Pisces Men

He is very emotional and always allows himself to be very emotional. He can have good night sleep and be in a good mood, and less than few hours at work he can be very moody. He does not understand things or try to understand things easily. If you notice him carefully, you will notice what kind of moods he is in.He is a thinker and able to do well at work and always succeed.

His normal gestures mean he always looks at other people faults, but he will not talk about it. He has the ability to know your thought and able to tell you what you are thinking about. He can mostly memorize all his anger, his loves. They are his important secrets and he will keep them to himself and will never let you know.

He is not a very ambition man and careless about his place in society. Wealth does not draw his attention, because he is not greedy man and as well he thinks money is not something that will last. He could be very careless about his future. He does not like to fight against all odds, but instead after the stream and make life easier.

Sometimes he likes to take an easy path, which causes him very unsteady future. He is kind and slightly lazy, but it is his cute character. He hates rules and regulations. He will never look down on people. He is a polite guy and can be very aggressive when he is mad.

He loves to think that he lives in a beautiful world and surround by nice people, so if he finds his world is cruel and not what he expects, he will live in his world instead.His other charm is that he is a funny guy, and it is his real weapon. He can tease you and yet make it looks like one of his joke. Even when he is sad, he still has that funny face, so you could hardly tell if he is mad or depress.

He likes to hide his feeling and help other people especially those who need friend or lonely. He will be everything that you want and everything you do not want. He has a chance to make it as much as a chance to fail. He can determine to make it work and can do it well, except he tends to lost his energy with other important things, that’s how he miss many of his good opportunity.

He can be happy and content by himself. What he thinks is important is not “Love”, but firm status and stability. He has plenty of love for you.He is a good speaker, as much as he is a good listener. When he is with you, he wants to be happy. He understands his partner’s emotional. He likes to take a long rest and sometimes being alone.

If he needs to be alone, try not to disturb him.He is a sensitive, quiet, shy and easily hurt. He wants to feel worthy. He can be mad and noisy, but once he calm down, he will be that happy person again. He is not a jealous or possessive guy, and if he feels jealous he will hide it. He has many friends of both sex, and he care about his friends.

He likes to have lots of friends, so you can not get jealous or else you will lose him. He likes beautiful things, so if a pretty woman walks by he will look, so do not get mad at him knowing this fact. When he is lonely or feeling sad, is close to comfort him. He does not like to take advice, so if you want him to listen or to follow your advice; you have to act as a good sample for him first.

He likes a cheery and a smart woman. If you treat him like he is your special person, then he will be that special person for you. He will trust you if he is in love but try not to over doing it and spoil him too much. You have to know yourself worth all the time too.

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  1. I’m very virgoan and fell in love with a Pisces man. We fell in fast, five intimate dates in three weeks! When I messed up and upset him he needed to “step back”. A week after stating his case and my giving plenty of space he is back in communication with me. Now I’m a little unsure and shy and making him wonder I guess. I’ve really missed him and still strongly desire him. I’m just wondering how much more space to give him and how slow to go now that he’s forgiving me…

  2. I am a piscean woman and I love my piscean man more than life! I am very proud of him and he makes me a complete person. He is biggest thing that ever happened into my life and I always thank God for him.

  3. Heey =P I really really like a Pisces guy right now :O… I’m a Cancerian so I won’t really show much of what I feel, not that I dont want to but I just cant. Anyways, what is the best way to approach a Pisces? Should I be show my soft side or funny side? :/ Cause like he always try to make conversations with me which I don’t know how to respond with often… Not sure if he likes funny things or he’d be offended on a simple sarcasm… :”< I love to be sarcastic to brighten the mode and ease tension cause liek Pisces tend to blurt out things they like and not like and like I dont know how to respond…? You know what I mean? T_T And yeah he can be a chameleon :3 and it's pretty annoying when he does that I never even knew if I offended him or what but he does love sarcasm too… Maybe he doesnt want to be responded with sarcasm… Ugh.. How do I talk to him normally.?

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    • Be funny when it’s appropriate. And sarcasm is always good but definitely don’t go too far and be rude because that will just offend him. He’ll probably get more offended than most people but he won’t freak out. He would just ignore you a bit probably until you apologize. Also let him know that he can talk to you but don’t push him to be super open.

    • I am a pisces male and we are deeply emotional and the best way to approach is which honest conversation not idle chit chat. People often think we are anti social but we love honest discussions and can talk for hrs if that talk is like that but it has to be about he 2 of us. If the talk becomes about other people then we lose interest also we are rational to a point so when people tell us our problems we think on them without giving any expression and some think we may not care but that is not true. Trust, Devotion and attention drive our need for relationship at least for me anyway. We want a a woman to adore and respect us and our dreams.

      • my man, I couldn’t have said it any better than that. All we need are females who are mature enough to talk about the real, and not worry about everything else because if it isn’t us it’s irrelevant. I fell in love with the first girl who really supported my dreams, and who loved me for me no matter what. she’ll always be in my heart, and that’s simply because she only liked to talk about us, and our future but in a adorable, non-clingy way–she also knew when I needed space and I loved that.

  4. The person I like is pieces and I have seen him on several occasions now and even the first time I went to his we acted as if we knew each other a lot longer than we had and we were far more intimate than i had anticipated. After that first evening he went quiet on me for a while and I hadn’t heard from him so I contacted him only to get a moody blunt reply so i let him have the time to think things over and I have a feeling he appreciated this but am unsure. I like that I can’t tell what he is thinking because I feel usually I can read people well so he just intrigues me really. He is quite a private guy and I can sense maybe he feels more deeply than most. He is good when he is intimate,playful and gental. Being gental back is something I believe he likes,so I do exactly that. Trouble I am having at the moment is it lust developing rather than love. Does he want to have sex and be off? I hope this isn’t the case. And I am not trying to be egotistical but I have a nicer body than his ex girlfriend and he is always keen to kiss me etc. I could be wrong but I think pieces men are not convosationalists (excuse the spelling) and would rather show emotion through a action like kissing or playfulness like tickling me. I am at the stage where I want to go on a picnic and make it all romantic (im thinking a quiet place) but I think this pieces man prefers a night in to watch movies at his. I try and be sensitive around him and boost his confidence rather than tease him however I don’t know where we stand,what he wants,whether or not he is into me enough to start a relationship etc. I get that the pieces man has to think over any big commitments like a relationship and probably needs to know I am trustworthy and other elements such like. I do think maybe pieces naturally over think but it is okay as I consider my star sign flexible and also I can give him the time to mull things over and it is nice to be allowed my space too,you see my last bf was really needy and always wanted me with him and didn’t like it when I couldn’t make it (Virgo). However I need someone who knows a thing or two about pieces men to reassure me that this guy is showing signs that he likes me??? He is very gental with me and like to run his finger up and down my spine as if fascinated by a woman’s anatomy and hold my hips and we kiss. He has told me before how hot I am and how funny and pretty I am. He says I have a nice body but is does he feel a physical attraction to me I don’t know?? Somebody help

  5. The person I like is pieces and I have seen him on several occasions now and even the first time I went to his we acted as if we knew each other a lot longer than we had and we were far more intimate than i had anticipated. After that first evening he went quiet on me for a while and I hadn’t heard from him so I contacted him only to get a moody blunt reply so i let him have the time to think things over and I have a feeling he appreciated this but am unsure. I like that I can’t tell what he is thinking because I feel usually I can read people well so he just intrigues me really. He is quite a private guy and I can sense maybe he feels for deeply than most. He is good when he is intimate,playful and gental. Being gental back is something I believe he likes,so I do exactly that. Trouble I am having at the moment is it lust developing rather than love. Does he want to have sex and be off? I hope this isn’t the case. And I am not trying to be egotistical but I have a nicer body than his ex girlfriend and he is always keen to kiss me etc. I could be wrong but I think pieces men are not convosationalists (excuse the spelling) and would rather show emotion through a action like kissing or playfulness like tickling me. I am at the stage where I want to go on a picnic and make it all romantic (im thinking a quiet place) but I think this pieces man enjoys a night in to watch movies at his. I try and be sensitive around him and boost his confidence rather than tease him however I don’t know where we stand,what he wants,whether or not he is into me enough to start a relationship etc. I get that the pieces man has too think over any big commitments like a relationship and probably needs to know I am trustworthy and other elements such like. However I need someone who knows a thing or two about pieces men to reassure me that this guy is showing signs that he likes me??? He is very gental with me and like to run his finger up and down my spine as if fascinated by a woman’s anatomy and hold my hips and we kiss. He has told me before how hot I am and how funny and pretty I am. He says I have a nice body but is does he feel a physical attraction to me I don’t know?? Somebody help

  6. The person I like is pieces and I have seen him on several occasions now and even the first time I went to his we acted as if we knew each other a lot longer than we had and we were far more intimate than i had anticipated. After that first evening he went quiet on me for a while and I hadn’t heard from him so I contacted him only to get a moody blunt reply so i let him have the time to think things over and I have a feeling he appreciated this but am unsure. I like that I can’t tell what he is thinking because I feel usually I can read people well so he just intrigues me really. He is quite a private guy and I can sense maybe he feels for deeply than most. He is good when he is intimate,playful and gental. Being gental back is something I believe he likes,so I do exactly that. Trouble I am having at the moment is it lust developing rather than love. Does he want to have sex and be off? I hope this isn’t the case. And I am not trying to be egotistical but I have a nicer body than his ex girlfriend and he is always keen to kiss me etc. I could be wrong but I think pieces men are not convosationalists (excuse the spelling) and would rather show emotion through a action like kissing or playfulness like tickling me. I am at the stage where I want to go on a picnic and make it all romantic (im thinking a quiet place) but I think this pieces man enjoys a night in to watch movies at his. I try and be sensitive around him and boost his confidence rather than tease him however I don’t know where we stand,what he wants,whether or not he is into me enough to start a relationship etc. I get that the pieces man has too think over any big commitments like a relationship and probably needs to know I am trustworthy and other elements such like. However I need someone who knows a thing or two about pieces men to reassure me that this guy is showing signs that he likes me??? He is very gental with me and like to run his finger up and down my spine as if fascinated by a woman’s anatomy and hold my hips and we kiss. He has told me before how hot I am and how funny and pretty I am. He says I have a nice body but is does he feel a physical attraction to me I don’t know?? Somebody help
    Sagittarius woman

    • Pisces men do like pretty girls. I think you know he’s attracted to you, you left this last year so you should know more by now. The Pisces man is very smart so make sure you have good intentions for the two of you. I’m a Pisces woman and we can read people.

  7. Some times with my man with a pisces ascendent in his chart being with him for three years. His sign is Virgo Sun/ Aquarius moon/ Pisces sign (I thought I was the pisces until I did a bit more research and started to see personalities of my man pop up that I can relate to.) I am a Capricorn sun/leo moon/scorpio ascendent. I have this thing where time is important. It’s important to keep to a schedule, have a plan, and go forward with them. But with him it’s like what ever happens it happens and it drives me crazy at times because whatever happens happens then nothing with happen.

    There were times when I really had to call him out on his behaviors because it’s not going to help us if we don’t change our habits. I am a planner and organizer and I have a plan in what to do but if he doesn’t get on board with me than we will never go any where. We have been together for three years and like a parent I have to watch what he does. I have to start asking him about his income because I am losing my patience. I understand his sensitive side but it’s to the point where enough is enough. It’s time to man up and start acting like an adult not a man child. His behaviors are not only affecting me but everyone else. It’s time to utilize our time more effectively and start doing some thing productive it’s been these years and being engaged is this worth it? I am not sure becuase living with parents isn’t gonna cut it for us we need to get our own place. I have been in and out of jobs while he is making the income. I am over my head if he loves me like he says he does he needs to start showing it and start saving like a “normal” adult should be doing. It’s quite pathetic and that shouldn’t”; be how our future should look like. It’s time for a change and I cannot do it on my own and any advice would do because I am losing my patience with him.

    When I found out he was with another woman who I introduced him to to make friends it turned out wrong and it was my fault for doing so but he has got some nerves to do some thing like that behind my back. You don’t do that. It’s wrong to do and I don’t trust him and he needs to own up to it and make up for it because I do not forgive easily, I am have to see improvement until I can forgive becuse of that my wall is slowly going back up. I love him and all but this is the last straw of his disorganized life and wanting to have kids well if he starts showing he can be the responsible than we’ll see cause right now I don’t think so.

    • I think Capricorns like something about Pisces may be our spiritual side, your scorpio ascendant might help too. I have a male Pisces friend and he acts like this an it bothers me cause I want him to do better for his self. Get him into church or something like that, go with him. Or get on your own show him.

  8. I’m a pisces. I should get some girls to read this so they can understand who I am a little better hahaha 👍

  9. im a virgo woman trying to understand my pisces man and im not sure they are so confusing… says one thing ( i love you completely) shows another the exact opposite or maybe in my eyes because a virgo neeeeeeddds love shown and told **** so confused!!!

  10. Ive been in relationship with a pisces guy for 3years. Im an aries. Our relationship have been truly magical and one that every girl would ever dream to have. Despite our diffrences which i am very agressive and he is the soft and dreamy, we managed to balance things out while enjoying our similarities in shared future goals and life values. Although, recently, i just found out that hes mother found out about our relationship. She wasnt happy with me, since she holds grudge to people from my hometown. She d never met me. And my boyfriend being a pisces decided to let things hang as it is until a better time for him to resolve the issue. Me being agressive practical and loyal is however facing a hard time with this matter as i felt threaten. Me and my boyfriend is currently finishing out studies, thus understanding a male pisces’s nature im trying my best to keep my thoughts to myself and respect my partner’s decision as we’re both very busy. Not stopping there, suddenly, we received a bad news that my bf father is diagnosed to have a brain tumor caused by 3rd stage lungs cancer. He has aproximately 2years to live. My bf started to drawn himself and trying his best to keep himself together, being strog for his family. He s being very tough and rasional in finding cure and organising best medical appoinment for his father. Hes facing pressure from his workplace, classes requirements and family needs…

    Me in the other place trying my best to put aside my worry for my future with him, and prepare myself to help or aid him in case he needs one. Although, not yet being accepted and welcomed in his family, my helps doesnt seem as and option for him to choose. Currently we rarely talks to each other and i really do not know if things will be nice for us two like we were before. Many times now when i try to make him happy i receive a cold reaction from him, or a weird look from his eyes. I miss the loving man i use to meet everyday, and i want to share all his ups and downs. Though, i dont know what i should do now… or atleasr what i shd hope for

  11. I am a capricorn. My pieces bf broke up with me. we had a very good releationship for 2 years ( he says he love and all that suff, but he has so many problems and issues in his life right now ( money, work and family) and cant commit to a relationship, and that he doesnt want to hurt me, and i deserve better! he had devorce coulpe months ago from his seperated wife, and he said it was really bad and he was really hurt and humilliated) anyways, we are not talking anymore ( couple months now). his birthday is coming up this month, ist okay to send him a birthday email? as a friend or what so ever? or its better not to? how would he think about that? Please help me Pisces

    i still care about him, and still believe that he is acting this way because he was hurt and he is afraid to get hurt again? or is the truth that he was lying to me all this time and he doesnt love me! am so confused

  12. I’m a Gemini and a Pisces man broke my heart he was so cold, unattentive and he made me feel like an option I came a second to everything in his life even the stupidest things when he was a priority for me! I really hated the way he made me feel especially when I’m always showered by other men’s attention except for his he would talk to me when he felt like it and disappear for days then appear as if nothing has happened when I had been waiting for him and missing him like crazy! So regrettable that he was the first man that I have truly fallen for all he did was make me cry and he gave me a major heartache even after explaining how his actions made me feel he still didn’t try hard enough and just went back to his old self so that’s why I walked away and surprise…surprise guess what he didn’t even try to find out why I walked away didn’t even make a little effort to hang on to me so there you have it 😥

  13. Pisces, Here is my story of it all. That’s just me though. okay. We carry it in us. “US” our AURA is a soul we are a spirit that floats and flow. We are able to read you in some sense we don’t know how we just do. We have that psychic ability it may not be fully complete that I will tell you a damn story about your life. NO. We are capable of reading your eyes. The tone of your voice will tell us what kind of person you are. We are able to know how deep that water of yours run. We’re like a memory when we look into your eyes we are able to feel what you feel without you even realizing that we are actually reading you, taking part of your life in our hands. We give so much and love so unconditionally. We may not be as bright as some signs but get to know the Pisces we are the water that runs so deeply into shadows and shores and the waves. Our emotions is what makes us who we are. I don’t think any sign could really describe the way we feel. We hold onto everything little piece of memory that we process daily.

    That goes through relation, personal and etc. What we see and how we see the world is pretty fucking beautiful. We think everything is beautiful because if you think about it there are a lot of things that we can’t explain to some of you. Like our feelings. We’re so closed in because we given away so much and have them return broken. We have a hard time trusting anyone. When we get attach we are so attached to you. Probably want you to turn the other way like a bullet. Love to us is infinite we really believe that we could find a PERFECT PERSON we can and its in our minds.

    An ideal picture left in the corner. We go through life feeling our way through the storm. And no matter how much we suffer we are capable of great strength too. No matter how many times we fall and I mean hard not just a tick. I’m talking about BANG. When we finally realize that we hit rock bottom that’s when we start to gather all the information of what love is that’s when we set ourselves up for somebody who is capable of loving us in everywhere way. By learning to love ourselves again will make us feel happier. We go through tragedy being emotinally wired is who we are. We absorb every word and every hurt, happiness, sadness we’re like a sponge. We are senstive and probably to overly-sensitive that we become needy and too clingy because we dont want to lose somebody that is too daring to us.

    The truth of it all is this we are always trying to save the powerless. Like they need some sort of help at all times and sometimes that becomes dangerous because we give up our times to heal them. But just remember we may go through all of this for you at the same time we are also healing ourselves. Learning new ways to live a better life. We have way too much respect, our loyalty is incredible when you learn to love us for who we are. you’ll understand how we think, how we live and why we live that kind of life that you seem to not understand. Pisces are not diamonds we are liquid GOLD. Our imagination is beyond the reality that you see everyday. Some of the things that we say will make you wonder. We may live in a fantasy world at times but that’s the best thing about a pisces is that we get to see a part of our imagination unfolding before our eyes and what we need will be blessed upon those who need it most. That is why we give back with no effort needed we just give. We dont think about it we just give it freely and because of that we are broken in some way.

    We will never really tell you how things will turn out. But if you treat us poorly we will forgive you but some day you will regret the things you’ve done to us pisces. You will come back someday and hope that you get another chance to start all over. We make effort to make things work if you can’t appreciate us and what we have given then through those many signs their love will never be as great and as powerful as ours.

    At all times we are in tuned wth our emotions. We’re meditating with or wthout our eyes open. Have love and understand the meaning of it because we understand it completely.

    I am a pisces male– Love from the universe.

    • I couldn’t put it better myself, you will only understand how pisces feel if you are one. Thank you I am not alone…. : ) x

    • I’m sorry; I think that you are the typical Pisces with that martyr complex. I am a Libra, and I was married to a Pisces for 7 years. I’m totally on to that little hard luck, “love me the way I am” attitude. I was also friends with a Pisces male, a friendship I recently ended. I am relieved not to have any Pisces in my life. You say we can’t appreciate and love you for who you are? I’m a Libra. We love to be in love and are willingly to make sacrifices and compromises for our partners…if they deserve it. The problem with Pisces is that they are spoiled, full of themselves, to the point where they can’t offer meaningful love or commitment to another person. It’s all about them. Well, I have news for you, but if a Pisces can drive away a Libra, and all the love we offer, then your zodiac sign is just plain selfish. It’s difficult to chase away a Libra once we are in love. We do NOT have to bend ourselves into your mystical little world. You need to give back, which you don’t. Contrary to what you state about Pisces, they are extremely selfish, uncommunicative, and cold. There is no such thing as the PERFECT WOMAN, and if you chose to hold on to that illusion, all of you Pisces men will end up ALONE, because no one can tolerate your nasty mood swings and yes, as the above Gemini stated, you put us second priority to everything in your lives, while we try to love you with our whole hearts; you neither see this, nor appreciate it. There is nothing special about you. Especially if you can’t fully give your love to one person and one person only. Make that women feel like you love here. Trust me, she loves you too, but finds you frustrating or difficult. One day I had had enough, and I got in my car, left my Pisces husband, and have never looked back. You aren’t worth the love of a Libra.

      • If a Pisces man could only just give of himself more, but he will never learn how if he never looks at what HE is doing incorrectly.

        • so true even my mom is a libra , they r so loving and giving, if a pisces can turn a n lib ran away then nothing left to say about pisces, their actions speaks for themselves

        • Hey! One thing I learned about a Pisces man an I’m a Pisces woman, is that they do learn from themselves an others. What do you think we do when we are alone, an yes we do like to be alone. When we don’t get that alone time we feel know growth an development which will force us to swim away. We know we an hopefully like every other sign don’t have it all to gather which is why they love their friends an come out of our own world. We don’t swim for nothing!

    • Beautifully said and I couldn’t agree more with every word said.

    • Very well stated; indeed, you are right on the mark. Specifically, as a Pisces man (and one who is a ripe old age of 33) – I have rarely had a woman whom I’ve (seriously) dated not come back sometime after a break up. Now, as a Pisces and knowing what we are and are not capable of, I offer this advise/lecture to all women I start falling for:

      I am the most amazing man you will ever be with — by far and away. You will never, as long as you live on this ball of dirt, find someone like me for I know God has truly made me unique and arranged for us to be together. I will love you unconditionally, support you, work hard to provide you with anything and everything within my powers to do so; I will never cheat on you, will always respect you and your time (no jealousy B.S. or controlling garbage), trust you with those items/issue I feel appropriate and no further and, in exchange, I ask for only this: 1. complete and utter loyalty (if you’re going to cheat – let me know and we’ll go our separate ways…. no hard feelings), 2. leave me be when I want to be alone (I am not mad at you or anyone else – save myself probably); 3. do not attempt to psychoanalyze me nor drown me in meaningless aphorisms (we find them insulting, simplistic and, frankly, bulls$^#!!) Most importantly, 4. believe every word that comes out of my mouth as I mean each and every one of them – they are not meant as bragging, boastful, egotistical statements…. they are, just the way my life is.

      Inevitably, at least with most women I’ve been with (all of whom I will always love in my own special way), but eventually, they begin to take our kindness, love and trust for granted. Women do this weird thing (nearly all women do this) where, when you begin to love and cherish them…. not excessively but…. unabashedly…. they feel as if a Pisces man is weak, or destined to be under their whim/heel forever (regardless of their actions towards the man). I know my fellow Pisces men know what I am talking about…. the more you care – the most distant/uncaring they grow; the less you (obviously/expressly) care…. the more they love you!? IN ANY EVENT, ultimately, after the breakup, be it 2 months down the line or 2 years down the line, I’ve yet to meet ONE, even ONE, who has not come back to tell me I was right: it doesn’t get any better than you and all other “men” they’ve dated do not come close on any level (physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, spiritual, etc.) And, it is at this time, when we Pisces start to bang our collective heads against the wall, as we, by that time, have lost that spark of love we had for the woman (which we likely spent months and months getting over) – it take much for a Pisces man to develop that spark and fall in love (we know pain and heartache and have no interest in duplicating said emotions again). Alas, we become the bad-guys for realizing the woman we thought we loved either never was actually there or, if she was, she no longer inhabits that body! By not agreeing to allow them 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 14,920th chances to reconcile – we are blamed for being shallow and unforgiving, etc., etc. and…. we’re the DEVIL INCARNATE! LOL not kidding.

      I don’t know, maybe I’m just talking smack…. but again, I am a Pisces (we’re always talking s$^# right!?) Only problem is: my ego can be satisfied by picking up the phone and calling any number of women…. what we want, however, is the woman who will always be on the other end of that call, concerned about us, loving us, and God forbid, on occasion, reciprocating the depths of our love towards them. So, let me know, am I wrong gentlemen (or women whom have dated Pisces men)?

  14. Dear Women:
    A Pisces male is not emotionally fickle, he is emotionally powerful. They want to love you and be the center of your world by any means possible. They will do whatever it is that garners your adoring eyes upon them, and they will love you more than anyone else is able to. If you need them to look a certain way, or do certain things, or be a certain way, the Pisces male is flexible in all accounts. Abuse this power and spite a Pisces in any way will incur a severe pass/fail mechanic built into their minds regarding how relationships are meant to be nurtured.

    Approaching a Pisces male, you must be the initiator in everything from conversation to romance to sex. You can send all the signals, and the Pisces will react to all the signals, but until you say, “It is ok, go ahead!” you will not see any movement on our side. The Pisces mind is always thinking if what he is doing is the right thing for the moment, and this overactive thinking leads others to believe that the Pisces is aloof or uninterested or not fully there. In fact, the Pisces is more than just there, he is taking in the entirety of the moment as it pertains to space and time, all the movements around him; he is memorizing the restaurant and your reaction to the food, he is watching the waiter and analyzing your response to the service, he is considering if the lighting in the room is suitable and makes for a good date, and a million other things all thought about in your name while he carries on good conversation.

    Pisces are dreamers and so men can get lost in bad habits fairly easily. If you have a Pisces who is into drinking or drugs, you have a rotting fish. It is not easy to break a Pisces of his habit, and attempting to do so usually furthers the need to escape into the habit more. The best way to break a Pisces of a habit is to introduce a new one that makes you to center of the activity. Remember, you have to act first – tell him you are going running and want him to join; he will say no the first time, but after seeing your resolve, he will join in. Tell him you want kinky sex and buy all the toys, and he will be in your world rather than the world of his habit. Nothing you envision to keep his attention on you rather than a habit is too far fetched as long as you lead the way.

    Pisces are strong leaders only when they have to be. They excel at their work, and work for the merit of knowing they themselves did the work to the best possible standard. They don’t work to make more money, although success comes naturally as they cannot help but be perfectionists. Although the desire is to help subordinate individuals one by one, the reason this is the case is because the standoffish nature of the Pisces is interpreted by superiors to be adequate but not extremely effective, when all the Pisces needs is a problem to pit their masterful intellect against given to them by those same superiors in order to shine. Without any direction, the Pisces is content to do his own best in his own way before getting bored and moving on to the next challenge.

    The emotional intuition of the Pisces is unmatched, and as such, relationships run deep. If you have had a loving relationship with a Pisces, he still thinks about you and wonders what could have been. These secret thoughts occur even through marriage and divorce, and although he does not reveal to his current partner that he lets his mind wander, be sure that it does, and let him keep it his secret. It is a playful thing used to keep him entertained when life seems dull; background noise for the everyday. If you are with a Pisces, all you need to do is keep feeding him direction in what you want, and he will step up to be the hero in every situation.

    Problems arise with the Pisces when over-stressed, under-appreciated, or overly bored. This can lead to any number of bad habits, laziness and seeming to not care about you. If you ignore the Pisces when he is trying to be the center of your world, he will feel hurt and may lash out one moment, then regain his composure and be warm and loving the next. If you realize the negative reactions are just that – reactions – you can then tease out of the Pisces what is really bothering him and make the necessary changes, if possible, to satisfy him. Because the Pisces is always bending to the needs of others, a single gesture where you bend to his needs means so much more to the Pisces than it would to someone else.

    Maturity is a big problem with the Pisces in that if left to his own devices, he will remain afloat in the world reacting to whatever comes his way. The best way for a Pisces to overcome his negative side is to be engaged in work, or self-employment. This gives the Pisces some kind of foundation in a world he sees as materially meaningless. Having bills to pay and being the provider of food and shelter is a blessing to a Pisces, and as such he is great with children and loves a home life. With that said, he also needs time to contemplate the universe, and will often escape into some kind of personal activity, or just a long bath.

    To sum things up, Pisces need:
    – Very few but powerful, meaningful, lifelong relationships
    – Attention and appreciation for all the little things
    – Equal reciprocation of his love
    – A reason to work hard, if nothing else than to buy you nice things
    – Time alone, best given when he knows you are giving him time alone
    – A gesture of your appreciation once in a while to put him over the top
    – Trust, as all emotion stems from trust, and an engaged Pisces is as trustworthy as they come

    I hope this helps someone understand Pisces a bit more. Yes, I am a Pisces, and yes, all Pisces things seem to fit me as well. I often think that we are Fish; we are content to live in a Fish bowl with nothing in it, but we enjoy fun bubbling water, nice decorations, and pretty things in our bowl as well. It is not that we prefer either, but that if our minds are stimulated by what is in our bowl, we need not let our minds wander too far to find something interesting.

    • Very well written. This helps me a lot, especially knowing it’s from a male Pisces perspective. Thank you.

    • Please. Save it for someone much more gullible. You sound like a typical Pisces…”abuse this power?” LOL! No wonder most Pisces men lose the women they supposedly love. Get over yourself, Mr. Pisces. That’s why I left mine! Control, power, and pomposity!

      • But I did love him.

        • Just because you got a rotten fish doesn’t mean that all the others are bad. Seems to me you have a grudge to settle with HIM, not all of us. There are good people and bad within EACH sign as you are so evidently proving. Zodiacs are only a guide to the spiritualism of the overall souls, they only HELP define who we are, not create THE actual person of who we are. Either you did something to him when his heart was yours and it turned him away or you aren’t providing a growth experience for him as he would for you, unless you did ACTUALLY get a bad one and then nothing will help.

    • How can you make such a generalization? You truly do not consider what other people think of you…or do you only wish you didn’t? Most zodiac signs cannot stand to be around a moody, boring, selfish, rotten fish.

      • Not to be rude, but most earth and water signs would LOVE to have a Pisces partner. The good ones are loyal, emotional, adoring, sympathetic, and wonderfully protective, not to mention good at providing for the ones they love. Air and fire signs don’t understand the Piscean soul and the beat that they move to as well. Libra and Pisces have an issue because both hate conflict so issues go unresolved in many cases. Perhaps if you had talked to your partner instead of spouting vitriolic hatred towards the sign in general on a message board, you may have gotten better results? Just a suggestion.

    • Thank you for your post. I am a Sagittarius female in a relationship with a Pisces male, and it is unlike anything I have experienced before. The depth of his love for me is amazing. There are things about this relationship that will take some understanding and adjusting, but I know I will have a man devoted to me for the rest of my life.

      • i am a female, i am in love with an pisces, i think pisces can shower only to a saggitarius or scorpio who doesn’t deserve their love, he still loves his ex psycho pisces must say, they r always behind some1 who shoo them away

    • I am a Pisces woman loving a Pisces man……
      Thank you….This helps m!!!!!!

    • Ok Mr. Pisces I really need some help? I met a healthy Pisces man at work, I waited a year before I mad my move. I am a Pisces woman, I gave him a compliment an then he got really bold an not careful. I had to shut it down it got to big with a hating Scorpio too. We mostly would talk with out talking, Psychics told me he miss me and feel the same way I do, but I haven’t heard from him?

    • I thank you for this post. I love when I can find out things about other Pisces that relates to me so well. This post was well written, and well thought out. I wish the girls I got involved with read this, then maybe we would still be involved.

  15. pisces most compatible signs are taurus, cancer,virgo, scorpio and capricorn…. but the capricorn people are a bit ruling….. and the scorpio are a bit jealous…. tho the pisces man likes to be owned and wanted…. it will only motivate him to give more to his partner…. also if a pisces is going thru a rough time weather with money or personal issues and doesnt be open about it is because he feels to bear such a burden alone and doesnt feel the need to bother anyone

  16. i am a Pisces i fully agree with all your comments,but one fact till the time the Pisces are not married don’t trust them but once they are married don’t doubt them because after marriage nobody can be a true lover than a Pisces.

    • I have to disagree through experience. My Pisces of seven years cheated constantly. That’s why I left, and Libra women are pretty loving.

    • Dah!How wrong this is…..It’s waaaay better if he cheated before marriage….but he had to do it after marriage!And he’s being very uncommunicative..You give him his space,trust…etc…he throws them right back on your face.I pray and hope not all of them are like thid

  17. I am a Pisces man, I am unable to choose the right partner for my life, I always mess up with the wrong women, however I have never moved forward for a relationship as the moment I try to proceed and ask for a date, they Hang up.. I dont know what to do in my life for a right partner.

    • May i ask, if youre in a very very serious problem with work studies and family at the same time, hoe would u apreciate your girl to act or do? Bcs i really want to potray the best actions and words to ease my boyfren’s pressure.

      Please help. Thank you

    • true pisces are always behind wrong women, accept those women who propose u and approach u for love, that way u can choose the real one who loves and will stand by u in ur difficult times come what may

  18. Well I must be totally nuts! I am a Sag woman dating a Pisces male. Talk about madness…we make love, fight…make love, fight and do it again and again. Don’t understand the connection. Certainly Very physical but it’s not just the amazing sex…its the intimacy. We spend all our free time together and are supportive of each other. Its just the dark, gloomy, homebody, beer pounding side of him that can be exhausting. I’m optimistic and keep my rose colored glasses on…he’s pessimistic and incredibly cynical (he’s a police officer). He wants it all with me but at times I’m pretty quick to talk about throwing the towel in…I don’t want drama but it seems to be a component of our connection. I can see the potential of it being unhealthy.

    • im a sag woman with a pisces man, and its the greatest relationship ever and i doubt it will end. we plan on marrying and children. Although im more intellectual sag than anything else,

    • Oh, lovely Sag. lady; you deserve so much better. I’m a Libra and an now with a Sag. man. My first husband was a Pisces. The fighting gets old after awhile. The drama no longer amuses nor entices. I respect the love you have for your Pisces man, I really do. I just don’t think they can communicate with someone of your sign. Also, a Sag. needs to feel free to express herself/himself. Sooner, or later, this Pisces is going to drag you down. I speak from experience, and it really is quite a high to be with a Pisces at first, it’s the ride down that hurts. Really hurts.

  19. I myself a Pisces man… really i agreed to the fact given above… i myself got shocked its an accurate character description….

  20. You’re spot-on. Are you sure we didn’t date the same guy? Lol.

  21. Scorpios don’t go with any sign and regardless of a reason or not, won’t trust anyone lol 😉 just replying to some chick.

    Anyways. Gemini here. I’ve been talking to a Pisces for a little over a month. He seems to understand me, but is starting to show jealousy. If this man is as bad as a Scorpio and starts playing games, I’m ditching him. I don’t need another psycho stalker.

    Besides that, yeah, seems moody, but I can usually tell when he needs space or what mood he’s in and act accordingly. I’m moody too, and it seems like he’s having trouble keeping up at times lol

    I believe it will work, but you just have to explain to him off the bat that you communicate verbally rather than just go by body language and try and read between the lines. We’ll see what happens.

    • Right! I can’t stand the pressure of a Scorpio, they are waaaayy to much. I’m a Pisces I don’t think you have to worry like that, might try to make you think that at times. He’s just protecting his heart.

  22. im a pisces man, i think (speaking only for myself) is that we see the world today, its history and sometimes we dont like what we see so we connect it with humanity. we dream impossible dreams pretending everything is beautiful, when the “unbeauty” in life shows up and slaps reality on us, we need that escape, its an awareness that not everyone or anything in the world will love or love us back, so we tread carefully. as a man, if a woman shows her devotion to me i will in turn express it back, i might not say it much, but ill show it, ill do things to her and for her that i wont do for anyone else (especially in bed). if i love a woman ill give, it is in our nature to give, ill put her first over me, beit in material, mental or sexual situations. as a giver i have been used much because of this of course many will take advantage of our generosity, and that makes us distrust, it shows that even tho u wanna trust u cant trust everyone. we want that perfect world but cant have it, so we escape and pretend its perfect even for a little while and that makes us content. we’re smart, our intellect is high and we read people and situations fairly well but we need to fool ourselves in order to survive and tolerate what we feel and see is a negative. but i think once we got your trust and love completely and we know it, you’ll be in for the ride of your life. speaking only for myself: ive had ex’s wanting to try again because the grass wasnt greener on the other side and sometimes they blame me for ruining it for them cuz they cant get what they once had, but for that is a negative cuz “the ugly” scar of life has happened when they chose another over me. to go back would have me “pretend” but the scar is there and can b reopened, i would rather remain friends and see who else god or life sends my way..

    • so true rick, my pisces guy cudnt forget his past love totally and his ex wants to try again , will he go away to his ex love? will he stay with me if i nevr leave him and show affection n love or will his past take over him? pls reply

  23. I am a pisces guy and all that’s said here is so true. I am a hardworking guy and when I get into the work mood, I can surpass every other guy in the office and complete the job perfectly beforehand but when I am feeling lazy I can’t even move a single file out of the desk. I am really moody and I sometimes don’t understand myself and the world in total. I can say that I cannot stay in love with a single person. I am 21 and literally feel in love with 12 girls till date but I could not decide whether anyone of them was the one for me, so never told them that I love them. We pisces are never sure when it comes to love. One day we feel like we are so crazy in love with a girl and the other day we feel that we do not love her and it’s just lust. We can’t seem to decide what we really feel inside. Pisces can cause heartbreaks more than any other sign. I have got attention of so many cute girls over the years in my life and yet I have never been in a relationship because I am not sure of my feeling and didn’t want to break any girls heart. Currently I think I like a particular girl who is much younger than me and whom I really care about and I know that she loves me a lot, but I am afraid I would not feel the same way a little bit latter so I am withholding myself really hard – not to confess to her. I feel like there would never be a women I can truly fall in love with. Such is the fate and inner crises of a Pisces Man. One thing I am sure about is friends. I can do anything for friends and all my friends love me. Money – I don’t give a shit about it, because I don’t believe money is all to the life but I don’t completely neglect it. I am into finance and I know how much important it is to have a safe feature and financial stability in life. I can do anything for friends and for the girls I like – going even beyond my comfort zone but you can never make me do anything out by force or rewards. I am creative and love art works . I can adapt to any situation however hard it may seem and I can put up with even the most nagging people on the planet. Blending with the situation is natural to me and I don’t even have to make an effort. Sometime when I feel down or feel insecure I should be left alone – I like my time alone and at that point of time I can get very aggressive if you bother me. I am a dreamer and I do a lot of soul searching. I can understand people and can guess what a person is thinking when I see his face. I can pin point a character and personality of a person with utmost accuracy only after knowing him/her for a few days and I choose my best friends carefully. I would not open up to a stranger but on the other hand when I get to know you and feel comfortable – I would be the most entertaining and funny guy you have ever met. Usually I am not the type of person who starts off a conversation but once the conversation sparked off I can sprinkle an element of humour into it. I would advice girls that pisces guys make great friends, so you can count on us and can become our friends but our charm can make you fall in love with us. Beware we are never ever sure of love. So be very careful when you decide that the Pisces man is the love of your life. only way for a successful relationship with a pisces man is by following the formula (appreciate him + let the man have his alone time when he feels like + Don’t nag him a lot + be loyal to him) and he inturn would make your life a fairy tale. I’ve wanted to add that there is nothing in the world that can make a pisces man stay with a gemini – I have had a few gemini girls as friends and few cousins who are gemini and I totally hate them. Gemini character is filled with fun and they have so many male friends and treat them like boyfriends – this is a major turn off for a sensitive pisces guy. I would sincerely advice gemini girls to stay away from pisces guy other wise it would be a heartbreak for both of you.

    • I am a Pisces male and I agree with pretty much all of this. Many horoscope related things are very vague and could really apply to just about anyone. But these are dead on. I am always looking for someone to fix in a relationship. My friends call me “captain save ’em” LOL I also agree with what you said about Geminis. I have seriously dated two of them (both over two years ) and they both ended in broken hearts.

    • You are not sensitive, Mr. Pisces man. You are stuck on yourself. All of you.

      • How could you say we are not sensitive when we feel the hurt, pain, and sadness of the entire world.
        You try walking into a room of strangers and immediately feel ever persons emotions hitting you like a brick wall.

  24. Am a Scorpio and i was madly in love with a pieces guy. There were no moments in my life that i never thought of him. But i think that was the worst thing i did. Because he drove me really crazy. He was indecisive and kept himself safe when ever something challenging was asked. Something that may exhibit his true feelings. He always tried to hide his feelings. And he was damn unreliable. But he kept acting like a fish out of water. His body language kept proving every time that he was interested in me. But he was scared of something. Sometimes he spoke so well that i was sure he loved me and sometimes he just don’t care whether i existed. He seems to observe too much and respond less thinking a lot in between. He knew everything but acted as if he don’t. He understood all i did to tell him indirectly that i liked him but he kept behaving as if All is well n fine. And kept continuing the chat as if he cant understand when am sure he did. Real players they are. They can hurt you really badly if you are not careful or if u do care more. Otherwise….they are the most charming, honest , very lovable, really caring, and submissive… They make you feel like a princess if they want to. And at the same time there is always a risk factor, He creates too much smoke making you damn confused about his intentions. Sometimes that feels cute and sometimes the worst. Needs real patience.. And from my side i really Hate him for the playing he did to me. He is never direct and i want everything told directly to my face whether its good bad or ugly. I prefer bold open opinions rather than sweet compliments. I left him because i couldn’t find those and didn’t want to be left confused. i gave him an impression that i hate him and am sure he can see through it and perfectly guess that… i still love him. Its such a tragedy. Never go for a pieces guy if what u want is a clear cut solution and a strong hand that will pull you out of confusion. i live in extremes. I madly love him as well as fiercely hate him now. And i believe he is in the midway not knowing what he wants… Avoid if possible. Its too much heart ache if you are really into it.

  25. Here is another perspective for a pisces, tel, what you think.

    Through the heart, sensitive Pisces experiences his subjective reality as real, solid, perhaps even more tangible than the external world. For some Pisces, romance can be the point of transcendence — the source where he penetrates to the larger mysteries that have concerned him most of his life. To be romantically involved with a Pisces is to be introduced to many levels of consciousness and awareness. If you’re not up to it, then get out now because your Pisces isn’t going to change.

    There is nothing weak about Pisces, as many astrologers claim. Instead, Pisces watches from a distance and determines the best point of attack. Pisces, also, many times seems the quiet type, who’s sweet and kind. But know this: when Pisces is in a relationship, and feels comfortable, there is no one who can manipulate you and your feelings like Pisces can (except, maybe, Cancer). The way a Pisces does this is to play cold and walk away until you follow. Pisces knows that this always works in human nature and has this move down to a science.

    He’s strong because he’ll get you to come to him without any effort on his part. Pisces are ten times craftier than they appear. They’re incredibly good at hiding this side of themselves. They’re so adept at playing along with you, and being “on your side,” that you won’t even know what hit you when they use something — something you’ve told them — against you, in the future.

    They say Pisces is idealistic. This is true. But they also say that Pisces is a dreamer, and there is a misconception about this. Yes, Pisces is a dreamer: but he’s a dreamer with a vision. Most Pisces know what they want and go after it with a kind of slow, methodical gait. Eventually, most of them get what they want, even if it takes time. But Pisces instinctively know how best to get the most out of their astonishingly calm composure and patience.

    Pisces includes a little bit of every sign and can usually pull out this grab bag of talents at will. He can be a little mysterious like Scorpio, play the noble like Leo, insert the commanding attitude like Sagittarius, be the charmer like Gemini, and act the part of smooth-talker like Aries. The only role that Pisces has difficulty playing is Aquarius, whose sign sits right next to Pisces.

    In fact, Pisces has a hard time hiding disdain for those he truly doesn’t like while Aquarius is perfectly capable of fraternizing with the enemy, if need be. And Aquarius does not turn up his nose at anyone, while Pisces does so often. Pisces has a regal Air about him like Leo. While Leo is more of the caring, noble set, Pisces has a proud, capable, and studious air about him, which, try as he may, he cannot shake.

    However, there is no one like Pisces to give you good advice. Aries may be good at it, but he orders you around while doing so. His words are more command and “truth” than suggestion. Gemini is good at it, but usually comes up with the overly aggressive way. Instead, Pisces will put the idea into your head and let you come up with the solution. This is, indeed, most effective and one of Pisces’ best traits.

    Pisces is intelligent and sympathetic. Don’t ever confuse sympathetic with empathetic, though. Pisces will not feel your particular brand of sadness, though he seems to. Instead, he’s likely to bring you out of the despair by “understanding” your plight and giving you good advice for it. But the sadness he shows you will never reach his heart.

    Know this: Pisces will test you. All Pisces know how to test and how to get the answer they’re looking for at the moment. If you’re smart enough, you’ll recognize this and pass the test. If not, Pisces will turn away without warning and find someone worthier of his affections.

  26. I’m a libra & I was in an on again off again relationship w/ a Pisces guy for 3 years. He was an awesome lover. He was so attentive to my needs and so great at communicating. I dont think i will ever get over him. Pisces guys will shut down on you only when they sense your intentions of being w/ them are not genuine or if they feel as if “you’re not on their side”. This means that they never forget anything so be careful what you say to them & how you treat them because although they might seem like they are playing games they are just trying to get a feel for your character. They are so cautious because they are extremely emotional & sensitive yet in a good way; & are afraid of being hurt. A Pisces guy will make love to your soul & they are the most romantic funny companions a girl can have. My ex Pisces is so damn handsome (they are usually very photogenic) & they can just look at you & the look in their eyes will tell it all. They do sometimes like very independent females but they are hustlers & will always make a way for those they love. My advice: if you have a Pisces guy treat him the best from the beginning & dont rush into things let him court you & allow him to feel like he has earned your heart even if youre utterly attracted to him from the start he will treat you like a queen if you are a challenge to him. Cherish your time w/ him & do whatever it takes to keep yourself happy so when you two are together loving him is your main focus. Never lie to him (liars hate to be lied to;) even if you fear you might lose him & take it slow I promise if he loves you he will chase you & it will be the best feeling youve ever had. Also they are prone to addictions so dont indulge in them w/ them too much remain stable a Pisces guy loves a domineering lady & they will want you to walk side by side w/ them. They are very friendly but just because they are so compassionate & caring give them their privacy at times because they value it but dont allow them to drift too far away because they do need to snap back to reality at times. Having a Pisces guy whose heart is intertwined w/ yours can be a wonderful thing cherish it but never lose yourself because they do admire a lady w/ strength. Shower them w/ affection, be open but retain a lil mystery & it will work. I miss my Pisces guy so much i love him so much messing up w/ him was a big mistake & that is how you will feel if you mess over one too you’ll never be able to forgive yourself so be nice & genuinely listen to a Pisces guy w/out judging & let them shower you w/ love & affection. He’ll treat you like a goddess. Its nothing worse than losing the love of your Pisces guy once youve had it. Always put God first & he will admire that as well because they are not superficial creatures at all most are very deep thinkers & very spiritual 🙂 I wish I couldve spent eternity w/ my Pisces guy thats how stimulating he was. His face & body was my paradise; his enigmatic soul my sanctuary ; I know i sound a lil obsessed lol so be careful & get involved w/ a Pisces male at your own risk & take heed to some of my suggestions because it can turn into a tragic heartbreak; something very difficult to get over 😦 (im still in mourning)

  27. i’m cancer and my last bf is pisces, we both same age, once he angry he hit me or trow me with his mobile phone, he’s parsimonious and never remember my birthday lol. it’s true he like a beautiful women, every time he saw a pretty women he will look at her or told me, like i’m just his friend not his gf, i try not to be jealous, i try to understand him, but after 7 years been together he cheating on me when i was built my own career in other country and now he’s new girl complaint the same about him. lol . maybe he just a different type of pisces.

  28. im a pisces male and ive gotta say, the article is pretty accurate. i guess i can be pretty moody, but not always, i simply enjoy my space and a peaceful mind and often there is someone or something that comes in the way of that. i am never moody without warrant, like the article says, i consider myself to be pretty perceptive, and in my opinion alot of ppl dont seem to notice “where they went wrong”( certain actions or situations might seem so clear to me but others can be so oblivious) so rather than always lash out, my mood may change- more often then not i implode until “my cup runneth over” and then i can have a pretty witty sharp, tongue, and i heard this saying before about pisceans: their bark-IS their bite. i feel i absorb alot of turmoil and eventually it comes out in an avalanche but its never misdirected. however my mood changes quickly… i might be mad, sad and happy all within 5 minutes(something like that lol), i think my natural place is being happy, and like the article says if i cant find it around me, i do retreat.

    i am kinda lazy lol, i do lack ambition, but i do know what i have to do-i just need a push. i do enjoy my alcohol lol, i kno it sounds bad but at least im not sloppy or the abusive kind, i can turn into an a hole if something rubs me the wrong way, but who doesnt, and usually its because of how much i keep inside to prevent any arguments or sour blood that when i do voice myself it might come out more harsh than what the situation could have warranted- that just means ive held my tongue for a while to keep everyone happy.

    with love i myself am unsure if ill ever truly be happy, ive dated a scorpio woman for 4 years and i honestly couldnt tell u if i ever loved her. the relationship was fine, didnt argue much, good friendship, she was attractive(to a fair amount, not my typical though)but it was kinda boring to me. we do do the bedroom thing, but idk if i was ever really satisfied, she never did”it” for me. and yes ill admit it was selfish and even inhuman to have kept her that long-i started telling her i love her-only because she was saying it and i began to feel pressured(i probably wont ever be comfortable using that word), i guess in my heart i was waiting for something else to come along. she might have thought about it, but i always washed away her doubts with my passion. it wasnt her i was passionate about-it was passion itself, and i think thats what makes “pisces good lovers”. we ended a few monthes ago and i was kinda pulled into another relationship with a leo girl. i wanted to wait, didnt wanna date anyone, just do me for a bit, but this leo girl she kinda swindled me. she’s isnt my type either, though she has her moments.lol idk if ive ever disliked a girlfriend so much in my life; she’s hypocritical, young minded, generous but inconsiderate(if that makes sense), a tester, and we argue all the time about intercourse-i am not a very active person, i do engage in intercourse, and ive never gotten any complaints, but i dont wanna do it as much as she does lol.due to complications with her babies dad i quit my job(which she encouraged me to do), and now she sends me money until i am back on my feet so i cant even leave her until im working again.

    she does tell me she loves me(we’ve only been dating 3 monthes at the most), and because of her demanding, over sensitive, inconsiderate butt lol now i too tell her i love her, she wouldnt wait to even give me the option of coming around(not that i would because i knew instantly i couldnt marry her), she just imposed her “highway rule”. and not to get off topic but ill never date another leo woman again; they arnt sensible women(at least with my luck), all the leo woman ive been involved with were just like this one-minus the physical abuse; moody, unrelenting, and they take the term”you are mine” more literal then ive ever thought a modern man could be exposed to.all in all i do want love, though often i dont think i am compatible to feel that-only to give, maybe im too idealistic, and the unfortunate part is i get attention from women who are more ideal to me but due to rough puberty for 4 years, and then being incarcerated back in 2003, ive turned out pretty introverted… eh guess we’ll see what happends though, hope this offered some insight from one pisces if not some, im not all bad.. guess im just waiting for the girl to come along i actually want to love so i can be the lover i dream i am…

  29. well here i am… a Pisces guy 23 years old… living in Ukraine (the country of beauty) and guess what never got a relation more than 3 months!!! was with Scorpio, Gemini and Aquarius… all never trusted me…though i never cheated with them… but still shit happens…:)

  30. I love the Pisces man I am seeing. For the first time, I can let my feelings go and feel things. I have felt so many different and strong emotions because of his ability to feel things himself. Angry, sad.. frustrated, appreciative, love, all of these things I feel with him and with the world when I used to close myself off to it all with others. Somehow He has such an accepting way. I do not know if it will last or how long. His sexuality is so changing! One day a vicious hotty, the next no mood at all! And he is always disappearing. However, Pisces man can help me feel things and he says “you can tell me anything, as friends, imagine me as a friend” And truly I can tell him anything, and he understands really well and really fast. What a cutie

  31. I’m a scorpio woman in love with this amazing pisces guy he is fun, loveable, protective, caring and reasonable. Our relationship has been going strong for 2 years now and he is the light of my of my life. We broke up on numerous occasions he keeps telling me when he is drunk i come last and i cant handle that because i feel my heart shatter to million pieces. Iam even crying when iam writing this because its so hurtful i love right to the grave and he knows that but why does he hurt me so much………….

  32. Alright people…
    Why do you all label people by their horoscope signs? I’ve had a good loyal friend for a few years, who’s also very funny, full of energy, provocating, and always happy..

    So after finding out about his horoscope sign (which is, by the way, pisces) i should label him as a moody guy who can sometimes exaggarate with being emotional? I should label him as “that guy who plays guitar by the lake on late summer nights”?

    And all those matches…what the hell?
    If your sun sign is SCORPIO (for an instance, since I’ve seen a lot of scorpios around here) it doesn’t necessarily mean your ideal matches would be WATER SIGNS and earth signs. Position of your planets, houses and other aspects are important. Even those aspects are to be questioned, because – genotype isn’t something that defies you – those are your surroundings and lessons that you’ve learnt that defies you.
    So, people…drop it. Just because you’re a TAURUS doesn’t mean you’re slow, lazy, possesive.. -_-

    Oh, by the way, I’m aries and I get on perfectly well with my pisces friend, with whom, according to horoscope, I can’t get on well with..>_>
    “OMG, he’s a VIRGO – prone to analyzing, perfectionist – I’m so not going to hook up with him because I’m ARIES”
    Give me a break.

  33. I am a Pisces guy and most of my girlfriends have been Scorpio but my wife was Libra we have split. I tend to attract Geminis there is something so mysterious about them and it hard to know how they really feel they never give anything away , I have been sexually involved with one for 8 months and wouldnt have a clue where I stand, but she keeps me interested would appreciate some gemini women to comment tell me something that may help me. And yes we are very sensitive love sex but our heart tells us who we are in love with it always aches believe me

  34. I am a Capricorn woman who loves two Pisces men. And, I am done with both of them. Tired of what I read above. The “drop” when they wander – for what ever reason. The months go by and then the email or text or phone call, filled with that real sincerity and words they “understand” how I felt and how I am feeling and then – WHAMMO! They do it again, at a later date. One, of them did it to his ex-wife, off and on, for some ten years. Take, two years off. On three.. Off, one. Ugh. When he told me that story… it was right after we got back to together the second time. Now he’s off. I know he will come back in some fashion. But the more I learn about what I truly want in my partner – the great sex is the only thing I will miss. And, then, I just met this other guy, last month… omg! It is like the exact thing! Only this guy is younger and is more in the “play” of women and stuff. He is very honest about it. And, he is exactly how you all describe. There is no way, I want to continue to allow myself to be “loved” when they want to and accept that. Too, many folks to fish from.

  35. I’ve hung out with all these incredible guys, like, INCREDIBLE. And here comes along Mr. Pisces, he’s super special, but then again, super terrible. The flower is more precious, rare, beautiful, but the thorns are mutant and come out whenever they please.

  36. the first time we hung out, we went ice skating, saw a six year old girl holding hands with a 5 year old boy. the next time she came around, she was holding hands with a different boy, this PISCES first reaction was to imply that said little girl was a player!!! a six year old girl! I laughed, but thought “what the hell is WRONG with you??? Most people would just see children skating together cuz their parents made them.

  37. yeah, if I didn’t have a moral compass, I’d be drinking frequently as well.

  38. Ok, Hi I’m a libra and I think I would like to jump off a bridge at this point with the pisces I met. I honestly feel my love life will never be the same if I ever decide to move on. I feel like I’m walking on egg shells all the time and omg why are they such contradictory people? They don’t like it when you DON’T give them attention and when you eventually do…they are still not happy!!!! (tear) seriously what do u want from me?????!!!!!! I feel like i’m the crazy one. Don’t get me wrong there is that beautiful side that just makes you want to stay because they don’t mean any harm and I know there is that potential deep down but its like just bring it out already!lol it’s been like 5 years of this on and off thing and I don’t even know what it is really because it feels like we’re living in some dream land. I really feel there is no hope…I feel drained and empty inside. I don’t understand why it has to be so hard to work out. There’s like this thick wall that I wanna break down but i can’t. Help:( maybe it’s just not meant to be but i’mhaving a hard tome to believe that

    • Hi how is it going now? Your comment is dated 2010, are you still together with your pieces?
      I’m through the same “on and off” story with my pieces and I feel exactly the same as you drained, empty inside living in a “dream land”.
      We’ve made a break and he went to see a psychologist now to sort out his issues…

  39. By the way, I am a capricorn with leo rising and cancer moon. I did the synestry thing with him and it says his venus opposes my pluto. Anyways…maybe its best to just remain ONLY friends with these pisces dudes…without anything at all..that way we can keep our heads about us and that way we won’t get too emotionally effected by them.

  40. All of these things I’ve been reading about Pisces are pretty accurate. I was in an on and off relationship with a pisces man for about 4 years now. We call each other friends but if you seen us you would think of us as way more than just friends. When we are together its really exciting, fun, wild and beautiful. Sometimes just plain crazy. Then sometimes we both fall of the planet and don’t speak sometimes for days, weeks, and even months. The thing is when I ignore him he gets upset, but yet he when he ignores me and if I get upset it makes him stay away longer. When we are together, its like I am the only one in his mind even when he’s talking to other people…I can tell that he has a strong emotional bond with me. I can feel it and he’s let me know. He can also be very jealous if I talk to other guys just as friends. I hate it that he can hook me so easily then it takes me awhile to get him out of my mind. Then once he’s out of my mind I don’t understand what the big deal was that I would get so drunk with love over him…but soon enough like an endless cycle he hooks me again, or I hook him again or however we do it. LOL We are both so complicated. I think sometimes we are too much alike and that is why we will never be more than what we are. But then other times we clash…
    He is a very passionate lover and he’s very hot. Yes he can be fickle..although I don’t think he would be a cheater if me and him actually did officially commit. When we are together he stares at me and I can tell that he tests me allot..in little ways..just to see my reactions. He is an alcoholic too and sometimes he’s made me an alcoholic by being with him I’ve felt like I had to keep up with him..this is one reason why we go our separate ways too is because I can’t handle too much of the drinking. He can be mean sometimes too..he’s called me names before which I don’t tolerate. He also has negatively effected relationship with his mom. He takes care of her because she’s old but she can be verbally abusive to him and he can be verbally abusive to her. It’s just that you can’t fit him into one glass or mold..once you think he is one thing then he is another thing. He can be loving and sweet, and then cold and mean. I just wish we didn’t have this huge spiritual connection then it would be easier to quit him cold turkey.

  41. pisces well were all not bad i am a loyal pisces it was only after years of cheating by my ex i cheated with a prostitute while away in spain somthing i wish i never did i was offered relashionships and to run off with two women but im not like that i dont sleep around if im with someone then im with them they can trust me 100000000% all of the time i know my own mind the trouble with us is we expect you other signs to know without having to say it if twp people are in a relashionship and we talk then you know what i know so there are no excuses but things can always be sorted out

    personlay i like capricorns very loyal not overly loving lots of fun great sense of humar wants to go somwhere in life loyal patiant iv met one about 2 years ago were not an item but we get along great lifes not all about star signs its about how we treat each other if your in a mature relashiship and both know what you want it sorts out a lot of the problems most people just like each other without getting to know someone first its boud to go wrong if you just jump in anyway this site is amazing its nice to know aht people think of pisces its funny

  42. wow, i have now actually learned alot about my present boyfriend, he must definetly be this way, i can remember everything he does and the way he acts that makes me want to believe this, and of ocurse i always had, im a pisces too and we pisces loves to read our horosocopes, hehe…and about me and my boyfriend, he is sucha sweetheart, alot of people might agree that pisces are the biggest cheaters, but talking from my point of view, i will only move on and search somewhere else if my partner is not making me happy or hes unfair with me, taking me for granted, we pisces dont tolerate that shyt, and you have to look at where this pisces is coming from too..some might act as slutties, and some might have some family oriented in them and just wont agree with cheating but will leave you and find somebody else right away, hehe…i dont know if you guys want to believe this..but i was raised differently, i do not beliebe in cheating but i had have a lot of guy friends that are sweet to me and I can see a relationship with them but because i have a bf, i just let them stay friends with me…anyways, i think i might start loving my bf, i as a pisces get confused with love…i dont know i think i have loved plenty guys already..but this guy, whos my bf right now is sooo sweet to me…he is different, of course i have to have a lot of patience with him because he can b lazy like me and be unconsidarate..sorry for the misspelled word. like lastnight he was coming back from NY after being there for a whole week..he went to see his grandparents and friends, and he offer to stop by my house when he comes back…calls me before he in the car to drive back, and tells me his on his way and he will call me when he is almost here..and 4hrs later he still hasnt call me, i call him all worried and he answers saying his at his house, got pulled over and just got tired, but his phone died, that he just now was charging it..lol…so i was like so you staying home then, cuz im going to bed, and hes like yeah im tired…lol..i mean i was annoyed and shyt, but i would of done the same thing, i believe i have done it before, had him waiting..i mean we pisces can b a little bit lazyyyy, lol…cuz we are sooo comfortable with our relationship that sometimes we wouldnt try contact our partners for a whole half a day…if you know what i mean..well i done it. and anyways, im typing too much, but i just gotta say i believe i am the luckyest girl to have a part of a pisceans heart..i know he cares alot of me..and my family, and i just wish for us to stay toqether for eternity…

  43. I’m a Cancer/Leo Cusp…was dating a Pisces man…thought he was the most extraordinary person I’ve ever known. I think Katie Perry wrote that Hot and Cold song about him though…one minute I hear from him every day several times a day, then not at all…says he’s busy…Yeah, I read that stupid book “he’s just not into you”…so I moved on then he came back? WTF? He is a real sweet heart, but seems to like to string me along because I am seriously a good catch…screw that!

  44. im a sag and im in love with a pisces. we argue alot but im alwya da 1 breakin his heart because i don want him to break mine
    but he always beggin me for sex always wanna make love and he knos that it will trip me out so he keeps on pushin the sayin im teasin him
    is a female sag and a pisces male good 2 gether?

  45. There is a Pisces I know that I love without reason. There isn’t much I would say no to. But why do I hesitate? Do I not love him enough? No call to action? I hesitate because I can never fool him he knows what I am thinking and feeling. Second sometimes he says things that cut to the quick. When that happens I walk away why does he hurt me? Third thing I am possessive he is too but not to the point of turning on me too for making a friend. So that other friend is like someone taking his place. I would hate to be his enemy. This guy I know is so young but so very much aware of body language, He is fair he has empathy that is all that saves us from him. If he wanted to be bad he could we would still love him. When I find that he did something that could get him in trouble so strong is my protective nature towards him that I immediately think about how to cover it up. Is this the charm I hear about? Another huge thing that scares me the guy talks about people that don’t exist. About situations that didn’t take place. I knew that it wasn’t true this harmless ego exercise but it can easily backfire. It did he even lied about me kissing him when I was drunk it didn’t happen but I think he wanted it to happen. I knew why he did it b/c we have ESP but if I relied on him to tell me he would have pissed me off broken my heart and I would be gone by now. But I never confront him about his mostly harmless tall tales because I know it means alot to him for me to believe it. Everyone says he is creepy and weird but he has magnetic power over me. I see him while he’s at work and I do it because I wonder if he isn’t the most sensitive humane guy I will ever meet. Also he listens to me he’s there. I can go to him once a week every week if I want. Only reason I hesitate and crush my dreams is because his behavior scares me. And he does things to try to make me jealous that I wonder if I will be able to handle. So I will likely give up or something. I know that if he loves he loves completely and that if you say no to something he will respect your wishes. And doesn’t he take any action at all? His love for Alcohol is infamous but I’ve accepted that as long as he promises not to die. I am not exactly the most stable person either. We both need accountants I can make the money but can he be responsible and pay bills. Scorpio/Sag Cusp Pisces Rising. The dreamer within me loves him. Just by being himself he is so special. I mean too that I love him but he does things to almost make me love him less. I don’t want that why does he do this? Is breaking the law for him not enough? What more does he want?

  46. Aquarians are not always cold. Especially when they are hopelessly in love with a Pisces. Too bad Pisces are so damn hard to figure out with their games, their need to chase and always going with what’s in their heart instead of the head. Pisces man makes the intellectual air feel the utter highs and lows of emotion, otherwise unknown to my sign.

  47. They are too clingy and very very jealous.I also find pisces men too annoying,both-being sober or drunk.Ive heard that Pisces should match with Pisces,but for me as a Pisces girl a match with a Pisces guy just drives me crazy.

  48. I am not surprised is Pisces or anyone else cheats on Aquarius. They are cold what did you expect? I dated an Aqua who I first loved but he was cold and mean he was just nice long tnough to hook me. But he thought he had me for good. I ditched him he is sad. I’m sure he thought his money would have fixed everything.

  49. I am a Gemini woman having dated a Pisces man.. and I’ll tell you, Pisces men are not easy. They are demanding, sensitive, and at times emotional blackmailers. Being a Gemini, I feel as if I can not breath at times.. being smothered by his clingyness and need for reassurance. (Water and Air signs DO NOT go together) They are incredibly attractive though – one flaw that hooks me every time because I have a weakness for beautiful creatures. We broke up not so long ago, but I can not get him out of my thoughts. His passionate nature – his ability to love me so honestly ..has made me a most unsuitable wife for any man. I fear he will move on sooner than I, leaving me to date recklessly to get him out of my mind.

    Geminis and Pisces should NEVER date. I assure you there will only be heartaches and tears.. and more heartaches because even with the love we share, we are not right for each other. Stay clear of them!

  50. I’m also in love with a pisces male. I have been with him for 3 yrs now, I agree they are very emotional and passionate lovers. I can understand him most of the time, and try to steer him in the right direction, they sometimes get so caught up in there fantasy world. They are the most romantic star sign and indeed are thinkers sometimes dreamers. They tend to hide there feelings alot, and create there own problems. I find him extremely moody but he’ll never say what the problem is. They like one on one or to be left alone at times, very creative and have many good ideas but no direction in life. Taurean and pisces make the best companions – I simply love him!! His the love of my life…

  51. Well this is the ultimate Pisces man. Everything they said about the Pisces men are true. Yes we do mack on chicks then we go out with other chicks real quickly. That’s why you gotta show us some love, lust us with your love give us your all and we’ll see if your worth dating. You see. Here’s an insider. Pisces loves to test people and play games. That will make us stay. We are artistic. I play the guitar, Dj club/house music, play basketball, admire cars, yes yes, the whole package. But what I don’t have in the package is the girl I want. She’s a Ms. Capricorn. She’s very mysterious, and really cute. Maybe because she hasn’t opened up yet. I don’t know. When i’m with her, I feel comfortable and I can feel the connection when i’m with her. I really hope this will turn into a relationship that will workout because she’s just too cute.

    Help a fella out please 🙂
    Pisces man & Capricorn man — hahaha just kidding Capricorn woman

  52. So has anyone actually succeeded in actually marrying a pisces male?

  53. I am a Scorpio woman thankfully divorced from a Pisces man. You wanna talk about cheat cheat cheat? That was the man to see. If a female elephant backed it up to him he’d probably stick it in her. I’m not going to play innocent though because my dumb self should have left him the first time instead of staying. I have read that Pisces men are very loyal to his woman, but I’m guessing thats only true if he actually loves you. My ex is very faithful to his new one and she seems to have him wrapped around her finger though he did make a pass at me a few times. It seemed like he was joking though.

  54. Oh, PISCES are SO NOT for SCORPIOs! They are so annoying! Pisces, don’t throw tomatoes at me, but you suck!Maybe they are great with other signs, but not with scorpios!
    I’ve dated pisces, and they are very good at first, but then they are way to moody. It’s annoying.
    Also, they are way too careless about thei position on society, and scorpio hate that!

    Scorpios DON’T trust Pisces!!!

    • Shit, Im dating a picses man right now….14 years older than me to be exact. Im 20, he’s 34 (just turned on the 24th)
      I really love him. We’ve been together going on 9 months. He came into my life at a time when I was falling apart and wanted to help me. Ive also helped him at times, I’ll do anything for him, as he does for me. He’s been my mentor, my protector, lover, friend and everything else in between. We’ve been through so much. It seems perfect. We argue normally and we’ve also have some legitimately brilliant debates. We always find a way to a common ground, which keeps us in tune. I feel so connected to him that our thoughts eerily resemble one anothers. He’ll be at work thinking about something, while Ill be at home thinking about the exact same thing…and then we’ll talk about it later and get spooked out. We are very spiritual. No one has ever cared this much about me before. He takes measures with me very calmly and collectively. We love adventure in the outdoors. He’s very smart and has taught me alot about life. He tells me exactly what is on his mind. He tells me the truth, about past experiences, even if I get jealous (he doesn’t know I get jealous and Ill never tell him lol) he’ll give me the details I crave.
      THE SEX is utterly amazing. He takes care in finishing me and trying to make me come. We’re very experimental. Im bi and he’s not so sure about that, but I think its growing on him. He’s a football player, tall, dark and handsome. Im a dunno yet, student, wanna-be something, when Im older and know what I want to be. I love to read up on things that Im curious about. Im secretive, but sometimes I blurt things out because I love to share. Im sexual…um, very. He’s the hottest Ive ever dated. And the smartest Ive ever dated. I think it’ll last a long time. You guys just have to honest with one another and things will be fine. Dont hold back, show them all your love and affection. They will love you back. Scorpio + Pisces = ♥

  55. To Gemini:

    Yes there is hope for you gemini women and pisces men… Don’t depend on astrology to make your relationship work. It is only used for entertainment and guides. It is really up to the 2 people involved for it to work or not… if it does it does, it dont then move on. I am a pisces male and my girl is gemini… we been together for almost 5 years now and this is the best relationship I have ever been in. Although there were rough times being that sometimes we didnt see eye to eye, we love each other so much that we talk and compromise. Now, i understand her completely and she knows how I can be being that I am pisces, and gives me my space when I need it, just like I give her space because she is the type to enjoy her freedom. We still bicker from time to time but thats what gives our relationship the edge… its boring when there is no debate or argumentative matters to bicker about. So i hope that answers your question… there is hope for the gemini and pisces relationship regardless of what the astrologers say. I have a lot of friends that are either geminis or pisces and they are in a relationship with one another.

  56. I am a Gemini girl, dating a pisces man for almost three years. I loved this man deeply. He was a fantastic lover, great listner, great with my two children. We always talked, and we would both see both sides of an isue before naking a decision. He was so completly committed to me as I was to him. So why did we break up? 1 word..Alcohol. He loved his beer, and this is where we could not compromise. He never did hurt myself or the kids, but when he got drunk, he acted like an ass, and after us talking, and I reccomended 2-3 beers a day and he said no he needed at least a 6 pack, it was over. I had to make a decision. I love him to this day, and will never stop loving him. I did give him an option, me or the 6 pack a day. He didnt know what to choose. So here I am, with our the man I love because of a six pack of beer won. This is the only problem I see with pisces, they love alcohol.

  57. Is there no hope for a gemini woman and a pisces man?

    • respected Gemini…… Pisces always remembered their time of love,which they passed. he will never forgot u. please go to him and hug him. i sure if u do this he come back with soft heart.
      sorry for my poor English

  58. I am in love with a special pisces male. He has been my friend for about 7 years now. I have been in love with for 1 year. It was hard for me to accept first. We have the best of sex and he likes to make sure that I am happy in bed. He has told me that he loves me but I can’t be with him because I don’t think that he will be true to me so I didn’t tell him that I loved him too. Now I wish that I had that chance again so that we could talk about somethings.

  59. My first love was a pisces. Making love to him was almost spiritual. But they cheat with their heart. They fall in and out of love from one week to another with the person they are with and other women too. They always come back crying again and again and again. Till you cut them off cold turkey.

  60. I did the back in forth thing with a pieces for a few years he was my first love, they are great for pure, spiritual lovemaking but they fall in out of love every week they are cheaters because they cant say no. They always cry real tears to come back again and again and again. I put my foot down, enough already and broke up with him for good but ran into him years later to realize I didnt get over him emotionaly slept with him to find later he has a girlfriend. I’m aqaurius

  61. I am a piscean girl dating a pisces guy. He seems sweet and understanding to me (although at times a bit lazy :-)). We feel a strong pull to get this to a life-long relationship, but wondering about the stability. Hey, any pisces-pisces couple there who could help me out.

  62. my pisces men is so moody , i have no ideal what he wants .iam a gemini and everyone says we are no good together.. but when we are we both seem happy, we been dating for 10 months and he finally sadi he loves me , but god he does not show it … he loves to be alone alot , and that of course worries me… HELP I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT… WALK AWAY OR STAY …. oh he also drinks often….

  63. I am a Young Beautiful Scorpion Women my birthday falls on the 20 of nov that would make me a cusp. I am invovled with this pisces Man that I simply can not get out of my head I think about him everyday just as much as I know he thinks about me He Does’nt need to speck any words to me just by him looking into my eyes I know what he is feeling actually he does’nt speck much at all about him emotion’s to him he is a non sensitive guy but deep down inside i know he’s very sensitive,Sex is GREAT! its like i can feel his heartbeat with mine at the exact same time when he looks at me i just melt he expresses every feeling he has by touch and i love it!!!

  64. OMG!! i m a pisces and reading this is like reading about myself. All of this said about pisces is sooo Truee!!.

  65. I am a Leo and in a relationship with a pisces man. We get along really well and this is the best relationship I’ve ever had with a man. We understand each other and if we do fight, we work through it right away. Astrology doesn’t really matter. Communication, honesty and mutual respect is what will make or break a relationship. PS… He’s an awesome lay!!!!

  66. Im a Taurus woman with a pisces man, and i have to say this is the craziest relationship I have ever been in! It’s been like a rollercoaster, yet it has been the most fulfilling time in my life so far! I realize that I fit very well with pisces because 3 out of my 4 closest friends are pisces. He has definitely become one of my best friends as well over the past year and a half! He never judges me and I feel as though I can tell him ANYTHING! The sex is ridiculously good too! We’ve almost broken up a good 8 times this past year and a half, but something about him keeps me coming back! Its a bit scary! I think taurus and pisces are a good match once you get through the bullshit and come to a conscious mutual agreement…

  67. I’m a scorpio woman and met a pisces man…I must say, he hs is amazing. He is everything that I’ve always looked for in a partner. I’ve met many men, but he has impressed the most. I sometmes feel like he’s me in a male’s body. I adore him and his sensitivity and would not trade him for the world. Often it’s hard to find a man who carries the qualities of a Pisces man because they possess everything that a woman wants. I am the happiest woman in the world and feel that I’ve found my soul mate. He is a true King!

  68. im a taurus woman who is dating a pisces man he is a great person but he has alot i of mood swings as if he dont know what he wants…. he can be sweet then the next min just quiet as if he thinking alot…. but i love him…..

  69. This seems pretty wrong to me… It doesn’t seem to match Pisces very well or accurately. It’s like they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  70. Im in love with a pisces man myself. We been together for almost a year. Yeah the road has gotten very rough for me and my baby but we still here. We still as one. Everything that is said in the passage above is very true. Thats why i admire him sooo much. He is very strong and loving. At times I feel that he dont care about nobody but him but he proved to me one day that its about me and him not just one. I love my baby with all my heart and I wouldnt trade him in for the world. Anybody that is in the process of dating a pisces man be patient. Thats all they want you to do is be patient and wait for them. I promise you its worth waiting for

  71. I’ve heard over and over again that Pisces men are fickle and come across as though they care about you, when in essence they are just playing games! I find them to be irresponsible in the areas of finance and love; liars and self-centered. They have no problems living off of a woman. Remember, the reason that they are so flighty is because their Pisces symbol is fish swimming in opposite directions. Also, they talk entirely too much; there is no substance to their conversations.

    I’m sorry but there is no charm in the world that could make me want to be in a relationship with a Pisces male.


    Ms. Capricorn

    • were not all like that capricorn i dont play games but then dont like to rush in to things so easy either and when im with someone im very loyal no matter what!!! and as for finacial i have made my own business with no help from anyone and nevr asked any women for a penny its the mans job to provivde and to pay the old fashion way so this guy deserves your criticism but not the rest of us

      your Sincerely

      mr pisces

  72. I have only been involved with one pisces man in my adult life. He was truly mysterious and always kept me guessing. He was so compassionate and loving. Although we were once lovers, I truly consider him my friend. I was always wondering why I was always talking and he never responded or asked me any questions about myself. I thought that he was only interested in our physical relationship. One day about 1.5 years after we stopped seeing each other, he finally told me that he heard everything I said and would like to start a relationship with me. Unfortunately, I was already in one. But to this day, I can not stop thinking about him. He was truly a special person to me. Here is a poem by Nikki Giovanni and truly explains our relationship and how I feel about him.
    A Poem Of Friendship

    We are not lovers
    because of the love
    we make
    but the love
    we have

    We are not friends
    because of the laughs
    we spend
    but the tears
    we save

    I don’t want to be near you
    for the thoughts we share
    but the words we never have
    to speak

    I will never miss you
    because of what we do
    but what we are together

    Maybe we will meet one day again.


  73. My guy is a piscean..and me a cancerian.. when he gives, he gives me a lot be it love or the pain…. watsoever all i can say is I LOVE HIM… he is just gr8, fun to be wit and most of all loves me wit all his m8… but very very very sensitive at heart but never shows it outside…

  74. be very careful its really hard to not get hurt with a pisces the really know how to hook ya and then just be a friend toward you the next time i really know what you mean good luck


    • the problem with us is i think we expect you to know what is wrong with us im not the most confident pisces but im out going and as a picses myself i dont expect anything from anyone that could be why you say this we dont dominate unless its called for becouse we have a relaxed nature it takes a lot to upset it and when it do thats it!! but its not straight away its a build up to it!! sort of thing if your pisces is unhappy talk to him let him know how you feel and explain this will stop a lot of problems theress alot of things that pisces dont say but underneath its all going on its not the best sign to be most of the time if your were a pisces you would understand i wish i was another sign somtimes i think were like a coin good one side and bad the other but we dont dont get to choose wich side we just go with the flow


  77. One more thing – Pisceans tend to be submissive all around, sexually and otherwise, but if you endlessly tease them (which turns out to be something they like, and that drives them nuts (in a good way)) – they will exert their dominance and both make passionate love to you and have wild, carnal sex with you at the same time. So be the sultry dominatrix who makes him beg, and keep doing it til you drive him wild. He’ll grab you and blast you both off to the stratosphere.

    • spot on geeza but where are these women i think there all capricorns int they lol

    • I have to say, that is probably the closest that I have ever seen or heard anyone get to telling what is truly going on inside a Pisces personality make up. If I were you ladies, I would listen very closely to what was just said by Ryan. If you are in a relationship with one, always, always be honest and sincere. We ask questions because we like to ponder and reflect, however a lot of times when we ask the questions it’s because we already know the answer and just want to see if you answer honestly. If you do indeed try to manipulate a Pisces, you may find that you can and have only because he lets you and doesn’t care, however don’t think that he hasn’t noticed that you’ve done so and if you continue to do so it will be at your own risk and you may find yourself on the wrong end of a manipulation yourself that you cannot get out of. We care very deeply and strongly about the ones we love and would otherwise let them get away with murder and in some cases even try to help hide the body, I do know one thing, if backed into a corner and I feel I have no choice or option, there are no moral boundaries for me, no “right and wrong” for me to adhere to, there is no line i won’t cross no situation that is too extreme. If you hurt a Pisces bad enough to make them want vengeance against you I would run. Usually it won’t ever get to that, their make up is to please you and to understand. Yes a Pisces will get moody and quite often, that however is them pondering something that was said or done or reflecting on a matter of importance to them, that’s when they need their space. You say you don’t know what they are thinking and this is true you don’t and won’t, but if it concerns you and something you said or did most likely if you give him time to breathe and answer the barrage of questions about it honestly, he will always be there to help you pick up the pieces even if it is his own life he’s helping you pick up.

  78. I’m a piscean guy. I have gone through a great many relationships, all of which have ended for various reasons. Most people who think they know me would say that I’m a heart breaker, but when it comes down to it I’ve had some very bad luck with a lot of manipulative alpha-female types. Do not EVER try to manipulate a pisces in a mean way. More often than not they are open to persuasion, as long as you show them you’re on their side. Usually they will allow themselves to be trampled on even when they know they’re being manipulated, but in the end their instinct for self-preservation will win out and they’ll leave you before you know they have. When it comes to a pisces’ seeming fickleness or inability to make decisions, I would say that we tend to like to keep our options open in situations we don’t feel comfortable with. We will stick to a course of action though, and feel more confident about being asked to make a decision if we feel that our lover or our friends are behind us 100% of the way. I feel as though pisceans have two levels of ‘enough’ when it comes to fights: There’s the vast majority of stuff that we find forgivable without a second thought (even – and perhaps to our detriment – things others would see as serious). Then there’s the ‘DO NOT CROSS’ line. If a pisces is betrayed or manipulated by their lover, or if they PERCIEVE that they are being betrayed or manipulated, they will likely not ever trust you again. If some extenuating circumstance is in play and you are honest, you will win them back. A pisces values very little more than their lover baring their soul to them. This will help a pisces open up to his mate. As mentioned above, we are very good readers of peoples’ character. The same goes for our ability to ‘read between the lines.’ If you are saying one thing and meaning another, they will likely know but not necessarily let on that they know. This is a Piscean’s real secret weapon because you can never really be sure just how much they understand about any particular situation – except to say that it’s probably more than you expect.
    Pisces are romantics, honest to the bone, and often feel that they cannot show their true selves to anyone. Do these things to accomodate a Piscean man and you will win him over through and through.

  79. the guy that i like is a pisces. he is so hard to figure out! sometimes he acts like he really cares…other times he acts like i’m just a friend. this gave me quite a bit of insight, though. mostly i just don’t want to get hurt…everyone says he’s broken a lot of hearts.

  80. well to start with, my birthday is on 23rd july.as the normal rule goes, i a canerian.but according to Indian system of star signs m a geminian…how?i dunno..anyways thats what my mother says…the point is that ive had so many Piscean people in my life, ive lost track of them.somehow, unintentionally and coincidentally i end up having either piscean friends, piscean admirers or piscean boyfriends.these people, i mean piscean guys are MAD…pronto…but then they r soooo lovable, cant help loving them anyway.my last relationship which ended five days back was with a piscean..so TRUE t his star sign…he would never ever shout at me, its always me who does the temperamental thing…knwing what i am.he wouldnt even listen to what im saying….he would pretend to,and sometimes he used to be arrogant enough to not pretend.there was just this ONE time he got really mad at me and vented all his anger.nevertheless he calmed down soon enuf.he is shy,never the one to make the first move.ALWAYS escaping, from facts,reality and from situations.i sometimes get tired of his unrelenting attitude.and i KNOW theres no way ANYONE can make him do ANYTHING.unless of course u have a torrent of emotions to blackmail him with.
    right now im just sad, coz we had broken up 5 months back, got back almost a month ago coz he said he wanted me back and that he loved me, now he says he doesnt know what he feels for me.he is about to leave for the ship in two months…will stay there almost half the year round.and so he says ‘i dont know what will happen to both of us…i know ud be there for me, but im not sure if i wud be there for you”…i had no answer to such a thing…i tried to make him see reason , tried to console him..but he seems to prefer to do it his way…so i did the thing IM best at….he is gr88 at escaping…m gr88 at abandoning…quittin and never luking back…the CANCERIAN that i am….i was talkin to him abt this over the phone…suddenly the line went dead but all id told him before i hung up was “i think ull be happier if m not there in your life,…he said he wasnt sure.and then i said, just make sure u dont regret ur decision after i walk out of your life….even then he says he isnt sure….”
    id run out of patience..i got mad..so instead of shouting or arguing with him which i knew i would win by logic, reason and wit…but still not win him over coz of his stubbornness and aloofness and passivity…i let it end at that.i choked back my tears, went back home with a heavy heart and a blank mind.
    the thing is i KNOW he will remember me again..but as of now, i dont know if he loves me..or he is confused or if he was just playing wth my feelings till now..but then ive just made sure m not going back..never…its not just about going bac…m never meeting him either…
    ill do whqat m best at…STAYING OUT OF REACH..HIS REACH

  81. Pisces are no good for gemini, left with broken heart

  82. I am a Virgo woman. I adore Pisces men. They are my guilty pleasure. I have been involved with a handful of them throughout my life and presently have some very substantial friendships with a pisces male or two. However, I have never been able to “capture” one. They are so fickle and changing that I never really know what they want from me. I am so eager to please them and to not disrupt their sensitive natures that I’m no longer seen as a possible mate but more of a cheering squad. I love them anyway!

  83. What if you was a pisces that can’t deal with the name calling , and the fight from your one home and at school mostly every day of your life!
    Most of the time I don’t know what to do anymore. So far every where I go it will be always someone that will make it bad for me every time

    • hay Dwight keep your chin up buddy let it go and wait what goes around comes around belive me i know just be patian people used to call me names but i used to get so angry i would fight or want to kill them when i was youger my anger was so bad but so was my child hood but thats life
      all the best

  84. I am a scorpio woman involved with a pisces man and the description is accurate. I love him anyway and I believe he is my perfect match. I pray we’ll get married; however, I will stay with him anyhow. He’s been hurt by other women and I am happy that I am his woman now. I gave him his first child, a boy, I am 37, he is 42 and our baby is 1. Before me, he believed he could not have children. I have made him happy by bringing what he calls a miracle into his life. I have to ease up on my temper to show him that I am gentle and I have to learn to not let him push my wrong buttons. The sex is good to me and I know it is even better to him. I cook and clean and I am smart. Although I am beautiful, he only gave me that compliment once. I know he loves me, he is just shy even though he should open up more because we have a family together. I love being scorpio and I love he is pisces.

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