Taurus Best and Worst Relationship Matches

Much of everything that you ever wanted to know about your Taurus lover is constituted by his/her relationship with Venus, Taurus’ planetary ruler. Contrary to the more commonly held perception of the Taurus being extremely reliable, stable, solid and perhaps a bit stuffy, Taurus can be extremely sensual, especially when you chuck him/her into the emotional blender. Once the more romantic aspects of the bull’s sun sign kicks into high gear you will be surprised by the physical intensity of the relationship, and you may, in fact, be overwhelmed with the tactile way in which your lover shows you affection.

We can see this side of Taurus in other aspects of the bull’s personality. Usually people born under this season of the sun cycle have a great desire for simply physical pleasure, and you may have noticed comfortable furniture, nice beverages and food filling their fridges and adorning their living rooms. They are connected closely to the ears, neck and larynx, and as a result enjoy beautiful music, good conversation and the touch of loving hands.

The most important thing to remember if you are dating, making love to, or in a long-term, full-fledged relationship, with a Taurus, your affection is best expressed through the same mode that your lover enjoys other parts of his/her life, with simply expressions of sensual enjoyment. Touch them, instead of saying something sweet! Instead of a book, get them wine, instead of art, give them a massage. Make love to them when they least expect it, and sit them down for their favorite meal. This will seal the deal, and create a loyal, caring, and delicate lover.

There are a few drawbacks to having a Taurus lover in your life, and they begin with the communication difficulty that the bull can have. Though they like talking about philosophy, politics or their own particular interests, if the conversation turns toward more difficult subjects, such as problems in your relationship, or lack thereof, they may be unlikely to engage your concerns. This needs to be worked out with some very focused discussions of what Taurus’ view as unnecessary exchanges. If it is not practical then it is not something that they are interested in. A way to promote more dialogue is to sandwich the difficult stuff with a nice bottle of wine, or a good day on the beach, or any other hedonistic activities.

You may also have noted that bulls in your life can be moody and a bit withdrawn sometimes. This is closely linked to the their stubborn inability to ‘role with the punches.’ This is a very real part of a Taurus’ life. Make sure to encourage a more open-minded way of viewing the world, and you will help your boy/girl get out of the doldrums and into the bright sun of the world.

A word directly to those born under the Taurus sign: be careful not to see the special people in your life as part of your collection of ‘fun’ activities. A problem that can face you is seeing people in an instrumental way that can devalue the unique worth of each person in your life. This can be a more serious problem when it comes to people who you deal with romantically. Most people get tired of being treated like a pretty bubble that must be dusted occasionally, and even though you think you are showing the right amount of interest, you may find yourself alone wondering how it all went wrong. Remember, if you care for someone, their needs must be met even more aggressively than your own, and maybe they will reciprocate, and then everyone wines.

Best Relationship Matches

Scorpio Even though it can be intense and stormy, it will endure and bring great satisfaction.

Virgo/Capricorn Very stable and harmonious, though Capricorn is better for plutonic relationships.

Worst Relationship Matches

Aries Strong wills can bounce off each other and create stress, though it can work with more passive Taureans.

Sagittarius Too free-spirited.

Gemini Too restless.

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  1. What’s the best match for Taurus friendship?

  2. Us Taurians are sensual, strong, faithful, stubborn (in a good way) and loyal, don’t believe in anything stupid that people said about Taurus. They use discrimination towards everyone born under Taurus sun sign simply because they had bad relationship with ONE Taurus in their life and they don’t know how to move forward and get a life.

    I greatly approve that Geminis and Aquarius are definitely our worst nemesis. Avoid them at all cost!

    For Aquarius and Gemini imbeciles who came here to complain, you came to the wrong neighborhood. There’s no use for you to complain about Taurus you met in your life and appreciate the effort we put to avoid you.

    No, we’re not players! When I think of cheaters, I think Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces and Ophiuchus.

    I am a foolish Taurus kid (at least what some of you would think and I admit it)

  3. Imma Capricorn and I have to admit I am not THAT compatible with Virgo, but very very tight with Taurus.

    To me, Taurus is a Earth sign so of course they have some qualities like hard working, practial and stuffs. However, they have one thing that I don’t: knowing how to express their feelins, which was my worst. People always say that I’m such a cold person and that they can’t tell what do I think, how I feel or what I like.

    That’s why I love Taurus. They are so cute and caring, I feel like they are the missing piece of puzzle for me.

  4. Hi. I am a virgo female falling in love for a taurus man. Meeting him, I literally felt my life change. All of a sudden anyone that has ever hurt me, I was no longer mad at them… It was an ” at last” feelings. And trust me when I say, I dont get that “omg, i want him” type feel for anyone.. We have gone on dates, hes invited me out to hang with friends.. And I dont feel like its really going anywhere..any time ive had any little complaints, he has listened and said sorry; and actually did better.. He always does better! ive brought up “the talk” and he said he wanted to just take things slow, and see where it goes… Its been almost 6 months and we have been on and off friends, because I would distance myself .. Only because It was sooo hard for me to keep the idea of justtt being his friend.. Now Im stuck again because Idk if he just has me as another one of his ” gal friends”.. Or if he actuallly like me… If I dont message him, he checks on me… Vise verca .. Ummm , idk.. I guess all I could do it just ask… But He just got out of a relationship with some hoe, so I know trust is an issue.. But what do I do with the other guys interested ..

    • Hi, my personal opinion is you both deep down want the same things but you both are probably a worryier, at least me a Taurus cancer cusp girl and my husband a virgo Leo cusp both are. What I have learned is a lot of time you both take each other wrong but actually mean the same you guys just go about it and word things differently. So basically both of you probably have the wrong impression of how each other come off and both probably have the same worries of the relationship, and both probably feel that spark and want each other, but trust me don’t be afraid to give it a shot, follow your heart and don’t let your worries get in the way of taking a chance. I know it’s easier said then done and I’m no expert by no means..I’m just saying what I think is all cause I don’t know either of you. I’m just trying to help.

  5. Taurus is headstrong not stubborn.There’s a whole lot of difference. You can’t win over Taurus by force, you gotta win over him by wit and tact, that does not mean you should indulge in deceit. Yes, they can resist change, but not because they are rigid, but because they tend to develop deep emotional ties with the routine. Taurus, in one line, can be summed up as a creature of habit. If you go to movie or dinner, continuously for Sundays, for few weeks, he would consider that as a ritual and it would become part of his routine. For rest of your life, he would be ever willing to take you out. In simple terms, if you can nudge him to follow certain things the way you like, you are in all reality, carving out a ‘perfect man’. Yes, Taurus has that unique ability in them that I did not find in any other zodiac. You can mould them by habit, bit by bit. I am a Scorpio Woman, I used my seductive and charming powers over him to nudge him to do that. He readily followed, Taurus, whatsoever be their natal chart, can’t resist their Scorpio love. But you gotta hold his hands through any change initially for they are unsure, uncertain and jittery through change initially unlike their original nature. Like Taurus is not a party animal, but would accompany his beloved anywhere even if he’s not comfortable with the host or venue, yeah he might throw in a few tantrums, but would in all certainty, accompany his beloved for her protection or security. But once he gets comfortable in that change, sit back and enjoy, welcome to Taurean way of things. Be ready to be surprised. You yourself would now witness the change in a new light or perspective that you hardly ever had. Also do not try to make Taurus jealous or the sort we, Scorpio, do to test the interest of our mate. Taurus does not like his interest flirting with other men. Yes it does make them jealous but in the wrong way. Instead of pursuing you, they might withdraw. So take care. Of all the Zodiac signs, only cool-headed Taurus that he is, can handle, support and stand by a Scorpio woman through all her difficulty (all Scorpio women out there know how we behave in our emotional life crisis). It is this enormous mental stability and inner power that enables him to handle all that Scorpio throws out in anger. No other zodiac, be it what some astrology websites say best love matches for Scorpio being Pisces and Cancer, can support or even handle Scorpio at its worst, Pisces and Cancer might run away or just stand there and let things take their own toll. My male Pisces, Cancer friends weren’t really of any help to me in my trying times even after they tried hard. Only the Taurus could handle and take things head-on. Taurus,be it in business or life, is rightly reckoned as a ‘Man of Crisis’. This man delivers when times are bad. But only when he is at calm and peace internally. Taurus, when hurt emotionally, like when I spewed some venom (stung him) at one time. He withdrew completely, became self-destructive, like without purpose or goal. Only when I apologized profusely and turned the heat on in bed (amazing sex!), did he normalize. Taurus, unlike some silly astrology websites claim of his raging anger, does not get angry easily. It takes a lot to get this man, angry! When others are blowing their trumpets when they are angry, he simply recluses himself into silence. Only when someone persists in their wrongdoings, does he face the quintessential Taurean wrath. I am very very happily married to a Taurus for more than 7 years. Only a Taurus can satisfy a Scorpio woman in sex, no Pisces or Cancer can do that, not even remotely close. Even after 7 years, it stills feels pretty fresh with him. The magnetism is breath taking. My vote for my love, Taurus.

  6. I am a taurus women. 🙂 proud to be I love my characteristics, I have a boyfriend, he is a Capricorn and I am INLOVE. We were best friends for two years before we started dating three years ago… I believe we are a perfect match. To all the taurus women out there, go find yourself a Capricorn man. It is WELL worth it ❤

    • I’m a traumas Gemini cups girl with a Virgo leo cups guy….let me tell everyone!!! This man was love at first sight. I had just gotten out of a terrible relationship I was settled,g because of some things that had happened with me and my parents and family…but any ways this Virgo guy we was love at first sight!!! I didn’t want to just jump I, head first ( all thought everything in my being wanted to jump in head first completely cause the magical connection we shared) but I didn’t jump head first even though everything in fact was going rather quickly cause our hearts and desires understanding and passion to one another was in the same exact tune, beat and the feeling we felt while with one another was so strong and drawn to one another it was insanely AMAZING ..no words can describe the connection between us two. Any ways he came over every day and I love music and he plays guitar..let me tell u ..best guitar player singer you’ll ever hear and that’s not bias! …we would sit In his car for hours talking singing laughing kissing ..wanted to rip each others clothes off but like I said very hard to resist but I didn’t wanna jump in head first I was try to figure myself out..but any ways there was one particular song we listened to that I loved at the time called ( the man I wanna be) well the fourth day he played his guitar and played that song the man I wanna be…he had learned a song he never knew in one night and played it flawlessly he played it better than the guy he actually sings the song. He always opens the car door for mme and truly showed me how a man should treat a woman..but me not knowing what I want which I told him this but the guy I got out of a terrible relationship called and wanted to talk..I asked him if he cared if I went to talk with the guy even though We wasn’t dating but I really liked him and would not talk to the terrible guy if he didn’t want..he said he didn’t care and so I went and the terrible guy was drunk with his friends and 27 yrs old me 18 yrs old but he was drunk and my dad herd I went there drove up I told him to go not to worry that I got this and then the. terrible gguy punched stop signs and acted stupid after that his party of friend took him in told me to leave if I really lived him..after that I knew I wanted the Virgo mman, I hoped he didn’t leave out of frustration and worrying and being let down..but I ran to him and he was still on the porch waiting with his head down in his arm. And I told him that guy was an idiot and I don’t even know why I cared to hear what he said and I thanked him for giving my my space and lettin me figure thing out and I thanked him for being understanding and I hugged and kissed him he did back but I could tell he was bothered by it all but wasn’t sharing he took me in kissed me good night went home..the next day I was so worried he wouldn’t come back cause we still was not dating yet but I worried all day ..I thought he wasn’t but he showed u. A little later than usual and I ran up to him put my arms around him kissed him and of course we was all smiles but I told him I know what I want ..I told him I wanted him and no,one Elise and even though we only been hanging out a few weeks and the thought of losing him made me feel like I was losing my whole world and I loved him..he smiled so,big and picked me up and spun me around and kissed me passionately…5 years later we have a 3 year old little girl married 2 years almost three and together five…we have had bumps in the road at times but we have conquered anything ever thrown at us and that made us grown stronger in love passion closeness comunocation every aspect of a human relationship stronger than anyone could ever imagine! Every time we think we know eachther like the back of our hands stuff happens to show us more about each other and every day our love grows stronger than the day before. He is the best man alive and I thank God everyday for him and my little gal. I had given up hope on finding a good man to love me when I met him he showed me different..my life long journey was to find my soul mate and just when I started to believe I wouldn’t find my soul mate my Virgo Leo man came in and swept me off my feet!

  7. I know it’s not all about sun signs but Taurus and Capricorn are definitely better friends than lovers. The goats are more likely to use you as they climb the mountain until a better partner comes along the trail. If one doesn’t when they reach the top, they’ll make you feel like your still beneath them which most taurus won’t accept.

    I’m surprised that Cancer wasn’t mentioned as a potential romance partner. My only long-term relationship (4 years) was with a Cancer. Personality wise it can be a struggle but the emotional bond is quite strong with lots of passion.

    I’m actually dating a Sag (scorpio cusp) now for 6 months and like Caps, they’re better as they age which is probably why most sites say we’re terrible together. My Sag appreciates the taurus side of me of being a protector and offering stability while they go out and frolick without being overbearing.

    • I’m cancer cusp btw not gemi

    • Hi if you could please reach out to me, I’m a Taurus man and my Taurus woman just left me recently and not too long she went back to the Capricorn guy that she had previously cheated on me with in our relationship…is she rebounding again for her selfish needs or is she really in love with this guy and no longer sees me as an option in her life? We have been together for about 3years

  8. First hand experience: Taurus and Pisces work very well, if Pisces has earth in a solid area of the chart (Moon or Mars) and Taurus has water in a softer area of their chart.
    In this case the Mars Earth brings Pisces a very strong willpower and stability that helps Taurus to feel secure in the union.
    Completing tasks and stating opinions comes naturally to Pisces with an earth Mars (esp Capricorn).
    With Taurus’ moon or venus in water (cancer or pisces) it’s a truly deep pairing.
    Especially helpful here too if Mercury’s are compatible (for communication styles to bridge the different perspectives each brings to the table).

    But in general, this partnership is very sensual, loving, and rich. There is a depth and power of creative force when the two are looking to the same focal point that goes unmatched.

    There have been occasions where a Scorpio has tried to wedge their way into this relationship though.

    it is not pretty.

    A solid Pisces/Taurus relationship is built on openness and good-hearted foundation, and the Scorp wound up wanting to possess it. Eventually their controlling and possessive desires wound up being unveiled. The “truthful and loyal” labels that the Scorp typically has as their mantra, were dashed.
    Taurus bring attracted by the visual and sexual forcefulness that Scorp prides itself on started to take its form as a false “closeness”, but the Pisces very easily sees through the Scorp’s true motivation and need for possession and control.

    Pisces won’t typically “call the Scorp out”, but rather let them “learn on their own”. A Pisces’ waters run deep and have no need to push and force things like the Scorp typically does. The symbiosis is that they have a similar depth of emotional connectedness that helps them understand one another.
    However, Pisces will always know whats going on behind the scenes of a Scorpio. Scorpio has it’s pride in “mystery and secrets”, and Pisces are almost always being gentle and polite in order to honor the Scorpio’s desired level of discretion.

    However, when the Pisces has no other choice but to call the Scorpio out on something (if things have gone too far and damage is imminent) they will do it, and by default typically wind up deeply shocking and shutting down the Scorpio.

    In this instance, it became very necessary.

    Although, when Pisces and Scorp are mates, or friends the Pisces will often generate a deep compassion for the Scorp and not let the controlling forceful pushiness of the Scorp overshadow the relationship.
    Pisces doesn’t desire to “call anyone out” or “generate discomfort”, but if a Scorp is pushing and shoving their way into something to attempt control, possess or try to win something for the sake of aquisition, a Pisces will “call them out”.
    The typically inevitable outcome, that will usually still bring pain to a Pisces, will be to watch the Scorpio turn to stone and crack when they are “found out”, “discovered”, and not able to “win”.
    All three actions of which are universally unnecessary to a Pisces, but yet painful to watch happen to someone who needs them so deeply to validate who they are in the universe…even when the motivations are less than honorable.

    In general, when the Taurus/Pisces relationship is built on a solid foundation, it’s equivalent to the 8th wonder of the world. Spirit, sensuality, depth, and incredible creativity built on a strong, beautiful, and loving foundation. Pretty great stuff.

  9. I love scorpios! And I am a taurus. But the only one I’ve dated, was completely awesome. Then it ended.
    But I’ve found, I also love: cancer, pisces, virgos too? I bang them hard and often, then there’s like really deep love, then great friendships, and conversation. But then it ends.
    Then gemini’s wow me a lot of times, and all we do is talk but I want to, which I don’t normally want to, I just want to taurean plow most and skip convo, but Gemini’s just keep me interested? How do you explain that?

  10. I’m an aquarius with a pisces moon. I’m dating a tuarus who has a scorpio moon. I don’t feel that relationships are good to study based on sun signs. Your moon sign matters more.same with his mars and your venus. Mine has a tuarus mars and I have a capricorn venus. We talk alike. Have same out look on life. In bed we are very passionate and loving. The only thing that bothers me about him is he uses people for his benefit. I feel too much for the people he uses and feel that it sets up a bad veiw of character.

  11. how come taurus women don’t have their own section here…it doesn’t work???

    anyway here’s my experience with some of the signs

    scorpio: very deep, sensual, comfortable, uncomfortable,
    i know they’re playing games and that makes me feel uneasy, i don’t know how to play back and i always fail their ‘tests’. i wish i could keep up. i know they usually use words like passionate, volcanic, etc to describe taurus and scorpio but my experience was very soft, romantic, easy going with some heavy undercurrents if that makes sense. my stomach feels very heavy when with them. i like talking to them, kissing them, hugging them, and getting their attention, then again, what girl doesn’t. however, i don’t attract too many unfortunately. keeping my fingers crossed though.

    capricorn: karmic. very slow to make moves dating wise. my experience is that they give in then pull back give in then pull back, i don’t like that dance.
    this one seems the most ideal to me as a taurus woman though. two pieces of a puzzle. i think they’re the funniest sign. i like how cold and distant they are….it’s a turn on for me. although i hear they tend to have mistresses on the side, which i can see, and that makes me a bit hesitant.

    virgo: judgmental, clean freak….never, (possibly my least favorite sign, besides leo and aquarius)

    sag: this one was actually pretty eager for a commitment and had a long term relationship before me, which is not whbutat they’re astrologically known for…(i know, i know look at the whole chart…i’m just saying). i wasn’t attracted to him and we never officially dated, but he took me on some pretty adventurous dates, we were constantly outdoors, even when it was raining, i had no idea how many lakes were in my area before him. however, when it comes down to it i’ll never date a guy without a compatible sun sign as mine.

    aquarius: very socially aware. endless conversations. but as a taurus the flirting with other girls is a deal breaker.

    cancers: seductive, the ones i’ve met actually have a back bone. ladies men, which makes me not know if i trust them.

    pisces: i’ve only known one, we flirted briefly, i don’t think it’s possible for him to commit…to anything. don’t want to get my self lost in those waters.

    final verdict
    when it comes down to it, i really hope i end up with a capricorn or a scorpio

    • I have some bones to pick with you…just because the girls you know that are Taurus are that way ( in your eyes) don’t make them that way for one..for two I’m a taruas girl and I’m the most honest person that you’ll ever meet and I was never about many guys I was always about the one guy I desired to date because if I decided to date a guy it was to try for the long run. I have made my mistakes as any person has but I try to be better every day and be the best I can be… Taruas girls as ur qoute (calling u to have sex with there tounges out) passed me off because those girls was probably confused and just wanting to feel loved because they had not found there soul mate yet..so the fact post what youve post on here just shows how immature , your lack of knowledge, and how clueless you really are on understanding a person and why they might do or say some of the things they do. I dislike what you said..that being said you are entitled yo your own opinions but u should try and be more understanding and open minded about people and not judge them for how they nay be coming off!

  12. .i have been in relationship with two taurus girls , first was six years ago wasn’t much of relationship ,but one things there despite all uniqueness and shortcomings aquarians are honest well most off and straightforward and they follow Quakers exhortation they stick to one point but will change their stand but you have to show the logic , they are open book and you open up honestly and tell them what you want they wont haunt you , its the indifference , mystery and unfaithfulness that angers . They are mostly lost in imbroglio and soul searching themselves which makes them lonely .
    Taurus as you rightfully defend yourself without revealing your guard .lemme tell you first girl i had relationship or it wasn’t much of relationship was mess , she lived in her own fantasy world ,lived in books which makes you yearn for someone imaginery , and started lying lies that can be caught easily . a total drama queen whose adrenaline was so high ,forgot to take life as it came or things slowly wanted everything all answers without giving time so quickly as if she had a target of ten relationships to complete . When you have something on Mind you have to be honest something a taurean can’t.
    Second Girl the same after 6 Years exactly same things happened Came running after me when i pushed her cried , fickle minded went after another guy again came back like a bitch with a tongue out .
    I’ve got another taurean is after me simply , same drama, this girl went a bit ahead messaging everyday like crazy for sex and everything .
    So taureans for me are emotional wreck , Like monkeys they are wont let go of one branch till they get hold of another and also never stay on one branch the moment they are in sight of better prospect would leave , Like flowing water .they’ll make guys fucking emotional fool and leave indiferently .From ” i wont tolerate a scratch on your face to who are you ”. Better they stay single having occasional sex when they want to rather than wrecking a guys emotional and mental peace .
    i Would say aquarians and taureans can never go together , aquarians need for independence and lonelyness can never be respected by taurean .

    • Seriously, none of us cares on what kind of relationship you had with us Taurians.
      you Aquarians are immature, fake, superficial, rude, dishonest and sarcastic. Leave us alone and go back to your stupid Aquarius form.

  13. I am a taurus girl.


    Good: Scorpios are awesome for friendship! My best friend is a scorpio and we are the perfect fit for eachother. Were exactly the opposite but so similar at the same time.
    Bad: Geminis. I had a bff that was a gemini. She baisically manipulated me, bullied me and used me. I kept coming back to her because she was my bff and i cared and only saw the good out of her, but eventually she just completely pushed me away and got a new best friend.


    Good: The longest relationship i ever had was with a virgo. He was absolutely perfect for me. The first time i ever saw him i was immeadiently pulled to him. And he told me that he was too. I still love him. Even though were having a hard time right now. I’ve also had major crushes on SEVERAL virgos. I can’t resist them. But one thing that bothers me is that everything always has to be perfect. And practical. Sometimes i wish that they would just losen up a bit and just enjoy,
    Bad:4 I dated a pieces and i knew that the relationship was not going to work a week after we started dating. We didn’t really know eachother that well when we met and when we were dating it was really fun and sweet, but then we started arguing all the time and then he broke up with me! on new years! over email. -_- then after we broke up he contiunisly emailed/texted me telling me that it was my fault and that i’m a horrible person when he was the one that broke up with me. He’s honestly fucking crazy.

  14. I didn’t really see if anyone had commented on this, but what are your guy’s opinions on Taurus men and Capricorn women? I’m a capricorn woman and I am interested in a taurus man, but at the end of last summer he broke things off with my gemini friend, and I don’t know where he stands, or what he may be thinking, so if I could get some input from taurus men (or women) that would be wonderful.

    • am a Taurus man, hard times to come some times in relations but one should try to solve them, if there is no practical option left, why should one waste time.

  15. im a female Taurus dating a scorpio. OMG I LOVE THIS MAN!!! but yes he is soooo confusing at times about our relationship. we have so much fun when we’re together. and the sex is thumbs up! he’s full of ambition and so am I and that’s one of the major things he loves about me. BUT he be having me on this rollercoaster ride! “we’re together.” then “its best that we stay friends.” these things that he says always crushed me because I felt that he was talking to somebody else or using me, taking my kindness for weakness. I no he really does love me but sometimes I just want too end it because I don’t have time for the up and down , I don’t. one thing about a Taurus is that we do not give up easy. and we fight for what we want. and I do want us too work out!!! ugh why are scorpios soooo crazy!!

    • Hi, i completely relate to everything you have stated here. I had the EXACT same feelings and relationship with a Scorpio man. I was niave at the time and often held my feelings in. I would not do anything differently, because I learned a great deal of who I am from that relationship. Though if I could give advice to any Taurus currently with a Scorpio, it would be #1 VERBALLY, communicate, express over and over to him the RESPECT you hold for yourself as a woman and stand up for what you deserve. #2 Tell him you love him. He needs to be sure of this. He has constant and deep issues he holds from past relationship (ex. the ex-girlfriend that keeps coming up in conversations).
      I know it’s a roller-coaster ride. If you truly love him, tell him. You don’t want him not seeing this, because it was just not communicated in the right way. Taurus and Scorpio don’t often see eye-to-eye. He does love you, he keeps coming back to you. Be there for him, but always hold respect for yourself and let him know that it’s not OK and that his actions effect you in many ways – hurting your feelings, leaving you and coming back over and over and over again. If it takes telling him all this and walking away if he won’t commit, then do it. Trust me. He will respect you SOOOO MUCH for walking away from him. If you fail to show respect for yourself, HE WILL BE THE ONE WALKING AWAY.

      Good luck. Just remember and appreciate, life is a journey. ❤

    • I was also in relation with a scorpion, I know possessiveness is one of the best roots which keeps the love going. the more possessive you get the more he will love you but don’t break up, it will leave him crashed down. am still looking for my scorpion mate. she broke up similarly.
      yes you will see him satisfied on bed. and no doubt this is one reason why he would not think of going to other woman

  16. I am an Aquarius female and I’m with a male Taurus. I don’t really agree with a lot of the things said about aquarius people, mostly that they will be mooches and not have jobs because all the aquarius’ that I know are independent and like to support themselves. As for how the relationship goes; it is true that aquarius don’t open up right away because we are guarded and it takes time. But once we do we are very passionate and love deeply. It is hard to be with a Taurus mostly because of communication issues. Sometimes it’s like we’re speaking totally different languages!! But when we do connect and agree it’s magical. I just have issues with me liking to communicate and have everything in the open while he doesn’t say anything and most the time I don’t really know where he stands on important topics that deal with are relationship. If anyone could give me advise on how to best communicate with a Taurus male, it would be greatly appreciated!! thanks 🙂

    • Im a taurus and, in my opinion, the best way to communicate with a taurus is for you to take the initiative with out sugar coating it. Not in a attacking way. Just be bluntly honest. He should appreciate that.

  17. Taurus guy here, I ve dated a gemini, cancer, leo and pisces. (Not a manwhore, this was over 12 years i am 23 now) and I have to say most of this stuff is bang on. I mean when I was young I didnt rly give a shit when somone left me but my first gf ever was a gemini and I swear I thouught I would NEVER get over her. But shit happens then I was dating a cancer . We were great ! Dated her my whole highschool(first v card!) and we still talk, just shes in a different city with a new guy this was an easy breakup but hard to deal with. Picses I dates her for like a month then I quit cuz well… maybe culture had somehing to do with it but she was klingy x 1000 (and thats comming from a taurus lol ) so I quit that now I been dating this leo girl for 8 months. The starting was great. I didnt care that much about her private life at the time but as we got closer and stuff (yes I took her v card) I noticed she was holding back a lot now. She makes plans to go away for a long time without any discussions or anything. N now shes in vietnam with her parents n her brothers wedding I have nt seen or talked to her in 22 days. I feel like now it a battle of willpower cuz this whole time we been together I dont think anybody from her side of the world knew about us but then again I dont want other people being nosy. I m just so confused as to what to do now… I know I can wait for her but I also know some people near by who I could take out for a beverage,.

  18. I am a Taurus woman . I am currently dating and in love with an Aquarius man . We’ve been together for 6 years. He is extremely controlling and stubborn. Aquarians don’t show emotions easily , which was a big issue when we first started dating, but they warm up after awhile. It’s not easy at all because of the fact that us Taurus’s look for long term relationship, stability, and can be over whelming with our emotions sometimes and Aquarians don’t always like that. As a Taurus you will definitely have problems with an Aquarian but it’s not impossible! Lol

  19. Taurus woman here
    I think leo is probably the worst sign to ever date taurus women don’t even go there because you will love them so much give them so much and it still feels like your getting nothing in return and because the leo man is so gorgeous everybody is after your man even though he will only choose you as his lioness but it’s very difficult I’ve dated a leo man we were good at first then we broke up then we never went back into a proper relationship we just hung out but always did romantic stuff and then at one point we said we wanted to meet because he was American from the us which made it even more difficult but we were so attracted and held and hoped the dream of us two meeting and staying together would come true I met him on the internet and we skyped and always did things together and even though the leo man can be a stubbern jackass the biggest dickhead especially when I’m stubbern he never fails to make you smile and will always be in your heart no matter what they do or say 😦

    • Omg I am a Taurus woman currently dating a Leo man, we have been together for almost 6 years now and now what you mean. I feel like I treat him like a prince and never get anything back in return. He’s a gorgeous man too blue eyes, tall, Irish man all the girls love him. Let me tell you that although this relationship is toxic, we have have our ups and downs he always, always ends up making me smile. You can never stay angry at a Leo man.

  20. I (Taurus female) dated a libra for 2 years on and off. I was so in love with this guy. Libra’s are probably worse than Taurus at dealing with emotions and confronting any sort of relationship issues. He was trouble. And it didn’t end well. Still hurts. But the sexual chemistry was definitely there. Oh boy.

    My best friends are virgos and capricorns, so I definitely agree with the more platonic -ships with a Capricorn. I would definitely date a Virgo.

    Avoid Aquarius at all costs. And geminis are just asking for trouble.

    I’m still waiting to meet a Scorpio.

    • Hi milookoo – Taurus female here, interested about your Aquarius man encounter – Why do you say to avoid Aquarius man at all cost? Did he obsess, or worse, stalk you? Did you ever perceive him as ‘weak’? Insecure? Was he anxious for your attention at all?

      I completely agree with you. Taurus females should avoid Aquarius at all cost.

      Fist Aquarius man I dated, I met 2 years ago and broke it off after 2 months of maybe 5 dates. I just was not interested. He would not accept that. He still continues to pursue me after 2 years (I have not even seen this man in over 1 1/2 years of that duration). He threatened to commit suicide 3x for my attention! (I went to all measures of seeking help for him) he made several fake profiles to get me to respond in interest. He has harassed me, calling incessantly, and after blacking his calls and blocking him online and threatening a restraining order – to this day – still he doesn’t accept “no, I’m not interested” for an answer. He would say anything to contain a sec of my attention – HE CONFESSED HE IS GAY TO ME. (Crazy, though I can see it now). He always says that I’m just the kindest person he’s ever met and the only person he could tell anything too. I definitely do think Aquarius men feel at ease expressing their emotions/feelings to Taurus. Although this one certainly has issues beyond one’s zodiac character to really explain his behavior.
      Another Aquarius guy expressed his feelings for me after he had hid them for 6 years dating back in college. This news came out of Left Field and he admitted never telling me because he was “shy” and shrugs. He is attractively smart and kind, but he was incredibly not experienced with women (physically), and I felt like I was dating a little boy. I sensed similar qualities of hidden deep emotions and insecurities as I saw in the first Aquarius guy and that was a Red Flag for me. One thing I know for certain is my intuition. I told him “it’s me, not you” kind of goodbye.
      Strangely, I have 2 life-long best friends “sister-kind girl friends” that are Aquarius females and both share the same birthdate and year. January 21, 1987. I met both at different points in my life (high school & post college) and we were inseparable bffs. My girlfriend from high school was diagnosed as bi-polar, fell off the face of the earth for a year, and the went on to Princeton and I have not seen her very much since. The other, incredibly wise suffered from extreme anxiety and also had a year hiatus.
      both of the Aquarius men I mentioned above suffer from extreme anxiety as well.

      All that said, on a total different note – I met a Cap! 😊💗 he is so smart, so hard working and so adoring. Incredibly busy traveling for work, so non-committal at the moment, but I’m hopeful our relationship will evolve.

      Scorpio male is an intense, addicting, incredible lover to this Taurus female. The connection is magnetic and I had never felt so complete before with a man. It’s One that may take a life-time to get over.

      The Virgo men I have met were, at first glance, Prince Charming. I had an overwhelming sense of being controlled by them. They will hate my guts forever. (Kinda makes me laugh).

      Thoughts on Aquarius men?

  21. I am a Gemini woman and i had the pleasure to meet a Taurus man. He was clingy from the beginning and in two weeks of knowing eachother wanted to be in a relationship. Problem is that i had just got out of a long term relationship and wanted to take things a bit slow. Well unfortunately he strayed and when i asked him to make a decision whether he wanted to continue our friendship or not he never responded. It has now been a week and nothing. I will agree that they are possessive and when they want something they mean business or they are out! Best lover by far and the most charming and respectful. Sad it ended this way but life goes on.

  22. Gemini sun/Sag rising/Virgo midheaven female here, two strongest loves of my life were Taurus men. (25 years apart) I fell hard for both and both broke my heart to the core. Recent one became my best friend, best lover ever and the feeling of his strong arms around me was the loveliest feeling in the world! He grounded me like no other and we had so much fun together always. I am down to earth, grounded and nurturing, loved cooking and playing house with my Taurus man. My recent Taurus was going through life changing events. I was his comfort, his solid foundation until he got through his drama then he left me for another woman. He had been seeing her all along and when my intuition would kick in, he could look me right in the eye and lie to me. He lied to her constantly also… but now she is with him. He told me he still loves me in a “special” way and wants to be friends but I’m too shattered right now. Maybe someday.

  23. Scorpio woman/Taurus man is the best relationship ever! I mostly dated Cancer and Taurus but Taurus men are just perfection! We openly talk with each other, we are deep, the connection is total and sex is great!

  24. I’m a Taurus woman and I used to date an Aquarius for three years and a half,but our relationship was hell so I had to end it..We have a pisces daughter that’s one year and a half and now I’m in love with this amazing Aries man.I’m a bit scared about how will my daughter get along with him when they meet…

  25. I hear Virgo´s is a great match for us (Male Taureans) However, I’ve got the chance twice to be romantic with them… and it just… the whole thing crashes before it actually starts flying, at least that is how it happened with the first one. So on my book they are starting to show with a huge question mark.

    Now Libra, Well, best relationship ever. If you manage to make a Libra fall for you, she’ll definitely go the extra mile for you.

    Now Gemini… if you find interested in one. Kick your head until some sense gets into it. It might be fun at start but it will get ugly later.

    • I agree with you about the Gemini……Worst in my life…..He hurt me worst than anything

    • So true about Gemini women. She was duplicitous and a liar. I am sure not all Gemini women are liars and cheats but this one was for sure! Broke my heart and tried to ruin me. Going through the divorce right now. Not angry or hateful anymore towards her but I will have nothing to do with a Gemini women ever again!

  26. I want to know the compatibility between Taurus woman & Capricorn man.

  27. I have found that Taurus – Taurus relationships are very sensual and always rewarding. Both partners are stubborn so this is difficult, however they tend to have similar mindsets so it all works out. Also the two partners never get tired of making love or simply being romantic since both are so physically driven!

  28. I am Taurus dating a Gemini, he’s exhausting, minds like a pinball machine, never stops, like two people in the room! I was married 20 years to Aries and had a great love years ago with Aries, but as Taurus people like ” stuff” we tend to treat the people in our life like ” baubles” if not careful and Aries HAS to be made to feel special and as soon as that’s not happening, they move on like they never knew you to the next person who will stoke them. So Aries was a good match but I got caught up in kids and job and didn’t stoke him anymore

  29. Im a female Taurus with a female Aries and ill tell you what we have the best relationship anyone could ever ask for we have been together for almost a year and have lived together for 4 months also we are together 24/7 and we fight maybe, maybe once a month. I would not trade my beautiful fiance for the world!!

  30. im a Taurus woman im very unlucky to find a gud paterner,taurus is very unlucky sing

  31. no.

  32. Im a taurus female – Scorpio YES! They are very sensual and passionate and knows just how to treat a lady and make her feel on top of the world. I am dating a Taurus at the moment and love him with all my heart. Will we make it in the long run? answer is we never know weather a relationship will last or not and it has nothing to do with star signs….. its all about true love from both sides and the power to never give up!

  33. I’m a Taurus, I’ve had the privilege of dating a Leo, a Gemini, and 2 Scorpio’s in one year and none of them worked out. Libra’s are ok. Another Taurus, maybe. As for the rest, we’ll see. My next adventure shall be a Pisces, who knows, it might work!

  34. If you are a Taurus and never had a good experience with a Scorpio, it is because Scorpios are the opposite sign to Taurus and will either be heaven of hell between the two, nothing in between.

  35. I am a Sag and I am always attracted to Taurus men. Probably because I have a Virgo rising!! I was with a Taurus for six years and it was a very good relationship. We were just going different ways. Also, a lot of my favourite people in my life are Taurus and we work amazing together. Sometimes I think all this is incorrect because of how well I do work with Taurus, Pisces and Virgo. Point, don’t discount a relationship just because of a astrology.

  36. I have dated an Aquarius, and it is true that it is possible, they are very charming, but they can’t be caught otherwise they’ll think you’re too clingy, as we taureans are possessive. I thought he was very charming and handsome though, and still think about him, but I’m a hopeless romantic, he isn’t as emotional as me but he started to show his emotions further in the relationship, we dated a year knew each other 3 years before, but we ended up doing a long distance thing and those seem to never workout for me.
    I have dated other signs as well, but the most engaging and magnetizing sign was the libra, yes the libra! All I have to say it was a harmonious relationship, he needs his space though, and it is easier to back away when you’ve been dating a while, it was love at first sight for me, and it still is.
    I’ve known my libra for over 4 years and it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that we started dating. I love his smile and the way he likes to display his emotions towards me. He can get jelous just as I can, but that’s why it works, because we both want almost the same things, it’s like it is a match made in heaven. I really think that these compatibility things should say, taurus most compatible with libra because we definitely are like 1 when we are together.

  37. I am a Scorpio female and am madly in love with a Taurus man.. They are my best match for sure.. My ex was also a Taurus. We were together for five years, and it was an amazing relationship.. I always thought it was just “young love” but I have the same feelings with the Taurus I am with now.. No other sign compares! I get bored with other signs i have dated.. I love how calm Taurus males are, because i can be quite the hand full… They are the only sign able to reassure me, and comfort me.. They are the epitome of a man, and we scorpios are the epitome of a nurturing, sexual & passionate woman. no other sign can handle me, but if they can, they bore me! My relationships with Taurus have been so real and amazing! So taurus men.. If you haven’t tried dating a scorpio woman, i suggest you do because you will never find another woman or relationship that compares.. I promise you that 🙂

  38. what d f?leos and taurus is not a match

  39. Bull is hell to Pisces.
    I was in relationship with Bull girl for 7 years., she is stubborn and cheater, she will promise that she is faithful, and its almost impossible to think she can cheat us., but she will observe every man on street. she was Tourus-Gemini Cusp and even pure tourian is never worth of Pisceans Love and Loyalty., She takes it granted and will abandon on right time, so guys beware of tourus, and i do not have experience with any other sign, but i know sagitarious and aquarious is my enemy

    • I would blame the Gemini side of her as much as anything. But I have witnessed Taurean females with a wandering eye…that girl sounds like a waste of time imo

    • A taurus woman will flirt, but won’t bust a grape. She loves hard and when she is comfortable with her mate trust me she is going no where.

    • Lol u’re funny sahil and kind of right but please have mercy on us, u just fail to fully understand us that is why. I am taurus – Aries cusp dating a pisces – Aquarius cusp. You guys just fail to understand…..’ll explain later

  40. im a taurus and was with a leo for 13 yrs but i guess the pisces in him came out in last 2 yrs the alcoholic part lol. i had a cancer on n off for 10 yrs but he was a cheater so thats out . i never had a scorpio but maybe i will get another leo me and old leo are still best friends n he dont drink much now maybe he n i should hk up again who knows thanks

  41. Leos are the best. Maybe I have an eye on one Taurus female but Leos are just magnetising.

    • Really? I’m not usually attracted to Leos. I prefer Scorpios as a taurus. Deep, magnetic and compassionate. Very considerate and understanding. There is no best sign. It’s good to be humble sometimes.

  42. Taurus female here – born April 24th – been told by a psychic i’m a Taurus-Ram (bit of Aries in me)

    First relationship was with a Taurus male – born May 5th – this relationship lasted 3 years, separated because of his control issues and long distance. We lived 3,000 miles apart. He was too possessive, we always did what he wanted to do, i just went along with it. Thank god we had a an ocean between us, i feel like I would have never gotten rid of him! This was an immediate relationship, strong love/friendship, he loved me from day one and everyday. I knew I never really loved him at all, or as much. I just knew.

    Then I fell in love with a Scorpio guy – born Oct 28 – meeting him was completely off guard and a roller coaster ride of his feelings for 2 and half years. I of course always maintained my strong feelings for him. He was hot and cold, hot and cold, I love you, I dont know, he still talked to his ex-girlfriend, and that was always an issue. It didnt help, I held in my words (stubborn communication, definitely) and I equated our sex as love. We definitely had a magnetic attraction. Best sex, ever. (My Taurus bf was a sex addict, but it was blah, same shit all the time, and always when he wanted, telling me to do this and that, it was never romantic and sensual). I’ve never had or felt such intensity with anyone other than with my Scorpio – and I have met really great guys, virgos, leos, libras!! (not that I slept with them, didnt even give them a chance, always thinking about my Scorpio) all who have told me they would have given me the world and treat me like a princess. I dont know if it was rose-colored glasses i was wearing. He would tell me how much he cares, wants me in his life, and then how he doesnt know. Always hesitation. I constantly hesitated, wondering if I was doing too much, or too little. It came down to, me questioning why I was not good enough for all his love (my ex taurus bf gave me 100% love from day one) and that’s the way I am; 100% or nothing…One thing that was 100% between us was our honesty. My Scorpio would tell me the sweetest things, he was so funny, he made me enjoy life in different ways, and he just made me so happy, but he could also say the worst things that would break my heart, brutally honest, and well, now, nothing. – He’s now dating another Scorpio, very secretive. – We will see. One thing I know for sure, I always maintained was my determination to self happiness, my positive outlook on life, and my drive to be successful in all that I do. I know he loved that about me.

    Que sera, sera… n’est pas?

  43. I am a Leo and my man is a Taurus. I don’t need him to constantly worship me. Maybe I am not a typical Leo then. I respond to my Bulls’ unspoken communication. The physical connection is rediculously intense. Sure every once in a while, I like to hear that I am loved but not incessantly….

  44. Im a Taurus-taurus relationship and even though he’s can be aloof to my over demanding-ness/neediness (Lol) …its stil a very dynamic, affectionate, loving and strong bonded relationship…we love to smoother each other with affection!!

  45. I’m a Taurus girl and my guy is a Scorpio… I’ll admit it gets hard at times but somehow we always find our way back to eachother because the LOVE we share continues to draw us closer together through everything we have had to overcome. I love him so so a lot <3!!!! (D.B.)*

  46. I’m a Taurus male, all i can say is despite their winy and some times violent ways I just love Cancer women, they drive me crazy. Not all of them but the ones that look good, just so strong and sexy and fun.

  47. Taurus female here and have been with both Virgo and Scorpio. Virgo was great at keeping home a castle for us, but is often self-centered at times and very critical. We also had some issues of how much space was too much space. I totally agree Taurus needs space from time to time to re-group. My current Scorpio is everything that I could have ever wanted in a man. Of course the sex is off the charts, but I love the fact that he is possessive of me and shows me in every way that I am his and he isn’t going anywhere. The dedication is what keeps me coming back. I’ve read numerous times the best Taurus-Scorpio connection is made when Scorp is born between Oct 24th and Nov 2nd, and notice this is true in my case..

  48. You want Cancer woman,Libra,Leo or Pisces (for sure).

    No Aries,Taurus or Scorpion-don’t waist your time.


    Taurus woman holds the best record for divorce for she does not care about how people think of her, but everything should be done for “Happiness”.
    If you like a woman who always thinks of love and romance, then you are dating the wrong girl.
    She is not the type to talk about love, but she sure has a strange way to show it. She is not good in showing when she is in love, but if she loves you she will be honest to you than any other women.


    Taurus women are self-righteous freaks who will end up alone?
    Why are Taurus women so annoying? They think they are right about everything even when their wrong is staring right at them in the god damn face? They can’t stand to be wrong. Ever. They are loners because nobody wants to be around them since they are snobs, and self-righteous. They brag about their accomplishments because they have nothing of qualitity to bring to the table so they think they can suck people in that way – wrong. Most Taurus women love to talk talk about their problems as if anyone cares or are listening. They can’t ever accept blame or responsibility always blamin others. They also act like children. When they are upset they find passive-aggressive ways to take it out on you for eg. Hiding things, hiding food, changing computer passwords etc. And they can’t ever apologize since they have huge heads, so the way they try to suck up to you by trying to buy you your favorite Michael buble tickets to try to make you forgive them.

    You read my mother and my sister especially my older sister to a tea. I mean really, that’s EXACTLY HOW THEY ARE. So self-righteous and they suffer from severe mood swings. They act fine one minute and then next minute they ignore you when you’ve done nothing wrong. They also are hypocrites. My sister complains how we don’t leave any pizza for her (how can we? By the time she comes home the pizza is cold an stale) so she makes pizza and eats it all to herself. What an immature idiot. They also complain about things and do nothing about it lol! They think they are ALWAYS right and will try to brag about things they’ve done as if anyone gives a crap. So stubborn. One thing they are is: driven and money obsessed.
    Logic, living with two Taurus women, hopefully I’ll NEVER have Taurus children, ever. Aquarius women.

    You forgot to mention that they are the least intelligent of all women

    stubborn, pleasure seeker, self-indulgent, possessive, resentful,like to hold on to things.

    • Funny…your description of the Taurean female was my life with a Gemini woman.

    • Haters gonna hate. I’m a taurus and there is nothing non-intelligent about me. If you’re going to diss a sign, know that there is more to astrology than the sun sign, such as interplanetary aspects, moon signs, rising and more. It’ll be wise to let go of all that baggage, forgive, and know that every sign has good and bad traits. Even yours.

    • Oh dear Aquarius woman… Where do I begin? First of all you are absolutely right when describing how we (Taurus) are oh so childish and mean to you…It’s very simple: We hate your guts!! At least I can’t stand any of you aquarian females; So do these relatives of yours a favor and stay away!

      We are the most patient sign of the zodiac, but even all the patience in the world is not enough to put up with your self-deluding, tomboy, weirdo ways;
      God complex anybody? You are the most narcissistic, shallow and unoriginal women; Yes UNORIGINAL, you claim to be so unique when in fact the only thing you do is pick snobbish ideas from here, there and everywhere- just to later be able to DESPERATELY try to impress those around you with your “fascinating eccentricities and your genius forward thinking ideas” lol When the truth is you have no ideas of your own, no personality of your own, no sense of humor at-all, you can’t relate to others or get out of your own head.
      You take yourself so seriously! Is pathetic and hilarious watching you obsessively trying to convince the world that they need to listen to your “Very ‘singular’ philosophies and liberating ways to change the world” wtf!?
      There is zero compassion and warmth in you and I feel bad for anyone who’s forced to be around you ;0

    • Yikes sorry you had a bad experience with Taurus woman, but we are not that bad though.

  50. I’m sexy Libra lady:) N I loovee me some Taurus men! Dey r so paitient loving caring. My sexyness jus turns dem on n me jus bein me:) I dated 3 Ts. N I dumped 2 n 1 dumped me lls unforuatley He caught me cheating wit an Aries man who I was really interested in!! Ewww Aries dudes are crazy n will follow u whn u ducking dem.llss But hes cool doe. But my last Taurus dumped me bcause of that. I want him bck but he say I broke his heart and don’t trust me, But still gets jealous whn guys are touching me at school??? Lol any suggestion pls help. N did I say da sex TOP OF THE CHARTS!!!!!!!! WOOWWWWWLEEEEEEE!!!! I

  51. Taurus – Scorpio

    So, I went to a new school or my senior year. And my first day, first class, in I walked. And the FIRST thing I saw. Was this… Angel.. ANGEL… This guy had sun kissed skin. Shaved hair, cute ass smile. Warm eyes. And just… Cute as fuck. I CANNOT express HOW MUCH of a pull I felt towards this guy. For what was NOT enough of time, we stared at each other before i got interrupted by my effin’ new teacher.

    So, anyway, come to find out this guy, was a athletic, popular dude, so I’m like oh great, a straight douche bag. But after i got to understand him better through the classes we shared, I learned that while he wasnt very word savy, he was SOOOO emotional. He wrote this poem about being cheated on by his gf and how he keeps coming bak to her cause he loves her unconditionally.

    Anyway, skipping the formalities. He basically never talked to me ever. We always stared a each other in class, catch each other looking at each when we thought they weren’t looking. And at the time i thought it was becase he knew i was gay and was uncomfortable arounnd me. But one day, it was the last straw with his gf and he FINALLY broke up with her.

    At a party, I walked into a bedroom to lay down and he was crying. (awkward) i apologized and was about to leave when I stopped and shut the door and confronted him about everything, how he shouldnt feel uncomfortable around me, and that being friends would be really cool. THEN. OUT OF NO WHERE. He got up and kissed me. Like. HARD CORE PASSIONATE. Needless to say I didn’t break it.

    So now here we are.. Together for almost a year. And I’ve never been happier. He’s quiet and reserved, but strong and opinionated. What’s great, is that he can talk to me about anything. He’s not socially inept. And he gets REALLY OVER PROTECTIVE of me, which I love. He’s jealous and overly possessive of me, and I love it. It shows he cares. And what’s better, is that his sexual appetite is on par with my own ;] we are ALWAYS fucking lol when we’re not, we’re always cuddling or holding hands. ALWAYS. We’re that annoying couple within the group of friends who’s joied at the hip, but interacts with the group like we’re individuals. It’s… Amazing. To say the least. I had been with 14 guys before i met the love of my life. And I’ve never felt the sexual/emotional connection I feel with him. He’s perfect for me.. FOR ME.

    And that’s fantastic. I can’t imagine myself being without him. And I don’t need to.

    • Aweeeeee thats the cutest story I ever hurd (: i’m actually seeking a scorpio right now… i’m a taurus girl an the guy is a scorpio an I think everything will work out I love that he’s posssesive cause it shows that he cares.. an hes supper emotional witch I love.. if you have a facebook add me Monique Dowell and my kik is mad51893 I’d lovee to talk to you more about this so we can give eachother advice (:

  52. I am currently in a serious relationship with a Taurus man and I love almost everything about him except his stubbornness and anger. =) They are loyal lovers for sure ❤

  53. I’m a virgo woman and my ex husband was a gemini and our relationship lasted three years because I took his instability till I couldn’t take it any longer and I AGREE GEMINIS are bipolar!!

    • Yes they are…stay away if you know what is good for you lol. So funny, my brother is an Aries and married a female Gemini as I did (Taurus male). They have ups and downs but since they have had kids their relationship has stabilized. What is funny, besides two brothers falling for Geminis, is that when I met his wife I said to my mom,”I could never be with a woman like that.” Yet, there I was not a year or two later w one of my own. Problem was was that my Gemini hid her true self from me whereas my bro’s wife is more open about who and what she is. Good riddance to her and I will run for the hills if I hear a woman utter “I am a Gemini” in the future…FEETS DON’T FAIL ME NOW!

  54. I completely disagree with TAURILLA! I am an Aquarius female, I work my ass off everyday to make ends meet and so does my fiance! He does not have to beg me to go to work! I have always been independant and always will be, I do not need anyone to support me. Also, I bring home the majority of the money to pay all the bills! So, no not ALL Aquarius’ are needy and lazy like you think! Btw, my fiance is a taurus, he is nothing like this “blog” is describing!

  55. I am a wild and passionate Taurean woman whose first love of 2 years was a Scorpio older male. Our relationship was a rollercoaster ride of possessiveness and sexuality. In the end I knew he did not trust me and manipulated my fragile emotions and I left him for a Capricorn whom I married and had 18 long years of torture with. I do agree that Capricorns make much better friends for Taureans. I had a crazy relationship with 1 Virgo after that who was a hopeless cheater and drug user but was always very kind to me and my children. I left him for another Virgo who was a perfect match for me in every way but was very critical of my housekeeping, cooking, and the raising of my children. He spoiled me but decided after 4 months he would never commit to a ready made family and my exuberant nature. I hung onto him for 20 more months after that because he was generally such a lovely man and we seemed to have everything in common. But in the end he pushed me away so much I had no choice but to leave and keep my dignity. I then had two hellish years with a Gemini. We had amazing sex and laughed and worked well together (he was my colleague at work) but everything else was horrific! Geminis are definitely two people in the one and I never knew which one loved me with all his heart and which one just wanted to destroy my very soul at any given moment. Geminis and Taureans are great friends indeed but that’s where it needs to stop! I am now at age 46 with a 36 year old Cancerian who treats me with so much love, consideration and respect that the inherent “boring” traits Cancerians are known for (and can in fact be there with my b/f) do not faze me in the least, because even though I have to come up with most of our activities and take the lead, he is so eager to follow and make me happy that I’m just lapping the beautiful sweet treatment. Sometimes excitement and crazy passions can be double edged swords. Me and my sweet, soft hearted Cancerian will be married in 2013!

  56. I’m a gemini women and im dating a male taurus. Ive found that we mesh well together liking our own space and maintaining individual lives while still having a great relatiionship. The good thing about our relationship is that he has the fiesty attitude and i have the easy going attitude, unlike what most blogs or that state about gemini’s. We’ve never once had a big arguement…well the obvious being who has the remote or where to go today lol but it’s all about compromise and working at making sure that the reason you fell in love stays with you both and not lost with day to day interference. I’ve always wondered how it’s stated that a gemini taurus match wouldn’t work when it’s people and their own unique personalities that make a relationship work not the date you were born.

    • True to a large extent about individuality. BUT, I am warning you: do not mess with a Taurus male’s emotions. Most of all, DO NOT LIE and try to deceive him. He will see right through you. Also, I found w my Gemini female that once she felt she “had me” a light switch turned off in her head and once that happened it was a quick dissent into Hell. Communicate with him and appreciate that most Taurean males are fiercely loyal. But if you betray us it is over. If you feel that you are two people (like most Gemini people I know feel and think) you will find that you are not a good match down the road. Taurua males tend to be very simple about relationships and don’t have time for drama…save it for your mama lol

  57. am a taurus girl and i love me my hunni plum leo man …me is so sweet to me ….but we do hit it meaning knock heads together but by the end of them day we still have love n respect for me ……..<3 him everyday more n more

  58. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign, ruled by Venus. As the second sign in the zodiac, the Taurus individual is a stable, conservative, home-loving individual who will always make a loyal friend or partner. Famous and historical figures sharing the Taurus traits include Ulysses Grant (April 27), Harry Truman (May 8), George Clooney (May 6), and Audrey Hepburn (May 4).

    The Taurus personality is one of the most easily recognizable of the zodiac. These are steady, reliable people who only rarely get frazzled or upset. Like a bull, the Taurus personality will almost never lose course and will remain level no matter what chaos surrounds him. Taurus knows his own strength but usually handles situations with dignity and self-control. Push him too far, though, and the Taurus individual can suddenly turn into a raging bull, and once this happens, he will be difficult to calm. And oh yes, lest we forget, the Taurus individual is stubborn – the most stubborn of all the zodiac signs. Once he forms an opinion, he is immovable, and nothing will change his mind. Taurus likes the good life, but tends to be careful with money, slowly building up wealth as he goes. Not all Taureans are rich, but you won’t find many at the very bottom of society.

    For those with a Taurus child, one thing to remember from the start is that you will never, ever be able to steer this child in a direction in which he does not want to go. This is a sturdy child with a good appetite – sometimes too good. Watch out for overindulgence with this kid. When young, the Taurus child may be prone to fly into rages over little upsets, and these will have to be handled with quiet logic rather than force, or the situation will quickly spiral out of control. Taurus children will generally obey the rules and will follow a steady course in school., usually somewhere in the middle of the class. The child will appreciate comfortable surroundings in his bedroom and consistency in his schedule. Don’t rock the boat by changing things around too much in the Taurus child’s domain. Encouraging social interaction is good for the Taurus child, as he is quite comfortable being alone, and will generally not seek out friends and playmates on his own. There’s a definite selfish trait in these children, so teaching sharing and concern for others from an early age is essential. These children like material possessions from day one, so provide as many quality toys as possible, and you will have a happy child who does not get lonely or need excessive attention. Watch out for a lazy streak in the Taurus child – they may be slow to walk or crawl, and they may be content to play in one spot in their room for long periods. Find stimulating activities to get this child out of his chair, as he probably won’t motivate himself in this respect.

    Adult Taureans in the workplace are the ones with neat, well-appointed, comfortable offices that never change much. These folks handle tasks steadily and confidently, rarely complaining or getting into a tizzy about minor setbacks. They are reliable, focused, practical, and usually right on time. They won’t turn out work in record time, but rather will just make steady progress until the given task is completed. They are honest and forthright, and are usually well-regarded and well-respected by their colleagues. Employers love the Taurus individual, because they are dependable, work hard, stay late if necessary, and never complain. Taureans tend to keep jobs for a long time – often for life – because they hate change. Many are business owners themselves, and good ones at that because of their steady, stoic personas.

    If you have found a romantic partner in a Taurus, you have a sensual, luxury-loving, loyal lover. Don’t expect anything spontaneous out of the blue from your Taurean, but you can definitely expect a nice gift to come right on time on every birthday or anniversary. Taurus will take courtship and dating slowly and methodically, and there is nothing you can do to speed them up, but once committed, they will stay committed through thick and thin. Taurus is loyal, sometimes to extremes, and they expect the same of you, so don’t play games under any circumstances. Taurus will usually assume the lead in partnerships, so a willingness to be flexible is a must with this sign.

    The best matches for Taurus for sure are Virgo and Capricorn, but Pisces, Cancer, Aries, Gemini, and another Taurus may work for some too, depending on the individuals. The polar opposite for Taurus is Scorpio, and this match can work, but is likely to be a stormy one.

    Taurus in any relationship is stoic, stable, and dependable. These are the folks we go to for support. when we are in a crisis. However, as the most stubborn sign in the zodiac, you will find that your Taurus friend can often be maddeningly inflexible and unable to see any view but his own. However, if you can avoid those types of situations, the Taurean friend will be a loyal one who will enjoy nights out on the town in nice bars and restaurants, and who is good with his hands and will be willing to help with any tasks you are unable to do yourself. His house and yard will be well-appointed and comfortable, and he will likely be well-set financially, if not overtly wealthy. Just remember, that with Taurus, the by-words are stable and reliable, and you can hardly go wrong by choosing a Taurus friend!

  59. Hi, Taurus female here. I’ve seen a few comments stating they hate scorpios.. My husband is a scorpio! I will admit he was a bit difficult in the beginning but we’ve been together 6 years now, & married for 2. If they like/love they’re the sweetest people on the planet. Trust Me!

  60. well, Taurus male here and,
    I think the best match for a taurus male is a taurus female!!
    Both work the best together, have the same values of truth, loyalty and find pleasure in same things such as music, food, dance and a great old wine.
    Its a heavenly combination, I have been in love with a Taurus woman, and that was the purest love anyone could feel in this world, it started with simple affection at work, then lead onto full-fledged love where we crossed every limits and enjoyed our divine union. Unfortunately, coz of the worldly strings we can’t be together for all our life, I just wish I find such pure love again in my life, All lads and lass out there, plz pray for me.
    thanks, Blessed be all.

  61. Being a Taurus female, with my moon in cap & ascendant being gem. I have a hard time denying the fact that I’m most attracted to Virgos & Caps. Although, I actually had no attraction to a Scorpio, ever, until I met one that actually interested me. Caps, Virgos, and Scorpios, are the only guys I’ve ever had chemistry with. It’s truly magnetic with Caps and Virgos. I have to say, Scorps do have a element of sexy, compared to the earth signs. I’m mostly attracted to Virgo’s and Caps, though.

    I’ve dated a Leo, they are too attached when they are inlove and very egotistical.

    Gemini’s are just as egotistical as Leo’s, awesome to have as a friend. But nothing more to offer there. Dated one of these too.

    Aquarius’, well, if you like to be isolated and snubbed. I fell hard for one, but he just wasn’t ready for anything that meant life.

    I know Scorpio’s have wicked tempers, just like a Taurus. They are very similar to Taurus’. But so very opposing. It’s a nice change though.

    Pisces, never ever ever. Creative, yes. Too flaky & deceitful, just watch and see.

    Aries, they are far too pushy for myself. I can hardly ever handle a day with one, unless they are family.

    Cancers are far too much for me. Too emotional and they read into everything, far much more then I like.

    Taurus’ males, flirty as can be, stubborn beyond belief and far too close minded.

    Virgo males, I enjoy their perspective’s and morals. I have a lot in common with them. I can handle their criticism, I find it very amusing, and beneficial. Such lovely lovers too.

    Capricorn males, always an interesting guy. I usually have to adore them. I become very protective of them, they are just too adorable and fragile. Although, you must never tell them that. Stubborn as can be.

    Libra’s are too false for me. Best of friends, but never for a lover. %30 of my friends are Libra’s, and they all cheat and are alcoholics.

    Sagittarius guys are usually really insecure, and have that NEED of attention. I like them when they have a good head on their shoulders, but they usually need a lot of convincing, and they hurt people purposely. Also not very comfortable in their own skin.

  62. im a cancer and my boyfriend is a taurus and right now our relationship isn’t going so well. I have done a lot for him now he is ignoring me my calls and txt will he ever talk to me again?

  63. I am a virgo female. My first taurus guy, I never paid any attention to him when i first saw him. My cousin thought he was attractive, I thought he is Alright. little did I know he had his eyes on me. Once I got to know him I found him to be smooth, sensual, dark, mysterious, and confident. I loved the way he smelled, and the way he talked, lets just say he charmed the panties off of me if he wanted to. We never had sex, But I saw him as the one I could have spent my life with. He was the ideal guy I was searching for. Years later when i ran into him, we had a conversation which led to questioning did he have a crush on my friend, well the feeling died of course

  64. Libra and Taurus are a great match because they are the only two signs ruled by the planet Venus. With Taurus and Scorpio there is a stronge connection but this relationship is doomed, nothing but games, pain and good sex. There is more to a relationship then just good sex and in time the cracks will grow and it all comes tumbling down into an ugly mess. Then again saying all of this, doesn’t it depend on the two people? what their life experiences have been? how much they have learnt and grown? If we are strictly sticking to astrology here then I guess we would have to look at both peoples natal charts in order to see the compatibility that lies with the other signs. contradicting myself….hmm maybe!

  65. I have too say i love these guys. we seem to have our ups and downs but understand each other so well. My ex Taurus sent me a bunch of red roses, and a song which won back my heart. He then brought me out too a resturant and showered me with attention. Its the little things he does that i appreciate this dude has even gone too the extent of working on gaining my trust back as he knows how important it is for me too trust him and i am currently doing the same with him to. We act like two teenagers in love when we get together. Laugh and Joke at stupid things, walk for hours just talking about our day or anything in general. The spark and emotional bondage is always there. But chemistry has taken over lately big time. 🙂

  66. As a Taurean male, I cannot understand the notorious characteristic of cheating. I don’t cheat out of some sense of loyalty, which would be honorable, but rather I don’t cheat because sex is a sacred and honorable act for me; it is so damn rare to find that connection, nurture and grow that connection, that when I do find her, I would never have the time or energy to stray. Assuming I had that extra energy and time, I could never look my future kids in the eye without guilt; I want to be able to tell my future progeny, “Your mother is the most sacred thing in this world to me.”

  67. I’ve always wanted to date a taurus man. My dad was a taurus and i think they can make you feel secure. but the emotional part is the problem. im a scorpio

  68. im a libra man and im dating a taurus women right now… i instantly fell in love with her.. shes so beautiful and completly amazing for me. our personalitys coincide with eachother. the only thing is she slightly withdrawn beacuse of my libran indecision. i have such an attraction for her and i guess that makes her uncettled beacuse of my past. so if your anyone dating a libra dont be worried that your man is going to fast… everything he does is carefully planned and thought out. and we dont flirt that much honestly… we just like to know we look good haha

  69. i say a leo and a taurus is awesome together…as long as the taurus stays with one girl because the leo is a whole packaged deal and with time she will be the perfect girl for u she will learn how to plase u and learn how to not get on ur bad side and will not even cause problems if u do decide to cheat she will ignore it and stay loyal to u till u realize she is the one

    • Any Leo I’ve met, -Is a leo- Would have fucked his ass up in a heartbeat. We’re proud kitty cats who like to play roughly and unexpectedly. Though we can be open minded and kind, we’re also feisty and hotheaded. If you know a leo who was that submissive, I would look at her moon sign because she may lean more toward that. Also, if we care about someone enough, we may stay loyal… While whipping his or her ass into shape and bringing the attention back to us.

    • I’m a Taurus male and my wife was a Scorpio, we were together for 25 years and and all that is said here is true. We had a perfect life and marriage but we did have horrific fights. But it sure was worth the time after when we made up, she passed away 15 months ago and I’m seeing a Leo will that work

    • funny, im attracted to a taurus sun gem moom and along with being leo i have a moon in scorpio and 3 planets in virgo so it seems pretty harmonius
      wish i had some air in rising or something for that fickle air in this guy but to me their are merits to dating your opposites it challenges you to balance out your negative points

  70. taurus female here–though I’m not always sure of that.

    first me dad is a taurus, me mother is a scorpio. Dad is in his 90s and Mom is in her 80s and to see them act like two teenagers is heartening. so it can work. I rather suspect that a scorpio male may have a hard time with a taurus female, however.

    I tend to stay away from capricorns–too bossy, too traditional, too uptight and virgos–too hypercritical,though the latter means well and all–for your own good and all that. They can make very good friends, Virgos.

    Aries. Can’t help it. There is something a bit too strange about aries. Love friendships with them, but once dated an aries male and it was like being dissected by an insect. I mean they are passionate, but not sensual and I am convinced many have a cruel streak.

    Pisces. I like pisces, and if you can find one that is not an alcoholic more power to you. I have yet to find on. But usually very creative.

    Aquarius. Bring them down to earth and maybe you might be able to be lovers. But you would have to try to keep them there. probably end up supporting them too, trying to motivate them to go out and work could be hard.

    Gemini. Not advised. I love talking with a Gemini. Very interesting. But they seem, well, bi-polar.

    Libra. beautiful great in bed, very romantic, but here is the key. Taureans generally won’t be loving and generous unless they feel something for you. You won’t get a mixed signal from a taurus. But a libra will be generous and loving long before they have fallen in love and even when they know they won’t. it’s like an obligation for them, but it can be so misleading. so you have to be careful not to read too much into what they do for you and at the same time be very appreciative of all that they do. I know i have fallen in love with two libras.

    cancer. Could be a good match, if you can find them. you’d have to break into their houses or climb over their fence and find them in their back yard.

    Leo. leos are great, leos are wonderful. leos are magnanimous, leos are kind, thoughtful, terrific, glorious, handsome, fantastic. Now get used to saying this over and over again. Get down on your knees and worship. Wait, you’re slacking a bit there. and you expect to keep your leo. plan to make worshipping a leo a full-time job.

    scorpio. if they weren’t so cruel when they fight it could work. you have to find a high-minded type, but these ones get married early and stay early. btw scorpio-taurus matches are the hottest most sensual most passionate matches you will ever ever find. sparks fly as the bull and the scorpion dance. but if they fight yikes!

    sag. really great but not generally great matches for reasons I cannot quite figure out.

  71. i agree that scorpio and virgo are the best matches to taurus, evidently because my two most infatuated and loving relationships are them!

    atm i’m with a scorpio man and everything about him is truuu, his emotions run beneath the surface and u don’t get it unless u understand him,he is passionate and loving i’m lucky to have seen his sensative sideee… =) and virgo makes u feel lyk the world is lucky to have u and u are the only girl he sees.

    • that is so true. my ex was a virgo and he treated me like i was the most precious treasure in the world. right now i’m with scorpio and i’ve never had such an honest trusting relationship with anyone in my life. i would die for my scorpio.

  72. amazing –I have twice fallen madly in love with a Saggitarian woman –its was both fantastic and awful at the same time –definiteley a bad match for a Taurean – but how sad , as the love is deep and obsessive – what to do — stay clear of Sagi’s I guess

    • I have dated to sags, and it was cool at first but then they cheated. It was the worse relationship with them.

  73. What about Taurus and Cancer?

    • cancer are very power driven and love challenges as well as mind games. it can often be too much for a plain spocken taurus. a cancer has no time limit or boundaries when it comes to getting what they want. so if having fun is what they want they can spend years achieving your affection and trust only to tear taurus apart and leave them second guessing. if they seem amazing and to good to be true, don’t bother. it’s a waste of time that more often than not leads to extreme distruction.

  74. yaeh! its true indeed in some way or another. nw i have a scorpio bf whom i treasure n love o lot!!

  75. my man is a taurus and he comes so fast in bed not loving and always cheating

    • taurus is extremily loyal to people they consider equals and people they care about. if he’s cheating on you now, you’ll never have his love. he’s just using you for sex.

    • I’m a Taurus and I can say that I’m not a cheater and I care and have respect for all walks of life. I don’t know what kind of Taurus that you’re referring to, but I just can’t imagine a one being like that.

    • I’m a Taurus woman and I would never cheat, if I know the relationship is not going to work I break it off. Most Taureans are extremely loyal, but I guess there could be some bad apples.

  76. I can’t IMAGINE the Taurus I know being involved with any real scorpio lol…the only reason I see that working would that maybe Scorpio would be interesting enough to keep Taurus’ attention, and the loyalty would work. But that’s still a long shot. I’d like to see a match like that attempted in my lifetime. 😉

    • actually, there are scorpio and taurean relationships. Got a friend who has been married to her taurean husband for over 15 yrs. And she’s a Scorpio! Maybe you guys have been meeting the wrong scorps.

      And i’m dating a taurus right now. We argue, but what relationship doesn’t have arguments? That’s what you do. And we love each other to death.

  77. uum…virgo, yes
    libra..hell yes
    aquarius…it’s hard but possible
    gemini..doubt it, good friends tho’

    pisces..too possessive, more than me
    cancer..maybe if they don’t whine so much
    female taurus? hell no
    aries, sagittarius…hope God has mercy on your souls

    capricorn..i don’t know.

    I dont understand why in gods name you people flutter around the possibility of Scorpio and Taurus. I hate ’em…i never dated one, never had sex with them, and i can’t stand each one i’ve met. How is that my best match? (explain)

    • I totally agree. Awesome presentation, unique and poignant. I can only be “friends” with Capricorn women even though they want more from me, but I find virgos define what a woman should look, act and in every way be.
      Leos, awesome sex, but in a shallow way.
      Aquarius, maybe after I just beat up her ex.
      Sagittarius, very gentle soul, but not at all vulnerable and therefore not in need of Taurean male awesomeness.

      I have never cheated on my lovers, ever, but that may be due to the fact that I grew up very christian.

    • scorpios may be mind boggling a first to a straightforward taurus. you must prove to them that you are worthy before they’ll open up to you. once they trust you they always think of what’s best for you and are very understanding.they are non-judgemental , loyal, and fair to those they care about. they often avoid conflict when someone is threatening them directly but will defend to the death when pushed too far or someoneattacks their loved ones. tauruses can often feel out how people think and scorpio can look into your soul. once the two of them establish mutualtrust and respect they are loyal, pleasant to be around and are always there for you. scorpios are capable of repeated forgivness and love but do not tolerate double standads, unfaithfulness, or betrayal.

    • regarding Scorpio I completely agree with you, as a Taurus woman I can’t stand scorpios!! both my rather and sister are scorpios and I love them but they even tell me they can’t stand taurus’s either. as far as I’m concerned I could and would never date a Scorpio lol

    • They’re amazing… Perfect person. Always will meet your sexual and emotional needs.
      Iner sweethearts, you just need to prove to them that you’re worth it. As you’re inz

    • I am a Taurus female- I can tell you, I thought I’d hate dating a Scorpio- but having sex with one sure changed my mind…. Lol

    • yeah,
      what you can do is be friendly. not be such a hatred. and your match is your own soul.. or maybe the god.

  78. I know from many things I’ve read that Cancer and Taurus are also very good relationship matches.

    • Taurus ffemale here my husband is an Aquarius….. we have been together 8 years married 2. I do have to admit from the second year to the fourth it seemed worse than hell lol but for some in known reason we really pulled through I mean if he can deal with me destroying his cars and throwing things through the house he was definitely a keeper! Our friends look at us in disbelief, wonder how we dealt with the bs that usually causes break ups, and say wow! We are very happy and do a great deal for each other, spend time together when we are not working, and have lots of fun. I wouldn’t change it for the world now….. I admit in the beginning there were a lot of times I thought about leaving…… so its definitely not impossible just ALOT of determination. If you truly love each other it all works out after the storm!

      • i am a taurus women and im currently dating an aquarius man.. somedays i feel like giving up on our love cuz some days hes all in whle others hes sooo detached… i dont kno if its his personality or hes just afraid to open u to me, i wish he would open up to me and understand that im not there to hurt him but to offer comfort and love.. . we are going on 3 years with no children.

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