Cancer Men

The most sensitive and the weakest emotional type in all zodiac he is the man. Most Artists are Cancer. Cancer is controlled by the “Moon” and the moon change its shape daily, so Cancer man’s emotional and moods change all the time too. You will confuse with him and yet it is his constantly changes that “Charm” you.

He never goes to get what he wants directly, but he will wait? For chance and opportunity to do so. Once he gets what he wants, he will not lose it, except if he gets tired of it by himself. The most sensitive man who can not stand rejection. He cares what other people feel or think of him. He hates loosing face and he tends to over protected himself, so sometimes people might think he is a cold person. Gifted, creative, imaginative, is Cancer.

A mystery and complexity play a major role in a life of a Cancer man. He could be very funny, very quiet, and suddenly very sad. Living with him could be much unexpected, for you will not know what his next mood is. If you like excitement and surprise, you have the right guy and never have a chance to get bored. He thinks of his home as “nest” and it is the safest place for him. If he feels hurt or depress he will stay at home alone quietly.

Once he feels better, he will come out of his retreat and lives normally again. Being a looser is not him. It is so easy to fall in love with this guy because he is gentle and a very polite guy. His wit and creative mind could win your affection. He will come out from his nest to protect you even if he is not opening himself up to other people much. Not many people will win his heart. His security is only when he has money in his pocket.

Once he feels secure then he might think of having a happy family. Even he likes to make and keep money, he is not stingy. Spending money is part of his good reputation, so he will be happy to spent money to take you out to a very expensive restaurant or buy jewelry for you. Certainly when he has money he is OK. He is possessive to everything’s that he thinks belong to him.

Don’t try to talk to another cute guy in front of him; he will get suspicion because he is not very secure or confident in himself for this kind of competition. Once you know each other too much, he will start to look for new excitement, but not to worry for he will always think of you. If he thinks you are the true love for him, and you try once to disappear. You will be sure he will come and look for you. He is a shy guy, but if he likes you.

You can get up in the morning and see that he is in front of your house everyday till you go out with him, a very persistent guy. He likes a secure, cheerful and lively woman, confident but at the same time always acts proper and proper. He likes a secure woman, but able to adjust to his rapid changes. In the beginning, you and he will be so sugary sweet together and he will only think of you.

This so “super romantic” will not last forever, so don’t slip this chance. If you are the one who want his interest, then act and make yourself interesting. Be a supportive person and give him compliment sometimes, but not too much till he thinks you are not sincere. Unlike many other zodiac, if he is mad then you better get out of that room. He will calm down by himself. Giving him a slight touch on his shoulders or concerned facial expression are enough. He loves his mother, so try to be his mother favorite, but do not act like his mother.

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  1. I am in a realtionship with a Cancer. I share the signs of Sag/Cap.(cusp) An it has been a very…. interesting last 8mos. I myself have taken 2 yrs off to get myself together after a horrible emotional/physicall abusive realtionship. An his wounds are newer from loveing a woman who didnt love him an now refuseing him any contact at all with his son. We are a pair… rarely kiss, hold hands, hug. Sex is awesome but touching outside of bed is rare. His mood swings boarder on split personalitys(day/night) he can yell an make the sky tremble, yet never turns his anger on me. I myself am quiet, an listen intently, an do all the little things that make a mans life confortable. He makes me laugh, an didnt think I could. By the stars an by our own hurts we were an are destined to not make it it seems. But for today, we are exactly what we each need, an as long as we can get each other to smile an learn to trust an maybe love a little….thats what counts to me.

    • I am a Sag women, been in an on and off relationship with a Cancer man. and when i say that this has been the most different/difficult person ive ever dealt with he is thee most difficult/different guy ive dated. He has patterns he likes to go through. he has his ups and his downs, one min we will be on the phone for 45 min happy getting along and communicating like no other. he hangs up and calls back his mood is totally “annoyed and different”. He is also such a liar, like a bad liar. He even lies just to get a reaction out of me sometimes, not sure if its because of my nonchalant ways or what, but he triessss me lol. but me being me i observe him down to the tee and knows when he is lying (for the most part) and call him out on it.

      He also can be very closed off. and me being a introvert also it kind of sucks because that makes us a little similar and can be difficult communicating at times. his moods effect me tremendously and so does mines with his. He isnt affectionate really, but our sex life couldn’t be any better very spontaneous. i think i bring a little life in him when it comes to me being seductive/nonchalant towards him, he says it turns him on.

      but when its outside of sex, our communication is a little off.
      he tells me how stressed he can be sometimes, and doesnt want to talk to anybody not even his own family. but i dont like that. he will even go to the extreme and block all numbers so no one can contact him. but i call anyway even blocked if i need to, to always make sure everything is still ay ok. down the line he told me that he actually likes and appreciates when i go out my way to contact him lol which is funny to me. but for all the Cancer men, what are ways to deal with you guys moods? especially when your down. because i hate when i call him or he calls me with a stank sounding attitude, when i know i did nothing to him! lol i do let him vent when he “feels” like it. and if i feel tension i just leave. any advice?

  2. I am a Cancer Man and I can find this to be very accurate.Although I am not a mothers boy.Me and my mother don’t talk much but relationship wise I am VERY into it once it first starts and after a while I sort of get tired of it because I know I can get whatever I won’t and want to try out another woman.The more women I have the more comfortable I am,because I don’t have to worry about getting hurt by one female and its more excitement. The emotionally weak part is EXTREMELY true.I get offended easily.If you were to ask me I’d say show him that you don’t need him and have him chase after you.He will chase and once he has you keep playing with his head so that when he foes have you ,He will treasure you.

    • I have some questions.I have been involved with a Cancer male who I am very much attracted to.However he is totally different from the guys I usually date.Here is my situation,I am married and my cancer male knows.My marriage is on the outs and my cancer man knows.However it is going on two since I have heard from him after everything hit the fan.Yes he has told me he is moody but honestly I am not sure if this is one of his moody moments or he is finished with me.I have tried contacting him and he hasn’t responded back.This is the longest he has gone MIA on me since we have reunited,however it is driving me insane and I feel like giving up.I am a Libra and balance is a must. He is the first Cancer man I have been involved with and I feel like I am a roller coaster and have to tip toe when dealing with him.Any advice I welcome.

  3. Cancerian guys, LEARN TO COMMUNICATE if youreally care for a Taurean girl.

  4. I know there’s a lot of hate to cancer men,and some even play games and messed up their lives,we’ve been called nutcase,demons,Antichrist,liars,manipulator,horny dog,a creature from a different planet,and so forth
    But some also call us the best lover,best husband,best friend,love of their lives,There’s no middle with cancer,it’s either up or down.
    I’m a 29 year old cancer men,and I’ve been both.

    We are the most happiest when we can make someone the happiest person.

    • I agree I’m a Taurus and my cancer hubby said his mood is based on mines and when I’m happy he is happy… He always submits to see me smile and I praise him for all the good things he does

  5. Cancer men love excitement and are terrible husbands. They cheat a lot and think they deserve constant attention and need many women who just bow down and worship him. He gets tired of them quickly and its off to the next. Cancer men spend all the cash they get fast. Terrible savers they are, always in debt. Cancer men live in la la land all the time and have a hard time being intimate with one woman.

  6. Cancer males suck, depressive, selfish, untrustworthy, sneaker, secretive, manipulating, bipolar, psychopaths but love sex and romance…

  7. CANCER – is the future AntiChrist that will destroy the World simply by convincing people to destroy themselves and lead the new world as their home.All OLD Italian Mafia was partially CANCERS ,even the leaders,they know how to talk and drag you to some corner and than kill you without even knowing.CANCER’s are not all bad,but some of them are TRUE MONSTERS when they TOTALLY open up and get out of their shell,thats why an cancer never should get out of their shell,they should only when is necessary.Nr1 criminals/killers.

    Cancer sign – Cancer disease = > CANCER = CANCER => Massive DESTRUCTION – TRUE DEMONS

    CANCER MAN – just a MONSTER dressed in human flesh … pale skin … showing no emotion …. DEMONS

  8. Cancer men are amazing, they’ve been amazing since the beginning, its soo beautiful how me and my guy, have grow together, and are creating a beautiful relationship, he is absolutely amazing, we are like the perfect match, We’ve been the perfect match since the beginning, And its beautfiul, We communicate soo well, and do great, ! Im a picises, Yes that changes the game, And everythings great !! !! ((X

  9. I’m sooo confused!! It is very accurate..He is a mama’s boy, very caring for his son and very hard and scared of falling in love because he’s afraid of getting hurt again..why does opposites attracts like magnets? I am a Libra who felt for a Cancer in September..few months ago. Everything happened very fast. It started with texting on Thanksgiving all night ’till 6am and next thing you know he invited me to go out the same week to watch a movie. He is such a gentleman (open doors..don’t see much these days!) + smells very good. He is/was shy on our 1st date…couldn’t look into my eyes and I had to make the 1st move when we were sitting beside watching the movie (I asked him to hold my hand and he never let it go). Later on we ended up kissing and hugging with passion. The following day I expected to hear from him..but no! To make it short I had to text him pretty much almost every day to remind him that I think about him/miss him. I also learned from reading here and there about cancer man not to push them. I had to restrain myself from sharing how I truly felt because I could go days without getting text. I had to apologize and tell him that I was going to slow down! It WORKED just like they said..he replied right away with a dirty joke about slowing down..YES they don’t like confrontation. Lately I just don’t know what to do…It’s my 1st time with a Cancer and never chased a man in my LIFE! I haven’t heard from him for 1 week now so WHAT TO DO?? Wait for him to make the move because he needs to think!? I know we’re not compatible but I can’t get over his charm and the whole thing about him!! It’s TRUE..he drives me ‘NUTS’ Can someone give me a GOOD TIP…I mean a REALLY GOOD TIP!

    A desperate Libra who really want this crabby… 😦

    • I fell in love with a cancer when I was 15. Sweet, charming, attentive. Swept me off my feet before I knew what was happening. Soon as I got swept off my feet, I got dropped on my “ass”, hard! Really hard!!!! Didn’t end there! For the last 45 years my feelings for this Cancer have captivated me. I have had the ride of my lifetime. From eternal bliss to the fires of HELL!!!!! Over and over and over again. More fun, excitement, ups, downs, neck snapping twists then the absolutely best roller coaster ever built. Taking a ride on the “wild side”! I never enjoyed anyone or anything so much!!! Am I insane? The jury’s still out on that one. Soul mate or devil in sheep’s clothing? My advice for you is to run like hell, change your phone number and drop out of sight. Unless my words sound like the way you’ve always dreamed of living your life, then stay around, hold on for dear life and enjoy the ride.

    • OMG! I think of all the women that have problems with Cancer men, its the worst for a Libra woman. I am a true Libra who believes in communication, and I fell hard and fast for a Cancer man Aug1st 2015. He was the most charming, attentive, protective man I have ever known. After3 consistent weeks of traveling, dinners, and intoxicating sex he just woke up and was over it. I woke up in love. I let him be for a week then sent a nasty text. He resoponded, we made up and made love. The next day he went to Texas for 3weeks, and at first was texting like every 2 days. Then nothing for a week. I finally decided to call him, and sent me a lame text in return. I broke it off cause I was in emotional turmoil, and he did nothing to keep me. Although I broke it off, im.dying inside. I want him so bad its driving me nuts. Everone says hes gonna call, but I dont think so. Its been almost 3 weeks.

    • I am also dealing with a Cancer male.Maybe I should say use to because I haven’t heard from him going on two weeks. He is moody as hell and I am not sure where we stand as of now. I will say I am very much attracted to him and I think about him during the day.It scares me because I am involved in a much more serious situation but I want to be with this Cancer male.With that being said I am a Libra woman who needs balance and I am struggling dealing with his MIA behavior and moodiness that he displays.Besides that I am head over heels for him.What should I do when he goes days at a time without contacting me what so ever.Usually when he does this,he will reach back out as if nothing never happened.I am open to any advice.

  10. Iam a Tauras women in relationship with a cancer man. Its been 4 yrs we are together and he really really loved me with all his heart in starting 2 yrs…but last yr we were being distant as our location has changed due to job n all. It all was still okay but yes we both were busy making our career and completing our dreams. In between i had some family issues and i fell really emotional weak and wanted his support so i used to call him eventually but it was not in his control to give me much of the time i wanted…it leads to alot of small and smtimes big fights as i wanted his time but he was not that lovable and supportive i felt. But he tried to make me understand to be stable and focus on my career not to worry about relationship n all. but i think it was also my fault to become so emotionally weak in handling alot of matters simultaneously career, relationship and family issues. And through this our relationship has suffered alot..we were very best in starting but this last year i was weak ..i might hv nagged him alot by calling and crying…he hates to see me crying..even he was not much respondent to my worries…whenevr i has asked why he is behaving like this he told he really doesnt have so much time..he is busy working hard to make his future successful…he wants to srsly focus on his career…now he is telling that he is unsure of our future together in the long run. he doesnt say that we need to break up but at the same time he says at present he doesnt want any emotions to make him backtrack from his career and also keeping my future in mind he says he is not sure of my feelings also whether he ll have time so he cant tell me to wait for him..he ll be busy for the next 2-3 years and he doesnt know whether he ll be having time to come to marry me and handle family issues regarding mrrg..he says he is present he wants me to just focus on my career and be happy ..and if i find some other guy who loves me i should move on…becaus he doesnt know how mch time he is going to make his career and all…he is unsure of himself….for the time being he wants to be very serious to focus on his career and to complete his dream…becz without reaching out with his goal he says it wud be too difficult for his family to accept his decision of getting married to a girl chosen by him..he says he loved me but for some time he doesnt feel the same…he doesnt even say that he has eliminated me out of his life…he is giving guarantee that no other girl is there in his life even im sure its not about the other girl becz really he is a hardworking man and he is busy working all time. that day when he told me these thing i really felt hurt and with anger and pain i said okay im moving on and breaking up with u …becoz i really dint expect to listen these things that he is saying to not to talk to him for 2-3 yrs he ll be busy. he said ok if u want like this..still he said we can be frnds and talk some time if I want. I dint reply. I dont know wht i did..wht is right to do…i know he really loved me but for he seems to be little changed…he says he doesnt feel like marrying so he is only sure and ready to pursue his career at present nothing else matters to him….Please suggest something.

    • Being a cancer man myself i can some what understand your feelings, especially since being in the military and have dated a taurus girl. Anyhow idk how much this will help or not, but when i started to talk to my girl i wasn’t doing so well (extremely depressed) and then i found her,my life did a complete turn around and i can honestly say that i was never more happier then when i was with her she was everything i could ever ask for smart,pretty,kind(most of the time lol),and most of all supportive…… a little to supportive. let me explain i have always wanted to try out for special forces and like i said she was very supportive, so i did it i tried out and everything was going well but i ended up being away……..for a long time (two ,three years away) and we kept in touch and i did get to see her every once and a while but it was so rear and few it was like it never happened. two things happened later, the first she ended getting really sick and because we weren’t married and i was overseas i couldn’t do anything really for her, so some time goes by and she got better but i just felt so bad for not being there for her, like i dont know about anybody else but that was literally the worst thing that has ever happened to me a its funny cause shortly after she got out and was better i ended up getting hurt myself lol like really bad but anyway guess who was there to support me writing me letters and send gifts, lol i felt like a little high school girl. after that i kinda pushed her away not because she was too supportive or anything but because she was just perfect and it was killing me knowing that i was never around for her and all i wanted was for her to be happy and find someone that could be there for her unlike me, so speeding up things we broke up but stayed really good friends and i even tried to get back with her but sadly for me she had moved on and finally found that special guy that could be there for her and me, well im overseas again and judging from what you’ve posted i have no doubt that he still loves you in fact the only reason why im posting this is because it reminds me of myself. Anyways dont get discouraged one trait that we cancers have is that we will sacrifice our love life to make or keep that special person happy. no doubt he was probably thinking something along these lines.

      • Thanks alot for posting :). It may be the possibility wht u r saying as in between 2-3 months we fr half an hr ..and wen i was leaving he hugged me..I avoided still he did..i felt like nthng has changed in his feelings but still he is trying to b distant and nt ready fr relationship…but now i cant do anything except trying to move on..he tried to be friends…but it was a mess to me..becz whenevr i used to talk to him it reminds me of my relationship and feelings ful of love..which was hurting me like nything..then I told him atleast for few months no to be in touch with each it was getting more difficult for me to move on…by being distant..i may keep myself busy and will try to forget him…then only i wud b able to think of someone else in my life..becz it was first n d last relationship i had…i was extremely hurt.

      • Omg I am also in the same boat.I am a Libra woman involved with a younger Cancer male who I have fallen hard for.I think about him all the time.I find myself checking my phone in hopes of a message or call from him.He tends to go MIA on me and at first I was adjusting to it but after a major issue was thrown into the mix,I haven’t heard from him in over a week. I am going crazy and not to mention he will not return any of my call,text messages,voice messages either.I am not sure he will reach back out to me and I haven’t reached out to him since my last effort.He has told me he is moody but damn he is moody to the 10th power.Everyone has said give him space and he will reach out to me but I am unsure.

    • My suggestion is let him go, completely. Trying to be friends and staying in touch will only hurt you. Unfortunately, it won’t hurt him at all. Let him know you’re moving on and plan on being happy and finding someone who appreciates you. Wish him well and say good bye!

      • I had to do this however along came my cancer king ready after a few years gone by and me leaving him in Cali while I went to Atlanta because he was not ready to be serious yet… He tried several times to be with me but each time I was with someone else and rejected him because I don’t cheat but this last time was perfect timing and he has finally captured my world and we have a wedding date… It was hard in the beginning but when they love yu and your the one they will some back to claim their prize and will never give up until they have won

  11. I’m a Cancer man and I’m currently dating a Scorpio woman. We very much have fun together but went through a tough patch because I was jobless n couldn’t figure out how or why I couldn’t find one. I went into a shell as well and thought that she needed someone else because I was financially un attractive. I also looked to other women to fill the voids I felt she was leaving with the uncertainty because of her negative outlooks. We later figured things out and are Happy I think most human beings have “mood” swings and it’s perfectly normal. I guess that means everyday is a become so live it and love whos in It

  12. @shelly marie. I feel your pain. The cancer man can be so withdrawn and emotional that you consistently sit blaming yourself for the entire relationship woes, believe me I lived this way for 9 yrs and $$ was his ticket to another woman that promised him that he could live off of her money and keep his just to have a man. Shes older and desperate so she can get ready for his controlling ways, because I was his challenge and wasnt controllable. I have my own thinking process and I value my strength as a woman. Stay strong because he will return back to what he knows

    • I am the bread winner of the household right now. When we got together he went into what he calls retirement. He says I make him feel as if he is not good enough and he always owes me something. I never pushed him to get a job or anything. I think if he wouldve stayed working this marriage would have lasted. I try to explain this to him and tell him its all in his head. But stubborn ass as he is will hear no part of that. He started coming back around again and I gave into the fwb and he made love to me so passionately that I figured oh he must be still in love with me. Then we went out and he asked if i seen us growing old together and I SAID YES. He replied he didnt. Still I let that go and we had the most magical date ever and came back and had sex. I say this so brutally because for me it was not that but I feel it is only that for him. Now, I have had this awesome job offered to me and Im taking it but its five hundred miles away. I go on a cruise for a week in two days and the day after I return I leave for down south. He asked me out to dinner and I politely declined as i do not want fwb from the person i am so deeply in love with. This is tearing me apart again. I only have two days left here and wanted to share that time with him but my heart is so torn. I am worth more than being an option or a fall back because hes bored or cant find sex elsewhere.

  13. I am a Scorpio woman and married a Cancer man. I have never felt so alive as I did in the beginning. Even four years later through all his mood swings I still love this man with every fiber in my body. We have separated and come back together once and I thought it was because he was in love with me. I am currently separated from him again. July seems to be the magic month he falls out of love. He says this is the end. Now I know his past for we were friends for several years prior to dating and I think this is true. When we have money and the world is exciting everything is great. But when we are pinching pennies he goes into this shell and acts if though he hates me. I have done everything for this man and still I cant seem to keep him where he wants to stay married. He falls out of love on conditions of money and excitement. Being a Scorpio, I love deeply and have the never give up attitude but he on the other hand, runs when the going gets tough. Im Heartbroken in Jacksonville.

    • I definitely sympathize and feel your pain. I also love with all my heart. I dont give up without a fight. Pain will always be a part of life, but suffering doesn’t have to be. I was so relieved to learn this. There is a book called, “How To Get Past What You Cant Get Over”. I discovered this book in a hospital gift shop. I was there to get my sister a gift who had just had surgery. Before I saw anything else, my attention was caught by the title of this book. The words soothed the pain I carried in my heart. I hope this will help you in your relationship. For me, the love continues as Im sure it does with you, but learning we don’t have to continue suffering changes your life from negative towards positive.

  14. Wow, I’m currently dating a cancer man, I’m a taurus woman. I heard that we were one of the best matches and in the beginning everything was perfect. Too good to be true is the perfect saying but lately I feel as tho its someone else. He says its not but I feel as so, one day he’s fine, nice, sweet then other days I have to beg him to just talk to me then he talks regular like nothing happend. He used to talk about being a team and being official but lately when I mention it I get no response. I know he cares cause when I’m upset or tell him I feel he’s different he goes back to being nice. Is this the mood swings u guys speak of and if so I would I know its just that and not someone else? I really really like him, I think he’s perfect unlike anyone else I’ve dated but I’mconfused. I don’t wanna make the wrong decison and push him away but I don’t wanna stick around if I’m not what he wants. I need serious help with this one. My first cancer man, what to do? !

    • Idk

    • I am a cancer man… And that is what I did recently to my ex gf… I never meant to make her feel that way… Then she left me, It was devastating for me… Then, I started realizing what was wrong… Maybe, you did not give something that he wants… And that changes him for who he used to be… Perhaps…

    • sometimes a cancer man, when he feels his emotions are too overwhelming about a subject and they can hurt the person they love by talking about or not having control over his emotions, they usually go quiet. just give him a kiss and if he needs to talk you’re there and give him space to go through whatever he’s trying to do. once he’s ready he will come talk to you about it.

    • I’m a Taurus woman, dating a Cancer man. Sometimes, you have to let him be him. As long as you give him your undivided attention, let him know how much you love him, and show him how much he means to you, (if there is or is not someone else) he will realize what he has and that you are something he would never want to lose.

      Cancer men are VERY emotional, and whether they show it or not (responding – have a conversation, or not saying anything), there is something definitely bothering him. You cannot give up, because he is not cooperating. Just the efforts of you trying will win him over. He will definitely be more talkative in the long run. These men can be insecure. They do a lot for others, but hate to be taken advantage of. All they want is to be loved…in the comforts of their home…in the arms of their loved one.

      Let this man be a man. Don’t try to change him; just adjust to the way he wants things….and the way he handles things. Even when you disagree. Instead of trying to make him talk or do something he does not want to, wait til he is ready and engage in conversation….without accusing or insinuating. Keep being the woman he wanted to be with in the beginning. Admit when you’re wrong, and be willing to change. Me, as a bull, was very stubborn , and know what I know….and see what I see. I can use fact-based information; Logic; Reasoning….and have the entire world on my side. But, if my Cancer man disagrees or begs to differ, then I have to go with what he says. Just give him some time.

    • I’m a cancer male. And I have to admit that as a cancer, we’re almost , ALMOST like females.(It’s like dating a girl in a body of a male). The way we think and behave – thus our ever changing mood swings and emotions. And yes, what you are experiencing , is simply his rapid changes in mood swings. Like myself, I can feel happy, sad, stressed, depressed, angry and then happy again all in a single day. So you gotta adapt to that if you wish to be with a cancer.

      Here’s the good news: What ever happens, love him the way you do and always remind yourself of the feeling when you first encountered him. Let all the good parts in your relationship be the motivation to continue that relationship with him. You may feel that he’s switched off from you at times but here’s the truth, he isn’t. Remember cancers are normally loyal and extremely loving so chances are he loves you just as much or more..

      When ever he’s quiet it means he needs that attention again. Give him a kiss or a hug. Remember, cancer males are very much like females, so you need to give them that security at times. Trust me, when they feel like it and received enough attention and love from you, they will shower in return all of that back to you and even more 🙂

  15. I feel completely screwed. I am a Scorpio female. I am cosmically linked to Cancers …. ONLY. No other compatibility. And, wait for it, … I have been strung along my a cancerian crab ass man for 10 + years. This has been the most soul scarring thing that has ever happened to me. I am always having to wait for him to finish something, accomplish something, or sell something for him to be happy enough to come for me completely. I tell him that he is a liar. And he whines that I am so global. WTF does that even mean. He is so out of touch with normal etiquette and how to’s when it comes to women. I finally have the where with all to cease contact with him. But … he always comes side stepping back to me. Only to encounter my sting, wrath, and verbal haranguing. Life he enjoys it or something. I did not have this information before. I was too disoriented by the pain and the longing for him. I JUST WANT HIM. I would experience these deaths like the Phoenix only to be reborn. Then he comes back at the most ugh times. I know him. I know his moods. And I get him. But, he does not want me to get him. He disappears. All I knew instinctively was that this dude can not handle pressure. So, I kept dumbing things down for him. So, unappreciative, so clueless and then feigns this innocence like “What’d I do”. I am preparing to live life alone and without a partner. Definitely going to stay away from Cancer men all together. Some how I knew that I should do that instinctively. I believe he has judged me again. He tells me to have faith and trust him. Hell nah. Imma let the next one have him. I just kept picturing myself trapped in a cold, passionless, controlling situation with him. I never lied and I never broke one promise. But I know he is being dishonest. He says he is a busy man. Well, my thing is that he knew he was busy when he started mind fucking me again. the books are so unbalanced between us. I suffer and he brings the pain. I almost truly died because I did not understand the game. I am sticking to my guns and getting my eagle back on.

    Sorry so long. Venting but I feel relieved.

    • your a scorpio you let ur anger rule you. now not all of us cancers are the same. half of this stuff they said applies to me. like i love my mother and i dont want my girl to be like her lol. but i think that the way we are raised plays a big part. sounds like your cancer is a douche and maybe he settled for you (no offense) but yea i know i only wanna be with a girl i truly feel something for.

    • I so totally feel for you. I am going through this right now. He swears he adores me and is only seeing me yet won’t take me on dates, hides his phone at night and lied to me about his dating profile being closed. Now we are in a period of silence. I feel so stupid because he knew I only wanted him and he said we’d be together in the future but now all I can believe is that he’s a liar. I’ve blocked and unblocked his number several times. Its like torture.

    • I feel your pain. I to wss in a long enduring relationship with a cancer man. Wow I must say I relate to everything your say. I was in that relationship for 7 yrs.. and I to am a Scorpio woman born 10/28/72.. . He watched me for years not to my knowledge. And spoke to my dad and stepmom regarding me. Then one day he had the courage to speak to me at an event .. well we talked I thought he had character and was so funny, so I exchanged numbers with him. Now he was a little short for my taste.. and stocky.. I prefer tall and athletic. But I saw something in him.. so we begin to date.. and date I mean I dated him for a full season to see how he changes from seasonto season. Well our first conversation he stated he was llooking for a wife.. not a long term girlfriend and my reply was. Im not into rushing marriage but if it happens it will be meant to be. Well needless to stay we became an item for 7 yrs. This man is a divorcee and was with his ex-wife for 16 yrs.. married 7yrs.. and produce a beautiful daughter who I was around in her younger years until she became a teenager.. and I had a son.. to me the perfect match since he fixed himself and didnt want any more kids and neither did I .. Well fast forward he was insecure but I could handle him.. bcus im very strong as you know us Scorpio women can be. He wanted something to fix as their sign says and I was a challenge I had nothing for him to work on. When we would go out the attention was always on us and he watched every man watch me. And this was frustrating to no end and he would look through my phone and when you look you find.. it was harmless but he was sneaky and not trustworthy. Well two years ago we split.. bcus he felt we needed space bcus we stay into it.. well I moved out and he want us to continue as if nothing happened.. so he would call… cal. Text.. email.. and stalk out where I live which I never told him.. also cancer men are very much detectives. Well I loved him dearly s after going through sending my son off to colleg, we begin to see eeach other again.. I let him back in my life..we only stayed apart for 5 months and he was broken the entire time and so was I. Well I had security issue with trusting him. So after we got back to seeing each other he wanted me to move back in and I couldn’t trust that he would have an issue with me and ask me to leave. Well fast forward to now.. we had stayed around each other up untim April 1st of this year and we had been doing good im not good on expressing my feelings or plans with him bcus he want it instant.. and I like to plan and organize my life. Well all of Jan thru March.. we hung out loved one another and on that day April st he came over to tell me he has a friend.. I had no clue. This sneaky mutha f $@/#^.. was seeing anyone but me bcus he damn near stayed at my place. Well needless to say I was in shock my reaction was like stoned face shock. I didnt react until the next morning.. which that night I completely lost the taste for food.. couldnt go to sleep.. im just now feeling back to myself from almost 2 months ago. He met that woman 2 years ago at our church we attended as a family.. sge was in a relationship and he was still not over me. So this January 2014, her situation ended mind you shes an older woman for his taste he likes women under his age. She is a 50 yr.old divorced mother of 2 older kids 17 & 22 yrs college student.. my ex is turning 44 yrs old at the end of june.m and im 41 yrs old.. well we have had several un-healthy encounters which resulted in my emotions all over the place.m and he told me that he liked her but love and care for me… but wait for this .. he said she says what he need to hear this bitch listen to everything he said I wouldn’t do and turned her azz into a puppet so he moved in her house and rebted out his this month and doesn’t even know the woman.. I told him he was going through a mid-life crisis.. and all our friends and his family let him have it. So he cut everyone off bcus everyone told him the truth.. how do you move with someone you dont know and you still in love with your ex.. and want to marry her.. then you moved in crazy.. so I know what you went through with that cancer man. This is my truth !!!! And im still recovering from the hurt. SORRY SO…SO..SO LONG !!!! And fir the misspelling.. or typo’s

    • “Cancer Men” mind fucking at its finest!!! Stay Far Away or you will be head over heels in love & confused out of your mind! Lol!

    • Wow! Thought I was reading something I wrote myself. Boy do I feel you! Your words almost hurt to read. Be strong! Move on! I’ll be routing for you.

  16. I like a cancer man and I am a cancer female, He is so HOT I can’t believe it but he is my Boss anyway i don’t know how i am suppose to contain myself he is amazing. How do i get him. He knows that i like him, he makes me laugh he’s very sweet and i want to get to know him…i think he’s going through a relationship problem, but he is all that…..

  17. I crush on cancer men, he so damn cool but unlikely he is in relationship with others women, and he so proud with her..everytime we having conversation he always mention about his women and its hurt me lots, I still dont understand what is in his mind, he flirt with me but he mention about other women..huhu

    • I am a cancer man..
      If he is in relationship with other women too you should leave , he has probably been messed up by another woman that’s why he acts like that and now it’s not the time for you to be there unless you like to be hurt (if those women are real and hes not just telling you BS)
      He probably doesn’t want you, also don’t get confused with flirt, we do that all the time.
      I have done the same in the past to a girl that actually didn’t deserve it..

      • Can you tell me more ..he’s 24/7 on my mind!! It’s crazy..I never felt like this before and I think the main reason why is because he’s very different. I can be patient it’s not a problem..I try not to be pushy and it’s Hard because I want him soo much to be part of my life. He’s very busy with work and weekend spend time with his son so basically doesn’t have time to have ‘FUN TIME’! ..HELP!!!!!

  18. lol, loved reading some of the posts. There are always good and bad people so don’t be a hater of all cancers.
    I can be moody and I will feel wounded from things people say and hold it inside feeling resentment towards the people that don’t appreciate me. The world is against us so we have to calculate all the variables to keep ourselves protected and safe.
    We need our space and a calm voice to talk to us once in awhile and not try to confront us. Emotions, get us in trouble but if you have our hearts you will be rewarded with a life time of servitude but if we feel slighted some of that love will dissipate. I tried explaining this to my Scorpio who is now my ex. The negative marks add up, so unless they are countered by pluses you can eventually say goodbye.

    • Scorpio women have a ton of emotions rolling around inside, trust me im a classic textbook scorpio woman dating my second cancer man, who is remarkably different than the first. Not only is he older but hes way more mature than the other who honestly they seem like totally different signs because of their birthdates. Cancer as a fellow water sign has the same emotions as a Scorpio just they deal with them in different ways and add to that hes a man and im a woman and yeah…lol. The famous scorpio sting and ascerbic tongue are a defense mechanism like the cancers withdrawing behavior, we just come out mad as hell and swinging to hide that soft side. The negatives add up for both signs, so a good rule of thumb is if you do/say something hurtful to your partner try to make up for it by doing something sweet and romantic to show you still love them. If you argue with a water sign and they close down and retreat let them go. Like me I will get quiet and withdraw. Not just because I dislike conflict but I know i could very well say or do something in anger that will hurt my partner and that ill regret later. So, let them walk away, we will come back. I promise…when we cool off and can be rational we will come back and want to talk it out and likely apologize for our part in it. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • you just summed up everything. Thank you.

  19. What is it with those people? They are psychologically oblivious to what is their own psyche and what are the others, no discriminating power at all, therefore heavily project their issues onto you. They are negative projectors, because their pesonality is too feeble to handle the harsher reality of their own self and logic is not their stronger point. If they manage to get some self awareness and balanced insight, they get on the negative side of self-conscious not being able to accept or digest it. They escape truth and honest mature communication like the devil. They would rather blame it on the devil or whoever is near to project their inadequacies onto. Or they get hoplessly depressed with morbid enjoyment of their unwillingness to approach it constructively, just self-pitying. I’ve seen a lot of them make a mess of themselves for no good reason and drag others in their vicious circles, never approaching it from a problem solving perspective and so, never getting over silly issues or develop character. Ego remains underdeveloped and it sabotages their otherwise decent potentials. Boundaries issues, identity problems, identification with others, like their psyches are stuck at child or primitive level where there is no differentiation from self or others, therfore very possessive, because they really feel you as extention of their selves. I have yet to meet a mature one. They are so close to child mentality, that it is no wonder they are zodiac’s mothery types. Good only for small children parenting. Sadly, their gentlness, openness, faux selflesness and maintaining a good front is what charms people. Nice people, can be understanding and humane, but not authentically good, even though they have one of the highest potentials in zodiac for pure instinctive goodness. Sadly, they are mostly fucked up even by minor bad experiences and easily develop complexes. They really manage to pull off extremely decent person front but it has no substance and the disappointment is inevitable at some point. Actors. They are truly “too good to be true types”. Must struggle hard to develop character, ethics and especially individual identity and escape the Borg, hive mind consciousness which dictates their behaviour. They are least likely to be free in some psychological individuation sense or evolve into individuals. Great psychologist Jung said that sentimentality is a superstructure covering brutality and that is what those “sensitive” souls are like: pure cynicism with sacharine front. If they manage to remain undamaged by harsher real life experiences, they can be good channels for really high level energies, like Tesla who was extremely pure being and called himself just a reciever of cosmic intelligence. But, as genius is rare, ordinary ones are good for people who are satisfied with fools gold, what they are. As individuals, they are nothing and even proud themselves for being egoless as a false virtue. You first have to develop yourself as a person from bottom up, then expand into higher selfless states of being and it takes whole life. Earthbound and selfish, stingy, cheap, evasive, avoidant, clingy. Sensitive to themselves like primadonas, cold and indifferent to others if there is no identification. Can be family/tribe elitists and If you are not in their circle of identification, they don’t give a shit about you honestly and can be the jerks of the highest order. Primitive types but smooth. Cheapsters. Always fearing someone will expose them as fake and superficial positives they are. Can be beautiful people and possess superficial good qualities like it’s make up. They are bi-polar, either cold brains or irrational emotionality, no middle ground, moodily oscilating. No will power to control their moods. Very reactive and prone to agression if provoked, poor impulse control. I had very nice experiences with them, but was also subtly mistreated while I was young enough not to recognize what fools gold they are. They can gaslight you with fairytale hapiness and abuse you at the same time. Beware for betrayal unless they are so emotionally invested it’s of no use to jeopardize it. They can pretend to be your best friends, be supportive to the max and be terribly two-faced at the same time, backstab and sabotage you with complete innocence. They can do great things for others, impact peoples lives and not care about it at all, that is the worse part, it’s an empty gesture for the sake of being seen as good or manipulative bondage with selfish ulterior motives (they are UNAWARE of, oblivious types). They manage to mindfuck themselves into seeing it as a no big deal. They are calculated but not smart in a noble way. Economy minded, not intellectuals. Basically mental lowlives and pseudo intellectuals, wannabe profound thinkers, occasionally finding their ground as artists. They can possess sexually magnetic persona (which is not so obvious) that adds to their charm but as lovers they are distant and making love to you without really connecting and concentrating on you. Either they lack the drive and desire or they are horny dogs. They lose drive with time also. Can do for young lovers and adolescent experiences without more need for personal depth. With my chart loaded with Scorpio, I can get attracted but quickly disillusioned by them, thanks to my bullshit detector. No offense implied, I’m just an honest critic. I am talking about astrological type and how that can influence someone, not real life people who are much more. Not a native english speaker, sorry for eventual mistakes and essay lenght.


      • Peace and blessings to you dear soul. You are not crazy, just dealing with deceptive mind fuckers. Don’t let them make you paranoid, keep your peace and stay away from toxic people, my heart goes out to you if they made you suffer. You deserve much better and it will come to you.

    • Omg this is so scary accurate, have you met alot of cancers? Your describing a past relashionship of mine to a t.

      • It comes from experience and observation, yes. But nothing too traumatic. They love bonding and relationships but fail to work on themselves first and don’t deal with their issues, they just let the shit build up until everything falls apart. Ugh, frustrating creatures. I’ve definitely overgrown the immature type I described. But I meet a lot of genuinely nice ones too. All the best in life and relationships. Eh, we gotta kiss alot of frogs first.

    • Allura Diane,

      I have a much better BS detector than you and can see from all you wrote that you are a complete moron, who does not have an ounce of intelligence or psychological insight!! It is obvious you were raised by the same. What kind of foolish and evil person says such nonsense?? Grow up, scorpios are the most jealous, envious, hatelful, evil, possessive, jealous control freaks on the planet and also have the most bad Karma for all of the horrible lies they say and things they do. May God return to you tenfold all that you do and say!!! You are a pathetic excuse for a human being!!

      • Now get a mirror and some guts to say that to yourself! It’s obvious that you are one. Not able to take their shit, told you. You are pure hate, so blinded it’s almost laughable but it’s tragic. But you taking this so seriously is seriously laughable! 😀 Criticism presented here is just honest observation based on experience but from a darker side, something you obviously don’t have a moral courage to look at. It’s supposed to help you realize it and grow, it comes from a benevolent place, unlike your comment. It’s not about people, it’s about the negative side of the cancer ARCHETYPE, you don’t seem to understand that, but then again you dont seem educated. You seem like a very infantile and vulgar soul without any esoteric, not to mention human culture, insulting people you obviously can’t seem to match in dialogue. I can only hope you’ll grow to understand the purpose of full self-awareness…in few lifetimes. Till then, try to chill the fuck out a bit.

      • Joanna, you know what you are? Just another boring lowlife empty minded raging bully full of vitriol! Don’t you dare to mention God, cause He would spit your cursing ass out of his mouth and send it to where it belongs. May your curse be returned to sender.

      • I’m a Virgo and I identified with her post completely. I’ve only dated a couple of Cancers though. My Venus is in Cancer, so I have a “thing” for Cancers. I don’t have a Scorpion bone in my body, so it’s not just Scorpions that suffer at the hands of a Cancer. I’ve recently begun wondering if most violent prisoners were born under the sign of Cancer? OJ Simpson anyone? I’m in love with a Cancer, and honestly, I’m afraid of what he’s capable of when he’s at his worst. Do you think Kate Middleton is afraid of her Cancer prince?

    • Wow that was amazing analogy of cancer male in a nut shell. Bravo. Aqu. Am I

      • Thanks, glad if you found it useful or entertaining, all the best to you. There are a lot of charmers out there and they need to be exposed, they even believe their own hype. They need to deal with their shit instead of watching tv, maybe they will become decent then. Cancer archetype is the ultimate fake positive of the zodiac. And Scorpio the ultimate fake negative. I’m sick of that false stereotyping from the dark ages. Truth is all that matters!

    • OMG OMG what a great response! 100 accurate! I studied my cancer guy for 5 years. I am a psychologist and what you described are the personality disorder traits. It is almost like Cancers are all sick with NPD, BPS, bipolar and so on. But your post just nailed it. Thank you for making me not to feel alone in my struggles to understand what a bad luck it is to get such creachure close to me.

    • good evening, im a cancer male…22 years old……im curious to know have you known many cancers or jus a few? and for the bullshit detectors cancer definitly has that superpower……i think everyone is moody. yes we are moody n cud snap but its always a reason..we also dont take to kindly to harsh words cuz some ppl actually try to undershoot n be slick n laf it off, naw bro i felt the emotion behind it n read yo body language….n also from us being so emotional ppl take that for weakness…thats underestimating which is bad for that person.we are peaceful n dont like drama, unless u bring it to us or threaten a love one den yo ass gettin dealt with…with love lol. but sorry to hear you ran across a few bad crabs but it has alot to do with upbringing which influences our whole life…n also we absorb ppls emotion alota tyms or hopefully not maybe you may have a slickass mouth lol who knows.but like I said we tend to take serious what others brush off cuz we kno if you meant it or not or if you swung to low tryna cut deep….i learned to defend myself from evil mf dat may even be your friend but jus envy me on the low or try to belittle me or sneak diss or take advantage of me being good hearted…. ima low key person i dont think im better den kno 1 but i refuse to let someone act superior to me…we are all equal. but when i run across a hating ass insecure bastard dat act like they better and try to put me down i manage to reverse da emotion and hit em back wit sum harder den they threw n use my intuition to observe how i fuck dey head up or jus do my thing shine n make em mad…only to the evil two face fake try to get over n manipulate ppl…ill make them type of ppl want to kill me lol but they wont…cz only cowards try me cz the real see my loyalty n i know us cancers well most live by principle n morals, well i do that how i was raised…since a kid i had a old soul n always thought ahead…always anylizing shit n thinking to much,,,,,as a kid i always wondered why thing hurt me so much like disloyalty, never knew why i didnt like to take gifts but love to help ppl n give more than recieve, wondered y i always like being by myself even tho only child but didnt like crowds much but always cared for ppl n had sympathy…not to sound boastful cuz i hate bragging but i think us cancers are much more emotionally evoled than all other sign because we feel so deeply and are almost psycic but i also know we go psyco real quick if we feel played or backed into a corner or jus having a a relapse of present or past things cuz we live in the past and dream about the future…but please dont throw us all iin a box because i would be wrong to do that about scorpios….but peace n love to you n yours

  20. I’m in love with a Cancer man, to top it off his from Ghana Africa….so really enjoying traveling, his sweetness and caring thoughtfulness he shows towards me. Yes….he’s very sensitive and a very jealous person, but that’s what I love about him. I respect his weakness, he respects mines. He’s totally different from what I’m use too. I always back up and give him his space because I’m a Aries and I go nut if I don’t get mines. He has mood swings a lot but so do I…who don’t?…{remain in own places please, don’t move in with him}… We fought a lot during the first couple of months of us dating due to a lot of pains in both our life’s, it just made our relateship stronger with many lessons learned in not having to be totally in control all the time. I was honest with him when he showed off his confusing side and he listened. We both enjoys the same things, plus he’s a Christian man which is a huge bonus. I’m enjoying every moment, every minute. We have a lot to celebrate, one of those things is learning what’s acceptable in BOTH our eyes. Live life experiences, don’t open your legs until the two of you can get a better understanding of each other. I can’t wait to make love to him. Yes…he’s very handsome and smell so Good. My advice is take your time, I did and continue to do so. Listening first and less of being controlling by a eager Aries. Feels Good to take a back seat sometimes, when your so use to going head first into any situation. It’s time to enjoy life people {smiling}

    • (Taking my time play off!!!!)……I be hot damn, I’m not seeing this Cancer boy anymore. Thank God I didn’t sleep with this nut case. I’m introverted so it comes naturally to listen and watch people actions, even when they think I’m not. He started lying a lot and playing mind games so I gave him the ride of his life, for free. I started calling him out on what I saw in him to get a reaction out of him. Plus I noticed how stupid some of his conversations were, as he included other little girls while conversing with me, the one he kept trying to convinced he loved. “Looney Tune.” He was so busy playing games, he didn’t notice he had already started creeping me out big the time months prior.
      I guess those were his mating calls rituals.” lol” The more I got to know him the more I started running, no phone calls, plus acting disinterested I thought he’ll get a clue, hint and heart to stay away. Guys fell to realize when women notice your.” beyond goofy.” even if she’s playing, your not going anywhere in the relationship, not with her. You already been labeled and placed in a box accord to your actions and being stupid plus saying crazy things isn’t a good look. He started calling me out my name, talking about other girls, asking for thing, he thought he was so handsome I would lose all sense of self and reasoning. I was having the time of my life messing with his head so I play along, to see what planet this Alien is birth. He was very disrespectful, I had to get him ladies. Teach him a much need lesson on having manners. I finally got bored and blocked all contacts with his nut case, but what a learning experiences and I have so much stuff that I would keep you laughing for years, what’s even better I kept my legs closed all this time. We converse about 1 yr. I kept picturing over and over in my head the Martin Lawrence reenactment, him popping up with house shoes on searching around the Cinemas,screaming out my name. “CREEPY.”…..Yes, I envision this guy first in my life before he’s was actually there yet. If it don’t fix, don’t force it.”

  21. Im a cancer man and I do not lie, but that doesn’t mean cancers don’t. My father is a cancer, he lied to me alot. The mood swings is accurate though, I’m not going to lie about that. I must assume that everybody has their ups and downs, It is just up to you if you can deal with it or not and it seems that other signs can deal with cancers or other people better than others. I cancer man feels more than a normal man, he can feel pain alot more or pleasure alot more. if he starts to feel good, He will feel like He is on top of the world and He would love for others to feel good with Him. However , if He feels bad, it is best to leave him alone and let him work things out without bugging him. Although, he would want some attention, but it has to be accurate or you will hear about that attention or the lack of it later, which I know sucks for others, because you are to be precise. Usually, a cancer, such as myself, is a hopeless romantic and He loves to impress you in the beginning, but his feelings start to wonder later, so he will need someone to help him manage his feelings or he will get bored very quickly. You need to make him make a decision about something powerful, like God for instance. A Godly cancer man will stay with you, but a ungodly cancer man, won’t. However, if you cheat on a Godly cancer man, He will not be the same for that is like the ultimate betrayal to him. P.S. don’t ever pressure a cancer, He does not deal with that well.

  22. I’m a Pisces and I will be going out on a date with a cancer tonight. I met him on the Internet. And we seem to be really feeling each other . I hope he’s sweet and that everything works out. I’m very nerves. (scream)

  23. we arent liars, our consciuousness dont let us 😉

  24. Hi! im a circus man cancer, the only thing i came to this planet is to love you.

  25. I’m a cancer, and I can say that this is a very accurate description. I always feel better when my accounts are balanced, and make sure my friends enjoy that feeling with me too. I have a reputation for being social, but the truth is I only open up when other people do. When I’m feeling down, it’s almost impossible to get me out of the house.

    I am very persistent about getting to know someone, and even though I take slights to heart, I have a hard time letting those relationships go.

    Routine is key. Once something doesn’t happen as it usually does, I automatically assume something is wrong, and needs an explanation for the change for me to be cool with it. Doesn’t matter how boring the ritual is. That being said, Excitement is very big as well, new things need to be introduced, even though I’m not exactly an exciting guy, but I am very fun. And the little things matter. The small touch, that one phrase you always reply with, and the goofy face you always make when someone surprises you…No matter how many times you do it, I’ll always notice and it will always make me smile. When you stop doing those things, I worry.

  26. From a man’s point of view, I agree to an extend. I don’t value money as much as family or my friends. I like to spend money, but not on brand names. The only “Brand” name thing I have is my Jeep Wrangler. I don’t know if I’m having a mood swing. Sometimes, I’ll be extremely happy, but the next minute I’ll be angry at someone for no reason. I have lied to keep my friends and my family clean, and I have also lied for my own benefit. But tell me, who hasn’t? I don’t take criticism lightly. Good or bad. Also, believe that a lot of a man’s personality comes from the way he was brought up. I will never cheat in a relationship. My father cheated that’s why my parents are divorce since I was 5. We are witted, stubborn for sure, and fun. I take a lot of things as a joke, even serious things like marriage. (Gross lol). Last tip, don’t tell us what to do, after all, we are men 😉

  27. I am with a cancer man with a gem rising. I love him. We have been together for a year straight, have a beautiful daughter and things couldnt be more bipolar and ridiculous. I love him i do but ths is the first and last cancer. I can see this imprisonment of a relationship going on for years but he is a liar and critical. He is so evil and manipulative and i hate him often for being so secretive and controlling. I do everything a woman should do to take care of home and him but i get no appreciation. No thank you for nothing. and he so insecure and gets mad at me for a guy saying hi and i never reply yet he talks to any chick that speaks. its like he need validation from other women and he is so spoiled by his parents too. they are just now at 22 startn to not give him everything he asks for. I am a strong leo woman and i really dont have time to care for another person who is clearly an adult with everything he needs but fails to appreciate, no more cancers

  28. Im a cancerian myself and having just read that… I’m shocked!
    Every section I was reading I was nodding my head along with it and could totally relate!

  29. Yeah, it’s correct. I am (left-handed person + Cancer zodiac + got talent) Super artist perfectly for me.

  30. its true. i am close friends with this cancer guy. he really my dream guy and we fall in love with each other. but he says that me myself have to know him better before we come into serious relationship. at first i thought it would be easy task to know him from within and accept him from who he are. but lately he felt really moody. and i dont understand him at all. but he was right. only the true and sincere will able to understand him from within. and im in this stage of life to understand him and pretend that im okay. even though actually im tired with the mess of emotions he went through. but no matter what,im still trying to fight for our love and be with him through thick and thin. its not easy actually. but i have to try.


  31. I’m so happy and ive never dated a Cancer man., This is my first time and ive been around for 28 years. I think it all has to do with how well matched you are with any individual regardless of signs. The question we should be asking ourselves or looking for is. are these individuals on the same level as you., do you want the same things enjoy the same things etc. morals. ethics family background. money. religion. Keep going until you find out. and ask plently of questions and observe actions not talks., at the end of the day its your heart., Dont just give it away easily cause its hard sleeping with a broken heart AKeys! baby Holla. Take your time when getting involved. Think with your mind and not with your emotions., your mind will give you the right directions and guts will not turn you wrong we just have to l listen and be honest with who we are and what kinda people who need not want in our lives btw im a Taurus and he is a cancer… I’m moody too so i understand just give them space. isnt everyone moody once is awhile..Dont be all up in his grill he will come to you and tell you what bothered him in the first place or ask after some time has passed.. anyways 3 year single met this great man. I’m keeping him for all the time God has bless me with! I’m happy and its such a wonderful thing. I dont know where it will lead us too but to continued. Did i forget to mention im meeting the parents this weekend… Im happy! I wish everyone the same happiness ive found…… I’m his HIPPO! oh its so magical.. ok im gay(happy)… i’ll stop.. If he or she hasnt come in your life yet. They will! focus on the other things to better your life and you won’t even know what hit you. Stay STRONG ma ppls! 🙂 loves been there long long time! … twitter me! blkchynekolee

  32. Hi, Im an Aquarious woman. I meet my Cancer man 10 years ago. He chased me, i wasn t sure I liked him. he seemed snotty @ 1st. from the jump of our relationship…he just wanted sex. He wouldnt talk much or be open and share his day, all he wanted from me was sex. The sex was amazing, we just are electric together. I found myself hooking up with him EVERYWHERE. and @ anytime , any place. Well come to find out he had a girlfriend, and I was the other woman. its ok, he was the other man for me. any way we both got married to other people. but continue whatever it is we have. I love him, its not fair to the other. but this has been going on 10 years. my cancer man, we are each others darkside. Its like my body craves him, and i have to be with him. There are times when , i say ok im ending it… then here he comes demanding my attention. I can t say no to him. And im strong until it comes to him. ive been juggling two along time. it s a heavy weight. but yet i can t see myself without eithe

  33. Well its very true about what they say in term of how a cancer guy behaves…. I’m interested in astrology.. I’ve had a cancer guy boyfriend and my days I don’t understand how we are compatible because we are two different people they are tooo emotional plus they don’t talk so how else will we know what’s up one minute they are happy the next they shut you out .. I had to end it

  34. THIS IS ME


  36. Virgo woman with Cancer man. I have dated a few cancer men over the years. You have your good and bad crabs. The ones who will always be there for you and the others who are true jerks and hide like a cave bat. My first Cancer male was a true charmer and also a manipulator, Cheater and ex-fiance….My second Cancer was a boozer and drank like a fish and manipulator and very childish. My 3rd Cancerian man was a true gentleman, and more evolved, honest and were the best of friends still today, he found he was more attracted to men then women…My 4th Cancer man is a few years younger then me, and is a fun loving bundle of joy but he is imature, again like the rest manipulative and secretive.

    This one isnt going to last unless he gets his head out of the sand! I’m falling for him, and he keeps making plans and not keeping them, and when he says he is going to call, he never does except two days later. I thought I was dating an adult man? Hes pushy and when he doesnt get his way he sulks. He tells me to open up with him and when I do he hides for nearly a week. Weirdos


  37. hi i’m aries female and i meet a new guy and he’s a cancer.he’s smart and a very sensitive person sometimes but until now i barely cannot trust him.i don’t know but i think he keep so much secret that he would never talk about it, and as an aries i’m so into a person who can be honest and be the person of he can i fall in love with a person like that?and also we have so many difference,anything i like is the one that he wont ever chos; example:i love to dance-he doesn’t,i love comedy-he hates it, i like to have a man who can cook-he cannot cook(haha :p)he’s a patient person-mine is not.and there’s a lot more………

    what i like from cancer that not every star sign has it that these two things:
    1.He’s mother means the world to him
    2.He will do anything to prove that they’re right.

  38. I luv a cancer man he too start loving me but problem is he’s already having a girlfriend. As a cancerian he very much attached to his past he can’t leave her but he started loving me very deeply n start ignoring me for my betterment but i don want it to be happen coz i luv him too. i can’t live without him now what should i do plz tell me

  39. First cancer bf omgosh I don’t trust him he’s a liar! It’s upsetting mood swing silent treatmen jealous ass fuck total sweetheart when we were friends very persistent!!! He is so sexual I love that though that’s about it lol he’s a total ass but he has his way with words I tried to breakup with him like 7 8 times I can’t even recall anymoe he calls email text me !!!!! And he always make me pity him im a sag. Words get to us it sucks:( idk what to do I think I love him he hurts me alot with his lies tho ;( idk they manipulate u ! they listen and c what ticks u off and then they switch everything and there fucken dramatic he’s worse then me! But they have a stupid charm gets to me everytime he noes what to do it sucks :/

  40. They are not trustworthy, but they will charm the pants off of you by not even doing much at all!

  41. I’ve read everyone’s response and it’s been a great help to me. As a Leo woman, I met this year a gorgeous Cancer Man (I’ve nicknamed him “My Modern Day Adam”) with a beautiful body, smile, and personality. He’s very talented, creative, and funny. He was born and raised down south and has family in Detroit so he has this “southern charm” and “street swag” that I love! He also has a deep and dark side that I’d like to tap in to, but I recognized immediatly that it’s going to take some time to get to know him on that level because he can go for days without talking, he works A LOT and he seems to keep his distance and spends a lot of time with friends so I don’t press. We’re growing as friends and yet I do wonder in my mind if I can tolerate his behavior because he ignores text messages or conversations that may imply intimacy or closeness. We have great conversations and he talks fondly of his family, so I see him being a family man. I’m not sure I can handle the mood swings and possessiveness that comes along with a Cancer Male and I haven’t seen that in him yet. I tend to ignore unsettling behavior reflected in people so it’s possible he could’ve been in a foul mood and I let him be and he turned it around himself. I like attention and don’t like drama so I’ll see how this friendship develops because in the past I always dubbed Cancers as “whiners” and “crab-babies” but in getting to know my new friend, I’ve discovered that they are just extremely sensitive. We’ll see how it goes… Thanks!

  42. Now when I met him I was dating women, I had a few threesoms with him, he liked it of course being a guy, then he just wanted to see me alone, without the other girls, this is where I believe he may have been feeling “confused” when he said he really liked me. Think he felt I might not be able to just be with a guy? With just him? All he had to do was ask. I Know I could fall deeply for him, and I wish I could somehow make him feel secure that I would be a loyal woman and treat him like a KING if he’d just let me in! I know it takes alot for cancers to open up and feel they can trust someone. How do I get on that road that will lead there for him?

  43. met a cancer, he wanted to see me every week for a month, in the moment of passion said I scared him, “you scare me” I say “how?” he just shrugs it off as not explainable, said he really liked me was just confused. then he disappeared, then suddenly appears wanting to see me again, again “you scare me” disappears, reappears, comments on how he “let me in” a bit more by introducing me to a friend, says he “got all my texts, wanted to reply, just gets busy and didnt know how to reply to them, so much to say and didnt know how.” Tells me again I scare him, Asks me to please just give him some time, “I need a little time to sort some things out, re-establishing his business etc”

    I dont know how to take any of this, I am patient, and can hold out for someone, I dont know if this was an easy let down or if he just liked me alot and was scared of how intense the chemistry was or could be, if he felt he needed to be more established before he could “be a man” in his ideal for a woman? He had personal things he was growing and reflecting in, I am the same way at times, I also can go into a cave and refelct and grow and not socialize for a while then come out again and be a social butterfly once more, refreshed and vibrant to the world, so I can understand someone needing that space. I am an Aquarious, naturally Im curious and want to dig in and figure him out, but with him I seam to now better than to do so, I dont want to push him into a shell, so I refrain from calling, I also hide behind texting him as I am able to be less attached this way and dont feel “rejection” if there is no reply back, he did reply to one two days ago though saying “So how are you doing? looking beautiful as always” I am simply stumped on what to do with this one “cancer man” I havent tried really to figure him out, I just want in, I like him alot and want him to feel comfortable out of his shell with me, but how can I do that if he doesnt even come out much? Why would he be scared of me? Im stumped on this one. Not the first time a man says “youre an amazing woman, it scares me” I simply dont get that! someone have any idea? and how do I handle this cancer I want to care for so much?


  44. OMG!! Thanks you for all of your comments. I”m married to a Cancer man and I can say that most of what I have read is oh so true. My guy was the ultimate gentleman when we began dating…20 years ago. Which tells you he is super committed to relationships and yes clingy. His home is his castle and he adores it. Me and the kids when we go out must be in top shape, not perfect but clean orderly and for me a lady, no men allowed around me and I cannot give other men attention. Needless to say my FB is mostly women lol.

    Reading these posts helped me alot because recently I’ve grown wary of our relationship. Mood swings are true, the silent treatment is his favorite weapon, and it cuts my Pisces nature deep. Cancer men give so much to you and take so much out of you. It’s work. I’m the typical sensitive, slightly insecure Pisces.

    The cancer man does not have a lazy bone in his body, is super devoted..and for those of you wondering if he’s true, I can say without question that my Cancer man is very true. He’s been unknowingly tested and passed with flying colors. Even now, 20 years later. Most of my friends are super jealous because he is so charming and attractive so he is a woman magnet. But my Cancer prides himself in being true to me and his family.

    I’ve been enlightened and some of my fears quelled with these posts. Thanks again.

  45. I really need help with the cancer guy that I like. I read that when cancer guy like u they are very shy and soo is this guy but everyone says that he is a player and that he is a hard drinker and partyer. I know i am a loe and loe women are strong but i am loe that need to be taken care of physically and mentally and my friends find me very hard to understand, just like cancer men and woman I am a little old fashioned. That was about me but about him, one day I was just talk with 2 of my male friends and I did not know that he was around and as he passed by me he shouldered me slighty as a sign for me to leave from there at that time I did not pick up on that. In gym class I was the weak one and whenever I got hit by the ball everyone would laugh but not him he would just stand there. And he would seat on the side and just stair iam not saying at me only. But there is a lot more that he did but now it has been a very long time I have not seen him and he is out if high school but he use to came and visit his friends but now he is not allowed to be in school property. So I dont know what to do next??? I am shy myself to tell him beacuse I feel he will trun me down but I can not stand not asked him or seeing him. I have liked guys before but he is different cancer guys do have this blessing to charm people by just looking at them once. Soo all u cancer man u should be happy to know that. He don’t have fc no more, I don’t have his number, and I don’t know his e-mail soo what should I do?? i just want to be his friend for now soo I can know he little but even if i do talk to him what should I say?? Pleace someone help pleace!!!!!

  46. By the way just another note one person commented on the individuality of a person saying that it doesnt matter about the sign u were born under and that the way you were brought up has a great influence on the way you treat people well i am here to say not quite so!!! My ex who is a cancer once again was brought up by a great father and mother had such a good up bringing they loved him and were always there for him and still are today, he grew up watching his parents for years with the way they were married and they had a great marriage yet he did not learn from that obviously hence me breaking up with him and on top of that my up bringing was totally the opposite and i have more respect for my relationships then he did and can i just note that some cancerians are ocd’s and they go through a pattern with women until one day they suddenly realize ‘shit i have to change’ unless you are a balsy chick who can stand their shit, it can take years to break down the walls of a cancerian I just had had enough thats all, did not seem worth it for me to go through the distrust and rejection that I had felt. Hope my posts can be off some help to you ladies.

  47. It is so funny reading all these posts because i have just recently broken up with a cancer guy of nearly 3 yrs (yes girls i endured for that long) and all of the posts i have read so far about this sign is so true. I nearly always felt pushed to the side when we were with his friends and family especially his mum and sister and partying always came before me, a matter of fact everything always came before me and im a pretty hot awesome catch,even his grandfather told me that lol, anyway I am not here to bag him because what good would it do i am just profoundly taken away by the amount of posts that talk about this sign and i can totally relate to all of them, I dont want to tell capricorn girls not to date a cancer man but just beware of them thats all, they may come across lovey dovey and affectionate to begin with but beware of there distant side because it is confusing and even when you confront it they act like they dont know what you are talking about, please go with your instincts on these guys gurls because even though they r so nice when u meet them they have another side that can destroy you as a person if you fall inlove WARNING do not fall inlove with these guy too quickly unless you know for sure you can trust them, mine cheated on me and lied a few times and because they are not totally honest abouth the way they feel about u it can leave u messed up and confused, u will try and leave and they will run after you but once they have you back in their clutches they will let u go again and leave you even more confused, they can come across as users because of it and then wonder why you feel the way you do, gosh i need to see a shrink after this relationship, well yah live and yah learn!!!

  48. Hi guys! it’s good that you can find so much information about a star sign on the web these days, but please don’t forget that everyone is different, with a different up-bringing and different views on life.
    All I’m saying is that people are not just one character summed up by a star sign- give the person a try and then see how you feel about them!

    Your’s truly, A Cancerian

  49. wow-this is right on. I’ve been dating a cancer man for 14mo now. He always wants to be home & likes vegging out & playing video games, etc. He has been reluctant to commit to me, and we just had a talk last night in which he told me that if he were my boyfriend he would have to put me first and it is very serious for him, he said he has a wall up right now and that he will not let me in yet, he said I can stick by him and that he will not see anyone else (even tho I recently decided to do so). He is hurt easily, is very sensitive, and when he opens up it is wonderful, but it doesn’t happen often. He told me that he would need to buy a house before opening up to me. He is the most gentle, respectful, darling man I have ever dated in my life and I think I’ve loved him since the first night I met him. Hopefully he will feel the same way about me eventually.

  50. you forgot to mention they’re manipulators,liars and cheaters…but on another not are friendly and fun to be around.

  51. Wow! I live in Las Vegas so needless to say, I run into many characters. Then, one night I was having a beer by myself and expected to usual pick up line. Then this gorgeous tall man came my way saw that I was buying beer and offered to buy it for me. This handsome man turned out to be a Cancer man. His approach to me was new and refreshing! Shy, very sweet and very charming. This man was mind blowing! He intrigued me. So we exchanged numbers. Turned out he was from out of town. So we are trying to keep this long distance romance going. Then, the mood swings came into play for minute reasons. I told him about his self thinking that he was hearing what I needed from him. Boy was I wrong. After reading more and more about the Cancer man and rising Virgo, I now know were I stand with him. He’s a sidestepper! He’s very sweet but once I upset him I never know if I’m gonna hear from him again. I upset him before and I didn’t hear from for two weeks! I was afraid I was gonna lose him. But he came around and now I know how to handle him. Thanks for all the posts. Very helpful.

  52. Oh my!!!!!! cancer men are liars. I had one in my life for 10 whole years. and believe me when I say that lies was the biggest problem and the fact that I was totally in love with him! Along with him being so possessive of me, I felt like I was in a cage, no friends no life. He has to be your all for it to work. They are very suspicious and tend to play games, testing how much you love them. He gets upset soooooo easily that you don’t even realise what you have said or done to upset him then you got to spend the rest of your life trying to assure him and when you think you have got through to him, he spoils it with a nasty comment and you realise that the reassuring was all in vain. The same argument will come up every single time you argue about anything even if it is not related. They hold on to everything, digging there claws in, never ever forgetting all the times they got hurt but forgetting all the times they hurt others. Temper tantrums are worse then a toddlers. Spiteful…..did they mention that? my god! Ok i’m not being very fair here there are a lot of good qualities cancer has. They are prince charming, so romantic and caring. Love food and to wine and dine. They spoil there partners with presents, chocolates, flowers, especially sentimental gifts. If they love you they will do anything for you. Being sensitive is good at times. Very creative and great conversation that could go on forever. You wont get bored of him and……….I have nothing more left to say because I’ll start to miss my x. I had to replay the bad points on cancer in my head over and over in order to leave him and move on – Not easy at all. I stay away from this sign, I will never date a cancer man again, they literally drive me crazy. Cancer created a lot of issues for me and I am still dealing with them now years later. There is that too good to be true side where your are wisked off your feet to a place you never thought existed and that really ugly side that’s like a nightmare except its not!
    Scorpio would be a good match for cancer she wouldnt put up with his crap!

  53. I have found that even though Cancer is a supposedly good match for me (I’m a Virgo), I cannot stand Cancer males. Almost all of them have been very overly emotional, almost cowardly like doormats, and very unforgiving people. I was actually dating a Leo and his best friend was a Cancer. He was really funny and nice and interesting to talk to. However, that was in the beginning. After a while, he told me about this older girl he had feelings for, but she had a boyfriend of 5 years or so. He ended up feeling suicidal and unloved because of her. How crazy is that? And he always had random mood swings and everything got to him easily. He ended up being one of two people there for me after my ex and I broke up. And he immediately told me he was in love with me and tried kissing me on several occasions. I kissed him twice on my own accord to see if there were feelings but there wasn’t any, and I told him that immediately. He obviously didn’t listen to me or take that into consideration. He continued to send me flowers and cry if he found out I didn’t want to be with him. Granted, he was very condescending of everyone but me until he really had to hear me out about that situation, then he seemed to have lost it, for lack of a better term. He ended up becoming extremely jealous, needy/clingy, possessive (despite us not being together), and overall moody and emotionally unstable at most times. He really enjoyed putting others down for their very different beliefs or morals than his, and he always told others they didn’t know what love was but he somehow knew it, yet he could never get a girlfriend or anyone to like him. So to this day, he’s still alone and a virgin and probably miserable.

  54. I am a cancer man. I agree there is a lot of truth here about cancer men in generally. But I will say that we are very devoted, attentive, caring and considerate ppl. We are definitely trustworthy if you are worth it. I look for character in a woman! Not into bitchy, self-centered, arrogant ladies. You have to be top notch…..and you will get a top notch guy in return.

    Yes we do tend to be a bit moody at times, and we get quiet when something troubles us. Best to show you care at those times, but then let us have some space. We will be better fairly soon. We also like attention because we like to feel that we are important to you (just as you are to us). We will show you that you are, and we want the same in return.

    We can be complex too, but all the pros about us definitely outweigh the cons. I think we relate to women much better than a lot of other signs….we are cool, funny, witty, excitine and so much more…..give us a chance…and be patient. Aries woman and cancer man is not a good match. Pisces, virgo and taurus seem to be decent matches for me.

    If you have any question that you would like to ask…feel free…I think this is kind of fun…:)

  55. cons: very sensitive, emotional, complex, mood swing, jealous kind of person. he will never show you what he really thinks. pros: calm, smart, generous at times, romantic. certain traits quite similar to scorpios but more intense.

  56. Absolutely Right..!! He was da best Man I have ever met..!!cancers are the Most trustworty in this world.. and yea NEVER EVER EVER CHEAT him or LIE him.. you will loose him.. 😦 i have lost mine jus coz of my stupidity ..

  57. All these comments make me feel so bad. This does NOT sound like my cancer (of three, almost four, years.) [I am a Taurus woman 4 years older than him]
    My boyfriend could care less about designer brands and does not let anyone tell him how to dress or act. In addition, although he has many friends in different crowds, so to speak, he never acts differently to get someone to like him. He does not need to be the center of attention like all his friends which was what made me fall in love with him in the first place.
    Money is not important to him although working makes him feel very productive. (I should mention he is only 18 years old though.)
    He is jealous but NEVER acts moody to try to get my attention. I only have male friends that some have even shown interest towards me and still he lets me have my freedom. Only occasionally will he express his dissatisfaction -BUt in a calm collected manner.
    In these past three years I have never experienced these mood swings people talk about. In fact it sounds more like me (taurus.)I have noticed when he gets sad he will want to be alone.

    I have to say I am a taurus and we are supposed to be a good couple. I call him out every time he makes me mad (LYing about the smallest things has been a huge problem) and although he does not like it I know its what keeps him on his toes. (never do this in public of course)

    I can also agree with other people that i feel he puts going out with his friends before me. This has been another huge problem but has gotten better as he got older, unlike the lying problem.

    ALl in all, my boyfriend of three years has been the first to keep my interest for this long. And although there is a three year difference in age (im older) he has BY FAR been the most mature guy I have met, as every time he is upset he will calmly adress the issue with me.

  58. I have to agree with what i have read, I’m a libra and i have been dating a cancer man for 2 months now. The beginning was a fairytale, romantic, i was the happiest i’ve ever been, we talked about marriage, things moved fast but good, we met on a online dating site. he moved in for two weeks. it was amazing, he moved to kentucky for work, which by the way… work is first, money is very important to cancer men. when he left he got distant, i couldnt understand why, but he went into his shell of protection i guess. we are still talking eventhough it’s long distance, he now can’t tell me whether we are together or not.he says he is confused. that answer alone hurts. so the moods are crazy .. one day very happy the next alone and confused even though i resure him that i am here. it makes no difference he goes into a whole new world of his own. not sure what to do at this point, i need advice,.. everyday i question what we have … and he can’t give me a straight answer. so yeah cancer men are the greatest ever but the moods swings can be a little too much even for me and i have patience.

  59. I’m currently married to a Cancer Man and I know women who’ve date Cancer Men. They are supersweet one minute then angry and cold the next at the drop of a hat. This moodiness is very frustrating! They are so soft on the inside and insecure but they try to portray themselves as the BEST, MOST Confident Man you’ll ever have. When deep down inside they know there NOT! They are very good family men. I know a cancer man who has very expensive taste and he’s so irresponsible and my husband(cancer) is verrry responsible and cautious with every thing that he does..well when it comes to matters of the heart they can be verryyy posessive. Me being a Taurus woman freedom is my number 1 issue.
    Always second guessing everything you say or do. fear surrounds their heart. Don’t get with them thinking oyu can save them or change them..its pointless.

  60. Am sad right now coz I really feel that he’s so cold to me now… It all started with a simple question then he reacted like he was guilty… geeee.. and now my Cancerian man is very upset with me and doesn’t even wann talk to me.. I miss him. It’s been two weeks.. Now Am confused if he still loves me or He wants me to leave… awwww… 😦

  61. All the descriptions of a cancer man here is very very true!!!! Geee i can’t believe it that a lot of people noticed it! hahaha… 🙂

    Am a libra woman and my boyfriend is Cancerian.. Well it’s not really a match made in heaven but I am freakin’ dealin with it… and this site really helped me a lot to know and understand my man. though it’s hard but oh well when you’re inlove, i guess you’ll do anything just to be with that person even though it really pains you at times… *sigh* thanks for the people who left their comments here… 🙂 nice page!

  62. Especially now that were in the age of Aquarius. What a rip off.

  63. I guess its just hard for people to feel what i feel. Why do i feel so strongly anyway everybody else seems to not feel a thing. You see the reason I’m screwed is because theres no more devotion which apparently is something i like to do. So i guess I’m just screwed.

  64. Yes its all True. I’m a Cancer man that falls hopelessly in love with every women i get involved with and it screws me up every time it falls apart. I hate these mood swings, they always fuck me up, its even worst for me because I’m a Cancer on the cusp with Leo. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I constantly feel lonely now and its getting harder for me to have relationships because of these stupid mood swings and the work involved in starting over or losing someone. I hope I’m not destined to be by myself for the rest of my life. Who does this to a person? Emotional and alone. I feel like I’m being tortured for no reason.

  65. I am a Cancerian gent with a Gemini rising, and i love Libran women…. they are fantastic… the description above is a little inaccurate, since i am not convinced that the cancer male is emotionally weak.

    The are experts in emotion, they understand, live and breath it, there ability to read other peoples emotions, that with there sense of intuition provide them with the necessary antenna to level with people and gage the best out of them.

    The ability to switch on the charm on command is insane! Emotionally weak no, emotional readers yes. I am a brilliant liar if i am required to exercise this ability, especially when i have been promiscuous.

    I have a lot of Gemini and Leo in my chart… so i do not know how this affects, but on the whole… I LOVE BEING A CANCERIAN MALE.

    Also, the intimacy, the roar of passion that we Cancerians demonstrate in the bedroom is unlike anything else. I would recommend any individual to have there chart mapped out… it helps a great deal.

  66. What if a cancer male said he was in love with you a few years back? Do you think its still possible that they have those feelings? They get hurt very easily so is there no going back?

  67. This article does not mention anything about Cancers being trustworthy people. Does anyone know if Cancer men are liars?

    • They are liars but there not good at Lying it’s really easy to catch them in their lies trust me. O and they play it off like there fast to think of an explanation and if they lie in a big way just leave them it’s not worth it at all trust!

    • Cancer is a “devotion” or loyalty but selfish .. Cancer can be also kinda funny .. they cannot keep their secret, because they’re expressing from what they think (emotional) .
      So Cancer is not supposed to be able to fool others .. If its liar, they most be doing something important to keep a secret or selfish or for your benefits as well .. most of cancer men face is round.

  68. I dated a Cancer man for about a year (this ended yesterday btw). I’m a Gemini woman, and I must say this describes him EXACTLY. He gets very upset out of the blue, or for very minor reasons, and hides for days. I didn’t hear from him for a whole week once because he was upset. Our recent break up was due to the same behavior, I had enough! ” He is a shy guy, but if he likes you. You can get up in the morning and see that he is in front of your house everyday till you go out with him, a very persistent guy.” This is true, I had enough of his moods once before, and he won me back with his charm and persistence. “In the beginning, you and he will be so sugary sweet together and he will only think of you. This so ‘super romantic’ will not last forever” This is VERY true. In the beginning (during the first month), he did a lot and went out of his way to make me feel special. That all went away. This man told me he loved me and was in love with me everyday, yet he never did anything special for me, never bought me a thing not for any holidays, and we celebrated 3 together, yet he buys himself Gucci and Louis Vuitton (has very expensive taste!) After a while, things weren’t adding up. Overall, he was a very sweet guy, sensitive, attentive and very attractive, but the mood swings are a TURN OFF, something I know I couldn’t deal with long term. I will NEVER date another Cancer man!

  69. Im a single mother that is a cancer…I treat every1 I meet with the upmost respect as long as i get it in return. My childs father is a cancer also, and I have read everything that every1 has wrote. I really do feel no matter what sign u are it all has to do with how, u are as an individual and how u were raised because at times. I know Im becoming moody and I dont like it so im strong enough to snap out of it.

    I wish there was an easlier way on how I could understand my childs father for the sane of our daughter.
    *have a blessed day every1

  70. THANK YOU. this article has been very helpful in knowing someone very dear to me. you have just completely described him. now i know how to go about with his mood swings, and he can be adorable when he wants to be endearing.

    “Money always comes first with him, family second and relationships and marriage is at the bottom of his list. Once the cancer man is understood by his/her partner, relationships are better managed and enjoyed…however it’s not an easy task loving a cancer man, especially since I’m a capricorn woman.”
    stacia said this on 19/May/2007 at 4:21 AM
    – – – we have the same fate. i am capricorn woman. i value relationships and marriage, which for him is exact opposite. as in most cases, we cant choose the one we give our heart to.

  71. can i say that u r not 100% correct? because, u r more than 100% correct. 🙂 I am him – a cancer man 🙂 tht was a superb job.

    • Jeeeez do I need help with my cancer man…we have only been talking for a month, but when he saw that I was trying to be a couple he kinda started backin away, so I told him let’s just take it slow and no strings attached(I really didn’t mean that though) so agreed wholeheartedly and he we’ve been great he’s very attentive affectionate and I am falling for him fast. My question is, how do I tell him I want more without scaring him away. Btw I am a capricorn woman.

      • just don’t, let him get to know you slowly-concentrate on the experiences you have together (cancers remember everything), and not where things are going. He needs to assess you for quite a while before making the plunge. If hes sticking with you, then that probably means something.

  72. I am a cancer woman dating a cancer man. He is very kind and loving. I find that women are constantly trying to win his affection/attention. He loves it. I hope that this relationship work. He tells me that he wants the relationship to continue to grow. I am not clear if he is really into me. He has been actively dating for the past 15 months. I am the typical cancer woman, when it comes to him, I am unsure. I can only date one person at a time and if I don’t see potential for romance; I find it pointless to date or even go out with the person. I am not the type to waste people’s time. I wonder what would come of this relationship. It seems that from day one we had issues. He finds me demanding and I find that he wants to collect women, though he tells me it no so. He excuses his behavior by stating that he likes to date and meet people. We tried separating and we found it very hard to part without each other. He completes me in a way I can’t explain and he reports needing my energy around him. Truth is I love this man and hope that he figures it out someday. The relationship is all but boring.

    • I’ve been w/mine 14months, (read my other post?) he said he intentionally has a wall up & will not let me in (yet), but he wants me to stick with him, he will never tell me to go away, and he will not see anyone else. He just wants to do what he wants to do and a relationship is a VERY serious thing for him, requiring that the person he is in a relationship with come before him and his interests. Best man I’ve ever met & I will stick by him. Good luck with yours. 🙂

  73. this is true. they are really good people. well the one i was with at least. i know alot of cancer guys. and they are so funny and entertaining. i heard they are insecure. the cancer i was with was amazing. a good lover. he made me happy. i just couldn’t get enough. he was a great listener. he was unpredictable at times. but i made him happy. although our relationship is over now. were really close friends. hes like family to me now :]]

  74. I am a Pisces women. And I know this Cancer guy. Sometimes i don’t know what’s his mind is thinking. And always covering up his emotional. I want to be there for him. 😦 What should I do? i am kinda attracted to him.

  75. im a pisces with a cancer right now, that does sound like him, but his moon is in gemini so he is very crazy. my moon is in cancer, so i can kinda really relate to him pretty well. im also a moody person. i have a son who is a pisces. my cancer man, is not the father, but he is really good with my son. they are very nurtering people. a couple of my best friends are cancers. im surrounded by damn cancers. but we will see how this relationship works out. cause i have a hard time trusting him. they are really dogs, and they know it. but i cant say us pisces women are better, were just smarter at it.

  76. why do cancer men go quiet or never call? he only calls when he feels threatened!! wot shall i do?

  77. I can understand any remark which anyone else has given till now.
    I am involved at the moment with Cancer-men, i had never met this sign….most of my friend are twin, taurus or scorpio. When i met him, i was on business trip. He should help me in finding my way around as it was new country for me and the owner of company for which i work for knows him and had asked him this as a favor. He was polite, correct and a really great help. It was not love at first side, although he is very attractive. He looked younger, which he also is…but i mean even younger than his age….WE became friends, and we liked to spend time together. We could and still can sit somewhere in a bar or restaurant from 20.00 till 05.00 in morning and laugh, make jokes…ideas…discussions…
    I started liking him, but also had the impression that he must be gay, as i have a lot of choise from men, and they directly show me their interest. With him although….at a point i was sure that he must be gay. After months, all of a sudden without asking we stepped out of taxi and he sended the taxi away and said cool that he would spend the night….SURPRISE. Before something happened i needed to share that i thought he was gay…As i travel much and do not have a place to call home, i saw this as adventure, and 1 night stand. I also told him that i prefer to keep the friendship….if a 1 night stand would bother him.
    After that….there where the sms, e-mail, phone calls, even holidays together. I fell in love with him and told him to make decision…but i am straight forward and gave him 1 week….i had no answer. So i wrote him a mail…saying thnx for great time. With this i directly got respond! He did not answer yet so why should i write…ok we stay friends…Anyway i had 4 months project in other country so would not see him, no time. So i told him yes we stay friends. After 4 months, the visit came to his country….
    We met. I stayed at a friend, male, but friend friend…he was surprised and somehow upset. He than told me that he had new relation ship and asked me if i had as well. When i told him no..he did not believe that, as to his opinion you need someone to share your feelings with and to be there for you.
    He made a lot of time for me, and i asked him if his girlfriend would not mind…no comment….till the last day of my stay all the feelings where back and i asked what i’m supposed to do with him, or what i can do with him. His answer: Anything you like you can do with me…..although he dropped me at the airport, nothing more than a kiss happened.
    Next day he brook off this so called relation with that girl.
    We have gone on holidays together again, he met my family and i met his family…..he opens up to me and tells me a lot…he yruts me as i trust him. Moods, i believe this has to do with knowing where the buttons are. Moody indeed he is, but i found out how to turn this around, how still to get him to a dinner although he wants to stay home, and tells me to go alone than….than he comes…to do me a favor…and after 15 min. he whispers thnx, you made me feel better…
    This is maybe quite a long story, but i am trying to explain that if i’m combined with another sign these men do not keep my interest and are not a challenge for me, i would get bored. With him….never.
    The only problem is the distance still which will change this year….And concerning Cancer-Men, i think this has all to do with the right match. This doesn’t mean especially cc horoscope…but as well as personalities. By the way i am Taurus

  78. i met a cancer man that changed my life. he is so handsome and caring and sweet. i wish i could be with him all the time. he is the love of my life and he made me believe in my self again.

  79. Im a pisces girl and i once dated a cancer guy. everything was great in the beggining until he started listening to stupid rumors about me that were not even true. He was very posseive and jelouse and didnt want me to do anything. thats why i dump his ass. i would never date a cancer guy ever!

  80. My fiance is a cancer is he is the best man I’ve ever known. He’s sensitive even though he does not want to admit. But on the good side of that he’s always telling me how much he loves me and how he wants to be with me forever. I am his #1! I have to admit he is possessive but I can handle it, he does not take it too far. Overall our relationship is beautiful!

  81. wow, My drug dealer is REALLLLY FULLY BLOWN Cancer. & he is ‘very gifted’ at rolling blunts. “his security is only when he has money in his pocket” LMAO so true. they’re really intresting people…always seems to entertain me.

  82. Cancer men are okay until you find out who they really are and then you have to learn to deal with the real person not the one you met..for me it took two years of us living together to find out that my cancer man had been married and divorced right before we got together….

  83. I am with a cancerian man he’s a sweetheart and a very good lover but can be very unpredictable at times.


  85. MY BOYFIEND IS CANCER (9th july)AND ITS TRUE ….HE LOVES to SPEND MONEY…very hamble…gracefull..cute…cool minded..but not always…his moods swings alot…he don’t like anyone to criticize on him…but most excellent thing is caring and humor..he hides his inner feelings alot and get depress vey easily

  86. wow. you explained my man completely! i have a lot of cancer-women friends, but they seem to be cheaters. could this be the same for the men as well?

  87. I was involved with a Cancer man for four years and oh boy did he have issues. In the beginning he overwhelmed me with constantly wanting to be with me. He didn’t give me a chance to do, go or be with anyone else. He was very possessive. We started living together and it got worst. He would speak badly about all of my friends and try to get me to believe that they weren’t my true friends. He would try to brain wash me to believe that he was my only friend. When in fact he showed me that he was my worst enemy. He cheated on me with a woman for money and then wanted to forgive him and not make him suffer. I have gotten rid of him now, but he really messed up my head to the point that I have to go to therapy because his moods and constant unprodictable temper has made me anxious and unsure of where or what to do. I miss when we were happy, but the bad times out numbered the good. He was a user and manipulater. He would take money and not return the favor. He was dishonest and untrustworthy. I am so glad I am rid of that cancer man. they say cancer kills and i believe if i didn’t get out when i did he would have killed me.

  88. I’m currently dating my first cancer man and I can agree with a lot of things that are said about these men. The man I’m dating treats and spends on me like a queen, but at the same time the moodiness is a big turn off for an aries woman such as myself. He’s like a see saw in limbo all the time. And the mood swings ruin everything. Yet he can cheer up at anytime and all of a sudden expects me to act like nothing ever happen. But this always has to be by his decision to cheer up or not to. I have to wait on him. So this relationship is very hard to walk away from and I’m learning to deal day by day. All I know is this cancer has been the best man I’ve ever been in a relationship with physically and mentally because he always gives me his undivided attention when not being moody.

  89. my cancer man on the surface is the perfect man, smart, successful, good looking, loving and very family oriented.
    my problem is- i think socially he puts others first before me. he rarely opens up and he can not satnd to hear he has done somwething wrong.
    he has lied to me a few times, so i have a hard time trusting him.

  90. Me in a nutshell basically.

  91. Wow This is serious. I am a Cancer and this is one of the best that ever describe our sign.

  92. This cancer man of mine is clearly a jeckle and hide with his moody behavior. He can be on top of the world this morning and by evening he transforms into quite the opposite. I think it depends on how successful he is with business and money on any given day. On the other hand he is an attentive and sweet lover, smart, quick witted, a good listener and family protector, will stand his ground in an argument and is very headstrong. He feels very strongly about money and success. Money always comes first with him, family second and relationships and marriage is at the bottom of his list. Once the cancer man is understood by his/her partner, relationships are better managed and enjoyed…however it’s not an easy task loving a cancer man, especially since I’m a capricorn woman.

  93. My husband is a Cancer. It is right about the money part, he loves to spend and save. His clothes have to be name brand and he’ll make sure mine are too, and the kids also. He’s a real family man. Only time, we go without the kids is for new years. He’ll come right home and first thing he does is play with the kids. He even offers to COOK! The Cancer man is really moody though. You dont know when it will change, but it does less than a minute. I just tell him to snap out of it. The worst thing you could say to a cancer man is “I’m leaving you”. He never wants to be without the person he is in love with or anyone he loves. One thing you can always count on is that he will make you laugh and feel special.

  94. My cancer man, he doesnt want me to leave. He feels I will always be there. But he doesnt make it clear that hes in love with me. He eludes to deep strong feelings that are overwhelming to him. And though hes quick to say how much he misses me. He always seems to prioritize other things (money), and people before me. It always seems to be about whatever mood hes in.

  95. I have been seeing a Cancer man now for about 6 months now. The realtionship started off great. We are very compatable when it comes to our personailties, but I have found a few things that does not sit well with me. He has expensive taste in clothing, drives an expensive car, and loves to spend money, but he is very insecure. It almost seems as though he is buying my affection at times. He is not a good liar, and very predicable. I will agree he does run and hide then returns as if nothing happens. He also doesnt like to be chanlleged when it comes to his behavior. I know that I will never deal with another Cancer

  96. I love Cancer men, my best boyfriend was a Cancer!

  97. Absolutely Correct. This me.

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