Capricorn Best and Worst Relationship Matches

Managed and defined by Saturn, the Capricorn in your life may be extremely prone to the view life the same way that Saturn orbits the sun, slowly with one foot in front of the next. They are planners and note takers, depending on the old-time adage, “hope for the best and plan for the worst!” Does this sound like the stuff of boring evening at home planning out the next twenty years? Maybe so, but as you maybe already know, or will hopefully find out, when push comes to shove and when the mud really starts to fly, those plodding flat-footed Capricorn will be right behind your supporting you and struggling to do whatever struggle you find yourself engaged in.

This also translates into a partner that will work tirelessly to makes sure that relationships are worked at. He/she will never just let things go, they will strive to make the partnership that you two are building mean as much to them as any of the other parts of their life that are important to them. They will make time to talk about feelings and will always own up to times when they have been inconsiderate.

*** Note: in the same vein though, make sure that you apologize for any slights that you may have leveled on your Capricorn. These members of this zodiac sign are known for their tyrannical response to injustice or insults.

Your partner may be a bit of a self martyr, and since they value hard work and a “by the bootstraps’ work ethic, you may be in for a bit of finger wagging from time to time. This is a curse and a blessing, since it can become a strain on any relationship to have one partner telling the other where their faults are and how they can become a better person, but it is also a true and caring demonstration of their love. They do truly want for you to become better at what you do, and feel as if anything is possible, if you just work hard enough.

Now for the fun part. Both the terms bacchanalian a saturnalia are derived from aspects of the Capricorn mythological origins. Both of these terms are in reference to a wild abandon that can pervade your normally pragmatic way of life. These expressions of joy can be a double edge sword. Because of the restraint and discipline that you normally show on a day-to-day basis, this localized party time can result in overdoing it a bit! And though usually all that means is that you have a hangover and a few funny stories it can also lead to more sinister path. It can be hard on relationships and sometimes can lead to cheating or other types of infidelities with a partner.

***Note: Partners of Capricorn are encouraged to see whether partying is a release from the pressure that their lovers put on themselves or a healthy channeling of stress. Makes sure they are not running from the cage that they have built themselves.

Capricorn can often be afraid of a lot of things. Among these objects of fear can be that of poverty. This can lead to over working and obsession with advancement. It can also mean that they never live in the moment and are always planning and planning and saving. This can be a desperate cycle. It is an important job of a Capricorn’s lover to make sure that they can see the trees and not just the forest. In compensation for some of the hard work of keeping the pessimism and cynicism at bay Capricorn are known to be great lovers. Their relationship to their earth sign means that they can be incredibly sensual and tactile. They enjoy being touch, so touch them and pleasure will ensue.

Best Relationship Matches

Cancer though your opposing sign, is likely to be your most fitting partner. Their goals run congruent with your. They can understand your sacrificial brooding side but their general outlook on life is more supportive, caring, and ultimately, more positive.

Taurus Their loving nature will cheer you up and urge you. (Earth sign as well!)

Virgo They understand your perfectionism to a tee, and will work harmoniously with you to do it, especially in a business partnership. (Earth sign as well!)

Worst Relationship Matches

Aries Too impatient and impetuous for your slow-climb approach to life,

Gemini Too whimsical and has no regard for your ideals.

Leo Too outgoing for you to trust.

Sagittarius Complete opposite you would never see eye to eye on anything.

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  2. So true and I agree with the “not letting things go” it’s so hard for me to let things go especially an ex

  3. As a Capricorn woman this is absolutely spot on for me. Thank you so much, it has really added some clarity to my path. Namaste

  4. What about Female Capricorn & Male Aquarius…Both in 50 age bracket???

  5. I fell in love or obsessed with a capricorn women at my work, but she is married. I think she always tried hinting me to look at her and tried getting my attention, but i never really noticed her or thought of her that way until after working with her for about 4 months. Then i began actually feeling butterflies in my stomach when i would see her and when i would be around her. When we speak to each other i somehow cant stop smiling at her and she would do the same. As though we had a connection. She is very private about her life, so slowly with time i began making small talk to find more about her and she has opened up more, but i still feel that i know so little about her. Her mysteriousness attracts me even more to her. Now its been about 8 months working with her. At about 5 months another male coworker of mine kept hinting me that she would say to him that she really appreciated me working with her and told him to not allow me to leave the company. Eventually i had a conversation with her and she strait out asked me if i was planing on staying or leaving the company, so i replied that if other opportunities came about elsewhere i would probably leave and she spoke under her breath sarcastically that she would hope i did not find some other position. I then began making it obvious to her that i was completely interested in her by trying to talk to her when possible without compromising her job or mine and being professional. I went far as to giving her a nice valentine card that was not out of line and i placed a hidden message using math telling her she was sexy. I dont know if she figured it out to this day. Message was very clever using trigonometry because i knew she was a math major and I am an engineering major. She even began dressing up to work very sexy, but professional . Not the her typical clothing from when i began working with her. I had that urge to dress up for her too more so than usual. I even cooked for all of my coworkers as an excuse to really do it just for her. So i told her i would cook some food for all staff which she knew it was for her. I was surprised when she told me she would bake some cookies for me too as an even exchange for my food. She only made a small bag of cookies and it was part of her lunch and offered me some. I am a cancer man and really want more with her . Something serious, but I dont know if I should continue after her because she is very mysterious in the sense that she leads me on at times more so that other times. Then when i act uninterested in her she begins signalling me again to look at her and flirt and get my attention. I need some capricorn women to give me some advice and see if she might be playing with me or she finds me attractive and just like my attention, but she is scared of an affair happening which i dont want to happen. I also feel that she is so private at times that i feel that she could be separated, but wont reveal her private life for some reason. She has me very confused. At times i have been on the verge of telling her how I feel, but i am scared of rejection and feeling awkward around her afterwards. by the way she is 27 i am 28 and none of us have kids.

    • Wow that is something. Yes we are very very private with any and everything. It took me a long time to finally open up to my boyfriend. One thing I can tell you is that you are on her mind just as much as she is on yours. She won’t tell you but her with the little private actions that she don’t want to tell you. I not that she is hiding anything is more so we are very protective of what and who we tell it to. Sometimes it can be where she don’t see I going anywhere so why try but for the not we are private to everyone including family at times.. We are very sweet and when we are in love we love all the way . Now maybe the reason why she is secretive is because she married, she knows it shouldn’t be happening with someone else so there is guilt she feels if she opens up to you. If and when she does open up to you (from experience). It is possible her attraction to you will be stronger with you than her spouse. Like her attention for him would not be the same because she is falling for someone else (you) .. IDk ask any questions .. By the way the cooking for everybody when it was really meant for her I cantellyou she truly loved that 🙂 whens her birthday

    • Well I am a cap and I’m 20 I know well that young compared to you but trust me I know alot and experienced a lot so from me I would just be honest I love honest guy we are all different people if you do get rejected the worst she can say is no I’m married but as you said she may be separated so you will never find out untill you make a move first because she will not do the first move I don’t see no woman that acctually will so maybe instead of telling her all that what you said on here start slow maybe ask her on a date if she says yea well we don’t cheat so she going threw a divorse witch may be the case or she not happy and she deep inside wanting a divorce but just scared of being a lone nobody want to be a lone and she will make her desicon as a woman to get a divorce don’t be all rushy be though it takes time for us cap to trust anyone a guy or a good friend personally I give a test to see if they past I hope you will read this and the best of luck to you

  6. I’m a younger capricorn woman and have been “talking” to an Aries man for almost a year now. A roller coaster is the best way to describe it, and it has taken me for some really hard turns. It’s not impossible to date an Aries, but I’m not quite sure it’s worth all the bumps along the rode. When things are good with us, they are better than it’s ever been with anyone else, but when it’s bad, it is just so horribly bad that I never know if we could make it through. We’re in love but I’ve learned so much in this last year about myself and what I need in a man because of what he is and what he isn’t. Dating an Aries is definitely a learning experience to say that least! Good luck to all my lady capricorns who fall in love with an Aries, I wish you the best!

    • Oh lord let me tell you. Four years. Four years now I’ve been in love with an Aries and for four years I’ve let myself stay into this way to emotional and crazy “roller coaster” as you said. And as long as we’ve been back and forth to each other I can tell you that there are some things that just can’t work. I don’t think we were ever meant to work. I honestly found it to be more of a learning experience than anything. And its been rough having my heart broken, fixed, and rebroken time and time again by him but that’s just the price a Capricorn pays when they fall for an Aries. He’s so open and free and I find myself to be the same but he also is so hard headed and well, complicated.

    • I believe that she is very reserve in expressing her feelings for you. She likes you but maybe afraid to say so. Shes afarid of the answer she might get. In a nutshell, if you dont mean her any good, keep it professional because when she loves she all in.

  7. I am a capricorn female and I am happy married to a sagittarius male. We have been together for 15 years. Yes we bump heads. But we make eachother better. I wouldn’t trade him in for anyone. So, I don’t agree with some of what is said in this article.

    • I’m with a Sagittarius to we have been together since may 3 to this day so a month and a couple day we’ve been together I’ve tried ending it yesterday he is so clingy and he don’t understand me at all. I’m 20 and really trying to find that special guy but when I read this article I wanted to give up completely and I read your post it gave me hope! It’s been so hard for me and him to we cried all day just about all day it was hard for him he was shaking and crying I don’t know I gave him a second chance to change but I dont think I really have faith in him with this I can tell he is trying but I dont think he will keep it up after a certain point he will stop just like he has done before everything I say to him feels like it goes in one ear and out the other. If you have any advise to me please share it with me I love him and I don’t want to break up with him but I just don’t feel the chemistry with us.

  8. Sagittarius bump heads with Capricorn but are suppose to be good for each other given their very different nature.

  9. I swore I read Capricorns ideal match was the Aquarius. But anyway sounds like me 1000%

  10. I’m a Gemini, and an very much attracted to Capricorn people. They are NOT doom and gloom; I found them to be outrageous comedians and have that business savy- so they have a serious side as well. And yes, at times I do feel that there is that coldness and aloofness. But guess what, Gemini can be the exact way, so nobody can point fingers. ~Yes, the Cap can be very mature, and a little bit too grown-uppy; and maybe that is why the childish Gemini can be so attractive to them. Maybe the caps represent the grounding and stability we sometimes lack. (As they say, opposites attract. And certainly can be the case in this relationship. ) But the truth be told: The older we get, we realize what we are, what we are lacking, and so we search for a particular person, who matches up to us and who makes

  11. i’m a male Capricorn and am talking to a female Capricorn will we be a good match or we will be bumping heads ?

  12. Hi am a Male Capricorn and am trying to talk to a female Capricorn is it a good match that’s what am wondering or we both going to be bumming heads ?

  13. First off, I would like to mention that although a person’s Sun sign is very important, it is just as important to evaluate the rest of the Astrological chart as well. For example I am born on the 21 December Sag/Cap cusp with a Gemini rising. My Moon is in Capricorn and so is my Venus. With this in mind, I have been dating a Cancer man for the past year and as of late, it is making me very unhappy. I tried to ask him the other day if we could communicate more and his response was “Why?, We did all the talking at the beginning to get to know each other’. Hence, while still him him, I am searching for a better model. To note, he is a Cancer with a Leo rising, Moon in Sagittarius and Venus in Cancer. For me Communication as a connection is absolutely vital in a relationship.

    • Omg, I am dating a man exactly as you described, also a cancer with a leo rising, ect,
      the only difference is i am born on the 26 december and not 21st as you. But, as described, same situation unfortunately x)

  14. Can a capricorn woman and a libra man work? I’m curious…

  15. depending on our ascendent, maybe, i believe we can get along VERY well with sagittarius, cause we have similar points of view and they are very respectful towards the person they love and we do the same. Leo’s, honestly lolol i think they are a living hell for us, not because of the outgoing but they are very VERY jeolous, i dated one, he would even got jeolous if a man in the coffee shop would only offer him a free coffee if i was with him lolol. they are hell for us lolol. Virgo’s and Taurus are awesome match aswell, i never dated a cancer cause they speak their heart’s out in freely and that leaves me stressed and makes me back up, so i actually believe cancer and capricorn are a very hard match to happen

  16. I am a capricorn man currently dating a gemini woman. We have been dating for just over 3 years now and it has been the most amazing relationship of my life. I am planning to propose to her, I want to spend my whole life with her. I don’t see how we’re not compatible according to astrology. I believe more in the person them self.

    • i too am a capricorn and from my dating experience i don’t think that you cant get along with those signs in a relationship it just goes more smooth with the ones that are compatible. i have dated a gemini, a Sagittarius and an aries. if i had tryed harder in those relationships any of them could have worked but the virgos that i have dated went alot smoother for me. we understood each other easier and communicated better. i don’t know if you have ever been in a relationship with one of the signs from the “Best Relationship Matches” befor but they work better for me at least.

    • Am a capricorn woman . An am in a relationship with a gemini man for one year. And its great…we fight alot but after all that ..we make up back ….we love each other alot….and he loves my ideas …we work together…if you love someone and wanna be with them .you just want to be with them …and people love you thought the good and bad times not thought , believe and love say it all.

  17. I’m a Capricorn male astrologer I saw a few comments about others capricorns asking what about the fun and adventurous side of capricorns and here’s the answers. First off, your ascendant sign and moon sign play large factors into that aspect of your personality. Secondly if you’re a young Capricorn or are dating a young Capricorn then these traits have simply not developed fully yet. We are “young old souls” but the majority of a capricorns twenties and younger years are spent acquiring our experience the hard way. In our younger years we put our selves out there too much, trust too much, give too much, and/or open up too much. This often results of others taking unfair advantage and putting us in chaotic situations causing us to learn through hard experience, it is often said that experience is the best teacher. As we near our thirties we tend to hit a mid life crisis point where in the course of a couple weeks to a couple months we get fed up, close off, and radically change our way of life devoting ourselves more towards careers and stability to escape the chaotic instability of our younger years. This is the point where our capricornian traits come out the most. We generally appear cold to others because we’ve closed ourselves off to protect us from what we experienced in younger years. We plan constantly because we learned the hard way that having no plan is dangerous. Our ambition in our career field comes from the massive turn around we put in our lives during the crisis point. That turning point shows our true strength to ourselves and we dedicate it to work first and foremost because that’s the best and most beneficial place to gear it towards to prevent the chaos we emerged from. Capricorns are extremely loyal, however, if one has gotten to a point when they’ve verbalized (generally uncomfortable due to talking of feelings requires opening up) something they need in a relationship to make it work that means the capricorns mate needs start showing an attempt to meet that need otherwise don’t be surprised if the Capricorn starts looking for that need somewhere else. They hate doing that because they hold loyalty in high regard but they feel as though they are being betrayed or don’t matter if the need is met. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll cheat, more then likely they won’t, but they will be preparing and planning to find some one better able to take care of whatever need they need fulfilled. If their mate has made no sign of attempting to fix this need by the time the Capricorn has finished preparing and planning then consider the Capricorn lost. They are patient and will give time if asked for but capricorns need to see the attempt being made and won’t waste their time on a “lost cause”. This is often because again in their younger years the Capricorn learned better the hard way and are always seeking ways to make up for the lost time from their younger years. As a Capricorn I can say this, beware of young capricorns they are still learning everything they can and generally through negative experience and holding on to one from a young age is not impossible but very improbable. If you find one generally around 27 or 28 or older this is the Capricorn that these pages are about. They hit a midlife crises decades earlier than other signs when they’re still young and will generally feel that they constantly need to make up for lost time spent gathering their experience that has made them into what they are.

    • So true 🙂 I have learned the hard way and I have the feeling that I have to make up for the lost time and I am also the one who is loyal but voices out what I need changed and if that changed is not met than it is not worth it. You are so perfectly correct!

    • Amazing insight, i’m a capricorn!!! I totally agree with everything you stated!!! I’m so loyal in relationships but my needs do not get met. I have been dating the father of my child, a gemini, on and off for 7 LONG slowly progressing years and I think its time to leave my Gemini LOVER finally, i’m not a cheater but like you say he kind of forces me to seek others that can fulfill my many intellectual/mindful type needs. I love him so much tho! I have had my mid-life crisis early , i was 23 and now i’m 25 preparing and planning for a less hectic more stable future! Thanks for you beautiful message

    • Do you have a site? Your description is to the T. I’m 28 years old btw

    • Honestly, i agree with you absolutly. I don’t know if other capricorn’s have the same problem, but my doubt is always if I’m in love with that person or not, i think it’s very hard for us to find someone who actually is able to fulfill our needs.

      • It is because we’re very uncomfortable exposing the “feeling” side of ourselves and want to be sure whomever it is we trust with them understands that not just anyone can get close to us in such a way. If someone is going to climb with us we want to make sure they have what it takes to make the hike, if you understand my meaning.

    • This was a revelation – thank you! I am a 40 year old Capricorn girl (old soul, young at heart as you say) and this was an eye opener. After my chaotic 20’s I married a Taurus… he refused to grow up, even after 2 kids and we divorced. That was my mid-life crisis I think, at 35, realizing I could be a happier person and better caretaker of my family on my own… Which is what has thankfully happened. This past year I dated an Aries. Good man but we were indeed totally incompatible. As you said, once I got to the point when I was spelling out to him what I needed in the relationship, I had already decided it was not going to work out. Chalk these up to life experience, but my dilemma now is the Capricorn man in my life that I understand and relate to as a fellow Cap, but don’t know how to navigate. I’ve actually known him for 10 years. Met him during my early married years… we played lots of Scrabble at the pub while my husband made a fool of himself! Plenty of harmless flirting but that was it… until I literally ran into him at my final divorce hearing, 3 years ago. We rekindled the word games and one thing led to the inevitable, except that he was unwilling/unable to make a commitment. He was unemployed, back in school, and living with a woman he did not love… not in a good place at all and I was OK with that. We saw each other now and then – no strings – and then I got involved with my Aries. My Cap and I lost touch for months and he actually got engaged to his girlfriend, which really surprised me because I never thought he was the type to marry for anything but real love… but then I thought the same about myself and yet I married my Taurus. Out of the blue 6 weeks ago he texted me to check in on me (after 7 months of no contact) and it happened to be the night me and my Aries broke up. He was an easy shoulder to cry on, except I wasn’t crying… 🙂 I’ve only seen him twice in the past 6 weeks but it feels different… and better. I want to give it a chance, finally, but I can’t bring myself to tell him that… partly because of my Capricorn self-preservation instinct no doubt (the almighty fear of rejection!), but also because, given his complicated situation (I cannot imagine why he got engaged to this girl!) I don’t want to pressure him. He has made his feelings for me pretty clear, and likewise I think he knows I care deeply about him. I guess I have to leave it at that for now and let him figure out his path… no? Ever the Capricorn, after we are together, I won’t hear from him for a week or two. It bothered me at first but I think he just needs time to think about things. And I am OK with that now. There is no timeline, but part of me wonders if I spilled my heart just a little… would it inspire him to follow his own heart, or would it freak him out and send him back into his cave?! Capricorn to Capricorn I think I need to embolden him by telling him how I feel, but I also wonder if letting him lead the way is still the best path forward… even if it so dreadfully methodical and well-concealed! Thank you for listening… I have really enjoyed your insights into our sign! I would be curious to know your opinion on Capricorn-Capricorn compatibility, and any advice your might have on this rather star-crossed relationship of mine. I love being with a Capricorn – we understand each others’ hangups and quirkiness for sure, but I’m 40 and he’s 46… I don’t want to wait another 10 years to find out if he is indeed the one for me! 🙂 Many thanks again, hope you do finish your research and get your website one day. Your are very gifted!

    • OMG: I am a Capricorn woman and you hit the nail on the head!!! Yes my early life was chaotic, yes, I had a midlife crisis at 30 and got divorced and devoted my life to learning to become a vocalist and musician. You are right about everything you wrote!

    • This is an awesome and extremely accurate response! I went through a few things in my early twenties, was completely disgusted with the outcome and have sworn not to take the same paths – even to this day. Those experiences hardened me, but also taught me how to be humble and to patiently attain personal success. Wonderful ‘monologue’! 🙂

  18. This is simply my two cents, but I definitely do not agree with cancer being a best match for Capricorn. Cancer is totally opposite on the wheel for a reason! It has been my experience that cancers (with one exception out of the several I have met) are far too emotional/moody. I’m not trying to say anything bad about cancers so forgive me if it comes across as such, but for most Capricorns I feel that this is a major turn off. The majority of cancers I have met are extremely sensitive about what you say yet do not realize they are being insensitive towards you at the exact same time.

    Another flaw is that Scorpio is not included…it has been my personal experience and understanding of all that I have read over the years that Scorpio is one of the better/best matches for Capricorn. The two signs are similar, they find attractive qualities in one another, and they are both equally passionate.

    • As a Capricorn woman in her 40s, I can wholeheartedly agree that I am not who I used to be (Capricorn evolution as previously mentioned by David Kehl), I have grown more independent and self-sufficient over the years. I am very guarded now with my person, my child (Gemini) and my belongings.

      I agree that a relationship with a Scorpio is exceptionally PASSIONATE, we have many things in common and can talk non-stop about everything under the moon and stars.

      In the process of a separation from a Sagittarius, We became toxic because of Sag’s need for control and Cap’s evolution. Don’t do it.

      My best female friend is a Virgo and together we are unstoppable and an amazing complement to each other.

    • I am absolutely agree with this. You definitely pointed out everything on my mind! Cancer is not the best match for Capricorn. Cancer being unindependent and too clingy, plus their major mood change really pushes Capricorn’s button.

  19. I am a Capricorn male, who mistakingly married a Gemini woman…I have been absolutely miserable since we have been together. I can’t agree more that this pairing is a disaster!!! It’s a match made in hell!!!

    • I agree. I married an insecure Capricorn man coz he pursued me relentlessly, n I being a 21-yr-old gemini, felt pity for him. Once we were married, he was cold, cunning n calculating. After 17 yrs of misery, I finally left him. Capricornians are selfish to a point that is sociopathic. Worst match ever!

      • ahhh! I’m sorry for your experience. Sounds like you got a Cap who just never matured emotionally. Perhaps other signs in his birth chart contributed.
        Overall, though, Capricorn is supposed to be extremely loyal and self-sacrificing to close friends, spouses, children. It seems like once I give someone my heart, friend or sig other, I can never say no to them again. Still have ex gf’s who hit me up for help with stuff ^_^

        There need to be experiences for Capricorn to help us mature emotionally, because naturally we do have a tendency to push emotional issues under the rug. I know that even since I learned to communicate well: like the 1st post says, always 1st to apologize, express my feelings well (not in an emotional manner, you’ll get more of a logical statement of what we deduced our feelings to be), and want to talk and solve relationship issues,

        *some of these traits may come from my ascending/moon signs”

        but even since learning all that, I have still been told by girlfriends when times got hard that I was withdrawing, that I wasn’t showing affection like I used to, that I seemed depressed. I’m sorry you had to experience so much of that.
        There are two sides to every coin, and depending on how we’ve developed, you will get significantly more of one or the other.

        Note: I am definitely on the lookout for a Taurus or maybe a Sag – kind of have a crush on a young Aquarius woman, we really connect on our passion for the truth and social justice.

        Best of Luck

  20. i think that its all about who you are what you are about i love my gemini so much he shows me so many things in a man i have never seen befor i have been with him for 3 years it has been wonderful sharing my life with him you half to learn your lover you half to feel them and where they are coming from yes he has flip sides but i learn to show him how to control it and be more self controling he’s not like any other gemini i learned that since ive been with him so i think its mainly the other person that dont know how to handle a gemini i am a capricorn and i think that this is the best match i have ever had in my days of having a relationship

  21. Im a Capricorn girl, and the man I love is a Cancer.
    We started dating for about a week now, I know its only a short period of time for now, but the thing is, things are being so different now. We maybe are young lovers, but small things like texting each other holds us more cuz we are 1 hour away from each other….but yea, the thing is, he stopped texting me now…i dont know why.
    I asked my friend if I should text him first, but my friend said “NO”, my friend said that HE should communicate with me first. I just dont know, its probably one of those days like when you’re having that feeling that you wanna keep talking to the person you like/love.

    So yeaaaa, back to the topic…..does a capricorn (girl) really matches with a cancer (guy)?

  22. i am in love with sagittarian,according to the information given its the worst relationship,so what should i do now?????

  23. Capricorn can’t be unfaithful… cold heather yes

  24. I don’t agree with your statement “cheating or other types of infidelities” Capricorn men is faithful, loyal we are too involve. We might be seen as looking at the forest but we never take our eyes of the tree Where you are so right is about been unforgiving We can be so cold. Good writing

  25. is Scorpio also best mach for Capricorn..?

  26. I’m a Capricorn woman. For those wondering if a Scorpio man is a good match. Yes, they have always been perfect for me.
    Married to one for 21 years before he passed away from cancer. When it comes to friends though, my best friends which are 3 in my life time of 49 years, are all Aquarius.

  27. However I will note that I haven’t any luck with a Capricorn man, I’ve “dated” and have come across them but I don’t think those relationship[s work as I feel we treat each other the same way, and that doesn’t work for me, personally. Although I yearn to have a relationship with another Capricorn man as I feel we’d treat other so loving but it never works -_- Any Capricorn/Capricorn relationships that have worked or any Capricorn men who could elaborate?

  28. Hello everyone I’m A Capricorn Woman, Born December 31st, What I first want to acknowledge about this post is that it is almost 100 Percent correct, as I feel I am the epitome of what a young Capricorn woman embodies. I just first want to say that we are very observant of our potential partners, we already have our eyes set and our minds already planning ahead on how to get him to notice us. This however does not have anything to do with their zodiac sign right off the back. (of course I always ask their zodiac sign once we get acquainted) but what guys of all zodiac signs need to know about us Cappy women is that we, being young old souls, we feel as if we need to guard ourselves from men who we feel are just looking to have a good time (fling) as majority of the time we are looking for someone who we can invest our time in, as we understand that time is of the essence and we would prefer not to waste it. Now moving on I personally feel that of all the signs we are the most adaptable women to date. And i say that meaning that it doesn’t matter what sign the guy is (although we do take that into consideration) but its more so how the guy himself treats us. So in a sense it’s about HIS characteristics and HIS way of handling a relationships. The problem may lye with the fact that we do tend to be backwards with how we feel, we generally want to show how we feel about someone and that person may feel as if we are being verbal enough. The key secret to dating us though are making us laugh, make us feel comfortable where we feel we’re not being judged or being made a mockery of, as we hate the feeling of embarrassment. Make us feel secure because that’s the most important thing, also make sure you have goals and you see yourself being financially stable as that is also a major contender. Once you’ve achieved that then by all means that Capricorn woman is falling head over heels with you. The part that I feel confuses our potential mate the most is that meanwhile we are sitting back and observing their behavior and their character, men often will feel as if we’re not interested. (But indeed we ARE!) we are enjoying your attempt to make us laugh, expressing how you feel and making us feel secure. Do not, and I repeat do NOT get discouraged, as we are slow in expressing our feelings because we want to confirm that you are going to be in 100%, so that we can express our love and passion with you (as we don’t express that side of us with everyone) If you do not remain consistent with how you treat us whether you’re trying to date a Capricorn or you’re already dating one we tend to give a cold shoulder, but once again it’s not because we don’t care (We do) It’s because we want to see how much YOU care. How much do you care to make things work, or what lengths will you go to, to show you really want to secure a relationship with me. Everyone Capricorn woman is different but what I will say is that we are hopeless romantics on the inside. We don’t often show it because we hate to seem vulnerable or weak but it takes the right guy with the right approach to sweep us off of our feet. Me personally it has nothing to do with zodiac signs because I’ve dated signs that I was supposed to be the most compatible and here I am a single Cappy. If you Males or Females have any questions I’d love to answer I’m very knowledgeable and in tune with my zodiac sign and would love to answer any questions.



  30. Something wrong .. Capricorn best matches is eearth element. (Taurus and Virgo )

  31. I am a female Sagittarius (DEC 11) and my partner is a male Capricorn (JAN 9). I find it odd that this says he should stay away from all fire signs, when all of his best friends are fire signs. He is very impatient, and I am patient enough for it to work. He can be uptight, but I am very laid back. He is more of a homebody type (that likes to clean), and I am more of a (messy) workaholic… I find that our opposite traits are exactly what we need for each other. As a plus, our personalities are quite alike… we find the same things funny, etc. His number one trait that I admire is his consideration of me….. He is quick to inquire how I feel about things before making a move, and any time he goes out he brings me something…. whether it be a drink, or putting gas in the car so I don’t have to before work, or flowers…. Thoughtfulness is a definite plus. And I make sure to treat him the same. Also, all of my best friends are either Sagittarius or Capricorn. So I really think if you are a Capricorn interested in a Sag, or a Sag interested in a Cap, you should just go for it…. it’s working for us so far.

  32. I’m a Capricorn and an Astrologer….this describes us to a tee. We can evolve the sign so that we don’t plan and worry about money and achievement–I’m proof of that, but it took 10+ years of daily striving to put God and Life ahead of my desires. I now go with the flow more and allow myself to be led more.

  33. Don’t trust any gemini if you are capricorn…

  34. i’m a gemini man and i like a capricorn woman who happens 13 years younger than i. i always observe everything about the compatibility between gemini man and capricorn woman because i like her very much. i endured to be patience observing her for almost a year. i always feel that she always test my endurance with her cold exterior, hard-to-read expression and everything, one day she was so sweet and we were talking about everything and sharing laughs, and one day she was just like a stranger to me, so i feel that i just started all over again from the square one, and she was just like don’t bothered. i sent messages and try to call but no answer. and when we met-she is always hooked with her phone but what bother me is did she ever open her phone and realize that i tried to reach her? i feel so hard to communicate with her basically to the difference of our way to communicate, perhaps? and for me communication is number one. she knows that i like her. i asked her to go out few times and we having good times and conversations. she brings me to her friends and not avoid me among them. i feel that she begins to open herself to me and her friends about my presence. but someday i feel she avoid me and i feel she bothered about my presence. like i call her just want to now how is she today and say hi and she kept answer me with short comment. but again.. when we met i always have nice conversations with her because she’s talking so much with passion, funny and sweet. i have no idea… maybe its because of her mood swing? but at the end i will always keep my patience to reveal her heart. because i do like her so much. and i always support her to reach her goals. and yes i think capricorn women are less romantic because they are practical. but i don’t bother because i feel sometimes she’s romantic in her way 🙂

    • Good for her. She knows what’s up. I wished I had the foresight she has with dealing with geminis. She knows whats up with you demented twins. I hope she keeps her distance indeed. And never gives you the chance the rest of us female caps were unfortunate of giving. Good for her.

  35. This so true everything, i mean Leo men are so outgoing Aries men are very determine and impatient and do not get me started with Sagittarius ..

  36. im a capricorn boy dating a leo boy and july 2 iz our one yr aniverary we are doing great aside from our little diffz. he is alwayz very sweet to me. leo and capricorn can definatly work together.!

  37. how come every thing i read about capricorns sound boring, depressed and down right systematic?? I’m a capricorn and a lot of the stuff is true but how come our sign never mentions our adventurous, fun, carefree side? it really irks me that were always viewed as robots!! There’s so much more to us, hec we can be funny and all that good stuff i read about other signs too!! Basically, if i wasn’t depressed before, after reading how depressed and boring capricorns are OVER and OVER again (no matter what site) hec, i’m getting a complex now…what’s up with that yall????

  38. I can tell why sagitarrius, gemini and aries were listed as worst matches… I am aquarius guy and had 2 capricorn girls in my life…. I have analyzed cap girls over time and they are not for me and the other signs listed above….. Sagittarius, gemini and aries are my best matches!!!

    If you are one of these signs… Just stay away from cap girls…seriously even they are the best looking chick around…. Walk away..

    They will give you 1 thing and take your everything… All these signs ( sag, aqua, gemini and aries ) are givers….helpers… They wouldnt mind walking extra steps for anybody….

    Cap people use and abuse them all the time… You’d say be smart and dont let them use you…

    It doesnt work that way… When you notice you are being used….she already took so many things from you….

    Their career and work is no 1 priority… Family 2nd…. You’ll always be the 3rd if you are lucky…

    They are not honest….they are always indirect… You cant really understand what they mean…

    They are very direct if they are asking for a favor…

    They dont spend their money… You pay for the lunchs, dinners…. She wont ever ask to chip in…

    Then she might end up getting a smoothie or a cup of coffee to make it even….

    They dont listen to you…. They’ll do what they plan to do… Dont waste your time talking them into things…

    Or any of the problems you are having in your relationship…. Nothing will change… The moment you sense things are going wrong… Run away..

    Then they’ll call you over and over try to straighten things out…. Dont fall into this trap.. As soon as you get back the same probles will rise again…

    Just walk away and dont look back…

    All these signs ( sag, gemini, aqua, aries ) are very compatible with each other… Stay away from the others..

    I have had my best times with sag and gemini girls….

    I am an aquarius man!!!

  39. I am a Capricorn and I find your worst matches to be right on. I have had disaterous relationships with Gemini, Aries and Sagitarius. Unfortunantly I have not had a relationship with my best matches Cancer, Taurus and Virgo. Why do I keep picking the wrong matches? Now I know where to put my energy. By the way the assesment of Capricorn ” Right On “.

  40. I don’t really no about the cancer is good for a Capricorn I think it is right on the saggitarius for oppisite. I think a pices is a great match tho.

  41. I am a capricorn so ask me anything.

  42. do u guys think its worth exploring? is the question….

  43. little more detail..i am in a relationship of 7 years with a sagittarius man bt I new this capricorn all my life even before the sagittarius man and the cap man always admired me from a far bt he now decises to chase me now that im taken bt the thing is I always had a crush on in fact the way i expect to be treated by a man is what i think he will treat me like if i was his bt the thing wen im not thinkin of him he wants me more than ever and he paints pictures to me of our prefect life together and he makes me melt bt the he gets in his what i called selfish moods and i cant understand for the life of me. NOW astrology says that sagittarius like the man im wit is me soulmate bt i am unbelievably in love with this capricorn man who acts like if i where single he would be with me in a heartbeat. My question is that is this relationship worth explore specially wen i hve sum1 who definitly luvs me for a man who possibily could find his “cancer” bt remember this is the 1st person i ever luved whole heartedly…

  44. i am offended…what does that mean leo s are too outgoing for a capricorn man to trust. i dont kno what tyoe of leo woman they researched bt i am only outgoing with the ppl in my circle which is very few and other times ppl wonder if something is wrong cuz im so laid back and observate. the only sterotype i believe i am as the fact that i am very independant and lavish lifestyle as far as my house, clothes, cars more superficial things, and i dont love easily bt wen i do i love hard as hell. So they miss me with that b.s…On another note, i am sooo in love with a capricorn man it isnt funny, u kno the dominant side they say leo s have i am willing to bow down to his every command all i need is his agreement to commit to a relationship and on top of everything else i am a very optimist/positive person btw do u guys believe in u take after ur parents well i do and i am from a cancer mom/dad which according to this article is a great match…could we be soulmates or would our relationship take more work??

  45. I am a Capricorn woman and I have tried dating both a Taurus and a Gemini man, and I’ll just say this: The taurus was too into himself, and he had a tendency to be rude to me alot, even when I didn’t say or do anything to credit such behavior. The Gemini was WONDERFUL! The biggest flaw however wasn’t his kindness, wasn’t his nature, it was his attitude. Capricorns are intelligently strong people and we like other intelligently strong people. Our sense of humor is DRY. We like order and stability and we aren’t big fans of spontenaity (bad spell) and we are extrememly punctual. My Gemini friend really didn’t care that I didn’t like to be late to work, and he really didn’t care that I wasn’t about to give up the things that I had planned just to run off and do something abnormal from myself. I can respect the effort however but the lack of respect from the Gemini was uncanny and a little unsetteling. This isn’t always the case though because most of my best friends are people I shouldn’t get along well with according to this. I would say this post is round about 75% accurate. Oh and as for the dating aspect, the best match for a Capricorn is straight up Cancer, Virgo and other Capricorns. Capricorns tend to be very lonely people if let on and also because we really don’t get along with others too well because our patience runs so dry. Which is why our absolute best match is other Capricorns.

  46. I seriously wanted to know about the Scorpio women’s match with Capri guys. I am a capri guy and dating a scorpio lady.

    She’s a typical scorpio lady except a few matters. She did not hide any of her secret affairs from me and often she’s being truthful to me where there is no other way for me to know whatever information she’s giving me. Now, should I consider her to be deeply in love with me? Well, I guess she obviously does not express in a loud way as she’s a Scorpio, but, yah, I want to know the compatibility!

    People, u have any idea?

  47. any hope for pisces and capricorn ivmet this girl and when she talks its like someone told her about me me we like and dislike a lot of the same things i like everthing about her but she does have her funny moments

  48. Well im a capricorn with leo moon, and scorpio rising, so i am a handful, lol!

  49. Maybe someone can help me out. I see it says capricorn is bad match, im dating this capricorn now and it seems ok, i make here laugh and vice verse but i think she may be on the cusp of aquarius. Her bday is jan. 17th and my bday is august 18, and i have leo/virgo things going on as she has lil bit of both goin on to. is this a good match?

    • I think she is naturally more Capricorn than Aquarius even though you two might have a mix,it depends what she is closest to would be the more what she acts like. And if she is more Capricorn and it says they are not a good match,you never know if it is true because everyone has 12 different signs in them. So With your mix and hers you will probably get along anyways.

  50. We Capricorns admire Gemini’s love of life. Your zest for life is so refreshing. It is funny that astrology claims that Sagitarians are our opposite. Geminis come pretty close to being our opposite. We are very private people whereas you Gemini seem to tell all your secrets to whoever will lend an ear. This is very unsettling to the Capricorn–our friends are few but we cherish them and their secrests–and they cherish and protect ours. I strongly believe that astrology is only one area of expertise; it should not be solely relied upon. Age, life experiences and other influences will affect behavior. But through my experiences I have learned to respect astrology.Life has showed me that it does in fact provide a small window into which we can peer into for answers. I can give you advice and tell you that you need to show her respect. How? you ask? By demonstrating it with your actions and not your words. But the Capricorn is a realist and does not want to change another person. She respects Gemini for all his virtues and apparent differences. But she aknowledges that she can not change Gemini nor does she desire to change Gemini. And Gemini will ultimately want to change Capricorn. This is the reason that perhaps it is in everyone’s interest to admire from afar. Again this is for most cases, not all.

  51. I am a Capricorn woman and wish to respond to Ratiu. What you said really touched me. I had a similar experience with a Gemini man but had no idea he was a Gemini until later. I can not speak for that Capricorn woman that ignored you but I think I can help you understand why she ignored you. I am almost certain that she was not acting in malice. You Gemini men are very charming and perhaps she felt that her guard was down in your presence. We are very cautious beings. But with that being said we do love to converse and have a good time and are not cautious from the very begining–we don’t go in with our hands up. But we are very perceptive and she probably sensed that you were attracted to her. But that is not the reason why she would pull away. I am guessing she felt a mutual attractiona and this is what scared her. Especially if she was already in a loving relationship–we love with all our heart and we are loyal to the end—I am guessing you did scare her–we observe you even though it may look as if we are not. Your actions speak louder than words –she probably sensed your attraction and knew it would not be a good idea to “lead you on.” She probably also sensed that you are “dangerous.” Dangerous because you do evoke this strong attraction that makes us forget who we are–but only for a brief moment in time.

  52. SOoo what does that mean..libra isn’t listed in best OR worst..
    i think libras can be with anybody, most of this is true and being a libra i kno i get along with everyone! n i am sooo in lvoe with a CAP. i hope it works outt.=)))

  53. I will be blunt on you regarding this B.S of Capricorn and Gemini match. First of its all in your head and 2nd it all depends where in the chart the cusps are. I know more then one couple as Capri and Gemi who are married and the love between them is very strong.

    So its all on how you think and its all on how you let you mind manifest the thoughts.

  54. THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE ASKING ABOUT COMPATIBILITY WITH CAPRICORNS- You’re forgetting that there are other factors that effect your relationships. There is the sun sign( the most dominant and which we use most) moon sign, rising sign, chinese zodiac sign and numerology. Also, astrology -suggests- the best love bets. Astrology is not always correct. For this reason, God didn’t want people getting involved in this, because it would limit our love desires.Some of you already know, that earth signs (holding Capricorn) are compatible with any water sign.


  55. So true. I know a Capricorn guy who is always there for me when I need him. He also doesn’t need to be told he just knows. We have great fun together and he makes me feel safe. This is what every Taurus woman wants to feel. He CAN be very cold and distant, the trick is time and patience, which dose not bother me it’s something I’ve mastered. Not to mention the time it took for us to get to know each other. It took one year to be good friends and another to be an item. But once you get past the guards, it’s hard to turn back. Oh and total charmer!! 😉

  56. Scorpio falls…where? with a capricorn man?

  57. ive just met a Cancerian so am very hopeful!

  58. Wow! This is funny yet very true… I am married to an Aries and I am a Capricorn Female. We struggle everyday with his impatience, I don’t think that our relationship would’ve lasted past the first year if he wasn’t in the military and didn’t frequently leave the country for months at a time, giving me a break to just be myself. I love him, but don’t feel as though we are compatible!

  59. “Sagittarius Complete opposite you would never see eye to eye on anything.”

    What ever happened to opposites attract?

  60. What about Aquarius? My opinion is strong compatibility but some sites would disagree with me.

  61. Me and my aries are perfect and we’ve been with eachother for 7 years…he’s been so patient haha.

  62. what about a Capricorn and Libra?…they’re so sexy.

  63. So, as you can see, the heart breaker is not always the Gemini.

  64. What do I mean by trusting us? Well, there’s quite much to say, but I’m gonna tell you exactly what I mean:When I want to date a Capricorn woman and she tells me that she already has a boyfriend,
    I’m expecting her at least to remain friends.Than you might say:why do we sometimes refuse your friendship?And my answer is that maybe we are afraid to get into trouble with your boyfriends.But if we, Gemini, understand where we ware wrong, where we weren’t able to understand you from the beginning, why DO YOU refuse our friendship request?why do you refuse, for example, to maintain the contact with us, by giving us wrong phone numbers, not giving us your ID(just like you act with all other man who are not Gemini), why do you want to destroy that special friendship that could appear?Cause maybe if that special friendship would be kept alive, our hart might not be totally broken.In brief:We’re not asking you to date us!We just want to be inside your friend circle.Let’s just say I consider myself a man who most of the time was forced to learn everything by itself, alone, cause I almost never had smart friends.A Capricorn woman would be the ideal smart friend for me.How on earth am I suppose to communicate with her if she shows me how much she wants to stay away from me?Friendship relies on trust.What does trust mean?ID in messenger list, not rejected in the address book, like they’d be dealing with an enemy, their phone number, cause a true friend can answer you whenever you need her(SO, NO, THE PHONE NUMBER IS NOT FOR DATING!!!-THIS IS NOT THE REASON WHY GEMINI WANT YOUR NUMBER).

    • Capricorns are scared to death of Geminis for the simple fact we are so drawn to Geminis example every Gemini I have ever been around.d I get weak palms start to sweat, heart starts rack g very scary lol

    • I’m a capricorn, and i dated two geminis my whole life. And I’ve got to say, you sound EXACTLY like them. Your philosophy, your view point, your questions and what you as a gemini don’t understand of a capricorn and probably never will. lol Why you ask? Like the zodiac says, view on life is just too different. And a gemini might never understand this no matter how many times you explain it so don’t be surprised if you end up staying all night repeating the same thing to them. I knew of the signs, yet I still dated him because of love. I tried to not believe in the things about us and fought for us. Little did I know that I was hurting myself emotionally in the long run in denial about how different we really are, ALL due to emotionally and maybe physically. Usually and MOST likely, only the capricorn will notice this. And typically, a gemini will most likely responde to that as “Why not give us a chance?” “Well that’s not true you should at least this or that.” It’s hard, in fact practically impossible for a Capricorn to be able to express themselves emotionally to a gemini whos completely opposite and uncompatible to an emotional, dark, and deep minded capricorn. I’m not trying to say that geminis are terrible, they’re not. Every sign is good for some other sign. Not all signs will work. You just need to find someone that could appreciate you. I had a 3 year relationship, with one, I tried my hardest by myself as a Capricorn, felt like he just never understood my emotional side and I would feel incomplete, alone emotionally. No matter how much I tried “communication”, he just didn’t get me. Lol the MIND i tell you. It’s the mind. I knew he loved me with all his love according to his world, I know he love me, but that’s that it. It’s the fact that his love isn’t a love for ME. I accept it all, but it’s too witty for me. I asked for romance, but his romance is different from what I have in mind and what I could feel when it comes off him to me. With this said, I still won’t be surprised if geminis don’t understand ANY of this, and it’s fine. Just know we don’t mean to be mean even when it truly seems that way to the gemini, which I’m certain it will.The second gemini I dated for only three days, I tried to be nice and stick around explaining myself why it didn’t work and why I just didn’t want to be with him, he just went off with his talkative gemini self like what you said “Why not give us a chance?” EXACTLY what he said. It’s not about chance, oh even if it was, I DID. And i honestly didn’t want to suffocate anymore because every minute with him was just not right. And honestly, love does not feel like suffocation lol it’s that simple to all the “Why’s”. I wasted 2 weeks helping the dude because I felt bad, but he didn’t see it that way expect that I was mean, which was fine, cause I get where he’s coming from. He just didn’t get it. And I seriously repeated myself everyday that whole 2 weeks. The ONLY solution a capricorn got in this, is to ignore them, sorry geminis but you guys will not understand seriously and a capricorn will lose their temper and look down on you. This I seriously warn you. When they say stop talking to me, you had better. So pressing the button and begging them isn’t going to change their mind. And that’s just it. Capricorn + Gemini = will not understand each other. No hard feelings, just the truth. And we apologize to the geminis if leaving made us seem heartless cause it does, but we just know what we want (since we’re goal orientated), and will strive for it. We do feel pity, but we don’t stick around for just that. It would be unfair for us individually and you.

    • I know this post was written LONG ago but i’m hoping some future Gemini man Capricorn couples will see it when seeking advise.
      I also would never date Gemini men because of the bad reputations they have. I was on a dating website and had numerous mssgs from them (the website showed astro signs). Finally one day i decided to respond to a Gemini guy who wrote to me a week earlier….the rest is history. I have NEVER been so happy with anyone. Never have I felt so completly myself with another human being. He makes me laugh everyday, he understands me utterly and I him. He is my soulmate. I’m 36 and have much experience with men so when “the one” came along I knew it. Our humors match our sex drive ( which is phenominal) our goals and dreams. Don’t give up Gemini men there is a reason your after that Capri woman. Keep her laughing and keep her spirit light and free, I didn’t know how much I was missing this 🙂

  65. We, Gemini, admire at you, Capricorns, not only your physical beauty and charm, but also your intelligence, what makes many of us, Gemini, to respect you.I noticed that You, Capricorn women can be very sympathetic, but why never with us, Gemini?Maybe we would like to be hugged by you as well as any other man, maybe we would like to be admired by you as well as you like other people-and I’m not talking only about dates here, I’m taking about the friendship between Gemini man and Capricorn woman.You think or feelings are not hurt when you refuse, for example, to help us, especially some of you, Capricorn women, are much smarter than us, Gemini, and maybe you could even help understand not only how things work, but also understanding ourselves.Why do you never trust us and behave like you would be afraid of us?

  66. The situation it is just not fair.I am a Gemini man and I am in love with a Capricorn woman and my hart was just crashed when she begun to ignore me.This is my question to Capricorn women:what makes you think that we, Gemini, can’t love you as much as any other man who is under another zodiac sign?Why don’t you just try to know us?Maybe not all Gemini are the same.For example, I did the zodiac match test and it showed me that I am at least 88% compatible with Capricorn-I think it is a matter of concepts, not of zodiac.I took this test several times and once I obtained 95% compatibility with this sign of zodiac.And you know what I think?That if a Gemini man can love a Capricorn woman, although theoretical it’s impossible, than a Capricorn woman should be able to love a Gemini as well.I don’t think it’s necessary for you Capricorns, to ignore us, the Gemini.From some of us you could even get help whenever you need.Why don’t you try to understand that some of us can even be romantic?You want to know why us, men, sometimes avoid you?I cannot answer you to that, cause it depends of the person, but I can answer you why some Gemini avoid you:because we, Gemini, think that you, Capricorn women, are bothered about our presence.In fact, if you would try to know us, you would understand that the superficiality of the Gemini sign is just a fairy tale, not all of us are superficial.I just hope that one day Capricorn women will understand Gemini men, and this, before crashing our feelings, before it’s too late…….

    • OMG man im soo with u… im gemini n my ex was capricorn… in fact… my last both ex’s were capricorn n shit man dey both broke my heart as well U.U…

    • Capricorn women are so drawn and attracted to Geminis it scares us Capricorns do not just jump into love we have our gaurd up and if just being around a Gemini man for a short time shows us he can maybe break that wall and get into our hearts we run yes Geminis are double personality they love to roam etc but Gemini charm and personality is pretty much what a Capricorn looks for and we are not looking scared to be hurt. I just recently seperated from my Gemini boyfriend of 1 year I am 30 years old and he was my first true love from his multi talented skill to fun shitty humor I fell madly in love and hurt everyday still. I would never take it back I feel if Gemini and Capricorns can work through their stubbornness they could make an amazing couple and go for the long haul. I would def give Gemini love another chance

    • I am a Capricorn women in love with a gemini man, we’ve had our hiccups (as do all relationships) but this is one of the BEST relationships I have ever been in. In my opinion Capricorns are reserved & most of the time shy. He brings out a social side to me. I feel as though he is my soulmate & that a gemini/Capricorn relationship can in fact be successful.

  67. what are capricorns best and worst match with Libra?

  68. Hey!! enjoyed your point of view. One question, how about a match between a Capricorn man and a Scorpio woman. Will I be doomed or will it flurish? Thanks…..Me! 🙂

    • Acually I ment a scropio and he is so charming to me so I think a scropio is a really good match even in gurl form. 😛

    • if the scorpion man knows and is willing to wait, they are an amazing match in every single aspect, cause we are actually able to give the scorpion the confidence and the balance for them to know they are perfect the way they are. scorpion just needs to understand we can love them the same way but they need to understand everything for us has its time, we are actually very romantic so we like a relationship to develop slow, so we can enjoy each fase of the relationship and the more confident and trust we have in the relationship, let’s say we are full of surprises lol


    • I also disagree with that, I’m Sagittarian, while my boyfriend is Capricorn but we go along very, very well. We have a lot of uncommon and common things and we both respect our individuality.

    • They do have the potential to bump heads a lot but they are suppose to be beneficial for each other. Ones too serious, the other not enough. I’m a cap. My mom and daughter are Sagittarius.

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