Gemini Men

A man in this Zodiac has a thin long and proportional face. He has a high forehead and very cleaver. He looks like he can not stand or sit still, a very fast person. His nose is just right in size, thin lips, talk fast and very talkative. He can think faster than he talks, but once he starts talking, he will talk non stop as if god has gifted him with that special talk machine mouth.

He likes to cut his hair short and he is very athletic. He is a tall, slim and every movement of his is “Fast” or nearly calls “Hyperactive”. He has long fingers and always tapping on table or moving his finger as if he is trying to grab something. He is the type, who will write or scribble on paper, he never stays still. His hair always well comb or neat.

He will spend a long time to comb his hair. He will keep his manicure and pedicure clean. He is a well dress and clean guy, so if you like cleanliness, you will love him.He will keep all his cloth in big closet, and never throw away even shirts he never wear any more, but yet he still keep buying new cloths and make sure he is in style. He knows how to dress well even with a low-budget. He gets bored easily with his favorite cloths, cologne.

He is very picky, so soap and his cologne even have to be in the same trend or same scent.If you date this kind of guy, you might think you are dating 2 guys, you will have to guess his feeling and emotion. Is he doing thing because it is a duty, or is it because he wants to? He changes his mind as fast as he changes a new pairs of shoes.

He can pick up a book and roughly read through and understand its contents, so if you see a Gemini man who reads the book, then he must be influenced by other Zodiac.He hates to set fix schedule, and dislike a boring same routine job. He could hardly be on time, and can only keep time if it is complete important and necessary.

He does not come late because he forgets, but because he always find other attractions along the way. He likes to act opposite to what he wants to do. He is a very good speaker and makes a very good politician. He can easily persuade other people and well presented himself in public, a real charmer. If he is a writer, he will write the best seller. He always searches for truth and constantly studies himself.

He never satisfies about his fame, his reputation or money, because he thinks he deserved more. He will keep searching even he is not sure what is his final satisfaction. Woman in love normally wants to feel secure and stable, but if you fall in love with this guy be ready to be alone. He will come to see you when he feels like it. He won’t even know how he spent his day everyday, so adjust yourself if you love him.

Dating him is like dating 2 guys, so today he can tell you how much he loves you, but tomorrow he might call you to cancel your date. When he upsets, he could tell you he hates your dress, even it is the same dress he used to tell you make you look very sexy. Do not ask him why he is that’s way for he won’t have any explanations too. When he is back to normal mood, he will take you out again and forget what just happened.

You can not expect him to be the same person now, and forever. His changes will depend on you, for better or for worst. If you like to take risk and dare for challenges, you will get along with him fine. He keeps his emotional secretly as if hiding it, so you will not be able to see if he is in love with you, or does not give a damn at all, but be calm and patient.He will never leave you if he thinks you are a puzzle, and then he will spend times solving this puzzle.

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  1. I am a Libra. He is a gemini. He is in his dark place right now. Since you don’t know me, I’ll do my best to convey my confusion.

    Its hard to watch him go through these cycles. It hurts me watching him drive himself crazy. It hurts me not being effective, as in I’m not able to help him…there is nothing to “cure”…my nature is to support him, I don’t feel there is a cure for people. In my younger days my Libra search for balance, and ability to create or build balance, translated to fixing people. I left that idea behind a long time ago.

    So: I give him as much balance as I can, and that he can use. I only now realize that I HAVE been giving him balance, or he wouldn’t have stayed with me this long. I don’t think gemini do many things they don’t actually want to do. I realize through reading these posts that I give him a great deal of stability. Which makes me understand more about myself and him.

    We met 4 years ago…as reckless adventurers. Answering to no one. We have explored our own whims seperately, to crazy extents before we were together, both independent. We have explored as a couple and have had so much fun, like limitless fun excitement laughter happiness. He makes an adventure out of life for me…like, he somehow makes the ordinary an experience. ….when he’s on his good side. His carefree I’m anxious side. Somehow we are something together that fits together, like we each naturally compensate for the other where the other needs bracing. What’s fucked up about it is where one braces for the other, the one who needs the bracing isn’t aware that they need bracing! Neither of us are easily convinced or able to see, and if we are able to see or convinced, then at that point we don’t want to admit we need bracing. That we have a weakness. Or to explore it.

    Him, to explore it, or admit it. He knows, goddamn it he knows, but CANNOT and WILL NOT speak on it or acknowledge it.

    Me, that I’m wrong. The only person who can eventually make me see where I’m wrong is my best friend who is a libra, and him. When it’s him, I feel so uncomfortable when it’s true..
    Because I don’t like to be wrong and inefficient, but also because gemini are liars.

    How crazy and doublesided does this sound to you yet?! Haha. But it makes perfect innate sense to me, how gemini begins, ends, and Libra begins….how we relate.

    Its been four years. Let me tell you I am just now able to truly believe how much of a liar he is. I call everyone out in one way or another, sometimes just inside my head. Like, oh, that person is out for success, their blind spot is this, and they have the true potential and intent to harm/not harm. In my head they are known and scored on a map…what they are, what they want to be, and what they need to suceed or why they are failing. I decide whether I should, can, or want to help them, facilitate them, or my response to block their destructiveness or whatnot. I know what I need to do to balance the possible fallout from them, from falling into my life or job or whatnot.

    With my gemini…I could live. I somehow could just be in the moment with him. I knew he was smarter than he appeared, but I left it at that. I have him that space. He built that for himself and I didn’t want to tear it down…no purpose in that, obviously…it would only make him less at ease, expressive and less able to function. He needs that space to function. Literally.

    I never even thought once about figuring it out, I already had it figured out. Like,,i just knew from the first second that’s what it was, and I thought it was smart. Like a smart way to protect himself.

    What Libra missed was the why…Why is boring to me…it just is what it is, I evaluate and keep moving, this feels good to me, that is balance to me. It took me a long long long time to even try to believe that he ever is in torture, from himself when he can’t get what he wants…because he doesn’t know/can’t decide/ wants it all/who fucking knows.

    I always know what to do, like not every literal step, but I feel secure when i see what I need to do…what makes the most sense…what I feasibly can to with the circumstances on my current plate of reality. I watch, hear, move, and go through til I know what I need to do. I can’t describe it. Once I know I just know.

    With him, now I have to look for the why, how it applies to me. Because he has been slipping, fucking up, not doing good for himself. He’s lost in a lot of trouble. There is no permanent why for gemini, like…there are endless whys.

    I can’t explain anymore. I know he loves me in his own way. But the thing about gemini is they are directionless, and will lie to your face, they can sink you, your household, etc. Well, they are manipulators, plotters, very observant. When they are in a good place they are engaged and happy and productive. When they have internal dis-ease, they become vindictive, mean, they turn.

    I don’t know, none of it bothered me in a measurable way until now. I will do whatever I have to, to keep swimming. He will take himself out, and me too, maybe not even intending to. Sometimes he gets lost.

    He loves his son. He’s not…evil…lol. But guess what? Libra and gemini know alot about evil. Its all about whether inside at the moment if we truly feel driven or just naturally make a move of evil. What I’m trying to say is we have the capacity for evil.

    We’ve never played In that beyond the momentary, spats, or survival against other forces. But once a gemini feels you aren’t to be trusted, you will never know where you are at with them. I never truly knew to begin with, it just didn’t matter. I didn’t even want to know, and I always know. With him I could just breath in the moment and not have to defend from outside forces. He did it for me, he’s good at that, he does it wuickly, naturally, instantly. He sees, senses ppl. I know he does it with me, duh, but I never felt threatened by it.

    Now I feel mournful. I feel mournful that, for once in our great, epic, history…that he’s not seeing me. For once, he can’t see that i will take him out of he doesn’t feel it in, become productive again. I will do whatever I need to do whenever I need to do it for my son.

    He’s got a blind spot that he cant understand, once, in this. That when he goes bad, I go bad. Its unbelievable that peaceful, indecisive Libra can be evil. I’m indecisive…until the very second I close my window for others to make moves. I do like balance, fun, peace, stimulation…peace and balance to me means having fun or feeling good or being on top or just knowing what it is, being good at what you do, seeing people being streamlined or being streamlined yourself.

    Once I snap that peaceful…zone…what do they call it, maybe like a neutral zone? Once I do that people don’t realize all negotiations are over with. Sometimes, other signs see me as weak and it’s just what I’m used to used to. People say Libra is superficial and into beauty, appearance, maybe. I don’t even wear makeup! People think i don’t know about their derision or scorn of me. Its just that I can’t control that, I can’t care, it’s a waste of time.

    People lose their neutral Switzerland/sweedish zone when Libra is through. Jesus I wish I knew which country I’m referencing. One of you smarter signs will take the time to correct me, or Google it and share. Whatever. Point is, forsake the platform Libra provides, as peacemaker/balnce seeker, and suddenly you are in the heart of war.

    I don’t want this for me, don’t want this for my gemini. I don’t want to be at war. When I’m at war…I find my balance through war. I will achieve, find, and level at all costs or means, my peace through blood. I don’t know why. Inside I just know it’s what has to be done for my balance, my satisfaction, my peace, security, engagement with life. it means blood then blood it is. Snap, like a lightswitch, and I’m a killer. Like…my thumbs are pushing into your eyesockets and I’m not worried about it. Like I kinda like it because there is no other option. I try to give people mercy…well, Fuck that, not mercy, but space not to fuck up. Once you use up your space or you fuck up in my space, I will do a reality reset.

    That might mean me leaving, me “killing” you, taking you out, whatever, I will create my balance.

    My gemini has began to use his dark side. Man, this sounds weird but, hes not always wanting to. Lol sure he does sometimes, wants to. What I’m talking about is different. I’m talking about watching him caught up unable to not. Its in his nature. Its part of him. Its as natural and part of him as air its not any deeper than that. What’s deep about it is when he can’t apply his people watching skills on himself. He can’t make sense of himself. He’s so unstable when he can’t understand what he is or what he wants. Its fucking terrible. When he’s scared (they’ll never ever admit being upset, unsure, don’t ever try to talk about it, or they’ll get paranoid as fuck, self conscious, etc. Let them hide, have space.)

    When he’s unsure, and somehow begins to protect himself by being destructive, Its like watching a human flesh train derailing, innards and skin flaps scraping off as blood and plasma and vomit and shit careen everywhere in the vicinity.

    He’s never been outright destructive against me. He’s lied, he’s been passive aggressive, he’s looked at me with the I want to kill you eyes locked and serious. Clear. He’s been mean. Played games, ignored me. I respond with what I know I need to do for myself, and that which keeps him guessing, but also turns him back toward peace…like nudges, or kicks off bridges, whatever. We move each other. That’s what I love about it. It all feels like we are engaged and intuitive about the other. That’s how it is.

    But…he knows he has fucked up. Libra can’t save him now, and he can’t get it together to literally think objectively and make a move. He has a Damn warrant, from some money owed from years ago. He has not been paying his child support. Who does that? Why? Well, I couldn’t tell you, don’t know, don’t understand. He used to. For years, he always has. (i’ve seen the paperwork, his statements. I’ve literally watched him make payments. Then have seen email alerts of the money taken and who takes it, aka this case, child support.

    Suddenly, he stops doing it. What the fuck? He does not have a side bitch. He’s not on drugs. We do drugs together, not that we are in drugs, drugs are just not a secret. He decided not to pay child support. There is no missing money. Its there. Get it? He has decided not to pay it.

    It’s like…don’t make me want something different. Because I will make it, go find it. He’s. Losing his goddamn mind. He’s never been so…stupidly not rational. I think he feels out of control. He works under the table, which is why it’s not taken from his check.

    Oh my fucking Lord yall, it’s disrespectful to our family and stupid as fuck. That’s all. Good luck to everyone and hopefully your gemini has long stretches of feelings of security between transitions. Because mine is having like a retarded break right now. What is there to achieve? I’m not dealing with this dumb Shit. It’s a slap in the face. Not neglecting me, not neglecting his son, yet…a plan to no end??? NOT LIKE HIM!!!!

    So what’s the end? His intent? Don’t know. Only care enough to ensure his fallout don’t fall on me. Libra has her limits. They are marked on the scale. Sometimes only she knows their exact mark, sometimes everyone can read.

    Stupidest dumbest Shit I ever heard of. Yes I resent this disturbance in the force…this is not the Libra you seek to fuck with.


  2. Dont blame a gemini personality. I am a gemini man. You cant just accept the good part of a personality and criticize the bad part like hell. You should accept good and bad both. Geminis are so adjusting they accept your faults, sacrifice a lot for you. They make you feel like heaven in love, go xtra mile to please you. They are ready to take challenges to make a girl ( eg capricon girl) happy. They have a very cool and lite attitude towards approaching things, but they do things well n perform all resposibilities. They hold a good position at jobs, are smart and also values spirituality!! …. You just have to adjust a lil bit as you would in any other relationship.

    • i disagree when it comes to going out of there way.. my partner is a gemini.. im a pisces.. and oh my goodness getting him to even show me some sort of appreciation only comes at request!! :(.. arguments.. me manipulates to make out im always the one in the wrong.. never accepts when hes wrong.. very difficult relationship to be in…

    • They do have some good qualities, I agree. In a relationship as a pisces woman and a gemini man…..absolute hell. Selfish selfish selfish. Always wanted to be the center of attention, never shut up, it was all about him and when it came to anything emotional he would get upset and blame stupid things on me. What an ass. He definitely hurts a pisces woman and is very unemotional when we need the opposite. I would never in my life date a gemini man again. No offense to the good ones but geez it was hell. Then after he dumped me after 3 years of being together and engage for 1 1/2 years he went straight into dating sites. Makes me think it was going on the whole time. Just very unpredictable. PISCES WOMEN RUN LIKE HELL IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GET HURT!!!!!

      • I agree… Me as a Capricorn women have dated a Gemini man and it was going good the first two months then the 5 other months were hell… Always fighted and got sad a lot … Then he became distant and had no contact for 5 Months so we kinda broke up… Then he came back to me later on and flirted with me then a few days later he became distant and said he didn’t do long distance and I had so much hope in us getting back.. But he just led me on… And I catfished him and figured out he still would do long distance with “her” (me) and I got so fucking pissed and sad.. No one knows the emotions I felt when I figured that out.. And then now recently he’s been flirting with me and now he tells me the same thing that he doesn’t do long distance and I cut him off telling him I didn’t want to be friends with benefits.. after that and he said “Ok.. Live long and prosper πŸ˜‹βœŒ” he didn’t seem to fucking care that I left…. But then i fucking regretted cutting him off so the dumbass I am.. I apologized and he hasn’t answered.. I think he’s going to do the no contact thing again…

  3. Amazingly accurate I’m 55, and born on the 29th, I also was a foster child for many years, Gemini men have to opposites, depending on which one is dominant the other is in constant battle for equal time . I totally know the perfect mate for me one who is independent and doesn’t NEED me, but enjoys spontaneity and adventure. A woman who is strong enough to know how to tell the dominant twin to back up and a take a powder.
    Gemini need stimulation and a leash! not in a controlling way but to guide them (direction) because they (we ) tend to mentally think faster then others not that we are smarter. If a woman enjoys intellectual Stimulation ,then the conversation will be intriguing. Gemini are also logical and don’t like idle chit chat….. but do love to entertain to see people laugh and have fun. we are generous, kind and protective not jealous because we know we put all we are into a relationship and if were told that we’re not good enough then fine… we have done our best.
    To be with a Gemini is fast ,and intense all facets of life, but we also do need to take rest periods the trick for the Gemini is to understand his twin and be cognoscente to allowing that twin to play! We do work hard! and can’t abide lazy or half assed effort. If your gonna work ! WORK! Gonna Play Then PLAY!
    I Personally don’t have any clue about the zodiac all I know is My Queen( where ever she may be), must be strong and patient liking adventure and striving for dreams goals and stimulation …. a go getter!!!!
    I have read most of the comment and letters , each person must consider life experience , upbringing and social interaction of each person in order to generalize a “type” for relationship no one fits a mold perfectly . I personally am a (chameleon ?),had to be being bounced from 7 homes in six years when a ward of the State of CA.
    Gemini really do and are loyal when they are secure. We don’t like instability. Gemini are not unstable , they are always going forward at least I am. most people are Ferdinand the bull, always wanting to settle or take life easy not a Gemini. always more to be accomplished to learn , to grow that is not a bad trait to have . we just need a equally strong person who can direct our energetic nature and battle of the twins

  4. I have to say many things I read in this article and the comments below are pretty accurate about Gemini men. And I’ve had a personal experience that is close to those of Capricorns or Pisces.
    I, as a Virgo woman (Libra venus), feel very attracted to neatness, and one thing about this handsome and tall Gemini man I secretly found irresistible from the beginning was the way he took care of his appearance and his hairstyle -he wore an attractive neck length layered cut which he ocassionally took time to rearrange. I also loved the peacefulness he exuded -we shared car (or rather, he drove me to work, as I had no license) and I found myself so comfortable in his presence that I got to my job in my best mood, even if we didn’t share any conversation at all. I was grateful for that, so I would give him a broad smile and he would smile back. I was also considerate and soft-spoken, and he was the same. I thought any outsider would think that we behaved like a couple, and I would have liked to think that he also felt some connection between us,Β  but with a Gemini, so ambiguous and unpredictable, I was never sure. Well I was so hurt some days later, when he casually let it slip that he had a girlfriend. My best friend adviced me to forget him, “If I were you I wouldn’t even consider him when he’s got someone else” and she was right, but it sucked badly that I had no other choice but to see him everyday, sitting next to me and being kind,Β  smart, comfortable with himself as he smiled at me. And of course, I tried to act as if nothing happened when I really craved to own him. That wasn’t healthy, I knew it, and for a day or two I had to explode, sharply criticising something he had done (because after all I can’t change who I am, and yes, I am a critical person) or unconsciously giving him a look so full of hatred that seriouly puzzled him. And the next minute I would feel guilty and wish that he’d forgive me and keep staying by my side. Yes, that was childish, stupid and showed insecurity, I have to admit,Β  but thanks to this relationship I’ve learned to grow as a person and to be true to myself.

  5. This summary is true. little to true. But in some aspects its not. I hate being alone and I wouldn’t want the person I’m with to be that way either. I want women to know I can be the best they have ever had but nobody wants to give me a shot. my ex is a scopio and I would do anything in the world to make her happy.

  6. its my personal view about it that all about written for Gemini men is v true …my 1st relationship of 3 year end up with and i am a piscen girl , i din get the reason why he left me , i do’t know why he change his mind at all of sudden and get married to another girl and before he make me feel like that he can’t live without me and he left me like that , i am shocked and scared of Gemini man

    • your story is just like that of mine… 3 years together…. begged to forgive.. got married and deserted me just after the honeymoon.. for no broad reason and fled..

  7. its all true about Gemini man

  8. It would be much easy to take this stuff much serious if it wasn’t riddled with grammOR errors!

  9. I have dated and married a gemni man they are arrogant and talk to much and always try to make u feel less then them. Made me feel like i wasnt smart enough and cheap always trying to get something for nothing. Really they are not that smart at all they are just good actors. I am Capricorn and we not compatable so I just told and kept it moving and now i find they he keeps calling me leaving stupid messages on my phone and what I have found out they like to be the one that dumps you but I dump him. His ego is really messed up and in mind I can hear the wheels turning like how dare she? Again I am a Capricorn and I dont waste a lot time with nonsensel.

    • Hello, Let me share my story.

      I had a boyfriend in college who is a Gemini and he is two years younger than me (he is ’86, I am ’84). We broke up because he got another girl pregnant.

      I got into a relationship after that and he was a Capricorn like me (’85) – it was a disaster! We have 1 kid.

      Then I met a guy who is three years older than me who is a Sagittarius (’81) and it was okay until I found myself with no self-respect left. We also have 1 kid – he is a good father, though.

      Now, I got back together with my first boyfriend who also got separated. We now have 1 kid.

      He has two kids, I have two and we have one as our own – total of 5 kids altogether.

      As he is a Gemini, he should not be my compatible partner – but I have never been happier in my whole life. Is this really possible? Or is this temporary?

  10. Im glad so many have shared their experiences. Bottom line ofcourse is that you can’t paint everyone with the same brush (some people are just shitty and need to evolve), but I do feel like I understand myself and my natural tendencies alot better from hearing these accounts of Gemini men. I am a 23year old male (June 16th 88 and my twin sister). I play sports and then I want to switch to each position after 5 minutes of playing one. I play in 2 different types of bands that I want to at times be committed to each one exclusively. I move my furniture and rearrange things like 3 times a year. Before you even read the rest of my response, you can see that I talk endlessly once I start ( I can still remember my grade 4 teacher turning red one day and telling me to shut up). I am very sensitive and for some reason I have had alot of life altering relationships with Virgos??. I dont look forward to interactions with people of Aries and Im pretty sure we bring out the worst in eachother. If anyone comes on too strongly with either love or hate, I feel instantly inclined to escape. Im NEVER hypocritical, but I do have a self-contradicting thought process. If I know that I’m going to probably just give myself converse advice, then I keep it to myself)

    I know for sure, that if you intrigue me, I’d crave to know your life story.
    from my own experiences and observing my twin sisters life (we are best freinds and know eachother better than anyone else).
    I see that we naturally draw people to ourselves to the point that they are obessesive and make us feel sexually harrassed.
    I am a social chameleon, very open minded towards any lifestyle or belief that doesnt cause harm to others, although I can never fully identify with and stick to just one.

    Its so frustrating, like I just want to be playing all of the instruments at once and still be dancing on the dance floor all the while. I have terrible problems with commitment to organized institutions and I cant stay in one place. I went to 4 different highschools (even left and returned to one), 3 different colleges and 3 different religions (before settling for ecclectic spirituality). I go through 2 months of Vegeterian/Vegan dieting and then out for wings and beer with my sisters. Im generally very masculine and quiet, and then I have bouts of chatty and almost flamboyant antics. I also go through phases of being the most polished, charming, articulate, collected ,blah blah blah, and then back to a scruffy, muttering troll. Ill have a succesfull poetry preformance and then hide under my bed until people stop asking about me. I doubt Ill actually ever reach anywhere in my endeavours because of this and I know this is why people just cut me off and don’t bother wasting time with me once they know better. Im also sure people probably think Im Schizophrenic or Bi-polar. (I’m neither…I think?)

    This Gemini-ism gets me in every aspect of my being. Sometimes I’m frisky to the point of being kinky and then other times people have to guilt trip me into paying sexual attention. I dont have much money saved up because I dread slow steady money making (like someone mentioned). I make money all in one short period of time and get useful connections through music. So I do admit to the get rich quick thing, but in our defense, theres nothing that says you cant make lots of fast money in an Honest, Ethical way. I also dont have much money because I buy things I desire in the moment and then end up giving them away. (But I am aware that things have value and people are invaluable, so that doesnt apply to my relationships)

    I’d admit and advise caution to those who get closer with me and other Gemini’s
    I often get really close to people and genuinely want to care and know all I can about their life stories, but the next day I just want to stay in bed and not talk to anyone. I can see how this hurts people who feel like they’ve made a lasting connection. I cant stand it, I feel trapped in my propensity for duality.

    Some of the stuff isn’t really fair though, and I’d say thats more individual, than characteristic of the Sign. Though we are volatile, I would never intentionally hurt someone or make then feel unloved for my personal gain or to pacify my shortcomings? I am not superficial, I sincerely mean the things that I say and every human being has insecurities regardless of the larger denominations they belong to. I also know that even though I may never stop fidgeting and restlessly walk around the house, I can absolutely devote myself wholeheartedly to one person, if I know that they love me and won’t leave me.

    I am proud to be a caring, goodlooking, interesting, yaddi yadda.. Gemini and I think if you know yourself and your Gemini partner you will eventually say ” My Gem and I”.
    But If you dont, then I’d say God forbid that you end up with anyone like me who has no idea what they want in the next 5 minutes, let alone 5 years. We would end up in a colossal mess. Wish me luck, that life brings me a Taurean, to love me and keep me grounded in the process of doing everything I can to make them endlessly happy and stimulated πŸ™‚

  11. Hello everyone, I hope that this helps anyone who is interested in a Gemini! Talkative? You bet!!! I am a 50 year old Gemini and I would like to say that if you are interested in a Gemini, you should definitely look up the tree they came from since I have seen drastic differences reflecting the upbringing a Gemini got. A strong good quality upbringing gives a wonderful individual, totally faithful even though not blind! I also have a 25 year old Gemini son, (his birthday was planned so I would have a son I understood and could get along with). jzz123 was pretty dead on with his sign compatibility description. I got burned real bad by a Scorpion and so has my son already! They are plaguing the planet and their sting is leathal. I am 50 now, first marriage was 10 years to a Leo, 5 good, 5 bad; she was borderline Cancer and very little ambition(lazy), I could not stand it considering the quality background I had with a fantastic Saggitarius mother. My son grew up not respecting women, not surprising considering how lazy his mother was and it has lead him to drugs and poor relationships. His self esteem is deficiant even though he is in Superman shape and very intelligent. I moved 4 provinces away when he was 4 years old and had next to no influence on him after making the decision that my new daughter needed protection from her basket case, bipolar Pisces mother who manipulated to get pregnant while I was scheduled for a vasectomie, and while claiming to not want any other children after abandonning her first daughter! As shallow as it gets! (there is genuine mental hillness in her background and she has been a calamity in everyone’s life she has touched including my poor daughter who has been mentally abused and neglected for years by her mother, and it will unfortunately continue to be the case until she dies!) I take the full blame for making the worst decision of my life and for being blinded and ignoring 50 glowing red lights warning signs! My daughter came to live with me full time when she was 11 after the basket case kicked her out of the house!
    She then spent 1 1/2 year not hearing from her mother who lives in the same town! not even a phone call! After that Pisces burn I wasted 10 years of my life not wanting any relationships. Attractiveness and playfullness and great sex are a few things that will definitely help you keep a Gemini.
    Love is a fire that glows and grows with what you put in it! A constant commitment to put wood into the fire on daily basis is what I am looking for from my partner and I am totally committed to do it. I had the best year of my life with an Aries who got lazy after I proposed last Christmas and let menopause and her teanage son extinguish the fire, its a complete shame!
    You can’t just doust the ambers with buckets of water and expect the fire to survive!
    I TOTALLY DISSAGREE with the following statements and you can see my rebuttal below:” …if you fall in love with this guy be prepared to be alone. He will come to see you when he feels like it. He won’t even know how he spent his day everyday, so adjust yourself if you love him.
    Dating him is like dating 2 guys, so today he can tell you how much he loves you, but tomorrow he might call you to cancel your date. When he upsets, he could tell you he hates your dress, even it is the same dress he used to tell you make you look very sexy. Do not ask him why he is that’s way for he won’t have any explanations too. You can not expect him to be the same person now, and forever. His changes will depend on you, for better or for worst. …He keeps his emotional secretly as if hiding it, so you will not be able to see if he is in love with you, or does not give a damn at all, but be calm and patient.”
    – I realize that there must be some truth behind those statements for some bad seeds unfortunately, and Yes!, if you come across those traits, RUN AWAY!!!

    Personally, I am a completely open book!!! I lavish my Love with flowers and constant affection! Warm hugs, passionate kisses and I can’t get enough of my partner’s company! I am 100% honest and never hide anything especially not emotions!!! If I have my pick I would never spent one night away from my partner for the rest of my life! You can see how detrimentally opposite to the description this is!!!
    It sounds like I need a Libra to have something that will last! Good luck everyone!

  12. Yes, but that is all gemini want! A fling!
    A fling through out there entire life!
    They want to explore all the possibilities with other women. Even if they are married with kid’s! ..Marriage to a gemini is mearly a certificate. Don’t for one second think that will stop them from sneaking around! They will. But.. be aware, he will put the blame on to you! oh ofcourse he will!! Because he can’t take responsibility! Sadly, most of the gemini men ive met are not liked by many people. Very few friend’s, infact none! and a long list of enemie’s. The only friend they really have is their computer. The internet!
    I personally, would much rather be with a man. Not a person who is so in love with themselves they cant see past their own shadow. Its funny though ..if you cheat on a gemini, he’s mind goes into a fit! he’s not hurt! but confused.. as to why you could cheat on him because he thinks he’s the most sexiest guy in the world! He will make it his mission to make you want him again! Sad, but very true. Gemini’s play alot of mind game’s. They need it for mental stimulation or else they get bored. So if your after a simple, happy marriage with kid’s and a long lasting relationship, whatever you do, Do not get involved with a gemini. They have bipolar trait’s and need professional help.

  13. yes that’t really true Gemini men so pathetic insecure so jealous

  14. i’m a libra woman and have known a few gemini men in my time and married one and engaged to another. I love them.. I think like anyone else there are variables.. upbrining, experiences that shape all people. If you are with someone who is immature and emotionally unavailable.. does it matter what sun sign they are? Doesn’t that type of thing happen across the board and true to all sun signs if that is their bent? I love the gemini men i’ve known and one in particular because I was never more cared for and taken care of in ways I almost was unaware of myself. He was tender and thoughtful and oh so smart. If you don’t disolve into arguments that never resolve it will affect you. We did have our differences.. plenty, but both of us forgave each other quickly.. no holding grudges. Sex with my Gemini man melted me.. almost literally. ( : I miss him everyday.. he passed away 9 months ago. I should be so lucky to meet someone with even half the qualities he possessed.

  15. Im a leo women just hooked up with my gemini man in the last two months we been great together other than him being late from time to time but yes I Fell hard but now im noticing that everything ive read about the gemini man is true one minute he acts like im everything and the next feels like were just friend because of his love for communication and conversation which is ok but leo women on the other hand love a man who can give them the attention that we strive to have in any relationship. It seems that we argue more then we should and yes he will try t0 turn it on me but I wont let him get away with much in turn i think he likes this about me. gemini men do not like to share there emotions but they will show you more then they will tell you my man is with me all the time after work before work when he’s off he stays with me at my house and he may not always say wahat i want him to but i love this man ,he makes me laugh, he’s smart and a hard worker.He acts like were great friend too which is a good quality for a man to have so I guess I will keep trying to be with this man but he’s going to have to compromise with me

  16. I am a Pisces woman who dates a Gemini man for 9 months. At first it was great. He’d always make time for me, wanna talk to me, he always told me he missed me, take me to breakfast, dinner, etc. He was real sweet. He started bringing me around his friends and family but never made it known to many that he was in a relationship which bothered me. One day i noticed a Scorpio woman kept coming around. I didn’t say anything about it not wanting to assume before i knew any facts so i kept observing. She was around for 3 months before i said anything to him about her, and once I did all hell broke lose. We broke up the night before I mentioned her but for no reason. The next day we went and got massages together, he took me out to eat and once i mentioned her his attitude turned sour. He swore she wanted him and nothing ever happened and my sixth sense tells me he wasn’t lying and before then he didn’t look to interested in her she came around on her own. Like she tried to make it know to me that she was present (Jealous and envious scorpios). After that his evil twin showed his face and we havent spoke in 3 days. The relationship was good while it lasted. We both made compromises for one another and for a while he showed me himself. He told me he loved me by the 3rd month we were together. He always made quick easy money but no true efforts to get a legit job. Believe me the money was good but i am a hard worker and never had to ask him for anything. Gemini men are deceiving but i never seen that side of him with me, in fact he disliked asking me for anything. He says he had never done oral sex on anybody but he did it to me and once comfortable with it he did it more often. The sex wasn’t passionate and it became repetitive, i’m very sexual and it became boring. I just made sure he never knew it in order for his ego to not be hurt. He often threw fits tho which is very childlike. Overall this relationship was very interesting but unless both are willing to compromise i doubt anything long term will work. i had previously been in a 4year relationship with a Leo man and so this was very new to me. The gemini man is secretly jealous but will never admit it. If you wanna try and date a gemini man be prepared to be showered in love on day while he’s walking out the door the next.

  17. I’m a virgo, my ex- husband was a gemini. He was a real charmer but very unstable and I bared him for 3 years and I could’nt take it any more. He was never boring but with that being said he was more a boy than a man , one who cannot take on responsibility and stability. Over all even when I loved him, I considered him two people in one body and well, to be honest, bipolar . Virgo and Gemini is a no no.

  18. I am a capricorn and I had a fling with this gemini guy who was a charmer and always carried a stimulating conversation and flirted his way through to getting me in bed with him,and got successful as we did it….after that as he had to go back to his country since he had a business there, we kept in touch via email, like we would chat and he would be so nice as to ask me how everything has been and that he missed me…sometimes he would come on chat and just act so weird like he was not the one that talked lovey dovey to me….its like he has a double personality….now mind you, I am 26 and he was 58 and divorced but just looked so young for his age since he had been going to the gym to keep fit….I wonder if age has to do with the behavior that represents his sun sign or I guess all ‘geminis’are like that?????

  19. I’m a gemini woman and I’m married to a gemini man, we have been together for 7 years and we have a scorpio son. i must say, he is the best friend that i have ever had. We can party like no one, but also adapt and become responsible the next. he is also a contractor so we move quite a lot, but i think we are going to have to settle down, big changes doesn’t affect us, we love change, we are always late for appointments, always searching for car keys, but we always have a good time. We just drift through life, if the wind blows us in this direction, we go in that direction. Our son on the other hand is 4 years old, we can wake him in the middle of the night and ask him where we put the car keys and he will tell us where and he is right. He likes something a certain way, and sees things that we don’t see. I must say I think we are the perfect combination. Child number 2 is on his/her way, cant wait to see what that star sign is going to be.

  20. What ever has been written here about Gemini man is 99% correct except for the cleanliness, as my husband is Gemini. My life with him is miserable with all those things mentioned up there. But being an Indian I cant leave him as in my culture you have to put up with the person whom you have married so guess my life is truly destroyed as I am a Capricorn.

  21. that’s weird, I’m a Gemini girl and most of both, the women and men Geminis pages, describes me~ …?? confused~ is that normal or a bad/ weird thing??

  22. I am a Taurus female and my first love was a Gemini male, bad for me since I will never forget my first love. This is soo dead on! He changed his mind left and right. If he didn’t want to talk about something, it wasn’t going to be talked about. VERY good description!!

  23. This is frighteningly accurate as a Gemini male myself

  24. im a gemini 23 earth years.. physical description fits like a glove .. .. ..mental too.. my adopted father always told me i have a motor mouth growin up.. and i do i cant stop talking.. im tall and slim never could gain weight.. eat a entire fridges contents and not gain an ounce.. it sux but i wear the same size pants waist wise since i was 12..(32 waist) πŸ˜› i feil at times i have 7 or more people living in my brain..weird yah.. hard to comphrend totaly. idk what id do with out my family the suport me and say im destined for greatness.. i think low on me sely though that isnt good to do. i sit on the pitty pot alot and can turn on some one in a instant, that scares the shiznitel out of me. yet i have never found my self to be MAD though i kno ive goten close to it , you dont have to beleve it..i love and hate everything all the time idk y thats just how it is.. on behaf of all gemini id like to say were proud multi tasking bipolar drifters.. and im glad to have met all of the people i have met..
    proud to be a gemini.. sory that we can be real a-holes welcome to duality . my name is mat-hew.A.H. im 23 im a guy and im a fun ass gemini
    a tip for all gemini guy or gal do a martal art or meditation it helps me alot i only want peace in my mind but if i want that it comes with alot of other a gona stop cuz i need ta shut it.
    peace to you

  25. SCORPIO, CANCER<, TAURUS, Stay far from a gemini man. You would not understand his complex nature. He is not stable, and he would never be. He is not the guy to show his emotions, unless it is absolutely necessary. He needs a patient, complex, interesting and intelligent woman. If you can share his world, then you are his soul mate. If you are outside watching in. Then that is where u would be forever.

  26. Heyy Aquarius female here! OKay, I happen to LOVE Gemini men. Funny, witty, intelligent, never boring, clean cut, independent. Just all around sexy. And they get me and my “unique” qualities. And of course I get them….Well most of them. Love love love Gems πŸ™‚ And hey! Since when is having “me time” a bad thing? Space is good people! Enough with the clingy and corny antics, “Hopeless Romantics”! You’re hopeless for a reason, sorry, but hey, it is what it is. Aquarius females and Gemini males complete each other. It’s just the way it is. You may not understand them, But us Aquas deffinitely do.

  27. I am a leo woman living with a gemini man. Biggest friggin’ roller coaster relationship I have ever been in. One week he’s proclaiming he would do anything for me, the next he won’t talk to me (literally) for days. Any disagreements are MY FAULT and he’s very VERY good at convincing me of that. I’ve left him a few times and he always convinces me to come back because ” he has realized he needs to change”. He is so damn convincing and can be the worlds best charmer. He knows all the right things to say … when he has to. If he’s mad, forget it… my fault and be ready to live in silence for awhile. He always has to be right and rarely apologizes… well I guess because he’s always right ! I am now into day 3 of yet another silent treatment…. oh joy

  28. I am an aquarius woman and have been dating a gemini man for 2 months now, he is as sweet as could be and all he wants is me. I find these lil bigraphys’ about someones personality to be a sham. Yes some of this is true, but you can say all this about alot of people that arent even gemini so i wouldnt ever take this to heart if i was a reader. Because if you do it could break your realationship. The stars can only go so far before the come back to reality. Gemini men can be just as emotional and caring as anyone, do not forget life factors. They can change people. And the year they were born and the planets surrounding that time change their personality. Ryan(gemini) is more emotional and caring then i am and thats alot.

  29. im in a relationship with a Gemini and hes the best thing that ever happened to me im a Scorpio BTW (10/24)hes excellent with kids hes generous and kind even though we had a rough start i think Gemini men only fall in love when they really trust you and compromise with them

  30. well i am aries/taurus woman meeting gemini man, we get along greatly. i have pieces as my moon sign and often i find air signs very easy to get along. Taurus girls have to throw many things including focusing on relationship too much, gemini man likes professional girls, gentle listener and girl who focus on her journey.

    When he approached to me, he was fascinated how much i want to actually study. He told me wants a mentor not a pretty girl, and i have noticed many Gemini people, men and women, were weak with intelligent people. However, to me, compare to sag and aqua who i met before, gemini man was so much warm hearted, trustworthy,and pure like cool breeze from forest.

    He had feeling on me, but i told him to take time, cos i wanted to know him for life time long. He Asked me alot of questions but i am trying to show him little by little, cos i know gemini likes unique ones only.

    Good thing with him is that He is not accusing me to show my emotions, or talk about myself. i feel stable when he is around. i am quite a weird one, keeping many things by myself. . He sometimes find something about me shocking and i just laugh at him. God, they are very pure i must say. Very cute in that way lolll

    we are both commit phobe, cos we both just love ourselves and our lives so much. I can so understand when he tells me about something, cos that is just how free creative minded people live their lives! we hate belong to some image or names, want to achieve something in our life. i am free spirited, love literatures, love being analytic and love act without plans, let people do whatever they like. i like watching my Gemini man live freely and happy, just the way he is loll

  31. I’m an Aries. I’ve read almost all comments here and i’m so amazed! I had dated a Gemini man for 2 1/2 years on and off because there was something in him that was irresistable.I like the fact that he loves freedom and i love my freedom.He was the only one whom i’d been together with who could get my temper away or i never felt anger towards him. maybe it was the way he communicate me, his charms. He loved to play Trivial pursuits with me and we had so much fun. I could talk all my whole life with him and felt he was my bestfriend but he very rarely talked about his life. He kept telling me he never met any girl he felt the best comtible with in bed before and told me he was picky. ‘ Me too’ i told him. Though i was flattered but i wanted his heart more. He’s so afraid of revealing his feelings. He didn’t cuddle after sex.We had many chat sex whenever we could because he’s a jazz musician and travels around the country.
    The thing is i’m confused if i will accept him again I broke with him 4 mos. ago. He told me he didn’t know what was going on his mind that he let me go but he actually didn’t wanted to. I almost done or forget him. I don’t want more any emotional torture from him. Do you think he’s truly regretting?

  32. You just need to know how to deal with them. I am dating a gemini man, and I am a libra woman… which is apparently gemeni’s perfect match. And he never lets me forget how perfect I am for him. He’s as attracted to my personality as he is my image. He really is a charmer, and he’s always got me guessing… I never know what he’s really thinking, as much as he opens up to me. He says he always wants to be with me, but he’s always with his friends. And I’m completely fine with that, I love that he spends time with other people, because being a libra I need time on my own to balance my thoughts. We play like we’re obsessed with each other, and always make sure that we’re equal in everything. I’ve found that there’s not really anything he isn’t good at… I have him tell me random stories, because he is damn good at making things up. He is the most intelligent and sexy man I have ever met, and yet he’s so discrete about it and acts as though I’m the only one who thinks so. I know he’s very clean, but as far as fashion goes, he always looks good, but I don’t think he puts effort into it. Then again he could just be hiding that fact. He’s courageous, strong, very protective and loves to take on the role of a man. Which is perfect because I love to take on the role of a woman. He’s my king and I’m his queen and I definately feel that we are a perfect match. He loves children, and the inner child in him makes him so much fun. He would be an amazing father.
    It’s definately exciting how dead on astrology can be… What I find most interesting reading these comments is gemini men don’t completely agree with this, but all other zodiacs feel it’s dead on. Perhaps they are misunderstood?

  33. somewhat true, as ive been married to one for over 30 yrs. he is fast, very athletic and smart. he is good to me,when he wants to be, but very picky and critical of my emotional outbursts. he says i need therapy. he is also a slob who rarely picks up or cleans up after himself. i wasnt into astrology when i got married and it has been a challenging roller-coaster ride, especially since his “twin” has been in love with a blond sexy smart leo for as long as he has known me. im very confused and often sad because he claims he loves me as much as her. well i cant compete with her, so i just have my “alone time” to do whatever i pleaee, no matter how abusive it is to myself. i do things i want to do and no one else gets hurt. no one to confide in, but this useless blog, basically a place i can vent

  34. i agree with Dee-
    i too am a Scorpio Women , i’m currently dating a Gemini! many things are true, he can get possessive and jealous.. we wont admit it , maybe until later. he is very different from my past , it kind of feels dangerous but at the same time safe to be with. its hard to explain our relationship. i am a scorpio so you should know us ladies are independent – so i will not let this Gemini man change me nor put me down * BUT i seem to enjoy being with him. we have SO MUCH in common. although, it says Scorpios and Geminis make a “worst couple” i seem to disagree. i can honestly say i myself can get a bit jealous and not show it, but that doesnt change anything. its hard to be myself to a Gemini but i know i will open up. its hard to know the wrong and the right things to say. i will know later , but for right now – i say our relationship is crazy and fiesty. -Holly Lizama

  35. ALots true, but we aren’t THAT bad. We just know what we want (the picky part). If we find something that is ideal we will make an exception for it in a heart beat, but if it goes against our morals then we will confront and highly contest. I don’t know about NOT being emotional, because i’m REALLY emotional. But here comes the picky part, the majority of that emotion comes out when i find things or moments when we are around something ideal. If it isn’t ideal then it’s hard for me to even bat an “emotional” eyelash. However i will be polite, although VERY blunt.

    Life is short, if you don’t say the things you really mean you may never get the chance to.

    ha hope this gives a little insight. Then again we have to all think about rising signs and all that, along with the basic Zodiac sign

  36. Haha WOW. Crazy. 2 many things are true about this. I think a little off on the descriptions though.

    Wow really apologize to bklynn, sorry you can’t stand us, haha.

  37. Okay, well I am an Aquarius, so I have chemistry with geminis. Me and my gemini are great! Things got bumpy but we made up and got back together. Geminis aren’t for everybody. You need to have a lot of patience and tolerance to handle them. He is getting better and sharing deeper things with me. He says sorry to me now where before he would never apologize and blamed everything on me when bad things happened in our relationship. So I stopped calling and txting him for a week and he calls me saying he just wants to check on me and see how I’ve been. lol So ever since he has been an angel to me. So he must have been lying when he told me things like he didn’t care about me and he didn’t care if I hated him. Anyways. He would say things like we could be together ‘if’. Ofcourse the if was just to cover up what he was saying, wich was ‘We could be togther’ period. Ah, gemini’s are confusing and try to trip you up on purpose. But he clearly missed me. Anyways. You have to play a little hard to get with geminis. Can’t be too easy because they get bored. So I stopped calling him and showed him I didn’t need him and was done with his behaviour, and he realized he needed to get his act togther, really. Well that was how my relationship was. Now things are perfect. ❀ I love geminis.

  38. Everything about this is pretty much accurate. Except that not all gemini’s have thin lips. lol I liked it. It’s definitely every gemini man I know.

  39. OMG…This is funny, i am a libra woman and i have always read that gemini and libra match…but at the age of 29 i have never met one… yet!!, and reading his traits i beieve libras and them do match….i can relate to his traits in many ways us libra’s are quite the same!!! I was married to a sagitarious and NOP!!! not a match (only compatible in the sex department, thats about it)dated a leo (they are nice and gentle but live in their own world)…..I wish to find a Gemini man..someday…jiji πŸ™‚

  40. I’m a Gemini guy. This blog post is very true. To all of the above people who mentioned that they are Libra or to the Geminis who love their Libra. I agree with you there too! My wife is Libra and we really do feel like a perfect match. She gives me what I need (Direction) and I give her what she needs (Fun). Sex is pretty fun when we’re both into it. If one of us has our mind elsewhere we usually just give up and try again later. My best guys friends are Gemini’s and my best girlfriends are Libras. It’s weird how it works like that. The two other Libra women I know, I’m sure I would have dated and possibly married had I not already been with my current wife. It feels like we understand eachother very well. She lets me have my independence, though sometimes reluctantly, if I’m leaving here alone. I flirt a lot and I like to look at other girls, but she understands that’s just how I am. I think it makes her feel good that she’s the one that nabbed me, and all the other poor girls are missing out.

    Anyway, Gemini guys! When you’re ready to settle down find a Libra, it will be awesome. They are a great counter-balance to our inherent personality traits.

  41. Hey everyone. 25 Gemini man here. All this seems very accurate but the bashing is more on a personal grudge to someone who has hurt you. Which is understandable. The duel nature of myself would be the change from a monster unstoppable ego, to feeling insecure. See all those bad things you say about us are only half. The other half is quite the opposite of the bad. As far as compatibility goes I have dated cancer-Very beautiful, and we were very much in love, but we were just to young and grew apart. I dated a Pisces for a year and a half and let me tell you. I hated it. Ive never felt so strangled in my whole life. Totally miserable DON’T DO IT GEMINI’S. Right now I am in a weird thing with this Aries girl and I’m to the point where I am not sure who is pursuing who or what in the world is going on. She is amazing though never had anyone who could keep up with my shenanigans, and on top of it add onto them!!! I’m hoping all goes well with the Aries, but we all know I can move right on πŸ™‚ *wink wink*

  42. I am a libra woman & seeing a gemini man, we have a great overall relationship. We only get to see each other once every week or two, but when we are together, it is totally amazing to share our time with one another. We both love to talk, about everything and anything, we both love to chill and watch a good movie or go out and drink together. yeah, I get stood up once in a while, but that is part of life. If with his job he wants to go chill with his buddies instead of me that is fine, I am totally flexable and can change my plans in a minute as well and always have other friends to hang out with if he has a change of plans. Prior to this one, I dated yet another Gemini for 14 months and it is the best relationship I had ever had. But it wa agreed to before hand that we’d never get serious with one another, but we continued to date on and off for several years. Now with my new Gemini man, we have both recentelly gotten out of relationships and agree that we are not rushing into anything serious, but if it happens, it happens and we totally respect that from each other. We have many common interests and some common goals, we are both puzzling to one another and that keeps our relationship fresh all the time. We never get bored when we are together.

  43. I am an aquarius female seeing a gemini male. He is so much fun!! He keeps me laughing and I keep him laughing as well. We have been seeing each other for almost 3 months. My gemini man is always on time. I am the one who is always late. He is so sweet. Yes, he is moody at times, but so am I. I am not going to worry about him leaving me, because if he does, this only means that he was not meant for me. He is fliry,again, so am I. I do not mean anything by mine, I just like to talk and play. Maybe he enjoys talking and playing too. If he acts on it. I will be hurt. But, I bet I will get over it. But, right now, We are amazing together! I love our conversations!! We talk for hours and hours!!

  44. I just recently met a gemini man through a friend of mine and I have to say, his pictures do him no justice. We iChatted for a while one night and I noticed how attracted I was to him. Even just the way he moves made me crazy! We talked for hours on iChat about nothing really but it was the most fun i’ve had in a while with a man. And he was very comfortable to talk to. I am a gemini woman and I think a gemini-gemini relationship would work out great.

  45. I’m a Leo woman, married to a Pisces man (I wasn’t into astrology 25 years ago, so give me a break), having an affair with a Gemini man. Whoa! Love this guy — we are very compatible and in-tune with each other. We both like our freedom and since this is an affair, we don’t even think about possessing one another which suits us both perfectly. Most of what I’ve learned about Gemini men is true. Being a Leo, I’m flexible and actually curious about the personality type so I deal quite well with what most describe as annoying quirks (fidgety, talkative, constantly changing his mind, a walking-talking contradiction, usually the center of a crowd, etc.). Underneath all that is a very sensitive, sensual man who really doesn’t want to be alone and just wants someone to understand that. Yes, they have a hard time showing their true emotions (that change from day to day). You have to help show them how to express their emotions. Intellectual discussion, learning about their hobbies, their family history (they’re very big into family), watching a sun-set together, etc. Find their buttons and push – they’ll actually be relieved that someone “gets them”. Ever watch a Gemini man’s face during sex? Their mind is totally engaged. Gemini’s are fascinating people with a lot to say — take the time to really listen — they’re talking between the lines most of the time and if you really want to turn them on, just acknowledge what was between the lines and my oh my the fireworks will fly! Gemini’s do not like boredom. Well neither do Leo’s…can’t stand the thought. Suggest, recommend, have intelligent conversation, be verbally appreciative of their conscientiousness, and ignore the quirkiness – we’ree all odd in one way or another so get over it! I love to watch him flit from subject to subject and back again – and then stop and stare at me and tell me I’m beautiful all in the same breath. There’s no boredom in this match — air truly does feed fire, but you have to constantly check to see which way the wind’s blowing and be sure to stand close enough to catch the strongest breeze.

  46. I would like to put in my 2cents worth. I met and dated a Gemini man from October 2008. Everything was fine. I moved in with him in a one bedroomed flat. We got along well. Our sex life was so great and really compatible in that department. He loved the kinkyness in me. He started spending more and more time in front of his pc talking to friends around the world until it got to a stage where he was on the pc from 6am to anything until 11:00pm, only stopping for food, bathroom and if I was lucky the odd walk. We got engaged and on the 3rd May (one day short of 3 months after being engaged) I received a message on msn from him saying “oooooooo I have bad news for you, our relationship is over so don’t come here anymore”. I was working away from home at the time when the message came through. I was devastated and tried to contact him. He simply said “I don’t love you any more”. I went to the flat a few days later to collect my things and he asked if we could be friends with benefits rather. I agreed ’cause I still loved the man so much. Well, it’s been just over a month now and I’m here with him for a few more months until I get a flat of my own. I know that we all have our moments and yes this Gemini male brought out the worst in me where I sometimes complained because he has more time for his pc than a relationship. He told me he loves me as a friend but that he likes his freedom so that he can talk to whomever he wants to. I have caught him out a few times for lying to me. Told him he goes blood red in the face. He definately has 2 personalities and I never know from the one day to the next which one I’m dealing with. He also admitted to me that he lies and twists people’s words to make himself look good and to get himself out of trouble. I asked him how it’s possible to proclaim his love for me, fall out of love, say that it’s taking him a long time to get over us and then after breaking up flirt with every female that comes along on the internet (I’ve seen this as he doesn’t hide it from me). He said that he’s a loner and would rather have me as a friend with benefits. He was married to a Gemini female for 10 years who was very domineering and controlled his life. He said he’s scared of committing himself with a female. I would love to break away from him but he’s like a drug. Can’t get enough of him and it’s driving me crazy but can’t say anything. I’m here on his terms and do as I’m told. If anybody has any kind of advice on how to break away from him eventually without feeling as hurt as what I feel now then it would be appreciated. This is the first Gemini male that I actually get on with so well. Maybe as friends we are better off but I miss the real closeness we had before. I might add that he’s also brought out the best in me and sure has a way with words. He’s a good, gentle man but also has a not so nice side to him. He’s on depression tablets and for the last week has been off them. I’ve noticed that he’s getting more irritable. I’m Pisces and from what I’ve read we are the worst match. I’m not good with words and hope this makes sense.

  47. I’m so confused i need someones help right now i feel like im in love with a gemini but part of it is physical he’s tall slim but strong long finger nails everything about him turns me on and im a capricorn female but i cant read him i want to know if he’s intrested in me and if he is how can i get him to really feel me where all he wants to do is be around me because i cant stop thinking about this gemini i know i have some kind of connection with gemini’s because my best friend is a gemini and she loves the death outta me but there’s the diffrence she’s a she and he’s a he and he’s also really close with a male capricorn as well so what can i do SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!! CIERRA

  48. I’m a Gemini Woman, but I can’t stand Gemini Men. I dated one for 3 years. I find every Gemini Man that I meet to be very superficial and insecure. They love to be the center of attention, but aren’t really funny, just kind of annoying and pathetic. On the up side lol, Gemini men are very sensitive and are family oriented. They seem to like to make quick money instead of working hard for smart money. That scared me about my Gemini man, that’s why I would not settle down with him. We would probably be rich one day and hungry the next! He’s not a dependable man. Always late, for work, classes, special events, and thinks he can charm his way out of everything. It works in the beginning, but then gets very annoying and frustrating.

  49. I am a pisces and I have been married to a gemini man for over 8 years. We get along great. He is very understanding of me and always caring. He is always doing things for others. A lot of this article is true though. He always wants to be doing something and he is fidgety if still. He is quite moody but I deal with it. He likes nice things and sometimes doesn’t listen when I tell him he can’t buy something. He loves action and adventure. Loves big thrills like bunji jumping. But I love him and no matter what, he tries to make me happy.

  50. I’m a taurean woman and had a very intense encounter with a gemini man. He did warn me before hand that he was FULL ON but i just took it to mean he was very romantic and passionate..which he was but also crazy, unstable, constantly changing his mind and just very hyper! We first met online and would talk everyday for hours about everything from life, love, spirituality..and then he tells me he doesn’t plan to stay in the UK but go back to France (he’s french) and work there. So anyway, i said we should meet up and say our goodbye’s…we met and he was stunning, like a model!! Sooooo handsome!! He had planed to leave that day and had already bought his ticket but cancelled it to spend more time with me. We spent 3 days together,….very intense, pasionate! He still wanted to go back to France but also wanted me to come with him…JUST LIKE THAT!! He was very serious!! Anyway, he is in France now, and has been for a month since he left,..we’ve had sooo many heated discussions, him asking me, pleading me to join him, saying he misses me, we have a connection, i understand him….but i can’t just up and leave everything for him! Right now he is in france, but soon i know he will move on and leave france( he’s a travellor) and i can’t live my life like that…just drifting along…so that’s how things are but boy is he unique!!!! One he said to me though, was that he felt safe with me and has never had stability in his life but would like to settle down and be more stable…he just doesn’t know how and i feel sorry for him. I think when a gemini man finds the right woman to tame them, then i believe they have reached their ultimate peace in life…or should i say balance, because you can’t keep living a life of instability forever…you need that balance! We all need some stability in our lives….

    • You are on the money there Taurus!

      I think as a Gemini’s i can thrive in chaos. I embrace change and want to be kept intruged. But one thing i really crave and have seldom found is stability. The simple thing of coming home and knowing shes there for you. I have lived in six cities in six years! From the Americas to Europe and only once did i briefly find full 100% stability on the domestic front. I was with a leo and she gave me so much peace. She was by my side offering her judgment and always looking out for me. The short time we were together changed me entirely. She gave me added inspiration and made me a better person. I still yearn for her. Three years on and i’ve yet to find a girl who can give me that. As you suggested, maybe i’ve been moving around too much…

    • Hello Angel127..your description is eerily just like mine. Was the guys name Daniel?

  51. woah. that’s so weird. that totally describes my boyfriend–only thing is, he’s definitely not clean cut! πŸ™‚ we are an amazing match–i’m a libra. i’ve heard that the best match for a gemini is a libra, and at the moment, i agree.

  52. i was with a Gemini man for 6months im a Tauraus. they are very hard to understand cos they say something else and do something else. totally confused people they dont really know what they want from life.
    bt they are nice people we had great time together bt after 2months we went in for long distance wich oviously dint workout. Bt im sure if it ther wasnt any distance we would have still been together.
    with a gemini man u need to be very strong and patient person dont expect alot jus simple needs and thoughts are enough.
    But you can make it work. cos gemini men are sensitive so u have to be the stronger person.

  53. It is like reading my biography, I am a Gemini and fell in love with the dreaded Gemini male, many years ago and I’m still paying the price. They are like a drug so bad for you and yet so hard to give up. My best advise is if you meet one run like hell! Once you’re hooked you are in trouble!!!!!!

  54. I’m a Gemini man. I’ve dated women across all the star signs. I say Pisces girls are attractive, but bit emotional and too tight. Scorpio girls are hot and sexy but a bad match. Leo girls are hot and attractive. But the best match is the Libra girl. I feel like I am a king with a Goddess when I’m with my Libra wife. I feel she is the love of my life and can’t get enough of her. Aquarius girls find us very physically attractive but they are more friends than lovers. I love Libra women, they are supportive, a wonderful friend and they are very beautiful and very intelligent women. Libra women are also very good in bed! Libra and Gemini are probably the best match, second Aquarius and Leo. The worst is Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Definitely Cancer! Libra women are also just as smart as Gemini men and they are wiser as well that is why I like my Libra partner so much she is the Apple of my Eye!

  55. I am a scorpio woman with a history of dating gemini men, even before I knew anything about the supposed horrible couple they make. I have to say that even though gemini men have 2 sides, I have still had the best and longest relationships with them. They say scorpio women are very harsh, but that is not true in every sense either.I think its ok to read up on your signs and learn about their tendencies but also use it as a buffer against potential problems. Knowing about myself and my lover helped me understnad where they were coming from and how to deal with each situation. I am dating a gemini man yet again and even though we have occasional disagreements, we are in love and both happy with each other. I think if you have gone through enough failed relationships and really learn from them, you appreciate when you meet someone thatis there for you no mattr what. Guys/Girls, don’t let a sign keep you from the possible love of your life/ soulmate.

  56. Yes this man is very 2 sided – loves you one day, wants a future, then tells you no promises the next… makes you feel unimportant, unloved.. if he weren’t so damn adorable, I’d have no problem dumping this guy … still as time goes on I realize that I don’t wish to ride the roller coaster of his affections.. funny thing is the more I pull away, the more he wants me.. LOL

  57. I am a Taurus female rapidly falling in love with a koo-koo Gemini guy who makes me wonder everyday if I’m doing the right thing.

  58. This is so true about the Gemini man….the I have keeps me guessing, one day everything is peaches-n-cream and the next day its liver-n-onions…but I like him alot hes sexy, charming, and very childlike….I think Geminis are a good match for Leo Women…but you just have to be very patient

  59. Gemini men are the best.
    They ooze sexiness and charm but a fun playful cheery personality. They like women with same charms as them and one that will always surprise him and keep him interested. They are not emotional but still loving and caring. His alone time gives me alone time I’m aquarius and gemini men have been good with me

  60. Everything is true to some extent but im a gemini guy and am married with kids living a stable life. Most people think gemini are after everything attractive like money and women but the thing is many women are also attracted to them and other zodiac signed men are also flirts.i know so many gemini who wouldnt even think about any other than their wives. Anyhow most gemini men are not liked by most other peopl and no one can do anythingh abt it.

  61. Aries female here too – I’ve had 2 major Gemini relationships in my life – I’m going to start asking “up front” from now on if the person I want to go out w/is a Gemini – I don’t have the time nor the desire to do THAT match EVER again!

    • Haha, my golden rule # 1 question before I get involved with a man is his birth sign… NO Scorpios, not in any way, shape or form. I’ve dated 3 and all 3 were physically abusive and complete stalkers…. Never again.

      As for the Gemini I am talking to now, sounds like “brief is best”

  62. I am a Libra woman and I am with a Gemini man, and there is no other sign of the zodiac that I can fit better to.

    • i am a libra women and i find myslef in love with a gemini man! my gemini man has been in so many bad relationships he doesnt want a relationship.!! how do i get him to see that him and I are a perfect match???

  63. im an aqurius gal dating a gemini man for 5 years,we have so much fun, even if doing nothing at all..still after 5 years we lay in bed everynite talking and laughing for a couple of hours before falling asleep.All ogf my best friends and co workers are gemini and libra;s.

    • im an aquarius girl and i really like this gemini guy from childhood. we’re meeting up come summer because he said he wanted to get to know me again and would like to chill. but i dont know if he likes me like i like him. i hope it will work out between us.

  64. wELL i AM A SAGITTARIOUS GIRL…i just got this guy number tha is gemini. we had chemistry on the phone but im not sure if we would get along after hearing sooooo many bad things about us being compatible. Im not sure i should run or just keep things going to see what he is all about. Or maybe i should date him but keep my options open as i will be dating other men as well. Im not ready fo a long term relationship. i just got out of one about 6 months ago…and he was my first last and my only(if ya get my drift)…but i would like to spend time with him to see where i goes. with that being said, should i pursue him or just go runnig through the hills?

    • it’s probably a good thing that your not looking for long term, after reading all about the Gemini man, long term does not sound like his cup of tea, lol I think you should plan to have fun, do not plan on commitment and enjoy the ride while it lasts πŸ˜‰ Good luck!

  65. I am having my own problems with my Gemini man. I am an Aries. He too loves his freedom, seems like two people, and shares nothing. I also can do no right, although he proudly tells others of my attributes…..when and only when it builds him up in their eyes. If I had known 5 years ago what was in store, I would have run the other way. He also lost wife of 4 years in WTC attack and this did not help. But I never sensed he missed her and if he did, the anger was completely directed at me. I now give up. Linda NYC

  66. Oh wanted to add to the commentator above mine πŸ™‚ I hear you about their HIGH and exaggerated expectations of their current mate. But it really is a projection of their OWN inadequecies, insecurities, and fears, etc. I saw and heard this clearly. Aside from that very charming, funny, witty personality they’ve got going, there is that dark side lurking because of the duality and scattered-brain nature in their sign.

  67. Heh! Pisces here who dated a Gemini nostop for two months. I’m supposed to be the clingy one according to this zodiac stuff, but guess who was missing me all of the time and wanted to be with me and pursued me like crazy!? Yes, a Gemini man, but then freaked out once he got too close. The relationship felt like a wild tornado hit, but I ended up alone in the aftermath of it. Craziest relationship experience I ever had.

  68. I love the fact that gemini men are smart, funny, openminded, and independent. I cant stand clingy guys or guy that try to limit me from the outside world lol. I met this gemini guy and we get along so well… this could also be because I’m and Aquarius woman.

  69. This is the most dangerous sign to fall for if your a Leo woman, they are our weakness and yet one of our most compatible… I guess someone has to lead the undeciding twins

  70. I am with a Gemini male, and have been for 13 years. I still don’t know to this date, the real him!! He baffles me sometimes. The longer I have been with him, the more I am understanding the twin personalities. They seem to come out alot stronger, the longer I have been with him. He is unpredicable. The positives -He is an excellent converstionalist, quick-witted and a charmer, generous, fun-loving, aim to please and a hard-worker. Brilliant mind, quicker than I am when it comes to jokes. Always has a thing to say with some-one who can challenge him intellectually when it comes to joking around. He has a Peter Pan nature and is very young looking although he is 7 years older than me. Never grows up. That is what I admire about him. The danger mix, I am a Cancerian Woman. I mentally stimulate him with my quick intelligent mind, but in different ways. At times we can get on like a house on fire, then next minute – Bang!! Forget it, worst enemies. However it all blows over in 10 or 15 mins with me. My Gemini does stew on it though…The struggle I have faced with my gemini male is the constant flirting with other women. I have found that very hard to take. Cancer – possessive (negative quality). He also has a Pisces Rising with a Leo Moon. I have a Leo Rising (very strong) with a Sagattarius Moon. I suppose with these ascendants and moon signs in mind, this is why we have survived!! Praise me luck by working him out, but this is one of my challenges in life I guess… :O)

  71. gemini man always match with aquarius woman.. they are all crazy :))

  72. I love my Gemini men, i’m dating 2 right now. They think that they r players, but they haven’t met thier match until they meet a libra woman, they say we are best suited 4 each other and i strongly agree. they r complitaed and hard to understand, but i love them.

  73. This is very very true!

  74. Look., Im a gemini man., though what was said was true., that doesnt mean that we are not interested.

    Its because, we have priorities and things to do which deserve attention! Gemini’s are life hackers!

  75. I’m a leo woman dating a Gemini guy right now and I think he’s great!! Sexy, self assured, confident, athletic.. he’s everything I ever wanted!!

  76. Hum… I’m a gemini man of 33 years. (aqu moon and aqu ascent for those who wish to dive deeper though).

    Very close on many things, though maybe my ego lets me agree a bit to easily πŸ™‚

  77. I completely agree they great for a fling, not for a relationship I am a pisces and I was always alone and never knew where I stood. Nothing I did was good enough!!! A great friend lousy boyfriend for a pisces. Though the sex was always good.

  78. Dated a Gemini man for a year, (im a pisces female) and he seemed to harbor many insecurities. He pretends to be a “man” most of the time and will get verablly abusive and then forget that he has yet to apologize. Be careful, he tends to mix things up in his a conversation that involves fighting, may turn into your fault, even if he is at fault, and you’ll actually believe it at the time. He brings out real anger in the pisces woman, and she’ll day dream about hurting him in every way, even though he will actually make her believe that he is “the one.” When she finally settles down and works with his bi-polar ways, he will up and leave because he doesn’t like that you have male friends or your temper, although in the begining of the relationship he will provoke pisces woman when he laughs when you tell him you are tempermental. Most people don’t believe “delicate” pisces woman can make you question your worth, and he will test it and then freak out. He will assure you he’s not jealous..and then lecture you on mere respect issues..on why you should not have certain companions. In the end..he will actually believe (and I laugh) he has pisces figured out, and illustrate a dinky little character who pretends to be dramatic because she doesn’t know any better. As for sex…he will be giving you oral and just up and leave in the middle of it to watch tv. Passionate and erotic pisces will be bored in the sexual life the entire time, but will be too sweet to ever say so. She’ll be a real sweetheart and bear with his idot antics and actually make it work long enough, until ofcourse he up and leaves because…come on Pisces can really “love” anyone.

    Gemini Men need to be caged and sent to mental institutes where they belong. πŸ™‚

    • Lol!!! I completely second that! πŸ™‚

    • so you think all Gemini are the same? just because you dated a Gemini doesn’t mean you have dated them all. im not an asshole yet when people purposely piss me off by saying something really retarded or being stupid in some sort of way I tend to hold my words back on females because I was raised old fashion. always respect women and never hurt them.

  79. Not all Gemini men are the same. I’ve been told I don’t act like one. Yes! Gemini men have thier moments but not everything that said about them is true. I’ll agree with some of the things in this article but not everything. Consider the age. That alone is a major factor.

  80. I agree with this summary to a good extent. I too am a Scorpio woman yet currently dating a Gemini man. On the other hand, he’s a little more possessive and jealous than I am! Yes, he loves his freedom, yes he’s always late and yes he changes his moods so quickly I would love to slap him sometimes. But hey… astrology doesn’t determine a person and whether or not they are truly compatible with you. AHEM… play your cards right and you’ll have your Gemini man eating out of your hands…just like I do… They say Scorpio Women and Gemini Men are the worst match…I beg to differ.


  82. I agree that a gemini man likes his freedom. But, I feel it is worth giving to him. I am a libra female and I like my freedom too. We have a great time together and he makes life always feel like an adventure. We understand each other very well.

    • Hi Kayla, I’ve been talking to a Gemini man for 3 years and had our first date last Friday, he is very ilusive and I’ve been reading a lot about his sign… Wow! lol I can see why your sign gets along so well with his and is very high on the compatibility chart… Both signs liking their freedom. Kudos! As for this little Virgo, who dreams of being an Aries, lol I will have my fun and call it good… Enjoy!

  83. I completely agree with what is said about the Gemini man. He is quite the charmer, independent, and loves his freedom. I never felt that I was good enough for this guy. He was never satisifed with anything I said or did. He found faults in many things. He would talk and talk my ear off. I am scoprio female…I already know..what was I thinking?! He’s a great fling, nothing is ever boring, but not a good match with scorpio.

    • hey there hi if u’ll get ma rply please rply me back I have fallen for a gemini guy since almost 6yrs I love him passionately as a scorpion, he is my really good friend but I am completely unaware of his feelings but ya as friends we argue a lot we just end up with debate but we are really good friends and to hide my feelings I just end up teasing him with other girls names….I am so clueless do he like me back or not how to know that please help me out with this if you can πŸ™‚ I’ll be really very thankful to you….waiting!!

  84. This is vary true about gemini men. I am an aries and I always felt alone. If you an aries Female DO NOT get with Gemini it wil end up in the dump.

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