Scorpio Best and Worst Relationship Matches


One of the most rewarding and yet dangerous lovers to become involved with in the intense power the Scorpion Planetary alignment. Even though Pluto is a relatively new planet (in terms of our discovery of its strange elliptical orbit, which happened in 1930) its effects on Scorpio’s has always been there, quietly driving and defining their characteristics. There is debate around which of Scorpio’s planets has primacy, mars or Pluto, but the reality is that both the fire of mars and secret intensity of Pluto has great bearing on the interaction and personalities of your Scorpio lover.

One of the most obvious aspects of this tension is the way that Scorpios affect other people around them. If you haven’t noticed it yet, pay close attention to how others act around your Scorpio. He/she is the one at the bar with their arm around a complete stranger sharing a drink and talking of life, but at the same time they are evaluating and manipulating, drawing people into their inner circle quickly and efficiently. The opposite sex is always overly fond of your Scorpio and people in their life seem adopt their mannerisms and turns of phrase, without even really noticing it.

But here is key, the blending of intense social interactivity and secret internal intellect create a volcano-like rumbling, threatening to blow and destroy everything around them, and that unfortunately can include lovers and friends. It is important to stand back a bit when your Scorpio is in full tilt, because getting in his/her way can often lead to catastrophe. And don’t for one minute think that if your partner fails in their endeavor that they will be satisfied and give up, on the contrary the Pluto in their sign allows for a depth of understanding that will get back in the belly of the beast and retool whatever needs to be fixed and get back on course.

In spite of what seems a recipe for complete personality disaster when your Scorpio’s life is balanced with love and friendship the intense power and passion that are at their disposal can bring great happiness to everyone around them. This is the state that a good lover can bring to their Scorpio. It is in many ways the reason that throughout history Scorpio men are so associated with desirability. A lot of women out there, you all know who I am talking about, want to fix men in their lives, and strangely enough Scorpio men are one of the only sun signs that not only allow but also tend encourage this paradigm of help and helper.

But don’t betray them. Of all the signs they are the most vindictive, and they will wait patiently to exact their revenge. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are the right mate for a Scorpio, since even if they perceive a slight or a betrayal of trust they can fly off the handle, dropping into a deep state of depression, making everyone around them miserable. Cultivate a sense of trust and calmness in your Scorpio and the dividends will pay off huge.

Best Relationship Matches

Cancer Both of you have deep emotional wells underneath that hard surface, and are both water signs.

Virgo You admire each other’s work ethic, and the negative traits of both cancel each other out.

Pisces Although the attraction is immediate, it doesn’t last long the Piscean will become too possessive for you.

Worst Relationship Matches

Aries You must avoid the other Mars sign you’ll constantly fight over control of everything.

Gemini You’ll get jealous of their freedom.

Sagittarius Too flighty and untrustworthy this match is liable to bring out your darkest qualities.

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  1. Watch how Scorpio act as soon he / she read this comment . I red almost all you Scorpio females comment , the funny part about you Scorpio females is YOU complain to much , criticized every one but your self , and cry no one is passionate enough for me , you selfish and demand sex , passion = slavery from any sign , don’t forget most Scorpio men and women are bi sexual / women / men had several encounter with same sex .miss Scorpio it’s not the sign or the compatibility . its the mental natural sick mind that you poses , it’s only in your head thinking you are great detective = suspicious because by nature you evil . and that why you try to gaze into there eyes because you suspect every one think the same way as your evil mind . don”t trust others and you call that tactic ” = i”m natural detective , and your gaze into others eyes to figure them and put fear in them , that not being smart that called bully your opponent mentally = partner to surrender completely to you dictatorial mind that you call passion ( IF ) THEY WEAK TO LET YOU CONTROL THEM OTHERWISE YOU MOVE TO THE VICTIM /WEAKER , Scorpio are psychopath by nature , only in their mind they think they great thinker , what you see IN SCORPIO one of the many masks they wear when they meet people , Scorpio nothing but fake pretender manipulate other for there own need , there’s not one ounce of love in there body ,Only SEX . Again this sign has no Soul . Scorpio is a pretender , stalker , deceiver ,Evil being without soul , SCORPIO do not show any Passion or love THAT he Cry for . Scorpio think shes goddess / God , and men should worship her mental natural problem . Scorpio female has between 4 to 10 men at young age , and still complain , the reason Scorpio keep use an excuse , it’s not the man , it’s the sex and lust to F&ck every man WHO satisfied her sexually ,the more you can F&ck a Scorpio woman the longer SHE will stay with that man otherwise she will look some wear else to fill that need of sex and satisfaction , many house wife Scorpio are cheater and F&ck behind there husband back and live double life THAT apply on the male indeed ,LOT OF COUPLES SCORPIO INTO SWINGER LIFE STYLE . AS OF TYPING I HAVE ABOUT 8 FEMALE SCORPIO I CONTROL TRUE SEX I HAVE LONG STAMINA THAT LAST LONG TIME NO VIAGRA JUST PLAIN 10 INCH THICK MUSHROOM HEAD TOOL THAT THEY COM AND COM AND COM AND SQUIRT AND SQUIRT even a lesbian who i had the chance to make her leave her girl after she had several orgasm that the only reason i control true sex and the size of Foot long . that is why Scorpio woman keep on changing the man till she find the man who can keep up with sex , many Scorpio found in bars , prostitute GO/GO DANCERS money sex and satisfaction Scorpio want to mold all signs to her / his expectation . why you don’t compromise with the other singes ? that is not in there nature , that is why most Scorpio women found to be prostitute . the way Scorpio think 99% sex , lust , cheat , manipulate , lie , natural criminal , use people , kill or get killed , astrologers always warn about this sign since it’s associated with crime , death , enemy , or being killed . die at young age either by nature or violent death or retaliation from people who done wrong .female Scorpio have natural problem with her vagina / weak part of the body may contract disease . all ways wear condom when you with Scorpio . this information apply on the water sign . they think alike . the sociopath of the zodiac Scorpio pieces cancer.

  2. I came here out of curiosity , sheesh ! People are different with different preferences , I believe you should count yourself lucky if you make it work no matter how compatible your horoscope says .

    I’ve never been attracted to any other signs aside from scorpios and most especially Sagittarius . The attraction is intense and the friendship is real .
    I’ve had 2 relationships , one from both sides , but all of my lustful sexcapedes are Sagittarius and it’s amazing , I don’t choose them , it just happens …… I could see a guy for the first time and I’m attracted to him just to later find out he’s Sagittarius .

    So I don’t know if I’d ever be attracted sexually to anyone outside these signs , because that’s it for me as first impression goes , and if I don’t feel that , I don’t give space for ” hey there’s no serious attraction but I promise I’m great ”

    However , I do hope I marry a Sagittarius , I’m cool with them.

  3. I’ve met one Virgo female they so boastful to me I’m a Scorpio male and I’m so young with no wife she always cheat me and bully with getting a food and money and I’m gr 4 only and with teasing

  4. Sagittarius is very good for scorpios cuz they are my best friends they going to laugh me my brother too he was Scorpio and they like Leos and Taurus

  5. Not true I’m Scorpio and my father is Aries and my friend in class is Sagittarius and my enemy is Virgo

  6. Leos are not for Scorpio women at all!

  7. Been bestfriends with my Virgo then finally started dating been together fir a year and a half and even the fights we have are intense but funny we do almost everything alike but he loves me so much its somethings you just know goes together and me and him just fit ever since we first met I knew 10-28-13

  8. Scorpio female with Taurus moon and Gemini rising MARRIED to Cancer male with Sagittarius moon and Aquarius rising. Couldn’t have found myself a better partner. We complete each other in so many ways. We have been together for 9 years and married for almost 6 now. We have 5 kids and one on the way. I am more of the discipliner when it comes to parenting as he is more laid back and easy going when it comes to taking care of the kids. He on the other hand is the worrier and is constantly/frantically watching them almost to the point of driving ones self crazy because it is nearly impossible to watch all 5 children at once without missing something. After all their ages are 7, 6, 4, 2, 11 months and an infant will be here in 2 months. I on the other hand am more laid back in this area and more care free in terms with kids are kids and its okay if they skin their knee or fall down. Its apart of life and helps with the learning process. He tries to avoid those types of things at all costs. He is more nurturing and sympathetic to the kids where I am more toughen up, things happen, no use in feeling sorry for yourself get back up and try again. I administer the rules and the children know to listen to me and don’t try to get away with things as much.. When it comes to dad they know they can get away with almost anything and they take advantage of that and often don’t listen well because they know dad is a softy and will give in. For the most part we compliment each other and he picks up the parts that I lack in as I do the same for him. Our sex life is amazing and we are still as attracted to each other as we were the first day we met. We love to be together and share a bond like no other. We are truly meant for one another. When we fight it can get a bit out of hand at times but it doesn’t last long usually because we both know we over reacted in ways we didn’t want to and wished we wouldn’t had. All in all I have to say our relationship/marriage is in our eyes perfect and we will be together forever. Both of us share the same views on divorce and don’t believe in it. Call us old fashioned but we believe in working out our problems instead of just calling it quits. I am a 26 year old female and he is a 30 year old male. We have a lot of life left but we have spent nearly everyday with each other since the first day we met. I think there has been maybe 6 days/nights in the last almost 9 years that we haven’t been together. We are pretty much inseparable and wouldn’t have it any other way. He is my best friend and I am his. Best mate I could ask for. As for my last relationship which was a 3 year relationship before I met my husband…. I don’t have many good things to say about it. He was a Libra with Aries moon and Aries rising. Terrible match. Always fighting. He cheated constantly causing me to cheat in revenge. He was a liar and terrible at it. Very manipulative yet also feel sorry for me type. Very possessive, jealous, and hypocritical. I was never allowed to hang out with friends without him and if he let me he constantly was checking in on me. He had a terrible work ethic. When with me he wouldn’t work and when we would break up for a while it was like he would get a job to win me back and then would eventually quit after we got back together. He didn’t drive or have a license because he was afraid so I was used for rides all the time, He had a terrible drug habit which I in turn had to support or he would throw tantrums. He basically caused all the bad things to show in me and never brought out the good. I called it quits after cheating on him and he knew it was over that time for good, yet he didn’t let that stop him from trying to tell my (now husband) that I was a crazy bit** and he should get out of the relationship now while he still has the chance and I will ruin his life. He was always really good at making it look like I was the bad one and he had it so terrible in our relationship… always poor him. Thank god that’s over with.

  9. I’ve been with my Scorpio hubby for 5 great years now, I am a Cancer, and we are currently engaged. 😁

  10. Taurus is headstrong not stubborn.There’s a whole lot of difference. You can’t win over Taurus by force, you gotta win over him by wit and tact, that does not mean you should indulge in deceit. Yes, they can resist change, but not because they are rigid, but because they tend to develop deep emotional ties with the routine. Taurus, in one line, can be summed up as a creature of habit. If you go to movie or dinner, continuously for Sundays, for few weeks, he would consider that as a ritual and it would become part of his routine. For rest of your life, he would be ever willing to take you out. In simple terms, if you can nudge him to follow certain things the way you like, you are in all reality, carving out a ‘perfect man’. Yes, Taurus has that unique ability in them that I did not find in any other zodiac. You can mould them by habit, bit by bit. I am a Scorpio Woman, I used my seductive and charming powers over him to nudge him to do that. He readily followed, Taurus, whatsoever be their natal chart, can’t resist their Scorpio love. But you gotta hold his hands through any change initially for they are unsure, uncertain and jittery through change initially unlike their original nature. Like Taurus is not a party animal, but would accompany his beloved anywhere even if he’s not comfortable with the host or venue, yeah he might throw in a few tantrums, but would in all certainty, accompany his beloved for her protection or security. But once he gets comfortable in that change, sit back and enjoy, welcome to Taurean way of things. Be ready to be surprised. You yourself would now witness the change in a new light or perspective that you hardly ever had. Also do not try to make Taurus jealous or the sort we, Scorpio, do to test the interest of our mate. Taurus does not like his interest flirting with other men. Yes it does make them jealous but in the wrong way. Instead of pursuing you, they might withdraw. So take care. Of all the Zodiac signs, only cool-headed Taurus that he is, can handle, support and stand by a Scorpio woman through all her difficulty (all Scorpio women out there know how we behave in our emotional life crisis). It is this enormous mental stability and inner power that enables him to handle all that Scorpio throws out in anger. No other zodiac, be it what some astrology websites say best love matches for Scorpio being Pisces and Cancer, can support or even handle Scorpio at its worst, Pisces and Cancer might run away or just stand there and let things take their own toll. My male Pisces, Cancer friends weren’t really of any help to me in my trying times even after they tried hard. Only the Taurus could handle and take things head-on. Taurus,be it in business or life, is rightly reckoned as a ‘Man of Crisis’. This man delivers when times are bad. But only when he is at calm and peace internally. Taurus, when hurt emotionally, like when I spewed some venom (stung him) at one time. He withdrew completely, became self-destructive, like without purpose or goal. Only when I apologized profusely and turned the heat on in bed (amazing sex!), did he normalize. Taurus, unlike some silly astrology websites claim of his raging anger, does not get angry easily. It takes a lot to get this man, angry! When others are blowing their trumpets when they are angry, he simply recluses himself into silence. Only when someone persists in their wrongdoings, does he face the quintessential Taurean wrath. I am very very happily married to a Taurus for more than 7 years. Only a Taurus can satisfy a Scorpio woman in sex, no Pisces or Cancer can do that, not even remotely close. Even after 7 years, it stills feels pretty fresh with him. The magnetism is breath taking. My vote for my love, Taurus.

  11. He’s only known you for a few months and he’s saying that he loves you already. Be there done that with these Scorpio men. Just be careful. His charm is like no other. Give it 8 months more and I bet things will be totally different. Don’t get caught up in his web.

  12. Why is Aries very common on the Worst Relationship list?! I’m Aries!!!

  13. I agree with all this! This is my personality. I am a Female Scorpio and I am attracted to one person in particular in Cancer! I have the feeling he likes me a little too…just from signs 😉 but this was very well done! Very accurate!

  14. You were right the Scorpio attraction to Pisces is immediate. I have known a Pisces of 2 years now. He says he likes me but he is not ready to date because of past relationships. I really want this to work but now I am losing hope. My past crushes were pisces but they never worked out either. None of my crushes lasted 2 years though.

  15. I’m a Scorpio female dating a Taurus male for about a month. He’s charming, affectionate, future minded and sensual. All the attributes I like. We quickly became friends and our relationship seems serious in such a short time. We have not had any intimate contact(not even kissing) even though we have talked about having such contact all the time. He has so far introduced me to his best friend and we’ve joked about having a future together on few occasions. He told me he loved me but I don’t know if I should take him serious because it was on one of those occasions where we were talking about getting intimate. He always expresses how he adores me, miss me and said he sees me as the type a man could settle down with. Is all that’s happening for real? Or should I wait some more to find out? I want to love and trust him but I’m unsure of what I’m really getting. We’re both in college and don’t get to see each other a lot because we’re in different faculties. However we are making arrangements to spend more time together.

    • Ur story sounds exactly like mine. Same signs n all. Dont really have any advice but I do kno tat I am gonna wait it out cuz i kno its gonna turn into one of the greatest relationships ever 😃😃😃💞💖💕💓💏💏

    • Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman early in life can misunderstand each other. You are blessed if he has already expressed his love to you. Taurus, traditionally, takes a long time to confess their emotions not because they are unsure but they fear rejection. What Taurus Man usually fears the most in life, is what if they propose and their love rejects them. This fear basically holds them long, even in ranging in years, mine took more than one complete year, but once they are committed they never waver. But in Scorpion presence, all their traditionality, goes for a six. Talk about our magnetism at work. You are still young. Plan long trips and adventures with him. In nature, this bond gets deeply solidified. Also never ever flirt with other men when you are in relationship with a Taurus. There’s nothing called ‘Healthy flirting’ in Taurean dictionary, he might consider this as an act of disloyalty. Though he would not break up with you for such a small instance, but his unconditional love would start withering away into disenchantment. The Taurus will be by your side but may lose the one you fell for. You have to really talk him up, discuss how you view loyalty, trust in relationships and get him to talk about his views on it. Also there’s nothing wrong in arguments with Taurus, in Taurus-Scorpio relationships, these are quite healthy. Its like we keep each other intellectually stimulating. But take care not to get too critical, he would definitely show signs that arguments are getting over the top. Both Taurus and Scorpio don’t like to lose an argument. What I have seen is that even if Taurus is right (I learnt it long after the argument), he would willingly lose to his love to make her happy even if he knew she was wrong (talk about unconditional love!). First he would try to make me see sense but since I am quite stubborn and he realizes there’s no point further arguing, he slowly accepts defeat to show as if he has genuinely lost the argument but would always prepare for the consequences for wrong decisions I make (I deeply admire and love him for that!). Also never argue with Taurus in public, it might hit the relationship permanently. Also Taurus are quite sacrificing, whatever decision they take is for the financial betterment of their couple. Scorpios do not have such financial acumen. Better let Taurus handle the finances. So there thats my experiences with my Taurus – He’s May born, I am November born.

  16. My husband is a Leo, scorpio rising. I am a scorpio, Leo risings. We have been together 5 years.Truthful we are incompatible, but there is this absolutely magnetic energy between us. I am not the easy to please type. I mean in the sexual context. My appetite for sexual energy is off the scale. He is introverted which means it’s hard for him to understand it’s more than sex for me. It’s sharing his passion. I do love his confidence. It’s almost cocky but I am so insecure and unsure that his “absolute” is super attractive. He is extremely handsome, tall, and lean “so what are you complaining about you ask”? “That I want you so bad” passion!

  17. Im a young female Scorpio. I’ve only had two relationships: One was seven months I thought it was perfect turns out he was cheating the whole time, the other was short we never even got to actually go official before he lied to me and a bunch of drama I don’t put up with all of that so I dropped him Both we’re with Sagittarius It was exactly how you described it “Too flighty and untrustworthy this match is liable to bring out your darkest qualities.” I cant have a relationship without trust and straightforwardness. They really turned me into a person I didn’t recognize. I had a weak moment but now Im back on top. Anyone have any advice about how to attract more compatible signs? Some who have been catching my eye is another Scorpio, a Taurus, Libra, and Leo.

  18. I’m a female Scorpio with a (male) Aries partner. Let me tell you, our hotheadedness can be somewhat of a problem if we both get heated and led to a very tumultuous period in our relationship. However, if you truly love the person your with, you find a way to deal with whatever personality “flaw” they may have (within reason, of course…I’m not including unacceptable behaviors in this idea of acceptance.). He knows that I’m easily angered, have jealousy issues, and can be extremely temperamental as I know he can be very stubborn, quick to snap, and temperamental himself. We’ve come to understand these characteristics about one another and find that the pros most definitely outweigh the cons and we’ve been together for about 3 years. You just need to understand what the other person may be like, know about YOURSELF, and realize that you may be complete opposites but have the most wonderful time with one another. Remember! Your sign and compatibility are just a guide at who might be right for you and what you/they may be like due to their astrological sign…use it as that and go forward in the relationships you may encounter~ Don’t be closed off to signs that may not be your ideal…because I’m living proof that even completely opposite signs can work! ❤

    (Also, the physical and romantic side of our relationship is absolutely amazing! Guess all that pent up stubbornness had to be dealt with somehow!)

  19. I personally feel like Virgo and Capricorn is the evolved Scorpios best match. Both are hard workers, pleasers, family oriented, sexual perfectionists, intelligent, serious minded, sweet and caring. These are men you dream about having a life with. And if you ever need something fixing, you can count on them (and they make it look so good). I do not think Taurus too good of a good match, they are arrogant jokesters who can sometimes be insensitive to us scorps. while cancer and Pisces make beautiful matches.. And honestly a Pisces was my first true love and I still love him and hope the best for him.. They are short lived and too emotional for us weird unemotional but super emotional signs. Water and earth create mud, the foundation of beauty and life to grow and flourish👌 sink deep into the security and have a happily ever after.

    • Being a Scorpio (with Scorpio rising) man married to a Capricorn woman…this has not worked out..we are getting divorced unfortunately. Can definitely say Scorpio / Leo is not a good match either (had three of those). I know this is going to be a bit bizarre but I think I will look for a next relationship based on a Cancer/Virgo and also a good Chinese horoscope match too

  20. I dated a Pisces Girl i honestly fell in love with the first time i seen her we had so much in common it wasnt even funny . everywhere we went people said we should get married yadda yadda . alot of people admired us . but like you all know once you lose a scorpios trust they will never be the same with you . this girl i dont know for some reason i felt i couldnt trust her because so many guys were trying to get with her and whenever wed get into arguments shed go off talking to a guy friend im not saying she wwas cheating or anything but sheed make it seem like she was she would like his photos etc and me id get jealous and then ill try harder and harder to be this prince charming . there was one day where she wore high heels in the city and i think she got cuts behind her feet you know corn i think is and what they call it . but anyway i seen this i walked with socks from the city to the train to her house and gave her my sneakers i went to a pharmacy to get neosporen and bandaids . i use to bring her flowers every week . anyway to be honest i think i tried too hard and make me it clear to her like i was this over sensitive guy and one day she forgot about this speicail day i hd planed for her . i rented a chair at olive garden with the water view . she forgot about it and it was on a sunday and she is a cheerleader and she wanted to go to this football game . now that same day i just exploxed like i cursed her out cause i wwas tired of trying and when she rememberd she apologized . i canceld the whole dinner btw . she really saw how much i was mad and i didnt care i just wanted to be alone . so the next day i felt like i was a dick and i shouldnt had exploded like that . then she comments on this guys picture the same guy she had be liking pics of and stuff . i was enraged we got into another argument and i ended it . i broke up with her . weeks later she relaized how good she had it and i let her go i didnt feel sorry for her . i didnt give her simpathy i just cut the string . we see each other time to time have like this 3 second eye contact then go on with our lives . this is two years ago . ifelt as if she was the one that got away but i can get her again if i tried but my pride is telling me no , im now dating both a virgo and taurus . there fun but nothing like the Pisces .

  21. Hey ,

    i am also Scorpio Female and in relationship with cancer man .

    This is so very true. My absolute best relationship .

  22. “Worst Relationship Matches

    Sagittarius Too flighty and untrustworthy this match is liable to bring out your darkest qualities.”

    I’m Scorpio and I totally agree for female/male love relationship. Sagittarius males are bad news for Scorpio. Nice at first then they get judgemental, manipulative and selfish. It’s all about the money. When they start judging and criticize, it is usually their own shortcomings they try to pin on you.
    On the other hand, I have many female Sagittarius friends. They are great friends, generous and loads of fun.

  23. I am a scorpio and yeah I think I manipulate sometimes without them even noticing it, I am a keen observer and when it comes to relationship I do become controlling. As of this year I am with a virgo guy and I kinda like his aura. Scorpio’s are person’s who are really hard to gain trust and I really respect the way he respects me .. He make me smile and he really know how to please me .

  24. I had a 6 month relationship with a cancer male but we broke up because of infidelity on his part. At the time (I was hurt) I said somethings that may have hurt him because he distant himself until we were out of touch completely. He seemed to have moved on with his life the following week. Myself on the other hand had deep feelings for him (he seemed perfect, I was attached) and it was hard for me to get over him. Three years later I find myself regretting the break up and these days I seem to miss him more. I’ve tried to move on many times but I always have my guard up and it never works out. I don’t know if he has tried to reach out to me because I had to change my number a few times. I doubt he has though. Do you think I should reach out to him?… I don’t take rejection well so I’m a bit scared of that too.

    • No move. On

    • Totally move on. You are exhibiting Scorpio obsession here. You don’t really love him, you are just obsessed with him. A Scorpio must learn to control obsession and possessiveness. These are the 2 Scorpio weakness that will ruin you. Control them and you’ll be a great catch.
      I’ve read being with the wrong Cancer is devastating and dangerous. Not being with him is the best thing that can happen to you. Find someone who deserves you. He will be able to get around the guard & break down the wall.

  25. Im a LIBRA Woman and Have been with my Scorpio man for 4.5 years no sight to an end… We have a son together and I have never felt a connection with anyone the way I do with him. I see all these comments here and I felt the need to add my 2 cents. I am the one with the high sex drive but my scorpio does his best to keep up with me… our sex is electric and like nothing else ! the longer we have been together the less and less we argue and yes I am implusive and he is the opposite. he is perfect to help me slow down and really think about what I want. I am perfect for him in the way that I keep things exciting and positive and keep him from hiding away from the world to much. the thing is with any relationship is to respect eachother and not try to change the other person. my scorpio enjoys his alone time and Libras dont like alone time…. I have found that giving him a night here and there alone has actually made us closer than ever and given me a chance to self reflect as well. I am a flirt and I love attention but with my scorpio he is all that I need and I feel like I can be with him happily the rest of my life. not just because we have a son but because we connect in a very special way. Scorpio and Libra is an amazing match !!!

  26. I am a Virgo girl (Gemini rising), dating my Scorpio boyfriend (Taurus rising) for a little over a month — the relationship has been the most intense I have ever been in, because of how emotionally intense he is, true to his sign. This intensity has thrown us from one extreme to another, in a matter of a day, “so much so soon” as he puts it, for a new relationship…BUT this is a bond for a lifetime, I really believe it is. Virgo and Scorpio are really, really good together. Virgo is so understanding, kind, compassionate, and usually has a thirst for knowledge, and all those things are really attractive to a Scorpio. Also, Virgos are very sensual, as Scorpios are, so the intimacy is very bonding and deep. One of the strongest qualities that makes this relationship work is Virgo’s PATIENCE, in my experience. Scorpios can get extremely intense and turn “cold” when they really don’t want to…but with just a little space, my Scorpio comes back around, and is always very thankful for the understanding. Whenever conflicts or just normal “cold, distance Scorpio spells” arise, all he needs is to just LOVE him and be there for him. And Virgo’s natural compassion and nurturing fits perfectly here. My Scorpio is extremely possessive, even if he will sometimes say is glad I have friends I hang out with (even a guy friend), but from his actions I have learned that he doesn’t like any male in my life, unless it’s my immediate family. Just be loving and patient with them, and BE there for them, no matter how cold they seem. They really need this love and attention! Virgo + Scorpio = ❤ ❤ ❤

  27. I am a gemini currently seeing a scorpio. Our moons signs are both air his is aqua mines is gemini. I recently did our birth charts and they gave us a score of 93% compatibility. I really don’t think Gemini’s are the worst for a scorpios. I guess maybe not for me because I have mars in cancer which makes me pretty emotional etc vs his mars in virgo lol. I don’t know but I drawn to my scorpio like pen on paper!!!

  28. I am a gemini currently seeing a scorpio. Our moons signs are both air his is aqua mines gemini. I recently did our birth charts and they gave us a score of 93% comparability. I really don’t think Gemini’s are the worst for a scorpios. I guess maybe because I have mars in cancer which makes me pretty emotional vs his mars in virgo lol. I don’t know but I drawn to my scorpio like pen on paper!!!

  29. true! i m a scorpio female n had a very close friendships with both pisces male n female.
    well …let me tell very clearly…this relationship is always full of fireworks but my advice to all scorpios is just stay away form pisces. i know its difficult as we people get drawn to each other naturally so we don’t realize the ultimate outcomes of this whole attraction.
    as far as my my experience concerned, i have found one thing common about both male-female pisces.they behave as the sweetest person on the earth n try to show as if they will be always there throughout your life but in reality, they are very insecure, cunning and selfish liar people.
    at first they will cling to u all the time n once you stop interacting with others but them, they leave you suddenly when u actually need them. then they come back, suck all your positivity by venting out their own negative fearful feelings n constantly seek assurance and after getting that inspiration n self-confidence from your motivational talks, they again turn back to you in a very ungrateful manner. they don’t even want to see you doing anything better than them.
    they are so clingy (claim all your time n space) and suspicious and turn you into a loner as they won’t allow you to even talk to your best friends whereas they themselves enjoy their space by frequently disappearing without leaving any clues. they are revengeful n love to play mind games n the worst part is they take revenge of 1 thing in totally different thing. they are money minded n good at using people for their own motives .
    i have stopped trusting all those sites which say they are givers, healers n sympathetic. in reality, they do everything just for themselves. i now hate them from core of my heart n will request every scorpio not to get fooled by their false charm n sweetness.

    • I am also a Scorpio female (11/11), and I couldn’t agree with you more. I have always attracted Pisces male and female in my circle and I have had the same exact experience u have described. I have such a very bitter yet sweet spot for them. Its their (Pisces male) that melts me though.

      • I agree with Ali Javed. I am a scorpio. I was engaged to a Pisces but called it off. He was the one that got away. Don’t forget that you must control your weakness or they will control you. I think both of you are letting the Scorpio sting & obssesion hurt you by assuming all Pisces are bad. They are not. Use Scorpio’s outstanding ability to read people & Scorpio notorious secretive nature to your advantage. Get to know the Pisces and don’t show interest until you know you can trust them. I’m very surprised that Capricorn is not included in best relationship above and worst relationship should include Aquarius!! Aquarius doesn’t have deep emotion like a scorpio. That is the worst love match.

    • I,m a pisces…
      and lol…ur saying that u request every scorpio to stay away from them…what is this?….ahahh even the opposite zodiac signs can be friends,mates etc…. Zodiac signs are not a fixed thing…therefore what i suggest is that a person should not expect something from others just by reading their zodiac signs…maybe they are the opposite…any ways… i hope u find good people around u…be it any zodiac signs..
      peace 😉

  30. I am an Aries woman with a Scorpio rising moon. I’ve been with my Scorpio man for 3 years and believe me it had been hell on high waters. In the first 2 years of our relationship we would fight like crazy, it was a battlefield that no one would dare step on. As an Aries, I love to fight, I love the physical and mental challenge and I NEVER EVER like to lose. Where as my Scorpio needs to be in control of everything. We consistently fight for control but it does not get ugly like how it used to be. He is the type to always try to run away for fear that I am the only one who truly understands him and as you may know Scorpios are not just mysterious but they are treasure boxes. They keep everything inside but if you find a way to talk to them respectfully (instead of in an overly aggressive way that an Aries can be), they will earn your trust and begin to open up. In my mind, you can never FULLY have a Scorpio but you can be the one who has the most of him than anyone in the entire world can. Scorpios need to reserve a part of them for only themselves where as Aries women will put all their cards out on the table. If you truly love somebody, there is no right or wrong compatible match because you will learn to make it work. As a true Aries lady, I am a fighter. I will fight to the death and if it is dead, I will bring it back to life and keep fighting for what I want. When I get what I want, that fight will be worth it because it teaches us the VALUE of the relationship and to never take it for granted. I believe that Aries and Scorpio can be a beautiful match if you channel both energies and powers in the right direction. Although Scorpios are mysterious people, they need a strong lady. A LADY, as I reiterate, not just any woman. A lady who is above all other women in the world they have ever been with because as you may know Scorpios are very sexual beings and the men especially are dogs. They are the womanizers of all zodiac signs but to be their significant other you MUST be SECURE with yourself, in control of your own emotions, your actions and most importantly be STRONG above all else even when things seem to be crashing down. At some point you need to realize in any zodiac sign that if you really love your significant other, that you aren’t each others enemies and you need to stop fighting one another, but instead you need to work together. I cannot stand my Scorpio man at times BUT I love him with all my heart. He is the one who ignites my fire yet can keep me grounded and I love him more and more everyday. With an Aries, your love won’t die down, instead it’ll get stronger as the days, months, years and decades pass. Never quit, work at what you want, COMMUNICATE instead of just react, and at the end of the day when all is said and done, love them and show them that you care. As tough as one may try to seem, at the end of the day everyone needs to be loved.

  31. Libra should definitely be somewhere on one of the best signs for a Scorpio. I’m a Scorpio male and I find that the needs of a Libra women exceed the needs of a Scorpio. Many lessons can be learned from each other such as the Libra’s self interest and Scorpio negating his/her jealousy issues. But the best lesson seems to be the ability to compromise!

  32. Leo is the best sign. The sun is the center of the universe. Don’t live in denial its not good for you. Leo is in touch with the sun, so is able to not be sensitive, not be jealous, confident, loving, and loyal. Did you know that all of the signs are ruled by the planets Mercury, Pluto etc, except for Leo who is ruled by the Sun.

  33. See I’m a scorpio woman and I’ve found Aries is a no go found them to try and be controlling but as a scorpio that never happend and they are quite jealous and very selfish and I’ve found that Aries easily fall in love with scorpios ,recently dated a Gemini and that didn’t work out and I don’t tend to get on with geminis at all or Aquarius , Sagittarius are great as friends but not as along term relationship , what about scorpio woman and taurus man or scorpio woman and cancer man , I think also it depends on what part of scorpio you are as to what u like I like to feel loved and safe and someone funny where as some scorpios like to be left alone rather then have love and affection What are people’s thoughts on scorpio woman

  34. I have to agree with those saying you should check your full birthchart for compatibility, your sunsign is simply one aspect of your (outer) personality. I’m a cancer woman and a lunar (inner personality) Scorpio, my boyfriend is a Scorpio but a lunar Capricorn. We are very different but we really match. We are not like the typical in your face PDA cancer/Scorpio. But we deeply love eachother and one always compensates for the others weakness, and we empower eachother. Oh and…. Kinky + Freaky = LIMITLESS 😉

  35. Out of my experience:
    Taurus men are number one! Amazing partners, caring, a bit mysterious, perfect lovers and so understanding! They make me feel myself.. I’m currently with a Taurus guy and I love him so much!

    Cancer men are way too emotional and talkative.. I used to end up feeling so drained with my ex partner.. He used to rely on me about everything..

    I personally don’t get on with Air and Fire star signs if it’s about love relationship.. They just don’t attract me..

    Scorpio men.. They are too deep and complicated.. They are magnetic but they never make me feel comfortable..

    Scorpio women, you want a Taurus man!

    • What does lunar an inner personality meen also?

    • What part of scorpio are u he start or the end

    • You just made my day! I wonder if you are still with him. I have been with a Taurus man and I do think they are super understanding, but being a scorpio woman- I miss the passion and when I say passion I mean fuck the world and let me just take you away from here. I am hopeless romantic and I find him quite a practical romantic kinds. So I miss the passionate love and surprises. Despite of saying all of this- he truly knows how to care and i believe taurus men are mysterious.

  36. I’m a Scorpio men, I dated an aries for 5 years and yeah, we both are controlling. I love her so much and I gave mine up, it ends up that she betrayed me twice. I forgive her once and the second time happens. The first one is having sex with a guy on the bed that I assembled for her and the bed that we slept together for 5 years. The second time, my friend caught her giving heads to another man in a car with the light off, near her own house. I’m pretty upset that I sacrificed so much in this relationship, I take care of her from A-Z, and this is the outcome that I get. Oh well, life goes on and I learned my lesson. For god sake I’m going through the toughest crap at the age of 20.

  37. What about Leo? We Scorpio love us some Leo men/woman in our life. I have dated a Leo and I love Leo’s men because they know what I can expect in sexual wise and in my whole life.

  38. I would like to say that when you base a relationships outcome based on just sun signs you are making a mistake. I am an aquarius who is happily inlove with my scorpio. You know why we get along so great, our moon, rising and venus signs are compatable. He has a cancer moon, I have a pisces moon. He has a scorpio rising, i have a pisces rising. He has a virgo venus, I have a capricorn venus. See. Life is easy when you do your research!

  39. Lol I have both. I’m in a relationship with a Scorpio that I’ve know for a long time ago and he doesn’t seem to notice at me. But I did found a chance for myself, and we’re both in. Tadaaah :”D

    I’m a Sagittarius with Pisces Moon Sign. Weird, huh?

    I think we’re both fit, just listen and care. Love. Sex. LOL xD

  40. also, i;m not jealous, nor am I obsessive of anyone, i’ve never felt jealous of anyone before so I can’t relate to that, i’m worried that my current boyfriend will turn out to be that way though and I absolutely HATE jealous and over obsessive people.

  41. I’m currenty dating another scorpio and the relationship is going extremely well, i’m worried that it will go too deep though, i’m a scorpio but i’ve always been extremely independent and very observant, I like to analyze people but can also be very introverted when it comes to myself. i want to wait and see how this relationship will turn out though.

  42. Leo and Aquarius men…the worst I’ve dated by far. (Scorpio woman)

  43. Well my partners and aries and we dont fight for control and we have been together for a few years and we are still in love more then we was xx

  44. What about libra

  45. best for a scorpio is a scorpio always works

  46. i’ve never met a male cancer but i ALWAYS meet gemini’s. I’ve dated tons of them, and every guy I meet and is instantly attracted to turn out to be gemini’s. It’s so weird. I’d like to meet a cancer to test this theory.

  47. Cancers are the BEST SIGN in all !! either Boy or Girl !! They are the best match for Scorpio ! I SWEAR !!!! 🙂


  49. Ok so of all the relationships ive been in personally, as a teenage scorpio girl, the best was definitely with a Gemini. I seem to fit the classic scorpion description almost perfectly. When I was with a Gemini I found him to be very caring and unique. I understand what it means by the freedom but I was never jealous. When we broke up it wasn’t harsh words and arguing, he felt like we didn’t see each other enough, and I agreed.
    The second thing is I’m kinda falling for a Sagittarius. Hes a close fun loving person and we have a lot in common. I’m not really sure what to think of the flighty and untrustworthy part. I do trust him and he has yet to show me I shouldn’t. Whenever I ask him about what one of his friends meant he acts a bit protective, he even started to get mad at the wrong guy once, I’m not sure why he acts like this but it surely doesn’t seem flighty. Should I go on with this or not?

  50. is it true, that the female scorpio is too jealous and overly possesive for the male leo?

  51. I am female scorpio….attraction comes easily…but every sign has something that is not “perfect”. I was with a libra for 8 years….and there was no passion…with a sagitarrian for 6 years and all the passion in the world and is still there…but when you really need him, he feels like he has to get away. Leo for 2 years…i think that could have worked…but he was quite flirty and i was young. Dated a couple of Virgos, they kept telling me how they “knew” me…if they “knew” me that well, the would know how irritating it is to be told that. We are complicated….we want the passion and heat, but also want loyalty and i have yet to find that great balance in one person. And so totally right about vindictive when hurt! 🙂

    • try dating a cancer, i’m not sure how is a cancer men but cancer women possess both of passion and loyalty ( i’m a cancer)…maybe there’re not many differences between men and cancer women.

  52. I’m an Aries that is with a Scorpio, we have mad chemistry, sex is great, but he’s stingy with his time and it’s like pulling teeth to get him to open up! I think he’s scared of our potential, thinking if he gives himself completely to me that I may end up hurting him by walking away! How can I get him to let down his guard? It is true we both fight for control, I allow him to take control most of the time because I love him but things would be so much better if he put in the time!!

  53. I think Capricorn is also really good for scorpio.

  54. I am a scorpio female (Nov. 3rd) dating a cancer female (June 24th (gemini-cancer cusp. Fun Fact: Cancers from june are so different from the ones from july, I feel specially attracted to these ones, they’re quite interesting). We love each other very much, there is ongoing intensity every time we’re together, be it creating drama arguing about something stupid or creating a magical atmosphere to enjoy ourselves … and the sex is sooo good, always. We do fight a lot, when I seek to fix a problem, she calls it a “fight” and runs away from me, totally dismisses me and this enrages me the most. Then I go after her to ask for forgiveness just so we can go back to normal, but since we never seem to meet in the middle (neither will give in, we’re both super stubborn), the problem stays unresolved. It always makes me wonder if I’d be more compatible with someone else … Positive aspects worth mentioning: when a cancer wants to spoil you they do it very well, cooks delicious meals, rents a movie to cuddle up together, invites you to travel with her, money is never an issue she’ll pick up the tab every chance she gets, she will remember every important date, and when a catastrophe occurs they’ll be the first ones there to rescue you … Scorpios are known to be loners, which is basically laziness to go out and gather with people, well no worries, a cancer’s got you covered. She’ll organize the party, gather all your friends and will make sure you’re having fun. No couple is perfect, and while some relationships may put you through many pains, as long as the pleasures out weight the sour moments, every day spent together is worth while ! But yeah, the word that defines this partnership is INTENSITY. She doesn’t think my jokes are funny, ever … Appreciate honesty ? Cancer’s for you.

    • Hi! 🙂 I have a question. So what you wrote says that you are a girl and u dated a girl? Or is that a typing error? Plus my bday is also on Nov. 3!!!:):)

  55. haha I’m gemini & i have friends from all signs
    I must say scropio+cancer+virgo get along together
    but fishes I’m not sure
    & about the match between gemini & scropio I don’t know never try before & I don’t feel like attracted to them even though they are amazing but well I only like gemini like me we both get along easily in the future i hope to find aries or virgo or libra or gemini the only people that i feel at ease with them

  56. Im a Lady Scorpio(October 26) and agree with frenchcuffs12…was married to Aries the only Man wasnt intimidated:) Taurus men generous but too controlling, Pisces sweet but possessive and Cancer Men nice but moody…Virgo Men, I love their intellect but too Judgmental & Boring….Dating A Smart & Sexy Libra(Ocober 8) Man…my BEST match so far…Very Flirtatious but Exciting & Challenging & Generous & Romantic & Fun!!! Cant get enough….

  57. now i know 😛

  58. I am a scorpio woman and very self aware. I know that I’m a little much to handle at times, but isn’t that what makes us awesome 🙂 … you’ll never get bored with a scorpio .. unless your with another scorpio of the opposite sex (hardly anything to talk about). I’ve been with a Gemini for the last 13 years and I agree with scorpio1968 … They are hard to live with it goes up and down. But I think I’d be bored if it didn’t. But one thing I’ve noticed my attraction to Aquarius is always so strong I have to stay away from them.

  59. For whatever reason, I find that I am attracted to Aries. (BAAAAAAAD bad Juju.) The fact that the only guy I have ever seen as a father is an Aries may have something to do with it. The first one I dated was self destructive and tried to bring my down with them and the one I am with now, after dating for 18 months, I am starting to have issues with. I’m okay with him flirting but I have found out he’s sexting other women. That part about waiting patiently for vengence? ohhhhhhh yeah. (*Pissed. Off*)

    Though I also find that looking into the other zodics you are born under help to find someone more suitable. I was able to find 5 zodiacs but the main two I pay attention too are western (scorpio) and chinese (monkey) and look for the best matches for both. Thus my personal best match is a Cancer born year of the Dragon or the Rat. (which for me means 4 or 8 years younger or older. I turn 20 this year so my options are either elementry or high school: or older…. Which sucks since I prefer to date very close to my age….

  60. am a cancer woman…i jst gotta say dis,scorpio men are no good

  61. yes i m a cancer man here….i m very protective…angry young man….love u till my death if u r loyal to me and in love with me …as i m also very loyal….and will kill u for sure if u cheat on my back.. and teach u a bloody lesson if u r my enemy …its my life style////…..i love itttt //……………i m really a psycho…….and i love being it……fuck u allll fucking loosers who cant make good and trusty relations…..shame on u fucking gays and whores….

  62. I think that the worst possible match is an Aquarius, which is what my ex was. they’re too out going and flirt with others while in a relationship. they also tend to have too many female friends which clashes with a Scorpio’s extremely jealousy.

  63. im an 18yr old scorpio and most things my horoscopes say asbout me is true i dated a cancer and we hit it off almost that second he was raised in the hood so he doesnt realy do any thing for others but he buys me wat ever i want emotionally im very secure everything about him is good and me being a scorpio i get mad cuz girls love his personality but he laughs off my jealousy and make me smile and let me no im his and resently we got each others name only thing i can say bad about my cancer is his sex isnt very pleasing to me but im willing to live with that one flaw for now or maybe i can make it better i also slept with his cuzn and he forgave me

  64. hi my name is pritam preet and my ex girlfriend was aquarian woman. i dont know well what she expected but she used to keep relations with other people but yet she loved me and eventually i decided to break off with her.
    I am so happy with my new lover who is a cancer.

  65. Well then i guess me and my boyfriend really did beat the odds, seeing as i am an aries and we havn t fought once over control or power haha

  66. cancer is indeed the best match for a scorpio female!…

  67. My boyfriend is a Pisces, and I am a Scorpio. By the research I have been doing on my computer, I have learned that for a Scorpio woman, and a Pisces man, the relationship is a very good one! It says that the tow signs find much in common in almost all aspects of their lives! That’s how I feel with my boyfriend. The relationship that forms between the Pisces man and the Scorpio woman is very deep on many different levels. Once the two have fallen in love, the meaning of a true connection comes to form. Their dreams are tremendous and and their ideas are never ending. For me, Zodiac signs are very important to me, and I ready mine every day. I find it quite amazing that by reading about my Scorpio and his Pisces, I can actually see how I truly act. When they say the Scorpio is emotional and strong, I think of myself. And when they say a Pisces is laid back and calm, I think of my boyfriend. It’s amazing how bonds work, and my bond with my boyfriend is a strong one. I’m only 13 and I know all of this. I think it is pretty amazing. Life could never be more interesting!

  68. i am scorpio and running with my cancer girlfriendd.
    we have some emotianal belongs with eacxh other.. she understands me and care for me.. we fight but after a while we start pampering to each other.. its a good matsh for me.. i love her alot and so she does.. scorpio and cancer are best in my case.

  69. is there a scorpian and capricorn out there that can tell me about their relationship how it is going

  70. i hav known but one scorpio man n known myself (cap woman) better in knowing him. he gives me strength in bad times and keeps correcting me relentlessly. it helps me to overcome my devils. he has got his own devils and trust grows slowly between two incorrigible and stubborn personalities like us. but as far as the building of trust is made, not one brick can moved. if one brick is budged, it will collapse, as the rule goes. i love him more with every passing day and he trusts me better.i cannot generalize every scorp,,based on this one encounter, since, as i just said, hav seen just one, but he is very moody and very patient with things he is attached to. i hav seen him change his personality from shades of love to shades of jealousy…to violence…to repentance … and back to love and generosity. it is wonderful to be under his wings as i feel completely protected there. with no other sign i can open up as much as i do wid him. n dats smthing important for this website

  71. Is it odd to be a scorpio man in love with a gemini woman? we’ve been going for 6 years now and we’ve had a few bumps in the road but we always find a way back to eachother. she also doesn’t fit the gemini description at all

  72. I forgot- My experience with gemini- Awesome one night stand. Tried to make it work b/c the 1st night was amazing and who doesnt want amazing all of the time?! Yeah, gemini’s are BABIES. The complain about EVERYTHING!.

  73. I am a scorpio female- divorced to a Pisces. I have dated MANY Pisces and they have all cheated on me- and I always found out- Scorps always do. Then Hell ensued, as you can imagine! 🙂 BUT- I also learned from a Pisces that you can forgive and forget, instead of dreaming of ways to ruin someone’s life- that can be exhausting! I have always been better friends with males since most women don’t have a fighting chance standing next to me (Besides having the amazingness of being a Scorp- I am also a model). The best of friends have always been Aquarius males. As much as they can rub you the wrong way at times- When scorps love someone, they accept and acknowledge all flaws and don’t think of anyone differently, unless you betray their trust, of course. That is something you’ll NEVER get back. I dated a Scorp, who was my best friend (he told me he loved me- I tried it- FAIL). We don’t even talk anymore after 8 years of being best friends because it broke his heart that I didn’t feel the “romantic” feelings. I loved him, of course, but not the same way he loved me, and it was pure torture for him to remain my friend. I understand, so I let him go. Taurus will bore you. Don’t waste your time. You can only be with a Taurus if you have no interest in great, passionate, otherwordly “love making” . There are 2 types of Scorpios- highly evolved- lived some tough life lessons type, and the young, carefree/careless, sexually promiscuios kind. When someone cuts off a Scorpions tail, or clips off the Eagle’s flying wings- they may never recover. EXHIBIT A- myself. Shit happens, That Pisces F’d me up. My flying wings are growing back, but that was all with the help of the perssitant Cancer. Good Lord, they make you laugh, and you feel bad when you bite their head off, because they only have the best of intentions and will buy you the whole menu with their last dollar just because you said you are hungry- but you’d never know that, because it wouldnt even cross their mind that it was their last $15. And when you only eat 1/3 of it, they don’t mind at all! They are just happy to see you smile. Cancers are awesome. I am trying my luck with a Virgo… Let’s see how this plays out. I’ll update!

  74. Okay, I am a cancer female who has tried to date out of the recommended group ( Scorpio, Pisces, Taurs and Virgo). My best relationships have been within this group. Tried to date a Leo, Aries…these were terrible matches for me. My ex-husband is a LEO! What I found interesting is how different my relationship was from one Scorpio to another. One born in the beginning of November, was very secretive, emotionally unaware, sarcastic, not very affectionate…fine as hell…but that’s where ita ll stopped for me. Then the one that was born later in November was very loving, affectionate, held great conversations, trusted me and was a great friend and lover. So I say all of this to say that there’s a difference somewhere along the line. Overall the Cancer female Scorpio male seems to be a great pair. Currently dating a Scorpio man now. All I can say is keeps a smile on my face. I feel very secure and cared for by him. We’ll see how it goes. 😉

    HE’S A CANCER DISEASE FOR US (scorpio women)

  76. I dont know nedjue, I never have been on online dating person just checked it out to see the attention I would get and how beautiful they would or wouldn’t be. Now I met this girl who is a Cancer.. Amazing but don’t like the 4 hour talks lol. rite on their.

  77. Wow! This comments are without doubt very interesantes. I am a solar aquarius and a lunar scorpio. It is very rare because I have two different personalities. One personality is outgoing, naive, impulsive and very obnoxious. The other one is involved with being obsessive, too passionate about everything, moody, emotional, I would say that I can be cruel at times. I can either hurt someone horribly with words that sting intensely and actions that exclude everyone from my world. If I do not want to hurt someone I will draw back and stay away from the person. I tend to hold grudges and no matter how much time passes by I remember and a single look says what my pride won’t allow mw to say with words. It is impossible to hurt me and get away with it. I love with my body and soul and hate the same way. The biggest pain someone can cause me is to betray me. I grow very violent out of it and will end up physically involving myself into a fight and will not be satisfied afterwards until I’ve caused enough pain.

  78. i dont belive in signs as i was born at nov 8 that means i am scropio and i dont belive in this shit

    see floks i dont want to hurt any 1

    but ppl chose their own path towards right or wrong

  79. I am a scorpio man and is currently married 2 a aquarius woman and the relationship is goin good 4 almost 2yrs now and i’m enjoyin it.

  80. im a scorpio female and have had 2 pisces in my life they are both completely emotionally crazy lol. i loved both of them but they just live in a different world and cant seem to stick into reality. the cancer i was “seeing” i reallt thought we were gonna make a good couple but outta nowere he just stoppped doin what he was normally doing then i found out he had a girlfirend. He was so sweet and i really felt like he cared he called me all the time and texted me throught the day. we didnt get tot see each other much because i lived kinda far but i was moving into his area and he was pretty much saying we were gonna be together when i moved out here. i had so much going on tht i didnt have allot of time for him i guess and he must have took tht like i didnt want him. i really dnt know wht happend but he still trys to be around me even know he has a girlfriend. i dnt understand wht happened but i think he may be a little emotionally scared of me hes only 22 and i think tht he just not ready for something tht as a scorpio woman im always ready for whn i really like some1. its frustrating but i see hes not faithful so there is no way tht i could be with him now well at least not at this time inhis life. another thing i see is tht everyone i have had a connection with always always comes back or tries to stay in my life! its frustrating and flattering at the same time. but why o why cant i seem to pull them in enough to claim me as their girlfriend? am i too intense i always say wht on my mind no matter wht. i dunno any1 else seem to have this problem??

  81. plz scorpio girls help me. if a scorpio girl says ” hey i hope you understand but now i can not remain in contact.. best wishes for your future take care good by”
    she really want to end relationship or not??

  82. so this site avnt been used since 2008? damn…

  83. scorpios are loyal but their sex level may be very high.I think only two sign one pisces nd other cancer are same to them.Scorpio vs Scorpio(not much good)..but i wil say scorpio women are different,they can read ur mind from,be careful to do any bad thing with them..but normaly they ar very good…so…”rock the scorpio king nd queen”

  84. This is mostly all so crap. Why would anyone base their decision to be or not be with someone on their bloody Sun sign? It’s the stupidest thing in the world. it all comes down to how they treat you, what you do for each other, how you feel about them and how they feel about you. Sure, some signs are more compatible than others but why do people think if they’ve had a bad experience with someone who happens to be a Cancer, mean Cancers will be bad for them all the time? That is the stupidest reasoning I’ve ever heard. Star signs can indicate but to use them to base your decision on a whole person is so so dumb beyond belief.

  85. im a scorpio girl and i was wondering what about a scorpio and a libra? ive gone to other sites but it just gets confusing after a while could u help?

  86. I am a Cancerian- fell for a Scorpio ; The sex is Intense,amazing (no complaints) I suppose us Crabs our a tad bit too clingy/ possessive for the Scorpions (or so ive been told) Especially if we divulge our feelings too early or sometimes at all. depends on the Scorp ;but they dont like to say the L-word for fear of being “vulnerable” and getting hurt they usually keep their feelings to themselves and act cool/aloof.. WE totally click spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.. I think it is one of the best matches (depending on other planets in ones chart) But me personally have been “STUNG” by the ol mighty Scorpion too many times , but still .. Is it worth it? .. 🙂

  87. I’m a Scorpio male most people can consider me attractive to my understanding. 6’1″ Blond hair blue eyes and a very athletic body. I’m only 19. I’m a very angry person as well. I’ve been a Libra for almost two years. I really loved her but she cheated on me not even three months into our relationship with a guy who has looks that only a desperate person would chase after. I don’t even know how I knew she did that but I felt it and she quickly told be after breaking down into tears. For the longest time I wanted to really beat the poor thing up but I thought it would be best that I never meet him for he will be destroyed. I chose to give her another chance but then I found out that she’s talking to him still and even other guys so I gave her another chance again. Which I shouldn’t have. I lurked her like a psycho to and watch everything she does it makes me feel more safe. Which is wrong to but I just refused to let her win so I took control of her which I never intended to and I didn’t know how to stop it. But after all of the flittyness she has publicly presented to just about every guy she meets around me kind of makes me hate libras. As a matter in fact most Libras I know are like really dumb. That’s just how I see it. I am secretive though since she’s blew my trust for her and I had 6 other girls behind her back. Three Geminis a Taurus a Leo and a cancer. The Leo was awful and so was the Taurus. One of the Geminis was a 5 star rating in sexual performance but the Cancer was kind of clingy. One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of really good looking Taurus girls are all over me. The kinds of girls you yourself wouldn’t think you had a chance. I’m single now and I would like some help getting another girlfriend. Something about me needs a fix but I can’t see it

  88. how can all of u leave out the taurus woman scorpio male combination.
    My experience has been strong initial attraction, but once it’s sizzles out there is nothing there. two times.
    the thing is both of them left such a strong impression on me. it has been 10 years since my first scorpio and not a day goes by that i don’t think about him.
    i’m determined to make it work with a scorpio MAN, but it seems like they don’t have the same determination i do.
    is this special to my case, or have others had similar experiances.

    question for scorpio men. What turns u off/on about the taurus female??
    i’ve come accross a couple of comments that say we don’t have what it takes to keep ur interest. Is that right?

  89. I believe that cancer is the best match for a scorpio because I am a scorpio female and my first boy friend ever was a cancer’ this other guy that I was really intrest in was a cancer, and my best friend and evetually I ended up falling in love with him for 4 years was the best thing in my life. We could spend ours on the phone and it would be so right. Even thought I never been with my best friend sometimes I wish it did happen. I do feel cancers are deffinitly great lovers.

  90. I know that this is something that was posted a while ago but I thought I would contribute nonetheless. I have to say, every Gemini I’ve ever met is terrible. I don’t trust them, I think they’re highly offensive and childish, and I don’t understand how anyone would want to be in their company, especially a Scorpio! The most recent Gemini in my life is the CEO of my company and he’s horrible! Our turnover is usually around the 2 year one sticks around.

    Someone posted above that they don’t seem to get along with Pisces girls..I’m the same! I get along with most signs but Pisces girls (and of course Gemini’s) are not so good. They are two faced! You hit the nail on the head. I just start warming up to them and then they do something that upsets me. I’m not a revenge type (even though I’m a scorpio) so I just retreat and try to get as far away from people like that as possible. Although I fantasize about making them pay but it doesn’t happen lol.

    I’m engaged to a Cancer man. He’s lovely!! Every Cancer man I’ve met is amazing. I have a dear friend who’s a cancer female and she’s nice..but like every other cancer girl I’ve met, her insecurities and moods eventually drive me away. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to maintain our friendship..she’s really nice but her jealousy, paranoia and bad moods are more then I want to deal with on a day to day basis.

  91. Yea, i agree somewhat with what was said here, but i dont agree with it all.

  92. I kinda don’t agree with the thing about Aries beingthe worst match for a Scorpio. Aries are passionate and loyal jusst like Scorpios. It’s true, we both like to have control, but we alo both love a challenge. I feel that Aries-Scorpio relationships can either be perfect, as we can be loyal, passionate and loving to each other and fulfill each others’ needs for adventure and challenge, OR it can be a disaster (as this says…) and the pair could end up fighting over everything, because both love control. I think the Scorpio is (personally,) a good match for Aries women such as myself, because Aries women quicklyget bored if a partner isn’t adventurous, doesn’t challenge opinions or anything like that. A man who says “yes honey” to everything would annoy, because I would feel as if they weren’t ever being truthful. Th same is (as my Scoprio friends have told me) true for Scorpios. I think tha as long as a Scorio and an Aries were willing to work out a relationship, it could be beautiful, but if the two aren’t committed, then it would end in disaster.

  93. I’m a scorpio woman and in my opinion:

    ARIES- too aggressive and we would constantly fight but I really liked his strength.

    TAURUS: I am really attracted to because he is possessive and makes me feel secure but it’s hard to dominate him.

    GEMINI: I’ve never been drawn to gemini’s before. Nothing about them interests me.

    CANCER: They talk a lot, never opened up about themselves, were TOO family oriented which I hated. TOO outgoing. but the conversation was great.

    LEO: too much of a show off, hard to control and dominate. I hated the fact they were so outgoing. and couldn’t understand my deep emotions.

    VIRGO: I find virgo people attractive. but they’re too kind hearted that I take them for granted.

    LIBRA: I hate libra’s. They’re flirts both men & woman. They talk like they know everything, they’re bossy, self conceited (or maybe just the ones i’ve met)and we had nothing to talk about.

    SCORPIO: I’m attracted to scorpio med more than any other sign. they’re sexy and they’re like a mystery i want to solve but they’re evil. We would fight and he would sting me over and over again. I couldn’t even sting him. he always had to be the boss and when we would fight over dominance he would sting. They’re EVIL!

    SAGITTARIUS: I really like them. they seem really strong and can make me feel safe but we are complete opposites. He can’t handle my possessive nature and won’t let me control him. He wants to be free and to flirt which is why we aren’t compatible.

    CAPRICORN: The sweetest people ever. They shower you with affection and do anything to make you happy. but I find them too boring and I’ve never really been attracted to them.

    AQUARIUS: Hate them. never open up about their feelings. can’t make me feel secure. they flirt and we would fight over dominance too much. I hate their outgoing nature. and how they prefer quantity over quality in friends and i’m the opposite. They aren’t even sexually compatible.

    PISCES: The attraction was instant the moment our eyes met. the conversation was great and it was like water. 🙂 he made me so relaxed so i wasn’t afraid to open up. he was so open about his feeling. but i don’t like the way they are naive and dreamy. they are unrealistic.

  94. Scorpio and Scorpio together are soulmates. How come there is nothing that is explained above when we get together? I’m still betting on this match

  95. i am a scorpio girl with an aquarius boy. we drive eachother crazy but are insanely drawn to one another somehow. theres so much i love about him. he’s probably the only guy who has kept me on my toes because he’s not constantly obsessing over me. he’s got his own thing. sometimes he makes me feel insecure because of it. maybe i will just never be satisfied? haha. there are a few things id like to tweak about him as im sure theres things he’d like to tweak about me. our relationship is very up and down. i dont want to give up hope. i hope we can reach stability.

  96. Scorpio guy here

    what in the world is so good about the relationship between cancers and Scorpios?

    cancer females talk too much about dumb boring stuff that don’t even help me or them and they don’t focus on the conversation they are always distracted…they just talk too much and I can’t wait for them to be quiet and let me say something that makes sense.

    They are SO naive and TOO smothering they are too emotional and they get depressed too much

    and the most important part is that they are annoying..I just can’t handle all that UNNECESSARY NICENESS.

    I hope my fellow scorpions will understand

  97. oh and i think i would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER date a gemini. my parents are gemini and their bipolar personalities are insane!

    • Omg, lol I feel so bad for you!! 🙂 I have a Gemini sister and she also drives me insane sometimes, but u with 2 bipolar Gemini parents.. Now that’s too much , lol 🙂

  98. Scorpio women love a good challenge, trust, and passion.

    I dated a…
    Scorpio man.
    Raw and pure INTENSE passion and magnetism without even having sex! No date was repeated, conversation always flowed… however, I never trusted him to let it become relationship.

    Virgo man.
    OMG suuuper clingy, needy, and argumentative. Definitely way too prude for a Scorpio. Total girlyman, inconfident, and afraid of change. Wouldn’t clean his house, total momma’s boy, and more analytical than me! Maybe this guy was an anomaly compared to most Virgos… but I definitely wouldn’t recommend him to an independent Scorpio woman. However, he was a pretty amazing listener.

    Now dating a cancer.
    Very interesting. I’m totally head-over heels for this guy and already let him know…eeek. I thought by now he’d run away, but he’s still interested:-) I guess he doesn’t mind my deep pool of emotions. He’s definitely has the tough crab exterior, but when he’s sweet… oh he is sweet and thoughtful. He is family oriented, traditional and very conservative… all of which I really like.

    I love being a Scorpio. I know I can draw male attention very easily just with my look. By the same token though, if I know I caught your eye… boredom does ensue.

    my BEST friends are Cancer, Pisces, and Capricorn.
    I guess I’m 101% Scorpio to the lol.

  99. OMG. I’ve been dating a scorpio man for about 3 months and i’ve realized recently that i’m in HELL! I am a gemini woman and I couldn’t stress enough that if you’re a gemini, steer clear of the jealous and secretive scorpio. The biggest problem with the relationship is that he thinks its fine! And although i’m in hell, i can’t seem to leave. He has a mysterious confidence that makes him so sexy. He has a strong personality that most times makes him think he can do whatever he wants to me and I should just take it. But us geminis have a different agenda which angers and amuses him all at the same time. Definitely a match made in hell.

  100. What about scorpio women and taurean males? I know some that have been married for over 15yrs and still are married. Have anyone else been involved with a taurus?

  101. I’m a scorpio… A lonely one… I’ve had loads of different girls. Pices aries, cancer even a scorpio… But nothing worked out… Nothing… I don’t know what I should do with myself… I don’t even think theres somebody for me.

  102. Hmm this is all very interesting but yes, take great consideration for the other aspects of both charts. I’m a virgo with a Pisces rising and boy does that pisces rule my chart cause if I”m correct when you have a pisces rising Neptune plays a huge part and my Nep is Scorp lol!! Man am I messsed up Virgo, Scorp and Pisces. I attract scrops like not other and Pisces but generally a scorp sun scorp rising is too much for my sensitive pisces rising …. boohooo cause the one I can’t forget was a scorp sun/rising ugh…..
    The one person that is meant for me is a Cancer and he is wonderful he gives me a sense of security and he’s feisty, manly, protective very sexual we are like friggen sexual soul mates …we love to please each other me more so ….I wouldn’t trade him in for anything BUT doesn’t mean another Cancer would hold the same candle THIS one just fits me personally. And Geminis are crazy…haha I’m playing for real..we know who the crazy ones are Scorps lol!!

  103. Ive had a cancerian buddy-BUDDY (You guys know what I mean)
    and the first time I saw her. We couldn’t stop talking
    we were always laughing. The chemistry and attraction was there. I was really drawn to her, but
    when we kissed for the first time that’s when the real sparks flew
    it was a kiss like no other, I just couldn’t stop kissing her.

  104. The second type … of which most Scorpios fall… is the grey lizard. They do not lower themselves to violence, but are often victimized. They go to the opposite extreme and are trampled upon. They have depth but do not have the courage to develop their depth for fear of someone taking advantage of it. Like the scorpions, they do not see the positive strength in their own feminine within. They still think it is weak. They have a faint understanding of it but see themselves as weak and therefore nueter themselves. They like power as well but are afraid it will come back to haunt them so they don’t do anything at all.

    • my dad is a grey lizard…what can i do to make him strong…he can be bigger than life, but he’s as small as a bee.

    • holy shit are you okay? you just said some things that are so stupid to imagine someone saying? are you agry,emo,depro or just in the mood to cuase harm to people who take this site seriously? im not a scorpio and i dont realy believe in this whole star thing you people got going here… but what if i did… its like you feel nothing for what others feel.. i just created an account on this forum to reply on your comment , to tellyou that wtf.. get a new husband and move on dont talk shit about him on a forum.. shows how weak you realy are.. he is probaly over you and you still talk about him.. im gemini.. nice doing business with you

  105. I am a Cancerian and was married to a Scorpio for 1 year. He as a Scorpio is suppose to be the stronger one of the zodiac sign?
    Not true in my case, he was to sensitive and emotional for me. I as the Cancer was the stronger one.

    • scorpio vs cancer. cancer definately dominates but when somethingsextremily important to scorpio and you push him too far OUCH! he will rip you to shreds.

  106. Thats right barbie… Virgo woman and Scorpio man are #3 on the list of best zodiac relationship combos. What does water and earth make, MUD. So go ahead and keep gettin’ dirty with him. I wish you two many more.

  107. I am a scorpio woman and I am married to a Gemini man and we have been married for 15yrs and I will tell you what…He is the hardest person to live with. Just when I think everything is OK…hahaha yea everything goes to HELL! I am seeing a Capicorn man and I’ll tell you what… he drives me CRAZY! Now he keeps it alive for me very interesting…plays hard to get…but I’ve gotten him. I love the games capicorn plays. Gemini always is on the defense. I hate that!

  108. wow..i see a few comments id like to respond to.. ahem. someone asked about two scorpios? most recent ex was a scorio male.Masculine and brooding emotional creatures, this was an intense love and sexual caring ,relationship,he will love you unconditionally… but the minute you lose their trust-IT’S OVER!and you have only once to make them paranoid, and he will sting the shit out of you!!!!!!!.Libras.. i cant stand’s” never their fault” ex is a libra and he had an exscuse for everything and found ways to turn it around to mae look like the asshole..Cancers? well, im currently dating a cancer, and he is the most patient, sweetest thing ive ever met. matter fact, he’s kissing my tears from the scorpio’s sting, haha!!!! however, and ive said ths to his face, he is indeed, boring…he’s open to most new things, skiddish about most,extremely bashful, and quiet and i have to brainstorm up creativity in our relationship..which gets exhausting after a while. geez.we have great sex, but lack passion, which is my life source. but when i need lovin’ and caring, he’s right here for me.and i feel safety and security:o} he’s my sweetheart..
    oh, and a little more insight about scorpios..i hate to admit it, but i’ll have to say that for, as a scorpio female, i HATE our at-times obsessive nature..when something or someone has hurt a scorpio, they have to know WHY, bc its in their nature to give the shirt off their back(as long as you dont try to steal it), and they dont appreciate feeling foolish or like they’ve been made an ass of.:o{

    • wow you know what you’re talking about. be careful with your cancer though. i had one that was patient, generous, sweet,and caring. he was my safety and security too- until after 5 years i found out it was alla game, he ruined my life, tried to rape me, and tore me apart. it was all a game to him. he saw that i was good and took the opportunity. so good luck

  109. Strictly from personal experience as a Scorpio female; My best match has been a Scorpio male. We understood each others need for stablility, intensity of emotion , trust and loyalty, etc… We did struggle for control at times, but the marriage lasted 14 happy years. I hope to find another!

    Aries is not usually known as good match with us, but I have found they are the only other ones that can handle our intensity and don’t get bored or feel intimidated. All the other sins fled…screaming and pulling their hair out, lol.

  110. How does a scorpio man and an aquarius woman get a long? I am a younger girl who is currently dateing an older man who is a scorpio.. He does have someone elese in his life but I as well. Sometime I feel as though he cares but then its like he doesn’t want to draw in to close. Maybe I am just be clingy and am afriade of rejection…. How do I know if he just wants me as a bed buddy or more.

    • scorpios are very loyal to people they want a relationship with. if there’s another woman he doesn’t love you he just wantssex and neither of you can fulfill his needs.

  111. Cancers are out to help YOU. They love YOU. If you happen to be dating or married to a cancer woman she is looking out for her interests, not someone else’s. Rest assured that she will take care of YOU. I am a 27 year old female cancer and I recently ended a 7 relationship with a Libra. I loved him and I did everything I could to make him happy. I was loyal to only him and I made his friends mine and loved his family. I spent more time with him than I did my own family. Scorpio and Cancers are water sign. We have similar internal feelings. That’s why they say we’re the best match for each other and trust me I’ve dated a Scorpio. It was nice. He understood me. Give it a chance…we’re something phenomenal!

  112. Libra women are the best for a Scorpio male. They are trustworthy and calm his brooding persona.

    • i think it depends on the scorpio. aquarius, aries, libra, and taurus are all good for a scorpio but they all love in extremily different ways.

  113. I’m a pisces and I really like my scorpio guy. I really don’t want him to think im possessive and run for the hills

  114. As Scorpio Ascendant Gemini, Mars in the sign of Lion, I have to flee possessive Aries and Lion women who become quite angry if
    I do not show any interest

    • leos can be hard to please for a scorpio. maybe 20 percent of relationships are good but never completelt fulfilling. leo is not as capable of intense love as scorpio. about 80 percent probably wont work out.

  115. What about taurus men? i have dated cancerians and there was nothing there.they were too emotional for a scorpio woman and their mood was changing all the time.

    • I adored my Taurus guy. He was logical and a communicator and helped balance me out…and it made it easier for me to talk about emotions without getting caught up in them. He was sexy and we had great sex and I loved his little habits and values. Very sad when he left. I think scorpio woman needs to be more direct with him. I think mostly trustworthy, which was huge for me.

    • taurus men and scorpio females are an amazing match. they both must be willing to work hard on the relationship at first. once they’re established they can be wonderful. you need to offer advice but also support the other persons decisions. they are both very loyal and once thye’ve told the other person they love them the relationship will only get stronger and nothing can separate them.

  116. I feel that Aquarius should definitely be on the worst list. They are cooler than fans and make the best of friends but they like to go out tooooooooo much. Always wanting to meet new people and be involved. Oppose to us female Scorpios; when we are in a relationship we can be w/our hunny all day long…after a couple of months Aquarians get bored and then search for new pu$$) !!!!! –sorry but it’s the truth!

  117. Why does it say I could go good with a Cancer? Every Cancer I’ve been with I’ve ended up hating.Even one of my friends was Cancer and we’re not friends anymore.I’ve been out with a Cancer they are so naive and so…so…I don’t know.Pisces is so gullible and naive too, they frustrate me alot.Personally I’ve fallen for Libras and Aries and Virgo.

  118. trust scorpio chicks thats one thing they hate is you not trusting them. or not having confident that they like you cause there not gona tell you they love you untill they really do then they wont let go

  119. I agree, I am a Scorpio woman and don’t think Cancer is always the best for us. They can be extremly complicated, either talk too much or don’t talk at all. Dated a cancer male and after 6 weeks (may be less) i got impatient with him.

  120. Astrologers speak in a general sense. If you are curious about the ideal sun sign to get involved with, you may want to look at more aspects of your chart.
    For exmaple, I’m a Capricorn girl who is supposed to be soulmates with Taurus or Scorpio. However, other parts of my chart influence the Capricorn. I am a Leo rising with a Venus in Saggitarius. My boyfriend has mostly Scorpio in his chart and so it creates problems because we fight over who will dominate the other and I tend to more flighty and free in love due to the Saggitarius influence.


  122. whether U believe it or nOt?.. a cap woman with a scOrpio man?.. there’s indeed a great potential in this union! there’s just magic on which u can’t really put your finger..! =) hahah

  123. Wait, didn’t it say that Pisces is NOT possessive? And Virgo being a good match for Scorpio?? Yeah right!

  124. So what about two Scorpios dating each other?

    • I am a scorpio woman who dated a scorpio man and loved it. It was one of the most honest and straight forward relationships. I liked his sexual directness, but man he did not like when I tried to ask for what I wanted. Sex was playful and light for us. I had better lovers, but he felt like a best friend and made me laugh, which took off my edge. Fun to share verbal wit. We both got hurt though I think, and a mean tongue does come out too. Miss him. He liked to smoke pot and was the wrong religion. But I felt I could be me, and more expressive than most other situations. It sucks when they take their attention away though.

    • I’m a scorpio woman, dated a scorpio man for 10 years.It is a match made in heaven.As slong as you both agree on the control issues it will be fine for a while.And as every one knows, a scorp do not forget easily, well, thats this matche’s downfall,they too similar when it comes to that.They share the same passion in everything,but as for forgive and forget, does not exist in a scorp to scorp realationship!

  125. i can say that geminis arent the best for scorpios. I dated one, shit didnt work out, and i really dislike that gemini twin sign. OHh well, i always seem to keep cancer, taurus, and virgos around.

  126. Cancer women and scorpio men have the best chemistry by far. The only problem is they always keep a man on the side so beware. Just as they are tryin their damnest to keep you locked away in a cage, they got some secret lover somewhere. Might not have cheated physically yet, but believe that she is fucking their mind at least. One thing I can say is that they will go out of their way for a man they love. Money is no object

    • what you say is partly true. often scorpios value loyaly to the extreme. but if someone cheats on themor betrays them you’re their mercy which is often very relentless and unforgiving.

    • Anthony! I couldn’t stop laughing while I was reading your post. Seems like you have some experience with us Cancerians! Even though I am faithful when I love someone, I tend to always have someone waiting in the wings. Not intentionally, just past boyfriends who refuse to let go as I used to. I am now in a place in my life where I have started mentally and emotionally closing the door to my past so I can be totally detached and available for current relationship(s).

    • Exactly at will go out our way. We keep something on the side just in case anything. Its hard for us to break up with someone so that someone is always a rebound not to get hurt

  127. I agree. Cancer makes me “down in the dumps”. I am the eagle soaring hihg. Too boring. Love the Capricorn….loyal, sexual, trustworthy…..intellectual. Not that sappy emotional crap taking you to new lows.

  128. i am a virgo woman and my husband is a scorpio together 15 years we have amazing sex completely in love and people always say we look and act like newlyweds. together we are so hot other couples feel cold. the longer we are together the better our conversations and the better our sex is.sometimes two emotional people like cancer and scorpio may lead to to many fights why be with someone just like you.. it may work with some,but my hubby scorpio will say virgo is best for scorpio. a virgin /whore is a virgo which is what a scorpio like lady in the street freak between the sheets.

  129. It’s kinda funny, I’m a scorpio female but I really hate
    pisces. Mostly female pisces but it says that I’m supposed
    to get along with either gender. I find that many of them are two
    faced people. Like we’ll be great friends one moment, then
    they turn it around and, call me a bad friend, and in return I’ll
    end up being hurt then seek revenge on them.

    • I understand that one. I have a lot of female pisces enemies. And its weird because my mom and grandmother are pisces. I have been betrayed by them alot. The men are the same too IMO.

      I have dated a gemini, two sags, two aries (which i actually liked them better anyway), and a virgo. I am actually dating another virgo right now but he’s an august virgo. Sigh….he’s like a child, its getting annoying. I like dominant men like Taureans and Aries.

    • That is so true I had the same problem!! And they lie about everything so fake.. Don’t worry ur not the only scorp that dislikes them

    • Oh i concur with that. I also get
      the same from pisces,
      thats why i cannot stand them.
      Wierd that my mother, grandmother and
      aunt are all pisces but i don’t
      talk with them much.
      My sister who’s a scorpio also has no problem
      with pisces apparently.

    • this is very common. if you’re into love hate relationships this is a good match, but if you don’t like drama it’s probably not the best.

    • Yea pieses can be very fake and talk about you n straight face liars. They are loyaled far as friends to the end. But they are jealous ppl. They cool to be around but they dont never want you doing better den.dem

  130. I’m a Scorpio woman and I am dating an Aries man. It says this is the worst match, but it can’t get any better than this! 😀 Although, he is on the Aries/Pisces cusp and I am on the Libra/Scorpio cusp. Maybe that has something to do with it? Well whatever the reason, I love my Aries man and we are very compatible. 🙂

    • I’ve been married to an aries for almost 20 years and I wish I could get at least 10 of those years back. Things start out great, but aries men tend to let you give and give and they don’t give back. They’re not great sexual partners and eventually they stop giving in that area. They get comfortable with you doing everything and they are spoiled, but still don’t give in return. Scorpio’s are compatible with an aries but not for life. That compatability is very short lived. They are not good communicators and they like to stay to themselves, where as scorpios are strong, powerful and very sexual. Believe me when I tell you that I’m sexually hurting because a scorpio can’t explore her true sexual peek with an aries man and you’ll soon get bored and want to move on, but since we are very loyal it won’t happen until you’ve spent years trying to make it work. BE CAREFUL!

    • i can see that . an aries and scorpio could go together very well.

  131. hey. i agree with Nedjue, cause i liked a Cancer but he didnt really care much. oops. there i go again.. i m a Scorpio woman. and like Nedjue said: he help others more than me and doesnt tell me anything abt himself…

    • See i have dated a cancer men and im a cancer women we have the same traits but not really cancer play tooo much. Really like he take one foot forward but two steps back get my drift. He was always secretive and a liar that played with my heart now im with a scorpio and i luv him cancer men are something else at times

  132. im an aquarian female and dating an scorpio man.he has me mesmarized but i dont get anything back off does he like me or not as i carnt wait for him forever even though i love can i seduce him.

    • scorpio man are often very desirable and great matches for almost any sign. if you want him you must prove that you’re worthy of him and not play any games. you must be loyal and honest and find little ways to show him you care.once you get him he will not betray you or hurt you and he will understand you probably better than anyone else you know. try to hold onto him.

  133. I’v had two piscean boyfriends, a cancerian & a virgo. none of them offered the stability I was looking for. both pisceans got bored of me after a while. the cancerian was too possessive & we would argue almost everyday. the virgoan was loving at first but after about a year he said wanted to concentrate on his career. 2 years later he dumped me with a cold email & refused to speak to or see me. I’ve dated a Gemini and it was magnetic but didn’t get together because he couldn’t accept my past. I’ve also gone out with a Leo, but although he’s loyal, he’s just too possessive and stubborn. There’s a capricorn guy who’s smart, good looking & pampers me with gifts but I’m not attracted to him. Now I’m going out with an Aquarian. He’s outgoing, affectionate, understanding & intuitive & we get along really well. The only thing I hate about him is he enjoys flirting around & has many admirers. I try to pretend that I’m ok with that, but I really don’t feel secure…

    • Idk about that with a cancer becuz we can adjust woth the situatiom once we secure you may have been a lil too picky im with a scorpio and i love him

  134. Apparently you have never been with a Cancer woman. We are passionate and very sexual. Cancer woman are great lovers because they give it all to you, once they are comfortable. I am a cancer woman and we do help others but if we like you at all, even a little you will know it. You will not want for anything, emotionally, physically and mentally we can keep you satisfied and happy. Just make us feel secure.

    • Torrie, I could not have said this better. This is so very true. My absolute best relationship was with a Scorpio. We had this unspoken love and respect for one another that was out of this world. Many, many years later, after a divorce from a LEO ( Never again…3 failed attempts with a LEO!!) I am now dating another Scorpio man and he satisfies me on so many levels. There’s no better match for me Baby! 🙂

  135. personally, i have been dating a gemini for quite some time, and as a scorpio, i dont understand how geminis can be a bad match for me. i am never jealous of my sweetheart’s freedom.

    • the gemini is known for being two faced. some geminis may bea disaster for a scopio and others can bring out their best qualities leading to a very successful relationship.

  136. What about a leo?

    • A leo is an awsome lover, probably the best to pair up with a scorpio.Its all about desire and lust.As for comitment and security, I would recommend any scorpio to run as far as they can,leo men does not know what that mean!.They to self centered, even in bed, good though, as I said, THE BEST.but that is as far as it goes, sorry.I am now with a Aries man, the sweetest thing ever!

    • Girl Leo Male Scorpio is best but it can work

    • I skimmed but I’d like to mention that this is probably for pure Scorpio if your a Scorpio that’s october 24-31 then you are part Libra and that is something I suggest you look into in terms of zodiac compatibility

  137. Cancers are TERRIBLY moody and secretively paranoid… they are also very judgemental- stay away from them if you’re a scorp!

    • This makes me feel better, as I felt judged by a cancer date, and partially thought it my own insecurity. Maybe so, but could be he really was judging. I suppose I was too! We probably were too much alike and I felt I had to compete because he seemed cooler. And yeah, I got the feeling he was doing nice things to everyone but me, though we only went out four times. But hard to feel I didn’t have the kindness and compassion that he expressed he was doing for others.

    • you’re right.

    • We are not judge mental we can be mood but thats one of the faults with us that you have to overcome and you guys are usualy possessive and we have to look pass that

  138. Why does it say a Cancer is always best for Scorpio? I feel that if I date a Cancer, she’ll talk too much about stuff I don’t care about, help others more than me, and/or even think I copy her. I’m a male sidereal Scorpio and…yea.

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