Gemini Best and Worst Relationship Matches

Ah, the Gemini, witty and eloquent, the life of the party, and a great lover to boot .if you can keep him/her interested for long enough to settle down. Sometimes the Gemini in your life can be a humming-bird, flitting from one interest to the next, and then they can be the serious intellectual, moving from one stimulating idea to the next with the ease of their own air sign. This means that as much they may want to be happy, the Gemini strives to bring discordant notes into harmony, disjunctive ideas into synthesis, and may even try to bring your, as they may perceive, jumbled existence into greater balance. This type of relationship can be fraught with all sorts of perils but can also be a great learning and growing experience.

One of the best parts of learning to love, or simply learning to be around a Gemini is knowing that they are the mimic of the horoscope’s cycle. They can be whatever you want them to be, and may in fact see what you are looking for in a lover and become that. They can be a roaring Leo, or a fiery Aries, a stable Taurus or a pensive Pisces. They can say all the right things and do the romantic dinners or long walks, if that is what you are looking for. This is why they have such great success with the opposite sex, and can attract the attention of even the most unlikely of personalities. It is important to remember that in spite of this great ability to adapt and change to meet the challenge of being your favourite lover, a Gemini is only mimicking and in the end you must love the curious mind, and schizophrenic behaviour that defines his/her life.

One of the Gemini’s biggest challenges and at the same time greatest attributes as a partner is their wish to understand how you tick (I can see Gemini’s partners, friends and lovers all shaking their heads now in complete agreement). This requires lots of questions and investigation into your head and heart, which can satisfy most people deep seeded narcissism, but can also be a little unnerving. This curiosity is inextricably linked to a Gemini’s need to understand all the things around them. This understanding can end up meaning that once they feel as though they have you figured out, their interest may wane.

There are some dark sides to the Gemini character. Much of their weakness lies in shortness of their attention span. The love of new and shifting things can sometimes outweigh the importance of settling into a routine and enjoying the more familiar aspects of day-to-day existence. In short Gemini lovers can be heartbreaking. They go full tilt into love and then, when bored, can toss aside people without too much thought, moving on to something new and more exciting. These qualities can hurt those around them, and eventually leave them alone and wondering where all the people in their life have gone. Gemini’s tend to have high divorce rates precisely because of this tendency. Give them a chance and they will one-minute love the girl next door, and in the next moment run after the dominatrix with her whips and chains.

Give your Gemini lover a chance and they will keep you on your toes, but make sure that you stay true to your own nature and don’t bend too much or ask too little, or you may find yourself and the blinding will of their capricious nature.

Best Relationship Matches

Libra This is your best match. They have just enough in common with you and just enough that’s different.

Aquarius Just capricious enough for you.

Leo At first you may be attracted, but this pairing is ultimately unstable.

Worst Relationship Matches

Taurus Too slow for you

Cancer Too stable and domestic

Pisces Too emotionally needy you’d hurt them far too often

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  1. im a gemini woman with all the gemini traits and i have been married to a pisces for 32 years.

  2. Taurus? I really adore my taurian gf. A famous couple I can think of were – Christopher Lee and Birgit Kroencke. They were also 13 years apart.

  3. I’m a Leo and I do NOT get along with Geminis. I don’t know why we are always listed as a good match for them. Maybe it’s that getting along at first thing, but I’m usually faking that because I learned a long time ago that I cannot trust Geminis and they seem to think we will be best of buds. It always turns out the same: me hating them even more because of their dishonesty. Truthfully, I despise Geminis. They are the exact opposite of what I am about as a Leo.

  4. This is so very true!…ive been a heartbreaker myself but then it feels guilty so i do it in a gud way :/ making sure the othr person is not too much in pain when i leave him…wonder if i cn ever settle down n be stable in a relationship!…Best luck to ol d fellow geminis! v r soo amazing, dt its difficult 😀

  5. Lol this is sooo true about me lmao

  6. I’m a taurus woman dating a gemini man for 4yrs now .. Let’s make it clear , when a blog/website says that you are not compatible it doesn’t mean you have to break up or not try with a certain sign it just means it needs work , the bottom line is love doesn’t have a zodiac sign if you love somebody and that somebody happens to be the opposite of you work on your relationship ! it is your life and your relationship and you deserve to be happy with who ever you want to be with .. All you need is a better understanding of your lovers sign and simply adjust and they should too . It’s not impossible

  7. I’m a 30yr old gemini female and I have dated two Scorpios, great sex, attraction, and excitement, but all in all, too possessive and suspicious…sad cuz the attraction was undeniable. They were both long term relationships. My last relationship I just ended two weeks ago was with a Sagittarius, great guy, gentleman, driven, excellent in bed…wooh lol, but he isn’t were I feel he should be at 33yrs old and besides that his mother practically ran his life, yeah I know I sound like a b**** but I’m not. I spent a lot of my 20’s trying to change people and explain who I am. I just decided that I’m not gonna do that anymore. I don’t want someone I can’t learn from, can’t grow with, I’m not understood with, that can’t give me what I need at this point in my life then I’ll just be single.
    I go through these phases where I feel that I can be single and then I wind up giving in to temptation, nope no more. I’d rather be alone then misunderstood and leaving a trail of broken hearts behind me. Yeah no thanx.

    Good luck to all my gems reading this! We are a great bunch,but it’s not easy being a Gemini.

  8. wow you got me spot on. Now i will use this as a learning tool and not toss people aside. I will keep everyone close as much as I can. You never know who will become my new best friend 🙂

  9. I am a 15-year-old Gemini, and I don’t think a relationship with a Cancer is too stable or domestic. I am currently dating a Cancer, and our relationship is a little rocky because we go to different schools. Other than that, our relationship is fun and playful and we have a great time being with each other whenever we can. Of my three relationships I’ve had in my life, this one has lasted the longest because we were best friends before we dated. He was like a brother to me. We’ve dated for almost three years now.

  10. I am a Gemini female, 37. I met a blue eyed Leo at 15. Married at 20, divorced at 26. And we were always on & off and every argument was all or nothing. Since then everyone I’ve dated has been a scorpio! Idk why, but it’s always an instant attraction. But the sneaky scorpio never lasts with the clever Gemini. It’s always a rocky relationship with great sex. The scorpio always wants to be agreed with, but the Gemini sees all sides at once and won’t ever side with the negative… and scorpio have a lot of negativity. They insult and are spiteful when disagreed with. I dated 1 Virgo. He was the worst because he was taking xanax with whiskey every day, not working, with FMLA job protection because he had been in rehab, blamed everyone for his problems and assumed everyone is lying, because he was. And Virgo was the worst sex ever. Recently I met a libra. And we get along so awesome. There’s a great connection and we understand each other easily. We are both positive, upbeat, intelligent and more introverted. We can talk for hours or be comfortably quiet. Haven’t gotten to the sex part yet, but looking forward to it. Lol we are also a tiger-horse combo on the Chinese zodiac, which is the best combo for compatability and are the same in political values. High hopes for this one.

    • Omg wow I signed up just to reply! I’m with a Scorpio nearly 4 years now… and I was single for 7 years until I met him! I was single for so long I would see someone for a while but I got bored and I always knew early on it wasn’t right! But he made me fall in love and what kills me is the negativity!! And yes spiteful! Every word is spot on.. I thought I was alone in this as I find it hard to talk to anyone these days lol and the sex omg the sex is what got me hooked

  11. well i am a geminin man and , i am so into this lybra woman though its still blind but she is making it more difficult and challenging to fix a date with me , well my my luck i read this article , so i will just act smart to all are tactics till i leave her speechless but YES, and about the leo , is just %100 true as i actually met one of recent and we got to attracted to eachother so easily and she even claimed to love me but cant date me or be in a relationship with me , the exact moment she told me it will never work , was the exact moment i got rid of her like i have dont to alot of friends i miss now, one difficulty a GEMINI face is , you get liked easily and almost everyone wants you as a bestfriend ,brother , bestie and all that and in some cases you inlove and they are not , so you let them down like they say , and find it hard to let them know they actually let you down , i make money this seconds and just go straight to the bank with my debit card with the hope of getting stuffs off the amount withdrawed , getting to store,maket or shop i am getting something else more epensive regardless if its going to exhaust the whole money . i pray i am lucky with this LYBRA girl , i will treat her like a queen ……..

  12. This is soooo true. I am a Gemini woman and I fall in love ONLY with Libra men. Don’t know how it happens, I always find out their zodiac sign after I am deeply in love. They are sooo charming! They represent exactly what a Gemini woman looks for in a man: calm, patient, NOT jealous or possessive (Gemini hates jealousy). They are also very smart! And the conversation is never ending, I could never get bored with a Libra.

  13. I am a recently broken gemini female and I find it quite amusing that my last 6 guy interests (including my now ex actual bf) have all had birthdays within 28 days of each other. 1st, 7th, 16th, 24th, 25th (bf) and 28th of Feb. Preeeety safe to say I do not get along with Pisces.
    While only one of these became a ‘serious’ relationship they have all ended and there is no looking back. I loved my ex more than I have ever loved any partner but he just did not want what I want or to try and work my complicated self out. He was very laid back, me, not so much!
    I love hard but I fight hard too. I was very accepting of him and his but it just wasn’t in him to show me that back. It’s for the best and I’m not deterred from love, but wow! Polar opposites much!!

  14. I’m a gemini female in a relationship with a gemini man its so challenging he’s never on time he doesn’t get things done we argue all the time there’s not much trust but we love each other very much everything is driving me crazy he hasn’t been home because its to intense i guess now i found myself falling for a Libra man that’s not really ready for what i want but the way i feel when i see him the way he walks just makes me melt i’am really feeling my Libra i love my gemini but the libra melts my heart help me please

  15. I have been w/ an Aquarius off and on for 3.5 years. He’s my best friend! Our ONLY issue has been his inability to remain faithful.

  16. what about gemini and virgo??

    • I’ve had two serious relationship as with two Virgo males first one was my high school sweetheart lasted on and off 17-23 yrs.old second lasted 8 years.
      My current relationship is with a taurus I’ve been in it for 14yrs. Married 11yrs.
      Iam very short 4ft. 11 inches and whenever we first started dating I weight between 92-96lbs. But with so much stress with having our own business I now weigh 144lbs. My Taurus husband who once was my best friend now can not even look at me and everyday he tells me how ugly & obese I have become and wants to build a house on some land we own so that once it’s done sell it and split the money.
      He is cruel and dimeaning to me even in front of workers.
      He said he no longer likes my personality.
      He is extremely cold to me and has threaten to end my life. He has put me up against walls threatening to punch my face in. He is 6ft 1inch.

      • Please leave him alone as safely and as soon as possible. I would let my family know and get a restraining order. If someone says something like that to you, I wouldn’t care if they were drunk, I would believe them. Not to scare you, but think about all the people we hear about on the news, I doubt they thought that their partner would ever hurt them. I hope you leave the bad situation that you are in. No one deserves that. That is Not love…

    • I’m a Virgo guy and I have a Gemini woman interested in me, and I her but the problem is I can’t tell which ways what with her she acts and says this and then shows it the next day.
      ( any body else dealing with this)

      • Seriously? it’s crazy how I’m in the same situation, however I’m a gemini woman and he a virgo man, it all seemed great at first now he is so distant. We were friends before anything even started now he treats me like ”Yh hi.. erm bye” and tries to make as little contact as possible

    • A Virgo was the worst boyfriend that I ever had. because he does not understand the nature of the Gemini he believe that everything he heard was a lie and constantly started fights. the relationship only lasted about a month because I had to end it cuz he was basically crazy. He lied about who he was. he was always sneaking Xanax pills and swallowing them down with whiskey while calling everybody around him a liar and blaming everybody around him for his problems. Turned out he also did other drugs and was never going to work and living off his ability to use FMLA to protect his job because he had been in rehab repeatedly. and the sex was terrible. boring and all about him. not recommended for Gemini

  17. I’m a female Gemini i have been with a Leo for about 5 months now we have defiantly had our tiffs. but over all never been happier then the way he make me feel. the constant small arguments just give me competition keeps it fresh.. both Leo and Gemini are hard headed so there’s been a lot of head butting, but i think Leo is a perfect math for Gemini as my personal option. 😀

  18. Im a gemini man, libra is a perfect match, me and my gf (who’s libra)had been dating for a year now
    The only problem we face is that she can’t completely understand me, because Gemini’s are hard to understand and they keep keep their feelings inside, i dont like opening up and i would love if she could ever understand what goes on my mind
    And because of that i turn to look for different ladies to someone who can understand me fully, i love my gf to death but our arguements and misunderstandings are breaking us apart, i dont know what to do…

  19. Wow it’s true about a Taurus man!! I knew it wasn’t just me lol I’m a Gemini woman and recently finally called it off with abtaurus man.

  20. I’m an Aquarian woman, and simply cannot get over my ex Gemini man. I’m the one who broke it off, but out of necessity, because he refused to keep a very important promise. Now he’s hooked up with someone new who can’t possibly compare to me. Our relationship was magical on many fronts. Our connection physically, spiritually, and psychically was so intense and taught. I know that nothing could ever take that place, and that he is just trying to hurt me for breaking off our engagement. He said, “You wanted your space, and I gave you your space, but that’s not what I wanted for us. I never wanted this.” And he tried to get back together with me while he was already dating this other girl, and yet when I finally came around, he not only denied me, but humiliated me by showing the new girl my texts and photos. She knows that he lied to her about seeing me, and that he tried to get back together with me, and she is still dating him. What a fool. Such a huge betrayal. I know that it will bite him in the ass. I think she’s a Scorpio. It will never work, and I know that he misses me every day. I can still feel him. We had that kind of connection, and three months later we are still that connected. I just want him to stop playing this nasty game and come on home. I could never love anyone so much, and I hate that I am having to date men that I will never love in this process of moving on. I don’t want anyone else.

  21. It’s very true abt Gemini. I’m gemini and it fits me perfect. Any libra or Aquarius are here who wants to live life at fullest then Gemini is best for you since both can understand each other complex personality and enjoy every moment with fun 😉

  22. My late two relationships were with a Pisces and a Virgo. The beginning of the relationship with the Pisces was heavenly, we never ran out of things to talk about, the attraction was incredible and the sex, oh even thinking about it makes me hot and bothered. Unfortunately, circumstances changed and we gave long distance a go, that’s when the problems started. I’m usually a pretty trusting person, but I have a (sometimes scarily) accurate gut instincts, and him staying out partying until 5am, not phoning back just didn’t sit right with me. We started arguing, then he’d sulk, the sulking drove me crazy! Long story short I ended it, and found out afterwards he had in fact cheated, Gut instinct 1 – 0 Pisces.

    The Virgo was a friend first, we started spending all our free time together and things just grew gradually from there. But all too soon every little thing used to drive me up the wall. He had common sense, he just didn’t apply it to anything, ever – which was so frustrating because most of the time we could connect so well on an intellectual level. Our “spark” went and our sex life diminished, which resulted in us both being crabby and short tempered. We bickered every day, and when it ended I felt relieved! He couldn’t deal with my moods changing so fast and I couldn’t deal with the lack of understanding. As a Gemini, I’m always far happier single than feeling tied down on in a relationship, just wish I could find someone that has the patients to learn to understand me.

  23. What are gemini woman and virgo man relationships like? (i am a pisces and love to figure out how well people get along)

  24. Very nice articule thanks

  25. First I am a gemini woman and I must say that this article is true,, except some parts that may be a little off.. For one I am a very free spirit and love the chance to just have me time without a man (any sign) down my back 24/7. I am not the type to just hurt feelings just because but it seems like I do this often without any intentions. I was a relationship with a Capricorn for five years, and I must they the mist sweetest and kind hearted signs to a gemini that is, but the down side of it all just way to clingy and irritating. I couldn’t get 5 seconds to my myself and on top of we had a child. Just imagine what I was going thru, it was if I had to kids. I was very faithful until I started being accused of cheating and that’s when the infidelity came into place. I wasn’t doin it to hurt him but more as me getting bored with the accusations and childish thinking, it was more along the lines if me just doing what I was being accused of and I didn’t feel bad about it. Now that relationship is done for almost two years now,, I only seem to attract Sagittarius. Now with this I have Ben dating on for a year and talking to another for about three months and I must say I am loving every minute of it the I’m “dating” lives in Alabama and we having a long distance relationship. Yes we have had phone sex on occasions and it is wonderful I mean of course it’s not physically but the chemistry we have is unbelievable and it makes the experience seem so real. We do have or blow ups and when we do it’s really bad and I mean TERRIBLE. I love him and I know he loves me but or arguments really make me second the whole relationship. Now the one I have been seeing for three months is just a friend we go out a lot to movies dinner etc, and my family loves and I starting to feel a little deeper for him, I love his company I love his sense of humor his demeanour his ambitions on life his looks.. I could go on and on and on about him lol. I’m really caught in between the two but I don’t want to let either of them go or tell either of them about the other. I really haven’t had the chance to date any other sign other than Sagittarius and I must say I don’t I want to!!!

  26. I am a Gemini woman and my best match is an Aquarius man. I’ve never experience a relationship with a Libra man but I’ve been friends with many. They are truly caring and they’re so fun to be around or to talk with! I just don’t think they’re for me, though, because they can be quite serious sometimes and can really ruin my mood that I’m in. Anyways, as a Gemini woman I believe that in my experience, an Aquarius man is the best match. I think that whenever I meet Aquarius men there’s always this weird connection that we get. Like we automatically click. And there are so many similarities that you will find within each other. Aquarius men are so full of life and they’re so outgoing and reckless which is just a perfect match for us Gemini girls. A Leo is.. well not that great. At first my point of view for a Leo was that he was a very friendly person. But it never got farther than that. Geminis and Leos are better off as friends. I think Leos are HIGHLY competive though and I don’t like people trying to lead me and let me be the follower so I’m quite the competitor myself. But Leos are naturally born leaders and they boast about their skills and whatever every chance they get. They’re also too emotional and I think that a relationship with a Leo results in a downfall most of the time. This match is better off as being friends only.

  27. Wait… could you please explain why an Aquarian’s best match is Gemini, while in here it appears that it’s the exact opposite the other way around?

    • An aquarian’s best match should be libra not gemini. Gemini is an aquarian’s second best match, just like aquarian’s are a gemini’s second best match….. however, i’m an aquarian myself and my personal opinion is that a gemini is an aquarian’s best match

  28. Why don’t you guys just Commit. Its not that hard to do. You act as if commitment is the end of the world. then again. Im Aspergers, and a Scorpio.

  29. First off I have the best of both worlds Gemini and Ginger
    1st wife aires and ginger – less than a year ginger and ginger don’t mix
    2nd wife Gemini and Gemini – 3 years horrible
    I can’t seem to stay away from crazy

    Never cheated but definately get bored A LOT!!!!!!!!

  30. As a gemini my best are: Capricorn of 10years, a scorpio of 4 yrs and a aquarius of 5. I actually love cancer men I think they are so sweet.

    The worst are Pisces, Libra’s, Taurus, Sag & Virgo’s. End of story!

  31. Im a Gemini man and i was in a relationship with a Pisces woman. Just like the compatibility scopes state, it was ultimate bliss in the beginning. We would finish each other’s sentences, express our similar taste in fashion, movies etc.
    Us gems love giving the freedom to our partners not because we are doing dirt on the side, but because we belive that are partner is innocent until proven guilty.
    She eventually proved her self guilty. Well i must say that i didn’t catch her red-handed but all of ingredients were present.
    Condoms in her purse, calls at 3:00 am that she would say is her mother checking in on her, and the lying of her whereabouts.
    I honestly can’t think of too many good thoughts of my most recent Pisces. I dont think all Pisces are bad however, i do think that all are “Fishy” though. lol
    I have never suffered so much anxiety, jealousy, and honestly as much hate then with this previous relationship. The lack of trust that i built in the relationship led to fights arguments and for me to pull out the heavy artillery with my words (Geminis are good at that)
    I think her past just made its way in our relationship and i dealt with alot of her baggage. I had my junk too but was more than willing to throw it away when it came to her.
    I’m hurt not because i lost her but more so because i knew she was dogging me when i wasn’t there and i couldn’t kill the addiction of her presence and love making.
    On that note, the sex was great too and she used to make me feel as if she never had a lover like me before, which is probably true emotionally. But she would give me the nastiest scenarios if she were “really” cheating on me. i hate that i let her get so much of my time because there were a ton of girls that wanted my attention that could have been the better choice because honestly all i need is one lover though i can handle many.

    Basically if you are a gemini man that wants to settle down with a Pisces, please do some thorough research on her with a trusting eye and open mind. Be willing to put up with her emotional pull downs and be strong in knowing who you are.

    • I’m a Pisces woman currently dating a Gemini man. I understand perfectly (I think) on how his actions work out. What I am totally confused on most is that if he is only dating me for the sex or if he really loves me. Its hard to tell when someone only talks to you when they’re in the mood for sex. I’ll admit I do bring out a ton of emotions around him but I would like to know a thing or two about what’s happening in his daily life. I would never cheat on him but the question is if he is cheating on me. I’m not accusing anything. I’m just giving a heads up if you are going to date another Pisces female.

  32. I am a Gemini and I would say that my best match was a Libra and and an Aries, I always enjoyed their company. They were very charming and sweet. As for the guy I’m dating right now(Leo), isn’t really going well.

    • I’m a Gemini man and dated a Leo woman for 4 years and it wasn’t good at all. She was feisty, argumentative, not loving and was violent

  33. I’m a Sagittarius woman and I honestly feel like we are one of the best matches for Gemini’s men. Gemini men are truly great men with HUGE hearts and they usually try to avoid drama. That’s mainly where the problems come with a Sagittarius woman and a Gemini man, the drama. If you are a Sagittarius woman involved with one of these great men let me just say TRUST HIM HE LOVES YOU. Do not start unnecessary drama and find reasons not to trust him, I will not lie Gemini men can be flirts and they love friendships with the opposite sex but then again so do Sagittarius women. Embrace his personality and the things he loves, do not try to stop him from being himself because he will only resent you for it in the end. Also, do not purposely push him away because you feel like he won’t go anywhere and do not try to take their kindness for weakness because when Gemini’s get mad, they get mad because it is very hard to get them there. Be patient because he can have his mood swings but know that he is very sensitive and needs attention, affection, and compliments but also freedom. Be there for them because he will ALWAYS be there for you, at least my Gemini man is. Sagittarius woman and Gemini man have such a strong connection and I have noticed that I am always laughing with my man, always hugging and touching each other (and we are far past the puppy dog stage TRUST ME). We can be completely goofy in front of each other but also have long deep conversations that can last for hours especially if we’re having pillow talk. I love this guy because he is real with me and so much fun and he says he’s obsessed with me physically, which is a hard attraction to fight between a Gemini and Sagittarius, and he also says he loves how I am smart and ‘up for anything.’ Were both very adventurous and like to go places ALL the time whether it just to a movie, a fair, or the beach. But we also can be home bodies which is very funny because I really wouldn’t expect that from a Gemini man.Sometimes he just likes to relax at home, pop in a movie, order a pizza while were cuddled up with our pet dog.I also like how we both love to have sex all the time and how were always up for anything And I just love love how he is so open minded about everything, whether it be culture (music, food, style), conversations and sex! I love him very dearly although we’ve had our moments where we almost karate chopped one another. Just be a friend to him first, he appreciates a friendship and just “being there” almost as much as romance. As a Sagittarius woman try not to boss him around and make him your personal slave just because you know he will do it. He is very understanding and looks at every aspect of every situation but Sagittarius can be a bit impulsive and don’t think things through. So as a Sagittarius woman try not to be TOO bossy and try to be a pit more patient and understanding with your man, he will truly appreciate it. And as for Gemini men, if your Sagittarius woman is getting on your nerves and fussing at you just tell her you love her in the middle of her arguing, Sagittarius women love S*** like that!! GREAT MATCH. LOVE YOU BABY!

    • You have no idea how helpful and uplifting your post is for me. I’m in a relationship with a Sagittarius and I really do love her. It’s crazy how everything you have described in your relationship parallels mine. Lol it even crazy how my baby and I like to watch movies in bed cuddled with her dog that she is fostering. Kinda scary in a great way I think. In the past months together we have always been affectionate with each other. She is so perfect for me. I always have fun with her and I feel fulfilled when I’m with her. I just want to be there for her and support her in anything she does. It’s just very disheartening because we just fought recently and are not talking. I don’t want to lose her but I feel like she is pushing me away and it hurts. I want to give her distance if that what she needs but it’s hard being away from her.

  34. I am a Gemini female, and personally, Cancers have been the worst relationships for me. For whatever reason, I always ended up with one, but every time I tried, it would end in disaster. I’ve met a few Libras, and we always instantly hit it off, but it never advanced past friendship. I’m currently dating a Taurus, it’s been pretty tough. I feel alone a lot of the time. I feel like I have no one to talk to, there are days where I just want to be spoken to so badly. Politics, music, spirituality….just please bring up something relevant and tell me all about it. Sometimes he will start talking, and sadly I feel myself just drifting off into lala land, checking my phone, changing the channel, it’s almost like I don’t care to hear what he has to say. It’s sad, but I just don’t feel that deep connection when it comes to our minds. And because of that, it’s rare that I even want to try to connect physically. I’ve noticed that our greatest sex comes after a really good conversation. A lot of times, I’ll have to fight myself from getting turned off, or losing the moment. What’s even more sad is, even when I’m not into it, he doesn’t even notice or feel the disconnect. Which has really made me worried about our future. Our arguments are annoying in the sense that I don’t feel like he even understands anything that I’m saying. He will just repeat the exact same crap over & over until finally I give up on even trying to actually communicate. It pisses him off, but I always say, we are just roommates that sleep in the same bed. Each time that we have been close to calling it quits, we wind up back together, nothing settled, nothing gained….just together. The good parts consist of us goofing off a lot, joking, dancing around like dorks, etc. He’s a hard worker, and he sees me at my worst, but still sticks around. He doesn’t mind cooking, he actually likes it. I’ve got him hooked on new foods, drinks, tv shows, etc. He’s pretty open to trying new things like that, but is terrible at trying simple house rules like, putting the condiments back into the fridge, shutting the dryer door so the light cuts off, locking up, etc etc. You can’t ask or tell him anything without him taking it as a demand, and in his mind, he was born to rebel. So, even if it’s good advice from me or another loved one, he will do the opposite and prefers to suffer on his own, when all he ever had to do was take some simple advice that’s only given to better benefit him. He’s just extremely stubborn and selfish. When he is giving, you almost feel like it’s artificial gestures, instead of love, kindness, or sincerity. He will lie about stupid stuff, can no longer drink as much as he wants because he can never control it. He’s really mean to one of my pets…never showed any signs of hating her until we moved in together. Blah blah, this has turned into a long rant, that I guess could be chopped down to, Gemini female, and Taurus male, is not the best pairing. We talk about marriage, and everyone just assumes that’s where we’re heading. Time will tell, I suppose.

    • I am a gemini woman dealing with a taurus man and I swear that what you said sounded like a day in my life. OMG i am in complete and utter awe. Your thoughts and feelings, and just your freaking situation is identical to what i am going through minus the pet. I do have a son and my son hates him. He is mean to him and he thinks that it’s okay. I don’t even have him around him anymore and pretty much told him to keep his comments to himself about him. Wow. Thanks for that. I needed that so badly. I felt alone and that it was me but now I know that everything I have been and still am feeling is totally what it is. It’s a big “No Go” for me when it comes to gemini woman and taurus man. All I can ever say is that I just don’t understand. I just don’t get it. I give up. All the time. It’s ridiculous and I am completely over it. Good luck to the next person that has to deal with him is all I can say.

    • Seriously true!! I recently finally just called it quits with a Taurus man I love him but tired of feeling alone!

    • Ive been with a Taurus man for more than 5 years, we’ve been engaged and start planning our wedding. But suddenly it all get ruined. I finally called it quits. I cannot trust him anymore, before we got engaged he cheated on me, and upon asking for his assurance his resort is always broke up with me. He is very controlling, selfish, suspicious, demanding and overprotective man. He loves arguing and complicating simple things. He always wants me to update and take picture or video just to check where I am or who I am with. He cannot trust me even I haven’t yet did any infidelity, He is jealous and insecure of himself. I love him dearly and I know he also did with me, but our language of love is different. We are both in extremes, When we are happy we are extremely happy, when we are in though times its the worst! I missed him and wants to get back with him, but whenever I think how toxic are life will be again. I step back. Maybe we are only meant to be part of each other’s history.. I missed him but im better off without him

  35. Im a gemini female dating a cancer man an i can tell you i wake up every morning with my cancer man telling me how beautiful i look everytime i open my eyes we fit perfectly we balance each other out compliment each other all the time and when one person is feeling low we know how to pick each other up. I constantly always reassure my cancer man how much i love him there fore he has no complaints , a cancer man loves to protect you spoil you gemini women need to compramise to make things work let him be the man an never doubt him i swear be patient it takes alot of energy to bring your cancer man out of his shell but once you have him its amazing i love my cancer man with all of my heart 🙂

    • thank you for your post! All I keep reading is negativity regarding the Cancer Gemini match… but I feel exactly what you are describing! Was getting nervous that I was enjoying all this and waiting for a bomb to drop. thank you again for sending positive news my way!

  36. I’m a Virgo gal.. I only dated and been attracted to Gemini guys. It’s so weird, it’s like a instant attraction. They’re addictive lol..

  37. I am a Gemini woman. My best match was a Sagittarius and Libra. They both kept me interested in them and us as a couple.

    My worst matches were a Capricorn because they are too slow and too boring. Also, a Cancer because they are too emotional and clingy.

    • What about Aquarius and how was Sagittarius? i know the rule is the they are “better than Gemini’s because that’s our opposite sign sadly. Did a Saggitarius work out for you???

  38. I’m a Gemini male. Hands down the best relationship was with an Aquarius. The way we clicked was unimaginable. The only problem was my needy ways. Sha was such a free spirited person but me overwhelming
    love (clingy) ran her off after six years….Damn…I still think about her!

  39. I am a Gemini woman, I agree completely…. But like a lot of others, I don’t agree with hurting someone. I just got out of a relationship with a man I did kinda get bored with, but I stuck with him until we broke up. But it was a mutual breakup, I did not want to hurt this man. He was very sweet and compassionate. I don’t want to hurt anyone, not on purpose. I’m interested in a guy right now that I hope I can make things last with(: it’s all hope though(: I believe he is a Sagittarius which from what I Can tell we will make a good match(:

  40. I’m an Aquarius & my best relationship was with a gemini. It’s so hard for me to commit because most of the time I feel like i’m being suffocated, smothered, and can’t breathe. Gemini hands down the best relationship ever… best friend and accepting of our nasty side… so forgiving & mentally stimulating… gemini can tell me everything & visversa. Only relationship I ever care for and all the physical stuff doesn’t matter when an aquarius is with a gemini… we lay in bed and talk up the stars and spend the entire night laughing. Unfortunately, when a Gemini falls in love they are in love dangerously and you can’t get rid of them. They are amazing though, their words are so clever. Great friends truly the fun relationship!!!

  41. Hmmmm been interesting reading all the comments. You can see I’m a Gemini woman and like arroninoz mostly agreed with the article except about hurting people. I’ve never cheated. Was in a 30 year + marriage with a man I only learned after our divorce had cheated on me since before the marriage. So we’re not all flaky. I stayed because I didn’t want to hurt anyone and when I’d made my marriage vow I’d intended to keep it. The marriage was loveless for years yet I stayed for my family even though I was dying inside. He was a Virgo…not a good match. Avoid it.
    I’m a volunteer firefighter and love to help people. I am very much a Gemini woman without the flakiness, deceptiveness or tendency to shop for crap. 🙂 I shop like a commando …in and out as efficiently as possible.
    A Sagittarius man is interested in me and I wondered how it will go. He makes me laugh and I love that.
    I’m intelligent and I do need a man who can match wits with me ….and he can do that! I might even let him win sometimes 🙂 I don’t ever chase men… I let them chase me.
    But I am DEFINITELY a one man woman. Highly passionate and highly loyal.
    I think the secret of being with a Gemini is to drop clues for us to follow. We love the puzzle. I find it fascinating. Keep us on our toes. And for the love of god….woo our minds …cos we live in our heads so much. Send a text in the morning and by night we’ll have imagined at least 50 scenarios ….and be burning with curiosity as to what you’re up to. :))
    I hope I’ve been able to share that Geminis can be just as loving, loyal and dependable as any other sign. All it takes is the right partner who knows how to handle us. :)))

    • I hope its the same with the men, with that said, thank you so much! Im a taurus and im dating a gemini. Jesus he can be infuriating at times. But I really want him in my life. I’ve been scared all this time that he might just up and go. If he wasnt so damn smooth i wouldnt give a damn about him, but he just knows what to do and what to say when i want to break it off. I hate it. But because of your comment, it helped kind of reassure me in a way. So thank you so much!

    • I am a Gemini too.. Everything is true however we don’t intentionally hurt those around us. When we love we love with everything we have, obviously there’s a balance when you hurt us we will hate just as hard. I have attracted a lot of stranger willing to tell me there secrets, guess we are easy to talk to. I just got out of a 13year relationship, he was my first love and lover. We are very forgiving people provided you are honest with us. We hate finding out from strangers, that just pisses us off lol. I love an intellectual person, I always find the need to be challenged in a conversation. I am obsessed with LOVE and no matter how you have hurt me, i will LOVE again.

  42. I’m a Gemini man and reading the above I largely agreed and found myself nodding my head until the part where it suggests that I won’t care about hurting anyone’s feelings and will pretty much cheat and lie if I get bored well I can say I wholeheartedly disagree!!

    I’m quite sensitive and very caring and the thought of hurting somebody upsets me so much so that I stayed with someone because I didn’t want to hurt her even though it was killing me. To cut a long story short her mum died before we met but a few months in to out relationship she got really depressed and her dad was suicidal so I invariably went six or seven weeks without seeing her but I loved her so I put up with it for a year before it became too much and I had to leave.

    As for being two faced, cheating and lying, I’m never two faced if I have something to say behind your back I’ll turn you around and say it to your face but I’m also very diplomatic,?which I guess is related to my eloquence. I’ve never cheated or lied to anybody, if I feel the need to be with someone else I’ll be single, I’ll never cheat!

    I’ve had three long term relationships all with Scorpio’s and I can honestly say I will never go near another Scorpio in my life no matter how hot she is! They’re an absolute nightmare for me! All three relationships were toxic and violent, I’m calm with the right person but that person isn’t Scorpio, they just wind me up and bring out the negative side of me.

    I do have two very defined sides to me, on one hand I’m very calm, easy going, very loving and it usually takes me a lot to get angry, I let pretty much everything slide as very little bothers me but for some reason Scorpio’s bring out the angriness in me and it’s not pleasant.

    So in summary, yes I agree to an extent but you certainly can’t generalise because not all Gemini men possess the negative traits we’re supposed to.

    • Twas awesome hearing a mans perspective.. I agree with everything you said. I did not have the pleasure of pairing with a Scorpio, I have always attracted Aries. Pretty much winds me up the wrong way too. Best of luck!!!

  43. Gemini women can be either really fussy and uptight, or will be overly casual all the time. They all try to be the best of both worlds, but they’re one or the other. I’m a Sagittarius and am opposite to Gemini, and I love them all and we have lots in common, as well as a deep magnetic attraction. Sagittarius and other Geminis are the best match for them, because no one else is as intellectual and ADD..and weird (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). The downside is that Geminis can be too dry for us, and we can be too heavy for them. They will not find a better partner than a Sagittarius, and it sucks that they are so flaky because they frustrate us and end up miserable, buying random crap every week to keep their self-esteem.

  44. I’m a libra and have been in love twice in my life of 30 years, once with an aquarius and once with a Gemini. Both air signs just like myself, similar interests,good conversation, similar life styles and common interests with both. Even more so with the Gemini woman than with the Aquarius woman, though the Aquarius relationship lasted longer. Many factors make people complex and different than just what an astrological chart will tell you, also it depends on whats going on in your lives that can also determine the chance of success in your relationships. I can see though that Gemini can be unstable, they have more of a tendency to be dishonest to either deceive or keep things on an even keel than other signs. They want unrealistic whirl wind romances where you end up getting married before you even know enough about how they are as a person, they get easily bored and will talk to other people even if they are in a decent relationship(not saying that everyone that does is cheating but in a manner their partner would not approve of many times), they can live in fantasy worlds easily. Not everyone is defined by their sign but may have some or all of these characteristics.

  45. Really don’t know what to believe or what to do. I’m a Scorpio women with a Gemini moon. I’m currently talking to a Gemini man. We seem to get along. We have great conversations that make us laugh..thou sometimes we do have those silent moments. I’m worried thou with all I keep seeing about Scorps n Geminis not getting along. I always wonder if I bore my Gemini man. I definatly don’t want to do that. I like him alot but being with the weather lately we cant go anywhere so we hang out at my house..I need help on the keeping it fun for him part especially since we can’t go anywhere. Any suggestions. Please help.

    • You guys are going to make a great match since your moon is in gemini. But his moon needs to be in Scorpio in order for you guys to get along better. Most of the times Scorpio and gemini do make the worst match but you guys can be the exception.

  46. I am a capricorn man currently dating a gemini woman. We have been dating for just over 3 years now and it has been the most amazing relationship of my life. I am planning to propose to her, I want to spend my whole life with her. I don’t see how we’re not compatible according to astrology. I believe more in the person them self.

  47. I often wondered where all the people in my life went, until i read this article. I am the apex Gemini.

  48. Ha! I’m a Gemini dude and I haven’t even dated yet o_O

  49. what hapepend whith cancer and Gemini?



    their the perfect match with Gemini’s.
    Gemini is the twins, they have two personalities that intrigues and fascinates the Aquariuses; since they bore easily they need somebody that keeps up with them and adapts to their style of life & thinking.

    The Gemini love surprises and being entertained, and the Aquarius is a highly mysterious, surprising, CONSISTENTLY changing , rebelious, psychic, air-headed, and highly intelligent sign. (Depends on the type of Aquarian however)

    Normally the Aquarian is the masculine & leadier sign of the zodiac, they are the ones most likely to be homosexual or lesbian (BECAUSE they are open to trying new things and are also experimenters). They are also very open people but come off as distant to others even when they are close to them. It’s not their fault, they are warm hearted and loving people, only if they gain trust from them. When there is trust, no twists and knots in their relationship, the Aquarian will do almost anything in their will power to show them how much they love the person that shares their love back to them.

    The Gemini on the other hand is childlike, air-headed, highly intelligent, adaptable and constantly changing, two-faced, manipulative, charming, mysterious, positive, friendly, and can be outgoing. However, a lot of Gemini’s that I have encountered all talk big but are so shy (just as the aquarian, are shy creatures deep down but make themselves a tower, looked up to. )

    When gemini & aquarious get together their energy is so powerful, they become in tune with each other when they start understanding each other. They have a lot of inside jokes and code names and nobody can enter their world , the best match — almost a match made in heaven.
    The aquarious, if they unlock the key of Gemini’s heart can almost feel as though they are Gemini’s secound half.

    When they fall in love its the definition of ecstasy, their friendship is so powerful itll make them inseperable. AND when they are attracted to eachother it’s x 100000000 points. TRUUUUUUUSSSSSttttt

    its destiney babyyyy

    — galit. shutyak
    or galit kutcher xoxo

    idk. i tried. buahaha <333 i love my setareh munchkin dont kill me

    • I kinda think you’re right about the part when you mentioned being gay or lesbian. However, i also thought you were kind of wrong….. I mean as a an aquarian i can honestly say that i definitely support LBGT but that doesn’t mean that doesn’t necessarily mean that most LBGT are aquarians

  52. Taurus absolute worst match for gemini. For starters communication is horrid its like we don’t speak the same language this goes for lovers or friends. Leo definantly one of the better matches. But aquarious I feel are like cancers and to emotional for a gemini.

  53. I’m a gemini man and I dated a cancer woman. Definitely did not see eye to eye on many things. So much so actually that I fear cancer sign woman (dating wise). Cancers seem to live life by the book too much for a gemini just like what was stated in the article. I have to say that I definitely agree with the relationship compatibility with Libra’s because of current friendships that run really drama free. Besides all of the characteristics of all the sun signs I think the most important thing for a Gemini man is to find someone with a lot of patience because its such a roller coaster.

  54. Cn a sagittarius (male) be with a gemini (female)???

    pls reply fast!!!

  55. What about a Scorpio woman with Moon in Gemini and Gemini man with Moon in Gemini?

  56. I am a Gemini woman and my most exciting relationships have been with LIbras. The sexual chemistry is off the chain! the emotional and spiritual connection is tight! But the flirtatious natures of both lead to infidelity and eventually the end of the relationship.

    But the poster did not mention Sags as a Gemini partner. My most devoted and first love was a Sag… but due to circumstances beyond our control we had to divorce.

  57. I am a piscis man and i have to state that gemini woman are cruel creatures.I married her in January of this year and now I am seperating from her as we speak..why? she is a dicietful lying cheater! They will deny wrong doing even when you catch them and my woman”wife” filed falsely a strike claim because of the shame of being busted with her panties not on but in her bookbag.At this point I hate her and all cheating gemini’s. you women have no problem with whatever or whomevers shaft as long as there isbenafit and sometime not even that. My “wife” hurt me more than I can bare.I have been 9 months with her and between her and her friends it was a nightmare! Love with aGemini will not work, the goods are damage from birth!

    • I am a gemini woman who was married to a gemini man. He was a horrible cheater who denied the affair he was having, which broke up our marriage. I never ever cheated on him in over 20 years of marriage, Jason! There are male pisces cheaters too, FYI, and loyal, faithful gemini women. You are insulting 1/12 of the entire female population. Oh, my pisces ex was very insulting to me too in our marriage, always putting me down. But I don’t think I can generalize that trait to 1/12 of the male population either. Just sayin’

  58. I’m a Gemini woman, and divorced a Taurus…too boring and totally wrong for each other! Had a 5yr relationship with a Pieces…he was way too controlling and became to hate my Gemini need for new experiences/excitement, and social side. In a long-term relationship with an Aries and that has been my funnest and most exciting one yet! We keep each other mentally fascinated by our various interests and smarts, we both are very social and enjoy introducing each other into other social scenes and experiencing new places together and we party well together. He loves my spontaneity and ability to adapt and my love for new adventures…I’m the only girl he’s been with that has never bored him,lol. We are strongly attracted to each other, and have great sex! I am a little more spontaneous than him, but he loves to take charge of adventures….so it balances out. He isn’t the type to dote me w/ never ending compliments or “sweep me off my feet” with romantic words……but he has his own ways of letting me know how he feels, which keeps me wanting to impress him and it all balances out to keep us each chasing after each other and still excited for each other after all this time.

  59. I’m a gemini and found it true about my short interest @_@ i get bored quite easily but I’m not that witty or like party -..- and in fact, i think Pisces would work out for me?

  60. Im a gemini woman and have been in a relationship with a libra a capricorn and a gemini and a taurus im in my early 50s now and single lol my longest relationship was with the capricorn my worst was with the taurus but at the same time it was the most passionate, I think if I wanted another relationship I would hope it would be a libra he is the one I loved the most but he was a charming cheater but we were both young. At this stage in my life I want compatibility love and honesty and don’t know if that will happen but im ok being single it beats a wrong/bad relationship. Gemini’s may flirt but i never cheated and was commited in every relationship maybe it just not in the stars for some…good luck to all.

  61. Wow…not a horoscope believer/follower, but this has me nailed… Scary.

  62. oh god. my ex was a taurus and I’m a gemini. does NOT work whatsoever. never dating a taurus again. cancer has been my best matchup so far..

  63. I think its all a bunch of garbage and don’t believe none of this. You meet individuals on your own terms and take time to bound with them. You and your partner are the only ones who know whether you make the perfect match and of course with any relationship you will always have disagreements but in the end it will work it self out and the marriage or relationship will become stronger and stronger. Lets put Christ in all our lives and marriages will last a lifetime. I think I need to write a Book. (You think)

  64. Im a gemini and this fits my description pretty accurately. Im with a tarus and while my bf fits a tarus pretty well, i think we actually make a good couple. im the flighty one and hes the stable one in the relationship, i think if i were with another flighty person it totally wouldnt work out.

  65. Wow….The witty part is ALLLLL MINE!!! :O Lol x

  66. Hahaha, I dated an Aries once. Stubborn motherfucker that cooked a lot (and well)! But he was very clingy in the end. 😀

  67. Okay so I like this guy….. A LOT at my church. He is a Gemini (I discovered a few days ago). I was wondering if I have a glimmer of hope because I am a Virgo. He is the first and only guy I have ever liked. (No I am not some stupid little kid, I am 14 and have been told I am “Old in spirit, young at heart.” alright?) Anyway, so do things look I my favor? He is 1 year older and definitely likes me back, but we haven’t started dating. Like I said, it’s church. That makes it harder to start dating anyone.

  68. I’m cancer n i have partner gemini we broke up for some reason that i can’t understand why….they tell me that i need space to think and change a lot…i just want to know if he will come back to me or not…..if gemini stick to the words they say…coz other people say to me that one day they realize how i important to her/his left.. thanks

  69. I’m a Gemini girl, and Leos are way too egotastic for me. I’ve never dated one, but they just seem so eager for flattery that it makes me wanna stomp on their ego. I’ve always been attracted the most to Pisces guys, they’re just the most polite & good natured guys I’ve known. But that might be because I have mercury & mars in Taurus.

  70. omg i am a gemini to the fullest boy i tell you. I will leave guy in a minute because i get so bored in a relationship. But i hopeto find somone who can take a gemini.

  71. hey im a gemini girl and my bf is a sagittarius 🙂 is it any good

  72. im a gemini (male) and have had interest in a taurus (female) for almost a year now but it seems as if life itself is saying that it wont work. I wanna try and prove wrong.

  73. Well I am a 35 yr old Gemini woman,& I have always believed in half of the astrology.But I must say that everything I just read about my sign is on point. I am in ah of just how much I just read about myself.We are something else.& I’m trying to change a few things about me personally,but for the most part I’m happy with the Gemini within.

  74. This explains exactly where I am in life. Concurrently, I’ve recently reached the conclusion that it is better to get fully immersed in interests, understand them, and change them- than it is to do that to people.

    Alas, I’ve never dated a Libra or Aquarius…

  75. I’m a Taurus woman 27 and my husband is 31 we’ve been together 11yrs married 3yrs,in the beginning I wasn’t to interested in and eventually I fell in Love then we would fight so much he was to jealous but never amitted it had he is hardworking and a good friend he gets along with everyone in my family he’s generous and caring he’s not affection not romantic not a big talker but loves talk politics! Doesn’t have a temper,sometimes I do feel like he’s a manipulator, he is a liar even about stupid things, he is passionate in bed, over the he’s changed alot of things about him.sometimes it seems like if he’s different around me than he’s friends!!! Taurus women can possessive, jealous. He’s more social than me he makes friends so easily, We both go out almost every weekend and we have 2kids, four years after we any person can change their flaws for the better I have and so has he. Believe it…

  76. Hope Gemini Male works with aries Female, I find him exciting and Attractive, Interesting. 🙂

  77. hey im seein a aries women will tht make my relation good!!

  78. For a Gemini, perfect match is Libra & Aquarian. Nearly perfect is Aeries & Leo. Like minded is a Gemini. Opposite is Scorpio. Not your destiny is Virgo & Psices. Astrological Hell is Saggitarius.

  79. I am a gemini woman and I find it odd that they have me matched with a Libra, although I love libra’s they are quite cocky..Also I do NOT like aquiaius..they are OUT there in thier thinking and hard to understand. I was with a Taurus for many years, my ex husband (8yrs) was a gemini/ cancer cusp. I love cancers although they are moody and unpredictable at times. I have been single for three LONG years..hoping to find someone to share my life with. SIGH. I do have a book that has your moon, mars, venus and all that as a comparision as well. There is def more to it then just the SUN signs..that is for sure

  80. I am a Gemini woman and I must agree with all of the above. I have dated mostly cancers, which were all pretty brief encounters. They were too sensitive, jealous, and not outgoing enough. My longest relationship was with a pisces and it didn’t work out for all the reason you would think when comparing the two signs. He was not motivated enough, too domesticated, and I hurt him far too much. I tried dating another Gemini at one point, don’t do that. It was too much. You can only have one of these awesome signs in one relationship. Like stated we like to morph into what the partner needs and wants. This might seem like we don’t know who we are but essentially that is who we are. We like to make people happy and we like to be loved. Right now I am in a relationship with a Libra and I love it. He is the most compatable to me thus far. I was only with him for a month before I had to leave though. Now we are 9 hours apart unitl September when I finish my contract for my job. Hopefully it works…..but you never know with long distance. Welp, thats all I got. Peace out girl scouts.

  81. am a full Gemini and i dont get what you are saying about me

  82. i’m a gemini male with a gemini female and we get along great. There ups and downs like most relationships but overall our relationship is fun, loving, and caring. We share alot of the same interests. Going on six years now!!!

  83. lol yup thats me! im a gemini girl with a scorpio moon and well my other half is a scorpio with a cancer moon.. we get along perfectly he gives me the stability i lack and i gotta say i help him in not taking things so seriously.. ive dated plenty of aquariuses before enough to understand that ive clashed with every single one of them.. now as to me.. libras are just boring.. but thats me.. the only problem i have with my fellow scorpio guy now is that i know i love him but omg my mind is so fickle with him.. we fight and i wanna leave him forever i hate him etc.. then the next five minutes i love him with all my heart and never want to leave him.. lol its so crazy i suppose its because were so alike yet so different in many ways.. but either way i know i DO love him and i KNOW he loves me after all ive put him through.. well as i say.. were perfect in a very awckward way 🙂

    • Oh damn a Scorpio. I can honestly say I will never go there again. I’m a Gemini female & honestly 7years of a relationship that I tried & tried till I absolutely was at my breaking point. Without getting too dramatic or too in detail I’d say I wish you the very best of luck to anyone trying out a Gemini female & male Scorpio relationship. Currently I’m getting very into an incredible Pisces male. My only worry with this is he will think I’m hinting something to him & blow things way out of proportion & I’m left there with the most confused honest look; I’m very misunderstood by both signs. I’m too “money focused” because I’m a saver & not a spender. Any female Gemini in a long term successful relationship with a male Pisces have any advice for me?? I would really love to make this one work ❤

  84. Im am a gemini myself and this really speaks to me and sure makes sense, Ive always lost interest and moved on easy after thinking I was in love, and the mimicing so true, but it is a means to an end. Although I found my libra and karma being the hell that it is took her away from me, for all those broken hearts that I barely shed a tear over. Be warned geminis life for us is fun and entertaining but karma is always there.

  85. libra guy best match for gemini women… i agree… me n my bf we dun hv thing tat we lik… its all opposite but we love each other at the end of the day…. its the best match… ❤ ❤ ❤

  86. haha.. Man..this is so true …

  87. i think that is true…im head over heeeeels in love with a Libra…hes perfect for me

  88. I am a Gemini man and quite honestly I have never read sutch a pile of nonsense in my life. When I am in love, I am in love. I do not fly to another flower like the humming bird that you used as an example. Politly I will say do not make such ridiculous statements about people. There are those out there that will actualy beleive what you say. Please people out there do not base your life on astroligy. Circumstance, back ground, up bringing, education, poor, ritch, life style, stress, attitude, LIFE. All of the above forms a personality regardless of what time of the year you were born. I am 56 well traveled, I have lived with the poorest of the poor in South America and I have mixed with the so called Englis upper class. Beleive me when you dont know where your next meal is comming from it matters not one jot if you are cancer with a vigo or a leo with a flamingo. You will be together and find a way. What star is hanging where in the universe has nothing to do with nothing. I used to read the stars when I was younger but I grew out of it. Just a little friendly advice. I found this site by accident and I was moved to say what I have just said. Sorry if it burst your bubbles folks.

    • This is referring to when we’re (Gemini’s) are not in love. Personally it is hard to keep my attention so a lot of people that were interested in a relationship with me were not successful. Because I wasn’t interested hence the humming bird reference. It’s nothing negative but I can understand that I’m not going to love everyone. But I agree 100% When I am in love, I AM IN LOVE!!

  89. Geminis, heart breakers ? lol guilty.

  90. I am a Gemini male and I don’t see me as someone who tosses people aside without a thought and as a matter of fact I think that’s callous of anyone to do. Also the part that says we have a schizophrenic behavior I find rather hard to believe as well. beyond that I think its pretty much spot on and actually every Gemini is going to be different depending on how,where and who they were raised by.

  91. I don’t know why, but I am always attracted to Leo guys. I think different people have different taste and it is hard to say. But I do agree that Libra, Aquarius and Leo match Gemini well. It’s cool and fun to know more about yourself from here!!! Yeah!!!

  92. I’m a female gemini and I have being married to a pisces male whose 18 years older than I am for 5 years. Although, we’re divorced now. It was a rollercoaster ride of good and bad emotions. I used to get high on the make fall outs and especially the make up sex, lol. Some good,sex was amazing(best ever), he is very intelligent, and was very caring (most times). Bad sides, he was very controlling, possessive, and lied endlessly.

  93. Mmm, I think Gemini and Capricorn can work well, if other planets (especially Venus and Moon) are compatible.

  94. im a gemini male and i think aquarius IS a very ideal match for a gemini. They rarely misunderstand you and they can keep up with you but still be an anchor for when you need something real to latch on to.
    A leo is very appealing. You can fall easily in love with one because their passion, goals and righteousness will bring them places and you feel as though their interesting fun life is just what you want which you do. But they sometimes dont get you as much as you want them too. You are very different when it comes to life goals. they will latch on to you but you will feel like a chainned bird. They will treat you right and you will enjoy life with them but something at the back of your head will tell you that you could lead a more exciting life.

  95. I am a gemini man
    In school i was with a taurus woman,I beleaved she was the love of my life,we got disconnected for 21 yrs and just recently both of us left our present half.Just by chance ran into each other and damn we are inseperable,she is just perfect,gorgious and we seem to be great for each other……………hope we grow old together.I love her as much as i did in school!

  96. may be its true but i think gemini and libra is just ok bcs they can understand their mind,share things,make happy journey’s nd relations..yes gemini want nd want to spread happiness in people..i just will say that ‘they are the best’

  97. I’m a Gemini girl head over heels with a Libra. The one guy who understands i hate the word “commitment” and agrees we should wait for me and for us, just happens to be the best guy for me! Zodiac wise, that is…actually zodiac sign or not, he likes me i like him and we understand eachother with perfect words and he is so amazing and thinks im so interesting to be “friends” with. omgosh i love how he gets me.
    In conclusion this is so true! Libras and Geminis are one on one with one another and I love that he happens to be one. 🙂 😀

    have a nice day everybody 😀 ❤

  98. gemini guy

  99. OMG Blue Berry Jam HEAD! haha those are the main things i’m surrounded by as big particulars. At work i work with 2 aries, 3 Sagittarius.

    Aries women! wow so unsavory. Their intellect and PAST are really enticing, HOWEVER the are consumed by things like Drinking and Smoking and testing out alot of things within the bounds i like to call mediocrity! It’s almost as if the older they get the more chilled out they get and they Love solitude, and are MORE picky than Gemini’s! But probably more accepting of others if they have something in common with them, lol. Sorry lived with an Aries girl and then just finished Dating one, haha CRAZY life this is.

    LIbra huh? I have a friend who is a libra, but don’t really know any LIBRA women or Aquarius women. Libra’s tend to *shine* in the lime light. Although with only a certain Portion of Effort. They can quickly sway people’s opinion’s, ha another air sign, ironic.

    I’ve been wondering about if there is some TRUTH to each type of astrology.
    For instance combining multiple theories.

    Chinese Zodiac
    Thai Zodiac
    Japanese version that uses Blood Type
    And western or The current Zodiac
    I suppose the search for understanding continues.

  100. if you geminis are looking for someone that can deeply understand you try a libra. they are all about balance and understanding. they will understand both sides to the gemini personality and are also very inquisitive and curious. you can’t go wrong with libra. it may not last because gemini is so flighty and hard to tie down, but you won’t be able to blame it on the libra because their love and understanding is very deep

  101. There is definately ALOT of truth in star signs and personality patterns I am Geminii I have proof !
    I did not believe in astrology til 10 years after reviewing x partners and x friends, here is the sad truth… Scorpions not positive for Geminii romantically make you negative ..Capriocorns are terrible for relationships really opposite types of people in every way very boring for the Geminii peter pan type imagination make u crazy because they find Geminiis too free spirited , generally Water and Earth signs will not be a good chemistry so I disagree with Pisces being a good match Pisces men are too wishy washy for the Geminii which makes Geminii impatient …My partner is Sagitarius thats great for Geminii s we really really get on well we have very similar likes and dislikes its really uncanny sometimes and we are from diff backgrounds cultures and big age gap so THANK YOU to the stars Sagitarians are beautiful appreciate life love humour and brilliant for Geminii yes they are a bit bossy because they have big personalities and ideas but you get so much love back it will bowl u over (kisses n hugs every day )which Geminiis desperately need so just step back n let them be themselves ..they are sooo worth it …so look up your best match and really stick to it ! : )

  102. What about a Gemini man (19 years old) with a Sagittarius Woman (19)? Would sparks fly or would it just die?

  103. I’m a gemini woman, and find this all to be mostly true…I divorced a Virgo (duh, what was I thinking!? lol), and have since been pulled towards scorpios, aries and sagittarius people…I believe sagittarians to be the most interesting match as they are equally curious, have strong opinions, and seem to take in the big picture enough not to feel as slighted when I change my mind and my motivations as other sun signs!

  104. Astrology is much more complex than just comparing sun signs to evaluate compatibility. Having said that, I am a Sun Gemini with a Virgo Ascendent, Scorpio Moon, Venus in cancer and Mars in Pisces. I had a horrid relationship with a Cancer man (moon in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio) that was sexually/emotionally abusive when I was in my twenties. Then a healthier though wrought with issues relationship with a Leo sun and Aries Moon man. Now many years later I found the best connection and relationship I have ever known with a Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon man. Go figure. If we listen to sun sign astrology as compass or guide we limit the complex and rich connections we have with others. Libra’s and Aquarians are good as friends with me,ONLY. Anyting more produced painful and weird situations. With my Scorpio needing that deeper often unspoken link of intimacy with another human being and Virgo rising it may make perfect sense that a with a Virgo-Pisces
    I finally found a mature and deeper love. Look at all the horoscope folks, and yes that takes some time and thought.

  105. I am a gemini female and with a capricorn male, capricorn male are attracted by geminis expecially by our character and how we do things…. way of being…

  106. Wow! Of course i’m a Gemini and I couldn’t believe it, girl Geminis…. what you think about that?

  107. gemini and taurus is the worst match? no wonder me and my bf always bump heads and he never gets me.

  108. my god its totally true as myself i’m a gemini n did experience iy….

  109. well where would a capricorn male fit into this? wuld he be one of the good or one of the bad matchups?

  110. Can a taurus female ( age 19 ) and a male ( age 34 ) work out? He lies and I’m so tied up in trieng to ketch him cheat.My friends say I should loosen up a lot more. He seems to good to be true to me but there’s a side of him I feel is bad. I alwys feel like he’s cheating . We’ve been together for a year and we are engaged. He tells me he wants a family, my father likes him. I am scared of getting married and finding out he’s cheating on me. Please help with some ideas on how we can make this work. We both been threw a lot together and we will do what ever it takes to make it work. And everyone around us tries to help us stay together.


    • Ms.Taurus, first of all, when I read your comment, you mention about a big gap age different between you and your man. Your 19 and he is 34, man in that age definitely have way more experience than you, that probably just entering the world of love when the reality can be harsh sometimes.
      As you probably know, woman is wired to have a strong sense or intuition.We sense danger or something fishy faster than man.
      Most of us are gifted to sense something invisible.
      Sometimes we can feel it in our gut that somethings goes wrong in the relationship, although we can not spot it yet what is it that bothering us. We have to find that ‘deal breaker’ in our relationship.
      And as a 19 year old girl/woman, you should enjoying this life to the fullest instead of being busy and tied up by playing ‘cop’ to catch him cheating or not.
      Usually when you feel something is to good to be true, it is probably to good to be true.
      Honesty is the bedrock of the relationship. As simply as that. If you can’t trust the man and you find him lying to you, then certainly you can’t be in the relationship with someone like that. Think about it, your significant other is closer than just a friend, I’m sure if your friend ever lie or cheat on you in some way, you wouldn’t want to be friends with them right? Or at least keep a distance with them. More to it if someone that closer to you than just a friend.
      He is your fiance, although not husband yet. Quite serious but not yet legalize in institution of marriage. So if things go wrong you can still get out easier that a messy divorce.
      Think about this, you are still young, a long way a head of you, do you really want to spent the rest of your life playing cat and mouse, worrying if the mouse succeeded to steal the cheese from your kitchen?
      As 19 years old female I’m sure you still young and perky, you should enjoy your life to the fullest, continue your education, go travel to some exciting places, broaden your horizons, don’t let any man tight you down. Enjoy this life and you will get into through some process in life to shape your character to be a wonderful well rounded woman. To be foxy lady. Super fox! 🙂
      And when the times is come, the right man will come in to your life who love you and treat you as a lady the way you need to be treated, the man who treasure you, so no need for you to be a cop lady trying to catch him cheating on you or not!
      Life is too short to be wasted like that!
      Enjoy this fabulous life to the fullest and stop worrying!
      If you really want to find out about your man cheating or not, hired private eye to investigate him or ask your friend to do some disguise and act as a private eye for you!
      If you seek the truth you’ll find it! Good luck hon!
      Stay fabulous Ms. Taurus!

      Snazzy Gemini

    • all the things u mentioned here comes sOo familiar to me

  111. ha ha. I’m a gemini… and I guess that this is all true.. but I really cant believe that it says that I change lovers fast! LOL

  112. I think Pisces would be an OK match for Gemini. They have great interests for each other.


      • I am a Scorpio female and my boyfriend is a Gemini. We get along cause we want to. I’m in love and so is he. Not sure if it’s our birth dates or what I’m 11/4 and he is 6/14 along with wanting to get along. We get along well, maybe because my mom is an Aquarius and my dad was a Pisces, he deceased. I am very happy. We are very different.

        • Oh yeah I’m the Scorpio with the Gemini male we been together 4 years.

          • I’ve been in a several long term relationship with Scorpios and 98% of the men I have ever even been on 1 date with were scorpio! I don’t know what the instant attraction is. but currently I would have to say that none of those have worked out permanently. And that they generally I have not gotten along. they’re solid nature compared to my constant curiosity with all things around me clashes and ends up being a relationship where we fight all the time.

      • Yeeeeeeeeeaaarr High five …You have made my day! Pisces women for Gemini men!!!!! . PERIOD 🙂

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