefoucauld said anyway “the only thing constant in life is change”…

  34. we are overly obsessed with beauty and greedy for more love, marriage may be beautiful but whether it lasts it’s another story…

  35. I met my libran guy a year ago, he is a charming, attractive and he always smile ,stand out from the crowd and famous among our friends.. I found him annoying that time,he think the same with me too, still he asked me out and finally I said OK…I slept with him on the 6th date.
    I knew this type of male, surrounded by beautiful ladies and yes he told me all bout his exes and one of it got pregnant by him.
    Anyway, after couple of dates ,he told me, he wanted me to be his wife, and he want us to have a family,I used to smile and ignore him, I thought he was crazy,based on his love history– but everyday I spent with him, I only love him more and months later, he asked me to marry him–I said yes, now I am married to him (we got married last February).
    He’s truly in love with me, and he can’t stand to be away from I am all his world to him , the only thing he know.
    One time he told me, yes he was a flirty person, because he couldn’t find someone that can complete him, he will look for that someone until he find it, someone that can balance him, compatible to him, that in his eyes, perfect in everything…I told him I am not perfect, then he answer– No, You just everything I need…you completes me.
    He always returns my call,he will ignore anyone but me…of course or else I will be piss lol
    Sex with him is amazing, we both treats each other special,mostly him, he tries to make every time special always not just sex,he is romantic..he hates to fight me, tend to pull him self away if I turn serious to be critical over his wrong, despite that he will say sorry latter,he can be very mad with me if some guy even dare to speak to me,but if I am mad, he will do anything to make me melt, mostly he will spoil me with stuff…however since I am with him, i had to sacrifice my social life,I can’t speak with male friend freely, and he sort which friends I have to be with, he don’t like my female friends that like to change partner cuz he said they are a bad influence for me, He has many women friends too..but I never really care about it, or even ask.
    I am my self a sagitarian..anyway, not all libran are cheater, my husband is a person who like to be monogamist, when he find she is the one, He will stay with her,why I say this? because it was me the one that always wanted to let our relation apart, it was him the one that put all the pieces together,and he tried so bad,like he want us to always be together,and sometimes it kinda tiring cuz I love my freedom.
    I guess not just libra, when someone is deeply in love..there’s not even a mountain could separate and take them apart..but when they aren’t not even a whole world could make them stay.

  36. i am a gemini and i have this one libra man i find captivating…he is beautiful with the most chraming smile,you cant help but love him.i dont know him well but he seems so perfect and interesting,theres nothing i dont like about him., this normal of the signs?

  37. Oh my god, why didn’t i read this article before envolving with a Libra man….

    Run for yout life! In my opinion, some of them are very pathetic and scared human beings…My libra proposed marriage after a 1,5 month long distance relationship. We met at a party, went on a date once and then he had to leave because he lived abroad.He used to call me 20 times a day, declaring his love and admiration. He insisted in leaving my life here and follow him after he would finish his job abroad. He used to send flowers and wanted to help me by any means. They have a great ability to arouse your childish and vulnerable nature. My instict told me that something wasn’t right. So i provoked him to take action in order to test his reliability.And guess what happened next…
    Don’t allow them to create their own drama because after that you’ ll be the drama in their lives.
    At first, i thought i lost the man of my life. But then i thought things over, wrote down his words and actions and now i’m laughing and feel pitty for his phoeny relationship nature. When he tells you he believes in love and long lasting relationships, just don’t believe him or use him. He likes it, after all..

    Woman Aries/Saggitarius ( ascendant), said. 🙂

  38. i am a libra and wouldn’t dispute that we libra like going out with different women at same time because i do so as well but what makes libra more different is,he’l neva take any advantages on any woman weak side,he makes things balance as he himself hardly know when hes in love but they treat any woman they are with full human respect and caring

  39. 😦

  40. every word matches with me…..

  41. I want a t-shirt saying “Girls, Don’t fall for me, I am a librian”.

  42. I’m a scorpio, asian. I’ve date a Libra guy. He;s never cheated on me. He was really a nice devoting guy. But I find him a bit childish and immature and couldn’t keep with me sexually and he blamed me for lots of things so it was a big turn off. I broke up with him several times cos i was in love with a cancerians and the last time I broke up with him, he wrecked my whole front yard…lol

  43. I was shared my whole life with Libra man once; whatever up there….90% is correct. I love him but then I realised that he is still losing something in his life…..not happy either. Finally, I’ ve decided….”if you love your man let him be free”…… let him finding what he wants; searching for satisfaction etc etc……I left him, I back off…..we were legally seperated; not longer formed as husband and wife. That’s the best I can assist him as his former ‘lifetime partner in our company’. I hope he is happy…..always pray the best for him and I hope he will do the same to me. ……..A new Lifetime Partnership…..Amin!

  44. I am a Libra man. All the stuffs mentioned above seems quite true,…..except for that casanova kind of life. I dont know if its a co-incidence, but I tend to fall for Gemini more often (one -side ) as I did not wish to take this more than just teenage infactuation.

    Libra teenage boys dont have multiple girlfriends!….atleast not all of them.

  45. I’m an Aries girl, and I was inlove with a Libra for 4 years. Our relationship was a rollercoaster ride, when it was good it was fantastic, but when it was bad it was depressing! The only problem I had with him and I’ll be straight with you, is that he was too indulgent, libra’s are well known for being indulgent and he hit the alcohol like no-one’s business which probably contributed to his weight. However I think he had inner turmoil but didn’t want to admit it as he has his Moon in Leo.

    The thing I loved about him though is that he was so romantic and like everyone else here was saying he could charm the pants off superwoman if he wanted too. The great thing also is that he wanted to become one with me, like us both were one, but that was our demise he was so clingy and obsessive like everywhere I went he would give me the 21 questions.

    I must say I don’t regret our relationship and I think he’s a fabulous man but like some say he can trap you in his web with his charming and suave ways, I also had dreams about him being a spider and me a fly… Strange that I read this now… I must also say that since I have an Ascendant in Scorpio he never cheated on me and I never cheated on him because it was magnetic, he was the metal, and I was the magnet.

    Plus if you think he’ll choose his girlfriend over his family… Not saying he has to choose but instinctively if his family is dysfunctional he’ll choose his family no question about it.

    Plus his sisters bad mouthed me and he’ll come to me and say it, I’m just like grrrr don’t listen to them or better yet don’t hang out with them.

    I worked hard in our relationship I studied and I worked at the same time and ultimately his stubborn ass ways broke us up.

    Needless to say I’m sure I’ll meet better men out there

  46. well i lyk this guy dats a libra and he seems to be all these things but i don’t reli no him … should i make a move or just leave him cause i am afraid of him cheating on me if nything happens … i am a virgo.

  47. Keywords in caps just for you.

    Getting over my Libra boyfriend. Yes, he was DECEPTIVELY CHARMING. He wanted commitment, but he CHEATED four months in and promised to make it up to me. A year later, I’m still waiting to see things get better. I have known his words were empty for months now, and though I still pretend I am devoted to him, I only keep him around for status. Now he is in another state, and I’m giving it two more days before I move on officially.

    He was a Libra with a Scorpio rising and Taurus moon.

    He was MANIPULATIVE. He *played* fair, but somehow I always got gypped in the end of our agreements. He was CLINGY and so worried I would lose interest, but lost his cool whenever I showed him any genuine affection. He didn’t trust my friends, but DIDN’T TRUST me either. I had to sit by him at all times like a good girl and keep my mouth shut, lest I say anything that might embarrass this NARCISSIST while he joked with and teased other girls in front of me. He was on occasion ABUSIVE, but sneaky snake that he was found a way to JUSTIFY it to himself. No, he’s not concerned with fairness unless he can make himself look justified in every SELFISH thing he does.

    He guilt tripped me anytime he showed me love. Having sex meant I was *stealing* his energy, so that was his excuse for never working. That’s a lot of energy to waste in five minutes. He went so far as to call me a succubus.

    This is the first and last time I ever date a Libra. Next time, I’m getting a Pisces.

  48. Well I am talking to a Libra guy online for 6 weeks now, and the attraction is electryfying, he is sweet and tells me everything even that he is dating a new girl now, but that is probably my fault as I tell him when I date guys,well we haven’t met yet and are in different states, so it’s totally understandable. He says he really likes this new girl but is still communicating to me regularly, dont know what to make of it. But want him very badly, never in my life have ever wanted a man so badly. I am a Taurus and was married to a Taurus for 22 years absolute disaster I dont recommend it. But cant shake this guy and I am even thinking about relocating to his state. Do I have a chance with him I think so as he tells me I am his fantasy girl. Any ideas of what I should do I am totaly HOT for this lovely man.

  49. Hi, i fell in love wit a libra man, our 1st anniversary is next week, but we r not talking, everything here about them is so true, i just dont know if he is cheating yet as we dont live together but as muslims we have pledged the oarth to be togther though he wanted to break up 2 weeks ago saying i cant manage to live in his country UAE, i live in england! but we made up,he replies to ma txts wenenva he feels like, he calls weneva he wants, he seems distant, he dont me want to visit him where he stays as its a boys hostel, and he shares a room wit another guy, he promises he isnt cheating because im his 1st eva gal, and i believe him, but i feel soo heart broken,, lonely, not so loved, im just left there, confused. its so bad to be taken for a ride, it really hurts. i cry over this, its silly, but i love him unconditionally, wont trade him 4 anything,lol, i sound like im desperate!i feel like im the hunter/chaser, im just wondering should i stay calm and not write to him? ignore him completely or …..? pls ur help will be appreciated. cos i really love this guy,and i want it to work, i have neva felt this way in ma life wit any guy, sigh …..
    Im a pieces. x

  50. hi all, ive been dating a libra male, for 4months,things go fine, then we have alil blip..we havent seen eachother for almost 2 weeks (longdistance hr and something)…hes got alot on his plate,and it seems, hes picking on negatives in our relation and laying into me… 😦
    Please can someone HELP.. this is LOVE to me definately…(prior to this relationship ive been single yrs,and got rid of one or two losers) never had these emotions, im a pisces – S.O.S – THANKU XXX

  51. OMG Everything I read here is 100% truth! And those Libra’s that say “I never cheat unless I am unhappy or I never cheated on a relationship” Well guess what morons, having your sugar candy and flirting and trying to get her while still dating your girlfriend is still cheating!
    I was with a Libra man for 14 months and just like more than 90% of the women who already commented here, it was amazing the first months until he started giving me his silent treatment. At first I didn’t mind it, I gave him his space and always allowed him to retreat into his shell, get some air, space and come back to me when he was ready. It always worked as he would disappear, not call me back but then when he eventually came back he was the sweetest man on earth. I didn’t have any problems with doing that almost every month at FIRST since as a Sagittarius I enjoy my me-time and my freedom.

    So our relationship continued just fine, we were both pretty much living in our fantasy world with each other, idealizing everything, never fighting until that bubble broke.
    I was sick of living in a fantasy world, with him always disappearing (either because he was smoking weed with his buds and he knew I hated it, because his “family” wanted him to be home more often, because he was “tired” from work) so I got sick of his butter, I wanted a man that will be there for me all the time when I needed it the most, not an immature kid who will “just be there” when HE needed it, not when I needed it. So I told him all my insecurities and what I really thought and he always kept saying “Things will change babe I promise, I know I am always screwing the relationship but I will change I promise” sounds beautiful in words no? well it WASNT, he never changed.

    Then one day his father’s girlfriend daughter who happened to be 15, decided to visit his mother at his home for 2 weeks.
    Then all of a sudden he pulled his disappearing shit again, not calling, when he did answer he told me he was sleeping and stressed, and crap like that. He ignored me for 4 days straight until I decided that I wasn’t going to take his shit anymore and I confronted him and got him to confess that he had “fallen madly and deeply in love” with the 15 year old kid, and that he was so sorry (and he did this over a text msg).
    So I grabbed myself together, I called him and I yelled at him and told him the worst things someone can tell you about yourself over the phone, then I hung up and told him I never wanted to see him or hear from him ever again.

    So anyways after a couple of weeks he kept sending me stupid ass msgs (while he was still with his 15 year old gf) telling me that he missed me and that he wanted to see me again. I never replied back to them, it wasn’t until he called me from his new work number (didn’t recognize the phone number that’s why I picked up) when he called me crying without knowing what to say and I hung up cause I was tired of his crap.

    Then he texted me 2 weeks later telling me that he desperately needed me and that he needed to talk to me, so as the Sagg I am I cannot be mad at someone forever or mean to someone in need, so I decided to reply back to him telling him how I didn’t want to know anything about him, how he betrayed my trust with what he did, how disgusted I was of him etc… So instead of telling me that I was a bitch and to fuck myself he replied back the sweetest message a woman would ever love to read from a man.
    So once again, I fell in the Libra web, I started texting him again like before, we started talking, kept flirting over the phone and even planned to meet each other again! Things were going great, it was just like when we first met (except that all of this happened over a cellphone)

    So I got exited and thought “maybe he does regret what he did,he learned his lesson, maybe I was too harsh on him, he needs me, lalala and a lot of crap” so I started texting him and calling him like before and even idealized and planned on seeing him soon.

    However it didn’t last as I was getting “emotionally” attached again and I wanted to ask him to meet he disappeared and gave me his silent treatment AGAIN! So I asked him what was wrong, offered my help, he told me he thought he was depressed and bullshit, so I believed him and told him to talk to me back when he was feeling better or if he needed to talk to someone.

    So he didn’t he just told me that he wasn’t feeling well and that he didn’t want to talk to anyone and that he was talking to me only because HE needed it and he was going to contact me if HE needed me. Anyways days after I got caught in a bad situation and I needed someone to talk to and I went to him and once again just like before, he ignored me and didn’t give a fuck about my feelings or what I was going through.

    So ever since I decided to cut all contact with him, and ever since I’ve done that I have him texting me everyday asking me why don’t I talk to him anymore if he hasn’t done anything wrong, telling me how badly he wants to see me, it’s not his fault…
    Libra’s not everything is about YOU! and accept your FAULTS and your MISTAKES! if people get away from you is because of YOU.

    Women stay away from LIBRA MEN, specially Sagittarius, trust me the first day you meet will be like a day in paradise, no one will understand you better than they do, you will feel like you have found your soulmate BUT just give it 1 year of relationship and you will realize not everything is pink like they paint it for us.
    At first when I started dating him I didn’t want to believe anything women post in here about libra men, it wasn’t until it happened to me that I knew that they were right. They are ALL the same.

  52. SO0OO0 TRUE.. I WAS LAUGHIN READIN THIS BECAUSE FOR THE MOST PART ITS TRUE… i hate button up shirts i prefer zipper all da way.. when my gf tried to brake up wit me i have a zillion ways to make her stay… when we have a huge arguement after all da fuzz n fightin i sweet talk my girl as if nuthins wus rong n this is just so

    libra men such as myself will only cheat if we are bored with our relationship, and because we are afraid to break up in fear of what our woman will say and do.

    a libra man will always love his woman until the very end. dont forget that women because a libra man is worth all your time in the world

  54. honestly some of the things said here are true…but don’t you forget that every men it’s own… in my world i believe a man will find his woman whatever the sign are comp or no comp…. am a libra from 1st curps (7th) i believe am a real libra… am not good with money, I advise ppl a lot and mostly good advises, I make a lots of mistakes and cheat and stuff. those things are believe to be a young libra… am 33 yo now, single and have a 8 yrs old son and to be honestly everything i do this days are al for him… but am worried coz am unbalanced(typical you will say) well you wrong I want to have someone in my life in fact i hate being alone, I love rel’ships but my problem is (which i believe most libra has) is I wanna make it right… am no what you call dropped in an ungly tree… for your info… am black,6’4,15st, athletic,,, I don’t really go on a kill meself in the gym but i do enough and God provide the rest… In my personal point of view i have to say as a Libra I need a woman that will believe in me… talking about superwoman eheheh say nomore… such a thing don’t even exist…anyway gonna try Scopios apparently they good match so Scorpios out there you know what to do. Peacee

  55. There is nothing worse than people talking about you except people are not talking about you! It is also a sign of high intelligence to have people having opposite opinions about you. Otherwise, you are just a normal ordinary guy..

    Statistics talk; Have anyone noticed the number of responses on Libran men .. it is the highest with no competetion! and most of these respnonces are coming from the other signs not like the case of Scorpio women where most of responces are coming from the scorpio womens themselves! 🙂

    Seems to me that Libra men are exceptionally unique … a real phenomenon that worth to be discussed, talk about, and write about.

  56. i too, am a victim of Libra men. Met a much older Libra guy online….who lied about soo much including reducing his age by 10 years…he was well off, and as a virgo born on the libra cusp of beauty… i was very happy how he took me to all the finest restaurants and hotels, sadly we would do this only a weekend in a month since we lived in different countries. He would spend about 1000 euros every time he came to see me. That at least gave me hope that maybe in some strange way he loved me, though it was all too unreal…eventually after 11 months of wasting my time, and empty marriage problems, and after a weekend together, the next Tuesday, when i was waiting to hear the news of where we would be getting married, i instead got an e-mail of how our relationship lacked direction, and how the distance was a hindrance to spending quality time….well i guess Libra had one his thing again….and i hope Karma catches up with him…..he like i guess the others was a perfect lover….shame….my heart aches!

  57. WHOA!! Almost everything I read here applies to my Libra guy. We’ve been dating for almost 9 months now and it’s been the rollercoaster from hell!! At first he charmed me like no other men have before and after he knew that he had me he’s been the invisible man making appearances only whenever he feels to. He’s manipulative, arrogant, controlling, egotistical, selfish, everything has to be done his way cause he thinks that’s the right way. But what can I say!? They are the most beautiful liars in the world…oh yeah, they will serve you lies with a big spoon and you will eat em happily cause it’s almost imposible to doubt them. No matter what they do or how mad you are at them one deep look into your eyes and one smile and you will be a goner, that’s why it’s so hard to shake free of them. In their defense I have to say that yes they are great lovers…they are caring and they will make you feel really safe when they are in your life. They will paint you the most amazing fairytale world when they are trying to catch you so you better enjoy the first months by their side before the magic it’s gone. I don’t think they are cut out for a serious relationship cause of the lies and cheats but if you are after a fantasy they will sure give you the time of your life; Just don’t get attached emotionally with them cause it will sure turn out to be the worst nightmere of your life. Pisces here btw.

  58. He: Libra
    Me: Aquarius

    I’ve always viewed any metaphysical, astrology venue as mostly entertainment with some truth. This however has struck home.

    Met Libra man and truly felt love and connection like never before. Broke down all the usual Aquarian walls and desire for independence. Completely pursued and wooed to the point of talks of marriage and soulmates. No real warning signs except that “gut feeling” and the itch of intuition left ignored.

    Long story short? Every single woman that came his way he pursued. Barely had any standards for any of them to boot! Libras seem to TRULY be unable to resist ANY temptation of women and sex. He has been cheating on me the entire year with over 60 women, over 30 of those were actually physical in person constantly (the other thirty phone/web cam/pic/text sex. ah the wonders of technology and it’s enabling properties for scumbags).

    And oh how they know how to lie and manipulate, even to themselves. He has admitted it’s his greatest gift; that of manipulating and especially that towards women.

    Never had this experience before but it looks to be true. Unless Libras are REALLY instilled with some sense of value and character be it through religion or upbringing (even though mine was, guess what he was taught and shown didn’t stick), they ARE and WILL cheat, cheat, cheat.

  59. I have fallen madly in love with a Libra man. I am a Gemini. He is Prince Charming and he knows about it. It was a long distance relationship, but what a roller coaster ride! After the initial few months together, which felt like a magic, he changed his attitude. One day we were laughing and loving each other, the next day he ignored me completely. I tried to win his love and attention back, but I was at fault. It should have been left alone. I am hurting myself ever since. It appears that Libras change their mind in the last minute. Great lovers and he swept me off my feet!

  60. i guess that libra men’s r kind of selfish they only care 2 get what they want using there charm and sweet tounge they even sometimes lie’s on the girl friends
    i am gemini who dated a libra man i sometime feel that he loves me so much and other time i feel he doesn’t they r kind of moody .
    when i say i will borke up with him i find that is hard 2 do it so what shall i do?

  61. oh yea and they flirt like crazy

  62. i think knowing one for my entire life i get them good.

    they get bored with women fast and play games with them. very lovingly . my bro a libra is soo loving one min and annoyed of me the next. a guy i knew was so loving with me too and romantic, but he was so confusing to get, i know he only loved me for the mystery of it but man i cant help but say they are SO easy to LOVE. VERY VERY charming. they tend to get along with grls too. and have a soft,caring, loving, cool side but sex crazed, selfish,lazy,stubborn, thoughtless,sensitive, depressed side too and they get in plysical fights with other guys. drama seems to follow them.

  63. i want to share a note my libra lover/husband wrote to me …. we’ve had our up’s and down’s but through it all i’ve never stopped loving you i never could thats because the very things that made me love you in the beginning will always make me love you in fact some of the biggest differences we;ve had are the things that drew us together no this is a note just because i gives me like 3 to 4 every week to every two weeks and from readding some of these othe blogs libra men do have a habbit to always say i love you or ask if you ove them like my man always tell me to say i love him when were getten off the phone when i ask why dont get me wrong i love to say it but we been together for 4 yrs libra men why is this and how long does it last

  64. well ive been reading a couple of post and i could relate to some ive been with my libra for 4 years and hes so understanding and would do any thing to make sure my needs are met and care for me more than he almost this family libra men will do any thing for his women if there truely inlove and i cant be more happier than now im so greatfull for my husband

  65. Libra men are charming, sweet but they do lie. I am speaking from personal experience. In 2002 I met a Libra guy. He told me he had been married for 5 years but divorced then. He was courting me persistently. We went out 5 times and never were intimate but he often emailed me to say he loved me and he dreamed of me and having children with me..etc. Because I am an Aquarius sign and I tend to seek for the truth, so I did not listen to what he was saying to me. I liked him as a friend and what he was saying was a little confusing to me logically. I was busy with my school and work so I decided not to stay in touch with him. He kept leaving meassage for about one year until beginning of 2004 but I did return his calls.
    Few months ago, I was reading a newspaper and there was a news and his name and picture was mentioned in the newspaper. The article said he had been going through some legal issues with his wife. That he blamed his for infected him with HIV virus. The article said he had been married to the woman until 2007! I was so shocked and devasted for the news that he is now sick. However, I got mad and upset because I realized he was lying to me. The time frame when he met me in 2002 when he claimed to be a free man and trying to court me persitently he was actually a married man. Luckily I did not listen to those craps and I was a strong girl and I never got involved with him intimately or else I could have been infected with the disease.
    I am not saying this to judge any Libra men but the personal experience has given me a wake up call. So ever since I am very careful with guys of all signs.
    I hate lies and I can’t be with anyone who is a liar, cheater no matter how sweet or handsome he is.

  66. “If you fall for him, you will stay like being trapped in a spider web.”

    true.:( i don’t know if it’s love. i know i’m too young for love but i just can’t get over my libra man.:))) lol

  67. Libra guys don’t cheat.
    When a libra is in love, they will NEVER leave there partner. It is the scorpios who cheat. Libra’s are harmonious, fun, gentle people. I’m a Libra girl. I know this. I would never cheat on my partner. I am flirtacious, but NEVER. IF i’m truley in love it’s all eyes on him.

  68. I’m a Libra man with a Pisces moon sign and part of it’s true.
    We can be your worst enemy or the best person you ever met. We stay impartial to perception unless we know you know better. The reason I forget about drama so quickly is because I do the same thing to the ones I love as a favor for their pride and wouldn’t want to be treated with any less empathy. We do have mood swings, but that’s mostly when we’re out of routine on necessities. We have a wondering eye when someone isn’t bringing their best to the table only because unless you show us you’re at least trying to make it work, we can distant our emotions from reality, and chances are that we’ve already at least tried to get your attention 1st, (one of those intellectual we gotta talk lectures.) Sound familiar? Personally, I don’t cheat, even during a past long distant relationship. It’s all about the passion that fuels a Libra, and if you have that, chances are that we’ll be a lot more decisive then you think to be able to share our generous souls with you and make quick intelligent choices to benefit the person involved who deserves the benefits exclusively that we concoct as “pleasers.” Make sure you remain genuine though. We can read BS like a neon sign attached to your bifocals! Consider how naturally talented actors, charmers, and strategist we are. We know how to get you back for anything twice as hard as you dish it out, so be up front, be real, have our back, have some class, and be exciting! Libras hate being confined to a label, routines, and sticks in the mud who don’t know how to live a little!

  69. If you guys say the libra cheats on his gf/wife because he doesn’t truly love her, then why in the first place did he woo/marry her?

    Because he did love them initially but lost interest after that. ANd why is that so? Because he is a Don Juan, a player, a cheater, someone who doesn’t know how to commit, someone who doesn’t know what true love is. Simple as that.

    Why is it so hard to admit that you are not long term material? Stop giving excuses like the other party has lost their beauty or you don’t truly love the other party. Stop picking on superficial things to blame the other party for your frivlous nature. How about doing self-reflection and improving urself for a change. True love is beyond superficial beauty and true love lasts.

    65/80 of the comments above point to the direction of Libras as cheaters. That is 81%. This is a very very high agreement among people all over the world who have dated/met libra from all over the world.

    I’m not saying u sld not date a libra guy u like, just that maybe to protect urself, u might not want to take it too seriously or rush into the r/s because from the experience from 81% of the people’s views above, it doesn’t seem to be a very rewarding relationship.

  70. Hello, I am very much new here. I cudn’t stop making an account here after reading such long blog over librans… I was in love with a libran man for more than 5 years and I still love him but he left me recently, he is very simple man, but things were tensing due to some problems, can anybody tell me, if he would be back to me or what I should do to bring him back? any help would be appreciated…..

  71. Hello, I am very much new here. I cudn’t stop making an account here after reading such long blog over librans… I was in love with a libran man for more than 5 years and I still love him but he left me recently, he is very simple man, but things were tensing due to some problems, can anybody tell me, if he would be back to me or what I should do to bring him back? any help would be appreciated…..

  72. my libra always knows what he done wrong tome but didn’t know how to fix it. and he was suffering abotu it so hard.
    he hurted me with his jelousy amd posesiveness. libra can love like no other man,libra is MAN in one wird. esence of mail. and i was esence of femail beeing inlove with him. but that kind ofman wants his female not to even look at other mail.
    and yes he was cheaing . but inever cared about that. i always knew and i always knew with whom. our conection was so strong he coul never hide it from me he would do his best to hide he woul always show in public that i am his queen. and i really was. till some man say hallo to me.

  73. i amaries woman. oooo yes, i remember it well. my mother wasn’t hugging me like he was. my mother couldn’t hugg my had that way. i really was his all world and he was mine. mentaly emotionaly. we never past had sex or kiss. but eyes.
    if there is love at all, that was love and still is. but
    he is so jelous. so jelous.
    he never ralised that i finaly fond man stronger than me. that i finally feel like a gentle woman, thanks to him.
    if i was talking with any man, he was agresively jelous. everyting was ok if i saw it and come to him and touch his hand of kiss his face. but if i was not seeing his anger and havn’t done anything about it…he would cut me of. just like that
    and than you couldn’t reach him at all. weeks to find a way tomake a theatre so he can see it was not what he wa affraid of. and he would be in such pain…
    i just had to stop all that.
    it’s not posible to be so proud because of me and keep me in jail.i am aries but not feniks so he could burn me and arise me over and over again.
    he is so unhappy libra man.

  74. I totally agree with “Rebe” (the poster above):

    “The key is to not show them any emotion. Sex them good and pay them no mind.”

    She is absolutely correct. You have to keep them on their toes. They will chase you forever if you play the “push-pull” game. Never tell them you love them. Just smile when they say it. This will make them think about what love really means. Also, sex them good and then withold sex. You can’t give them too much sex. Libras can’t have an excess of anything because it will unbalance their scales. Carry yourself with dignity and respect and he will respect you, ALWAYS. You will know when you have him but you must remember to hold out on sex for at least 3 months. Libras are very judgmental and if you give it up too quick and they cheat on you, they will use this excuse to justify their actions.

    Never chase them. Let them run after you. I’m a leo and I completely adore my libra but I would never show him how much, EVER! You have got to keep them on their toes. Always be unpredictable and secretive. And you will have your libra man! They are not that bad!

  75. lol This blog sounds kind of like me which I am a Libra, but I also have the personality of a Taurus because of my Taurus rising. I flirt, but I don’t cheat in relationships because I know my limits and I acknowledge my morals. So for people that say Libras cheat, that’s not completely true. The only reason a Libra male would probably cheat is because he doesn’t truly love his lover. It’s just my guess.

    • I just hooked up with my boyfriend like 4 days ago I’m a sag he’s a Libra um he told me he loved me and indicated it for a while now idk watt to think our relationship is long distance and idk I’m still off about it like he’s fun but at times he comes off ass to strong and he surprises me with details I’ve should have known earlier idk I’m like w.e rite now I care for him but idk if it’s enough

  76. alli760, you have to know a guy more than 2 years to judge them because at the beginning of any relationship, the guy will be all lovey-dovey to you. It’s after the honeymoon period that they show their true colors.

    I have known a libra guy for 4+ yrs. First year and a half was sweet, after that he started cheating on me with other girls, I think atleast 7 or more. I have caught him red-handed a few times and wanted to forgive him if he comes clean, but he is quite an asshole even in the face of evidence he lies he never loved other women (of course he looked very nervous).

    Libra guys dón’t know commitment, they just want to fool around and have as many girls around them as they can to feed their ‘manly ego’ (if they have any in the first place considering they have guts to cheat on u but no guts to admit).

    He never apologized for cheating, he just said it is in his blood to want many girls (a jerk right?) and then later on indicated he wanted to settle down with me (also stupid cos y would I?).

    Libras are also selfish. He continues to cheat on the side, but wouldn’t alllow me to even have 1 guy friend.

    I dumped him for good by giving him the cold shoulder, ignoring his calls and invites and outings and now we finally have a clean break off. 🙂

    1)Remember, Libra guys are good as boyfriends or for flings, but NEVER for husbands cos of their instinct to always cheat (unless you can take that).

    2)And the part about trap in his spider web and never able to break off – the best solution is to suddenly ignore him completely (cancel his calls, block him on msn etc), or if you are soft-hearted, you can pick up his calls but give excuses to reject going out with him like saying you are busy cleaning yr room or going out with someone else or not in the mood. Give really really lame ones (don’t have to spend time to cook up a good excuse cos he is not worth it), again and again until he gets the point and leaves you alone.

  77. Some times I feel i am exactly like how the astro ppl say I am… sometimes I find nothing in common with me…. Welcome to the craziness that is the mind of a libran men… in short we have no clue what we are doing or even why we are doing it.. If we are charming… we dont know what we said that was so special and why when me smile women become loose in their legs, or turn them into bobble heads… or they have this nice glow in their eyes which says hey budd.. u have hit the jackpot.. what did one do different no clue… I have never said anything different but sometime i get the stares sometimes the kisses.. what ever is the outcome.. the same person is still there saying the best things about me… why NO CLUE… It is a feminie sign.. so I guess that explains a lot… Libran men cheat.. I can see why they would.. they are not sure.. and filled with doubt.. the crazy thing of weighing all alternative.. Oh the things I have done.. not proud of them.. also good logical reasoning means we convince ourselves it is correct.. Very domestic kinda ppl libran men are…. they are just mirrors.. they reflect the idea and ideology that surrounds them… place sexy things around them and they turn into sex gods.. though personally I dont claim to be one… keep classy elegant things they turn into nobelmen.. they amplify everything.. I would never say trust a libran man.. but give him the benifit of the doubt.. generally we are goood guys over all…

    P.S. Lirbran guy… never would i date a Aqurian womean or have sex with a scorpian women.. NO NO NO… Oh the bad experiences…

  78. Libra’s a wierd, and I never met a Libra man who doesn’t cheat. Personally speaking, all Libra men should date only Libra women…they’re own kind. Then no one gets hurt.

  79. I have been dating a Libra guy for 5 months. When we are together, he treats me good. He loves to wrap his arm around my hips when we are walking together. He always wants to take me to his company parties are go out to dinner/breakfast with his family. I’ve met just about all of his family. All of this seems sweet, right? Okay, so we go. He can be very confusing. I see an underlying tone of an attitude. It doesn’t seem like it is toward me. Wait, more like irritation. From time to time, I tell him that if he’d like to go out alone, I’d be okay with it. He refuses because he says that he enjoys going out with me. The problem is that when we are not together (We have a long distant relationship. Long distant meaning, one hour away from one another) he doesn’t mind not talking to me for three to five days out of the week. He’ll tell me that he is going to call me on a certain day, and he won’t. I’ll text or call and he’ll say, “Well, I told you that I was going to call you today but I didn’t give you a specific time, now did I? ALthough it is almost midnight.” He seems a little selfish when we are not together. He doesn’t see the big deal. I sometimes feel like I don’t even have a boyfriend. It doesn’t bother him at all. Also, when we are together, it doesn’t bother him if we don’t have sex. I am a Black woman and he is white. I am the first Black woman that he has been with and he says that I make him nervous. He’s a grown damn man! I’m so sick of his ficklness. I don’t know if this is the one for life. We talk about marriage, the future and children, but I don’t know. I’m a Virgo. I guess that we don’t match. At least in my eyes.

    • OMGGGG my Libra man has been doing exactly the same thing as yours! We´ve been dating for 6 months, Im a sagg and Im sick of this crap! Are you guys still dating? If so … did he changed? what did you do? Can you give me some advice?
      Sometimes I feel like dumping my Libra man but everytime we are together he makes me change my mind, but sometimes enough is enough!

  80. Hey ladies,
    Ok I have been with my libra for over a year now, we knew eachother one year before we started to date, we actually worked together, but we both did not mix pleasure with work, so we never actually started dating until he had to come and do a service call at my home. He swept me off my feet the first weekend we went away together, remind you this was actually our first date too. I have a 5 year old little boy whom is well 5, he is also a libra! LADIES not all libra men are cheaters!!! I am a capricorn and its says we are not a good match, and honestly we fit great together!!! YES he has a lot of women friends, but a lot of male friends too, he has a huge social book, and I do not, but that is what I love about him!!! If you tale the things that every one else is calling “bad” and look at how they can benefit you and your relationship, things are great!! WE are both very very indapendent, and it can be a struggle at times, and when I am upset with him for his white lies….yes libra men tell stories!!!! But not all the time bad, I love stories!!! So sometimes I just listen and give him the look!! TRUST ME! It has nothing to do with the sign!!! My rising sign is an aries…so both signs should not match with libra..but I am not a fighter, and I hate yelling, I have peace of mind, and he loves that about me….so just enjoy the relationoship…it has great rewards the further down the road you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. LIBRA/LIBRAN MALES- Been with a Libran for just over a year and am expecting his 1st child , a girl in July 08 (my 2nd). He has just left the army in Feb 08 to start a life/family with me and move into my home that Ive owned for 3 years . Within the first 3 months he was already intouch with an ex ,sending her photos/texts/emails etc, I forgave him as he said he had been cheated on the month before he met me, felt he wasnt worthy, felt insecure- I forgave him, we moved on and tried to get back on track, the next 6 months after that he constantly kept me on my toes, starting arguments, accusing ME of cheating , he then took one overdose outside my house and 1 back at camp which was a 3.5 hour drive away within weeks of eachother, he lied about women, moneym gsambling, drinking, smoking etc etc.Yes I know youre sall thinking ‘Why didnt you get rid of him’- I cant answer that, maybe I felt I had to help him or save him. Im a Leo 15-8-78, very caring , compassionate and understanding. When we did get on the love, closeness, sex and understanding was amazing. He is very childish, selfish, moody, insecure, needy, complex, deep , crafty , sly and manipulative. Before I met him I had a very good job, nice home, car, no debt, single for 2 years. I am now 8 motnhs pregnant and have just found out he slept with an ex in December, the week before Christmas when we ‘werent gbetting on’ or ‘where on a break’ according to him. I am now kicking myself that I didnt leave him sooner. I was also made redundant a few weks after falling pregnant and have supported mysekf, my daughter , ran my home, kept up to date with debt and bills as poss. This man is 6 years younger than me.He has drained me emotionally, mentally and physically yet like a fool I keep having faith and beleiving in him, hoping he has realised and he can change or we can work this out once and for all. Maybe not all Librans are like this but they are very dependent and do not like saying sorry or admitting theyre wrong.On the plus side they are extremely affectionate and loving and htis is what women crave and maybe why I am still here, giving chance after chance. I do not give up on people easily being a leo and am very loyal but not a pushover. Libran men are very flirtatious yet very jealous and possesive. I am considered very attractive and am a nice caring, thoughtful oerson , and to see some of the women he flirts with leads me to beleive he has extremely low self esteem + an inferiority complex. Thanks for reading hope this helps anyone thats currently in an uncertain relationship. I do not wish to judge or be judged as every persons different and every woman handles her men/relationships in a way they see fit. thank you x

  82. I tried to deal with 2 Libra dudes on the low…This is MY EXPERIENCE with both of them: they are clingy and do not know the art of booty calls. They fall in love to fast…my goodness…wanted me to leave my man…and be on some Bonny and Clyde s***t…all I wanted was a nut….very charing, nice, charismatic but too much trouble.

    Sweets Smith 26

  83. I’m a Libra girl and I met this Libra man … It’s not that we are Both Libras but we are born in the same exact day how weird is that!
    we has the weirdest cold play war ever , first we fell for each other at first sight , then he tried to drag me into his world of affection , I didn’t pay him any attention becasue he is a real “Don Juan” and I’m not a fool to handle my heart in to some one like him

  84. I’m still in the getting to know you phase with my libra male. I’m a scorpio, with a lot of character and twice the personality. I don’t get hurt easily… i at least won’t show it. He’s promising me the world and I am genuinely keeping my cool. Laying low. Smiling and waiting time to prove how things will work out. So far, things are great though. Great conversation, even better understanding of eachother and the sexual attraction is ridiculous. LOL. We’ll be meeting up for the first time this weekend since he’s been out of country, but getting to communicate and getting to know eachother on a verbal level first has been beneficial I feel. I think he’s more than deserving of the handcuffs, whips, and candlewax I have instore for his welcome home party. I’m excited. I guess I’d have to say… let the man show his character. Don’t be as dismissive because of his/her sign. As thing roll along, I’ll keep you guys updated. In the meanwhile, everybody breath and enjoy what Love or Lovin’ their innate character has to offer!

  85. argh i used to like a libra and i think hes an absolute jerk! and now ive met a new man and he is a libra too lol! i dont know why i keep getting attracted to them, maybe because i am a gemini. their mysterious and that keeps me interested but its so annoying at the same time! but i think if you show them your interested then thier interest goes

  86. hmm lol, i am a libra man, just 18 in october.. I kinda disagree on what u most people say, that librans are cheaters, liars maybe, but not cheaters. Am with a pisces girl for 1 year now, tho i’ve known her since childhood (since am 2y old), we were always good friends, but one day there was a boy roaming around her, i was jealous. Found out that i was mad for her, couldnt keep it for myself, told her how much she meant to me, and we’r together now, and i am really living a dream with her, i love her more than my soul, she’s my universe, she’s my everything.

    Tho to me, my lil opinion, all this means nothing, i never will categorize a people just by his horoscope, Love is Love, u Love someone for something that u cant find with other people, not just because he/she is born on some date :),

    Concerning cheating, i hate this. Guys cheating on their girls are worth shit.

  87. Libras are crazy!!! Every Libra I’ve met in my lifetime had some type of mood where it seems as though they would hurt someone.

    I also know that a lot of Libras tend to go thorugh a lot in their lives and that becomes the trigger of their anger. But Im not gonna lie, it is hard forgetting about a Libra.

  88. lol it really look like me 😀 that’s weird ^^

  89. I’ve been involved with a ibran for 4yrs, and for the past 2yrs hes had a girlfriend…I’ve never heard him call her his girlfriend but they do live together…and I cant seem to shake him…im stuck in his web and cant get out…I love him soooo much…DAME LIBRA’S

  90. my 1st love is a libra man. fell for those brains, gentleness n a smile that almost made me forget i was alive. After 1yr of having a crush on him, i finally confessed. He told me he likes me as a friend but is not sure about the future. I thought it was a rejection in politeness but then he continues chatting with me like normal which is like 3hrs everytime we chat online.I fall deeper into him everytime i talk to him. i don’t know whether to let him go or just play along. Help!!

  91. I have been dealing with a libra man for 5 months i am a gemini woman. The key is to not show them any emotion. Sex them good and pay them no mind. He calls I’ll speak to him for one week and he wont hear from me for 2 weeks. This drives him wild. He calls back to back wondering what happened to me and what am i doing. I laugh to myself. Iv’e done research on men of this sign so i know what nonsense they have up there sleeve. Bottom line i DONT TRUST HIM AS FAR AS I CAN SPIT. He is sweet, handsome, affectionate and highly addictive but i wont let myself fall into that trap. Ladies beware what the people above me is saying about libra men are true. you confuse them when you dish them their own medicine.

  92. i am a libra male and i kinda agrre with bryan above,deep inside of me i feel like i’m very nice and every good quality but when things get out of balance i always wish i would die,i’m very sensitive to a point that i always wish my friends will be by me and complimenting meor show care and if they dont i feel like they dont care about me and i dont like people that go for long then come back next two weeks ,i like a person to be part of me everyday and give me their opnions ,i always love too much and i’m kind of mysterious to myself i feel like i’m wacky because i know every wicked thoughts in my head and the opposite good my experience as a libra i’ll say its kind of complicated being a libra because the balance mostly is always shaking and a libra’s life is always shaking up and this makes it very very didficult for a libran day to day coping with the cruel realities of life sometimes i always want to die but i know life is worth living. 2007 was a very bad year and i bet all the librans can honestly agree with. not that a libar really wants to cheat its just that life is so complicated and i wish God would cutt of my strong sexual desire

  93. i’m a libra [sept 26]and sometimes i just smile and take all the compliments on a libra. to be honest i’m all those good qualities but deep inside of me i feel that i’m a lot,like …wacky,obsessive,insincere to please ,depressed when things dont go right,perfectionist,addicted to sex and people[friends],and its hard for me to let go of something or people which means i’m very very sensitive to every little thing that disgust me. i usually have wicked thoughts and really really hate those that fuck with me or dod not stand by me.i hate people that critizes me ,but i always pinpoint errors and everything that goes against balance,i’m very intuitive.
    i also get depressed when i dont see any of my friends to talk to,i like them to call me if not i’ll be sensitive that they are avoiding me.i cant give up on my dreams and i’m always very lazy attimes yet still placing my hopefulness in every adversity.

    • I agree with Bryan..hes kinda spot on…libra male here…i always felt like there were two personalities inside of me…and one of those is the wacky and obessive one…some of my friends have gone as far as calling me sensitive as a joke becuase they believe that I can take everything to the heart…and i hate them for that and will not talk to those people no matter who they are…so i hate people critiqeing me just as much as the next libra…i met this leo girl that ive been messing around with and at one point i felt that i was obsessed with her…and my only remedy was to flirt with other girls…she thinks im hot and charming like the the libra descriptions say but i dnt have any feelings for her and feel like im with her for the f of it…libras arent cheaters…we just need the company of others and alot of cute girls around us that we can flirt with….its not our faults that we were made with our crazy sexual urges…..but i do agree with one thing though…we are only good for short term…any girl that want anything more should prepare herself for the worst…we just get bored easily and need to be on the high espcially when we are going through one of our *hard* times 😀 we libras are awesome friends though…we give extremely gud adivice…

    • Hi i’m just like you i’m Libra too born September 09/27 would you like talk here my number (951)526-8392

  94. I am going to HAVE to second that title “TRUE QUEENSCORP” And yes, I agree a hundred percent about the “Libra” man being in love with what we do so WELL!

  95. woah~ every reply in here, points out libra men are CHEATERS but aren’t most men cheaters? well occassionally women too hehe..

    Some of the stuff written is true hehe..

  96. omggg…. i have this crush on a libra and one day its like he likes me and asks me to see him and everyhintg, then the next he doesnt even talk to me! wat the hell! but the fact that he always changes and i dont know how he feels makes me even more attracted to him 😦

  97. I’m gonna try my best to stay away from libra males from now on. One dumped me after only a few weeks of dating with the crappiest excuse he could give. How could he go from wanting me really badly to losing interest so quickly? He also made it seem like it was my complete fault for the break-up, as if he was Mr. Perfect. What a jackass…

  98. Im a libra woman i was dating a Pisces on and off for 3 yrs….when we 1st met it was nothing serious hanging out having a good time but later we eventually started to like each other. That same yr she ended up going back to her ex a Gemini(she) who cheated n cheats on her hits her everything. i ed up feeling bad because im a good person i know i can treat her good. She ends up hurting i loved her and she just left me cold we’ve been going back and fourth 1st she wants to work it out then she leaves me. Over n over its there even times where i said i dont want to do this and she begs to wanting to work something out. Its now oct 14 2 days before my bday and it was 5 days ago i found out she cheated on me. After wanting work something out with me she cheats on me shes with her now after we just hanged out yesterday. Im confused she says she cares for me but she continues to hurt for so long ? Why ? The fact that i love her for that long gave up so much 4 her for not to love me and go back to her. Pisces are cheaters. Im libra. Libra whos a sucker

  99. this libra man is new for me i don’t know what to expect. so far it’s been alright but i can’t get used to the silence. he will call for 2-3 days and then he won’t call for 2-3 days i am confused but it’s new to me so i can walk away. the way he makes me feel when i am around him is good but i deserve more

  100. Wow everything is soooo true about libra men….I dated a libra and yes he is a liar and a cheat and I dont recommend trying to start a relationship with them. I fell hard for him the first week and it has been down hill ever since. Nice, sweet, charming and unique but the lies and the cheating out weights all the good qualities and I am a leo and I never thought I would be in that situation, Im use to taking control of every situation before it gets out of hand but not this time…ladies beware of his charm….its a TRAP

  101. I am a Scorpio woman, I have just started a new job (2 months ago)
    My boss is Libra and I am head over heals in love with him. We have been out for lunch together and are going to a sports event in a few days. Being Scorpio, I have been the one to initiate both “dates” How the hell do I find out what is in this guys head? Is he interested in me on a personal level or is he just being social. He is not married but his position demands that he travels, often away for 2 or 3 weeks at a time. I have no problem with that as long as know how he feels about me. Can anyone tell me how to get in this guys head? or am I waisting my time?

  102. Whew! After reading all what said about a Libra makes me think twice… I am dating a Libra and he is absolutely sweet and a gentleman. But it is a shock to know that they are rampantly cheaters!!!! Oh gosh! And I have to agree with you that you can’t help but fall for them. So with that it gives me time to think over and over before I find myself falling for a Libra eventhough, being a Gemini and so they say we make a perfect pair…but who wants to be cheated…eh

  103. this seems true because …. i am a libra myself and i know a guy i like that is a libra also. everytime my sis ask him if he would go out with me he would walk away. what is that? anyay it seems true what they say. i hope i am pretty to him and we will go out?! thanks for the heads up. keep this going you will help alot of girls/women. you helped me!!!!!!thanks again.


  105. been on and off with Libra man for 9 years.. together for 3 off for 1, together for 6mths off again for 3yrs back together now past 6mths…. we’re soulmates but sometimes lack chemistry in the bedroom..he’s into fetish stuff… i have however realised that i can’t live without this man he stabilises me… i’m a self destruct Leo force you see, i hope this is the man i will marry…we have never cheated on each other & never will (i have never cheated i would break up with someone before i would do that to them) i did date another Libra man while single he was great in bed but i couldn’t trust him like i do this Libra why is that… he would flirt outrageously with other women in front of me a completely different Libra i though although we got on so well & the chemistry was electric!!.. it lasted 4 months… there’s a lot to be said about respect & friendship in relationships as well as sex i think?…

  106. I’ve been with my libra who hadd a crush on my friend and they both denied it which came 2 the lite, n e way i was with him 4 3yrs now and it feels he’s has cheated but i can’t prove it, many things has change, he seems less interested in me and he can’t seem 2 stop lyin about his where about,,,,when i leave he begs me bac,,yeah i do go bac until some1 betta come along then it’s his lose, libra men weakness iz sex sex and more sex, women women and more women, but it will come 2 the lite evenutally(I refuse 2 dig and search it’s not worth it when you already know), but by then it wouldn’t matta,,,,not 2 seem bitcy but i’m beginning 2 hate him with a passion….pisces

  107. Umm squse Me I’m a Libra and I don’t “cheat” I keep my relationships clean We Libran’s are sexxy folk though If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen And to be honest alot of this stuff is absolute it’s not all true the person’s personality and alot of stuff determine how they act. Libras have a problem hurting people’s feeling Because We are fully aware of how much We are charming But We aren’t decissive and We’d like everyone to be happy We think a little too much,Libra’s are all good intentions.They can make you feel better than any other sign and charm and beauty are their #1 talent So watch out.Oh yea Libra’s are gangsta

  108. I am a Capricorn living with a Libra man – he is like a drug to me I can never get enough of him- I am so in love with him I gave everything up for him a life of 17 years of marriage – a house -very nice material things- and now I found out more and more secrets about him and he throws me out at least once a week and tells me he will trade me in and I don’t take care of him good
    I do everything for me that is what is so crazy about all of this and also we not only live together but we work together too. I feel like maybe I should move out and get my own place but continue to see him – when I think about all of this I feel like I want to cry and feel very emotional and sometimes suicidal –

  109. Ok, I have been married to a libra man for 7 years, he has not cheated on me, I must agree most of the things said here are true especially the part were he is never wrong, but our relationship is great we have two girls and all his life is us, we spend all our free time together and I trust him completely…I must say though he does flirt and he always says its just being friendly, but its flirting….

  110. i’m a male libra. i meet this girl at age 17. i’ve been with a wonderful female aries for 13 yrs. sure we had our differences and our arguments and she always won most of the time. but the sex was three or four times a week. she gave me everything i liked with the exception of making love which became a chore for her and eventually we only made love or had sex once a month and if i was really lucky twice a month. i do agree we do cheat when after the love and the sex slows down. and thats when i feel in love with other women only because i wanted that spark of love. in the end of our relationship. when i had meet someone else, i was being torn apart by my own selfish needs of wanting to be physically loved by a woman. so eventually she found out about the other woman who is Libre. young libra knew about my girl friend, from the first five seconds after we’ve met, when she had asked me if i was invloved with someone else. 6 mo. later my aries wanted to have my child, only because she wanted apart of me in her for the rest of her life and it only took once. my libra and i got married a year later, and we got divorced. and i now take care of my ageing handicapt parents @ 77 and i’m 47 now… and scared of relationships, hurting other people, feelings, emotions. i don’t like me at all so i have condemn myself. but my heart ackes somuch to be… loved….

  111. no matter whta, libras rock.=)

  112. I’m an aquarious woman interested in a libra guy who I suspected was wrong for me and this is just conferming it. I know he’s bad news but I just cant stop thinking about him. All this cheating talk is the last reason I need to run in the opposite direction!

  113. Well I’m a libra woman and a libra man likes me but he flirts to much and he was trying to get with me when he had a girlfriend he’s cute I won’t deny it but I know that if I ever get with him he would cheat on me. He doesn’t only flirt with me he flirts with pratically everyone in class . So yes it is true what they say about lbra man they do cheat and flirt to much

  114. OMG. I’ve been in love with a libra man for almost a year now and we’re not even dating. I first met him when we both were doing a hobby that we both have a passsion for, playing the piano. Of coarse he told me that he had a girlfriend so i treated him like a friend, but oh that charm and the sweet things he said to me. I knew that he wanted to be more than friends. and i fell so easily and hard. Everyday we would go into this music room and play the piano. he was so beautiful and so sweet. BUT he still had a girlfriend and i am not that type of girl. But as i sit here today its been three months since i’ve seen this man and i am still in love. i feel so depressed, lonely, and desperate for that smile and that voice like a flowing river. sigh, now i know not to ever mess with another libra man.


  116. Ok watever–if any REal libra men come on here plz leave a message to me…


    • i agree totally, they are prince charming at the start….but later they drive someone crazy with all the mixed signs, sometimes like they are totally in love, other times….well like they don’t even know you. then eventually, they do their thing and disappear on you.

    • @ROSE- So, Geminis are NOT liars and cheaters too??? Haha..
      But I hate if someone tries to control me, I’ll just do the opposite. Well, you can’t have everything in life.

  118. Man! I can not believe all this stuff I’ve just read! I just have a crush on a Libra man. What attracts me to him is the fact that he is FAITHFUL to his wife. I doubt seriously that he would fall into temptation, this man is very focused and loyal, when he found out I had a crush on him, he started avoiding me, and I didn’t exactly fall off the ugly tree! He is a man that is committed to his wife and I have a healthy respect for him, if he did push up on me, he would really loose some cool points in my book, he’s a far cry from Edge!

  119. Man! I can not believe all this stuff I’ve just read! I just have a crush on a Libra man. What attracts me to him is the fact that he is FAITHFUL to his wife. I know he is attracted to me but I doubt seriously that he would fall into temptation, this man is very focused and loyal, when he found out I had a crush on him, he started avoiding me, and I didn’t exactly fall off the ugly tree! He is a man that is committed to his wife and I have a healthy respect for him, if he did push up on me, he would really loose some cool points in my book, he’s a far cry from Edge!

  120. not all libran men are cheaters, when i was with my ex-girlfriend i only had eyes for her and no one else intrest me. (she ended it for religeous reasons)

  121. I agree 100% with most of the comments above. Boy do they know how to get you caught up. They wine you & dine take you to the best places, buy you nice gifts and give you anything they think will make you happy then when you fall the disappearing act starts. Talk about work a holics they’ve got it bad. Talking emotional they are the worst. they will pour their heart and soul or is that apart of the char.???

  122. I am a libra man. Someone stated that a libra man only cheats when he wasn’t satisfied mentaly, sexually and physically. I would have to agree. There are many things stated here about the attributes of a Libra man which are true, but keep in mind that your Sun Sign tells only a part of the picture of who you are. A libra’s tendency to cheat? I have never cheated on a woman ever in my life. I was married to a Libra and she cheated on me. I divorced her because she was more interested in searching for what she felt was lacking in our relationship rather than work on it within our marriage. Do Libras focus on Beauty? Without a doubt, BUT beauty is not measured just physically. I often see extreme beauty in women who other men ignore at first glance. Some people are shallow. Some are not. Beauty is measured in warmth, passion and inner strength. To catch the eye of a Libra man you must be the whole package because we seek balance in life, and in those we partner with.

    • I’m a scorpio asian gal and I have to say libra guy i’d date was really nice. He would spoil me and give me everything but the sex wasn’t satisfying to me so I broke up with him and he wrecked me whole front yard. =-) Still, Libra men got the hottest looks of all signs.

    • Hi i’m a Libra born on September 09/27/70 I would I to meet you if your still a single this is my phone number (951)526-8392 right now live in Las Vegas my is Christina I love to meet someone like me Libra

  123. I have this MAJOR crush on a libra guy… but after reading all these comments… i’m scared! Oh well… I think that he just wants to be friends… so i’m just gonna give up on trying to “Win his heart”.

  124. I am a Libra man and I am married I have been with my now (WIFE) for 5 yr’s. I have cheated on my wife from day one and she know’s it… I never truely want to hurt her I laways want to give her the world and more…. she is Pisces and we fight alot mane it be crazy at times with vulgar names and I realize that Im not made fah that…. I wanna leave rher but I wanna bring her out of that too I feel as if she deserves not to be hurt anymore. Us Libra men do lie but we are fantastic lovers in and out of bed and we treat our women like a dream at first and when we can afford it. but we do lie and we find it hard to not say I love u and to say no to other women… I guess it’s in our nature

  125. Just spent 6mo dating a libra guy, rollercoaster time!!!!! I am an A/T cusp couldn’t take the games!!! He drinks way to much, any of you have that problem with your libra men? He is a nice person though, as long as it is just a friendship!!

  126. I was going out with a librian man for 9months,he cheated and lied,but at the time i didnt believe it he had me and another woman at the same time then he chose her!they are such charmers when they leave your life it becomes empty,i am a pisces and i loved him so much.They love the idea of being in love!and just keep on hurting people

  127. Well, I’m born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp and he on the Libra-Scorpio one. I have never felt that way before. I can’t describe it. It’s like we’ll never agree on something. Sometimes, I look in his eyes and GOD…I see love and passion and some others Grrrrr….he just drives me nuts!!! It’s like he’s trying to grab my attention all the time (by all means)!!!

    Do any Libra males have suggestions on how I can tell if he is SERIOUSLY interested??? Please, I need help!

  128. I’m currently dating a libra man and yes the mood swing thing is true, but I just give him his space to balane himself out, and trust me, he knows where the love is, I doubt that he will ever cheat on me, he is a loyal man to whatever, whomever, he daels with, it’s totally up to us to keep them in check, and kep them on their toes, also I give him a reason to want to see me.

  129. I really don’t get it. They are ruled by Venus and NEED relationship and commitment. Then why don’t they stay in one relationship???Where have all these balance bullshit gone???? It seems like I’m falling in love with one and GOD the first time it’s like I adore him and the second Grrrrrr he just gets on my nerves. I sometimes think he’s doing it on purpose…you know like he wants to grab my attention or something.I can’t even tell if he’s interested: he seems to be flirting with EVERYONE (not in front of me, of course!)

    Does any Libra male have ideas on how I can tell if he’s interested (SERIOUSLY)???
    Capricorn-Aquarius here…

  130. Oh wow I must say I am having mixed emotions after reading these comments. I have been in a relationship with a Libra man for five months… It has definitely been a rollecoaster ride. The first two months were wonderful we went out all the time and he was so sweet, loving and open. However, the tables eventually turned and we stopped getting along and we couldn’t go a week without arguing. We both questioned if we were good together and he threat breaking up with me on several occasions. However, when we finally did break up he came back the same day. Ever since that break up we have been going really well. he realized and admitted that he needed to change. Overall, he is very loving, charming and social. He has great conversations and a good sense of humor. HOwever, he does have mood swing and a attitude. Not to mention, once he get frustrated and irritated it takes a while for him to calm down. He over rationalizes everything and he is very justmental and a low tolerance level. He hates when people doesn’t use their common sense and he hates drama. In spite, of his negative I love him dearly and he means a lot to me. He can be very sweet and understanding and he is very intune with my feelings.

  131. Libras are very genuine in there attempt at finding harmony and beauty in everything, art conversation and people if a libra cheats on you its because you lost the ability to find beauty in yourself being born under the sign of the scales is a blessing in its own right along with the curse of always looking for balance in the non-venisian society we live in. Dont ever doubt the fact that a libra has a dark side we can use charm for good as well as for evil. Cross one and you have gained a formidable enemy that will work hard at making your life a living hell especially in matters of the heart///anonymous Libra

  132. i was

  133. Yes, I did the Scorpio man thing. Selfish, selfish, selfish and that dark mystery think isn’t cute either. It turns into shutting you out when you need to be talking. He was a little more immature than mot but still. All of my immediate friends an even my sister (a libra as well) is married to a scorpio. Hot at first but I really have too quesion the long term.

  134. Wow, I am a libra and can’t seem to get it right with them. I am very attracted to them I’ve dated 3 and two of them were hot fire and quckly fizzled to them not returning phone calls. I only let that happen once before I delete the number. I am a very attractive successful black women with green eyes and have a bevy of gents that are in line but the libra men set me on fire and I can’t shake it. I wish I could figure it out.

  135. i must agree about being caught in the libran web of charm..they will charm the hell out of you and make u feel like you dont ever want to be with any one else besides them. my baby’s father is a libra and we were so in love for a yr. i got pregnant and we were still in love until he had one of his “need space and time to let things settle” moments but while things are still settling he is now living with another woman that has 4 kids and acts like he can never pick up the phone to call me. He calls every once in a while to act like he thinks of me and he tells his family that i dont call him so its definetly a confusing situation my way because i feel like if he wants to get back together then he should say somethin to me but at the same time i dont think he wants to get back together because he still living with her but he seems unhappy and being that i got to know him on a deep level i sometimes feel like he wants me to say somethin first. I know libras hate to make the first move though. But anyway just wanted to share my experience with those BEAUTIFUL creatures called LIBRA MEN. They will get u in their web and having you wanting to please them before pleasing yourself.

  136. wow im a libra man, well young adult. this describe how i feel almost perfectly, they only thing is i dont read. its so amazing how some of these things work, and are so close to the truth


  138. i am currently with a libra man and he treats me like crap. you can always tell when they meant someone they believe is better…nothing will make him happy, he’s busy, can’t talk, etc. this is our second go round and trust me….OUR LAST!!

  139. i’m datina gorgeous charmin libran for 4 mnths. I just found out he lives with his girlfriend for the past 5 years, he brought me out to his hse and showed me that way, they r cheaters but yes meant 4 lovin…we’re electirc and fun-lovin 2gether, i’m acquarius! We’re real love birds but its very heated too. as in we’v had many fallouts but always seem to get back 2gerther…

  140. ok im scared.. im a “libra” woman dating a Libra man and i know we libras have a tendency to cheat. im worried now that my instincts are telling me he is cheating. and reading what everyone has put in here i feel like i must be right. but its either i accept he is or dont. i throw up and my insides are just making me sick. sad part is i love him deeply. he told me he loves me and that i need to relax? i do have to admit he is saying he is just going thru this “thing right now” which is his mood swing and i wonder ?? is this time away meaning ur screwing behind my back. i think he is..sad part is im pregnant and not sure if it’s his. suckstobe me.

  141. for u’all out there i think scorpio woman is the best sign,cos she’s obsesed and possesive of me and i love that shit ..a libra man wants a girl thats faithful and satisfactory and they won’t cheat.also i can’t imagine me cheating on her cos she reads my mind all the time and if i did that i’ll be scared so i’m faithful and she gives me the greatest show on earth

  142. OH NO ! My life is screwed up ! after reading all of these…i fell bad in love with a libra man.i just fell for him on the second day..any my life got’s been nearly four months..he comes n goes..not leaving me completely nor loving me any..and he confessed it once that he couldn’t love sad pathetic this is..i cry most of the days since i ve known him..i really fell in love with someone the first time in my life..i couldn’ love anyone in my life even my an aquarius n aquarius people don’t love easily…only this man and does he have to be a libra ??? Oh boy…this is like a nightmare..i love him so much that there is nothing ever i couldn’t do for him just to get one sweet word from him…it’s a desperate love..there is no one like him ever for me on the earth..i meet lotsa nice people but nothing helps to get him out of my mind…nothing desperate..So women, please think twice when u meet a LIBRA MAN !!!!! A poor lover girl

  143. I just met a libra man back in December and WOW!!! this man is some kind of lover. He is very sweet and kind, we have had our little disagreements but he has away of bringing right back to that place with where i just have to smile and feel that loving persuasin of his. Very romantic man. oh and by the way he is not hte first libra man i have been with. I was a relationship with a libra man for 9 years. He cheated and that is what caused us to go our separate ways. iI do beleive that if he had not done that i would still be with him. he was an excellent lover.

  144. Describes my man down to the “T”, He too is a libra and I am a leo. start of the relationship was like a scale upn and down and really hard but they can be won over. They do not always cheat if they are madly in love.. you just have to make them believe everything they want out of the relationship is happening but at the same time keep them on their toes.. He is The best lover I have ever had and I would not change him for the world.

  145. I’m a Libra male and was with a scorpio woman for 12 years I’m now leaving her since her warranty has long expired and her mystery is fun no more. I’m dating two other scorpio woman and it’s hard to not be around them. They make life enjoyable in so many ways, I just don’t know what it is that atracks me to them.

    • I am a Scorpio woman who is into a Libra man. This is new to me. We met on line, laughed, flirted, and carried on for weeks. We finally met, it clicked, after a few days I decided to invite him to my home. For 5 hours we did nothing but snuggle,hug, and kiss, with no sex involved. When it was time for him to leave we both agreed it was great. He said he would call me the next day. Well he didn’t. We did exchange some emails but they were brief and not as cute as before. What’s up with this? He’s not called since our night together.

  146. I am in a realtionship with a Libra right now,we have been together for 9yrs. Our relationship still feels somewhat new, we don’t seem to ever get bored of one another. The sex is STILL outstanding, go figure! However I stil can bring myself to trust him completely, I wonder if this is pure Aquarius instinct…It would be a shame but I will leave and not look back, not even Libra man is worth it

  147. Ask any Libra man who has been with a scorpio woman. A libra man only cheats when he wasn’t satisfied. Scorpio women can satisfy them mentaly, sexually and physically and they never have to stray.

    • I,m dating a married libra man and he is married to a scorpio and she can,t keep up the pace with the capri because the libra is a freak in heat and the capri knows how to tame him. holla back

  148. Wow! I myself dated a Libra for 3 years before I found out by his own friends that the entire time he would bad mouth me to his friends and family that I was a psycho when all along he would live with me, and we were together all the time. One day we went snowboarding and his friends girlfriend told me that he had a live-in girlfriend and was planning on marrying her. This blew me away. NEWS FLASH!! For me… 8 months later he emails me telling me that he’s been dreaming of me and wants to see me..So I see him and at the same time I tell his FUTURE WIFEY about his infidelity and of course she believes him… IDIOT!! So I have to agree with the statement above.CHEATERS, LIARS, CHARMERS, LOVERS, FOOL AROUND GUY!!

  149. What about being involved with a married man Libra…they are generous, kind, charming, funny, loving…yet can make you feel so empty, alone, frustrated, and empty all at the same time…could be because they are so honest about their wife and life, and are getting their cake and eat it too? And of course you know you have no one else to blame but yourself? Time to move ON I SAY.

  150. haha i dated a libra man 3 times and the reasons we broke up were he cheated on me and he dumped me for his ex who told him she was pregnant w/ his kid. She lied but they’re still together, he said he didnt know things would get better but w/e. I forgave him anyway and still ove him but we’re like best friends right now lol.

  151. Whoeva Did thiS MUstA HAve ObServEd Alot Or mAybe Just thEorIes That He/She RERads.. I MysElf Am a Libra ! Im noT GonA be in DeniAL of The Facts That’s been WriTteN DoWn HerE… However The AuthOr ShouLd At LEaSt Put A CoNClUsiON Of eaCH ZoDIac..Meaning TO SAy… Libra MAn are meant to BE LovErs

  152. i was born on the casp of Virgo and Libra, most of my life i thought i was a Virgo until recently, this Just reinforces the fact that I am more Libra. The good and bad simularaties are astounding.

    2J No libra a re just tempestious, we cheat because we are in termoil and are loooking for that “something” to make it stop. It never really does stop tho.

  153. ummmmm! ya i do know a man whom i love madly n he is of the same nature to ignore me all time n not show his feelings to me………yet have multiple girl friends at same time.I know him 4om about 3 yrs but still feels that have never known him that much.He is mad 4 his 1st love n thats why may not understand my feelings…………….. but i have no regrets as i LOVE HIM MORE THAN MY OWN SELF.

  154. yes i think so i was dateing a lidra and he lied he tould me that he was not marred but come to find out he was i tould his wife about us so i gusse they are back together now

  155. Yes Libra “boys” are babies , selfish and always want to prove you wrong, liars, cheaters !!! And always looking to replace you or fix u or tell you, your wrong … I was with an Libra for 8 months the worst 8 months of my life …they don’t think they are ever wrong ! This guy had 5 kids and I still tired to help him …. NEVER AGAIN !

  156. I was in a relatioship with a libra man … we got a long fine but he cheated… he was a charmer… and love pretty woman … he wanted me back but I don’t play games… it was over… aquarious

  157. Im in love with a libra but with all them mood swing I dont know what to do but ma love for him will awayz be there I dont know why……..

  158. Thats so hilarious, it seems so true. I was in a relationship with a Libra for two years, and he cheated on me… now he wants me back.. is this what Libra’s do? Cheat, and then realize what they lost.

  159. yeh i have been with a libra man .this is the 5th year of our relationship…there was one year break up ..he cheated on but came bak…i have to admit i couldnot find anyone as loving as he was to soo glad that we are back.most of the things here are correct.esp the mood swings…hehe being a pixces women…its still been great!

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